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A guy gets into something he didnt expect.
WARNING. extreme bondage.

They got me off the street, I was just out shopping. They pulled me into an upstairs office, and talked me into signing the waiver and release form, I knew it was a porn film, I looked forwards to meeting the ladies, and I throbbed at the thought of what I was going to do to them. I was escorted to a changing room and told to strip off my clothes and put on the straps. A large comfortable leather belt around my abdomen and smaller straps under and between the legs – attaching at the front of the belt. I hung through the center – I admired myself for a second, proud of my body and eager to get to action, I began to swell at the thought of the young beautiful women with their legs wide and waiting in the next room.

Next I was taken from the changing room down a long corridor by two men dressed in jeans and shirts – I felt slightly embarrassed by my strange attire, but the embarrassment faded as they shut me alone into a large bare room – with nothing but a black table in the center. Somewhat shaken – I stepped forward, and realized in front of me was a young man – unnaturally spread eagled to the point of almost doing the splits. His arms were strapped to the table by leather gauntlets, his head bent back over one edge of the table, and his tail bone flush with the other side. His legs stretched out either side by ropes. His lower half was concealed by a black silk sheet, its sheerness clinging to his body – he was clearly flaccid beneath. His arms were stretched out as if he was on a rack, and his neck cricked backwards over the edge of the table so that his head was directly toward me, his mouth held open by some kind of wide plastic ring. I noticed as I approached that his long blonde hair was braided tightly into ropes which disappeared back under the table – the ropes were taught as a tightrope – holding his head in this uncomfortable looking, rigid position.

All sorts of things ran through my head, I was so built up – and throbbing with anticipation – I wanted release, to thrust, to explode – but now I did not know what to think. What was this – this young man, this brightly lit room, and the bondage was not something I had expected, I was not into men, I was ladies all the way, but I was so worked up and ready to go; in my mind and the sight of this young man tied up and his mouth gaping and ready for my entry excited me somewhat. I drew my eyes over his body – his spread legs covered by the black sheer sheet, his flaccid penis beneith, where the sheet stopped, his chest was muscular and perfect, as were his outstretched arms - he was perfect example of young manhood. I carried on looking down to his face – his mouth being forced wide open by the blue plastic “o”, his eyes clenched in concentration or pain, or maybe anticipation of me sliding into his mouth. I wondered what it would be like to feel his tongue on the tip of my dick. I could not help myself.

“so you’re the fuck are you?
Look at you.
Well how would you like my shaft slid into your throat?”

I could not help myself, the words poured out of me as my loins began to throb and fill. I heard him groan a disapproving sound, and this turned me on. I anticipated the feeling of dominating over him, showing him who was the boss, of making him cum and scream like a bitch, I wanted to make him squirm and explode, suddenly I could not wait to feel the inside of his mouth with my penis.

I walked over towards him, the floor was cold, he seemed so isolated, it was a strange experience, but I savored the moment, all the time my eyes on the plastic ring which was stretching his jaw open, his mouth soft and wet, ready for my entry.
Once I had approached the table, I took my dick in my hands and slapped it on his cheek a few times.

“ how would you like this?”
You want this?”

I slapped it harder on his face, enjoying the fact that he didn’t seem to like it, then I started slapping his cheeks with my spare hand as well. First gently – watching their redness build, then harder and harder.

Next I thrust out my hand and pinched his nipple, I twisted it roughly two or three times, left then right, whilst I brushed my erection on his face, next i snapped my hand away from his nipple and to his chin. I gripped his chin and then also his forehead as I placed the end of my dick in the mouth hole, at this point I was brimming with glee, I could not wait to slide my meat into his mouth, oh the anticipation – it was so wrong, but I just could not stop. Shaking, I slooowly slid into his mouth – he could not move his jaw as it was stretched wide, but his tongue communicated with me as it furled around inside his mouth – I felt it brushing over the end of my piece, tasting me, and feeling the size, as I teased slowly inwards his tongue was forced to the bottom of his mouth where it spazamed when my dick first touched the back of his throat, I savored the slow entry.

