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Our plumber wears makeup and short skirts.
Fbailey story number 734

The Lady Plumber

My wife had been complaining about a drip in the kitchen faucet. Of course I kept ignoring her.

So one day I came home from work, walked into the kitchen, and saw what I thought was my wife lying on her back under the sink.

She had on a pair of black high heels, a tan colored miniskirt, and a bright yellow T-shirt that showed off her belly button piercing. When did she get her belly button pierced? Why was she dressed to impress? Why was she under the sink? She didn’t know what she was doing.

Her knees were up and they were spread, exposing her pretty pink and blue panties. Her camel toe was showing. I knelt down and placed my hand on her warm pussy. She jumped and hit her head on a pipe under there.

Then from behind me my wife asked, “Why are you feeling up our new lady plumber?”

From under the sink a voice said, “Don’t make him stop, I was just beginning to enjoy it.”

What to hell…I placed my hand back on her panty covered pussy and said, “Most plumbers show their ass crack…your camel toe is much better.”

My wife said, “Maggie, he likes your slit.”

Maggie said, “So did my husband until he saw how cute his boyfriend’s butt crack was. After that my slit didn’t excite him anymore.”

I slipped a finger under the side of her panties and then I slipped it up her crack from her asshole to her clit. I stayed on her clit and rubbed my index finger into her until she lowered her arms over her head and started to moan.

My wife was standing right over me looking down as she said, “Maggie, I’ll be expecting a discount.”

Maggie said, “Then I’ll be expecting more than just him fingering me.”

My wife started laughing and said, “Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. You take care of my drippy sink and I’ll take care of your drippy pussy after my husband fills you up…lets say…three times tonight.”

Again Maggie hit her head when she jumped, her arms went to her forehead, and she said, “Three times…girl…are you serious?”

My wife replied, “Damn serious. My husband is the best lover that I’ve ever had. Of course I’ve only had eleven but he was and is, the last.”

Maggie giggled and asked; “Don’t I count?”

My wife squatted down and reached between my legs. Soon her fingers were in Maggie’s pussy hole and she was saying, “No, women don’t count. You can’t find me, feel me up, fuck me, and then forget me…like most men do.”

Maggie finished her job once I stopped distracting her. When she came out and stood up I was amazed at how pretty that woman was.

I said, “You are a very attractive plumber. Do you always dress like that?”

Maggie had a great smile as she replied, “I was on my way to meet my sister for dinner when your wife called me. I thought I could do this on my way…but now…I think I’ll call my sister and tell her that something better came up.” She said the last part as she cupped my crotch.

The phone call was made and I followed the two women into our spacious bedroom. It was certainly no ordinary bedroom. Our king size bed was in the middle and could spin around on casters…slowly of course…I wouldn’t want anyone to get sick or get thrown off. There was a Jacuzzi in one corner and next to it was six feet of our forty-foot swimming pool. It was heated and we could swim all year round. Then along another wall was an open bathroom. It had a sunken tiled floor to contain any water from the double sinks, toilet, bathtub, and large shower. Everything was fully visible to everyone else in the bedroom. Even I would pee from the side so as not to encroach upon on my wife’s view of my cock as I peed.

Maggie loved our setup. I loved watching her undress with my wife. It was blouse for blouse, bra for bra, and skirt for skirt. They let me remove their damp panties.

My wife kissed Maggie and got her just as hot as she had been in the kitchen. I thrust my cock into her willing hole and pumped her softly, apparently too softly, because she begged me to fuck her harder. I had been excited too long to stretch it out much longer and when I erupted inside her it was powerful.

My wife jumped in and licked her clean quickly. Then we took a swim, sat in the Jacuzzi, and took a shower together. As I watched the two women soap each other up and then finger the other’s pussy, I got hard. I lifted Maggie up against the wall, positioned my hard cock under her pussy, and then I lowered her down onto it. With her arms and legs wrapped around me I slammed her into the wall and pounded her with my hips. Her ass was forced into the wall repeatedly until she had her orgasm…followed by my climax. Again my wife was right in there licking and washing her bald pussy.

The girls let me take a nap. Maggie woke me up by placing her juicy pussy over my mouth. What a fantastic way to wake up. Anyway my wife had promised Maggie three good size deposits in her pussy and Maggie did not want to get cheated. She didn’t.

We never had another problem with our plumbing. Maggie became a regular visitor to our house, to our bedroom, and of course to our bed. She brought her sister along several times. I loved watching the three beautiful women enjoying each other sexually.

The End
The Lady Plumber
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