Part five of an ongoing series about a brother and sister having incestuous sex. The story follows the lives of the siblings as well as their friends and family. In this part, we see more of Josh, Naomi, and Anna. Also, we see the return of Brittany.
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The Plan, The Pictures, and The gift

Chapter One

It was a beautiful night, a Friday night to be exact. Parked by the small lake was a car. The lake was located on the outskirts of town, which made it a perfect location for two teenagers to be making out in. The parked car was Nick’s and inside, the two front seats were empty, and the back was occupied.

In the back sat Nick with his girlfriend Anna. They have been dating for over a month now. Anna was leaning back against the seat, with Nick’s lips locked on hers. It was the middle of May now, and Anna was wearing a tank top with a skirt. Anna wasn’t one of those girls that like to show off her goods, but this outfit was for Nick. Nick’s hands were all over her body. His right hand was feeling up one of her tits through her tank top and bra, while his left was resting on her exposed thigh.

“Mmm you’re so hot baby!”

Nick was talking in between their long kisses, images of Anna naked with her legs spread right here in the car going through his mind. His dick was becoming bigger with each kiss and each thought. Nick and Anna haven’t done much sexually yet, Anna got topless for a few minutes one time they were making out but that’s as much Nick ever got. It has been a bit over a month since their relationship became official, and Nick was having a hard time going this long without sex.

Nick felt daring tonight though, he had a feeling this was going to be the night he finally got to see Anna’s virgin pussy. Yes, virgin pussy. She confided that information to Nick not too long ago. Nick was surprised but not at all disappointed. He liked the idea of being her first. He liked the idea that Anna was a good girl and that he would be able to trust her if they decided to go long term. Doing it in a car obviously wasn’t where Anna would want to do it, but Nick figured since Anna’s house was empty, they could go up to her room.

Nick took the bottom of Anna’s tank top and pulled it up about halfway over her bra. This revealed her average sized breasts covered by her white bra. Her tits weren’t as big as his little sisters, but they were nice. Nick started kissing Anna’s neck and she had her eyes closed, moaning a little. She felt uncomfortable though and pulled her tank top down covering her tits but leaving her stomach exposed. Nick’s left hand was massaging Anna’s thigh strategically, his hand moving closer to her panties, the final obstacle stopping his finger from getting wet.

Nick’s hand was just inches away from Anna’s pussy but Anna snapped her legs shut, trapping Nick’s fingers and closing the treasure chest. Nick looked up at Anna for a second before kissing her deeply.

“C’mon baby. Just a little?” Nick was getting desperate. He wanted to touch some pussy, jerking off didn’t do it for him anymore. Anna knew what Nick wanted, and she wasn’t gonna let up that easily.

“No, Nick. I told you I want to wait. You said you were okay with that…” They had broken the kiss now; Anna spread her legs open enough to push Nick’s hand away. She then pulled her tank top all the way back down, covering her nice flat belly. Nick sat back against the seat next to Anna and looked at the roof of the car.

“I know, I’m sorry. I am okay with it; you’re just… so fucking sexy. But I promise we will wait till you’re ready.” Nick felt his dick hard in his pants and saw Anna looking at it. She seemed upset that she had gotten him all horny and then made him stop. But that’s not what she believed in. It’s not like she wasn’t wet and wanting, after almost all their dates, Anna comes home at least a little turned on. But Anna has much more self control than Nick and she has always wanted to wait until it was perfect in her mind. Usually she never even thought of sex with anyone before marriage but Nick seemed different.

“I promise baby, I won’t make you wait too long. I just… I don’t want to be like every other girl. All my friends put out within the first few weeks and they always get dumped. I want it to last when we finally do it, you know? Not just a onetime thing.” Anna was looking down at her fingers which were playing with the hem of her skirt. She felt guilty and thought Nick would be mad at her. But when Nick looked over at his girlfriend, and saw how cute she looked sitting there, sad and scared, he didn’t want to do anything but hold her and let her know it was okay.

Nick put his arm around Anna and kissed her cheek. Anna smiled and rested her head on Nick’s chest, listening to his calming heartbeat. They looked out at the lake in front of them and spent the rest of the night just cuddling and talking. Nick listened to Anna’s dreams and desires and even though he loved her, he couldn’t help but think about Allie from time to time.

Nick and Allie had grown apart a little in the last month or so. Nick really cared about Anna and didn’t want to cheat on her. And of course, there was Josh. Nick still couldn’t believe that she went back to him. Nick had drifted off from Anna and the car, now he was getting a little mad thinking about Allie. She was screwing Josh again and to make it worse, she was denying it. Whenever Nick mentioned Josh, Allie would just say “We’re not dating we’re just friends, it’s for the baby.”

“What do you think babe?”

“Hmm? Oh… yeah I think… it’s great…” Nick didn’t hear anything Anna had said to him and was now worried that he would be caught. Anna lifted her head from Nick’s chest and looked at him with a blank stare. Her lips then curled up into a smile and she kissed Nick on the lips quickly. Nick relaxed.

“I’m glad you agree. Hey it’s getting late, do you think we can call it a night?”

Nick and Anna moved from the back seat and went up to the front. Nick started the car and looked over at his beautiful girlfriend. Her long legs looked so delicious in that skirt, just looking at them made his dick come to life a little. Anna laughed and shook her head at how “silly” Nick was just staring at her legs.

Nick dropped Anna off at her house and sighed when he remembered that house was all empty and just waiting for someone to fuck in it. Nick rubbed his dick through his jeans as he walked back to his car, thinking of Anna as well as Allie.



Brittany had just gotten a call and answered it but the music inside the house was way too loud to hear anything. She was holding the phone up to her ear while moving through the crowd, trying to get to a door. This was the regular routine for Brittany; partying Friday nights. Tonight, she looked quite good and that made it hard for all the guys at the party not to stare as she walked by them. Some even turned their heads after she passed. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that was cut off above her belly button, exposing her sparkling diamond belly button piercing. Underneath the shirt, her bra was visible supporting those near perfect pair of breasts. Below her waist, she was wearing a pair of skin tight yoga pants. Her ass was completely outlined in them as if she were nude.

“Okay, I’m outside, what do you want?”

“Hello to you too Brittany.”

“Yeah yeah what do you want Ben?”

“Can you meet me? I’m really in the mood right now.”

Brittany looked around her in the backyard making sure that no one could overhear her conversation and then spoke again.

“Right now? I thought you couldn’t get out of the house till next week?”

“My wife went for a girls night at the last second, she thinks I’m still home watching the hockey game. Come on Brittany, you know how good it is when I’m really horny.” Brittany tried to stop her lustful smile but couldn’t help it. She did enjoy fucking Ben, he was older and way more experienced then the guys she usually went for. Before she spoke, her face went back to the serious expression she had previously.

“Did you get what I asked you to? You promised me you’d get it last week and I’m still waiting.”

“Fuck I know I’m sorry, I just haven’t had the time--” Ben was cut off by Brittany as she raised her voice by a smidgen,

“But you have time to fuck me right? You know how this works. Your cock is… good but I need more than that. If you get to fuck me at will, I get my jewelry when I ask for it, not a week later.” There was a little pause where neither of them spoke. Brittany knew she was gonna win, it was just a matter of time. Right on cue, Ben sighed.

“How about along with the earrings, I get you something else too? But I neeed you right NOW. I’ve been thinking about you all week.”

“Why didn’t you just fuck your wife and pretend it was me?”

Ben laughed at Brittany’s suggestion and said,

“Baby you know she is nothing compared to you.”

Brittany couldn’t help but smile again, this time though it wasn’t associated with lustful thoughts.

“Alright, since I love your cock and feel bad that your wife can’t do the job, I’ll come meet you. Where are you?” Ben got all excited and told Brittany to meet him at a local national park. The park entrance closed at 5 so there would be no one else there. The parking lot was surrounded by trees and it was far away from the main road so it was completely private.

Brittany got in her Mustang and made her way towards Ben. Ben was 37 years old and married. He was quite handsome, his eight inch cock was more than enough to leave any girl or woman satisfied and Brittany never minded meeting up with him as long as he kept his end of the deal.

Ben had stayed in good shape after all these years and he goes to the gym on a regular basis. The result of this is his incredible strength, along with his tight upper body. His pecs were nicely defined and were covered by a little chest hair which just added to his sex appeal. He was a larger man so he didn’t exactly have six pack abs, but the beginnings were noticeable as soon as he took his shirt off. At the bottom of his abs, he had a little happy trail going down to his trimmed pubes and cock.

Ben met Brittany when Holly and John had that party about two months ago. Ben was there with his wife and couldn’t help but turn his head as Brittany passed by him and went into the empty kitchen. He excused himself and went after her. When he got inside the kitchen, he saw Brittany spiking her drink with a bottle of vodka. Brittany thought he was just gonna get all parental and tell her mom but instead he reassured her he wouldn’t tell. Ben was good at flirting his way into a conversation with about anyone and Brittany was no exception. Brittany was instantly attracted to Ben and it wasn’t long before he had her number. As Brittany left the kitchen, she subtly grazed Ben’s crotch and felt his semi hard cock even through his pants.

The first time they fucked was just days afterwards, Ben was completely honest with her and told her all about his wife and how they seemed to live two different lives. He told her she just didn’t get him excited anymore and Brittany told him she didn’t mind that he was married. After a few more times, Brittany was getting annoyed that she had to follow his schedule and demanded something in return for all the effort she put in. Ben told her that he would start buying her gifts and Brittany was in love with the idea.

Now months had passed and their little agreement was working out pretty good. Ben was late on the latest “gift” Brittany had requested but Brittany knew he would have to buy it sometime, otherwise Brittany could just spill the beans on the whole operation. That’s what Brittany told Ben at least, she didn’t want word getting out anymore than Ben did as she knew it would ruin her. If everyone found out she was getting “gifts” in exchange for sex, she would be labeled as a prostitute.

Brittany was now almost at the park and noticed that her pussy was beginning to soak up. She knew that the amazing sex waiting for her was gonna blow her mind just like always. She turned onto a small road that led to the parking lot and after a few minutes, she spotted Ben’s car. When she got into the parking lot, she parked her car next to his and got out.

“I’m so happy to see you, you have no idea how much I’ve missed your pussy.”

“Yeah I can see your cock through your pants.” Ben looked down and blushed a little but Brittany walked over and gave Ben a nice long kiss. “So how do you want to do this? The backseat again?”

Ben didn’t say anything but just looked over at the hood of Brittany’s Ford Mustang and smiled at her.

“Oh you’re naughty. Alright, I’m down.” With that, Brittany crouched down without breaking eye contact and unzipped Ben’s pants. With one tug, she managed to pull down his pants and boxers, making his hard dick jump out. Brittany smiled and took the cock in her hand, stroking it back and forth slowly. Ben leaned his head back and gazed at the stars, his hard dick jumping with each stroke. They were standing in the small area between their two cars. Ben looked down at Brittany as she licked her lips staring at the hard dick she was stroking.

“Suck on it baby.”

Brittany smiled and slowly closed her mouth around the head of Ben’s dick. Her warm breath gave Ben great sensations on his dick and he gave out a little moan as Brittany covered his cockhead with her spit. She was still looking up at him, now with more of his dick inside her mouth and Ben pulled off his shirt revealing his stunning upper body. Brittany moaned at the sight and picked up her pace, her head going back and forth on his cock. Brittany stopped sucking and went from crouching to kneeling as she took off her t-shirt as well, leaving her in a bra. From above, Ben got a great view of Brittany’s amazing cleavage and he got even harder.

Brittany was now sucking and jerking Ben off rhythmically. She was moving fast and would get around 4 inches of his dick in her mouth. When she went back, her right hand followed her mouth in a jerking motion, not leaving Ben’s dick. Ben’s dick was now completely hard and he couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to fuck Brittany. Brittany got up and quickly pulled off her yoga pants and thong and stood before Ben. She was about to undo her bra when Ben stopped her and leaned in, giving her a long kiss. His rough and aged, yet gentle hands reached around and undid the clip on Brittany’s bra. Brittany pulled it off and Ben grabbed one of her tits and sucked on the little nipple.

Brittany moaned as she felt Ben’s hands caressing her tits and she grabbed Ben’s cock in her hand, jerking it back and forth as she placed her other hand on the back of Ben’s head and pulled him forward, his face now pressing in her breast. After a few moments, Ben placed his strong hands just below Brittany’s ass and without breaking the lock he had on her nipple, picked her up and carried her the few feet to the hood of her car. He gently placed her bare ass and pussy on the hood and went back to tongue kissing her. The cold hood made Brittany twitch a little but it felt good either way.

They broke the kiss and Brittany put her hands behind her for support, leaning back. Ben pulled her closer to the edge of the hood and kept his hands under Brittany’s knees, holding them. Brittany looked up at Ben and the expression told him everything.

“Fuck me!”

Ben aimed his dick at Brittany’s entrance and pushed it deep inside her wet cunt. Brittany moaned and Ben picked up his pace. THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP! Ben was completely inside Brittany now, fucking her harder than he had ever done before. The sounds their middles were making told the whole story. After just a few thrusts, Ben’s cock was completely covered in Brittany’s juices.

“Ohhhhh Fuckkkkkkk! Harder!!!” Brittany was in heaven, her tits bouncing on her chest as Ben’s dick pounded her cunt. Her bare ass was sliding back a little on the hood of her car with every thrust Ben gave.

“Shit shit shit! Fuck! Harder! Harder! Harder! Fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMINGGGG!! OHHH SHIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT!”

Brittany’s first orgasm rocked her body so hard that she could even feel it in her nipples. She squeezed her tits hard now laying flat on her back and closed her thighs around Ben’s cock as her legs started shaking. Ben’s pace slowed down and after a few more thrusts, Ben pulled out his dick from her cunt. He moved it up to her mouth and Brittany automatically stood up and moved her head forward to meet the glistening cock. She stuck it in her mouth, and cleaned her pussy cream off it.

