That sweet little girl I had grown to love as my own daughter comes of age and I have to deal with problems that arise from it.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 21: Sherri Comes of Age and Troubles Follow

It was a hot day in April of 1990 and Sherri and I were out fishing in our boat. We had just started to do some trolling when the heat started to become unbearable. I had slipped off my shirt then my jogging pants as I had shorts under them.

Sherri had looked at me as she said, “I am hot too daddy I think I will join you.”

Now I had seen Sherri in her swimsuit many times a regular one-piece number that looked very nice on her. Well I was in for the shock of my life that day in the boat. Sherri peeled off her jogging pants to reveal a bikini bottom that was not much more than a string running up between her butt cheeks.

I also thought when had my sweet little girl grown up and why was she exposing herself like that. It never occurred to me that she was at that age. I guess I also had a double standard, as it was OK for Kay, Cathy, Carrie and Terri as well as other women to have worn outfits like that around me.

However, Sherri she was my little princess. I just never thought of her as anything but that. I wanted to jump up and wrap a towel around her before anyone saw her like that. In the mean time, Sherri struck a little pose at the front of the boat.

“Do you like my new swim suit daddy?” Sherri asked.

“Princess, please cover your self,” I replied as I turned away from her.

“But DADDY,” Sherri yelled out.

I turned back to her after realizing I might have jumped the gun a little bit. It was too late for me to take back my words. I could see the hurt she felt as she put her clothes back on over her swimsuit. I saw her wiping tears from her eyes. I had made my sweet little princess cry for the first time in her life.

“Princess come back here and sit,” I said to her as I patted the seat right in front of me in our boat.

Sherri came walking back and she took a seat with her head looking to the floor of the boat. I popped the boat up into neutral letting us coast to a stop.

“Princess I am sorry,” “I over reacted,” I said as I lifted her head up with my finger.

“I shouldn’t have worn it,” “I just wanted to look nice for you daddy,” Sherri replied.

“Princess you could be wearing rags and you would look beautiful to me,” I replied. “It just that…” was all I got out.

“It showed too much tits, ass and pussy,” Sherri said looking at me.

“Well maybe especially to your father,” I replied with a smile.

“OH daddy I did not mean anything by wearing it,” Sherri said. Then she smiled as she asked, “You didn’t think I was trying to seduce you did you?”

I could feel the warmth coming from my face as I turned the brightest shade of red. Sherri laughed as she said, “Daddy you’re blushing,” “And so cutely I might add.”

I gave a little laugh as I said, “Women.”

Sherri replied, “I know you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them,” as she smiled to me.

“Go ahead Princess take you stuff off hell maybe I will catch some dam fish,” I said popping the motor back into gear.

Now as if that was not bad enough of a way to start my day it only got worst. Later that afternoon Sherri walked in while Kay and I were having a little sex play on the sofa. I had just blown my nut into Kay’s wet pussy.

When I heard Sherri say, “You two should really get a room.”

I jumped from her mom with my hard cock still dripping our juices. I realized that Sherri was staring right at my cock. I covered it with my hand but it was too late she already had gotten an eyeful. I ran for our bedroom the first chance I got.

I jumped into the shower got dressed and returned to our living room. I was sitting there when Sherri walked into the room. I looked up at her and she smiled at me. I turned my head away from her. Sherri came over and she sat down beside me she placed her hand to under my chin as she turned my face toward hers.

“Daddy, I have seen cocks before maybe not like yours but I know what they look like,” Sherri said as she rubbed her hand to the side of my face.

I could not say anything in reply. Her hand rubbing at my face had taken me by total surprise. What was worst it placed me into a deep trance like state as she rubbed it over the side of my face. My god when Sherri touched my face my life flashed fully through my eyes. I went from fun with Terri as a youngster to Vietnam then to being in Carrie’s arms at our happy place on the lake.

Carrie looked up to me as I looked down into her lovely face that I miss so much as she said, “John, remember she is an special little girl,” as she smiled to me.

Carrie had not talked to me in my mind for many years. It stunned me at first. It seemed all too real and I felt uncomfortable with it at first. However as Carrie faded from my mind that peaceful tranquility came over my body something else I had not felt for many years.

“Daddy, are you OK?” Sherri asked as she removed her hand.

“I am fine princess just lost in a daydream that’s all,” I replied.

“Thinking of angel Carrie wasn’t you daddy?” Sherri asked.

I stared into her lovely blue eyes as I replied, “She is always on my mind princess.”

Sherri smiled at me as she placed her arms around my neck. Sherri pressed her lips tightly onto mine kissing me fully on my lips. It was a quick fast kiss but still a kiss on my lips. She normally kissed me on my cheek or my forehead.

“Sherri I don’t…” was all I got out before she placed her finger to my lips.

“Daddy it was just a simple kiss,” “Everyone else kisses you on the lips and it is about time I did as well,” Sherri said as she got up from the sofa.

Sherri was heading outside before I got a chance to say anything to her. I looked to see Coco standing there with his head tilted to the side staring at me. I stared back at him for a few seconds.

“Coco, go with her keep her out of trouble,” I said to him.

That dog gave a quick little bark and out his doggy door, he went. I sat there just staring at the fireplace. I sensed trouble in the air just as I used to when I sat alone in the jungle at nighttime in Vietnam. It was something you came accustom to feeling when you knew something was just not right. Whether you heard a sound, saw a flicker of light that did not belong or just the smell of the air. Believe me any smell that topped that stinking jungle of Vietnam at night only meant trouble.

Please read my last chapter and all the others to catch up with what you have missed. I was wrong about this being the final chapter, as I cannot cover it all in one chapter. There will be at least a few more chapters to come.

I sat there on the sofa after Coco ran out after Sherri. I knew he would keep her safe from that boy I had saw her kissing with earlier. I sat there rather reflecting on my life from childhood up to the present day. Even back then, I realized I had lived a troubled but good life.

The year was 1990 twenty years since I had first walked into the jungles of Vietnam. It had been ten years since I lost my beloved first wife Carrie and our unborn child Melissa. I carried their love and their sprints in my heart back then as I still do today.

I met Kay and Sherri her daughter seven years ago when I went to college. I fell for Kay the first day I laid my eyes on her. Sherri her ten-year-old sweet daughter tugged at my heart from the very beginning. Kay and I had gotten married in 1984 so we had been married for six years. I had brought her a house on the lake just as Carrie and I once shared. We all loved our new house by the lake.

I had also formed a relationship with Kay’s girlfriend Cathy. She reminded me a lot of Carrie. She would become her in my mind when we were alone. Cathy was OK with this as long as we kept it from everyone. Cathy talked to me just as Carrie used to when I became troubled.

I had adopted Sherri at Christmas of that same year. She had always told me that I was her real daddy from the beginning. I had always thought of her as the daughter I had lost. Many people when they would meet us never knew we were not father and daughter. As she had long blonde hair and blue eyes that went with my blonde hair and blue green eyes.

Sherri and I had a special relationship right from the start. If you read my other chapters, you will see what I mean. That girl never failed to surprise me, as it seemed like she had this special connection with my departed wife Carrie. Whether it was just dreams that some how fit into fates scheme. Maybe she did have this power as part of her own fate. Which ever it was she always some how could see my past as well as my future.

