Jessica arrives at what she thinks is the biggest party of the summer. As Adam goes to all the right houses, Jessica gets trapped at the wrong house. One sibling makes passionate love while the other is getting brutally raped. This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Prologue: The Day Before

Chapter 9: The Wrong House Part 1: Love & Rape


After our wild incestuous fuck, I made Jess get down on her knees on the side of that highway so she could suck and lick my dirty cock clean. She was only too eager to do so to get another taste of my hot cum mixed with her own. Several times we heard honking or loud yells out of windows. Just before Jess was done on her knees, someone yelled, "Suck it, whore!" Jess promptly flipped him the bird while she finished her "dick cleaning".

Once I was thoroughly sucked soft and clean, Jess and I got dressed and drove the rest of the way to Brandy's house. The only article of clothing Jess didn't put back on were her moist panties. The crotch was completely soaked through from her blowjob earlier so they were cold and too uncomfortable to put back on. Instead, she gave the black pussy-soaked panties to me as a token of our love and her virginity. This really bothered me as she was being forced to go to a party entirely without underwear. To reassure my worried heart, she told me, "There's absolutely no way I'd fuck anyone else when I've got such a big, strong, hot stud for a brother to fuck me with his big, thick, hard, strong cock at home. They might get a glimpse of my hot snatch," she pulled up the hem of her skirt to tease me, "but it's all yours for fucking." These words both soothed my worries and got me thinking about when I'd be picking her up. With any luck, I'd be fucking my sweet sister's, sweet pussy later that night.

As we pulled up to the house, Jess said, "Serious, Bro. As your sister, I demand that you tap that MILF ass when she gets back. I'd totally fuck her if I had a dick." This sent wild images through my mind of Jess fucking Paige Collins with a strap-on. I loved my imagination sometimes. Jess went on, "She's so fucking hot and totally wants it. She totally wants to fuck you, although that might change when she finds out you've deflowered her teenage daughters while she was away."

"Oh, shut up," I pulled my sister in for one last deep, passionate kiss before setting her loose on all the unsuspecting guys at the party. Holding her close, foreheads touching, I said, "Why would I fuck her little teenage daughters when I've got such a gorgeous, sexy sister with perfect tits and a hot, wet, shaved snatch to fuck instead? Now you be good at the party." She nodded, biting her lip through a smile as she looked lovingly into my eyes. "If you're good, maybe I'll fuck you again when I pick you up."

Her loving smile broadened as she whispered, "Mmm, I would love that." She gave me one last peck on the cheek before opening the door and stepping out. She glanced back with a wink, and I couldn't help lifting the panties she'd left for me to my nose and giving them a sniff. They had the strong scent of my sister's young, wet pussy all over the moist crotch. A bit of drool trickled out over them as I watched Jessica's sexy hips sashay back and forth while she strolled her way up the walkway.


As she walked up to what she thought was Brandy's front door, Jessica was still filled with the warm, fuzzy feelings her brother had stirred up inside her (not to mention the warm cum he had left deep inside her). She loved her brother so much. He was so handsome, caring, and was equipped with a mind-blowingly massive cock. She was so glad he had finally noticed all those times she had let him accidentally see her naked or accidentally catch her masturbating. She had always secretly hoped he would make a move but had never really believed it would happen. Now that it had and she had let her own brother take her virginity, she was walking on air, feeling extra confident and sexy as she approached the dark door to what was supposed to be the biggest party of the summer. She was feeling so good, she didn't even question the entrance light being off. She did however hear the thumping bass of heavy metal rock which gave her reassurance that she was in the right place.

She smiled to herself as she felt Adam's cum trickling down her inner thigh. Having no panties on made her feel extra slutty and she was loving it. She had originally thought to hit the bathroom and wipe away the excess cum, but now was thinking otherwise. She was secretly hoping that people would notice the thick load of semen running down her thighs. Now that my cherry's gone, maybe I'll let another guy fuck me tonight, she thought to herself, vibrating with naughty glee. She was on the pill after all. Although, she doubted any guy at Brandy's party could compare to her godlike brother and his legendary phallus and its epic load.

Jessica trembled in anticipation as she reached for the door knocker. This is going to be a good night, she told herself. She knocked three times and waited nervously. She couldn't help reflecting on how good it had felt to have her brother's big dick deep inside her. Sub-consciously, her hand drifted down to rub her tender pussy in her reveries. It had stung the first moment Adam had plunged his manhood passed her treasured barrier, but it had been nothing shy of incredible afterwards. Now that the hot carnal lust and the orgasmic pleasure was over, Jessica could feel how sore she really was down there, but that still didn't stop her hand gently rubbing herself through the thick fabric of her jean skirt.

Suddenly, the door opened, the music boomed louder, and Jess' hand bolted away from her crotch like a arc of lightning. She furiously blushed as if she had actually been caught.


I couldn't believe what I'd just done with my sister, but it had felt so incredible... and so right, especially when I spilt my hot seed deep inside her. For the rest of my life, I'd have the cherished memory of taking my sweet, 15-year-old sister's special V-card. I had absolutely no regrets and I hope she didn't either. I also hoped we could make fucking a daily dirty habit, maybe with morning blowjobs and fucks before school. MORNING BLOWJOBS! Suddenly, my eyes bulged open as I remember little Steph.

Earlier that day with Kaylie, Natalie and then the stranger school slut, I had been so distracted that I'd not given a second thought about poor, little Stephanie left all day wanting more adult playtime. I had been stuck shopping with Madison all afternoon, so even if I had remembered earlier, there would have been no time. Of course, I that wasn't really helping the guilt I was feeling leaving her hanging and not coming back like I had promised.

With having just cum twice with my sister and with forgetting Steph until just then, I decided to formulate a plan that would hopefully both please Steph and get me hard and horny again for Madison. I didn't want Madison suspecting anything when I show up all drained, limp and satisfied. So, with what I thought was a great plan, I changed my course and drove in the direction of Steph's house, clearly not remembering certain obstacles that might be in my way.


The dark figure in the doorway didn't look at all like anyone who might be at Brandy's big summer party. He appeared to be middle-aged, Jessica guessed about mid-30s to mid-40s but wasn't sure. As he leaned more out the door, Jess saw a dark haired, burly man with the stance of a man who'd clearly had a few too many beers. Over the music, she heard him yell, "Hel-lo, little darling. What brings you here?" His breath reeked of beer and panic washed over Jess when his eyes leered down her scantily dressed body. She cursed herself for not having at least the safety of a good pair of panties on.

