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Continuation of Cmdr Vix's enjoyment of Japan
Gorthan Commander Vix takes control of Japan part 2

As the Limo pulls up, the pair are just finishing the final adjustments to their clothes and appearance. The door is opened for them and Vix steps out first closely followed by his Vice-Commander. The structure is a very traditional Japanese building with wooden steps and even a pond with a beautiful Coi pond. Several of the house staff stand just behind the Honor guard, all of the women are dressed in their colorful Kimono's with their heads bowed respectfully. Vix towers over the Honor Guards and house maids as he walks up the steps to greet the regional overseer. After the proper Gorthan hand greeting, he kneels and swears his oath of fealty to the Overseer. They exchange pleasantries before the Overseer, obviously tired by the mild activity, orders Greta to finish showing Vix his office and to his new residence. The office tour is standard, with each of the Gorthan infested humans greeting Vix with the slight palm touch and swearing their loyalty to their new commander. Vix knows they will do what he tells them as long as it doesn't countermand an order from the Overseer.

It's only a short drive to his new residence and Vix is pleased as they enter the security gated compound. As Vix steps out of the car he can see the house is large and very well maintained and the assigned guards and servant staff are lined up outside waiting for his arrival. The male converted guards are greeted first, and then the line of Asian females is introduced. The older and uglier ones are the kitchen and laundry staff, the more average looking ones are assigned as serving and cleaning staff, and the two girls at the end of the line that Vix notices that are rather attractive are the chamber and house maids, Saori and Hiroko. "And when can I expect this Akiko?" Vix says as he and Greta enter the house to continue the tour. "Don't worry Sir, I'll have her delivered first thing in the morning". "Good. Please send up the two house maids, it's been a long day and this body needs rest" Vix tells Greta as they finish the tour at his new bed chamber. Greta nods with a smile and walks off.

Vix gets settled in quickly and shortly after loosening his tie, he hears a soft knock at the door. "You sent for us Sir?" Hiroko asks in a soft voice. Vix waves them in and points to the middle of the open floor indicating where he wants them to stand as he closes the door behind them. He sits on the end of the bed looking the two girls over "Tell me about your selves" The two have been through servant training and know what info is expected. Since the Gorthan's gain identity info from their hand greeting, the un-converted human's are required to know what info a Gorthan needs to know about them.

"I am Saori, your house maid Sir. I am 22 and have completed Class 2 Servants training. As Master of the house, I now belong to you to do with as you see fit" She explains, the last part trailing off slightly.
"And I am Hiroko Sir, your chamber maid. I am 23 and have also completed Class 1 Servants training. I am your humble servant and belong to you Sir" She says more confidently than Saori.
"Good. Both of you strip!" Vix orders as he slides his tie off and starts to open his shirt glancing over at the two girls once as they hesitate for a moment. The two women start to disrobe, but even in their rush, they move with grace and beauty as they slip out of their kimono's and fold them onto the floor behind them before standing side by side, slightly nervously in only their house socks, as they fight to keep from covering their bodies with their hands. Vix approaches them, now with his shirt open exposing his strong, hairy chest. He walks around behind them admiring their bodies before moving and positioning them with their arms pulled behind their backs crossed along their lower back so each hand is holding the opposite elbow, forcing their chests to stick out. Next he uses his foot to push each girls feet apart slightly. "Know this position. If I allow you to stand, this is how I expect you to display yourself. Do you understand?" he inquires. "Hai, Vix-Sama" They both respond, then Hiroko goes on to say "No disrespect Sir, we said Yes Sir in Japanese". Vix ponders this for a moment "That is fine. I think it's quite proper and will probably hear it quite a bit while I'm here."

