He never been much of a sex freak until he met Heather
{This my first story so don't be so harsh.I would love to hear your feedback on this being I wrote this late last night.Hope you like it!}

First of all I have to say I never been a freak sexually,I don't ever remember having fantasies about fucking multiple women and men.Most definitely not fucking animals,god forbid!I know I'm not the best looking guy to get the best looking girl.But some how I have a would be Victoria Secret model for a girlfriend and she really makes me proud to be with her.
She got it all nice body,great personality and not to mention the most softest dick sucking lips since Angelina Jolie amazing to see in a 17 year old.I don't believe It was luck that was involved in me getting her,but I do believe she generally loves me despite what all I have.I live in a small town of Troup,Texas where nothing but farms and farmhouse's populate.Only three upper class family's have mansions and my family happen to be one of the three.Even though it's just my mom(who's currently traveling with her new boy toy that's my age) and me who live there.My father got lucky in his late 30's when one of his failure inventions *Quoted by my dear old mom*.Actually worked and was quickly sold to one of the top invention companies in America jokes on my mom i guess. When my dad died all his money was passed down to me,while leaving my mom a settlement of $100,000.My father wanted to make sure the woman who never believed in him finally got what she deserved.Making me a millionaire close to a billionaire over night.Having that much money gave me the confidence to ask a girl out,Heather happened to be her and she said Yes!I just wanted to fuck someone and lose my virginity but I quickly fell in love with her.Now I know It was my dick in her pussy that was helping it along.
When we first got together I naively thought she was a virgin,boy was I wrong!What I found out Heather was total deep throat slut for my dick.She has a way of opening her throat to my 9 inch cock swallowing my knob whole and liked to call it *Ball's Deep*.But the term I favor is *Pop-Rock* and boy do I pop!We fuck everyday all day till the point she had to talk me into fucking her ass when her pussy was too sore.I was freaked out she wasn't even a virgin there when she told me she rather have anal sex then fucked in her pussy.I believe I fell harder for her a that point cause I couldn't get enough of that *Brown Sugar Hole*.I was coming to realize Heather was turning me into a sex freak,and I was loving it every bit!
While I lived upper class Heather was one of the many town resident that lived on a middle or lower class farm(depending on how many cattle they had).Regardless I loved going to her house to see the horses,bulls and sheep.Okay and to get my cock sucked after I came inside her pussy and ass.Since we never had sex at my house being Heather thought "It too sterile to get me in the mood".I have to agree with her on that.Her dad is fucking cool and I now he has some idea that I fuck his daughter in his house everyday,yet he seems cool with it.
Heather gave me a warning her uncle family was visiting for a couple of days so we couldn't fuck in the house.I'm not gonna lie I was a little let down but she quickly said "We can fuck at the barn though".So that's where we went as I walked in at the stables was horses and a cow Martha her name I believe was by us.The smell of the barn though made me almost lose my hard-on so I quickly began backing up out of there.That's when Heather pulled out a jar of honey saying"It's time for a balls deep fuck fest to make up for my family surprise visit"
Now what man would turn that down gay or straight?.So I certainly wasn't one of them as I walked back inside prepared for whatever{A statement that I realized was true later on}.She quickly got to business pulling down my pants introducing her throat to my cock.As she came up and began rubbing my hard on "You taste good even without the honey on this prick baby"she stated.At the hot moment Martha the cow *Mooed!!!*we quickly started laughing at the hilarity of the moment.
Digging her hand in the honey she began putting globs of it on my dick it felt weird in a good way.I don't now why but she went to the stable and let the horses like her hands,when I would of happily lick them myself.At those seconds of watching her I turned around to Martha the cow sucking my dick all the way into her mouth!I moaned involuntary as I tried to push her off,and ended up falling on the ground hard!.Martha thinking someone was trying to take her sugary treat away came after it and I could swear she swallowed my balls as well as my dick.
My eyes started rolling in the back of my head as my feet began to curl,at one point I could hear something loud,realizing it was me I prayed Heather family wouldn't come out here to investigate the noise.Heather!,I totally forgot about her as I opened my eyes she had moved beside me while I was spaced out.She was looking at me in intrigue not horror as I would have expected.That's when she whispered "Does it feel good baby?''As she said that a thought came out of nowhere *She is in on this,probably planed it from the start!*.Martha the cow started slurping faster at that point in a weak voice I asked "Heather?..Wh-hat?..Why?
That's when she gave me that sexy smile she do when she know she gonna get her way.I'm very familiar with it being there cause she always get her way.
Heather replied with a proud"I been fucking Roscoe (her german shepherd) and our other farm animals since I was ten years old,I love you but I need animal dick too.I was hoping you'd accept it and maybe even joined it!''

.............................................To Be Continued................

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2014-12-06 15:39:18
Very good read. Keep it going.

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2014-12-06 14:07:21
Very good read. Keep it going.


2012-12-28 16:24:17
That story was awesome!l What type of Collage do you do? Thank you so much, I look forward to more.

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That story was awesome!l The first comment is really............wait a minute sounds like the author giving his story a little nudge. Anyway though they were both very entertaining. Thank You for that.

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Don't you even READ what you write before submitting it?
Surely you didn't mean to title your story 'Deep throat ME cow' instead of '...MY cow'. VERY amateurish. Don't give up your day job.

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