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A female vampire seduces workmate
Alexandra The Office Vampire
Every morning as she came into the office, she brought a bouquet of fresh flowers that she placed in the vase on her desk. She threw out the old ones, although they were only 24 hours old, rinsed out the vase, poured fresh water in and delicately arranged the flowers in it.
Always dressed in the most outrageously sexual outfits, sometimes, very short skirts with white knee-high platform boots, other times long dresses very low cut on the bosom and slit to the hips, with stiletto heels of all colours and then again, she could wear a tight leather skirt or flowing dress but generally showed her legs. Once or twice however, she did wear pants. On one occasion, they were black leather and another time white summery transparent trousers, though she hardly ever wore jeans, and in no way did she wear tacky clothes. Her constant swaying of hips denoted her awareness of the effect she was having on us, the veritable weaker sex.
Although she never covered herself very much, even in the midst of Summer, her skin remained particularly white, her eyes, sometime bluey green and other times, almost transparent grey, gave off an uncanny and strange contrast with her light complexion. Her long jet-black hair often hid her tender features and even if she didn’t seem to comb it very often, it always looked silky, soft and shiny and neatly groomed to perfection. Her teeth were particularly white, they gleamed brightly and were perfectly aligned but this appeared to be only visible due to her rosy red bulgy lips. When she opened her mouth and gave off an innocent grin, which most of the time, wasn’t that innocent, the brightness of her teeth clashed with the glow her lips exuded.
Most of the men in the office were secretly in love with Alexandra and she knew it but no one, actually appeared to have ever gone out with her. Her desk was next to the main entrance, after all, she was the head receptionist, although she couldn’t be more than 22 or 23 but I know she was a highly intelligent and had diplomas as long as her arm, apparently at the age of fourteen, she’d passed her major end of school exams and entered university at 15 or so it said in her file, so why was she only a receptionist? I don’t know but there must have been some reason. It’s true she’d only been in the firm a few of months but I’m sure she could do better, anyway all this was office rumour, and everyone knows what that means. Coming back to her geographical position in the office, I sat across the room from her and had a perfect view of her entire person. When she sat behind her desk, I could see everything beneath it and very rarely did she were panties. When she did, they were the same colour as her skin. I’m sure she knew that I occasionally gaped as she had a habit of crossing and uncrossing her legs voluntarily with a very slight grin on her face. To add to the stimulation that constantly perturbed me, she had no pubic hairs and she knew exactly how that affected most men and me in particular. Just thinking about it was enough to cause an erection and at times, it was very difficult to contain myself and concentrate on my work. Being an accounting clerk in a computer firm wasn’t very exciting but having Alex (as she liked being called), sit opposite me did bring a little glow to my otherwise everyday droning life. It’s true that, Jennifer, who was about 40, also very glam and Polly, the boss’s secretary, who seemed in her mid 40s but, I knew for a fact, was 37 and always wore jeans, never fixed her hair
and never wore make up, weren’t at all a problem for Alex, for stood out in the field perfectly leaving the other women in the office far behind.
When customers came in, they only saw her top half, but that alone was enough to get any male’s libido heating up. It was obvious she never wore bras, but of course for a person to know she had no underwear, he would have had to drop his pen in front of her desk and bend down to pick it up and that didn’t happen very often.
That day, I had no idea that my life was going to change drastically. I thought to myself, “what the hell, no-one ever seems to ask her out and I’m sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend so what have I got to lose”, I therefore stood up to go to the coffee machine in the storeroom behind the other office and as I did so, Alexandra did too. I thought, “wow, my lucks in today”, OK, so I knew that everyday around 10, she went to get her morning coffee and for once, I decided beat her to it. It was a good way of being alone with her for a few moments.
As we both left the office, she turned and smile at me, I could feel her warm breath as she lightly brushed my shirt with her hair.
‘Going for coffee?’ I asked.
‘You know I do everyday at this time.’ She uttered in her smooth soft voice.
I had no answer for that, but her come-on grin was enough for me to not want to go back and sit down.
‘I felt like a coffee today for a change. Is it really good, I mean what does it really taste like?’
‘You don’t know what coffee tastes like?’ She questioned surprised.
Again I was lost for words. I didn’t know what I could say without looking foolish, so I quickly mumble something that, after thought, just didn’t seem to have any sense, and I wished I’d shut up.