After she got all the juices off of it, Brittany slid off the hood to her feet and turned around, bending over. Her legs were spread but Ben took her left leg and put it on the hood as well. Brittany’s tits rested on the hood of the car and she closed her eyes and waited for the cock to enter her pussy again.

Ben grabbed Brittany’s left ass cheek and spread it open. With his right hand, he aimed his dick at Brittany’s pussy and gave a hard thrust forward.

Ben was going even faster then before, his left hand smacking Brittany’s ass on occasion. He reached out his right hand and grabbed a handful of her brunette hair, pulling back. Brittany, who had her head resting against the hood, was now forced to look up at the sky as she got pounded.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssss!!!”

“Brittany, I’m gonna cum soon!” Ben’s pace picked up to his maximum speed and soon afterwards, he pulled his eight inch member out of Brittany’s pussy just as her second orgasm hit. She slid her leg off the hood of the car and closed her hand over her crotch, enjoying her intense orgasm. She squeezed her legs together again as it passed. Ben was already close to orgasm but watching Brittany go through her second, along with his fast jerking sent him over the edge. With his left hand, he got Brittany to turn around and Brittany kneeled down.

Ben’s orgasm hit just as Brittany opened her mouth and the first squirt went right in. She didn’t choke nor did she even move, she just waited for more to come. Ben’s dick was jumping and twitching in his hand and he couldn’t aim it properly so the next jet of thick white cum landed right on Brittany’s face making a line from her forehead to her chin. Another jet went off and this time hit Brittany right above the eye. Ben was almost trembling from his orgasm but as it started dying down, he managed to aim the last few jets right into Brittany’s open mouth.

“Ohh fuck that was amazing.” Ben slowly jerked the last bits of cum out and Brittany closed her cum filled mouth around the tip. With the cum still in her mouth and Ben pushing his cock inside, some cum leaked around the sides and dripped down to her tits and stomach.

Brittany swallowed Ben’s thick cum in a few gulps and then, stood up and smiled. The sight in front of Ben was amazing; Brittany was standing there with her feet together, one eye open with cum all over her face. There was bits of cum around her mouth and her tits had some flowing over them. The cutest thing to Ben was Brittany’s diamond belly button piercing that was now half covered in cum. Brittany wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and with one eye open, made her way to the car door. She opened the front door and reached in the back seat for some napkins to wipe her face with. As she did this, some cum dripped off her face and onto the seat. After she got as much cum off her face as she could, she started getting dressed.

“Well that was fun.” Brittany smiled as she put her bra back on. She walked over to Ben. His chest was covered in sweat and Brittany ran her fingers through his chest hair as she leaned her sweaty body against his. Ben looked down at his gorgeous lover and kissed her forehead. Brittany kept looking at Ben and he knew what she was waiting for.

“Don’t worry, I will get you something really great for this.” Brittany’s lips curved into an even bigger smile and she gave Ben a little peck on the lips before turning on the spot and walking back to her car. In a few moments, all Ben could see were a pair of brake lights in the distance and he sighed, hoping he would beat his wife back so he didn’t have to explain where he had gone.

Chapter Two

It was getting late and inside Allie's house, on that living room couch, sat Allie and Josh. There was nothing even slightly romantic about the way they were sitting. Allie was curled up with her feet beneath her looking rather uninterested while Josh sat on the opposite side of the couch quite politely in case Holly or John walked downstairs. Allie was wearing a pair of her favorite sweat pants, and one of Nick's baggy sweaters. Even though Nick and Allie were going through a little rough patch in their incestuous relationship, they were still siblings and Allie had always loved taking Nick's clothes.

Since their little talk at school over a month ago, Allie had decided to give Josh a second chance at being a father. They have hung out a few times to see if they really could be friends and parents for this baby. So far, it was going good. There were a few times Josh has tried flirting with Allie but Allie's cold responses ended that pretty quickly. Even though Allie wanted nothing but friendship with Josh, she couldn't help but get a little excited when Josh would give her simple little compliments like noticing her hair when she got it done. If Nick was in the room, he would roll his eyes and leave. This made Allie feel a little worse.

As far as Allie knew, Josh was still fantasizing about fucking her and even maybe dating her again. This was not the case though. Even though Josh was usually referred to as a player and someone that would fuck anything with a heartbeat, his current interest wasn’t Allie. Of course, if Allie wanted, he would fuck her but Allie wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. Josh’s new interest was Allie’s best friend Naomi. No one knows about their secret relationship which makes it perfect for both Naomi and Josh as they would have a lot of explaining to do if Allie was to find out. Nick on the other hand, has got it made up in his mind that Allie is in fact banging Josh ever since he saw Josh sneaking around Naomi’s house while Allie was with her. With Anna and Josh getting in the way, Nick and Allie have decided to stop their sexual relationship. This has resulted in two horny and frustrated teenage siblings.

As Josh and Allie sat on the couch watching the movie Knocked Up (Josh thought it would be ironic to watch) Allie noticed Josh had his head turned towards her. She tried focusing on the movie but curiosity beat her and she turned her head meeting his gaze.

“Why are you looking at me like a creep?” Josh kept looking at her for a second and then turned his head back to the movie.

“Just thinking about the memories on this couch.” Allie instantly got images flashing through her mind of her and Josh making out and then later of her giving Josh a sexy lap dance, with her clothes on. Then images started flashing of Nick and her on the couch. That first day when she saw Nick getting hard from looking at her tits and then when they fucked before school in the very spot Allie was sitting now. She had to fight the urge to stick her hand inside her pants while thinking about all this. Her pussy was becoming wet.

“Well they are just that; memories. Don’t even think about trying to recreate any of them. Even if I wanted to fuck you, WHICH I DON’T, I wouldn’t because I feel so gross in this body now. I hate being pregnant.” This was true, Allie was not as willing to get naked these days. Her big belly was a huge turn off for her and she felt like it would be to any guy that saw her naked. This was part of the reason she hadn’t gotten dick in the last month. Another reason was she had no one to fuck anyways.

“You’re not gross Allie. If you were gross, I wouldn’t have gotten you pregnant in the first place. OW! You don’t have to hit me, it was a joke!”

“Don’t kid about this pregnancy. I still haven’t completely forgiven you for cheating on me you asshole.” Allie was getting a little upset, but it was more just to mess around a little.

“I know, and I’m trying to make it up to you the best I can.”

“Good, cause I deserve someone here with me to help me through this.”

Things were getting more serious now, the tension in the room building. Neither of them said much else for a while, instead just watched the movie half-heartedly not really paying attention at times. At one point, Josh’s phone went off and Josh took it out of his pocket. Allie didn’t think much of it, assuming it was just one of his friends. It was actually a text from Naomi that read: Hey baby, my parents are asleep now, do you want me to send you pictures?

Josh and Naomi had developed a few routines, one of them being that Josh asks for certain pictures of Naomi and she obeys. Sometimes he would just ask her to get naked and take pictures of herself, but other times it was much more. One time, he made her get naked and masturbate on her kitchen table while her parents were out. She had to take pictures and send them all to Josh. They usually did this when they couldn’t get together.

Josh hit the reply button and started writing a response: Bend over your bed and pull your thong to the side. I wanna see your ass and pussy.

Josh sent the message and smiled as he knew Naomi would obey his request. Josh liked being with Naomi and liked how he could get her to do basically anything he wanted in return for showing her “love” but he definitely didn’t feel the same way about the relationship as Naomi did. Josh knew that it would always be either Allie or Naomi and being a father while banging the best friend of the mother just didn’t seem to fit. Josh wasn’t completely heartless. He knew he wouldn’t be able to pretend to be in love with Naomi forever.

A few minutes later, Josh’s phone went off again and he opened the three pictures Naomi had sent him. The first one was of her ass in a thong as she stood beside her bed, the second one she had her thong pulled to the side exposing her pink rosebud and pussy, and the final one was of her on her back with her legs in the air. She wasn’t wearing the thong anymore and had her hands spreading her ass cheeks giving the camera a beautiful view of both her holes. Josh looked at them for a bit before putting his phone away and acting like it was just a random message. His dick was semi-hard now though.

Another half an hour passed and the movie was coming to an end soon. Josh and Allie were both horny but neither of them knew about the other which made it very hard to sit patiently watching a movie. The two teenagers heard the front door open and both guessed it was Nick. He walked down the hallway and into the living room where Allie and Josh were sitting. He didn’t sit down; he just stood there for a second.

“Look at you two lovebirds watching a movie all innocently. Thank you for stopping whatever you were doing so that I don’t have to walk in on my little sister making out and… touching stuff.” Allie rolled her eyes at Nick and Josh just laughed a little.

“Oh my god Nick how many times do I have to tell you, we are just friends!”

“Oh right, I forgot it’s still supposed to be a secret. Me and Anna aren’t hiding it, why do you two have to?”

“We’re not hiding anything! If you’re gonna be an asshole just leave us alone, Josh is leaving soon anyways.” Nick saw that he was making his sister angry and he didn’t like upsetting her so he decided to just say bye and head upstairs. The fact that she called him an asshole ruined his fun anyways.

The movie went on for the next ten minutes or so and finally when the credits started to roll, Josh and Allie exchanged goodbyes and Josh left. It was past midnight at this point and Allie’s crotch was burning. She hadn’t masturbated since two days ago and was dying to get some relief. She started walking up the stairs, taking off Nick’s sweater as she went, leaving her in a bra. When she reached her room, her sweatpants came off in a heartbeat along with her panties. She kept her bra on and looked in her drawer for her dildo. After looking everywhere and not finding it, she gave up and decided her fingers would do the trick. Allie assumed her dildo was in the basement where she sometimes likes to masturbate.

Allie wasted no time and had two fingers in her wet cunt right away. She kept the lights off as she hated looking down at her stomach. Her legs were spread across her bed, her blankets at her feet, and her hands on her pussy. Little moans started to escape her as she kept going, her left hand was rubbing her engorged clit while her right was fingering away.

After a while, she would bring her wet fingers to her mouth like she always does and lick them all clean before returning them back to her pussy. The only sounds that could be heard in Allie’s room were the ones of her fingers covered in her pussy juice slamming away at her cunt, and her little moans from time to time.

Allie thought that she left her dildo in the basement but actually, it was her mom Holly that had it. Ever since Holly discovered Allie’s dildo, it’s all she’s been using to get herself off when John wouldn’t. Like tonight, Holly wanted to fuck her husband but he fell asleep so she had no other choice but to take the dildo.

Allie continued masturbating and not long after had a little orgasm. The reason it was little was because it was nothing compared to what she used to get from Nick. Even fucking Josh would be better than masturbating but Allie knew there was no way in hell she would fuck that pig so masturbating was her only choice. It was a long time before Allie finally drifted off to sleep, naked from the waist down. She had fallen asleep to thoughts of what Nick and Anna were doing tonight. Jealousy had crept over her and she had to wipe away several tears before her aching muscles finally overpowered her and launched her into a deep sleep.

Chapter Three

Before Naomi even opened her eyes, she felt her bare skin on the sheets underneath her. She was laying on her stomach, her exposed pussy and tits pressed against the bed. She had gotten naked the night before to take pictures for her secret boyfriend Josh and ended up falling asleep waiting for his text. As she lay there, she could feel the light hitting her eyes and very slowly opened them. When she opened her eyes though, she got startled a little by the person standing next to her head.

“Hayley! You scared the crap out of me!” Naomi was sitting up now, a sheet wrapped around her nude body. It was very early on this Saturday morning and Naomi had stayed up pretty late the night before. She sat there rubbing her head in an attempt to wake up a little, when her little sister Hayley finally spoke,

“Sorry for scaring you Nomi, but I couldn’t sleep and mommy and daddy’s room is locked. Where are your clothes?” Hayley was Naomi’s little sister and like any child excited for a morning of cartoons, she liked to wake up early on Saturdays. She was only 11 years old but she liked to sleep in just panties and a tank top. She got this from seeing Naomi sleeping in just panties and told her mom she wanted to be a big girl. Her mom had no problem with it but her dad took some convincing. Naomi and Hayley’s dad was very strict about religion and to him, sleeping in panties wasn’t very Christian. Hayley was a really cute 11 year old. Her breasts were almost non existent but she would still wear a small bra. Her hair was long and straight. Just like Naomi’s it was black too. She wore glasses and all the guys in her school thought it made her look cuter even though Hayley hated them.

“I got hot last night and took off my shirt.” Naomi figured Hayley didn’t know she had no panties on and she thought it was best if it stayed that way, Hayley liked to copy her a lot. “Why did you have to wake me up? Just go watch cartoons by yourself.”

“But I’m not allowed to make my own breakfast and I’m hungry Nomi. Pleeeassee come with me?” When Hayley was younger, she didn’t know how to pronounce Naomi so she started saying Nomi and it stuck. Naomi now found it to be quite cute.

“Okay fineeeeeee. I’ll be there in a second just let me brush my teeth and get dressed.” Hayley jumped up and down excited and ran out of the room, her young booty shaking in her panties.

Naomi got up from her bed and walked over to her dresser in the nude. She picked out some plain panties and a bra and pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. After brushing her teeth and using the bathroom, she grabbed her phone from the night table and saw that there was an event on the calendar. Her tired face suddenly lit up and turned into a smile when she saw the event; it was her and Josh’s 5 week anniversary today. Like it was planned, just at that moment Naomi got a text from Josh. She opened it and read it: Happy five weeks babygirl, today’s gonna be a really special day. There was a heart at the end of the message and Naomi, almost imitating her little sister, started jumping up and down.

Naomi was now totally over the fact that she hadn’t gotten enough sleep and instead was singing as she walked out of her room. She didn’t know how Josh managed to make her so happy but he did so easily. Every so often, Naomi would remember that Josh was having a baby with her best friend Allie and would start feeling all uneasy and guilty that she was dating him but she always defended her choice by telling herself she was in love.