As he comes to stand in front of the two girls again he looks down and shakes his head as he sees Hiroko's mound covered in silky black hair. He then gives Saori's bare mound a light brush with the back of his hand finding some stubble. "Since you at least tried, you'll be my assistant tonight Saori. Hiroko here looks like she's never even trimmed her cunt before. I'm going to show you both what I expect" he explains before taking Saori's arm and leading her to toward the door, whispering instructions into her ear and sends her off. "Come over here Hiroko" Vix says pointing to the foot of the bed. She moves quickly, keeping her hands in place behind her to give a good show of her perky tits bouncing as she moves. Vix roughly grabs her neck and pushes her face down into the fluffy comforter covering the bed. This causes her to bend over leaving her ass sticking out. As he rests one hand on her crossed arms, he uses the other to give her ten slow, steady, and firm slaps on her exposed ass cheeks. He enjoys the way she whimpers and shudders each time his hand lands.

Just as he's helping a sobbing Hiroko back to a standing position, Saori comes back into the room with an arm full of items. She sets them down and brings a large fluffy towel over first and lays it in the same spot Hiroko was just bent over. She then gets the wrist straps and puts them on Hiroko's slender wrists, with a nod from Vix, she pulls her backwards onto the bed so her ass is on the towel and arms get stretched over her head to be tied off on the posts on the headboard. Then like a good assistant, ties off her ankles similarly to the posts of the footboard. Vix steps back and watches as Hiroko is bound, her back arched causing her pussy mound to be lifted and completely exposed. A small table is set up with the melting pot and accessories for the waxing. Vix has done his homework and learned how to perform this treatment, not only to get his women smooth, but also to feed his sadistic lust.

Saori watches as Vix heats the wax and starts to apply it in half inch wide swatches over Hiroko's mound then the woven cloth is laid over and pressed into the wax. Vix is patient and waits for the wax to cool, bonding like glue to her black pubes. Hiroko turns her head, tears still running down her cheeks from the spanking as her eyes plead with Saori for help but to no avail. Saori knows she can do nothing to stop what is coming and lowers her gaze just as Vix violently yanks the first cloth strip off of Hiroko's mound. Vix smiles as the room is suddenly flooded with the sound of Hiroko's scream and he is pleasantly surprised such a demure little woman can make such a sound. Along with the incredible scream, Hiroko's entire body tightens up and she pulls hard on the straps binding her wrists and ankles, but Saori's knots hold tight and she can only struggle against them as Vix rips the second strip of her cunt hair out of her body. Saori's body jumps each time a new strip is torn off of Hiroko's mound, as she silently empathizes with her house mate's suffering. It takes over thirty minutes for Vix to finish the process of removing every strand of hair off of her and by the end, Hiroko's screams are reduced to a constant sobbing and her body just twitches.

"Ahhh, That is much better" Vix states proudly as he runs his fingers over Hiroko's now perfectly bald and very red mound. He drops a dollop of lotion on her tender flesh and uncharacteristically gently rubs it in, causing her whimpers to slow and calm down. Soon her breathing is back to normal and Vix waves Saori over. "I expect you both to be like this for me, or I'll repeat the process. Now untie her and take her to her bed then return to me" Vix says. Saori bows "Hai Vix-sama" and helps a weak and still trembling Hiroko out of his bed chambers. Vix finishes stripping and lays in his large comfortable bed waiting for his young Asian house servant to return.

Her petite form is silhouetted in the doorway as she returns, gently closing the door before gliding across the room till she is beside the bed. She's visibly nervous and by the look of her rock hard nipples, a bit cold too. Vix lets her stand there for several minutes before patting the bed next to him. She slips in next to him and lets out a soft moan as she presses her body against his warm flesh. She immediately starts to rub her body against his and caresses his chest, hip and thigh using her training to help relax him and give him pleasure. In the dim light, she can tell it's working, not just by the growing shadow looming from his lap, but also the occasional brush of her arm against his growing member. After a bit of teasing, she slides her fingertips across his heavy balls and upward along his thick shaft letting out a soft moan as she feels how big it is for the first time. Holding it in the ring of her finger and thumb, she glides up and down the length of it a few times before she starts to kiss her way down his chest closer to that massive shaft.