‘Euh, I mean this office coffee, is it as tasty like real coffee?’
We’d reached the machine. She put her coin in the slot and waited for the cup to fill then bent over just in front of me to pick it out of the machine. Her buttocks lightly brushed my groin and I could feel myself harden again, after all, she was wearing that very short red kilt with small white socks in her black high stiletto heels, Her legs were perfectly curved and her tense thigh muscles stood out as the soft white skin shone in the light coming from the sun through the window. I could hardly hold myself back from grabbing her. Her white blouse was filled with her braless breasts and I could see her nipples proudly boasting their hardness under her as she was bent over. It was hot enough without my adding personal moisture under my armpits and on my face.
She straightened herself up again and turned towards me handing me her cup. Her breasts were now touching my chest, I could feel her hardened nipples pressing against me and I was beginning to really flush which made me perspire even more.
‘Here!’ She said as she offered me the cup, ‘Taste it, then you’ll know if it’s
really worth putting your coin in the slot.’
I found that expression ambiguous but I put the coffee to my lips and didn’t really notice what taste it did have. All I knew was that it was very hot. Then the words just poured out of my mouth like a zombie.
‘What are you doing tonight? I mean, are you busy euh washing your hair or
something or would you like to go out, I mean, if you don’t want to, I understand, I mean, you don’t have to say yes or…’
She put her finger on my lips and did a long ssshhhh!
‘I’ve been waiting a long time for you to ask me out. I’d love to spend an
evening with you. Even the whole night, if you like.’
I wasn’t expecting that but the way she said it so slowly and in with sensuousness, excited me all the more and that soothing voice of hers was sooo sexy that I just stood there with no reaction. Then suddenly, she slammed the door of the storeroom shut and grabbed me by the shirt, opened wide her mouth and thrust her tongue inside my own mouth and kissed me wholly for an entire minute. She then lifted her kilt.
‘Take me now I’m burning. Let’s do it right now and afterwards, you’ll know if
you still want to go out with me tonight.’
I was stunned and totally flushed at the same time. Here was the sexiest girl in the office that every man wanted to put in his bed and I was probably the last of the idiots on this planet that she’d chosen to have sex with in the middle of the day beside the coffee machine in the storeroom next to an office full of people. Anyone could come in and catch us in the act. That was the kind of situation that never happens in real life. While I was thinking all that, my fingers had already unbuttoned my trousers, which, with my underpants were now on my ankles, and she’d grabbed my rod and pulled it into her.
I penetrated her fully. My pole was so hard it was almost bursting. I held her beautiful curvy smooth and soft, white thighs and I could feel the muscles in them begin to tense as well as did the rest of her legs which she wrapped around my waste. My phallus moved in and out, her slit warm and moist. I suddenly felt my juice coming from deep within rush rapidly to exit me and enter her strongbox. She gave off a little squeal of satisfaction as I groaned with enormous pleasure. As I pulled out, all I could think of were the silly words that came out of my mouth.
‘Yes it does taste like real coffee.’
She looked at me abysmally as I was re-buttoning my pants. All she had to do was drop her kilt over thighs again.
So! She grinned at me, ‘Do you still want to go out with me?’
‘I prefer coming into you, but yes. Tonight, your place at seven?’
Her grin turned into a full smile as she smacked her lips against mine once more then opened her mouth wriggling her tongue around mine. As she released my oral cavity, she looked me straight in the eyes with her strange green gaze and uttered.
‘Seven o’clock will be fine.’
She opened the door and walked out. I remained, I still had to get my coffee.
It was 7 o’clock when I picked her up at her apartment. She didn’t invite me in she was ready for me when I arrived. I just gave her the flowers I had bought and she thanked me with a kiss putting the on a sideboard just inside the door. I’d dressed appropriately for the warm spring evening, a two-piece cream suit with an open blue shirt. She on the other hand, had really made an effort. Or had she? Her dress sense was always impeccable. A pure white mink, or something approaching, I don’t think she had the money for a real mink. Before she’d buttoned it, I’d spotted her very short silky black tight skirt and of course the very high stiletto heels as always. She just picked up a small black purse certainly containing nothing but her mobile phone and
a comb. It could hardly hold anything else. Her makeup was slight but again her natural red lips stood out on her pale ashen skin and matched her perfectly combed long black hair. Maybe she had blood disorder or something, she always looked anaemic though all the curves were in the right places and other than the paleness of her skin, she looked divine.