"Uh, I th-think I'm at the w-wrong house. Is Br-brandy here?" Jessica nervously stuttered out to the big, creepy man. Her voice had gone squeaky and she could hardly think straight. She trembled in fear now as she felt her brother's thick creampie continue to slowly trickling out of her pussy lips. "I th-think I'd b-better just go."

Jessica turned to leave but felt a rough hand grab her arm tightly. His grip dug into the flesh between her muscle and bone, hurting her, and she knew he wasn't going to let her escape. Too many things ran through her head as she tried to think of how to get away. That was all she wanted was to get away. She wanted to just run but was too terrified to move her legs. She gasped and looked over her shoulder at the beer breathed creep. She saw the strange older man sneer at her before saying, "Whoa, hey darling, I think you're right where you ought to be. The boys and I were just complaining about the lack of entertainment tonight." With his other big, strong hand, he reached out and firmly ushered a very frightened Jessica through the threshold into his dark, strange house.

Jess was quickly dragged passed the entrance and into a large room. The loud metal rock was pounding out of two speakers on either side of the big screen TV where four more guys were sitting on a black leather sofa, watching a hockey game. Yelling over the music, she heard her intoxicated escort's rough, loud voice, "Welcome to the party, baby. I'm Steve, and that Jeff, Mike, Andrew and Brian." It was all a blur as he introduced his sports buddies. Jess heard the music volume lower and then she saw the remote in Steve's hand. "Hey guys, I found us some entertainment for the night."

The four other guys turned around and called out in their own excited ways. One guy (Mike? Andrew? She wasn't sure) yelled, "Hey baby, you gonna dance for us or something?"

Another guy she knew to be Jeff said, "Damn! That girl is ready to fucking party. Look at how she's dressed." Shit! Again, Jess cursed herself for not listening to her brother's warnings about her outfit.

The man she thought was named Brian said, "Don't worry, baby. Why don't you come over here and have a seat?" He patted the open seat beside him and Jess felt Steve urge her forward with a push from behind. "Come watch the game. You a hockey fan?"

Jess shyly shook her head as she slowly made her way over to the open spot on the couch. When she was close enough, Brian grabbed her wrist and pulled her down onto his lap to laughter and cheers of the others. Jessica could smell the stale beer on his breath just like she had near Steve.

Not knowing what to do, Jessica just stayed seated on the middle-aged perverts lap. That was until he said, "Aren't you a sweet girl," and she felt his rough hand slide along her soft thigh towards her vulnerably naked pussy under her short skirt. Out of panic and defense, Jess' entire body flinched and she fell back, getting herself wedged in-between Brian and another guy beside him. She had been so terrified they might see her brother's semen running down her thighs. When she was snugly seated between the two men, she pressed her legs together like a vise and cringed a little when she felt the creamy mess smear together along her inner thighs.

The other man used this opportunity to put his arm around her and Brian placed his sweaty hand back on her tense leg. "Look at those knees. Their shaking. Y'know, I can tell you've been on your knees recently." He slid her hand down and ran a fat finger along her kneecap. Jessica flinched again from the tickling sensation. "Look at those red, dirty, dimpled knees. By the pattern, I'd say pavement. What were you on your knees for?" He chuckled with a knowing, lascivious sneer. "By the way, your lip gloss is a little smeared." As Jessica's heart sank in her chest, everyone laughed at her shame and embarrassment.

"So, you don't like hockey, eh?" Steve said, as he came into the room with another round of beers. "Well, this game is kind of boring anyways. I'm sure we can find something we all can enjoy." He placed the beers on the coffee table and Jess was crushed between the two big men as they both reached for beers.

Steve walked over to a cabinet beside the TV as the man named Jeff said, "Yeah, this game blows. We're already down four zip. Put on something good. Something to get us in the partying mood, if ya know what I mean."

"That's exactly what I'm doing." He sent a dirty wink over his shoulder right at Jess. It made her skin crawl as she wondered what kind of video gets people into partying moods. Steve loaded a disc and quickly shuffled back to the couch. While looking at Jess, he gesture at the screen with a beer in hand and said, "Watch, baby. You're gonna love this movie."

The video played and after an FBI warning, a montage of young girls performing hardcore sexual acts flashed by on the TV to quick music. The last electric guitar note hummed and faded to the sound of moaning as the final shot of the montage appeared. It was of a man yelling "Oh fuck yeah! Take my cum, you fucking teen slut!" as he was spurting his big load of cum all over this tiny brunette's face. The title appeared over the girl's cum-showered, moaning face. TEENAGE CUNT BUSTERS. As the title and confusion faded, Jess realized that she, a teenage girl, was unwillingly about to watch a porn film about older men fucking teenage girls, with five sweaty, drunk, older men. She knew exactly where this night was headed if she didn't find a way out fast.


I got to Stephanie's house and quickly ran up the steps to her door. Once the door opened, I realized my mistake. It was Mike and Steph's father, Greg, and I could hear his wife, Joanne, watching TV in the livingroom. "Oh hey, Adam." I was about to awkwardly ask for Mike when he said, "Mike's actually out right now. Did you two have plans?"

I inwardly sighed my relief as I made up an excuse for being there on the fly, "I... uh... forgot some things here last night."

"Oh yeah. Go right in. Make yourself at home and stay as long as you like. Not sure when Mike's getting back."

"Thanks, Mr. Phillips." I'd always liked Mike's folks.

Mr. Phillips smiled and said, "Hey, call me Greg. You're like family to us." He walked back into the dim livingroom to sit with his wife. I was like family and I was planning to perform oral sex on his daughter. Seeing as I had just fucked the shit out of my actual sister on the side of a busy highway, this didn't really phase me.

I moved quickly down the hall straight to Stephanie's room and knocked softly. "Uh, what is it?" I heard her say in a rushed tone filled with anxiety. I turned the knob and opened the door. "No, wait. Don't come-" Her voice trailed off when she recognized me. I closed the door and looked at her. She had her jeans and panties around her ankles and her shirt pulled over her small breasts. She had obviously been masturbating. "Shit, Adam!" She hissed. "You scared the crap out of me!"

