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The morning was greeted by squeals of delight and surprise as the girls had discovered the horses, which had wandered up to the cabin to see if I was going to feed them. I crawled bleary eyed out of bed and walked into the kitchen.

“Mr Robbie you didn’t say anything about horses!” It was too early to tell whom that was coming from but it was one of the girls.

“Well I thought if they came up that would be fine but there was no rush to tell you?”

“Oh look there is a baby horse!” one of them cried.

“Girls settle down please.” Becky said obviously as bleary eyed as I was.

I looked over at her “Coffee?”

“That would be great.”

I rummaged around in the kitchen and managed to get the coffee started and found a few stray carrots. While the coffee was making I invited the girls to come outside and meet the herd. I had three mares and a Stallion as well as two ponies and a donkey. Of course the ponies were nowhere to be seen but the four horses and the donkey were slowly wandered up to meet us. I showed the girls how to feed the horses so they didn’t lose any fingers. They giggled excitedly as the big animals champed at the carrots. The girls were so excited petting the horses, I told them to be careful around the back end. Becky walked up with two steaming cups of coffee and gave me one. I took a sip, she had found the cream and sugar. It wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t half bad. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

My attention was diverted again by the girls “Can we ride them?” the chorused.

“I don’t know do you know how to ride horses?”

“No…” the all said more softly.

“Well I don’t think your mother needs that kind of excitement today, Maybe next time?”

“When will that be?”

“I don’t know you have to ask your mom”

Kelly turned immediately to her mom “When will next time be?”

“We’ll talk about it later Kelly” Becky said.

“Mom!” Tracy said “you make it sound like we are never going to see Mr. Robbie again!”

“I don’t know” Becky responded.

“But we like Mr Robbie” Rebecca said.
“Yeah” the other two girls chorused.

I watched quietly as the horses decided we were out of carrots and moved off. “Why don’t you girls go for a swim and I’ll make breakfast”

“Okay” Becky said glad for the change of subject.

The girls hurried off into house and came back wearing the same shabby swimwear. I walked toward the door but Becky walked straight to me and pressed her finger into my chest. “You are terrible!”


“You know girls are horse crazy?”

“No I didn’t know your girls were horse crazy”

“And you are using them to keep me”

“No I’m not”

“Well I’m okay with that as long as you behave”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you promise me you’ll never raise your voice to me or hit me or…”

“Why would I ever do that?”

“Because I’m a shitty cook and a shittier housekeeper”

“You think I’m going out with you so that you can be my cook and housekeeper?”

“Isn’t that the point of dating?”

“What to find a cook and housekeeper? I typically look in the want ads for that kind of stuff” Becky smiled at that “I’m looking for someone to have fun with”

“Well I don’t know how much fun I can be, what with all this?” she gestured to the kids who were getting ready to go out to the creek.

“Variety is the spice of life, I have found and I like my life as spicy as I can stand it.”

“You really are odd Robbie”

“Shut up and get your suit on” I said tapping her lightly on the butt “I’ll make breakfast”
“Real breakfast?” Tracey asked astonished to find that there were people in the world that could do more than read the menu at McDonald's and pick something.

“Real breakfast” I assured her.

Tracey giggled “Okay we will see”

“Indeed we will,” I said more to myself than anyone. As the girls drifted outside I preheated the oven to 375 F. Cup of Cornmeal and a cup of flour, ¼ cup of brown sugar and two teaspoons of baking powder, an egg and a cup and a half of milk, a glob of mostly melted butter and a smidge of salt and I mixed it all together and poured it into a cast iron pan after spraying it with grease. Set the timer for twenty minutes and retreated to take a shower.

The hot water sprayed down on my naked skin. I lathered up and washed my hair and was about halfway through brushing my teeth when I heard. “Mr Robbie?”

“Yes?” I asked poking my head out of the shower, it was Rebecca.

“I need to go”

I chuckled, “Well you can go or you can wait for me to finish.”

“How long are you going to be?” she asked moving close, curiously trying to see behind the curtain.

“About five more minutes I guess”.

“I can’t wait that long”.

“Well I won’t watch” I assured her.

I could see Rebecca’s silhouette as she walked to the toilet situated across from the shower and she started unfastening her pants “Your sure you can’t see me?”

“Can you see me?” I asked her.

“Well I know your there but its really blurry”

“Well then I can see you but your really blurry too”

“Okay she said” and pulled her pants down and sat down on the toilet. It was a few minute later when she asked another question “Mr. Robbie what was my mom doing to you?”

“What do you mean?”
“Last night she came into your bedroom”

“We were talking…”

“It didn’t sound like you were talking”

“What do you think your mom was doing?”

“I think she was um… sucking your um thing”

“I see”

“Was she?”

“Did you ask her?”

“She would kill me for spying so I’m asking you.”

“I won’t tell.” I said over the noise of the shower.

“Can I try it?”

“The shower? Sure as soon as I get some clothes on.”

“No silly, can I try sucking your thing.”

“I’m not sure that that is a good idea Rebecca”


“Not today, I need to get back in the kitchen and finish breakfast.”