‘I reserved a table in a small steak house I know, I hope you like steak?’
Actually I was fishing for information. I wanted to get to know her better.
‘Oh I love steak, especially very rare,’ she said with enthusiasm. I knew by the
satisfied look on her face she was telling the truth.
As we entered the restaurant there was a general buzzing of the usual clientele but seeing Alexandra walked in, everyone hushed. It was uncanny, it only lasted a few seconds, but all eyes were upon her. It was as if Jennifer Lopez herself had walked in and I must admit, the looks weren’t that different, mind you it depends what you understand by the looks.
The waiter showed us to our table and we sat down, opening our menus at the same time. Alex had given the “garçon” her coat and was now sitting in the sexiest skirt I’d ever seen her in. I was wondering in fact, if she was wearing knickers or not, it intrigued me but dropping a knife or fork on the ground to be able to bend down and see would have been too apparent and out of place, besides, I was already feeling an erection coming on as it was. I was about to put my hand on her knee but I thought, maybe this isn’t the best place to do that, when suddenly, I felt her bare foot running up my trouser leg. That did it. My erection was complete and I could already feel movement in my libido as her foot went higher up my leg. That’s when the waiter arrived.
‘Monsieur Dames, is everything to your satisfaction?
Alex grinned as she mocked me.
‘Yes, are you all right darling, you look a little flushed?’
What could I answer, being taken by surprise in that way?
‘Oh, it’s nothing, just a slight stiffness coming on. Must be the driving.’
She laughed finding it very amusing, I’m sure.
‘Well if that’s all it is, there’s no problem is there love?’ She concluded as she
lifted her glass of wine and started knifing into her meat.
During the meal I watched her eat her meat. Not only did she seem to tear it to shreds between her teeth but she acted as if she hadn’t eaten for days. The way she sipped her red wine though, was so sensuous that I could almost drink it out of her mouth myself.
I was looking at her nipples harden through her blouse and I got the impression that she was very different from any female I’d ever met before. I didn’t quite know why but I was sure that the night I was about to spend with her would be the climax of anything ever seen written or heard of, before concerning sex. I continued to gape at her breasts and I started to wish for the dinner to come to an end as quickly as possible and strangely as it may seem, I could almost sense that she was reading my thoughts.
‘Hey Tom, snap out of it, we’ve got all night together, enjoy the dinner, you
never know, it might be your last.’
‘What, what did you say?’ Suddenly, I was out of my trance, she’d said
something that had provoked a reaction in me. ‘What do you mean, my last?’
‘Oh nothing, I’m just kidding, you seemed so intense. Deep in your thoughts, I
just wanted you to react, and it worked.’ She laughed. What If she could read my mind? This time I was sure. I just had an uncanny feeling that she knew exactly what I was thinking.
At last the meal was over and the coffee and cognac drunk. Ordinarily, I love these moments of prolonging a meal and I generally ask for a second coffee/cognac but tonight, I didn’t want to, I just wanted to get back to her place, and yet, I had an apprehension about this whole situation. She wasn’t my first, far from it and she certainly wouldn’t be my last, mind you, that little phrase she’d uttered earlier, did trouble me, slightly. But, outside of an extreme sexual activity, which I certainly wasn’t going to ignore, I don’t really see what else could occur tonight.
Driving back to her place was real smooth. She was quiet and didn’t say a word. I glimpsed over to watch her move her legs from under the mink. Her eyes were shut as she bent one leg back tensing her calf muscles so as to put her foot on the seat and turned slightly towards me. It was so sexy as I stared at her thighs for a moment. Her skirt was pulled right up and I could glimpse between her thighs. I was right she wasn’t wearing any undies. Her head tilted slowly to drop on my shoulder. I had had three glasses of wine and two cognacs but I’d noticed she’d finished the rest of the bottle of Beaujolais though she seemed fine at the restaurant. Oh no, she wasn’t going to drop off on me. After all this, my night of absolute sex was compromised. I was just going to take her home, wake her up to go inside and she was going to drop on to her bed and go to sleep, and that was going to be that. Although I had my mind on my driving, I had a constant eye between her thighs as I could feel an erection coming on again. Ah shit, what a waste. The strangest of things happened next. Although her eyes were shut her mind was alert.