"Shh," I hushed with my hands up. A smile spread across my face as I said, "You look so fucking hot right now, babe."

She scowled and went on, "I waited for you! For like, hours!"

"I know. Shh. I'm so sorry, baby doll. But I've come to make it up to you."

She looked at me skeptically, "How?"

Ten seconds later, after I'd pulled her to the edge of the bed and pulled her pants and panties all the way off, I was on my knees with my face buried between Steph's nubile thighs. "Ohh. Ohh, Adam. I never thought someone licking me there would feel this good. Ohh fuck." She shook with her last "Ohh" as I flicked by tongue along her young, bald slit. I realized I hadn't ever gotten a good look at the pussy I'd been pining over for years. I pulled my face away, spread her legs and admired the beautiful wetness that was her 14-year-old pussy.

"Oh baby. You have the cutest, most beautiful, little pussy."

She giggled and said, "Thanks, I guess."

"I mean it." I planted a few wet kisses along her thigh which made them tremble. "It's so wet and juicy." I moved to her other thigh. "So soft and pure." I worked in towards the moist folds of her young vagina and planted a few kisses right on them. I felt her quiver with pleasure as she let out a shaky, breathless moan. "And it tastes so exquisite." I slid my tongue out and ran it slowly up her slit, making the lips part. She squirmed and shivered with electric pleasure. "I'm sorry I left you all day."

"It's okay," she blurted. "Just keep licking my pussy," Her voice was filled with an urgently need. I did what she said and I could already feel my cock stirring back to life. "Oh, Adam. Let's get that shirt off. I love watching your strong peck and your hard, unh, abs." She reached down and pulled my shirt over my head. Once off, I dove back between her legs. "Shit, sometimes, when you have your, unh, shirt off, you get me so wet I feel like, oh, I've peed myself."

Her hips rose up off the mattress, and began bucking and gyrating against my face, as I used all my oral tricks on her. "Oh, yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck, Adam." In the far back of my mind I was worried about her parents hearing but that part was quickly overtaken by my hunger for young pussy. I felt Steph's hands on my head as she pulled me deeper into her sex. With my free hands, I reached up around her legs and started to caress the young soft flesh of her stomach and chest. I grabbed a firm hold of her small breast and was driven on even more by the feel of her tiny, stiff nipples. "Oh fuck! Yes, grab my tits! Yes, lick me! Lick me deep!"

Finally, after a good ten minutes of my face buried in her pussy and our hands firmly clutching at one another, she said, "Take off your pants. I wanna make you cum like I did this morning."

My face was dripping with her sweet pussy juices as I lifted my head to say, "Not tonight, Gorgeous. Tonight's all about you." She let out a squeal, as I grabbed her and flipped her over onto all fours. She was giggling when I pushed her face down into the bed, making her little, cute butt raise in up in the air. I grabbed hold of her sweet ass and pulled it into my face. Madison sitting on my face earlier had really driven me wild and I was craving the naughty smell of teen asshole again. Crouched as I was, I was able to tongue her dripping pussy while pressing my nose into her puckered butthole.

"Oh, shit. Mmm, that feels so good. I can't believe how close you are to my bum." When she said that, I gave her brown hole a good lick and she squealed again. I kept her squealing as I kneaded her ass cheeks and buried my face between them while flicking my tongue over both her pussy and asshole.

As my tongue was buried deep in her snatch, my worry about her parents came back with a vengeance as the volume of her cries and moans got louder. "Shh, baby. Your parents are right down the hall."

She gave me a lustful, mischievous grin over her shoulder and said, "If you want me to be quiet, you're just gonna have to shut me up by shoving that big dick in my mouth." Wow, what a dirty girl. She giggled at her own naughtiness as she turned to face me. She had my pants undone and down in a flash. As my cock sprang up, the beast inside me took over. I grabbed the back of her slim neck and pull her into my manhood. Her mouth opened to accept me and I thrust hard forward, burying my cock deep down the back of her throat. She choked, struggled and coughed spit on my cock.

"Is that how I shut you up?" I asked viciously before letting her go.

She panted for breath a few times before smiling wickedly and saying, "Again." Again, I shoved my cock deep down her 14-year-old throat but this time I started to fuck it. "Ga, ga, ga, ga, ga," She gagged in time with my firm thrusts. I could hear the sloppy, wet sounds of her throat as my cock plunged deeper.

I pulled out to give throat a short rest. "Do you want a sixty-nine is, you nasty girl?" I placed my dick in her mouth and made her answer around my throbbing meat.


I took that as a yes and said, "Good, baby." I kept three inches of my cock in her mouth as I explained, "I'm gonna lay on the bed and you're gonna sit on my face. Once on my face, I want you to suck my cock while I eat you until you cum. You got that?"

"Mmm-hmm," she looked so adorable looking up at me with her big, green eyes as she gently sucked on my cock like a soother.

I pulled out of her warm mouth, lay down on her bed and waited for her sweet, nubile ass. She straddled my face like a pro and lowered her cute ass down over my mouth. I began eating her out again just as I felt her tongue licking around the head of my throbbing cock. With one arm, I pulled her harder into my face, and with the other, I forced her mouth deeper on my cock.

As Steph struggled to take more and more of my hard meat, I flicked my tongue over her sensitive clit. I felt her nectar dripping all down my face. I was terrified of cumming in her mouth, so I was determined to make her climax first. With this in mind, I made an "O" shape with my mouth, clamped it over her clip, and began sucking on it.

Steph seemed equally determined to make me cum first as she stroked the base of my shaft and took a good 6 inches into her throat. I was blown away by how much of me she could take given that her first ever blowjob was that morning. I had a few close calls, but not long after I had her clit trapped, I had her shaking and howling in climax all over my face. "OHH. OHH. I'M CUMMING!" She hollered at her ceiling and I was almost positive her parent had heard her that time.

After her climax, she collapsed onto me and mumbled, "I love you. I love you so much, Adam." I rolled her off and flipped around to face the little sex-kitten.

"Oh, Steph. I love you, too. But I gotta go again." Her eyes filled with tears of joy at my declaration of love and all she could do was nod. I leaned in and kissed her sweetly, tasting salty tears as I did. They were wet kisses, but true kisses of love and affection. I got up, pulled on my clothes and made my way for the door. Just before opening it, I whispered back at my little lover, "I love you, Stephanie Phillips. I can't wait to have you again."