It started out so innocently, when Naomi met Josh. Allie had invited her over to her house while Josh was there one day and Allie simply introduced them to each other. That day, the three of them hung out for a long time. They even had dinner at Allie’s house since no one else was there and Naomi couldn’t help but think Josh was hot. When he would look over at her with his blue eyes and gorgeous smile, Naomi would have to hold on to the table to not fall off.

Naomi tried hard not to look at him like that since he was with Allie but it was even harder after he left. Naomi and Allie were alone together in Allie’s room when Allie started gushing about how sweet and wonderful he was. Naomi was really shocked when Allie told her about their first time in bed (This was their only time and the reason Allie was pregnant today.) Naomi couldn’t help but get a little jealous that she didn’t have a hot guy like that.

A few days after that, Naomi got a text from a number she had never seen before. She opened it and saw that it was from Josh. That first conversation they had through text messages was simply Josh asking Naomi to come to a carnival with him and Allie. Naomi tried her best not to seem too flirty with Josh at the carnival, but whenever she found herself alone with him, she would blush and giggle a little too much. Josh saw this as an advantage; he basically had two girls wrapped around his finger.

That night, when Naomi was laying in bed, Josh texted her telling her he had a great time today and that he was glad she came out. Naomi and Josh stayed up pretty late that night, talking and subtly flirting with one another. This became a regular thing, Naomi figured it wasn’t going to do any harm, so she didn’t mind that it was Allie’s boyfriend. This was at the start of high school and Naomi had just met Allie anyways.

A week or so later, Allie told Naomi she was pregnant. This turned Naomi off from Josh a little as they spent some time not texting. They stopped talking completely when Allie was a month pregnant and Josh told her he wasn’t gonna take care of the baby. Naomi was mad at Josh for abandoning Allie like that. But of course, Allie and Josh got back together and Naomi started seeing Josh around more again. This time, there was no flirting, he was quite cold to Naomi in fact.

After Allie caught Josh cheating behind the portables that led her to fuck her brother, Naomi and Josh’s gym classes got teamed up. The grade 11’s were supposed to mentor the grade 9’s with more complex activities. Naomi got partnered up with someone else but as the double classes went on, she found herself glancing at Josh more and more. It didn’t help that she would notice Josh looking at her out of the corner of her eye. They started talking again whenever they had free time in gym class and soon the flirting was back and even greater. Josh would compliment Naomi on her gymnastic abilities during their Olympics Term and Naomi would brag about how she took lessons as a kid. Josh seemed very impressed and interested and this made Naomi try even harder to show off for him when everyone was given a chance to demonstrate their skills in front of the class.

The late night text’s came back and soon after Naomi invited Josh to sneak into the backyard when her parents were sleeping. The first time they fucked was long after Allie had dumped Josh. Naomi felt guilty that first time but after the third of fourth time, she figured it was okay since she was falling in love with him and since Allie had dumped Josh, not the other way around. Allie would always talk about this mysterious new guy she was seeing and sounded pretty happy when she talked about him so Naomi figured it was okay.

It was after the fifth time they had sex (The first time Josh begged not to wear a condom and instead to shoot the load on her stomach or back) that they decided to make their relationship official. A few days later, Naomi brought up the topic of Allie and her baby. Josh didn’t want to talk about it at all and tried everything to change the subject but Naomi made him promise he would talk to Allie and be a father to the baby.

When Allie told Naomi about how Josh confessed his love to her in the bathroom at school, Naomi was hurt. She hid it well from Allie but was scared because that wasn’t what she had discussed with Josh. He was supposed to apologize and say he would be there for the baby, not confess his love. Later that day, Josh promised Naomi that he only loved her and Naomi believed him. Sometimes though, late at night, Naomi would question if she should stop hooking up with Josh. She was scared Allie would hate her. But it was like she was under a spell, she couldn’t say no to Josh about anything. He treated her like a princess, bought her cheap little gifts, and told her sweet things that made Naomi’s panties melt right off. Naomi didn’t see it, but this was exactly how he got Allie.

Naomi was now in the kitchen cooking up some scrambled eggs and bacon for her little sister. Hayley had put on a pair of pink pajama bottoms that were pretty short for an 11 year old. She was laying on her stomach on the floor, her head being supported by her arms which were propped up on her elbows. She was watching some Disney show and Naomi laughed at how childish she looked, yet wanted to be a big girl.

Josh texted Naomi again and she smiled at his name again. She opened the message and it read: Can you meet me outside your house in about an hour? Have your bikini ready, I have something to show you. Naomi loved going to the beach but none of her friends ever wanted to go. Allie was pregnant and there was no way of getting her into a bikini in public so Naomi was now ecstatic at the thought of spending the day at the beach with her boyfriend.

“Breakfast is ready, come to the table.” Hayley jumped up from the floor and went to the kitchen table where Naomi had her food ready.

“Thanks Nomi. Oh my god bacon! You’re the best big sister ever!” Naomi laughed at how excited Hayley was to see bacon and figured this was a good time to ask for a favor.

“I’m glad I made you happy. Hey listen, do you think you could cover for me with mom and dad? I want to go to the beach in a little bit with a friend and you know how psycho dad gets when someone even mentions wearing a bikini.”

Hayley’s mouth was filled and she just nodded her head and gave Naomi a thumbs up. Naomi ate a little breakfast herself before getting up from the table and going to shower. Her parents usually slept in on Saturday’s because their dad worked late on Friday’s and Naomi figured she had enough time to leave the house without being questioned. Her mom believed everything Hayley told her so she wasn’t scared about Hayley getting caught in a lie either.

After her shower, Naomi put on her pink bikini and put on a pair of booty shorts over top. She put on a small tank top and waited for Josh’s text to tell her he was waiting. Finally when her phone went off, she asked if Hayley knew what to say and Hayley came up with some story about how Naomi went shopping with Allie for baby clothes.

Naomi ran out of the house and down the street where Josh was parked waiting for her. He was leaning on the hood of his car when Naomi charged at him, jumping and wrapping her arms and legs around him. She gave him a quick kiss before hopping down and getting in the car.

“So where are you taking me? I’m wearing my bathing suit like you said.”

“Well we’re going to the beach but not to the place everyone goes to. Me and my friends found this secluded little small beach when you go out far in the water.”

“Why do you want me secluded? So no one can hear me moaning?” Naomi asked the question but she already knew the routine of their anniversaries. They had celebrated each week they’ve been secretly dating and each time, there was a good fucking in store.

“I think that’s a given baby, but we’re not going there right away; it’s not even 11 yet.”

“Where are we going now then? I wanna get wet… and maybe take a swim too.” Josh looked over at Naomi and she winked at him and started giggling. Josh just shook his head smiling. Naomi usually never acted this way with anyone, not even with Allie. Josh was really the only one that knew this flirty side of Naomi. Most of the other guys in school tended to think of Naomi as a hot but silly and childish girl.

“We gotta go pick up Adrian and his parent’s boat. How do you think we’re gonna get to the spot?” Adrian was one of Josh’s good friends and the only one that knew about him and Naomi’s relationship. Adrian was a trusting guy and that’s why Josh let him in on his relationship with Naomi. He never judged anyone and always tried his best to help out whenever he could. Naomi didn’t want to tell anyone about the relationship, but she liked Adrian and figured there was no harm. Besides, if they didn’t tell him, they wouldn’t get to ride in his parent’s boat today.

Meanwhile at Nick and Allie’s House

While Josh and Naomi were picking up Adrian, Nick had just woken up. In the room just on the other side of the wall laid Allie in her bed. She had woken up a long time ago and was just laying in bed with her laptop in her lap. Facebook was opened up and Allie was looking at Nick’s page. Allie went to his album’s and started looking through all the pictures he and Anna were tagged in. After looking through some of them, she clicked on Anna’s name and was redirected to her page. Allie now went to Anna’s photos and started clicking through them.

After a while, she gave up and went back to Anna’s wall. Allie had been looking through Anna’s pictures for signs of something she could use against her. Anna played the innocent little girl in real life, and Allie hoped she could find a picture showing that that little act was bullshit. But sadly, she had failed. She went back to Anna’s wall and noticed there was something new posted. It was from Nick and it was posted just a few minutes ago. The comment was a response as it simply just said “yeah sure.” Allie quickly clicked on Nick’s name and a few seconds later, Allie saw the comment Anna had left earlier. “Do you want to meet up for lunch? I have something to give you. :)” Allie quickly snapped her laptop shut and went to the bathroom for a shower, slamming the door behind her.

Chapter Four

“Where are you off to in such a hurry Nick?” Holly was in her usual robe in the kitchen when Nick ran past her and towards the door.

“I’m meeting up with Anna for lunch. I’m running late, can’t talk mom, bye!” Nick was out the door and Holly smiled.

“Oh Allie, you’re up.” Holly’s smile had faded when she saw her daughter. She still felt guilty for using Allie’s dildo.

“Good morning to you too mom… Where’s dad?” Holly didn’t look up from the food she was preparing, and answered Allie’s question.

“He went to get a haircut, Pam, Brittany’s mom is throwing a party tonight. And you, don’t make any plans today, you’re coming to the party with me and your father too.” Allie opened her mouth to argue but Holly cut her off, “No, you are coming, no excuses. You should be glad I didn’t tell your father you and Josh were on that couch downstairs so late last night. He wouldn’t have handled it as calmly as I did, you know how much he hates that little bastard.”

“Does Nick have to go too?” Allie completely ignored everything her mom had said after telling her she had to come to the party.

“No, he’s going out with his friends.”

“Isn’t he with friends now? Why does he have to hang out with them all day?”

“Actually no, he’s with Anna now. Aren’t they the cutest? They remind me of your father and I when we were teenagers.”

“What the hell, that’s not fair!” Allie was mad, and once again only listening to half the things her mother was saying. “Why does he get to hang out with Anna AND his friends when I can’t do anything?!” Everything was going perfectly for Nick and terribly for her.

“Nick is older and more responsible. Besides, you are pregnant and I don’t feel safe with you all alone in the house and I’m sure your father will agree with me.”

Allie didn’t argue, she knew there was no hope. But suddenly she remembered a vital piece of information for defeating her mom.

“Fine, I’ll go… But I get to wear whatever I want and look the way I want. In fact, I might take these annoying panties off and just go without a pair. I’m sure there will be a bunch of perverted men at the party who wouldn’t mind taking a peek under my skirt.” Ever since she wore a skirt with no panties at her parent’s party a while ago, she noticed it gave her a thrill and this was the perfect opportunity to do it again.

“And what makes you think I will allow you to wear a skirt with nothing underneath?!” Holly was furious now but Allie stayed calm and smiled at her mom.

“Oh did you already forget about that phone call from Harold? Yeah so the panties are coming off.” Holly’s rage turned into fear as she went back to preparing food without another word. She hated that her daughter had enough power over her to end her marriage. “When is this stupid party starting anyways?” Allie sat down at the kitchen table next to her mom and took out her phone.

“It’s starting at 8 so be ready by then. You know your father won’t approve of your skirt idea, what do you plan on telling him?” Holly stopped what she was doing and looked at Allie, waiting for an answer.

“I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter because you will be defending me… right?” Allie looked up from her phone and noticed that her mom’s robe was open slightly at the top showing cleavage. This brought back memories of her and Nick spying on their mom.

“What choice do I have? After this though, we are even. Got it? You have to let the Harold thing go.” Holly looked away at the wall across from them and Allie noticed she looked pretty upset. Suddenly, Allie felt bad for treating her mom like this so she simply smiled and nodded. Holly managed to give her best fake smile for a moment before returning to her gloomy expression. She then got up from the table and went for a shower.

Naomi was laying down wearing just her pink bikini, the hot sun beating down on her young petite body. Underneath her sunglasses, her eyes were closed with the wind blowing over her body. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked around; the blue water was surrounding her from all sides. Naomi was laying on a towel at the front of Adrian’s parents’ boat as it sped through the water.

Behind her, steering the boat was Adrian. Naomi turned her head around her and saw Adrian, without a shirt and a beer in hand. Adrian looked very good shirtless and it didn’t take Naomi long to notice how ripped he was, his dark muscles gleaming in the sun. He raised his beer and smiled at Naomi and she smiled back, giving him a single nod of her head. Behind Adrian sat Josh, also a beer in hand and shirtless. Naomi didn’t know if it was Adrian’s dark skin that made Josh look paler then usual or if she was just imagining things. He wasn’t looking at Naomi; instead, he had his head turned to the left looking out at the water. Naomi couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t seem very interested.

Naomi turned back as the boat started to slow down and spotted a sandy coast in front of them. This must be the spot Josh was talking about. The boat turned to the side and stopped completely.

“Here we are. All the privacy you could need right here.” Josh got up from his seat and did some crazy handshake with Adrian. Naomi stood up at the front of the boat and smiled brightly. She was enjoying this a lot more than Josh was.

“Thanks for this man, I owe you big time.”

“Yeah no problem, when should I come pick you up?” Naomi went to the edge of the boat and with her back turned to Josh and Adrian; she took off her bikini top and jumped into the water. With Naomi out of earshot, Josh spoke again,

“Just give me enough time to get my dick wet.” Naomi popped her head up from the water and motioned for Josh to jump in too. He held up his hand telling her to wait.

“So pretty much the same routine as usual? Drop off you and some poor girl here and then come back when you blow a load?”

“Shh shut up man. I feel bad that I’ve brought so many other girls here before. She thinks this is just for her.” Adrian shook his head in disapproval before they exchanged goodbyes. Josh then jumped into the water beside Naomi while Adrian disappeared into the distance.

“So what do you wanna do babe?” Naomi was asking Josh while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Hmm. What do you wanna do baby?” Naomi smiled and leaned in for a long kiss. Josh had his arms wrapped around Naomi’s waist below the water and returned the kiss.

They stayed like that for a bit, just making out in the water. Josh’s hand slowly moved from Naomi’s waist to her naked tits. He caressed them while Naomi moaned in his mouth.

