A lot of crazy shit happen in the last 7 years. Amy now 12 about be 13 in a month. She never ever heared from Ally again also she didnt speak to her dad they have grow apart after he found out that Amy wanted to be fuck. Amys father always though she was taken advantage by the older guy. He referred Amy to an ungreatful little whore. He had taken her out public school which made easy to get fucked.

Last year after Amys father found out that her daughter was a whore it changed there relationship as father and daughter. She was in the 6th grade and was not scared going back to public school. One of the girls remember Amy as she walked up to her.

"Hi. You look familiar? Are you Amy?

"Umm yes.

"I knew it. Its Zoe".

"Sorry I dont remember you".

"Really remember back in kindergarden that you play with my pussy".

I stood there try to remember thats when I saw her bracelet it Amy and Zoe friends forever. I remember make a bracelet as the memories came back to me. Zoe was my first pussy I ever played. I guess thats how it all started. Zoe moves away before Ally moved in the neighborhood.

"Oh Zoe yes I remember now I made you that bracelet. Last time I saw you you left town because of your dads job. How you been?"

"Im doing good and Im back in town."

I looked at Zoe she was a hot petite girl, a girl that you want fuck over and over. She had big boobs bigger then mine and an ass that you just want to grab or spank and beauitiful black raven hair with lips that you can kiss all the time.

"You growen Zoe"

"Thanks so do you. Who would have though we would be hot ass girl."  She laughed.

We hang out all day at school. She told me about what she had done when she moved away and I told her my story. I didnt count on Zoe to tell me about her high sex drive. She said that she had been fucked by her dad and her 2 brothers. Her dad 45, older brother 20, and younger brother 15. Mostly her dad and older brother fucked Zoe one on one or fucked her together.

She named a lot of kinky stuff she had done with her family. Face fuck, pussy fuck, DP, having 2 dicks inside her pussy or 2 dicks in her ass, she said she was sex slave to the men in the house. I though to myself wow serving guys and getting fuck by them anytime they wanted was a dream of mine.

"Is your mom ok with all this?"

"Yeah and she is also a slave. My brothers fuck her as I watch. My mom and I are on birth control my dad dont want deformed babies in the house"

I was thinking wish I was her getting fuck anytime. I had not got fuck for almost a year and I wanted a cock inside my pussy. Zoe and I walked home talking about other things then sex she was a punk chick but she does not look like one tho. Zoe asked me if I wanted to come over sometime. I though about it which I didnt think of it much and said yes.

"Umm Zoe this may sound weird but can you get your dad or one of brothers to fuck me when I come over?"

I looked at Zoe waiting her answer and though maybe her family would ask for me more then Zoe after they get a taste of my hot body.

"Sure Amy dad like new girls to fuck."

"Great. Hows tomorrow after school?"

"Find by me. My second older brother gets home first from school he has a lot pressure at school since he is the star of the football, basketball, wrestling team. He need all the relive I can get him but is so much work. Hope you ok with that?"

"No problem. Ok see tomorrow Zoe. Bye.

"Bye Amy."

As I entered the house I hear my parents yelling and screaming. I hear my mom said "Yeah I let an 80 year old guy fuck me before I meet you I didnt know we would be husband and wife in the future". When I hear mom said that I knew dad found out 2 things that  I may not be his daughter or that mom told him she had a lot guys fuck her when she was very young. I walk in and saw both of them with angry look at each other like they killed someone.

Dad told me to go to my room but like always after he didnt want Ally around I ignored him. He yelled very loud at me try to scare me but didnt as much.

"Dad I have to tell you something I dont know if mom told you already but I maybe not be your daughter"

My dads face was in disbelief as my mom was standing behind me. Dad looked a me and thru the year I was never like him never acted like him didnt have anything in common with my dad.

"So your a whore like your mother. If I knew she was a whore I wouldnt have married a shit of wom... no a shit of girl then I wouldnt have to deal with trash like you Amy."

"Well dad this is how we became. So deal with it we are whores."

"I want a divorce." Dad.

"Fine. Dont let the door hit your sorry ass out the door." Mom.

Mom was still angry so I try to calm her down. Dad left and mom and I were alone at the house. I asked if we can have a girls night and that we be naked. She approved mom got beers and we drank until we passes out. During the girls night I was amazed at my moms body she was sexy big boobs and I mean BIG like double D. Moms pussy was hairy it looked like she didnt shave or waxed at all. I was hoping that mom and I would get it on but we just drank and eyed humped each other. I was getting so drunk that I dont remember nothing. I woke up with a fucking headache I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:45 A.M. it takes me 25 minutes to walk to school so I ran and made it on time.

During school my head was hurting Zoe came to talk to me about today she just looked at me.

"You look like shit." Laughing

"Shut up. Ahh fuck *moan* shit this hurts. So we up for today?"