"Then don't go." Came her soft voice. "Stay and fuck me. I'm all yours."

I had never been so tempted in my entire life. This young teenager offering me her precious virginity was almost too much to handle. "I'm sorry, Love. I really gotta go. Next time."



I left Stephanie's room with my dick so hard, I thought I might pass out. My plan definitely worked. I was going to show up at Madison's desperate, hard, and begging for a good fuck.

"Did you find it?" Came the voice as I hurried to the door.


"Did you find what you left here?" Asked Mrs. Phillips with a smile.

I could feel Steph's pussy juices smeared and drying on my face. "Oh, um, yes I did," I said with a huge grin. And it had tasted fantastic!



She knew all the girls in the porn video were 18 or older but the person responsible for casting had picked girls that looked very, very much underage. The story was absolutely ridiculous. A man shows up to speak to this tiny blonde's mother but the mother has gone out. So, the girl who looks like she's about 14 years old invites the stranger in to wait. After a little bit of awkward small talk, the girl offers the man a drink and goes to get it. While she's gone, the man gets this clever smile on his face, pulls out his big, thick cock, and starts to stroke it. When the girl comes back, she drops his beer in shock and he says, "I was gonna wait for your mother, but I think you'll do just nicely instead." As the middle-aged man offers her his big cock, the girl's face turns from shock to lust faster than anyone can say "You dropped the beer". The young slut walks over to the strange man, falls to her knees and starts blowing him. This really annoyed Jess, as it suggested that all girls ever want is to please a man.

Despite the ridiculous story and the blatant womanizing, as the little sucked off the man, Jessica felt herself drawn in to watching the dirty movie. To Jess, the movie was quite dirty since she had never actually watched a porn film before. She'd always been secretly very curious but had never had the guts to try and watch one. She'd seen the odd dirty pic on the net or heard her parents fucking every now and then but as she watched the slim blonde deepthroating the man's massive cock, she found herself getting really excited. As Jess got caught up watching the hardcore sex on the big screen, she found herself ignoring the imminent sexual danger in the room. She even actually started relaxing and enjoying the kinky, filthy sex scene, especially when the man started to finger the young brunette's cunt while she was giving him head.

The enchantment was broken by one of the guys saying, "Look how that nasty slut sucks that dick. I bet you know all about that, baby. You like sucking dick?" She glanced nervously over at the dirty man and noticed he was rubbing his cock through his pants like Adam had done only about an hour ago. A smile spread across his face as he asked, "You like what you see, baby? Just wait 'til I let it out."

A few more minutes passed, and now on the big screen, Jess could see the tiny girl getting rammed hard from behind as she was forcefully bent over the couch. A couple of the guys had actually pulled out their cock and were now stroking their less than impressive shafts in plain view. Suddenly, Steve said, "Porn is alright, but nothing beat live entertainment. Why don't you get up and dance for us, little girl?"

Jessica didn't know what to say or do as all five guys cheered and encouraged her to stand up. Her body decided to defy her brain and it stood up to even louder cheers and catcalls. The combination of the dirty porn, five guys feeding her attention and her own brother's cum running down her legs guided her to the centre of the room for the men's amusement. Having taken many dance classes and acting classes, Jess was a natural performer and was able to gauge what her audience wanted. She knew she could dance better in bare feet, so she slipped her sandals off before she started. Slowly at first, she let her hips start to move and groove with the sounds of the moaning girl on screen and porn music in the background.

"Fuck yeah. That's what I'm talking about." Yelled one of the guys.

"Yeah, take it off, baby!"

Caught up in the moment, still moving and swaying to the beat of the music, Jess didn't know what to do but go with the flow. Caressing her gyrating body, She slid her hands down over her tits and over her slim waist. Gripping the hem of her fancy pink top, she slowly pulled it up and over her head. Her breasts bounced free to the elation of the group of guys and she tossed her hair over her shoulder and popped out her chest to even more cheers. She had no idea what had taken over her body, but it was only dancing and a couple of tits. In her head, she justified her actions and told herself that after dancing for a bit, she'd make her escape.

"Yeah, dance for us, you dirty bitch!" Yelled the leader, Steve, as he shamelessly beat his meat to Jessica's topless dancing. She was beginning to pant and sweat with her erotic dance. "Fuck girl, you look fucking delicious. Take off that fucking skirt, baby?"

With the beat of the music flowing through her, Jess wasn't thinking as her hands nimbly undid the zipper on her skirt. Swivelling her hips, Jess felt incredibly sexy as she turned a seductive look on the crowd of horny men and skillfully let her skirt slowly slide down her sweaty thighs to reveal her neatly shaved landing strip dripping with her own brother's cum. Jess realized her mistake when one of the guys said excitedly, "Holy shit! Look at her pussy! This bitch is fucking oozing cum! Look at all that jizz down her thighs." Jessica felt a petrifying cold chill run down her spine as she remembered that she hadn't been able rinse and clean her pussy. Her eyes went wide and she gasped at her own stupidity. She thought of how much cum really was running down her thighs. Even after cumming in her mouth, she knew Adam had dumped an impressively huge load between her legs.

Dirty Steve spoke up with complete amusement on his face. "This little whore's been fucked very recently. Like just before she got here. Did you boyfriend drop you off?" He sneered at her naked flesh.

"No, my brother," she spat defiantly and immediately knew it was the stupidest thing to say at that moment. Total embarrassment made her cheeks grow red and hot, and she bowed her head, feeling a little ashamed. Why did I have to correct him? She knew what they would say next as tears welled up in her gorgeous blue eyes.

"Oh shit, guys! Did you hear that? She just let her own brother bust a nut in her little pussy. Do you like feeling your brother's cum inside you, you incestuous skank?"

Suddenly someone else spoke up, "Hey man, do you know what this means?"

"What?" Steve and another guy said at the same time.

"If she's willing to let her own brother creampie her cunt, then she's gotta be on the fucking pill, right?!" Jessica felt her face grow even hotter as the first tears of the night rolled over her cheeks. How could she have been so utterly stupid? She wished she would have listened to her brother. In fact, she was regretting even trying to go to Brandy's party in the first place. She didn't even belong with those kinds of popular people.