With my dick stuck halfway into his mouth and his mouth spreader nicely gripping my shaft – I rotated my hips in circles – enjoying the feeling, taking in the expression and redness of his face, his groaning had stopped – replaced by loud regular breathing through his nose – I imagined what he could see – my balls hanging in front of his face, my hips rotating, and he would know I had much more to go into his throat. As I swayed my hips gently, his head did not have much movement because of the tight ropes pulling his long hair and head back into position, but as I circled, my meat probed new paces in his mouth – circled around the back of his mouth, probed his throat. I pinched his nipples roughly, sharp, long pinches and twists, then I slapped his cheeks hard and whispered insults to him in a low sarcastic voice.

“ you fucking pussy
You know whats coming?”

Suddenly I grabbed his head tightly in both hands, and immediately thrust forward with full force into this throat. My full length plummeted into his tight mouth and I froze in position. His tight throat tensed over and over as my meat had penetrated it deeply, his fingers clenched, and for a second his breathing became stifled gasps as he tried to draw air into his mouth around my cock. Still with my hand on his throat, I tightened my grip slightly, I could actually feel the bulge of my shaft in his neck, and I swelled larger with anticipation as his throat tightened and loosened it’s grip as the muscles struggled with my manhood.
With my loins pressed deep inside him, I stood and gasped at the feeling of it. just so good. Taking in the feeling, I tilted my head back and looked up towards the light to gain control of my senses.

Before I knew it, I had both hands gripped onto his throat, and began ramming in and out over and over again – I looked at him as his body shuddered, he wretched and heaved as best he could. Bound to the table, he fought to keep his breath, I rammed him forcefully again and again, I watched his fingers curl and bend and heard his stifled noises and I pushed ever deeper and deeper, into this gullet, his tongue shuddered and shook against my pumping shaft as I worked it deeper and deeper, harder and harder pushing into his mouth, pumping my groin monotonously into his face.

I was going at it hard and steady, when suddenly I heard a door slam, I swung my head around and three people in shirts and jeans had entered the room behind me. Caught unawares, I stopped and loosened my grip, with my cock halfway out, I wondered for a second if I had done something wrong, but I quickly realized that was not the case.

”alright there”

Said the tallest one,

“ We just want to connect you onto the harness”

Before I new it, the other two had stepped either side of me and were winding straps around my claves, they held my legs as the straps then went down and through two metal loops on the floor, before being tightly buckled. Next, I watched with interest and slight embarrassment as they took some panels off the table from each side off the young mans head, behind the panels were two piston type objects – these were then buckled tightly onto my hips by the belt I was made to put on earlier.

They handed me a simple controller –

“slide the leaver forward for faster and harder thrusts”

Said the tall one, then all three of the men took a few steps back and stood behind me.

I was feeling slightly strange that at this point I had my cock in this guys mouth, and three fully dressed men were stood behind me, once it had dawned on me that they were not going to leave, my mind slipped back to my previous thoughts, and I thought “ fuck it – what do you expect if your in a porn film.”

I slid the control forwards, and the pistons smoothly and slowly pumped me in and out his mouth, the gentle pneumatics of the pistons smoothly worked me in and out of his mouth, it was wonderful and comfortable and I felt like I was on an excersizing machine as the grip of his mouth slid up and down my entire length, it was nice but I wanted to be back where I was before – my bulge had lessened with all the commotion with the men, and I was eager to get back to ploughing his mouth. Without further ado I pushed the leaver further forwards, and then without thinking all the way to maximum; immediately my hips were pounded into his face, the noise of the machine rose to loud rhythmic pumps as my balls smashed over and over into his face, out of control my now tender balls smashed into his face, the pounding pain was excruciating that I lost my thoughts and could not turn it back down, I thought I heard laughter from behind me as I buckled over – the machine still beating relentlessly on and on, and my fingers not able to grip the control, the boys fingers tensing in unison with each mechanical pelvic thrust, my balls were being rhythmically crushed, beaten, battered, pulverized as they pounded repeatedly against his face, my dick shrunk with the pain and his held open mouth began to accept my shrunken balls as they crammed with each thrust into the ring; bam, bam. bam. bam. bam. bam. I screamed out,

“oh god!”