At first, I wondered about it but as time pasted I just took it for granted that somehow someway this sweet little girl was very special. The incident that just happened as she stroked my face proved it even more. Every time Sherri told me something or drew something that some how pertained to my life I would always think about it. I sat there thinking about it and as always, I came up empty handed.

Kay came walking out and she said, “John I am running to the store.”

I jumped off the sofa as I replied, “You are not going anywhere without me.”

Kay looked at me funny as she asked, “John is everything OK?”

I smiled as I replied, “Yes I just want to tag along that is all.”

I did not tell her I was worried about my vision with Carrie. Which was not like a warning or anything but, I had learned if Carrie talked to me normally, something was going to happen. I just wanted to make sure that it did not happen.

Kay and I went to the store where she told me that I was cooking steaks out for dinner tonight as we were having a guest for dinner. I did not think much of it as I figured that maybe Cathy was joining us. I knew it would not be Rod as he was out of town for a few days. Then I remembered that Cathy was going with him as well.

“Who is joining us for dinner?” I asked as we drove home.

“Todd, Sherri’s boyfriend,” Kay replied.

“BOYFRIEND, what fucking boyfriend?” I asked yelling loudly.

“JOHN you pull this truck over right now mister,” Kay yelled at me, which I did pulling into an empty parking lot.

“JOHN I told you once before never to use that tone of voice with me,” Kay said angrily.

Kay’s eyes filled with anger as I watched them go from blue to black. She was staring at me waiting for me to tell her that I was sorry. I tightened my hands around the steering wheel until my knuckles went white. I was fighting back the impulse that wanted to tell her to go fuck herself. What was wrong with me I thought? As lately, my anger had been getting the best of me after keeping it under control all these years. I suddenly realized what I was doing and I released my grip.

“Sorry Kay, please forgive me I am just having a really bad day,” I replied looking at her pleadingly.

“John, what is troubling you?” Kay asked. “Please John you told me once you would never keep anything from me,” Kay added as she grabbed my hand.

“I guess it would be Sherri,” I replied. “Why did she have to grow up?” I asked sadly.

“John is that what all this is about?” Kay asked smiling.

I shook my head yes as Kay said, “We all have to grow up sooner or later.” Then she smiled at me as she added, “Well most of us do at least.” “You do realize that Sherri is no longer ten years old she is seventeen and will be going away to college after next year.”

I knew she meant that I really had never grown up however maybe now I had. I worried about what lie ahead for me as well as for Kay and Sherri. I was good with kids and children but kid’s right around 17 to 19 years old scared the hell out of me.

The reason for that were my own experiences. I lost the girl I had wanted all my young life to another boy at seventeen. I also had seen to many scared and foolish eighteen year old during my time in Vietnam. Even at the age of twenty during my second tour in Vietnam, I questioned myself about how a great country of ours was going to be in my generation hands.

It seemed like back then in Vietnam the only way I got through to the men younger than I was to use brute force. I had to be yelling at them mostly because I did not want their deaths on my hands. I realized after twenty years that I was truly to blame for the death of three brave men in Vietnam during that night patrol.

Phil, Kevin and Joe were their names all three just eighteen years old. The three men were just boys. None of them felt as if they belonged here, as they had not volunteered to be in this war. I was forever yelling at them for something whether it was to be quiet or telling them to find more cover to hide in when we were out on patrol. I made the mistake of becoming friends with those three. If only I had stayed that hard-nosed sergeant those men may still be here today.

Was I going to have to become the angry parent as Sherri turned seventeen years old? I was scared for myself and for Sherri as I thought. Would I have to make my own daughter afraid of me to get her to listen to reason? Would I even be able too?

I had always promised her I would protect her from anything when she was growing up as a child. I had placed angel Carrie into her head in the first place to give her peace of mind at night when she slept. I hoped that angel Carrie would guide us both with what lied ahead.

It did not help that after seeing her in that skimpy swimsuit I feared something even more. My daughter was coming to the age of sexual experimenting and for some reason it did not set well with me. She was my princess and I could not let anyone touch her.

I am probably the most liberal man in the world when it came to sex. I enjoy it, I love it and I have relished in it most of my life since I was a small boy who wrapped his own hand around his cock bringing himself much pleasure. However, Sherri was pure, special and so innocent in my eyes.

“John, Sherri invited Todd over to meet you,” I heard Kay say as I was thinking. “That is why he is coming for dinner,” She added.

“OH, I see,” I replied half-heartedly.

“JOHN, I am warning you,” Kay said loudly. “You may think you are doing right by interfering with Sherri and her heart,” “But you just make sure that you do not break her heart as well,” Kay added sternly.

“So now I am just an interfering father,” I said silently under my breath.

At least I thought I had said it silently until Kay replied, “I heard that John and I hope you are very comfortable on the sofa tonight,” “Now take me home,” Kay added angrily as she looked on her side of the window.

Kay did not talk to me all the way home. We walked into the house and I saw Coco lying by the patio doors. I figured that meant Sherri was in her room or in the drawing room. I went to check on her but she was in neither room.

While in the drawing room, I happened to see her sketch-drawing book on the table. I flipped through it out of curiosity. Most of the drawings were of Coco and the lake. However, I came to a drawing of Sherri crying into her hands with her back to me. Sherri had drawn my face with anger on it.

I placed her drawing book back and walked from the room. I walked out into the living room wondering about the drawing. I sat down onto the sofa lost in my thoughts when I heard.

“Will you at least get the grill ready?” Kay asked me from in the kitchen.

I told her OK as I walked out the patio doors. Coco followed right behind me. I uncovered the grill getting it ready to grill steaks on it. I happened to look to Coco. He had this look on his face as he stared at me.

“What is it boy?” I asked looking at him.

Coco looked from me down toward the side of our house then back to me. He did it again only this time I looked to where he was looking. I looked to see Sherri and I would have to guess that was Todd sitting on our back swing together locked in a deep long kiss.

“Get him boy,” I said.

That dog shot off that patio barking and at a dead run toward the swing where they sat. I had not thought he would truly go after Todd however, I was wrong. I heard Todd screaming as Coco grabbed his leg.

“BAD COCO, get back in the house,” Sherri screamed as she pushed Coco from Todd.

Coco came walking slowly up to the house with his tail between his legs. I left him into the house bending over giving him a big hug and a pat on his head. Coco gave me a big wet lick to the side of my face before he went into the house.

“Daddy COCO just bit Todd,” I heard Sherri say as my back was to her.

I turned around to see her standing there with Todd. I smiled as I asked, “Has Todd there had his shots?”

“DADDY it is not funny he broke the skin,” Sherri replied pointing to Todd’s leg.

“Take a seat young man I will be right back,” I said to him as I looked to his wound.

Damn Coco had bit him good but it did not need stitches or anything. I went inside to get the first aid kit. I returned with it in my hand and walked over to where Todd was sitting. I scooted a chair up to his leg sitting down in it as I grabbed his leg up to my chair.