"Yeah, you're right. Holy shit, I have a great idea for making this a great night." Said another dirty man.

With the panic of what these men were going to do to her, Jess felt that this was her chance to make her escape. Moving quickly, she bolted for the door. She didn't even care about leaving her clothes behind. Even if she had to run outside buck naked, she felt it was better than staying here with these assholes. The men didn't move at all quickly enough. As she made an attempt to run around the couch towards her salvation, all hope of escape was lost when she felt her feet slip out from under her on the hardwood floor. She crashed to the hard floor with fresh sobs. She new in a moment that they would be on her.

It was Steve that grabbed her. One hand was firmly placed on her shoulder, pressing her down, as the other grabbed a fist full of soft brown hair. Steve turned his evil gaze down on Jess and with a maniacal gaze into her teary eyes, "Boy did you ever come to the wrong house, bitch." Letting go of her shoulder, he yanked her screaming, flailing body across the floor and back into the living-room.

Scared out of her mind, Jess raised her head as she passed the full couch and saw all broad smiles as the dirty men watched her being dragged by her hair back to the center of the room. Just then, the naked man on the television pulled out of the tiny pornslut and, with a cry of lusty, bestial pleasure, seemed to seal Jessica's fate by blasting a huge, hot load of cum all over the brunette's pretty and panting face.

"Well, little girl," Steve grabbed hold of her arm in that painful vice grip of his. Terrified eyes looked up into his, "if you like your brother's cum so much, I bet you'll love five more loads in that tight pussy?" OH FUCK! OH FUCK! "You're gonna be our nasty fuck pet, baby." With his other hand still tightly gripping her hair, Steve pulled her face against his thick thigh, inches from his pulsing member, and said, "We all knew why your knees had those markings. You were sucking your own brother's cock before you got here, so why don't you start by getting up on those dirty knees and sucking my fucking cock while my friends watch and jerk off?"

Jessica didn't know what to say or do but quickly the decision was made for her. She let out a strangled cry of pain as the dirty man yanked her up off the floor by her arm and her hair. Once on her knees on the hard floor, he let go of her arm to grab his hard dick and shove it in her face. She fought to resist, as the hand gripping her hair pulled her face violently towards his cock. "Yeah Steve, make her suck your dick." Cheered one of the other men.

Jessica futilely tried to resist again by closing her mouth tight. That was when she received her first slap of the night. Jessica wasn't actually expecting him to hit her, and as the pain burst across her face, she saw stars and all went fuzzy for a moment. Just as she let out a wail, a fat, smelly dick was stuffed into her mouth. After a few pumps, Steve explained, "I feel I should tell you that I haven't washed my dick since I fucked my wife last night, so what you're tasting right now is my wife's dirty, sweaty, well-fucked cunt." Jess struggled to recover her senses as her mouth was being violated. Her face still stung from the hard slap and she was having trouble catching her breath while being gagged by six inches of meat.

The sweaty, fishy taste of his dirty cock was really getting to Jessica, triggering her gag reflex. Not being able to stand much more, she tried to pull away and unintentionally racked her teeth along the rapist's shaft. Instantly, the man yanked her back by her hair so her mouth popped off his cock, and he hit her a second time with his strong open hand. "Fucking bitch. Next time I feel your teeth, it'll be my fucking fist."

Through her blurry haze, Jessica noticed that all the other men were getting undress, and a deeper panic struck her as she wondered how far they would go. Again, Steve shoved his dick back in her mouth and, not wanting to get slapped again, she made sure to keep her teeth well away from his skin. She realized then that if she was going to survive that night, she was going to have to do as she was told, but that was easier thought than done.

Jessica was starting to get a sick, nauseous feeling in her gut and not just from the taste and feel of the cock invading her throat. It was shame and humiliation. How could such an amazing night go so terribly wrong? She thought about what was being done to her mouth and what else was to come and felt tears trickling down her burning cheeks. Dazed and powerless, she felt a strong hand grab hold of her slim neck and pull her deeper onto the cock invading her throat. "Yeah, suck it deeper, slut. Yeah, take my cock, you nasty cunt!" Steve yelled as he grunted and gagged her with his dick. "Choke, whore, choke!"

Choke she did as his 6-inch prick slammed repeatedly into the back of her throat. She kept feeling like she was going to puke but fearfully knew she would get beat hard if she did, so she resisted the best she could. Luckily, the mouth fucking she was getting from Steve didn't last very long. Wanting more of her underage body, he yanked her up by the hair and roughly bent her over the couch.

Jessica was whimpering as one of the douche bags yelled, "Yeah, fucking bend that bitch over, Steve!" Jessica struggled in confusion more than resistance and the same douche bag said to the rest, "We'll hold the bitch down for ya. Hold her down guys." Many sets of strong hands grabbed hold of her quivering body. She felt hot, putrid breath on her ear as he leaned in to whisper, "You better stop struggling, whore, or else we're not just gonna rape you. We're gonna take turns beating you bloody, too."

Jessica had never been so scared in her life. She trembled as four guys held her down and Steve spread her ass cheeks to get a good look at her pussy. With his thumbs, He peeled open her precious flower petals. "Look at this sweet, little cunt." Jess heard the disgusting sound of him spitting and then felt something wet hit her asshole and trickle down between her pussy lips. "She looks so young and tight. Get ready, baby." He said as Jess felt a thumb rub the spit all around her opening. He quickly stood up and slammed his cock as hard as he could, deep inside Jessica's freshly popped pussy.

She could feel every inch of his invading cock as more tears welled up in her big, blue eyes. Finally finding her voice, Jessica began to yell, wail and cry out for help from the pain. She hopelessly thought that maybe somebody would hear her being raped. Steve's big paws grabbed a tight hold of her ass as he started to really pound her fast and hard.

Jessica was continuously screaming now through wracking sobs and steady streams of tears running down her face. Steve eventually slowed his painful thrust long enough to say, "Somebody shut this fucking bitch up. Hey Andy. Shove your dick in her mouth."

Andy was the same guy who had threatened to beat her bloody. With a sick, twisted look in his eyes, he eagerly stepped up to the challenge with his big dick dangling inches from Jessica's screaming mouth. Her screams quickly became muffled as her mouth was stuffed with the man's cock. "Aw yeeeah, baby. Suck it." His penis tasted better than Steve's had and she felt a strange rush from being double penetrated. Under better circumstances, she would be really enjoying herself, especially if the two men filling her were her boyfriend and her brother. Jessica closed her eyes and tried to imagined just that in a desperate attempt to endure the gangraping she was about to receive.