Ram after ram, the pain shot through my loins and through my body.
Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam.

My frantic finger managed to finally grip the dial, and dropped the dial to 0. I slumped over his body in pain as he let out a loud a groan, I saw his toes and fingers curl, as I was letting out my breath, exhausted. Whilst recovering, the three men suddenly jumped me from behind. Exhausted and bound in the straps, I could not retaliate. They forcefully grabbed my arms and bent them quickly and painfully behind my back – then the tall man quickly slipped a rope around and around my arms and wrists, he drew it painfully tight before tying some kind of elaborate knot.

With my arms bent painfully behind me, the rope biting, and my cock sat flaccid in the young mans mouth, I began to get mad, as the men walked around to the front of the table – inspecting me. I felt loathing to them that I was in this position – I did not like being tied up against my will – I was the dominant one here, what the hell did they think they were playing at. I was the one in the porno film – what they hell are they doing?

I could not speak, I was n shock, and I needed time to gather my senses.

After inspecting me for a while, the tall one walked back around to behind me, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end – what was he going to do?
In my peripheral vision I saw him crouched down behind me. Next I felt latex gloved hands parting by butt cheeks, looking, inspecting, and as I began to react, a cold slim index finger dryly slid up – at once, all the way fully into my anus; burning dryness as it entered - never before had I been violated in this way and my body writhed to get him out of me as I felt his finger dart and probe around inside me.

As I speechlessly shuddered he pressed around inside my anus, first to the back and then forwards purposefully:
“He’s tight, but loosing his wood, quick bring over a tie – now.”

The two other men ran up – one of them pulling an elasticized band from his pocket – he knelt down and whipped it around my cock and balls – two pairs of hands fumbled ruthlessly around my tender scrotum and then a sudden squeezing tight unbelievable pain coming from my balls – as they tightened the elastic, squeezing it to breaking point – my balls and cock were on fire, as they pulsated an bulged my body heaved.

It was so tight – my balls and penis bulged around it painfully.


As I wriggled and twisted against the leg, hip and with my arms bound behind my back, I caught sight of the man on the table, his toes and hands – his feet writhing and his fingers desperately digging the table – that’s when it dawned on me – he didn’t know this was going to happen to him either – he didn’t know he was going to have my cock in his mouth, he had agreed to a “bondage without limits frenzy” aswell, but did not read the small print as well… I watched him try to twist and curl – but to no avail the silky sheet clung to his perfect body.

“you fucks FUCKS, get this off! I screamed

“oh shut up you fucking pussy”
Came a voice as the finger exited my anus and he pulled a mouth spreader from his pocket, grabbed my hair, yanked my head backwards and forced the mouth spreader over my teeth and gums. My mouth was now spread wide open as the young mans, in an “o” …. ready for penetration.

“that will shut you up you stupid prick”

My throat contracted as I tried to yell, my tongue now furling, sounds coming from my throat, drool running from my forced open mouth.

The tall one walked back to the front of the table, and without saying a word – slipped the black sheet off of the boy, like a magician revealing a trick. Now it was revealed that the ropes braided from his hair were going all the way underneath the table and back up over the other side where they were tightly secured to his shaved balls by an orange elastic – the same as the one crushing my testes to bursting point. His head was cricked back in that position – but the pull from the same rope was also stretching his balls away from his body, I marveled at the taughtness of the rope – and wondered how the hell they had got it so tighty bound to him. It was no wonder his body was poised yet spazaming and writhing, no wonder his penis was flaccid and his head held back, for if he had moved his head but one inch, it would as streached his balls yet further from his body. As I watched the tall man pulled a seringe out from his top pocket – he took off the guard and squeezed out a little fluid, he then – lifted the boys cock gently and injected into a vein at its base. Then he looked into my eyes with a smile:

“ enjoy”

He said – and then purposefully left the room.

