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A woman lives a Satanic Witch ritual fanatsy
The Satanic Witch Ritual aka (The Lilith Touch) !
Her hand was slowly circling around her clitoris. Her mound was completely hairless with a thin soft pink slit in the middle. She was feeling a slightly warm pressure and a hardening of her spot. Her breath was getting shorter. Her shapely legs were spread out over the bed. She could watch herself in the massive smoked ceiling mirror. Her black silk nightie was open revealing her inner thighs and fanny. She was wearing pink high heel slippers, one of which was flat on the bed thus tensing the curves on her calf, which added to her sensuality already exquisitely developed. Her long jet-black hair contrasted, with her ashen soft skin. She could see the globes of her breasts shine as her nipples hardened. The top of her nightie was unfastened, as the movement of her hand went faster and faster. She started letting out small screechy cries. The orgasm wasn’t far, she was transpiring, her skin was shining in the light on the side table. Yes, this was it, her hand was much more precise with her middle finger right on target. As she applied a slight pressure on her button she started to squeal. She was finally coming; the orgasm was on the verge of exploding. Yes it was there. She let out a long scream of satisfaction; it felt as if her entire body was vibrating with electrical current running everywhere. It was flowing through her veins, her muscles, up her spine and into her head, which was shivering hot and cold. All her senses were alert with each nerve ending of her body fully aware of its being. She was living a moment sheer paradise. Her eyes were shut and her mind was absorbing every second of this instant of plenitude and absolute pleasure. She lay there for a few moments until she finally came back to reality. It had been one of the most intense orgasms he had had in a long time.
It was nine a.m. and she was now wondering what she was going to do the rest of the day. Lilith’s husband Stanley had left for the office an hour earlier and she now was free until the evening. She stood up and went to her wardrobe. It was in keeping with the rest of the bedroom. Huge and white, it gave off a feeling of warmth, which harmonized perfectly with the deep and thick white fitted carpet on the floor. As she looked in the wardrobe mirror, she could see how her soft features and large clear blue eyes matched so perfectly. The thin black line of mascara did give a strange effect on her eyes. Lilith often thought they were too light for her skin, itself
already very pale, but it added charm and wonder, in a peculiar way, to her already awesome look, the gothic raven hair doing the rest.
She slipped out of her nightie and shook her slippers off as she strolled to the bathroom. Opening the hot water tap Lilith poured green bath salts into the pink tub then climbed in after having kicked the door closed and turned on the radio on the white wall cabinet. She lay down closing her eyes at the same time. Her hand naturally went to her clitoris once again as she slowly sunk to the bottom of the tub grinning to herself.
Stanley was sitting in his office with a photograph of Lilith on his desk. He was about five feet ten with fair hair and he had rather soft features for a man. Although he shaved everyday, it was just to stay clean but he really didn’t need to. He loved his wife very much especially sexually and the entire office knew it. The building he worked in was a large white block with four major rooms and small cubicles in straight rows covering the entire surface. The ratio of men to women was about three to two in favour of the male gender. The females went from the ages of twenty to about forty, and all were extremely attractive as if they were in perpetual competition with each other, but one could wonder why. Apart from a few exceptionally well-built men, most were very ordinary and had nothing in particular to offer a real female in heat. One did make an exception, Terence Lomax, Stanley’s immediate manager in the back office but he had his head continuously in figures. He was the mathematical and commercial type.
Although Stanley was thirty, and had had a few women before his wife, he’d never known anyone as wild and sensuous as Lilith. He had a good job and he knew that he could give her everything she wanted financially speaking but she continuously insisted in getting a job herself. She said she needed the contacts and external energies because they were essential for her metabolism and couldn’t live without a social and professional life. Nonetheless, Stanley was a very old fashion and jealous man and he didn’t like the idea of his wife flaunting herself in an office full of young hot-blooded males, or anywhere else for that matter. Especially if it meant placing himself in a competitive position that sooner or later would have an adverse effect on his relationship with his wife. He knew that he really wasn’t a top gun in bed.