Awkwardly balanced bent over the couch, each time Steve thrust into her, she tipped forward onto Andy's cock. Occasionally, Steve would really give it to her hard, making her gag on Andy's big, hard member. Andy seemed to really enjoy this, as Jessica felt the dick in her mouth begin to swell and knew from experiences with her boyfriend, Dean, and her brother earlier, that it was about to blow. Sure enough, moments later it twitched and sent hot liquid spurting down her young throat. The dick's owner grunted and moaned through his climax as Jessica swallowed what she could of his dirty spunk. She felt his rod slide slowly out until just the tip was in her mouth as it spilt it's last gush of hot cream all over her tongue.

Jess let the rest of the load stay in her mouth to get a read on the taste but soon realized that the rapist's cum tasted revolting compared to her brother's or her boyfriend's delicious loads. The stranger pulled complete out of her mouth with a sigh, and just as she cringed at the taste of his jizz, she noticed his expression turn to anger and his hand pulled back. Fear flowed through Jessica as she looked into the man's angry face, and she honestly wondered what she had done wrong. The slap was the hardest yet sending a stinging pain all across the side of her face as the force of it cranked her neck. She cried out in a wet sob from the slap. The cum that had been in her mouth dripped and drooled out over the couch.

"What the fuck, dude!" Yelled Steve from behind Jessica. His cock momentarily paused its pumping as he said, "You made her spit your load all over my fucking couch!"

"Fucking slut made me cum too soon," Andy explained as if that was a perfectly good excuse to beat a teenage girl.

With her ear ringing, Jess heard another man speak up, "Hey man, calm down. We got this slut all night. You'll get another shot at her vag, Andy. Now move over so I can get at that sweet mouth."

Jessica was quietly sobbing with her mouth open when she felt the next cock slide between her cum-coated lips. With grunts of pure pleasure, the man grabbed hold of her hair as he slowly thrust his dick in and out of her wet, cummy mouth. His dick was much bigger than the last two she had had in her mouth. With the larger dick slowly pumping her face as the other smaller one pumped her pussy, Jess let herself slip back into her fantasy of being double fucked by Adam and Dean. Adam, of course, being the larger dick.

After a few minutes of this, she was actually moaning along with the fuckers and cursed herself for letting her pleasure show in front of the sick rapists. "Hey Mike, did you feel that on your cock. I think she just moaned there. I knew this slut really wanted it."

"Oh, that was definitely a moan. I think this bitch likes two dicks inside her." The five guys all began making their own comments about Jessica being a dirty slut who like getting raped and double-dicked. She just let their voices fade into the background along with the nasty porn sounds and the rock music which was playing again as she forced herself to think of her loving brother. She wished she'd stayed in the car with him. Maybe if she had, she'd be naked in a warm bed with her brother, safe at home, with her brother lovingly deep inside her, instead of being gangraped by a bunch of dirty drunks.

She felt Steve's paws dig into her ass cheeks as he groaned and sent his hot load deep inside her. She prayed that the birth control was doing its job as she felt hard spurts splash against her cervix. Steve slammed his hips hard forward couple final times before pulling his dripping cock out of her tight cunt. She flinched when he slapped her ass and said, "Bitch, that was so good. You just stay bent over like that. I think some of my friends here might want this tight pussy next." As he said tight pussy, he cupped her vag with three of his meaty fingers. "Hey Mike, want her pussy next?"

"Nah, let someone else step up. I'm really digging this young mouth of hers." Jess was relieved when she heard this. Mike had the biggest cock of the bunch and even though she was able to take her brother's massive member, she wasn't looking forward to taking Mike's in her sore, tender pussy. Also, she had been completely turned on and literally dripping wet when she had taken Adam's beast.

"I'll take her cunt next."

"That a boy, Brian. Give that cunt a good fuck."

Brian lasted the shortest of them all. He must have been really horny after watching her take three dicks before him. "Fuck, she is tight." After only a few pumps, Mike announced that he was about to cum and Brian yelled, "Fuck, me too!" Both dirty bastards pulled out at the exact same time and released their sperm all over Jessica's restrained body. She felt hot, thick cum spatter her ass as Mike let volley after volley erupt all over her cute face.

"Shit, that was so fucking hot." Announced Jeff, the only man who had yet to stick his dick inside Jessica. "That was hotter than the porno. Dude, where's your video camera? We should be getting this on film."

"Fuck that, you idiot." Steve shook his head. "I don't want video evidence for this cunt to use against us." These bastards obviously haven't thought about all the DNA evidence deep inside my pussy, Jess thought smugly, but then her heart sank as she remembered the gallon of her own brother's semen that was also inside her. Fuck, I can't go to the cops. What if they somehow found out that one of the loads belonged to Adam. How would she explain her own brother's cum mixed in with her rapists'. She couldn't. No matter which way they took it, it would look devastatingly bad for Adam. She loved her brother so much. Her only choice was to take the gangrape and abuse quietly. Just then with cum all over her face and ass, and with more dripping down her thighs, Jessica broke down into fresh sobs that shook her sweaty body. Losing all strength in her legs, she crumpled down in a heap on the couch.

"Yo, get that slut up. I don't want that shit all over my couch."

As hot tears rolled down her cheeks to mingle with the load left by Mike, she felt strong hands grip her around her thin waist and hoist her up into the air. Flipped around like a ragdoll, the man placed her down on her back on the cold glass of the coffee table. Still shaking with her sobs, she felt the final rapist's dick slide between her pussy lips. As the man gripped her hips and fucked her, the cum all over her face slid down into her hair. Jessica thought about the five hour shower she was going to need after that night. She'd need a good, hot shower just to get the smell of these pigs off her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jess noticed a tiny short-haired blonde getting her cunt "busted" on the edge of her girly, pink bed. She looked away in disgust but looking the other way was even worse. The four guys who had just cum using her nubile body were now rubbing their flaccid members as they watched her with sick hunger and lust. She decided to just close her eyes again.