“Let’s go on the sand.” Josh was taller than Naomi so instead of walking, Naomi wrapped her legs around Josh’s waist, her arms around his neck and Josh carried her out of the water. Since she was so petite, Josh had no trouble carrying her as her hard nipples pressed into his chest. Naomi had her mouth locked on Josh’s neck, sucking on it passionately. When they got the sand, Naomi got down and looked deep into Josh’s eyes, her arms still around his neck.

“Tell me you love me. I wanna hear you say it.” Josh was caught off guard and hesitated for a second. Naomi hadn’t blinked since getting to the sand and Josh knew he had to save himself before this whole trip was ruined.

“Naomi, baby… I love you.” Naomi’s expression didn’t change. Josh thought she must’ve caught his hesitation but a second later, relief came over him as Naomi’s cheeks turned a light shade of red and her lips finally curved into a smile.

“I love you too. And since I love you so much, why don’t you lay back and let me make you feel good.” Now Josh’s lips curved into a smile as he walked up the beach a bit more and then laid flat on his back. Naomi dropped to her knees between Josh’s legs and tugged at Josh’s bathing suit. He lifted his butt off the ground and helped Naomi pull his bathing suit down. Once his suit was completely off, Naomi started jacking off Josh’s semi hard dick. Josh was looking up at the blue clear sky and without lifting his head to look at Naomi, he commanded,

“Suck on my balls baby.”

Naomi’s smile faded a little. The idea didn’t strike her as the most fun thing to do. But she sucked it up and started caressing his balls with her free hand before sinking her head down. When she got nearer to Josh’s ball sack, her face scrunched up. Josh’s balls didn’t necessarily smell bad; they just had a musky and different scent to them. With a little hesitation, Naomi stuck out her tongue and with the tip, gave a short little lick. The musky scent she was smelling was now on her tongue. Once again, she stuck out her tongue and this time, licked from the bottom of his ball sack, to the top.

Naomi realized she had stopped jacking Josh’s dick and started up again. Now used to the smell and taste of his testicles, Naomi sucked each one into her mouth, first one then the other. Josh let out a little moan and Naomi felt his cock get hard in her hand. She continued sucking on his balls until there was spit making its way to the sand below them. She then licked the underside of his hard dick.

“Mmm yeah baby, suck on my dick. Get it nice and wet for your pussy.” Naomi stood up for a second and pulled off her bikini, and went back to her original position, now completely naked. Even though Naomi only fucked one guy before Josh, she had given out a handful of blowjobs and so she was really good at sucking cock. Since Josh was only about six inches, it wasn’t long before Naomi had most of his dick pumping in and out of her mouth. She was getting more turned on now and tasting the salty pre cum oozing from Josh’s dick made her excited to hop on and ride him.

Josh raised his head and looked down at Naomi, her head bobbing up and down on his cock. He stuck out his hands and placed them on the back of Naomi’s head, pushing her down more. After a few tries, Naomi finally got his dick down her throat. Josh’s hands were pushing down on her head making it stay in place. Josh’s cock twitched inside Naomi’s mouth and after a few moments, Naomi couldn’t hold back a few little coughs.

Naomi’s eyes were closed, the smell of Josh’s pubes hitting her nostrils as it became harder for her to breathe. Finally Josh moved his hands from the back of Naomi’s head and she jolted up, coughing a little more.

“Fuck Naomi that felt so good. Now come fuck me.” Naomi smiled and squeezed her tits as she straddled Josh. Josh reached around her back and placed his hands on her ass. Naomi was on her knees, her pussy hovering above Josh’s hard dick. Slowly, she lowered herself down, feeling his cock enter her wet pussy.

“Oh shit!”

“Yeah that’s it baby, ohhh fuck you’re so tight.” Naomi lowered herself about halfway down Josh’s cock before going back up. The next time she lowered herself down, she got more of his dick inside her. This went on for a few moments until Naomi was getting his entire dick inside, and picking up her pace. Josh’s hands let go of Naomi’s ass and went under his head while Naomi had her hands resting on Josh’s chest.

Their pace picked up and Naomi’s tits were bouncing and her small bubbly ass was smacking against Josh’s thighs behind her as she rode him. Josh had his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open as Naomi bounced on his cock freely. Naomi kept looking down at Josh’s face, trying to see if he was enjoying this as much as she was but Josh simply looked at peace with the situation. Naomi on the other hand, started moaning as her pussy became wetter, getting stretched around Josh’s cock. Josh moved his hands from underneath his head again and this time, grabbed both of Naomi’s tits.

“Mmm yeah squeeze my tits baby, ohh fuck!” Josh squeezed Naomi’s small boobs and started lifting his ass off the sand, thrusting his dick deeper into her pussy as Naomi bounced on his cock from above. Without warning, Naomi was struck by an orgasm, her pussy walls squeezing Josh’s cock.

“OHHHH FUUCKKKKKK!” If there was anyone even close to their little island, they would have heard Naomi’s scream. Josh felt his dick coming closer to orgasm and stopped thrusting his hips, letting Naomi bounce on his dick slowly.

“Turn around baby, I wanna watch your ass.” Naomi was still in ecstasy, her own hands now playing with her tits while Josh dug his fingers into the sand, trying not to cum just yet. After Naomi came down from that high, she got up off Josh’s dick long enough to turn around and face the water. She used her right hand to aim Josh’s dick and then lowered herself back down. This time, his whole dick just slipped into her soaking cunt and she started bouncing on it with ease. Josh watched as Naomi’s ass jiggled each time his dick pounded into her cunt, and he let out a little groan in pleasure.

Naomi was still squeezing her tits, the waves in front of her thundering down, and the sun beaming down on her nude body. She felt Josh’s hands spread her ass cheeks causing tingles to go through her body. There was sand all over Josh’s hands and it turned her on even more feeling it on her ass. Her right hand left her breast and went down to her clit as she started rubbing it.

“Shiiiit! Baby I can’t go much longer, where do you want it?” Naomi didn’t respond, she just rubbed her clit faster and moaned.

“Just tell me when.” Josh sunk his head back into the sand as he felt the pressure building up inside his balls. Naomi usually only came once during sex, so she stopped rubbing her clit, moved her arms behind her, and grabbed the back of her ankles. She leaned her head back with her hair almost in Josh’s face, feeling the sun warming her tits. Little beads of sweat made their way down her stomach and towards her crotch.

“Ughngh, Naomi I can’t go much longer!” With that, Naomi quickly let Josh’s cock fall out of her pussy, and crawled backwards to get in a sixty nine position. With her pussy dripping juices right onto his lips, Josh launched his head forward and closed his mouth over Naomi’s pussy, licking and sucking it as fast as he could. Naomi lowered her head and started bobbing it up and down on Josh’s cock as Josh came closer to orgasm.

Josh now used his fingers to spread Naomi’s pussy lips and shoved his tongue as deep inside as he could. This made Naomi moan and she forced herself down more on Josh’s cock returning the favor. She felt his dick going down her throat as she started gagging a little. Eventually, she pulled it out of her mouth and let spit fall from her mouth and land on his cock. She then jerked him off as fast as she could waiting for his cum.

“Ohhh shiittttttt!!!!” Josh stopped eating out Naomi’s pussy and laid on the ground as still as possible, his dick twitching. Naomi held his dick in her hand, with her tongue sticking out, waiting for the first jet of cum. As Josh shot his first load of cum, his dick twitched out of position and most of the cum hit Naomi in the cheek, some getting in her mouth. Naomi quickly closed her mouth over top of Josh’s cock head as jet after jet of cum went into her mouth. Each time Josh’s dick twitched, Naomi would quickly swallow the white goo in her mouth, making room for more.

Once Naomi swallowed the last bit of cum, she felt Josh’s dick get softer in her mouth, and let it pop out. She swung her leg over Josh’s head and sat on her knees beside Josh.

“Oh fuck babe… That was amazing. You have some cum on your cheek there; want me to wipe it off?” It didn’t take long for Josh to get an answer because when he went to sit up; Naomi stuck out her tongue and did her best to lick her cheek. When she was done she grinned and squeezed Josh’s balls gently.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Come on! Let’s go skinny dipping!” Josh laughed as Naomi jumped to her feet and ran to the water like nothing happened. Josh jerked his cock a last few times, squeezing the last drops of cum out and then got up to his feet, slowly following Naomi to the water.

They spent the next few hours at the beach during various things. This included another quick blowjob from Naomi as Josh laid in the shallow part of the water, at the edge of the beach. Naomi had Josh cum all over her chest and stomach before going for a swim and cleaning it off. When Adrian finally showed up to pick them up, Naomi realized she left her bikini top on the boat before jumping off. She asked Adrian about it but he said he didn’t see it. Naomi felt kinky and laid on her stomach topless as they went back, only putting on her tank top when the main beach was in view.

Chapter Five

Brittany was walking around her mansion house, watching as all the people at the party were socializing with one another. It was quite a boring party to Brittany, whenever someone older started talking to her, it was mostly just them asking questions and her answering. This is pretty much how the first hour or so went by and Brittany was ready to blow her brains out. She went into the living room filled with people and decided to sit down on the couch for a bit. Just then, the front door opened and in came three more people.

First through the door was a man, in his 40's, and Brittany recognized him right away as Allie's dad, John. Behind him walked in his wife, wearing a nice outfit and smiling brightly. When Brittany saw the final person walking in, her eyes narrowed in dislike. Brittany didn't actually hate Allie all that much, but she would rather not be around her when possible. Brittany couldn’t help but laugh a little when she saw what Allie was wearing.

Allie had gone on with her plan of pissing off her mom. She was wearing the tiniest of skirts, short enough that if she bent over the slightest bit, half her ass would be on display for the entire room. Underneath it of course, the panties were missing. The only two people that knew about Allie's panties were herself and her mom. Allie's dad thought the skirt was the only thing wrong with Allie's outfit, not knowing his daughter could put her pussy on full display at ease. Allie’s shirt wasn’t much better. She was wearing a tight short one, exposing the bottom of her pregnant stomach. It seems like Allie went for the complete slut look for all of her mom’s friends to see.

Allie hated the fact that she had to come to this party. It was bad enough when they were at her house, now she had to be at Brittany’s house. She smiled when she remembered what she did in her room a while ago though. A few minutes passed and Allie managed to pull herself away from her parents. She was walking around the party and noticed that many of the dad’s at the party were giving her smiles and naughty looks. This actually turned Allie on, knowing old men were lusting for her.

As the party went on, and Allie started getting bored of giving naughty little peaks to strangers, she decided to go outside by the pool. Of course this was the pool in which Nick pissed in on her command. It seemed no matter where Allie went, she was constantly reminded of Nick, and she hated it. The backyard was actually quite full with people in bikini’s going for swims. They were mostly teenagers but a few parents were swimming along with them. Allie thought the party would be lame till the end but just as she was about to turn around and head inside, something, or more like someone, all the way on the other side of the yard, caught Allie’s attention.

“What are you doing here? You know this is dangerous, someone could find out.” As Brittany said that, her eyes scanned Ben’s body in front of her. He was wearing a stylish dress shirt that outlined his toned upper body.

“Oh relax, no one will find out. Besides, I have your gifts… Wanna go up to your room?” Ben was smiling and Brittany bit her bottom lip, her eyes still not on Ben’s face.

“I don’t know Ben, your wife is here and what if my mom comes looking for me?” Brittany was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She wanted her gifts and maybe a nice quick fucking, but she didn’t want to get caught.

“My wife is probably off flirting with someone, she doesn’t care what I’m doing. Come on, we can make it quick. I know you could use a nice cum to spice up this party.” Ben daringly extended his arm and put it on Brittany’s waist. Brittany quickly pushed it away and looked around in fear.

“Ugh… Okay fine, but we gotta be quick. Go up to my room, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Ben smiled and finished his drink, before turning around and heading towards the door. Brittany didn’t do anything for a second, but soon went into a random direction to not seem suspicious. To Allie, something seemed fishy. She was far enough that she couldn’t hear anything but the way Brittany was acting made her think she was hiding something. Finally, Allie had something to do at this lame party; get to the bottom of this Brittany thing.

Ben walked by Allie and she gave him a little smile. He smiled back and Allie saw his eyes scan her exposed thighs before quickly looking away. Allie felt tingles again and spun around, following Ben through the door. Ben wasn’t casually walking around, he had a place he needed to be and Allie was gonna find out where. As he passed a few of his buddies, he stopped for a second before continuing. Allie waited a little and then started following him again. Ben reached the staircase and looked around him one last time before darting upstairs, Allie managed to get into cover behind a group of people and wasn’t seen. She then walked very fast to the stairs and followed Ben.

When Allie got upstairs, she saw that the bathroom door was open meaning that he wasn’t in there. She spotted Brittany’s bedroom door was closed and saw light coming from under the door. Allie’s mouth dropped in surprise and excitement. Allie quickly went into the empty bathroom and closed the door, leaving the light off. After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Allie’s suspicions were proved true. She heard footsteps going from the stairs to Brittany’s bedroom. After she heard the door close, Allie very quietly opened the bathroom door and stepped outside. She tippy toed her way to Brittany’s bedroom door and noticed the light was now off. She pressed her ear against the door and listened.

“Why would you turn the light on?! What if someone saw it?!”

“Relax baby, no one saw it. Now come on, I wanna fuck.”

“Where are the gifts?” Ben pointed to Brittany’s dresser and she spotted two small boxes sitting there. She looked at the door one more time and then undid the button on her jeans. Ben undid his pants as well and pulled out his cock just as Brittany pulled her pants and thong to around her knees.

Even though Allie couldn’t make out the words, she was still a little confused when the talking completely stopped. For a few seconds, she heard what seemed like scrambling and then it hit her. She smiled again and felt her pussy tingle a little again.

Inside the room, Brittany and Ben were making out, Brittany’s pussy pressing against Ben’s hardening cock. Ben reached his hand around and got a nice handful of ass and Brittany moaned in his mouth.