“I told you my daddy could fix it he is very good at fixing things,” Sherri said as he looked at Todd.

I gently washed his wound with some hydrogen peroxide. It was more of a scrap than a bite mark. There was a little bit of blood but not that much. I wrapped some gaze around it and I tied it off. As I did, my mind drifted to Vietnam. I had done this many times during the Vietnam War for men around his age. I placed his leg back down onto the ground as my mind returned to the reality that I might have just fixed someone who someday may harm my princess.

“Thanks Sgt. J,” Todd replied.

I looked to him as I asked, “Sherri been telling you stories son?”

“No sir, my granddad told me all about you sir many years ago when I was a boy,” Todd replied respectfully.

“Your granddaddy told you nothing but lie’s son,” I said as I stood up.

“Sorry sir but those medals hanging over your fireplace speak louder than your words,” Todd replied looking me straight in my eyes.

I looked to Sherri as I asked, “Princess could I speak to you inside for a minute?”

“Sure daddy,” Sherri replied lacing her arm through mine walking me into the house.

I walked her back to the bathroom where I put away the first aid kit. I then turned to her as I asked her rather angrily, “Princess what was that boy doing in our house?”

Sherri stood there for a few seconds staring deeply into my eyes. I saw her lips tremble as she asked, “Did you forget that I can read your thoughts through your eyes John?” Sherri walked past me heading up the hallway.

“Princess, stop please,” I begged, as I knew I had hurt her, as she had not called me John since she was a little girl.

Sherri stopped and she turned to me as she said, “Your eyes were not calling me princess a few seconds ago.” Sherri turned her back to me as I saw her crying into her hands, she then ran crying out into the kitchen to her mom.

I walked out into the living room and I saw Kay holding Sherri as she cried on her shoulder. Kay gave me one of her looks as she shook her head at me. Even Coco gave me a look as I walked by him. I opened the patio doors and grabbed him by his collar walking him out onto the patio.

“You tell Todd your sorry boy,” I said to Coco letting go of his collar.

Todd’s eyes got a little big as Coco walked over to him and stuck his paw up into his lap. Todd took Coco’s paw and he shook it. He gave the dog a big hug and Coco gave him a long wet lick. Coco then looked to me as he sat down in front of Todd. Coco barked once then tilted his head to the side as he stared at me. That damn dog I thought.

“Sorry about that bite son, I may have been partly to blame turning “CUJO” here on you,” I said to him as Coco looked at him.

“I understand sir I should have introduced myself to you the day I met your lovely daughter,” Todd replied.

I looked at him as I asked, “Then why didn’t you son?”

“Sherri told me that she would rather handle it sir,” Todd replied.

“Son stop calling me sir and don’t be calling me Sgt. J call me John,” I said as I held out my hand.

Todd took my hand shaking it as he replied; “As long as you stop calling me son,” “Call me Todd or TG.”

“TG what is that for?” I asked rather dumbly.

“Todd Godden,” Todd replied.

Godden where did I know that name from I thought as I stood there. Then it hit me Gary the older navy man who helped with our boats at Carrie’s Place. His last name was Godden this kid must be his grandson. I wondered how the old navy man was doing.

“How is Gary your grandfather?” I asked.

Todd looked to the ground then back to me as he replied, “He passed away last year.”

“I am sorry to hear that he was not only a good man but a brave man as well,” I said looking straight into his eyes.

Todd replied, “He always talked highly of you as well,”

“Let’s go see how the women are coming with those steaks,” I said to him as I pushed the patio doors open.

I walked Todd out into the kitchen. Sherri looked to Todd as she smiled. The smile wiped from her face as she looked at me then turned away. I walked Todd over to Kay who was standing at the sink. I tapped her on her shoulder having her turn around.

“Kay this is TG I knew his grandfather and he is always welcomed in our house,” I said as I looked to Sherri.

“Nice to meet you Kay even if I already did,” Todd replied with a grin.

Kay turned quickly back around not looking at me getting back to work. Sherri turned to me smiling then she came over and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my head down to her. She gave me a quick kiss onto my lips then she hugged me tightly.

“Thanks Daddy I love you,” Sherri whispered into my ear as she hugged me tightly.

“Take Todd out back and sit with him on the swing, your mom will call for you kids when dinner is ready,” I said as I broke our hug.

Sherri grabbed Todd’s hand as they left the kitchen. Kay’s eyes followed them out the patio door. Then she turned back to me.

She smiled as she said, “Mister you just earned your way back into the bedroom tonight.”

“So why did you not tell me Sherri had a boyfriend?” I asked.

Kay gave me one of her looks. She explained to me that she worried how I would take it. I did not have to say anything I knew what she meant. After all, I had not been very nice to him or to Sherri and I had just met him today.

“Sorry Kay I am learning this as I go,” I replied to her.

Kay reached over with her hand and she touched it to my chest as she said, “Remember to always let your heart guide you,” before she went back to work getting the steaks ready for me.

I returned to out on the patio with a beer in my hand. I pulled up a chair and looked to see Sherri and Todd kissing once again on the swing. Coco came over and he laid his head onto my thigh.

“Get him boy,” I said.

Coco raised his head tilting it as he looked at me. I guess he had learned his lesson as well. I poured some beer into the palm of my hand giving it to Coco.

I looked to the heavens as I said, “Until we meet again Gary may your soul finally be at rest and your battleship never rust.”

I was sitting there drinking my beer when Sherri and Todd came walking onto the patio. They both sat across from me as they held hands. They both stared at me for a while then Sherri whispered into his ear. Then Todd whispered into his ear. They did this until I tired of it.

“You kids have something on your minds?” I asked.

Sherri looked to Todd and she said, “Go on ask him.”

Todd stood up and he looked at me as he asked, “Sir would it be OK if I took Sherri to the movies tonight.”

I looked past Todd over to Sherri. She had this puppy dog look on her face. I smiled to her as I looked back to Todd.

“If it is OK with her mom it is OK with me,” I replied.

“Mom already told me it was OK daddy,” Sherri said to me as Todd sat back down beside her.

“If your mom told you it was OK then why did you bother to ask me?” I asked her.

“That was me sir I would rather know it was OK with you,” Todd replied.

“It is fine with me son just have her back home lets say 9 o’clock,” I said with an smile.

“DADDY,” Sherri yelled out.

“Just joking princess lets say home before midnight,” I replied.

Sherri came over and she hugged me as she whispered in my ear, “Thanks daddy mom told me to be home at 11.”

Sherri went in to check up on her mom. That left Todd and me alone on the patio. I wanted to tell him that he had better not try anything with my daughter but somehow I did not see him as that type of a boy.

“So TG just what has your granddad told you about me?” I asked.

“He used to drive by your other house up on the big lake and every time we did he would slow down and smile toward your house,” Todd said.

“I finally asked him one day why he did,” “My granddad told me that he was friends with the original owners Sgt. J and his wife Carrie,” Todd added.

Todd went on to tell me that his granddad told him the story about Carrie and me. He had told him about my serving in Vietnam. How brave I was to be alone in that deep dark jungle at night. He also told me how you almost died over there but luckily, you made it home to that house on the lake. He told me how you had him help with the boats for your guests. My granddad used to tell me that story repeatedly. I never got tired of hearing it Todd told me.