Just then, the man between her legs made a strange panicked sound while he hastily pulled his twitching cock from her creamy twat. Not being quick enough to stop the torrent, steams of his boiling hot spunk dribbled and spurted all over her newly groomed pussy. She could feel fresh spurt landing appropriately in her landing strip. Sweat dripped off the man's face as he convulsed with his premature ejaculation. Jessica desperately hoped he wouldn't hit her like the other fucker did.

"Shit Jeff! You made a fucking mess of her cunt!"

"Sorry, guys. Just some extra lube for the next cock. God, she's fucking tight! You sure haven't been fucking very long, have you baby?"

"Move over, dude. I'm hard again and I need that fucking pussy. I don't even care that it's like sloppy fourths." Announced Andy, hard cock in hand. Jeff moved aside and Jess immediately felt her slit filled again. The press of Andy's pelvis mashed Jeff's jizz all around her cunt lips. She glanced down her smooth, sweaty body to see her muff matted and glistening with the hot, sticky mess. This time, Andy was on a real mission as he ploughed into Jessica's creamy cunt with crazed vigor. He gripped her hips painfully hard as her pounded away like a jackhammer. To Jessica, it felt like she was getting repeatedly punched in her box. She clenched her teeth to help withstand the pain.

It wasn't long before Andy was grunting and sweating all over Jessica. She couldn't help cringing every time a drop of his sweat hit her violated flesh. She was just praying for it all to be over soon, when she looked to her right and saw that the rapist named Mike was hard again. His cock was inches from her teary face when he said, "Open up wide, baby. Suck my big dick while you're getting slam-fucked." With a small chocked half panting, half whimpering sound, Jess opened up to allow the big cock back in her sore, battered mouth again.

Andy finally slammed his cock as deep as it would go, gripping her thighs hard to his chest and Jessica felt his cum flood her cervix. He was still dripping when he pulled his dick from her nasty hole. Mike moved lightning fast to her pussy and wasted no time thrusting inside her. He did have the biggest dick out them all, but with all of the semen lubricating her cunt, it had no trouble sliding smoothly between her folds.

Before a re-erect Jeff could step up to Jessica's panting mouth, Andy moved around and dangled his cum-coated meat in her face. "Suck it clean, whore!" He commanded. It looked nasty and she thought she might wretch at the sight alone. She tightened her lips in refusal. This, of course, caused him to hit her again.

Whimpering and seeing purple, Jessica next felt the slimy dick slapping against the side of her face. She cringed and sobbed as the sick fucking pig grabbed her by the throat and forced his flaccid member into her wet mouth. "Oh yeah, baby. Taste your pussy with all that fucking cum."

Jessica felt pressure on her throat from his big hand and began to choke, as Andy fucked her face with his flaccid cock. As she coughed and spat in an attempt to catch some air, cum and saliva splashed from her lips down her cheek and chin. With a filthy cock relentlessly fucking her battered throat as its filthy owner strangled her, while another dirty rapist fucked her sore cunt, that was the first moment that Jessica really thought that she might not survive the night.

Just as things were staring to go black, Andy mercifully pulled out and released her throat just in time for Jessica to stay conscious. In the back of her oxygen deprived mind, she wasn't sure if this was a blessing or a curse. Her chest heaved and shook as she struggled for precious air. She sucked in deep, cold breaths while Mike relentlessly stretched her cunt with his big, pumping rod.

"Shit dude! That was fucking close. Look at her! She's barely conscious! Were you trying to choke her to death!" Jess recognized Jeff voice yelling at Andy as she slowly regained her focus. She realized then that Andy hadn't actually stopped on his own. Jeff had actually pulled him off her. Her admiration for Jeff was short lived as once he was done yelling, he turned to her with his rigid dick in hand and said, "Open up, baby."

She did as she was told and felt his throbbing member slide deep into her raw throat. With a hand gently placed on the back of her neck, Jeff slowly fucked her open mouth. Jess felt his rigid shaft gradually going deeper with each unhurried thrust. About four inches in, his dick found the resistance of her tongue and tonsils. He kept a steady pressure on her throat and finally said, "Stick your tongue out, darling. I wanna feel that throat. Yeah, that's it, baby. Open that throat." Jessica did as she was instructed and the next time he slowly pushed forward, she felt the bulbous head of his penis pop passed her tonsils and deep into her throat. Almost immediately, Jessica's body began to heave with the intruder playing with her gag reflex. "Fuck yeah! Deepthroat me, you slut!"

Feeling like she was really going to throw up, Jessica's body jerked and sprang free from Jeff's light but firm hold on her neck. As she coughed and caught her breath, she could feel Jeff's hand softly stroking her hair. "Shh. Good girl. That was really good. Let's try that again, but this time take a deep breath and try to relax. Ready?" She nodded nervously. Below her waist, Mike was still pumping in and out of her pussy with his large member, as Jeff slid her dick back into her mouth. Jessica took a deep breath, stuck out her tongue and opened her throat to accommodate the stiff prick.

Jeff placed his hand back on the nape of her neck but this time with a firmer, stronger hold. Again, she felt the pressure of his cock against the back of her mouth until her throat opened up for him. With her throat filled with cock, Jessica could feel balls on her one cheek and coarse, wet pubes on the other. "Fuck yeah! That a girl!" Jeff's grip tightened as he held her hard against his pelvis. Jess had never throated a guy before and was actually felling kind of proud of herself. Wild excitement flowed through her as she wondered how much of her brother's thick beast she could take with her newly learned skills. She knew, without a doubt, that she'd be able to take all of Dean now.

Jessica felt her pleasure begin to increase as her mental excitement spurred on her physical arousal. Completely stuffed at both ends, Jessica's body betrayed her as it shook and writhed in a sudden, intense orgasm. "Oh fuck, dude! I can feel her cumming. Her pussy's fucking gripping my cock. Aw, I think I'm gonna cum." Jessica felt Mike tense up along with her climax and she knew he was desperately trying not to blow.

Just then, she also felt Jeff tense up along with pain from his fist gripping her hair. "Fuck, I'm about to come, too!" At the same moment, both men pulled their large, pulsing members from her gaping holes. Mike's cock immediately sent hot jizz up her trembling belly while Jeff was able to hold out a second to aim his load across her heaving breasts. Both rapists grunted like animals as they let fly their massive, boiling hot loads all over the underage teen. Even to Jessica, the scene was so entirely hot and sexy that her orgasm pulsed on until both men were drained and spent. Jessica was left panting and writhing in pure pleasure as she lay on the coffee table, completely drenched in cum.

