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Note: I'm not into whips and chains style S&M domination. But teasing torment, keeping a woman right on the edge of orgasm without letting her cum, making her beg to be allowed to orgasm...that's more my style! A whisper can go a lot farther than a shout when voiced right...


I was ecstatic that you’d invited me over. The tone of your voice over the phone told me that you were already “in the mood.” I had ideas for what I wanted to do, but first I wanted to surprise you. So I shaved very carefully, removing every vestige of hair from my chin, cheeks and lips.

I knocked on your door, and heard the soft padding of bare feet. You answered the door in that soft bathrobe that looks so good on you and a pair of loose, baggy pajama pants. Not a stitch more.

You invite me in and I embrace you, holding you close, holding you lovingly, letting you feel the smoothness of my face, let you know, without a word being spoken, that I shaved for you today. I kiss you gently, and guide you towards the bed. Before you know it, I have you in bed, your robe undone, baring your beautiful breasts.

In a few moments I had you out of your robe and was easing you out of your pajama pants. I stroked your hair and kissed you, and then whispered softly in your ear, “You’re mine, slut.”

A shiver runs through you, as you look at me, wide-eyed. I place my hand firmly on your chest, holding you down, my eyes never leaving yours as I reach out and grab a couple of your scarves. In a few moments, I’ve tied your wrists and ankles to the bed, leaving you nude, spread-eagle, and helpless.

Without breaking eye-contact, I let my fingertips glide lightly, ever so lightly, over your skin, providing just the slightest touch. They slide over your belly, between your breasts, touching all the right places to arouse and titillate, torturously so, leaving you aching, craving more.

And then…I stop. I take my hands off you, and for what is to you an agonizingly long moment of squirming and arching as your arousal grows, I just…study you. Study your arousal, and plan my next move.

Deciding on a course of action, I delve into my bag and come back with something hidden in my hands. You crane, trying to see what it is, and concealing it quickly in one hand, and give you a light, yet firm, slap on the left breast for, as I tell you, “being nosy.” I tell you to close your eyes and, like a good little slut, you do so. The object I have hidden in my hand is a blindfold, and I gently secure it to your head. Once it’s in place, I give you a light, teasing kiss, my lips barely brushing against yours.

I step back once more. I can tell you’re wondering what I’m going to do, and I can sense your arousal. I silently walk around to the foot of your bed, and glance between your thighs. Your pussy is wet and glistening, and your labia are beginning to spread on their own accord as your arousal grows. I place my hands on your ankles and let my hands slide up your legs, caressing them; stroking them…I let my hands slide extremely close to your trembling, dripping pussy, even letting my fingers brush the crease where your thighs meet your loins. You tremble and arch under my touch.

I take my hands off you, prompting you to murmur in extreme arousal. As carefully and silently as possible lower myself between your thighs – I let my lips brush lightly against your pussy, eliciting a gasp of surprise and pleasure from you. My tongue slips across your labia, between them, to explore your sweet pussy. I eat you out, my arms encircling your thighs, holding you steady as you buck and twist from pleasure. Your pleasured moaning grows louder; your orgasm is building. You’re shaking harder now.

Just before you go over the edge and come, I stop, and get out from between your legs. You’re thrashing against your bonds at this point. As you thrash, I undress as quietly as possible.

I walk around to the front of the bed and lean over you, allowing the head of my erect cock, a bead of precum already formed on the tip, to touch your lips. You shiver at this touch and attempt to put your mouth over my cock, but I pull it away. “Ah, ah, ah” I chastise, “beg for it.”

“Mmm, please, please, give it to me, I want it, I need it,” you moan. Pleased, I place my cock in your mouth, let you begin to suck at it, let you taste my precum. I thrust into your throat, slowly at first, being kind enough to not choke you with my penis. I fuck your mouth, simultaneously rough and caring. In a moment I can stop, as you’re working your mouth up and down my cock…my hands slide down and grab your breasts, kneading them. You squirm and writhe under my touch, never taking your mouth off my cock.

I take my hands off you, and pull my penis from your mouth. “Are you close to orgasm?” I ask softly. All you can do is nod. “Beg for it, whore. Beg my permission. Beg to be allowed to come.”

You gape at me, wide-eyed at this new development. “P-please…Please…may I come…please…” you manage to gasp, your entire body shaking.

“Yes you may,” I whisper, as I position myself between your legs, thrusting my hard cock into your soaked pussy. I untie your wrists and ankles, telling you you’ve been such a good little slut, you’re getting rewarded. I fuck you hard, my hands on your shoulders, pinning you to the bed as your breasts bounce with each thrust.

I roll you on to your stomach, propping you up on a pillow as I fuck you from behind, your gorgeous round ass bouncing against my stomach as I fuck you…
I flip you back and forth between positions, and even go into cowgirl a couple times, with you riding my cock hard, my hands kneading your breasts, spanking your big, gorgeous ass, sliding up and down your sides and back…

I’ve got you flat on your back, my cock pistoning in and out of your dripping pussy as I feel the pressure building…I pull out and jack myself off, coming directly on your clit…you scream in pleasure as my hot, pearly-white ejaculate splatters across your most sensitive regions. I thrust my cock back into your mouth, telling you to suck me clean. You do so with gusto, and when you’ve finished I tell you to masturbate with my cum.

You do so, slowly and tentatively at first, but with increasing enthusiasm, your cum-slicked fingers gliding over your clit. With a scream, you bring yourself off, climaxing spectacularly, almost falling out of bed from the intensity of it.

Once you’ve cooled down enough to lie still, I curl up with you, both of us still naked. My arms encircle you, holding you tightly, almost protectively, just below your perfect breasts. In a few moments you’ve drifted off, and I’m quick to follow suit.
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