“I’m ready, here bend over your bed.” Ben was stroking his cock as it was almost completely hard and watched as Brittany waddled by him, flopping herself onto her stomach on the bed. She used her hands to spread her ass cheeks and Ben felt his dick jump at the sight. He let spit drool from his mouth and go down Brittany’s crack, rubbing it in. When he had his cock at Brittany’s cunt, he gave a nice hard thrust forward. Brittany jumped a little and moaned at the intrusion.

Ben’s thrusts were picking up and Brittany started humping her pussy back into her lover. Soon enough, Brittany’s bed was rocking from side to side. From outside, Allie had her ear glued to the door and was almost certain of what was going inside. Her hand went under her skirt and she slowly started teasing her own pussy. All the attention from the older guys she was getting all night and now this was too much for Allie not to get turned on.

Ben was coming closer to orgasm and he was thrusting as hard as he could into Brittany’s pussy. She was doing her best to hump back but found it a little hard because Ben was going so hard. Brittany wanted to tell him to slow down and make less noise, but it felt so good that she just couldn’t. Ben leaned over Brittany more and put his hand on her head, pushing it into the bed. Brittany was now forced to look at her blank TV which was at the foot of her bed, opposite of her door. With Brittany’s head as support, Ben was on the home stretch.

Allie’s curiosity was too strong now and she just had to see inside. She stepped away from the door and started looking for a light switch in the hallway. Allie needed to open the door even just a crack and if they noticed, she could just run away. She hoped they wouldn’t notice though, she wanted to see a show. She found the light switch and flipped it, leaving her in the dark. Allie then tippy toed her way back to the door and pressed her ear against the door again. The bed rocking was still there and Allie smiled.

Ben was still pressing Brittany into the bed and Brittany now had her eyes closed. Ben, who was doing his best not to cum yet, also had his eyes closed. Neither of them saw nor heard the doorknob turning, and soon the door was open by a crack. Allie’s pussy became wetter at the sight in front of her eyes. There was Brittany, pressed into her bed, her pants around her knees, getting pounded. Allie had no idea who the older guy was but his cock looked so good sliding in and out of that slut’s cunt. Allie was waiting for one of them to hear her or see the door open but it never happened. They continued fucking not noticing anything. After a few moments, Allie smiled and relaxed a little, feeling safe.

“Oh fuckk! Mmm cum in my pussy!” Hearing this made Ben let out a huge groan, the idea of filling Brittany’s pussy appealed to him. Brittany was on the pill and had been regularly for a while now but she liked taking it in the face more so cum in her pussy was rare. She needed a quick clean up and having a cum filled pussy seemed better than a drenched face.

Allie didn’t move an inch the entire time she watched the two fucking and hearing that Ben was gonna cum soon made her sad a little. She had just started watching, she wanted it to go on longer. When Allie got upstairs and started listening through the door, she had thrown her phone to the ground. Remembering that now, Allie got an even better idea than her first. Quietly, she bent down and picked up her phone. She then went to her camera and started taking pictures. Since it was so dark, they were hard to see but you could still make out two people having sex. This wasn’t good enough for Allie, she wanted the pictures to clearly show who the two people were.

As Ben gave a final few thrusts, moaning louder, Allie played with the settings on her phone and found a flash function. Ben gave one final hard thrust forward and started jerking as cum filled Brittany’s pussy. Allie quickly took the picture, hoping the flash would go unnoticed. She got ready to run for it again but luckily, neither of them reacted. Now Allie had a great picture clearly showing this older guy giving it hard to Brittany. Allie still wanted more though. Ben finally moved his hand from Brittany’s head and slowly pulled out his cock. He then rested it on Brittany’s ass as Brittany lay on her stomach catching her breath. Ben’s cock head was glistening with his cum and there was some still making its way out and onto Brittany’s ass. The sight was too good and Allie decided to test her luck one more time. She raised her phone again, and took another picture.

“Did you see that? That’s the second time.” Fear went through Allie, Brittany had noticed the flashes. Allie slowly closed the bedroom door just in time to see Ben’s head turning her way. She started panicking a little and knew that she wouldn’t be able to get down the stairs and out of sight in time since it took her longer now with a bigger belly. The bathroom was the only choice. Allie ran to the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind her. Her best option was to go into the bathtub and pull the curtain and hope they don’t check there.

“I’m pretty sure it was just a car’s lights from outside.”

“I sleep here every night; I would know what a car’s lights coming through my window looked like. What I saw was not a car’s lights.” Ben was looking at the door, trying to figure out if the door closing was his mind just playing tricks on him.

“Stay here.” Brittany got up from her bed, pulled up her pants, cum leaking out of her pussy and onto her thong. She walked to the door and opened it. “The light in the hallway is off. Wasn’t it on when we came up?” From inside the shower, Allie smacked herself in the forehead.

“Baby relax, it was probably nothing.” Even though Ben was trying to calm Brittany down, he was now starting to panic a little. His wife is at the party, if anyone saw, they could easily tell.

Brittany stood in front of her bedroom door, waiting for a sound. After a few moments, Brittany made her way to the bathroom and Allie held her breath as she heard the footsteps come closer. What was even worse, Allie now had a sudden urge to piss. Brittany opened the door slowly and looked inside. The bathroom was empty with the light off, and Brittany figured they were safe.

“Let’s get back to the party before people start looking for us.” Ben zipped up his pants and kissed Brittany on the cheek as he walked by her. He went down the stairs as Brittany closed the bathroom door and went to her room to clean the cum out of her pussy. Allie didn’t know how long she would have to stay silent in the tub so she waited a few more minutes. After what seemed like forever, Allie figured it was safe to leave and she got up and stepped out of the tub. She couldn’t piss in this bathroom because Brittany might hear her so Allie slowly opened the door and headed towards the stairs.

As Allie was walking down the stairs, she was looking through her phone at the pictures she just took, trying to pick out the best ones. The ones with the flash were obviously the best but she wanted to keep more than just two. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she almost bumped into someone from looking at her phone.

“Oh I’m so sor- oh my god Nick.” The person Allie almost bumped into was her brother Nick.

“Hey Allie, you might wanna be more careful. Why were you upstairs?” Allie saw Nick take a quick little peak at Allie’s skirt and legs.

“Never mind that, how come you’re here?” Even though things were pretty tense between Nick and Allie, Allie still savored every moment she got to spend talking to her brother. He had done his best to avoid her lately and she knew why.

“Oh plans changed and my friends had to go earlier than expected and I called Anna asking her if she wanted to hang out. She wanted to come to the party.” Of course it was because of Anna, thought Allie. The one person Allie can’t stand is the reason she gets to talk to another person she cares for.

“Right, Anna. Hey I got something really awesome to show you, can you come to the bathroom with me?” Nick got nervous at the question, obviously not wanting to be in a room alone with Allie while she was in that skirt. Nick was about to make some excuse but Allie had had enough and she grabbed him by the arm, leading him to the nearby bathroom. As they walked, Nick watched Allie’s skirt dancing, and almost got a peek at the cunt he fucked so many times. Remembering that he was looking at his sister, he couldn’t help but get a little aroused. They got to a bathroom and Allie closed the door after them, locking it.

“First things first, I gotta piss.” Allie knew Nick liked when she pissed and this was the perfect opportunity to try and get him to cave and fuck her even though she knew there was a slim chance of that happening.

“C’mon Allie, this isn’t gonna work. I’m not cheating on Anna… And you don’t want to cheat on Josh either.” As Allie’s piss filled the toilet, she gave out a sigh.

“Why don’t you believe me? I don’t fucking want him, I’m not with him, and we haven’t fucked once since… You started hating me.” Allie was looking at Nick, fighting the urge to just break down and cry and just run into Nick’s arms. Nick saw the way his sister was looking at him and he felt like shit. He hated watching her cry and he could tell she was on the edge. The memories of cuddling after sex on either her bed or his ran through his mind. Everything always felt so safe and right when they did that.

All of the feelings Nick has been pushing away just came rushing back. He tried acting like he didn’t notice the way Allie looked when he would mention Anna at the dinner table, and the way her face would light up when he came home only to go dark again when he ignored her. The bottom line plain truth was he missed Allie. He missed kissing her and holding her, and most of all, he missed the way he felt when he would make her smile.

“I don’t hate you… I never did… We’re family, nothing can come between us, and you know that.” Allie had finished pissing a long time ago and now flushed the toilet and Nick noticed his sister had no panties on.

“Ha, right. Whatever, this isn’t why I brought you in here.” Allie then picked up her phone from the counter and found the first picture she took with a flash. She handed the phone to Nick and he looked at it with not much enthusiasm. That quickly changed when he noticed what he was looking at.

“Oh my god. Is that?”

“Yup. See, I told you she was a slut.” Allie was now smiling, proud of herself. Next to Anna, Brittany was another girl Allie didn’t want to see around Nick. She hoped this would turn him off from her completely.

“No… Not Brittany, that other guy. That can’t be… Is that Ben?”

“Who’s Ben?” Allie was confused now.

“What are you gonna do with these pictures anyways? Post them online?” Allie noticed that Nick totally ignored her question. She then started thinking, what was she gonna do with the pictures?

“Nah posting them online is too simple. I’ll think of something.” Nick looked at his sister and became worried. He then shook his head and laughed.

“Only you could get something like this and not get caught.” Allie smiled and bowed. Soon after, they were both laughing and joking around. It seemed like it had been years since they could just joke around freely and Allie felt happy for once. The fun ended when Nick cleared his throat and got all serious again.

“Okay well, I should probably go find Anna… Erm, yeah I guess I’ll see you at home.”

“Oh yeah of course… Say hi to Anna for me…” Nick nodded and then unlocked the bathroom, stepping outside and rejoining the party. Allie sat down on the toilet and looked through the pictures again. As she sat there flipping through the pictures, a naughty smile came across her face and suddenly, she knew exactly what to do with them.

Chapter Six

Allie was sitting at the kitchen table, her breakfast in front of her, and her phone in her hand. She was composing an email to send. She had already attached three of the pictures and was waiting for the fourth to upload. The message was already written. It said: If you don’t want these getting out, meet me at the store near my house. It’s Allie by the way. The recipient of this email was gonna be Brittany. Allie had come up with a plan and it involved blackmailing Brittany a little. The fourth picture uploaded and she picked out the fifth to attach.

Nick, still in his boxers came into the kitchen. Holly and John were already at the table with Allie and they said morning but didn’t talk much. Holly and John had to take the cab home last night so they were a little hung-over and not in the mood for deep conversation. Nick spotted Allie sitting at the table in her usual t-shirt and panties. Nick couldn’t help but check out Allie’s legs which were now getting a little tan. She didn’t look up from her phone and Nick automatically thought of Josh. He didn’t know what was going on with them for sure, he wanted to believe what Allie said in the bathroom last night but he still couldn’t be completely sure.

That talk in the bathroom last night made Nick realize that he’s been pushing back his feelings for his sister. He had done everything he could to ignore them by distancing himself from Allie but now, they were all back. Now it wasn’t gonna be as easy to push them out again. He couldn’t really even explain the feelings to himself anymore; he just missed her a lot.

“Allie, what are you gonna do today?” Nick watched as his sister didn’t even look up from her phone to answer him as she simply said,

“Oh I got plans.” Nick was disappointed, and he looked down at his food. Allie must’ve seen his reaction because she looked up and added, “I’m sorry, did you have something in mind?” Nick looked up at his sister and smiled at her, shaking his head. Allie smiled back at him and went back to her phone. He did have something in mind. He simply wanted to just hang around the house with her.

When Allie was finally satisfied with the pictures she attached, she sent the email and texted Brittany telling her to check her email. Brittany didn’t have her number so it will be a nice surprise for her. Allie decides to text Naomi while she’s waiting for Brittany’s reply. Allie’s noticed Naomi hasn’t really hung out with her outside of school and she was getting concerned. Naomi replied first and she blew Allie off again. Naomi was in church right now and she told Allie she was going out with family afterwards. Finally, Allie got a text from Brittany. The text simply said: I’ll be there in half an hour. Allie smiled and then got up from the table to go get dressed. Nick tried not looking at his sister’s ass as she walked away but he caved in the end and got a little peak as she went around the corner.

Half an hour later, Allie was standing at the meeting spot when she saw Brittany’s car pull up. Brittany got out and speed walked towards Allie looking absolutely furious. Allie did her best to act cool but when Brittany started feeling Allie’s pockets looking for her phone, Allie snapped and pushed Brittany back a little.

“You little fucking bitch, if you weren’t pregnant right now I would break your fucking nose! Delete those pictures right now!” Allie knew this was coming and she just smiled.

“I’ll delete the pictures and never tell anyone I promise.” Brittany suddenly looked confused. She crossed her arms and said,

“Oh… Okay, delete them right now.”

“I didn’t say I’d delete them right now silly. I need you to help me out first.” Brittany’s rage returned but this time she kept her cool like she knew there was gonna be a catch.

“Fine you slut, what do I have to do?” Allie now smiled brightly.

“It’s simple really. You know Anna right?” Brittany nodded her head. “Okay well then you probably know that she is dating Nick. All you have to do is get close with her and dig up some dirt so that Nick dumps her.” Brittany looked confused again and Allie rolled her eyes and explained further. “Okay well you and her have math class together right? Yeah so just start sitting next to her and talking. Act like you need help with math and ask her if she can come over and help you. It shouldn’t be too hard to become friends with her, you know how to put on a good act.” Brittany almost sighed in relief that her task wasn’t so hard. Allie then elaborated on her plan. She told Brittany about the “rules” she had. Brittany wasn’t allowed to tell anyone she was getting blackmailed, and she wasn’t allowed to see Ben anymore. When Brittany suggested that she could just fuck Nick and then “accidentally” tell Anna, Allie made it very clear that Brittany wasn’t allowed anywhere near Nick.

“Why do you wanna break them up? Anna seems like a really nice girl.”