“I never saw my granddad cry until the day he found out Carrie had been taken from you,” Todd said sadly.

“Tears are a sign of strength not weakness,” I replied.

Todd shuffled his foot around as he said. “I had forgotten all about the story until Sherri invited me into your home as she got us something to drink.” “I happened to have seen that sign and your medals and those pictures so I asked Sherri who that was,” “She told me that was her daddy Sgt. J.” Todd added.

“Did you tell Sherri the story your granddad had told you?” I asked.

“No sir I figured she already knew them,” Todd replied looking at me with wonder on his face.

“I have never gotten around to telling her,” I replied.

“Tell me what daddy?” I heard Sherri asking from the patio door.

“About how he got those medals hanging above your fireplace,” Todd replied as Sherri joined him.

“I know bits and pieces,” Sherri said as she smiled to me. “But daddy you did tell me that someday when the time was right you would tell me the full story,” Sherri added as she walked out onto the patio.

Sherri walked over to me and she placed her hand to the side of my face. I grabbed her hand before she started to stroke it against my face. I smiled at her as I kissed her hand.

“Maybe this weekend Princess,” I said.

Kay came out behind her handing me the steaks as she said, “Your turn.”

I grilled up the steaks as the three of them chatted. Kay and Sherri brought the other food out when the steaks were just about ready. The four of us ate out on the picnic table when the steaks had cooked

Todd thanked Kay and me both for dinner before he walked back to his house. He had told Sherri he was going to go get ready and he would pick her up at 7:30. Sherri was helping her mom clear the table when I took the plates from her hands.

“You go get ready princess I will help your mom,” I said to her.

“Thanks daddy,” Sherri replied as she kissed me fully on my lips.

Kay smiled at me as Sherri walked away then she said, “I see our daughter is kissing you on your lips,” “I told her that I saw nothing wrong with it.”

“So it was your idea,” I replied.

“No she asked me about it that was all John,” Kay replied. The she asked, “What are we going to do tonight?”

“I thought maybe we would go see a movie,” I said smiling.

“JOHN you are not going to follow that girl around,” Kay replied angrily.

I smiled as I said, “I was thinking maybe one of those peep show movies down at the adult book store.”

“That’s better and I will even dress up for you,” Kay said as she kissed me deeply.

Kay and I cleaned up and we did the dishes. I took a quick shower then got dressed. Kay was in our bedroom getting ready when Sherri walked out dressed for her date.

She walked over and she stood by the fireplace looking at me as she asked,“Do I look OK daddy?”

I wanted to tell her NO. Sherri had on a pair of jean short shorts that fit her ass like a pair of gloves fit tightly onto your hand. Her plump butt cheeks showed at the bottom of her shorts. Her lovely tanned legs ran down into a pair of tennis shoes. I looked at her top a low cut tank top type shirt.

I believe she was wearing a push up bra underneath of it. Her tits swelled up each time she took a breath of air into her lungs. I noticed her perky nipples showing through the tank top as well. I looked up into her little face. Sherri had make up on her face. With it on, she looked even older. Her red lips shined with lip-gloss as I looked into her eyes.

Her deep blue eyes sparkled as a light breeze from outside blew her long blonde hair which was down halfway to her butt. I just stared at her watching her eyes sparkle and the smile she had on her face. My little girl had indeed grown up as she reminds me of what Carrie looked like the first time I had met her.

“Daddy, say something,” Sherri said.

“You look lovely Princess,” I replied.

Sherri came over and she bent down wrapping her arms around my neck as she said, “Thanks daddy I was afraid it showed a little too much but if you are OK with it then it must be OK.”

Sherri hugged me then slowly broke our hug giving me a view between those big tits as she did. I should have told her the truth, as I believe she may have changed into something else. This parenting of a teenager was harder than I ever thought it would be.

Sherri walked over and she bend down to pet Coco. My god that girl had her mom’s sweet fucking ass. I did not mean to be staring but that butt was plump and round as she bent over in front of me. It brought a smile to my face as I thought about Kay’s butt, which I would be enjoying later tonight.

“DADDY, were looking at my ass?” Sherri asked as she looked to me.

I was thinking about Kay’s ass and I forgot I was staring right at hers. I tried to think up something to say however, my words came out all in the wrong order. I could feel the warmth as my face grew redder from my embarrassment as I sat there.

Sherri walked over and she placed her finger to my lips as she said, “That’s OK daddy because I checked yours out when you showered tonight,” before she walked down the hall to check up on her mom.

I sat there thinking for a second. I thought Kay had walked in on me in the shower. Instead, it had been Sherri; I made a mental note to start locking the door during my showers.

I heard a knock at the door and yelled, “Sherri I believe your boyfriend is here,” did I just say that I thought as I sat there.

Sherri went and got the door and she brought Todd over to me. I saw that he had flowers in his hand. Smart boy I thought when I saw them. I heard him tell Sherri how nice she looked then he asked her if she was ready to get going. Sherri shook her head yes then she gave me a quick kiss on my lips.

Todd stuck the flowers out to me as he said, “These are for your wife Kay but you will have to give them to her.”

“I will see that she gets them TG,” I replied as I smiled to Sherri.

“You kids have fun and let’s make it 12:30 before she is to be home,” I added as I walked them to the door.

I no sooner closed the door than Kay walked out. I turned to her and all I could do was stare. My little wife was dressed for sex. Kay had a very low cut red top that showed off her lovely big tits even better than the tank top her daughter had worn. Kay shook her tits at me then she turned around and she bent over in front of me as the little black skirt she had on rode up her ass. Her lovely shapely butt came into full view. Red thigh high nylons ran down her shapely legs into a pair of red high heels.

She wore no panties under her skirt. I could see the hair of her pussy hanging down between her legs. I could not help myself, as I had to give my cock a quick little rub as I stared at her. Kay looked to me just as I did.

She stood back up, she came to me, and as she took the flowers from my hand she said, “John you did not have to go get me flowers.”

I did not get a chance to tell her that Todd had gotten them for her. Kay had wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss me before I was able. Her kiss was a long hot wet kiss with plenty of tongue as well as passion. After a kiss, like that one I was not going to tell her that I did not get her the flowers.

Kay put the flowers into a vase and we walked out the door. I walked her to her side of my new truck. I helped her up into it by putting my hand right on that lovely ass of hers. Kay got in and she turned sideways on the front seat. I slipped my hand under her skirt as I gave her hairy pussy a quick feel.

I closed her door and got into my side of the truck. As I was backing out of our driveway I told her, she was too dressed up to go to the peep show. I told her we would go to the new bar they had opened for some drinks and some dancing.

“Maybe even take you in a back dimly light booth,” I said to her, as we got underway.

“You can take me anywhere you want too John,” Kay replied as she scooted over to me lacing her arm through mine as she laid her head against my arm.

Kay and I got to the bar and we found a large booth toward the back of the club. I got us some drinks as well as throwing a few dollars into the jukebox. Kay and I had been dancing, drinking and feeling each other up for the last hour or so. The place started to fill up with people most of them we did not know as Kay and I had not been out on the town for almost two years.