The remaining two men stood behind me as I looked at the boys cock, it began to murmur and grow, the man screamed as best he could in agony as the orange strap grew tighter around his ever-expanding balls. His head tried to lift away from the table with each stifled yell– but with each convulsion of pain the tug from his head onto his stretched his balls and passed shooting reactions through his whole body, I watched his stretching expanding piece as his yells turned to exasperated cries as he continued his circle of pain and reflex. His bell end was bright red, and swelled fast to perhaps the hugest I had ever seen, and still growing. Suddenly I realized my slight enjoyment of his pain and suffering – and I noticed my hips gently pulsing once again into his throat – despite the pain around my balls and shaft I began to grow and swim with pleasure – it was then that I realised one of the men had hold of the remote control – and was gently controlling my loins into and out of the mans mouth over and over. I gained my senses and started to fight the gentle piston thrusts. When they saw my mood change – they changed also – quickly stopping the mechanism and stepping towards me. they slipped a harness over the back of my head – a hook coming from each side, near the ears– these hooks were no doubt destined for the two rings I now noticed by the boys hips – obviously they intended to hook my head to the same “thrust” machine that my hips were attached to. I resisted – trying to shout through the o ring, and pushing back away, trying to barge them with my shoulders with all my power, I knew what was going to happen and I didn’t want it to – I had to get away, but it was not possible, the two men easily overpowered me in my tied up state and with my pain in my balls – and with forceful hands they directed my head forwards towards the spread-eagled mans massive pulsating dick, it filled my vision as they grabbed his massive shaft with their hands and held my head in position while they guided its round swollen tip into my “o” shaped mouth hole, his end filled the entireness of the opening, and it was wider yet to come, his swollen dick was three times the size of mine, at least, and the just the very end of his knob already half filled the whole of my mouth, I closed my eyes as I contemplated the inevitable.

My eyes watered with the pain from my constricted balls, and It seemed an eternity as I contemplated the length and girth of the meat that they were going to try to slide into my throat, there is no way it would be possible. I kept my tongue back against the back of my mouth, imagining I could block it’s entry;

With my head at this height above his pelvis – they attached leather belts from the sides of my head to the pistons at his sides. In this position, with the end of his dick filling my mouth – the men now laughed and joked at me, jeering – loudly laughing, circling me,a and slapping my ass cheeks, bending over looking into my eyes and shouting names. Grabbing my hair, yanking my head back and staring into my eyes as they shouted insults. One of them fumbled my balls and tightened the strap around my balls even further as the other jeered at me, laughing at my groans.
I winced in pain with each grope, each ruthless fondle, and movement as they grabbed my cheeks – when they were both behind me, one of them slid a latex gloved finger inside me again and simultaneously suddenly they both grabbed my shoulders and head and in one smooth single movement, guided my head purposefully downwards so that the full length of his shaft rammed smoothly into my throat - my nose was suddenly touching his hairless crotch. Gulping for air – his vast shaft stretched my mouth and neck fully, filling every single inch and leaving me no way to release the glups of air I needed to. His meat was rammed past the back of my tougue and down deep deep into my gullet, I choked and wretched as he had done before, my body shaking and convulsing as his shaft found its place within my throat, his dick pulsed there, filling every single inch of me, leaving me unable to scream, unable to shout stop! I realized this had gone way too far, things had got out of hand – but it was too late for that now. As if this wasn’t enough – they continued pressing hard on the back of my head as they tightened the straps at this new length

“lower, LOWER”

One of them yelled, and the other pressed frantically, impossibly trying to get me lower, my nose was already pressed againt shaven ballsack, there was nowhere else to go, but the loud one next climbed onto the table and swung a foot over each side of my head – he then sat heavily on the back of my head, his buttocks and full weight pressing down on my head whilst the second man tightened the straps further. They were both laughing all the time. When he got off the back of my head – the pressure did not let up, the strap around my head and now attached to the pistons at the boys hips were so tight that my mouth was crushed deeply into this sack, my mouth was filled with his overgrown penis and my mouth stretched widely at its pulsating base.