“She seems nice, but I know she’s hiding something. Just get her to confess something to you or I don’t know, get her naked and take pictures. Whatever ruins her is good enough for me.” Brittany raised her eyebrows. Allie seemed like she really didn’t like Anna. It didn’t make sense to her but she didn’t care why, she just needed those pictures gone.

The deal was simple, Brittany was gonna help Allie break Nick and Anna up and in return, Allie would keep Brittany’s secret safe and delete the pictures. Brittany then got in her car and drove away, and Allie walked back to her house. The rest of the Sunday was pretty uneventful. Nick was stuck with doing a bunch of chores around the house while Allie went to the mall with some friends. Allie asked Nick to pick her up from the mall and when he got there, Allie wasn’t ready to leave so he decided to look around. When he went to a jewelry store he spotted something that he overheard Anna talking about one day with a friend. It was a really nice looking pin and Anna said that her grandmother gave her one shortly before her death. It got lost when Anna moved and she hadn’t been able to find one like it ever since.

A few days after he overheard them talking, Nick had gone up to the friend and asked about the pin. Anna had shown her a picture and the friend gladly showed Nick when he told her he wanted to buy it as a present. Now that he spotted it at the mall, he was more than happy to give a hundred dollars for it. What was even more unreal than finding it was that it was the only one the store had. Besides that little stroke of luck, nothing much happened. They drove home and ate dinner with their parents.

After dinner, Holly suggested a movie night. John thought it was a good idea as well and the four of them sat around in the living room, watching a movie. John was sitting on the far end of the couch while Allie sat in the middle and Nick sat on the other side. Holly was curled up on the love seat next to the couch. It was a great night, it felt like old times when the family would do this. Everyone was having fun and laughing and for once, Nick didn’t have to act and pretend and avoid Allie.

During one point in the movie when all the lights were off, Nick and Allie made eye contact. It was right after a really funny scene and Allie was laughing as she looked over at Nick. Nick wasn’t laughing; he just smiled and kept looking at Allie. She noticed the way he was looking at her and she stopped laughing and smiled back at him. Nick looked back at the movie but his right hand grabbed Allie’s left hand for a second. He squeezed her hand and then quickly let go. Allie kept looking at Nick for a few seconds after that, her expression completely serious. She was noticing how Nick was a lot more affectionate with her now and she loved it.

Later in the night when the movie was ending, Nick got a text from Anna. For some reason that Nick didn’t even know, he didn’t reply to her. At this point, Allie had leaned her head against John and had her legs up on the couch. At first they weren’t touching Nick but as the movie went on, she had them right beside Nick. Nick told her she could extend them all the way and put them in his lap if she wanted and Allie gladly agreed. With her feet in his lap, Nick tried hard not to get his dick hard. This took some effort as her feet were right on top of his dick. He didn’t know if she was doing it on purpose or not, but either way, he liked it.

It was now Monday and Brittany wasted no time in putting her assignment to work. She was on her way to math class and made sure to be there early. She and Anna were one of the first people to get there and Brittany quickly took the seat next to Anna. Brittany and Anna had talked before but it wasn’t anything that made them friends. Brittany was gonna have to change that now.

“You don’t mind if I sit here do you?”

“Oh no of course not!”

“Okay thank you, I’m so sick of sitting next to those pervs at the back. All they do is make dirty jokes and it pisses me off.” This was actually true, Brittany hated those guys and this was a great reason to change seats.

“Well I’m glad I could help. You invited me and my parents to your party so I owe you one anyways.” Brittany wished she could just ask Anna to dump Nick right now if she really owed her one.

The class went on and Brittany did her best to find stuff to talk about with Anna that she knew she was interested in. By the end of the class, Brittany had managed to get Anna’s number. At one point, Anna told Brittany how she had just gotten her license but had no car to drive and Brittany got a great idea. She offered to give Anna a ride home and let her drive. Anna was absolutely ecstatic and Brittany felt good about the progress of her first day. Lunch was right after this class and when the bell rang; Allie texted Brittany asking her how it went and Brittany told her she was giving Anna a ride home.

Nick was waiting outside of the classroom for Anna and as soon as Anna saw him, she ran and kissed him. Brittany saw this as she walked by and wondered why Allie wanted them to break up so badly.

“Hey can we go out for lunch today? I don’t wanna eat at the cafeteria again.” Nick smiled and kissed Anna and agreed they should go out to lunch. Down the hallway, Naomi was talking to Josh and Adrian.

“I didn’t see you at all yesterday; can you please come to lunch with me instead of your friends?”

“Naomi I already told you, we made plans, I can’t just ditch them now just because you feel lonely.” Naomi was a little hurt at the way Josh was treating her right now.

“You were supposed to come over last night and you didn’t cause you had plans…” Josh rolled his eyes and told Adrian he would catch up to him in a second. Adrian walked away and went to talk to some other friends.

“Look, I know we are together and everything but that doesn’t mean I have to be with you every fucking day. You are really starting to piss me off Naomi. Go have lunch with your friends.” Naomi had her head down.

“Well I’m sorry that I want to spend time with my boyfriend…” Josh sighed and Naomi looked like she was about to cry.

“Oh my god don’t be such a whiny bitch. Okay how about I come over after school? Will that make you happy? Are your parent’s gonna be home?” Naomi looked up quickly, obviously excited.

“Nope, just my little sister. But she is usually just in her room the entire time so we can do whatever we want.” Naomi gave a little wink and tried grabbing Josh’s arm but Josh tugged it away and looking really annoyed, he quickly said bye to Naomi and went over to his friends.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast after lunch. Anna told Nick that she was gonna get a ride with Brittany after school and Nick became suspicious. This was the first time Anna and Brittany were together and he wondered what Brittany was up to. The pictures slipped his mind so he didn’t think Allie had anything to do with it. Allie’s plan kept falling into place perfectly. Allie would sometimes get rides with Nick home but lately Josh has been doing that. Nick decided to text Allie and ask her if she needed a ride and she said yes.

The final bell had rung and Nick was now on his way to his car. He noticed that Josh was standing with some black guy, a few parking spots down and didn’t think much of it. They were both huddled over Josh’s phone and Nick noticed Adrian’s mouth kept falling open as he was obviously looking at something shocking. Nick got to his car and was now within earshot of Josh and Adrian and as he reached for his keys, he overheard Josh say something.

“Man these aren’t even the worst ones. I convinced her to fuck herself with a cucumber one night, hold on I’ll find them.” When Nick heard this, rage took over his body. He started breathing faster and felt his muscles tense up. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Nick was trying his best to convince himself to just leave it alone but when Josh should have been quiet, he said the wrong thing. “Check this one out, she has a finger in her ass. I bet I could get her to agree to anything. She loves being my little slut, it’s pretty funny.”

This had done it. Nick threw down his bag, turned around and headed for Josh’s car. Josh and Adrian didn’t see him coming right away so Josh had no reaction time when Nick threw him against the car and punched him right in the face. Nick used to call Allie his little slut when they used to fuck but he would never talk about her like that to his friends even if it was okay to fuck your sister. Josh dropped his phone and his hands went up to his face. Nick’s rage was all in that one punch and now he relaxed a little. Adrian stepped back not wanting any part of this. Nick looked at the phone on the ground and bent over to pick it up.

He was gonna delete every sick picture Josh had of Allie but when he looked at the first picture, his heart skipped a beat. The cucumber wasn’t in Allie’s pussy but instead, it was in Naomi’s. Nick just stood there looking at the picture, not believing his eyes. He started going through the entire gallery, almost hoping to see one of Allie but every single one was of Naomi. Some people had seen the punch and there was a little circle forming around Josh and Nick. Josh, who had fallen to the ground got up and clenched his fists ready for a fight. Nick was almost pale in the face. Allie was telling the truth all along, her and Josh really we’re just friends.

“You and…” Josh nodded his head. This made perfect sense, Nick had seen Josh sneaking to NAOMI’s house. How didn’t he figure this out? Nick wanted to smack himself in the head, he felt so stupid.

“I’m just helping with the baby, nothing else.” Nick noticed that there were people waiting to see a fight so he quickly handed Josh his phone back and made his way through the crowd to his car. At the back of the crowd was Allie. She looked worried but Nick ignored her and went past her. She went to the passenger side and got in the car with Nick and didn’t take her eyes off him.

“What the hell just happened?!”

“Nothing Allie, forget about it.”

“Forget about it?! I walk out and see you in the middle of a crowd with Josh, how am I supposed to forget about that?! Did you hit him?!” Nick didn’t know what to say. They were already on the road and away from the parking lot.

“Yeah I hit him… It was a misunderstanding though. Everything’s fine.”

“A misunderstanding?! What the fuck are you talking about?” Allie hadn’t looked away from Nick once since they got in the car, she was barely even blinking.

“Yeah… I thought he said something… Something about…” Nick looked over at Allie and noticed her expression go from worried to like she knew what he was gonna say. “Something about you, and I got mad and hit him but it was a misunderstanding, I heard wrong I guess…” Allie didn’t say anything for a bit.

“You heard him wrong?”


“Wow…” Allie had turned her head towards the front now and looked a little like the way Nick had when he saw the pictures.


“Nothing… I… I just can’t believe you stood up for me like that…” Nick looked over at Allie again and she looked at him.

“Well… Yeah.” Nick looked at the road but noticed Allie was still looking at him. He looked over at her and noticed she was blushing a bit with a smile on her face. He smiled back at her before looking back at the road when Allie reached over and kissed Nick on the cheek.

The rest of the car ride went by in silence. They didn’t really even look at each other much. Nick’s mind was racing. He had been wrong about Allie and Josh all along. Was he supposed to tell Allie about Naomi and Josh or would that make things worse? How long have they been together? He had so many questions and no answers and now he felt even worse about being so cold to Allie the entire time.

Chapter Seven

Josh noticed all the people whispering and smirking around him and he needed to get out of there. He felt a bruise forming on his cheek from Nick’s punch and quickly went around his car. He got in and started it, breathing heavily with anger. Eventually everyone went their separate ways and Josh punched his dashboard in anger. He sent a message to Naomi telling her he was coming and then peeled out of the parking lot. He was now actually mad at Naomi like it was her fault Nick punched him because of the pictures. Plus, their little fight at lunch didn’t help Naomi’s case. It wasn’t long before Josh got to Naomi’s house as he basically sped there the entire time. Naomi’s parents weren’t home and Josh’s dick twitched, he was gonna destroy Naomi. As Josh walked up the driveway, Naomi ran out of the house in her skirt and jumped at Josh, wrapping her arms and legs around him. They stood on the driveway for a few seconds kissing.

“You alone?”

“My sister’s in her room but she’s blasting music. We can do anything you’d like. I’m sorry about earlier.” When Naomi said this, Josh’s dick twitched even more.

“I’ll make you be sorry.” He carried her into the house, closing the door behind him with his foot. He then quickly turned around and slammed Naomi against the door, her legs still wrapped around him. Naomi didn’t expect this and was a little hurt but Josh didn’t seem to care.

He started sucking on her neck hard, making Naomi moan. There was Miley Cyrus coming from the bedroom down the hall meaning they wouldn’t be disturbed. Naomi had changed out of her school clothes and now just had a small tank top on with the cups of her black bra peeking out at the sides. Naomi’s legs were still wrapped around Josh’s waist so he had his stomach pressing into her pussy and holding her in place against the door. With his hands now free, Josh took no consideration for Naomi’s top as he used all his strength to rip it, leaving Naomi in her bra.

“Oh fuck Josh, take it easy baby!” Naomi wasn’t used to this kind of rough sex, Josh usually didn’t get this into it. Naomi figured he was angry and must’ve gotten into a fight since his cheek was all red and bruised.

“Shut up you fucking slut. I’m gonna give you the best sex of your life.” Naomi liked Josh’s cock and being in bed with him but she couldn’t help but giggle in her mind. Josh definitely wasn’t the best.

Josh was now kissing Naomi’s cleavage, sometimes stopping to take a long lick. His hands were playing with Naomi’s ass, spreading her cheeks and teasing her butthole. With his hands on her ass, Josh carried Naomi into the kitchen. He placed her on the edge and hiked her skirt up to her stomach. Naomi laid down on the table and started playing with her tits in her bra. Josh then forcefully pulled down her thong, not even letting her raise her ass. This pulled Naomi’s petite body forward so that her pussy was in front of Josh’s face. He spread her legs and started licking her pussy as fast as he could, slurping up every drop.

“Ohhhhh fuck Josh!! Tongue fuck me!” Naomi was still getting used to this new side of Josh but she was definitely enjoying the ride. Josh started pushing his tongue as deep into Naomi’s tight wet cunt as he could. His right middle finger went into her hole to the third knuckle in one motion and Naomi jumped a little. Soon, his licking turned into sucking as he closed his mouth over top of Naomi’s pussy. This went on for ten seconds or so and just as Naomi was getting closer to orgasm, Josh stopped eating her out and pulled down his pants and boxers, stepping out of them. His dick was throbbing and he took Naomi’s hand, pulling her into a sitting position. He then forced her head down and moved his hips forward, showing his cock into Naomi’s open mouth. He took off his shirt as Naomi sucked on his dick. She started to choke and moved her head back but Josh immediately grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to his dick again.

Naomi was doing her best to keep up with Josh’s thrusts, trying to swallow her spit and Josh’s pre cum. He then lifted his left leg and put in on the table, giving Naomi better access. This went on for a bit until Josh needed to feel his dick in a tight hole. He moved his leg down and Naomi jumped off the table.

“Where are we going? On the couch?” Josh was walking towards the leather couch in the living room, his dick moving from side to side as he walked. He was holding Naomi by the wrist tightly, leading her behind him.