He lays back and relaxes and watches her head turn and bob in his lap almost smiling to himself knowing she won't get it very far into her mouth. He knows he could grab her head and force as much into her throat as he can, but for now he's content allowing her to get to know her new Master. The slurping and sucking sounds fill the air as she does her best to please him, struggling to get much more than the head past her lips, but making sure to spit and slobber all over it to help her free hand glide along the shaft. Her soft coos and moans mask her inner fear of what it's going to be like when he begins really using her petite little body with this huge white beast of a cock. Even with her training, it will be tough to take it vaginally, let alone anally, which she knows will happen eventually.

Maybe he senses her fear, or can understand the subtle sounds of her moans, but he knows he wants more from this timid little Asian fuck toy. "Saori, get that bald cunt up her and ride me!" he says hoarsely. His heavy breathing from her mouth and hand work making his throat dry when he speaks. This only increases her fear as her mouth jerks off the head of his cock dripping her mouthful of slobber onto it. Even though she knows her pussy is wet, she rubs the slick slobber over his shaft knowing she'll need all the help she can get to do what she has been ordered. She crawls up to straddle his strong legs and rocks her hips as she rubs the swollen head over her lips to help part them before slowly settling down to start working it inside her. She lets out her first real moan as the swollen head first pops into her tight hole and she turns her head to the side trying to hide he look of concern on her face. Vix smiles when he hears that first true Jap-Asian moan, remembering it from the research he had done and thinking how it reminded him of crying. He knows she isn't crying from pain, yet, but the soft sound of her moans turns him on even more.

His hips push up causing her to gasp louder as more of his thick meat stretches her tight vaginal walls. "Get it all in there, bitch, or I'll flip you over and ram it up your ass instead!" he barks cruelly at her, knowing the fear of being ass raped will overcome her hesitation to fill her cunt. She doesn't doubt his conviction and starts riding up and down more vigorously, each time she drops her hips down, she forces more cock inside her. Even she isn't sure if her Asian crying moans are real or not, she just knows she must obey as she soon feels quite a bit of his cock sliding in and out of her belly. Vix doubts she'll get it all in, and can already feel his cockhead bottoming out inside her with a couple inches left to go, but she keeps trying to force herself down to get more in fear of him not being satisfied with her.

As his hands glide from her smooth thighs, over her narrow hips and up her torso he can feel her body quivering under his hands. Her head is now tossing side to side as she is getting lost in her own pleasure. This is now accentuated as his hands cup her firm perky tits and squeeze her nipples between his fingers, holding them as she lifts and drops her tiny body onto his lap, impaling herself over and over on his shaft. She tries to focus and looks down into his eyes, hoping to see pleasure in his face like she did from her instructors at the training center, but his face is solemn and brooding as she begins to beg "Prease Sir, I can cum?" She says, unable to control her accent. "Not until I do slut! You haven't earned it yet" he simply says. She starts really focusing on his pleasure now, rocking her hips and grinding on him, cooing to him "oh, please cum for Saori. Give Saori all that hot cum Master" She pleads with him, grunting and moaning louder too, getting a feel that he likes hearing her moans. Although he tries to hide it, her efforts are working and his cock is starting to throb and his balls are tightening in preparation of blowing his load of jizz into her belly. She senses it too and really grinds down harder struggling against her own natural instinct to orgasm. Finally, he lets loose and grunts loudly as his cock starts spasming inside her, pumping his potent seed into her womb. She lets out a long wail too as she feels the heat flooding inside her causing her to go over the edge too, riding it as long as she can before finally slumping over onto his chest.

"Go have Hiroko suck that spunk out of your cunt for the next half hour before you go to bed yourself" he simply states before waving her off. She slides up and off him, making sure to cup her pussy to keep from leaking as she walks out of his chambers. Satisfied he prepares for bed and finally sleeps off his jet-lag.

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