With the only bit of vision I had left I saw fingers fumbling around with the mans balls – they began trying to squeezing one through the hole and into my mouth, pinching and pressing the skin through, his balls reddened and swelled and they fumbled and tried to poke them in through the opening to my tightly stretched mouth opening. My mouth was already rammed to capacity. And so tightly filled. They shamelessly pinched and manhandled his scrotum, pinching and squeezing it unnaturally. His tongue communicated with me as they squeezed his balls though piece by piece. His toungue feverishly lapped my penis as they fondled his sack through the incredibly tight opening that was my mouth. I gulped and wretched as the time passed ; so impossible was the task that it took them over an hour to push his swollen balls through and inside… but Gradually, bit by bit they forced them in, fumbling and manhandling him, his groans vibrated onto my groin but his dick did not decrease in size all the while. first one ball was squeezed through and then the other fiddled, pressed, and squeezed, I felt his reaction on my own dick – his tongue wavered all the while, I could no longer see his writhing feet and fingers – but his quaking tongue said it all. I could feel the shapes of this balls in my mouth – first intermingled with the probing bumbling fingers of the men trying to squish the balls through the loop, my jaw was locked out, my mouth was full, I could not imagine what this felt like for the young man.

Next, the tall man (I think it was him) reentered the room, I felt some finger fingers fumbling with my balls, and then felt a sharp prick as he injected me as he had done the boy. My strapped up dick began to pulse and swell as his had done earlier, still in his mouth from before, I felt it begin to grow, throbbing I eventually filled his whole mouth now – every inch as he was mine – the sensation overwhelmed me along with the pain and the huge girth filling my throat. The man checked the straps systematically, making sure my hips and my head were tightened right down into the most crushing position – crushing my pelvis against his head, and my mouth right over his groin.

I do not know how long I was kept like this, perhaps hours, perhaps a couple of days, all I know is that the bright lights in the room went off, we were in total silence and darkness, bound to the table, full of each other. When I first got over the pain I listened, first for signs of anyone in the room, and then for signs of help outside. I wanted to shout to make a noise to get attention, or perhaps I could communicate with the young man. He began making stifled short cries, his vocal cords hummed on my hard dick, and his body tried to twist and turn benieth me, he was desperate to escape. We both began to fight the ties, tensing our thighs and chests, and muscles we could – were flexing to try to wriggle free, our stifled moans inaudiable because our mouths were rammed full.
We soon sank into helplessness and exhaustion.

At intervals,, the bright lights would suddenly flick on, and one of the men would enter. His shoes would tap at the table and pause for a second behind me, next I would feel the fumbling hands at my balls, and the injection would pierce the skin between my balls and my anus. Once again the pulsating hardness would reappear with renewed force – they kept us rock hard with these chemicals, they kept our mouths crammed full all the time. It was unbearable, I felt like my cock was going to rip open and explode into his mouth – but excruciating pain was coupled with this never ending frustration.

I do not know how ling we were kept like this, but it seemed like days passed, no light, nothing, just the injections, the sudden pain, and then the view I had… as they injected him the would move my nose out of the way – as I looked down I could see the needle pierce his reddened skin, could see the seringe going down and his pumping shaft would swell in my throat.

After an age – something suddenly happened, I did not hear any one come in or remember the flick and buzz of the bright flourecents turning on, but suddenly and forcefully, my butt cheeks were opened and a mans thumb was dryly pushed hard and purposefully into my anus. Shocked – I let out a noise.

“oh, you fuckin like that do you bitch?”

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please write the sequel soon!

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