“Shut the fuck up whore and enjoy!” Naomi wasn’t sure how to exactly feel about Josh right now. On one hand, she loved being used like this, but on the other, it was sort of scary. When they reached the couch, Josh stopped and pulled Naomi next to him. He then quickly undid the clip on Naomi’s bra and tossed it away. He pulled Naomi’s skirt off and then sucked on her nipple for a bit before slapping it and pushing Naomi onto the couch, making her fall on her back. He took her thighs and pulled her closer to him, making Naomi slide down from the back rest and onto the seat. Most of her lower back was now in the air as Josh held up Naomi’s left leg into the air. Naomi’s right leg was resting on the arm rest at the edge of the couch. Her right leg was basically perpendicular to her body, her gymnast experience coming in handy there.

While standing up, Josh then used his right hand to aim his dick at Naomi’s pussy and thrust as hard as he could into her. His cock disappeared into her cunt and Naomi gave out a little shriek more from pain then pleasure. When Naomi looked up at Josh’s face, she actually got scared. The guy she knew wasn’t who she saw; instead she saw an animal using her for his own gain.

“Josh stop you’re hurting me!” This didn’t make Josh stop though, it only urged him on. He grabbed Naomi’s thigh with his free hand and pulled her forward, sliding her down the couch more. His dick was going balls deep into her pussy now, the smacking of his balls almost making an echo throughout the room. Hayley’s music could still be heard pretty loud and Naomi hoped she didn’t come out anytime soon.

“I said shut up! You fucking slut!” He smacked her across the face a little too hard and Naomi screamed a little. His right hand then went to Naomi’s throat as he chocked her for a few moments, while Naomi struggled with both hands to free her throat. He let go and Naomi started coughing and gasping for air. Josh was pounding Naomi as fast and hard as he could, sweat going down his chest and dripping off his forehead. Naomi had her eyes closed and her face scrunched up. Even though she was scared and in pain, she couldn’t help but feel the slightest amount of pleasure when Josh bottomed out inside her.

Josh’s pace started slowing down as he wanted to hold off his orgasm. There was no way Naomi was gonna cum but she hoped he would as fast as possible to get this nightmare over with. As he kept fucking her, more slowly now, he grabbed her left nipple with his right hand and squeezed it tightly in between his thumb and index fingers. He started pulling on it and twisting it, making Naomi give high pitched shrieks.

Josh took Naomi’s right leg as well and raised it into the air like he did with the other, and leaned his weight on top of her. Since Naomi’s ass and most of her back was in the air already, this forced even more pressure on her neck and head. With Naomi’s legs on his chest, she had enough power to fight back. She started pushing Josh off her and Josh leaned even more weight on her. Finally realizing he couldn’t stay in this position for long, he pulled out and threw Naomi’s legs to the left, making her go on her side with her waist falling off the edge of the couch. Naomi was starting to tear up now and didn’t know why she was being so brutally manhandled by the guy that was supposed to love her.

Josh then picked her legs up and flipped Naomi onto her stomach. She was now on the ground on her knees with her tits pressed into the seat of the couch. He took her arms and held them in one hand by her wrists behind her while he crouched down a little to get access to her pussy.

“Josh please, stop!” Josh didn’t care for Naomi’s begs at all and he used his free right hand to grab a handful of her hair and lifted her head off the couch. He then leaned forward, thrusting his dick back into her pussy but not moving when it got in as deep as possible.

“You’re my little bitch and I decide when we stop, you got that whore?!” Naomi nodded her head the best she could and a first tear fell down her cheek. Josh let go of her hair and instead wrapped his hand around her throat and started fucking her again. He was starting to feel his orgasm building but he knew it couldn’t end yet.

While pulling her upper body up from the couch by her arms and by his hand around her throat, he started pulling out his dick completely, just to slam it back into her cunt, making the couch hit the wall behind it. He watched as her ass jiggled each time he pounded into her and he let go of her arms which Naomi used to support herself on the couch. Josh kept his right hand wrapped around her throat while he traced his left middle finger up and down Naomi’s crack.

“No please.” Naomi’s begging had weakened now. Josh grabbed a handful of her ass cheek before smacking her ass as hard as he could, leaving a huge hand print and making Naomi cry out in pain. He then brought his finger to Naomi’s mouth.

“Suck on it you stupid cunt!” More tears were coming from Naomi now as she closed her mouth around Josh’s middle finger, which had just been teasing her asshole. Josh made sure she got it nice and lubed up and then let go of Naomi’s throat, letting her head fall onto the couch. He was back to the regular thrusts as his dick was deep inside Naomi’s pussy. He stopped for a second and spread her ass cheeks with his right hand, and slowly pushed the tip of his lubed up middle finger into her ass.

“Ohhhhoooowwww.” Josh started fucking Naomi’s pussy with his throbbing dick again while his middle finger went past his second knuckle and into her ass. When he finally had his whole finger in her ass, he twirled it around making Naomi clench. He pulled his finger from her ass and brought it to Naomi’s mouth.

“Suck it! SUCK IT!” Naomi had her lips pressed tightly together, disgusted at the thought of sucking the finger. It didn’t smell the best and Naomi wanted none of it as she tried to get her mouth away. Josh got tired of waiting and once again grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and Naomi gasped allowing Josh to stick his finger in. She sucked it for a bit before spitting it out and spitting on the couch, disgusted. Josh used both his hands to spread her ass cheeks and saw the little hole. He licked his lips as his dick twitched. He got up and lifted Naomi onto the couch. She got onto her knees, digging her nails into the arm rest of the couch, tears still rolling down her cheeks.

Josh climbed behind her and got on his knees, his dick still throbbing, hard as a rock as he looked at Naomi’s holes just waiting to be used. Naomi’s ass had a huge red mark on it from Josh’s slaps earlier and Josh spread her ass cheeks and let spit fall from his mouth and roll down her asshole. He pushed some of the spit into her dark rosebud and Naomi knew what was about to happen.

“No! Please not in my ass! Josh please!” Naomi turned her head back and looked at Josh with the cutest set of puppy dog eyes. “Please do anything but that!” Josh slapped Naomi’s cheek again and grabbed her face with his hand. He then spit on her face and pushed it back to face the other way. She slowly brought her hand to her face to wipe the spit away. Josh then smacked her ass again and jerked his cock a last few times before lining up his cockhead and pressing the tip of it against her ass. Naomi was clenching her ass cheeks together, trying to prevent him from entering but Josh just pushed harder. Naomi eventually realized it hurt more when she fought it. She relaxed her anus and Josh pushed forward, sliding the head of his cock inside Naomi’s incredibly tight ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk!!” Josh leaned his head back and moaned loudly as he used his hands to spread Naomi’s ass and pushed even more of his cock in. It started going in deeper until Josh’s dick was about halfway inside her ass. Naomi at this point, was sobbing lightly, the pain from her ass being stretched making her face look like she was screaming except there was no sound coming out. She shut her eyes tightly as more tears escaped them and continued hoping that it would end soon. Her make-up was now all smeared and she had spit covering her small tits. There was spit and pre cum in between her ass cheeks too.

Josh couldn’t believe how tightly Naomi’s ass was squeezing his dick. He started to hump her, but since it was so tight, he had to go very slowly. Naomi now had her head hanging like her tits with her arms holding tightly onto the couch. Josh’s hands went up her body and onto her petite titties, holding them. He gave them a little squeeze as he started to pick up his pace, getting more of his dick inside Naomi’s ass.

“Ughhgghh.” Naomi couldn’t even argue with words anymore, the only power she had left was grunting. Josh now had 5 of his 6 inches in Naomi’s ass as his cock did a good job loosening it. He felt cum just bubbling inside his balls waiting to explode and Josh started going faster. With his hands on Naomi’s waist now, he pulled her towards him as he pushed his dick in.

After a few more thrusts, Josh got a naughty idea. He slowly pulled his dick from her ass and Naomi wanted to sigh in relief. Josh got up from the couch and walked over to Naomi’s head. Naomi was looking down at the couch and saw Josh’s feet. She looked up, make up running down her cheek and started pleading again. Josh slapped her face a few more times until Naomi opened her mouth and waited. He then brought his dick to Naomi’s mouth and she closed her lips around his cock head. Josh’s dick twitched at the fact that Naomi was tasting her own ass.

Josh pushed his dick in more and Naomi fought back, moving her head away. Josh grabbed her hair and Naomi screamed with Josh’s dick in her mouth. She moved her head forward more, getting about half of it in her mouth. Josh slapped her across the face again with his dick in her mouth and felt his orgasm coming. He wanted to feel Naomi’s ass again so he pulled out and went back on the couch.

Once again, he spread Naomi’s ass cheeks with both hands and Naomi’s asshole opened up just a little bit. He then pressed the tip of his dick into her ass again, making it go in. He started getting more in and started going faster. Naomi could taste Josh’s dick in her mouth still and she just let spit drool down on the couch.

Josh wasn’t gonna be able to last much longer and Naomi hoped he would pull out and not cum in her ass. Josh was now at top speed which still wasn’t even close to how fast he could go when he fucked her in her cunt, and he felt the sensations of an orgasm approach. He felt the subtle tingles in his feet as they made their way up his body and to his cock.

“OHHH FUUCKKK I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!!” If Hayley’s music was just turned down a little more, she would’ve probably heard Josh’s loud yell. Luckily, Hayley played her music at max volume when her parents were gone.

Josh tried to pull out of Naomi’s ass in time to cum but he knew once he felt that first twitch of his dick, there was no chance. Naomi gasped when she felt the first shot of cum go up her ass, followed by another before she felt the searing pain of Josh pulling his dick from her ass. Josh shot another string of cum onto Naomi’s back and quickly grabbed Naomi by the arm, spinning her around. This was the greatest orgasm Josh has ever had as his cum seemed to never stop. The fourth shot landed right across Naomi’s face, and another ended up on her chest before he finally shoved his dick inside Naomi’s mouth where three more shots of cum exploded. Naomi started chocking, as she couldn’t swallow fast enough but Josh just pressed harder, not letting Naomi break the connection on his dick.

Josh loved the fact that he was making Naomi suck his dick clean after he just had it deep in her ass. Naomi felt like she was going to pass out from the lack of air and as Josh squirted the last few drops of his cum down his girlfriend’s throat, he pulled it out and Naomi started chocking worse than ever, spit mixed with cum drooling from her mouth and down her chin.

Josh sat down on the coffee table, his dick still throbbing as his erection was dying down. He was covered in sweat, and as he sat there recovering; his ass was making a print on the table underneath. Naomi had curled up on the couch in the fetal position with her back to Josh, covered in many different fluids. Josh saw the cum on her back making its way to the couch and saw some even poking out of her ass. Naomi was covered in sweat too and looked like she was glistening from head to toe.

When Josh finally felt safe enough to get up without his knees giving out, he stood up and went to the kitchen where he left his clothes. After he got dressed, and after his anger and horniness had died down, he realized that he might off went too far. He walked over to Naomi who was still sobbing lightly and put his hand on her back, wanting to say something. Naomi turned around, a bit of cum still on her cheek, and her chin dripping with spit, she smacked Josh right across the face where Nick had punched him earlier.

“Get the fuck out of my house you pig!” Josh suddenly felt terrible but it was too late and there was nothing he could do. He stepped away, rubbing his cheek and went to the front door. When he closed the door, Naomi broke out into a full on cry and it took her several minutes to finally get up from the couch which now had a mixture of liquids on it, and pick up her clothes. After she picked up her torn tank top, she headed to the bathroom for a very very long shower.

Chapter Eight

When Nick woke up Tuesday morning, he instantly had flashes of what happened the day before. He got flashes of him punching Josh and of those pictures of Naomi, but the one thing he couldn’t get out of his head the most was Allie’s reaction on the drive back. When they got home, they both went their separate directions and only saw each other at dinner that night. When Allie kissed Nick’s cheek in the car, all he wanted to do was pull over and kiss her passionately right there but he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave Anna. Allie was great but there was no future in what they had. The sex would eventually die down and they would go their separate ways. With Anna, there was a chance of actually being together for a long time.

As Nick got up from bed and started getting ready for school, he realized he hadn’t heard from Anna at all last night. Why was she with Brittany, Nick wondered. That’s when he remembered the pictures Allie had of Brittany. He hoped Allie didn’t do anything stupid or threatened Brittany because no matter what, Brittany would always find a way to win and do something ten times worse than what she got. Nick decided to stop worrying about it and continued getting ready.

Meanwhile, Allie was already outside, waiting by Nick’s car for a ride. She had just gotten a text from Brittany updating her on last night’s events: I drove her home and we hung out at her place for a bit. I looked around her room while she was out but I couldn’t find anything. She’s starting to trust me more though; I’ll crack her in a few more days. Keep those pics safe got it? Allie smiled at Brittany’s attempt of making a command and just replied: Good work, the sooner you nail her with something, the sooner I free you.

Nick finally got outside and the two of them headed to school. At school, Allie noticed that Naomi wasn’t there and wondered if she was okay. She texted her but got no reply. Nick passed by Josh on his way to class and Josh gave him a dirty look. Nick wasn’t scared because he knew Josh was too much of a pussy to stand up to him. When Nick reached his locker, he found Anna waiting there. That was normal but what was odd was Brittany was talking to her. They both broke out into a laugh just as Nick approached them.

“Hey Nick. Okay well I’m gonna give you guys some privacy. You still coming over tonight Anna?” Nick frowned at the thought of Anna spending another night at Brittany’s house.

“Yeah of course! I hear you have the best pool in school. We gotta take a swim after we’re done okay?”

“I was just going to suggest that. Girl talk in the hot tub is what it’s all about.” Brittany and Anna giggled together again and Nick was getting completely mind fucked listening to this conversation. Never in a million years would he have paired Brittany and Anna up as friends.

“You have a bikini I can borrow right?”

“Don’t worry about it babe, I’ll get everything ready for when you come over.” With that, Brittany said bye and left. Anna watched Brittany leave and then turned to Nick smiling brightly.

“So you and Brittany are becoming close friends. What are you guys doing before the swim?”

“She asked me to help her with some tough math homework we had last night.” Anna’s smile disappeared when she saw Nick’s worried expression. “What?”