‘No, I’m not wearing any panties and my legs are bare. And yes, we are going
to make passionate love and no, I am not asleep’.
My mind was suddenly off my driving and I almost hit a car coming in the other direction. Shit she could…
‘Yes, I can read your mind.’
She opened one eye and grinned. Those marvellous teeth appeared between her incredible rosy lips. Her raven hair was falling on her face like a shaggy dog but it made her look so sexy. As we arrived in front of house, I was relieved. I’d lost my erection but I was confident I’d soon get it back again, besides we were home, at least hers, and now the serious action could start but not before a good nightcap. I needed it. As we got to the door, she handed me the key.
‘There you are. All you have to do is penetrate my lock with it and you’ll
discover the most refined treasures you could possibly imagine:’ She placed her face close to mine as she spoke.
‘Euh yeah!’ I grunted.
That phrase she just uttered did it. I was bulging, my libido was going wild, never mind the nightcap, we had to go, now. The third act was coming up.
She threw off her coat and started unzipping her skirt as I was fondling her breasts under her blouse. Her expert fingers unbuttoned my trousers and began to play with my phallus. It was bursting with its purple glans seeming thicker than usual. It felt fuller too. I managed to take off the rest of my clothes before we really got down to business. Every part of my body was on fire as I caressed her glowing and
delightfully rounded breasts but then she turned with her back to me and bent over. I had her soft and gorgeous firm buttocks against my stomach. They were so soft and silky yet I could feel an immense muscular power at the tip of my fingers. As I stroked her legs, her calf muscles tensed again under the tender skin. I was aware of the smooth and firm feminine muscles and that alone was activating my libido like never before. I felt she was teasing me to get me yearning all the more. As we sat on the leather divan her legs came up around my waste and she bent over to take my manhood into her mouth. Her saliva was so warm and I had great trouble in holding back, I felt I could come at any moment only I wanted to restrain myself until complete penetration. This was only the warm up and yet I was like an inferno. Her legs closed in on me as she turned releasing my stick, which now felt like an iron bar. Her firm and very shapely yet soft and silky-smooth legs were almost crushing me. She then turned and bent over in front of me and I knew that this was the moment I’d been waiting for. As she bowed down even more, I took her from behind in doggy fashion. I slowly penetrated her burning vagina, it was so warm soft and humid. I went in and out as she through her head back. My hands were on her smooth round buttocks as I went further in.
She then cried out and that excited me all the more.
‘Carry-on again, again yes it’s fabulous, go on don’t stop. AAAAHHH yeah
Her cries were making me doubly amorous as I went faster and faster. I could now feel that the race was on. My semen was coming fast and furious, there was no more holding back, and my entire body was quivering. All my muscles were working towards a unique climax and this was it. I felt shivers from the back of my head and all the way down my spine. My juice rushed out at such a speed but at the same time, it seemed to go on forever. Yes, I was Climaxing like never before. This was incredible. The cum just didn’t want to stop, and as it continued, her body bent back as if it was asking for more.
‘AAAAAAHHHHH yeah, it’s fabulous, I can feel it in my clit and all through my
body. Aahh yeah ! Don’t fucking’ stop!!!’
What could I say after that?
‘Well hun, I don’t know what you felt but I sure experienced something.’
It was true that for me, this occurrence was unique. I could still feel my body vibration all over. Then she said something I wasn’t really expecting.
‘And that was nothing compared to what you’re going to feel now.’
‘Oh I believe you.’
Ididn’t really know what she had in mind as I was pulling out.
‘You’ve had your fun, now it’s my turn.’
‘Well, it seems to me you enjoyed it as much as I did.’
‘I wouldn’t quite say that hun, but now, I’m going to really start enjoying myself.’
She slowly turned to face me. Her eyes had changed. They had a peculiar transparent yellowy green look to them. She grinned at me but I had no idea what was about to happen. Her lips slowly parted as she pushed out her tongue to caress them. Her face came closer to mine until her hair was covering my forehead and eyes. Although we’d just finished it was as if I could feel another erection beginning again. The softness and warmth of her hair on my face was enough to get me going once more. And then it happened. Her “visage” came closer to mine as she opened her mouth wide. Those magnificent white teeth appeared as usual only this time; I notice two long sharp canine teeth on either side of her mouth. They were fangs. It
was too late. She buried her jaws into my neck and I felt a deep piercing pain as the fangs dug deeply into my vein.