For him, Lilith’s place was in the home and not running around the streets meeting every Tom, Dick, or Harry she could lay her hands on. She belonged to him and that was that. He was sure that she loved him but to what extent, that he was uncertain about. They’d been married for three years and didn’t have any children and that perturb him somewhat, but he put it down to a time factor. They were young and he had to build his career. They had plenty of time for that. Unfortunately, they did share a secret, which wasn’t really compatible with starting a family. Apart from that, he had no idea that Lilth didn’t want any offspring with him, that her sole purpose for having married him was to climb the social ladder and although she was a competent commercial agent in his firm when they first met, all he wanted was to have a wife and children so he asked her to leave the firm which she did without any fuss for her plans involved freedom of movement above all. He’d really struck lucky when he first asked her out as his office pals often reminded him teasingly. It wasn’t he who’d caught the witch but the witch who’d hooked him and she could do whatever she wanted with him. The witch in this case was meant as a compliment towards her physical and mental aptitudes.
As the phone rang he came back to the present and shook his head thinking that sooner or later, she’d see things his way, at least, that’s what he hoped. He picked up the phone.
‘Hello, Stanley White, how can I help you?’
Lilith was sitting in front of her dresser combing her long black hair and still daydreaming. She had made up her mind; she was going to perform her Satanic Witch Ritual today. She grinned at her image in the mirror as he looked at her perfect twenty eight year old shapely soft white and beautiful body. She was naked on her chair and sitting upright. She admired her faultless curves. This was going to be a really fun day and Stanley would never know about it. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the day was looking very promising with many possibilities and she was determined to enjoy herself to the full. She wasn’t really planning staying with Stanley anyway so she may as well look around and see what fish she could catch. Her marriage was a blunder, and she certainly wasn’t going to give up her social life for him let alone her professional ambitions. However, that could wait a while; at least
until she’d made enough money to start her own business and her secret habits would certainly help.
She stood up and went to her shoe cabinet to choose the perfect pair for the day. Yes, the red stilettos would be fine. As she slipped them on, she opened the wardrobe and selected a coat. The ideal match was right in front of her. Her knee length bright cherry raincoat would be impeccable. Smiling at herself, she couldn’t help admiring her sparkling white teeth shining between her dark scarlet lips. The special lipstick pleased her because of it accentuated her gothic look already predominantly breath taking. She knew that Stanley didn’t approve her strange look but that was just too bad. It was her personality that mattered, and no one would ever tell her how to dress. He was cream suit and yellow tie kind of man, even though his colleagues had often told him that it didn’t look very professional in his line of work, being in a commercial office, but that was his way of dressing and he wouldn’t budge from it. If his wife was going about in short black skirts and high heels, he would wear whatever he wanted and no one was going to stop him, even though he did look ridiculous. Today, however, Lilith was going to treat herself to real fun day, provoking as many men as she could. After that, she was determined to have a tête-à-tête with Stanley about her career, well maybe later, she’d probably have something to do first, but for the time being it was only ten o’clock in the morning and her day was about to begin.
She slipped on the red mac and tied the belt around her waist. Underneath, she was completely naked and that knowledge was beginning to stimulate her beyond all reason. She could feel a kind of interior dampness arousing her slightly. She took one last look in the mirror and approved the vision it was sending back at her, especially the fact that she’d grown due to her five inch stilettos bringing her to a nice five feet seven thus giving her the advantage over small men but moreover, tall ones would quickly notice the appreciative aspects of her anatomy as she well knew. She picked up her keys and red purse, completing the outfit, then left the house. She wasn’t sure about taking her car or not, after all, today, she wanted to take advantage of every situation and probably wouldn’t be able to if constantly behind the wheel. If she really needed a vehicle, she could always hail a cab and so Lilith decided against the car.
As she ambled down the street swaying but not too much, Her plastic mac moved along with her motion showing off her advantages to whoever stopped to look
and most men did. At this hour of the morning, the streets were full of people busying themselves and hurrying in every direction. As she arrived at the bus stop a crowd was beginning to gather so it wouldn’t be long before the next bus was there. There were two men standing one behind the other, one of which was rather elderly and next to him middle-aged woman. She was probably out to do her daily shopping. As they glanced at her, especially the men, she couldn’t help herself have a dominating feeling knowing what she knew and they didn’t.
