i hunt an old friend
I've had my eyes on this one girl for most of high school. As far as I or any one else can tell she wants to be with me too. The problem is her family. Shes first generation Asian American and her parents refuse to let her date until shes 22 or they will kick her out of the house. This is a major downer because I cant do anything about both my want to be with her all the time and be the good boyfriend for her and my secret lust to fuck and control her as her master. The very idea of having complete control over her drives me crazy.

Now I'm a big guy, about 6' 4” 250 pounds. She is about 5'8” 110 pounds with small b cup breasts and one of the tiniest frames of any girl, she was like a cat. Thin, lithe, small and very cute. She would act strong but if I wanted to she would be at my mercy in a flash. And as it turns out , after 5 years of being a nice guy, controlling her was just what I wanted.

I called her up one night and told her that I wanted to see a performance with her at our old high school. Ofcorse there was no performance that night, in fact there would be no one at the school that night, no one to come save her but me.

When she got to school and was inside the school. I acvitaded the gates to shut and lock her in. This night was going to be fun.

I went in after her and my excitement began to grow. In my new clothing that hid my face and that I would destroy afterwords. Walking over the the where she was growing more and more confused I called her over to a darker area of the school. When she got there I stepped out of the shadows. “So, little cat, how do you like my impression of your boyfriend.”

Backing away slowly. “Who are you, and where is Jon” ( o yeah that's my name)

“Jon is safe and sound tied up down the hill. He should be saved by someone in about an hour or two. I even told him where to find you. Until then I have plenty of time to enjoy capturing and FUCKING YOU.”

At this she fully understood my goal and ran. The chase had always been part of my plan. This was the build up to the grand finale. The better she avoided me the more fun I would have. She couldn't escape the school or me and the only person who “knew” that she was in trouble was me, and I could be “tied up” for as long as I wanted.

Going after her at a leisurely pace I trailed after her for about a quarter of an hour before she slipped on one of the traps I set. That made me a little disappointed that the hunt was over but there was nothing that I could do. I grabbed the back of her sweeter planning to finish this game but then to my great amusement and joy she struggled out of the hoddie and ran again. Holding her hoddie in my hand I just smiled as I saw what she was waring. Nothing. I now had a topless girl running away form me in nothing but her jeans. My prey was something of an exhibitionist. She was never going to take off that hoddie for the nice boy me, I would never have know. This night just kept getting better and better.

The chase lasted about another quarter hour. By this point she began to hide in the girls bathroom, as if that would prevent me form chasing after her. Going in I could tell she was in the last stall because of her soft muffled sobbing. I could just go in a capture her but I thought of something more... exciting. I walked thru the room peeking under the stalls saying “here kitty kitty kitty” then when I looked under the last stall I walked away. I pretended to storm out and slam the bathroom door, but instead I hide in the first stall and waited.

A little bit later she emerged form her hidding spot. As she walked past my stall I crept out and followed her. This is when I attacked. Warping the whole of one arm around her thin body and reaching the other around and grabbing her tiny breast I got the greatest scream out of her little mouth that I had ever heard. As I played with her tit she began to beg me to stop.

“Little kitty you played the game well but now the games over and I get to claim my prize.” reaching the hand that was playing with her little tit past her belt and into her pants I was happy to feel that she had no panties ether. “your tight little pussy is mine.”

“Why? Why are you doing this to me?” she sobbed to me

“Because” I whispered softly into her ear “i want to.” taking off her belt I used it to bind her hands behind her back. I then put her over my shoulder and took her to the front of the school. Grabbing the rope I left there I bound her legs to the bike rack and looped it around her neck so she could do nothing but bend helplessly over the bars. It was just such a lovely sight, her tiny breasts dangling down, her arms bound with her own belt, tears streaking down her face and her ass sticking out for me to use at my will, all the wile her begging me to stop and let her go. It only made me more excited for what was to come.

Walking around behind her I pulled down her pants and stared at her beautiful ass that was now mine. Sticking a finger in her I felt around. “ Your still a virgin. That makes this so much better.” pulling out my dick I alined it with her pussy's opening.

“NO no no no no no.” she was struggling against all of her restraints.

“whats the magic word?” I teased as I rubbed by dick over her pussy.


“OK. Since you asked so nicely.” I rammed my dick full force into her pussy. Her hymen ripped apart after half a moment and the fullness of my dick was in her. Her scream this time was a mix of both pain, and sadness.

Shes was so tight. This feeling beats out anything that my dick had ever felt. I was in heaven. After that chase this was the prize that I wanted for the last 5 years. It didn't take me long to cum in her, to her great dismay, but I just continued to fuck her. My dick got softer for only a moment and then it was growing in side of her again. As I pumped my dick in and out of her I could feel her start to get wetter. She was actually enjoying being raped by a faceless man.

“enjoying this kitty. Maybe once I'm done you should get you boyfriend to rape you too.”

A few moments later I came in her again as she had her orgasm. Slapping her one last time I walked away leaving her tied up and alone in the dark, nude with cum dripping out of her. I went over to a dinner and had some dinner after such a fun evening. After dinner I changed clothing and ran back to the school. When I got there I put on the good boy friend thing. I untied her pulled up her pants and gave her my jacket. Then I embraced her and told her I would always protect her form now on. I the man that had just raped her became her protector and she gave her self to me completely. All I could do was smile.

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2012-10-26 18:09:15
very clever. wish i had a dom to trust and serve


2012-05-11 23:48:49
at first guy thanks and yah i know that somthing is missing i rushed the end to much thats one of my falts

at 2nd guy i very clearly labled what the plot was what did you ecpect

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2012-05-11 20:51:08
you are a very sick person !!!!

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2012-05-11 20:42:34
The story has potential but something's missing.

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