“I don’t know… Brittany doesn’t have too many girlfriends, this whole thing just seems a little suspicious that’s all. I mean, you guys like never talked before yesterday and now she’s acting like you’re her best pal?” Anna was a little offended but didn’t show it and just smiled again.

“Don’t worry babe, I know all about her. I always thought she was a dirty…well you know, but when you get to know her a little, you realize she’s a really sweet person.” Nick knew Brittany better than Anna and he knew she was good at manipulating people but he didn’t want to upset Anna so he just let it go. Nick walked Anna to her math class, where Brittany had already saved a seat for her. Anna gave Nick a quick hug and went into the class.

When Nick turned around, he saw Allie standing there. She was on her way to class and stopped when she saw Nick. She smiled at him and Nick smiled back.

“So Brittany and Anna are getting pretty close. How does Nick feel about that?” Nick saw that Allie was teasing him and he laughed a little and nudged her. They started walking down the hall together.

“I don’t know, it’s weird. Honestly, I think Brittany is up to something. I just don’t know what.” Allie was looking down at her feet as she walked and couldn’t help but smile. She knew exactly what Brittany was up to, she was the one that was putting her up to it in the first place.

“Hmm yeah I don’t know. Maybe she’s trying to help you out and whore out Anna a little.” Nick turned his head and looked at Allie.

“What? No, Anna wouldn’t fall for that. Well if Brittany isn’t up to something, she might just be using her for math lessons, I don’t know.” Allie gave out a little giggle and Nick smiled. “What did you do with those pictures? Please tell me you just deleted them and didn’t say anything to anyone?” Allie didn’t want to lie to Nick but she had no other choice. He would hate her if he knew the purpose the pictures were serving.

“Um, yeah I posted one on some forum and no one really seemed interested so I deleted them.” Nick seemed to buy it and Allie changed the subject to avoid further questioning. “So I talked to Josh. He seemed pretty mad at you. Pretty funny actually, you would kick his ass any day.” Allie looked up at Nick again and smiled at him. Nick laughed and let something slip before he could stop himself.

“Yeah I bet you could kick Anna’s ass if you weren’t pregnant.” Allie smiled again and felt herself start breathing a bit faster. She was slowly getting her brother back. If everything went as planned, maybe she would be sucking that dick soon too. Nick realized what he said and things got a little awkward. Luckily, Allie’s class was right in front of them and they said bye before splitting up.

The rest of Tuesday went by slowly. Nick had a lot of work from all his classes and when he got home, he had too much homework for much else. Allie texted Brittany throughout the night asking for updates but she also mostly just watched TV, nothing eventful. At one point, Brittany texted Allie telling her she just got a video with her webcam of Anna changing in her room. Brittany managed to convince Anna to change together and stayed out of the shot for the most part. Allie was pleased but it wasn’t that much of an accomplishment since Anna was just changing. She could spread the video around but that would blow Brittany’s cover and thus, ruin Allie’s plan.

The next day at school was more of the same as the day before. People were starting to scramble to get ready for the upcoming exams and even though Nick and Anna sat beside each other in Biology, they didn’t talk much. Nick was actually surprised at how much Anna knew about Brittany. Apparently Brittany has found a confidante in Anna. She told him things he didn’t even know, even though he was fuck buddies with Brittany briefly in the past.

Later at lunch, Allie had Brittany show her the video of Anna getting dressed. She made Brittany put the file onto her phone so she could see. It wasn’t the best quality as Anna was pretty far away from the camera and the camera was blurry. Allie could still see Anna’s nipples but very faintly. It looked like she was shaved too but when Allie mentioned it; Brittany said she saw some blonde hairs above Anna’s pussy.

Brittany felt bad tricking Anna like that but it had to be done. She also felt bad that she had to turn down Ben when he had bought something in advance. He begged her but Brittany had to be completely cold.

Just like Brittany had confined to Anna, Anna had done the same. Brittany kept this to herself though as she felt like it would be too brutal to use against her. Anna had confined in Brittany that she was still a virgin and Brittany started asking more about it, thinking there had to be something there. Anna went on about her beliefs and why she chose to be a virgin. After about an hour of talking about their sexuality, Anna finally told Brittany that she had a boyfriend when she was 14 that raped her. It wasn’t penetration or anything but he wanted a blowjob and Anna wouldn’t give him one so he pinned her down and forced one. Anna actually fought tears when she told her this and begged Brittany not to tell anyone. Brittany had decided to keep her word.

They had a big math test the next day and Brittany asked Anna to come over for a study session. Anna agreed and once again, the two of them had plans to spend the night together. Allie was impressed with Brittany’s acting skills and suggested she becomes an actress. Even though it was blackmail, both Allie and Brittany couldn’t help but feel a little bond between them. Similar to the one they had in middle school. There was no chance they would ever be friends but maybe there was a chance they would respect one another again.

When Nick and Allie got home from school, Nick spent a while studying and working on assignments. After about an hour, Anna called him and they talked on the phone for a while. Anna said she felt bad she was spending so much time with Brittany but Nick reassured her that he was just as busy with school and it was okay. They talked for a bit more before Anna said she had to go back to studying with Brittany and hung up.

Nick was sitting at the kitchen table studying and at one point, Allie stormed down the stairs and went by him to the backyard. She looked really upset, her makeup was a little smeared. She hadn’t cried but it looked like this was the beginning of it. She made eye contact with Nick and then placed a card on the table with something on top. Nick quickly noticed it was the pin he had bought for Anna a few days ago. Allie turned around and wiped away a tear before opening the sliding door and stepping outside into the backyard.

Nick got up, picking up his pin and card, and followed her. Allie was standing about halfway on the walkway that led to the patio furniture. She had her arms crossed with her back turned to Nick. Nick walked towards Allie and stopped a few feet behind her. Allie didn’t turn around but she spoke.

“What is wrong with me?” Nick didn’t expect her to say that and he didn’t know what to say.

“What? Nothing’s wrong with you Allie…” Allie smirked with her back still turned to Nick like what Nick said was supposed to be a joke.

“Then why can’t I get a guy to get me amazing gifts like that? Instead I get knocked up by the biggest asshole on the planet and Anna gets an incredible long lost pin that she got from her dying grandmother.” Nick looked down at the card and remembered what he wrote inside. He wrote a pretty touching paragraph and that obviously set Allie off. He wondered why she even read it but he didn’t dare ask.

“Allie, just because you got pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t deserve any less than what Anna deserves.” Each time Allie wiped a tear away, Nick would feel like someone just stabbed him.

“Do you love her Nick? Like, for real.” This was a very tough question and Nick didn’t say anything. Allie finally turned around and Nick’s heart broke when he saw the look she had on her face.

“I… I don’t know Allie.” Nick was feeling absolutely horrible right now. He looked at Allie for a second before she turned her head back, shutting her eyes as another tear escaped. The weather seemed like it was planned as the skies got darker.

“You know, before you got together with her, I thought to myself, I am so lucky to have such an amazing big brother. One that not only protects his little sister and cares for her like any other brother would but also the guy that makes my heart skip beats when he holds me. I thought I was the luckiest girl and that nothing would ever go wrong. How mislead was I right?”

“You weren’t mislead. I’m still your big brother and I wouldn’t let a single soul hurt you.”

“Well I guess you failed at your job then because you did let someone hurt me. You let Anna shatter me when you got with her. And to make it worse, you think so low of me that you actually believe I’m with Josh. Do you know how much that hurts? Do you know how much YOU hurt me Nick?” Nick had to fight to keep his eyes from filling with tears. He knew this conversation was a long time coming.

“Allie… Believe me, I’m sorry and… I would take it all back in a heartbeat if I could but…”

“But. There’s always a but. See I don’t think you would take it all back, I think that’s bullshit just like whatever we had was.” Nick was really hurt now. He wasn’t lying, he would take it back. If he knew that Josh was with Naomi and not Allie, he wouldn’t have let things with Anna get to where they are now. He would’ve just stayed friends even if he really did love her.

“I believe you now. I believe that you and Josh never hooked up. And I understand if you don’t believe me but I would have never gotten with her if I knew what I know now. I love you Allie, I do.” Allie turned around fast, there were tear marks all down her cheeks as she looked angry now.

“Fuck you Nick, you don’t get to say you love me! While you’re off with her, I’ve been sitting at home trying not to think about how another girl got to be with you while I got a cold shoulder. Have you and Anna decided when you’re gonna pop her cherry yet?” Nick was stunned. How did Allie know that Anna was a virgin? Once again though, it didn’t seem important at the moment. Rain was starting to fall now. Not much, just a sprinkle but there was promise of a thunderstorm by the way the sky looked.

“Me and Anna will never have what me and you had.” Allie rolled her eyes and made a sound like she was revolted and then started to walk back. She bumped Nick with her shoulder but Nick grabbed her arm and made her stop. They were now facing each other directly. “Listen to me Allie. Even if me and Anna were to fuck, it would be nothing compared to the connection we have when we do. But I don’t want her. The only girl I want to have sex with is you Allie, okay? Yeah I might be in love with her but that doesn’t mean I’m not… I’m not in love with you too.” They were both looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Neither of them knew what to say.

“Oh my god…” Nick and Allie both turned their heads towards the house as fast as possible. The screen door was open and in the opening stood Anna. She was paler than Nick had ever seen her. Tears were falling down her cheeks too and her hands were covering her mouth. She shook her head and broke out into a sob before turning around and running out of sight.

Nick and Allie didn’t know it but Brittany had dropped Anna off just moments ago. She wanted to surprise Nick because he sounded so stressed with homework. Holly had answered the door and told her to go to the kitchen. When Anna got there she saw Allie bump into Nick and Nick grab her arm. The screen door was already open and she stood there listening to Nick’s speech from start to finish.

Nick looked back at Allie and she looked just as scared as him. They looked at each other for a second before Nick took off full speed towards the house. When he got inside he saw Holly looking shocked and worried.

“What’s going on?! Anna just ran out crying.” Nick didn’t answer his mom, his mind was racing. Not only did someone now know about him and Allie, it was the girl he cared about. He ran to the front door and ran outside. The rain had picked up now and was falling down harder. When Nick got to end of the driveway, he looked up and down the street looking for Anna. Finally he saw her a bit down to his left, running slowly.

“Anna! Wait!” Nick took off after her and eventually caught up to her. “Hey hey listen, Anna just stop for a second!” He was trying to grab her arm but she was pushing him off trying to run away.

“No leave me alone! You sick fucking asshole! LET GO OF ME NICK!” Anna had shouted very loudly but the rain was now pouring so not many people would be able to hear. Nick had let go of Anna and she was walking fast once again. Nick followed her.

“Just let me explain for a second!”

“Explain?! Are you kidding me?! Hearing your explanation to Allie was very clear, Nick!”

“Anna stop and just listen to me. You weren’t supposed to hear that, what happened between me and Allie is—Anna stop! What happened between me and Allie is in the past! It’s not what you think!” Nick had managed to make Anna stop walking. There was rain thundering down and both of them were soaked from head to toe.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s in the past, you FUCKED YOUR SISTER NICK! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Just looking at you makes me wanna throw up!” Nick was happy it was raining as he now let a tear fall down his cheek. “And you are in love with her?! Ew oh my god!”

“I’m not in love with her! I just… She’s my little sister and I care about her! I’m in love with you Anna.”

“No. You aren’t Nick! I heard you say you MIGHT be in love with me. Big fucking difference Nick! Oh my god I can’t believe you did that with your sister. Oh my god I can’t believe I almost let you do that with me!” Nick didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to say. Anna hated him now.

“Anna I’m sorry. I know I don’t deserve it but is there any chance you can forgive me?” Anna looked mad just that he even dared ask.

“Not a fucking chance Nick. Maybe in the future sometime but I will never see the same person in you. I’m never going to be able to talk to you without getting images of… EW! Do me a favor? Please just… stay away from me.” She looked at Nick one last time before turning around and walking away crying. As Nick watched her leaving, he remembered he still had the pin in his pocket.

“Anna!” Anna looked back and Nick’s hand went into his pocket as he walked towards her. She walked back and Nick pulled out the pin. “I was going to give you this.” Nick extended his arm, the pin sitting in the middle of his palm. “I bought it a few days ago… You should take it.” Anna started crying even more now and shook her head.

“I don’t want it Nick. Not from you.” Nick kept his arm outstretched but Anna never took the pin. She crossed her arms and walked away leaving Nick standing alone in the pouring rain. After he watched Anna turn a corner, he closed his fist around the pin and started walking back.

When he got inside the house, he found him mom and Allie standing in the hallway. They were both looking at him waiting for him to explain what happened. Allie looked more scared while Holly looked more confused. Nick looked from one to the other and simply said,

“We broke up.”

Holly gasped and both her hands went to her face while Allie just stood there with her mouth ajar. Nick knew what Allie wanted to ask him but couldn’t because of their mom. He looked at her and shrugged his shoulders meaning he didn’t know if their secret was still safe. Holly walked over to Nick and hugged him. Nick and Allie stared at each other behind Holly’s back and a tear escaped Nick’s eye as he let go of his mom and went up the stairs and out of sight.

Allie turned around and went into the living room leaving Holly alone in the hallway. Allie’s plan had worked out in the end. Anna and Nick were now broken up and it was because of her. She wanted it to end but not like this. The look on Nick’s face was terrible. He was definitely in love with Anna and my stupid jealousy broke his heart, thought Allie. Feeling like a complete pile of shit, she reached into her pocket, took out her phone and deleted the pictures of Brittany.

To Be Continued…

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I think this was my favorite to write from the story. :)

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i found myself reading more for the story line and less to get myself off

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Hey mate, really nice story, i'm really enjoying it, a little tip regarding your writing style would be to watch out for grammar you tend to switch in what time you're writing in

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Can make an entire movie here,its fucking nice


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Just letting everyone know that Nick and Allie 6 is officially finished! I will have it posted tomorrow! :)

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