As the bus came along, she stepped on but only the younger man followed her. The rest of the group were waiting for another bus including the elderly couple so she naturally thought that the elderly gentleman and the middle-aged woman were together. The thought of that crone and the gramps in bed having sex made her grin but she quickly wiped the thought away when the younger man aged about forty and wearing a grey suit, sat down next to her. As she crossed her legs, the raincoat slipped very slightly thus revealing a large part of her thighs, the upper one being the most exposed. She leaned slightly forward allowing her breasts to become more visible so as to add to his delirium. The man couldn’t help but stare in admiration and as he did so, Lilith noticed a very slight bulge beginning in his trousers. She was grinning to herself when he noticed it and tried to attract her attention. As she turned to look at him, he smiled at her. He thought the time was right to try his luck.
‘Off to work?’
‘No! Just off,’ she answered bluntly.
‘Off what?’
‘Off men!’ She replied with a grin.
The man looked perturbed. Lilith decided to elaborate.
‘No actually I’m just spending the day shopping. I need new shoes.’
‘Those seem perfect to me. He continued, as he glanced at her feet, not
forgetting to scrutinize her shapely legs from the knee down.
‘Well actually, their not as far as I’m concerned, they’re a little old, besides I’ve
got other things to buy as well. She said as she re-crossed her legs for the second time.
The side of the mac fell stretching onto the seat revealing the rest of her thighs but not yet showing she was naked underneath. Lilith was well aware of the power she held and how to use it especially at that particular moment.
‘Oh, there’s my stop.’ She announced.
As She stood up, the creases in the mackintosh became visible to all so she had to straighten it up so as to avoid being too exposed. She moved slowly from the seat resulting in the man’s hands almost touching the top of her calves. He could feel his stiffness becoming more important as his pulse was throbbing and his cardiac rhythm was speeding up. The warmth from her legs was radiating practically in his hands as she moved away to the back of the bus. The man swallowed with difficulty and cursed himself for having let such an opportunity pass by with out reacting in a better way. Off to work, what a corny line he thought to himself.
As Lilith was walking along the pavement she noticed that the big department store across the road was having a period of sales. This was probably the moment to go and have some fun over there. As she crossed the road, a couple of wolf whistles came from moving vehicles. It’s true that the shiny red raincoat on a hot sunny day seemed a little exaggerated but it embellished her looks and that was the whole point. The whistling was well worth the discomfort of a plastic mac over her soft smooth body.
She entered the store and sauntered around the different counters and shelves, as well as the clothes pegs that harboured sexy lingerie and other feminine items. A couple of pieces attracted her attention. She lifted them off the pegs and went to the changing cubicle as the sales girl smiled at her handing her two tickets, one for each item.
She entered the changing cubicle, and pulled the separating curtain, tight behind her. Gazing in the mirror a few moments, Lilith slowly and sensuously unfastened her raincoat and let it drop to the floor. While she was trying on a black skirt, she lifted her leg and placed one foot on the chair that was conveniently there. She wet her lips with her tongue and glanced at her reflection in the mirror. It was perfect in every way. Her right thigh was tense and muscular as she gradually slid the skirt upwards.
‘Mmm don’t you divine. Hell don’t you love yourself Lilith, What a smasher!
She kissed her image in the mirror, then slipped on the pink blouse over the top of her breasts and watched her nipples forcing their way through the thin material. She spun around still admiring her reflection. As she came back to the counter smiling at the salesgirl she told her she was taking both the skirt and the blouse. While paying with her credit card she looked around the store at the other shoppers. The
department store was packed and nearly all the bargain hunters were women and all were after the small exceptional item that would render them sexier and more feminine. Lilith could read this in their features, their attitudes, and most of all their body language. The salesgirl handed her a bag containing the bits and pieces she’d bought and she left the shop as she’d entered it. Swaying in a very sensuous way completely naked under her red plastic mac.