I did know that Kay’s hairy pussy was dripping wet to my touch. I managed to slip a few fingers between her legs as she sat with me in our booth. My cock was tenting my pants out for most of the time.

“John, go order us one more drink and we will head for home,” Kay sexily whispered into my ear as she ran her tongue around it.

“Hell with one more lets leave now,” I replied to Kay.

Kay and I made our way to my truck. We stopped beside her door as we kissed deeply and passionately. I had my hand up her skirt and she was grabbing at my cock through my pants. I slipped one of her tits from her top and sucked on it as I finger fucked her against my truck. Cars were driving by beeping their horn at us. I think we both rather enjoyed the beeps they gave us as well.

We finally made our way into the truck as Kay said, “Take me parking somewhere John and fuck the hell out of me,” flashing me a smile and freeing both of her tits.

Kay played with her tits as I drove. I would watch the road then turn my attention to her. Kay was pulling on her nipples making them long and hard. She pulled one of her tits up to her mouth licking and sucking on her own nipple.

I finally got us to a secluded spot where I turned the truck off and took Kay into my arms. We kissed deeply as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I broke our kiss as my mouth went to her tits. I licked and sucked at each of them. Kay cooed and purred as I did.

“John, fuck me on the tailgate of the truck,” Kay said as she jumped from the truck.

I followed her to the back of the truck lowering the tailgate. I picked Kay up and I sat her on the edge. Kay undid my pants and unzipped them letting my pants fall down. Kay slipped my underwear down as her hand went to my cock. Kay pulled my cock toward her pussy. She rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy. It was soaked with her juices.

I moved my cock forward as it slipped right up into her wet hole. Kay’s arms went around my neck as I started to move my cock in and out of her hairy wet pussy. I was soon fucking Kay deep and hard as she hung on to me with her arms around my neck.

“AHHh John your cock feels good but I want to have it in my ass,” Kay whispered into my ear.

I stepped back from her as Kay hopped down off the tailgate and she spun around. Kay laid her upper body on the tailgate as she pulled the skirt up exposing her lovely ass. I placed my hand onto each side of her butt cheeks pulling them apart.

“YES, lick my butt hole,” Kay cooed out as my tongue licked at her asshole.

I ran my tongue around it then poked at it with my tongue. I moved my thumbs to just below her asshole where I pushed them up as I pulled her ass cheeks apart. Kay’s hairy pussy opened up as I did. I lapped at it wildly with my tongue. I used my tongue on her pussy for a while then I would lick her asshole. I kept jumping my tongue from one hole to the other. Kay was squirming, screaming and moaning on the tailgate as an orgasm came over her.

“FUCK John you just made me cum,” Kay yelled out her voice echoing slightly. “Spit in my asshole and fuck my asshole deep and hard, John,” “If you don’t you will be sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the week,” Kay added smiling at me over her shoulder.

I spit my saliva at her asshole as I pulled her butt cheeks apart. A big glob of my spit hung at her hole. I took my cock into my hand as I placed the head of my cock against her asshole. I slid my cock all the way up her ass in one forceful movement.

“AHHhhhhh,” Kay screamed out.

I reached up and I pulled the back of her hair with my hand as I said, “You have been wanting this for a long fucking time,” “I am just drunk enough to pound the hell out of your lovely fucking asshole,” as I started to drive my cock in and out of her butt.

Kay moaned and left out a little scream each time I buried my cock deep into her asshole. Her hot little ass was gripping my cock tightly each time I did. I was going to town on her ass like a man possessed. Kay was moaning, “Fuck me,” and every now and then, she would let out a loud scream as I fucked her hard in her asshole.

I yanked on her hair as I said, “I saw how you enjoy being submissive to Cathy when you two play,” “I think I will start calling you Cathy’s slut.”

“Yes John call me a slut and fuck my ass harder,” “Please John I need to feel it,” Kay screamed.

I pulled hard at her hair as I slammed my cock deep into he ass. I was now rabbit fucking her hot little asshole. I let go of her hair and placed my hands onto her hips. It gave me better advantage to pound her asshole. I was ramming my cock into her asshole as my balls pounded into her pussy; I felt her pussy lips sticking to my balls as they swung back from her wet pussy as I fucked her ass.

“AHHhhhh John you are going to make… Ahhhhh,” Kay screamed out.

I felt hot liquid splashing against my balls. I did not know whether it was her pussy juices or if I had made her pee. I did not care one way or the other as I slammed my cock in and out of her asshole. I felt my balls tightening up as I buried my cock fully into her ass.

“AHHhh filling your ass, you fucking SLUT,” I yelled out.

My cock throbbed and jerked inside her asshole as my load spilled from my cock. Kay was flexing her butt cheeks milking cum from my cock. I gave my cock a few short ins and outs before I popped it from her asshole. I smacked my hand down on her ass.

“Clean my cock slut,” I said loudly to her.

Kay spun around and she dropped to her knees right in front of me. She wrapped her hand around my cock and feed it into her mouth. Kay sucked and licked at my cock cleaning cum from it. Kay sucked at it for a few minutes before I came back to my senses.

I was standing there with Kay’s mouth on my cock as I thought. Why had I just fucked Kay the way that I had? I had been pulling hard on her hair as I fucked the hell out of her ass. What was going on with me? Why was I becoming someone I did not know?

I asked myself those and more questions before I pulled her head from my cock as I stood her up onto her feet. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her into my body as I said, “I am sorry Kay I got carried away,” as I hugged her tightly.

Kay pulled herself away looking up into my face as she replied, “Don’t be sorry John, god I have wanted you to do my butt like that since I met you,” as she smiled to me.

Kay and I were standing there in each other’s arms. My pants still down by my ankles and Kay standing there with both tits hanging from her top. We both saw bright lights and heard the blast from a siren as we stood there. I reached down for my pants pulling them up and fastening them quickly around my waist.

“DON’T move sir and put your hand up where I can see them,” I heard a female voice yell out from behind me.

I froze as my hands shot into the air when I had heard the hammer click on a weapon followed by her saying, “Run over here to me miss.”

Kay ran over to whoever was behind me. I could not see who it was behind me. I looked into the back window of my truck hoping to see the reflection of who ever it was. I started to turn around but stopped when I heard.

“MISTER you move again and I swear I will fucking shoot you,” the female voice yelled out angrily.

“DON”T he is my husband,” Kay screamed out.

“So you are OK he was not raping you or hurting you,” the female voice asked.

I heard the other woman and Kay talking. It sounded like she was asking Kay if she was for sure, everything was all right. I heard the woman and Kay walking toward me. Kay got in front of me followed by a rather large woman in a Sheriff Deputies outfit.

“Miss I am going to have to see some ID,” the deputies said to Kay as she holstered her weapon.

I reached down dropping my hands to get my wallet however, the deputy yelled, “I did not say that you could move.” “ONE more time and I will fucking shoot you,” The female deputy added as her hand went back to her weapon.