After a few moments, I started feeling pleasure taking the place of the agony as she was sucking my blood. It felt so warm and soothing again just like pure sex, in fact I hadn’t realized that I was in full erection and was ejaculating once more. Maybe that was the soothing part, but I know I wasn’t feeling any more pain in my neck. As my spurting ended so did Alexandra’s leaching. She slowly pulled off me, and gazed at me deeply in the eyes. I was stunned and I really didn’t know what to say and as a result, I just let out the first words that came to mind.
‘So, you’re a Vampire then, are you?’
She continued to look at me in amazement.
‘Is that all you’ve got to say? So you’re a Vampire are you? Well, you’re really
odd. I just bit you. Probably for the first time in your life you meet a real Vampire and you just sit there and ask an asshole question like that.’
‘Euh, what did you expect me to say? As you said, you just bit me and I’m
confronted, for the first time in my life with a Vampire. What, are you going to kill me now, or something?’
She grinned and licked my neck. Her beautiful teeth were now full of blood, warm fresh blood, which suddenly seemed to hypnotise me. She tilted her head and looked sorrowfully at me as she answered my anxious question.
‘What? After what we’ve just been through? I don’t know if you realize it but you’ve got cum all over yourself. When I was feeding off of you ejaculated again and it was so funny.’
‘Yes thank you, I realized that:’ I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts. ‘So what does happen now?’
‘Well that’s entirely up to you, my lover. Either you forget everything that happened here tonight or you become one of us.’
‘You mean there are more of you?’
‘Oh yes, but you’re not obliged to become a creature of the night.’
‘Oh yeah, about that!’ I was confused and I had to ask, ‘How come you walk around in pure sunlight, if you’re a vampire?’
‘Actually, the sun doesn’t affect us if we’ve fed. All that stuff about roasting in the sun is bullshit. We do have sensitive skin but we can hold out about forty-eight to seventy-two hours after a good feed beyond that we do perish but very slowly.’
‘And of course you have a good feed every seventy hours and tonight your meal was me.’
‘Don’t be bitchy. You can’t say you didn’t enjoy the evening and all I took from you was a tiny little bit of blood only you really revelled in sex tonight.’
‘Huh, what can I say? What if I were to drive a stake through your heart, would you die?’
‘Actually, if you were to drive a stake through anyone’s heart, they’d die. I told
you forget the old Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee movies as well as Buffy the Vampire slayer. It doesn’t work like that. Crosses don’t affect me neither does holy water. I’m a Satanist, and we couldn’t give a fuck about that sort of thing. I just enjoy being a Vampire.’
She paused for a moment looking a little sorry for me. She didn’t seem to have wanted to hurt me so she tried to reassure me.
‘Look, if you like, you don’t have to remember any of this. Go and take a
shower, come back get dressed and get in your car and tomorrow, you’ll have forgotten all about it.’
- I don’t believe you. I doubt very much that you’ll manage to make me forget
this evening it but okay if that’s what you want, why not. Mind you, on second thoughts what if I want to be like you?’
‘Actually you don’t. Believe me this life isn’t for you. Just stay yourself, it’s
There was something that was puzzling me and I had to get it off my chest.
‘Tell me Alex, how old are you exactly?’
She grinned and came close to me to whisper in my ear as she started putting skirt back on.
‘To start with, my name isn’t Alex and I’m a lot older than you. Now go and
take that shower.’
She put her finger on my lips again and smiled as she handed me a towel.
As I entered the office the following morning, Alexandra was sitting at her desk wearing a short green tartan kilt. She had green platform heels and a white blouse. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I knew one thing, I was determined to ask her out one of these days, but I felt I’d better move fast because all the other men in the office had views on her. As I sat down I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties and that started stirring me. I could feel an erection coming. She continued to smile in my direction and I was wondering what she was thinking about. I was also wondering what it would be like to spend a night with her. Oh well, I guess I’d better get to work. Suddenly, I had an idea. Every morning around ten o’clock, she goes to get a coffee at the machine in the storeroom, today would be the day, I’d get up and follow her to get one for myself and that way, maybe, just maybe, I could have a chat with her. Other than that it was a day like any other except for that itch on my neck. It must have been some mosquito or spider that bit me but I just couldn’t stop itching.

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