Stanley was on the phone trying to call his wife but no one would answer until the sixth tone and then his own voice came on.
“Hello, this is Stanley and Lilith’s residence, please leave your name and number, we’ll get back to you.”
She wasn’t there. Maybe if he tried her cell phone he might be luckier. As he was tapping out the number, his assistant came along. She was young, about 25 with, blond hair and was wearing a dark blue miniskirt with a white blouse.
‘Yes, what is it, Sandra?’
‘Mister Lomax wants to see you.’
‘Ah shit, what the hell does he want?’ Stanley replied angrily as he put down
the phone. He knew that his manager, Peter Lomax always called when there was some query in the figures, but right now, all he wanted was to reach his wife. He wasn’t worried but he noticed several times that she wasn’t home on various occasions that he called.
Lilith entered a dimly lit bar. It was crammed packed especially at this time of day. It was just after noon and so it was lunchtime for most of the building site workers who toiled across the road. As she sauntered in, nearly all the heads turned towards her, including the few women who were there, either to accompany their husbands or boyfriends, as this was the only time of day they could be together, or the secretaries who worked in the building site offices, not forgetting the barmaids. Lilith sat at the counter on a high barstool and ordered a Martini. Next to her was a big scruffy looking labourer. He smiled at her unveiling a big dark toothed mouth
though most of his front teeth were missing probably due to numerous bar brawls. She grinned slightly and leant over the counter to pick up a menu. She wanted to eat something as she was beginning to feel quite hungry, but she wanted to continue her little game. As she did so, her breasts were noticeable and the worker couldn’t help but eyeball of those large round soft white globes. She pretended not to notice him from then on, so he moved slightly closer to her. She crossed her legs bringing the right one back slightly thus curving the calf a little more, at the same time her left leg moved out a bit which made the side of the mac drop somewhat, which gave a clear view from the top of her thighs all the way down to her feet now pointing upwards in order to curve the shape of her calves a bit more. As the barmaid appeared in front of her, she swivelled on her stool inwards.
‘I’ll have a ham sandwich please.’
‘Very well madam.’ The barmaid turned to the worker and snarled at him. You,
keep your hands to yourself Burt, she out of your league.
‘I haven’t done anything.’
‘I know, not yet, but after a couple of beers, you will.’
The barmaid, who was very pretty, was wearing a low-cut blue shirt. She turned to Lilith.
‘If he touches you, just yell.’
‘I will, said Lilith with slight giggle.’
However, she had no intention of doing so, what she wanted, was to provoke an erection in his pants. As she glanced down she could see that it hadn’t taken long so she stretch a leg and slowly stroked it.
‘My legs are tired; I’ve been walking all morning,’ she uttered plaintively, as
she turned towards Burt.’ Do you mind if I put them up on your stool?’
‘No, that’s OK,’ he grunted as he got up.
He couldn’t help staring at her thighs as she stretched them out on his stool. They were so smooth and shiny that he felt his erection harden even more. He could feel, his fluid begin to move but he held it back as he was perspiring. As Lilith bit into her sandwich, her mouth became more sensuous and she knew that she could now do what ever she wanted with this serf. He was her slave. Was she going to go that far? She wasn’t sure. The Ritual consisted in going out with nothing on but a coat, not indulging in wild coitus. She looked him up and down and decided against it but she couldn’t leave without having a little more fun. She smiled at him and stretched
backwards to pick up her purse, her legs still resting on the other stool. This movement made her raincoat move even further up her thighs almost to her crotch. Her breasts, in the meantime, were forcing their way through the coat like big white balloons. The nipples were hidden but only just. As Burt gawked at her legs and felt the heat from her tits, he could hardly hold his saliva and he was practically coming in his pants. Lilith paid the barmaid, finished her Martini, picked up her clothes bag and purse, and then stood up, and as she left the bar, she grinned at Burt and winked at the barmaid.
‘Hey Mary!’ He called. The barmaid came back towards him.
‘Yes what is it honey, I’m busy?’
‘Did you see that? I don’t think she’s wearing any clothes under her mac.’
‘For you every woman you meet is stark naked only some women are more
refined and you just can’t guess what they’re wearing underneath.’