I raised my hand again as I thought I had just about had enough of this bullshit. I was not for sure if Kay was in danger or not. The blood running through my body suddenly seemed to become hot as I became agitated. I was about to call on the monster that dwelt in my soul. It seemed as if my eyes rolled up in my head as my eyelids closed.

My eyes opened as I looked to her weapon on her hip that she had holstered. I noticed she had strapped it back in place as well. I was calculating the numbers of steps it would take me to reach her. I was planning my next move in my head.

“JOHN DON’T EVEN THINK IT,” Kay screamed at me.

The next thing I knew I was laying on the ground waking up. I was dazed and confused. I felt two sets of wires running from the side of my chest. My body felt tingly like I had been stuck by lighting.

I heard Kay screaming, “What did you do to him?

Around that time, I heard another female voice that asked, “What the hell is going on here.” “GOD damn it Martha you went and tasered Sgt. J.”

“Who did you say he was?” the big female deputy inquired.

“I swear Martha did you ever listening to the former Sheriff,” I heard the other female say.

I looked from the ground to see Sheriff Gail standing by the female deputy. Kay was kneeling down next to me asking me if I was OK. I ripped the wires from the side of my chest. Sheriff Steve had taken a police Captains job in the big city not fall from here. Gail was acting Sheriff until the elections in the fall.

“Now just how did all this come about?” Sheriff Gail asked.

“I heard this woman here screaming bloody hell and I saw that man with his pants down and his arms around her,” Deputy Martha replied.

Sheriff Gail gave an little laugh as she shook her head side to side as she said, “Martha get the hell back to the station,” “OH one more thing thank Sgt. J for not killing you.”

Martha eyes got a little big as she replied, “OH SHIT he is the one who…”

Sheriff Gail stopped her as she said, “Get out of here Martha NOW.”

Martha smiled at me lying on the ground with Kay at my side as she said, “Sorry about hitting you with the taser,” before she returned to her car.

Sheriff Gail came walking over and she asked, “You OK Sgt. J?”

“Yeah but what the hell did she zap me with?” I asked in returned as I slowly stood back up onto my feet still a little dazed.

“It is called a stun gun, we been doing some testing for the company who makes them.” “And as you can see it works pretty dam well,” Sheriff Gail replied smiling to me as she held out her hand.

I shook her hand as I said, “That little weapon packs a punch.” “It gets my seal of approval,” I added.

“Now I know you folks have an lovely house on the lake so how about you do your sex play at home for now on and you may want to slip that weapon back into your pants Sgt. J,” Sheriff Gail said pointing to my crotch with an little smile on her face.

I looked down and sure enough, my dam cock was still out of my pants. I turned bright red as I tucked him away and zipped my pants up locking him away. I saw another set of car lights pulling up to the three of us. I saw the passenger door opened as Sherri jumped from the car.

“MOM, Daddy everything alright,” I heard Sherri asking.

“Everything is fine Sherri you run along home, we will be there shortly,” Kay replied.

As Sherri returned to the car driving off I looked at my watch and saw it was only ten thirty. I wondered just what her and Todd were doing up here. I heard Sheriff Gail’s radio going off which she answered. As she ran to her car, she turned to Kay and me.

She tipped her hat as she said, “You folks have a good evening, well I believe you already have,” as she smiled and jumped into her car racing away lights and sirens on.

Kay turned to me and she asked, “John, are you really OK?”

“Yeah just surprised at the punch that damn thing packs,” I replied rubbing the side of my chest.

We got back into the truck and we drove home. On the way home Kay took a hold of my hand as she said, “John, you were going to go after that woman.” “I saw it in your eyes.”

I turned to her and I saw that worried look in her eyes. “I was just going to disarm her that was all,” I replied driving down the road.

Kay cuddled up to me lacing her arm through mine. She laid her head against my arm as I thought about what she had said. She was right about me going after that woman deputy. It seemed that the monster in me has wanted to come out a lot more lately. I was not for sure whether I would have only disarmed her or not. I knew I had to figure out some way to regain control or something bad may happen.

Kay and I returned home where Kay told me she was going to head for bed, as it had been a long day. I grabbed her in my arms kissing her deeply. Kay kissed me back before she broke our kiss.

Kay smiled as she said, “I suppose you are going to wait up for your daughter.”

“I am just going to do some reading,” I replied.

“You just remember what I told you are breaking her heart,” Kay said as her hand touched the side of my face.

I grabbed a fishing magazine sat down on the sofa reading it. I heard Sherri walk into the kitchen. I glanced out that way checking to see that she was alone. I looked to the clock on the wall it was quarter after 12. At least she was home on time I thought.

Sherri came in and she stood in front of me as she asked, “Daddy what was going on tonight?”

“The better question is just WHAT THE HELL was you two going to do up there?” I asked angrily.

“DADDY, I am not your little girl no more so stop treating me like one,” Sherri yelled before she stormed into her room.

It seemed that everyone knew that except for me. I had succeeded in making Sherri mad at me once again. I looked to Coco who lies near the fireplace. That dog looked at me as he got up walking to Sherri’s closed door where he lied down. I closed my eyes and fell asleep on the sofa.

I was awakening in the morning with kisses to my face. I opened my eyes to see Kay leaning down her face over top of mine. Kay smiled as she helped me sit up as she sat down beside me. Sherri came walking out in a short robe that barely covered her butt. She walked over to her mom and kissed her on the cheek.

“Morning mom,” Sherri said before she looked away and walked toward the kitchen.

Kay looked to me with disgust on her face as she asked, “Now what did you do John?”

Kay did not wait for my answer as she got off the sofa walking into the kitchen. I sat there as I heard Sherri crying again telling her mom that I treat her as if she was still ten years old. She was right I had to stop what I had been doing or she would grow to hate me.

It was just so hard for me to think of her as a young mature woman. I got up and I walked into the kitchen. I pulled Sherri from her mom’s arms. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tight against me.

“I am sorry princess and I promise to stop treating you like you were ten years old,” “Just please bare with me if I slip up every now and then,” “ You know how special you are to me,” I whispered into her ear.

I broke our hug as I wiped her tears away I said, “As to last night your mom and I got busted for having sex up there.”

“JOHN, you did not have to tell her that,” Kay said shaking her head.

“My little girl is old enough to know that,” I replied as I looked to her then to Sherri.

“Daddy that was probably what Todd and I would have ended up doing there too,” Sherri replied as she looked into my eyes.

I waited for a few seconds before I asked her, “Did my eyes tell you anything?”

“Yes daddy they told me you worry about me but that you also care very much,” Sherri replied.

“Sherri I have one more question for you,” I said.

“Daddy you have not called me Sherri for over seven years,” Sherri replied with a smile.

“Sherri, are…” was all I got out from my mouth before her finger went to my lips.

“Yes daddy mom put me on the pill when I was sixteen,” Sherri replied.

I turned my attention to Kay who suddenly said. “You two need to get out of my kitchen so I can make us breakfast.”

Sherri and I walked into the living room sitting down together on the sofa. Sherri cuddled up next to me lacing her arm through mine. She looked up to the fireplace then to me.

“Daddy angel Carrie told me something last night,” Sherri said.