"Yeah, we fucking blessed that bitch," Mike said which made all the guys laugh but left Jess confused. That was until she noticed that Mike's cum spattered up her belly and between her cleavage combined with Jeff's splashes across her beautiful tits had created a big cum crucifix on her chest. If the situation had been different, Jess definitely would have found it amusing, but she was still feeling the intense shame of having had an orgasm while being raped.

Once the laughter died, Brian revived it by stepping between Jess's legs and saying, "You guys tried to exercise the demon, but I guess it didn't work because she still looks like she needs my cock inside her." He laughed loud and obnoxiously as he pushed his bulbous head between her frothy gash and began fucking her hard.

Clearly getting the idea from Andy, Mike walked around Jessica's body and offered her his flaccid penis to suck clean. Out of reflex now, Jess opened up to take him inside her warm mouth to the cheers and hoots of the others. His limp cock was hot, slimy and tasted strongly of bitter jizz, but at least he didn't force her to gag on it. He just stood there and let her do her work. Jess was starting to fell exhausted from her climax and all the fucking and sucking, so even just moving her head to suckle Mike's limp dick was beginning to feel like a chore. Eventually, her upper body, as limp as the dicks around her, fell onto the table while Brian kept up his hard thrusts. After Mike's long fuck with his big prick, she barely felt Brian. Or maybe she was just that tired.

Jessica's head rolled from side to side as she was being pumped, and out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Steve rubbing his flaccid dick rapidly with a crazy intense look on his red face. He was the only one out of the five who hadn't gotten hard again after the first round of orgasms, and now seem determined not to be outdone by his buddies. He was huffing and puffing as he furiously jerked his semi-hard schlong in Jessica's weary face. He really wanted that second release even though his body wasn't co-operating. What Jessica really wanted was to make a crack about him not being able to get it up but decided that would just get her hit again. And making jokes about a man's sexual performance would for sure get her punched instead of slapped.

After a few minutes of unsuccessful jerking, Steve changed tactics and started to talk dirty to Jessica. "Fucking whore! Dirty fucking slut! You want my fucking cum, don't you?" His cock was finally getting some rigidity, but instead of sticking it in her, he just continued to jerk off as he spit nasty phrases down at her. "Oh you dirty girl. You're gonna get it. Fucking whore. You liked getting raped by all my friends. Nasty bitch. You're gonna fucking get it, you filthy fucking cumwhore. OHH, AHH, FUUUCK YAAAA!" Steve's hand was a blur on his shaft as he finally erupted all over Jessica's tear streaked, cum glazed face. His cum was boiling hot as it spattered her cheeks, chin and mouth. He let out deep, loud grunts as he emptied himself in front of his friends with a smile of sick pride on his face.

Jess fell into a daze as she rode out the finally fuck with her eyes closed. She thought about all the cum she had just taken. There were the two big loads in her pussy from the two sickest rapists of them all. Again, she begged and prayed for her birth control to work. One load prematurely spilled all over her pussy. One was smeared all over the glass from her ass. The two that formed the crucifix on her chest. Two splashed all over her face, and one half down her throat, half spat on Steve's couch. Including her brother's two loads, Brian's cum would make a full dozen in less than two hours. Jessica felt ashamed and disgusted, but a small part of her was feeling a little thrilled that she had made six different guys cum twice each in less time it usually took just one guy to cum twice.

She heard a loud grunt over the rock, porn sound combo. Her eyes slowly opened as Brian pulled out of her pussy and pointed his spurting cock at an empty spot beside her on the glass. Jessica had no idea why he did this and was too tired to care. Great gushing blasts sprayed across the clear surface creating a fountain like pattern.

"Now lick it up, slut." Brian finally said when he was done spurting. Jess hesitated for just a moment. "I said lick it up, whore!" Brian screamed down at her. Jolted up by his loud, drill sergeant yell, she rolled over and obediently started lapping up the thick spunk all over the coffee table. As she dragged her tongue across the glass, tasting both cum and beer, she felt the sting of a hard slap on her ass. She winced and cried out before receiving more slaps. "Lick it, whore. Lick it, lick it, lick it!" With every "lick it", Brian repeatedly spanked her bare ass. The others joined in with their own meaty hands and soon Jessica's ass was red and raw, and her face was smeared with beer and more cum.

She felt someone's cold bare foot press down on her head, smashing her face firmly against the glass. As her face was mashed against the clear surface, making her nose bend sideways, the front door opened to reveal another person. Oh my God, I hope that's Steve's wife. Please be Steve's wife, she prayed as more hard slaps made her gasp and winch.

"What the fuck?" It was a man's voice and Jessica's hopes fell. Oh shit, this new guy is just going to join in the sick fun. "What the hell is this?"

"Hey George. Get your dick out and start fucking. We got this bitch for couple more hours." Steve encouraged with another hard slap of her tender ass.

The man looked down at Jess being held down and repeated spanked. Then his eyes traveled along her young body to her wide, tear-filled eyes. To her disbelief, a horrified expression appeared on the man's face while raised his arms and said, "No way, guys. I'm not getting involved with raping some chick, especially when she looks like she's still in grade school."

Still looking into his eyes, Jess mouthed the words "Please help", before another slap made an unprompted cry escape her throat. The man's eyes became very sad and depressed. Not saying another word, he turned back towards the front entrance.

"Hey man!" Steve called. "You ain't gonna say nothing about this, are you?"

All of Jessica's rapists let go of her and stood to have Steve's back. The man turned a defeated face back at Steve and his entourage and, after a pause, he said, "Of course not, as long as you don't hurt her too much. A raped teen is one thing. A dead teen is another matter entirely."

"That's my boy. You sure you don't want any of this young thing? She won't mind if you give her a quick fuck."

"I'm sure." He turned again and went out the door.

"NO, PLEASE!" Jessica didn't realize that it was her own voice yelling this as the door swung shut. As the door slammed, all hope drained out of Jess and she rolled off the table to the floor between the cum and spit smeared table and the cum speckled couch. The only thing that kept her sane was the fact that she had given Adam her virginity just before she arrived at this hell house. At least these fuckers couldn't take that from her.

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