“Okay” She said sounding disappointed she got up and wiped and I finished before she managed to flush and stepped back from the streak of scalding water that followed the flush. I got out of the shower and grabbed the towel that was on the corner. I looked up to see Rebecca watching me from the doorway. I quickly covered myself and dried off. I got dressed and started with the bacon and eggs. It took me a little bit longer than it took for the cornbread to finish but I got it ready and called for the girls to come and eat. They arrived still dripping from their morning swim and sat down at the small table where I gave each girl an egg two slices of bacon and a slice of cornbread. The girls immediately started in on the eggs and bacon but seemed to hesitate at the cornbread, but Becky devoured hers and the two eggs I gave her and the girls seemed to take this as a queue and tried the cornbread. I sat on the kitchen stool and watched them and finished my own plate. All of them took seconds on food and I had to put my plate down to knock out another pile of bacon and eggs. While I was doing that Becky walked up behind me and put her arms around me “Why do you have to be so nice” she asked softly.
“Just the way I am I suppose” and she kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Thank you” she said.

After the girls had finished their third helping, and I was now out of eggs and bacon. They all surrounded me and gave me light little pecks all over my face whispering thank you for breakfast.

I got them all piled into the car, and drove them back to their apartment. Becky handed her keys to Rebecca and paused as the girls went up to their apartment. She kissed me long and hard on the lips. “You are something special”

“Eh” I said “Like I told you before, I had a crush on you when you used to sit me.”

“Next time?”

“Your going to call me for a next time?”

“Oh yes”


“I don’t know”

“Okay” I smiled and kissed her again.

It wasn’t but about four days later when Becky called. It was early before breakfast anyway “Robbie?”

“Hmmm?” I answered, unable to articulate anything else so early.

“Can you come and watch the girls?”

“Can I bring them to my place?”

“I guess so”

“Then I guess so”


“What it’s still dark outside and your calling me in the middle of sleeping time”

“I know but I have to go into work early and the person I usually get told me never to call her at this hour in the morning”

“Do they need to go to school or anything?”

“Yes at nine”

“Then what?”

“Can you pick them up after school?”

“Will the school let me?”

“I’ll call them and tell them”

“Okay I guess, give me half an hour to turn on my brain and get over there”

“Thanks Robbie you’re a life saver”

“Now I’m a candy that you want to put in your mouth and suck on before you crunch with your teeth”

“You know what I mean”

“I do,” I chuckled.

Two cups of coffee later and a brief car ride and I was knocking on Becky’s door. She opened it. “Take good care of them please!”

“I will” she kissed me.

“This will cost more than a kiss” I grinned at her.

“Oh believe me I know” and I watched her walk away her ass swinging from side to side until she climbed into her beat up Honda POS.

I looked at my watch. It was fucking six AM, what was I doing up at six am, thankfully I still had most of a cup of coffee. And I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Sipping at the coffee thoughtfully as I went through the thirty odd channels that the apartment complex provided. Thirty channels and nothing on I settled on Sponge Bob Squarepants and left the volume low. Rebecca walked in from the bedroom she was wearing a t-shirt for a night shirt that might have worked well as a night shirt about four inches ago.” Mom?”

“Your mom had to go to work early” I said and sipped my coffee. Rebecca’s night shirt came right up to the top of her thigh and her well worn panties had faded flowers on them.

“Mr. Robbie”

“Sure enough that’s me”

“I’ll get Tracey and Kelly up in a little bit”
“Take your time I we have till nine”

“Are you going to make breakfast?”

“I don’t know do you have any food?”


“How about we go look” we walked into the small cramped kitchen. There was some left over take out but nothing really to make for breakfast. “Right” I said after surveying the disaster that was the kitchen. “I’ll be back in about ten minutes” I took the key that Becky had thoughtfully left for me and went down to my car and drove the block and a half to the nearest grocery store.

I quickly grabbed a package of flour tortillas and some sliced ham and some eggs, bell peppers and onions, and a carton of orange juice and cooking oil, and hurried back to the apartment. I found Rebecca waiting for me, still in her state of undress.

I walked back into the kitchen and found a pan to cook in and a clean bowl. I poured some oil into the pan and started the burner.

“Mr Robbie?”

“Yes Rebecca?”

“How about now?” Rebecca asked.

“How about now what?”

“You remember, when we were out at that ranch?”

“Yes I do remember that”

“Can I maybe?”

“What Rebecca?”

“Can I try Sucking on your thing?” she blushed cutely.

“Rebecca, your mother would castrate me if she found out”

“I won’t tell?”

What if one of your sisters walks in?”

“I um”

“Let me make breakfast and we can discuss this after school”

“But after school… your going to get us after school?”




“Wow okay” she said and sat down at the table to watch me, I found a steak knife one of five useable knives in the kitchen hell in the whole apartment for that matter. And diced the onions and peppers and ham. After a few minutes the oil was hot in the pan and I added the onions in the bowl which was one of the few mercifully clean things in the kitchen I scrambled 7 eggs and added the ham and bell peppers. I waited for the onions to get mostly clear before I added the rest of the concoction. I stirred it up with a fork because apparently in Becky’s world we don’t have spatulas. I warmed up the tortillas in a paper towel in the microwave and filled each one with the now cooked contents of the pan. The other two girls kind of wandered in and sat at the table and it was about the second breakfast taco before they really became aware of me.

“Mr Robbie” Kelly Squealed and gave me a hug. I kissed her gently on the forehead and then it was Tracy and Rebecca. After eating they got dressed and they walked over to where the bus would pick them up. I watched them get on the bus and then proceeded to clean Becky’s apartment it was so dirty it was annoying and I had to do something in the interim.

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