“What was that?” I asked.

“To forgive you as someday I was going to need your help,” Sherri replied as she laid her head onto my shoulder.

I stroked her hair as I replied, “When that day comes princess I will be here.”

The rest of the week went very well as Sherri and I even got a couple more days fishing together during her spring break from school. I would turn red each time she stood in our boat to wave at the other boaters for she would have on that small bikini. Smiling to everyone as her tits swayed side to side. I started to feel at ease with her sexuality. The weekend came and Cathy was going to spend the weekend without Rod as he was going out of town.

I went to work Friday as I had a project that was to be finished. I was looking forward to the weekend hoping to have some time alone with Cathy for I needed desperately to talk to Carrie. I returned home at about three in the afternoon.

I saw the girls Kay, Cathy and Sherri all sitting in the hot tub. I went to the bedroom and slipped on my swimming trunks. I walked out onto the patio where the girls seemed surprised to see me. The girls were all sitting low in the hot tub with just their heads above the water. They watched me with interest as I entered the hot tub. I got beside Kay and as I wrapped my arms around her, I felt bare skin as her tit touched the side of my chest.

Kay smiled as she rose up out of the water, her big lovely tits sticking out above the water. I looked to Cathy as she rose up from the water. She too was without her top. I looked to Sherri who stayed down in the water. She had a worried and scared look on her face

“I have seen tits before princess,” I said trying to make her feel comfortable.

“Thanks daddy,” Sherri replied as her tits rose above the water.

I tried not to stare but damn my little girl had a fucking rack on her. I turned to Kay as I took her into my arms. I kissed her then I whispered into her ear.

“I think my little girl has grown up,” I whispered then smiled to her.

“Yes she has John,” Kay whispered back into my ear.

“Damn it I forgot my beer,” I said as I started to get up out of the hot tub.

“I will get it for you daddy,” Sherri yelled out.

I settled back down telling her thanks. Sherri stood up in front of me. My mouth damn near hit the water as it dropped open. Not only was she topless but she did not have any bottoms on as well.

I tried not to stare as she got out of the hot tub. However, I did notice that she was a true blonde-haired woman for the patch of hair she had was as blonde as the hair on her head. As Sherri stepped from the hot tub, I looked to her.

“Princess, wait a second,” I said.

Both Kay and Cathy looked at me. Their look was one of keep your mouth shut John. Do not say a word about her being topless and without bottoms.

“Bring us all a beer even one for you,” I said as I smiled to her.

As Sherri walked into the house, Kay leaned over and she rubbed her hand to the side of my face as she said, “Now your learning John,” as she smiled to me.

“I am trying to be open minded toward her,” I replied.

Sherri returned bending down to give her mom and Cathy their beer. Sherri smiled to me as she entered the hot tub. Sherri came over to me as she sat down on my lap putting her arm around my neck as she gave me my beer.

Sherri held her beer up as she said, “Here’s to the best daddy in the world.”

We all clicked beer bottles then I said, “That was nice of you princess but you may not want to be sitting on my lap.”

“Why, Daddy?” Sherri asked.

Sherri answered her own question as her bare butt felt the growing cock in my swimsuit. “DADDY,” Sherri yelled, as she turned redder than I did as she moved across from me.

“Sorry I can’t keep him under control all the time,” I replied.

Kay looked at me then to Sherri as she said, “Your dad did not have him under control last night when Sheriff Gail showed up,” as I felt her hand touch my hard cock.

“The Sheriff what did I miss?” Cathy asked as she smiled.

“Mom and daddy got caught fucking up by the lake,” Sherri just blurted out.

“SHERRI,” Kay yelled out at her, which caused Sherri to lower her head. “Your daddy does not fuck he makes love,” Kay added with a smile as we all gave a little laugh.

“I will drink to that,” Cathy added as she took a big sip from her beer bottle.

After Cathy had said that, everyone got quiet. I saw Sherri giving Cathy the eye then she gave her mom the look. Then Sherri looked to me with a blank look like she was waiting for an explanation.

A smile came over Sherri’s face as she said, “Daddy I have known about you and Cathy for some time now.”

I looked to Kay then to Cathy both of them replied, “Don’t look at us we did not tell her.”

I looked to Sherri as she said, “Your eyes told me a long time ago daddy.”

I started to say something but Sherri placed her finger to my lips as she said, “Don’t try to explain daddy I do understand.” “Besides daddy angel Carrie explained everything to me a few years ago.”

I smiled at her as I replied, “She did now did she.” I then asked Sherri, “Did she ever tell you the story of how we met?”

“Not all of it but I do know she loved her time with you at the small neighborhood lake before you ran away to the war in Vietnam,” Sherri replied with a smile.

Sherri’s use of the words ran away threw me for a second. Few people ever knew I was running from my problems when I had joined the army. Carrie had known I thought as I sat there looking at Sherri.

“Well tonight young lady after dinner I will tell you the full story,” I said. I added, “It is about time you knew the truth.”

Sherri smiled at me as she asked, “Are you going to tell us all the full truth?” Sherri looked to Kay then to Cathy.

“Yes princess I will tell everyone the whole truth tonight,” I replied as I saw Kay giving me one of her looks.

I rather sunk down in the hot tub wondering just how much of the truth Sherri knew. I sat there wondering if somehow she knew of the lifestyle I lived when I was with Carrie. I also wondered if she knew about “Carrie’s Place.”

Cathy looked to Kay as she said, “You better have plenty of tissues to go around.”

Sherri looked to her mom as if to ask why however Kay said, “You will see after dinner.” Kay looked to me as she added, “I am looking forward to hearing the full truth myself,” as she gave me one of her looks.

“Speaking of dinner what are we having?” I asked trying to get myself out of trouble.

“Steaks out on the grill as long as daddy cook them,” Sherri replied sliding over in the hot tub next to me. Sherri placed her arm around my shoulder as she asked, “Are you ready for another beer daddy?”

“Yes princess but let me go get them,” I replied as I stood up.

I was not thinking when I stood up. I heard all three of the girls give out a little laugh. I looked down to see my hard cock tenting my swim trunks out. To make matters worst it was right in front of Sherri’s eyes.

“WOMEN,” I said as I stepped from the hot tub.

As I walked toward the house I heard all three of them as they replied in unison, “We know you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them,” as the three of them busted up laughing.

It truly was going to be a long hot summer. I was getting us all a beer when the phone rang. I answered it and I yelled outside, “Sherri your boyfriend is on the phone.” I smiled to myself as I realized it did not hurt as bad as it once had.

Sherri came running in wrapped in a towel. She threw her arms around my neck pulling me down to her face. Sherri kissed me deeply and fully on my lips. I swear I felt her tongue gliding against my lips.

“Thanks daddy,” Sherri said with a smile before she answered the phone.

I placed her beer beside her before I returned to the hot tub. I gave the girls their beer as they both moved to each side of me. They laid their beers to the edge of the deck. I felt two hands on my cock. Kay had one hand on my cock and Cathy was rubbing my balls through my trunks. I was rather enjoying it when I remembered Sherri was home. I told them both not to start something they could not finish.