"Good. Now leave alone"

"Fine drama queen"

I put my head down all day at school until Zoe gave a pill that will help fight the pain. The pill helped for the rest of the day now I was waiting for school to end. When it finally happen I decide to run home to clean myself up but Zoe said I can clean up at her house and I could wear her clothes lucky we were the same size except for our boobs. We spend making me pretty until my phone rang it was mom.

"Hi mom. Whats up?"

"Nothing just calling when your getting home."

"Oh well first mom I wanted be open with you and your the best mom I could ask for I love you so much."

"Honey I love you too. No matter what you do Ill always be there for you ok."

"Thanks mom. Well Im at friends house and umm her brother is going to fuck me."

As I said that I was just paralyzed waiting on mom to yell or scream or calling me bad name just like dad. Zoe looked at me saying with her eyes "WTF".

"Ok honey have fun. Oh once your done with him Im next haha. Bye honey love you."

"Love you too. Bye mom"

I was relieved and I can have sex anytime I want. Zoe was also relieved as she finished with my make up I looked at myself and I was princess. We waited on Zoe's brother about 10 minutes as we were waiting Zoe gave me a lap dance. Her ass was sooo sexy that I spank her. Then I felt her boobs they good to play with as Zoe started to moan a little she was getting turned on. We hear noises coming from downstairs.

"Zoe are you home?"

"Yes Matt Im in my room changing."

"Cool. Ill be up there in a minutes so just get naked."


Matt Zoe's brother walked in Zoe's room and saw a naked girl in the bed but didnt know bit was me. It would have giving away if I didnt dye my hair like Zoe's glad I did tho. I was in all 4s with my pussy and ass sticking out. I hear the zipper undo he climb on the bed and place his cock at the opening and with 1 thrust I felt his whole cock inside me I didnt see how big or long it was but it felt good. I couldnt control myself as I move to meet his thrust and I said fuck me hard Matt. He did and as pick up the paced.

Matt notice something different usually Zoe just stays quite and fucks her until he cum and make Zoe suck his cock until is hard again. He stop and turn me over on my back and saw it wasnt his sister.

"Who are you?"

"Hi Im Amy your sisters friend."

"Oh hi."

It was quite for 2 minutes.

"So you going finish or you cant finish me off."

Matt grab his cock shoved it inside me as he pounded me with force I guess he wanted to impressed me but I didnt needed to be impressed by him. I rapped my legs around his hips force him to fuck me good I felt his cock getting ready to cum Matt wanted to pull out but I didnt let him. Then I felt his hot sticky cum inside.

"What the hell?"

"Opps I guess your going be a daddy haha."

Little did he know I was on the pill. Matt when to his room wondering what he had done. I told Zoe I was on the pill and asked her to go with it. I hear the door open downstairs and it was the older brother his name was Sam. I asked Zoe to call him to her room.

"Sam can you come here for a sec."

Sam comes in the room opens the door and sees a naked girl he had never sees before I open legs and finger myself I could feel the cum from Matt I finger fuck myself Sam came to the bed dropped his pants and got on top me. I guess men in this family like raw fucking after 5 minutes I cum on his dick  Sam pulls out of me and finger fuck my ass it hurt like hell 2 minutes of this and took his cock into my ass with force. I screamed and yelled at him to stop but Sam didnt stop soon the pain subside and was enjoying anal for the first time.

I told him harder and fast as I felt his cock was out then Sam pounded my ass deep. My legs were getting weak I fell on the bed he follow and keep fucking me I was moaning the whole time until he shot his cum inside my abused ass. He was still hard he removed himself of my ass and place it back on my pussy. Other 25 minutes he shot his cum in my pussy filling me up good. I had cum coming out from my ass and pussy. Sam left the room with a smile.

"Did you enjoy my brothers cocks?"

"Yes I did. Im hornyed out haha."

"Haha that good. You should be a sex slave is more fun I get dress in some cute outfit."

I layed in Zoe's bed for sometime until I woke up getting fucked again I though it was 1'Zoe's brothers but it wasnt it was Zoe's father. He pounding me hard and faster I was losing control as I cum again I rapped my legs around him he pick me up as he fuck me standing up it was a great feeling. A few more minutes  I feel his warm cum inside my pussy. Zoe come and saw her father fucking me.

"Dad what are you doing?"

"Zoe wha... if your there then whos this?"

"Hi sir. Im Amy your daughters friend.

"Oh I so sorry I though you were Zo uh-huh my wife."

"Sir is ok I know about you and your daughter. Now can you take your cock out of me I need to get home."

He put me down as I smiled to him but he looked worried.

"Sir cheer up. I got to go. Zoe thanks for letting your brothers fuck me and tell your brother Im on the pill ok. And sir thanks for wake up call. Bye."

As I left it was dark so I decide to walk home. Then I notice someone following I though damn Im going to be raped if it happen he better be clean. 1 more block away from home I wanted person that was following me to grab me and fuck me right there. Dad was right I am a whore and would let anybody fuck me who would of though he would be right haha.

I got home and mom asked me how was it and told her everything. Mom got honry as she when to her room to fuck herself as for me I went to bed and sleeped.

To be continued...

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