Kay licked at my ear as she whispered, “Don’t think we both would not fuck you in front of Sherri.”

I gasped hearing her tell me that. I may have been liberal enough for us all to act like nudist but to have sex with Sherri present that was pushing it a little bit. I felt Cathy’s tongue at my other ear.

She licked my ear as she whispered, “I heard you enjoyed my little slut the other night.”

“MOM, CATHY, at least wait until I go out on my date tonight,” Sherri replied.

I noticed she had put her bikini back on before she slipped into the water. I looked to her as I mouthed the words, “Thank you princess,” to her. Sherri smiled and she puckered up her lips blowing me a kiss. That girl reminded me so much of Carrie at that age.

The four of us stayed in the hot tub for a while until I told them I had to get the grill going. Kay and Cathy said they would get the other fixings together. Sherri told me she would help me with the grill.

I uncovered the grill and got it ready as Sherri sat there wrapped in her towel staring at me. I soon realized she was staring at my scar from the Vietnam War. Sherri came over and she traced her fingers over it.

Sherri looked up to me as she asked, “Did that hurt daddy?”

“More than you will ever know princess,” I replied as my mind went to the three men who had lost their lives that night in Vietnam.

Sherri stood by my side, her hand rubbed at the side of my face as she said, “If only we have never entered that damn war.”

Sherri kissed my cheek as she removed her hand. I stared to her as she walked to the patio doors. Sherri stopped and she smiled to me as she tilted her head to the side.

“Remember daddy it was not your fault,” Sherri said before she slipped through the doors.

I fell down into the near by chair. Those words she had just said about entering the war and it not being my fault were words Carrie used to tell me repeatedly. I sat there staring off into space lost in my thoughts trying to think how she could know.

“John, are you alright,” Cathy asked as I felt her hand touching my shoulder.

“NO I am not,” I replied as I looked to the deck of the patio.

I explained to her well really I was hoping she could explain it all to me. I told her how my mind drifts back to the Vietnam War from time to time. How the three men that died that night with me have been on my mind. I explained to her how Sherri had rubbed her hand to the side of my face and my whole life passed before my eyes.

“Sherri just told me something that Carrie always used to tell me,” I said as I took her hand from my shoulder into mine looking up to her with my eyes begging her to explain it all to me.

“Maybe you just heard and saw what you wanted too John,” Cathy replied as she smiled to me. “Kay has told me that you have been under some stress with Sherri,” Cathy added.

“YOU LEAVE my daughter out of this,” I replied with anger and hate.

Cathy stepped back from me with terror on her face. I jumped from the chair. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against myself.

“I am so sorry Cathy I did not mean to frighten you,” “Please forgive me,” I whispered into her ear.

Cathy stroked her hand on my back as she replied, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

I broke down crying on her shoulder. I had not cried since I had lost Carrie. Cathy just held me as I silently sobbed for a while.

“John lets go for a little walk,” Cathy said as she broke my hold on her.

Cathy took a hold of my hand and we walked toward the lake. Cathy talked as we walked while I just listened. Cathy explained how stress could cause all types of problems mentally as well as physically. When we got to the dock, Cathy stopped and she stood in front of me as her hand went to the side of my face,

“John, you just need to relax,” Cathy said as she rubbed her hand at my face.

Cathy explained to me that my mind was triggering all the events and bringing them to the surface once more due to my fears of Sherri leaving home next year for college. Your mind is reacting the only way it knows how too. My mind reacted as she talked turning her into Carrie as I stood there with her.

“John sometimes your mind becomes sensitized to stimuli that your mind triggers causing the response to be that of what your mind has been used to doing,” Cathy said to me. Cathy smiled as she added, “You are so used to protecting and being with Sherri that your mind will not let her grow up.” “That was also why you yelled at me like you had,” “Your mind took my words to being harmful toward Sherri.”

“No Carrie it is the monster inside me,” I replied.

I felt two hard slaps to the side of my face. Cathy then began pushing against my chest with her hands. Cathy once again slapped me across my face harder than before.

“See there is no monster within you John,” Cathy said.

Cathy stepped back from me an few yard and she turned with an hateful look on her face as she said, “You know your daughter is nothing but an fucking slut just like her mom,” as her hand came toward my face once more getting ready to strike me.

I grabbed her hand before it landed to the side of my face. I heard Cathy yelling, “JOHN STOP,” as she stepped back toward me. I left go of her arm as Cathy wrapped her arms around my waist pressing her body tightly against mine.

“Did you see John?” Cathy asked.

I saw what she was getting at with her little experiment. My monster was safely hiding away unless someone threatened Kay or Sherri. I wrapped my arms around Cathy as I pulled her tighter against me.

“Cathy that was stupid I might have hurt you,” I said.

Cathy broke my hug as she replied, “I was praying that I was Carrie in your mind as you had called me Carrie.” “We better get back before they miss us John,” Cathy added.

We walked hand in hand back to the patio. Cathy gave me a quick kiss onto my lips. Cathy pressed her hand to my heart silently telling me that Carrie had to leave once more.

“We will talk later,” Cathy said as she walked into the house.

I sat back down thinking about all that Cathy had told me. I was sitting there when Sherri walked back out onto the patio. She walked to in front of me looking into my eyes.

“You were just with Carrie wasn’t you Daddy?” Sherri asked smiling. “Its OK daddy I understand,” “I have seen that look in your eyes many times especially when Cathy is around,” “I know she reminds you of Carrie and sometimes she reminds me of her as well,” Sherri added smiling at me.

As I looked at her smiling at me, I thought that sweet little girl I once knew and loved so much had now became the problem I was to face. My fear of losing her was the cause of my latest troubles. I knew I dared not run away for if I did I would lose her, Kay as well as myself.

How would Kay react after I tell her the full story of my life with Carrie? How did Sherri know so much? Did Sherri have a connection to Carrie?Was seeing Cathy as Carrie hurtful or helpful? What will happen if I can no longer control the monster or myself?

I will end this chapter on those questions. As always, let me know that you are enjoying my story. I was going to skip over a few other events that happened in my life. However, I have decided to include them in the next few chapters. After all this is my life, story and I should not cheat you the reader of any of it. I leave you with this: A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.
Sgt. J

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Rita,You dropped off some quchie for Parker today and headed to Bills training camp with neighbors friends and family. The quchie was warm so how could we resist. It was delicious!!! The texture was perfect and the jalapenos were an awesome touch!! Oh yes, we did save a piece for Parker.thanks,Sue

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2013-03-04 23:06:12
I had read this once before but I skipped the sad parts because I remembered parts of them and started again on Chapter 17. This is all new to me and I am really enjoying it. I will finish tonight before I go to sleep if I possibly can. Thank you so much for writing. I, too was a Navy Corpsman but was in between Korea and Vietnam so I avoided the FMF. I hope that I could have been brave if I had been in there, one never knows.

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2013-02-13 00:21:18
Thank you for continuing you story. I can't wait to start the next chapter. I know how you feel about Sherri growing up, because I felt the same way when my daughter got that age. Please keep writing.

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This sounds soo much fun. I need a dick to ride boys.
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