‘I dunno, I’m sure she was naked.’
‘Too bad you’ll never know.’
As Lilith was walking back up the pavement with the clothes bag in one hand and her purse under her arm, she was wondering what she would do next. Suddenly an idea came to her. She hadn’t been to the park in a long time and she knew that that was a place to meet strange people especially at two o’clock in the afternoon.
As she arrived near the main gate, she noticed a young man watching her from afar amongst many other afternoon strollers. It’s true that her swaying figure in that red raincoat with the high cherry stilettos was alluring and no member of the male community could really resist so she just continued to amble on until she found a bench to rest for a while. The park was crawling with people but not many were in her immediate vicinity. As she sat down, she remembered she had a paperback in her purse and she’d almost finished it but she still had about thirty pages left. She pulled it out and placed it on her lap while crossing her legs. The mac fell on either side of her thighs as she again exposed them clearly. Her calf muscles were very clear and curvy, and as the young man approached, he could outline her perfect legs in the sunlight.
He was about twenty years old and appeared be a park labourer according to his green overalls. As he approached, not only could he distinguish the top white thigh as it was crossed over the other, but the two sides of the mac had separated over her breasts also, and her right nipple was showing. Lilith was concentrating on
her book, but not only. Her left hand was on her lap under the book while her right one was in her pocket. She was caressing her clitoris from inside her pocket as she was reading. Her eyes started to close while the park labourer was watching her. Without thinking he started to touch the centre of his pants. He could view the inner part of her mac rubbing against her groin. Lilith was slowly panting when suddenly she felt a man’s hand on her pussy; She opened her eyes and there was the park labourer sitting next to her with his hand inside her mac. She glanced either side quickly and not noticing any one around, she grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him open mouthed.
‘Common, let’s go behind in the bushes.’ she suggested in haste. They climbed over bench and hurried into the bushes behind. No one was around so she climbed on top of him unfastening his trouser belt and his zip hurriedly. As he pulled of his trousers, Lilith opened her mac.
‘Wow!’ Gloated the labourer.’ You’re completely naked.’
‘Of course I am sweety, how else could we have sex?’
He didn’t bother to reply, his rod was already as stiff as iron and feeling his fluid inside getting ready to come. He entered her violently although she was still on top. She started to move up and down his shaft while he grabbed her thighs clinging onto them as if they were lifebuoys and he only had a few moments to live. His libido was talking to him as was his cock and Lilith’s vertical movements made it even better. He was feeling hot all over as his semen was starting to move. Lilith was wide open and moist. She could begin to feel the electricity travel around her body and into her head, as she had that morning but this time, the lump inside her pussy was making her trip even more violent. As they moved up and down in unison faster and faster, their muscles were tensing to the climax of their possibilities. He was gripping her thighs so tightly that they were even paler than usual but she wasn’t feeling any pain, only a full throttle inside her. She was living an extremely, intense orgasm while he was emptying himself totally. He probably hadn’t had sex for weeks his cum was so rich and thick as well as rapid. He was flowing like the Niagara falls as for Lilith, she was completely elsewhere and hardly noticed the young couple walking by the bench the other side of the bushes. She suddenly screamed as the orgasm was at its apex. The young couple looked around and on seeing the two silhouettes, the girl smiled whereas the boy kept a straight face even a little severe. It was obvious he didn’t approve.
‘What’s so funny?’ Asked the boy.
‘It’s love.’ Said the girl.
‘I bet it’s not.’
As they disappeared, Lilith climbed off her labourer. He had a satisfied grin on his face.
‘What’s your name? Do you come here often? Hell, I just said that, didn’t I,
what a line. I meant, how about doing it again sometime?’ Garbled the labourer.
‘No names sorry. Don’t get any ideas. We won’t be seeing each other again.
You wanted it and I wanted it at this particular moment, but take it for what it was. A good bit of sex with a naked witch in a raincoat and keep it as a souvenir. It won’t be happening again. Goodbye my happy lover.’ She kissed him on the cheek got up, and refastened her rain coat then walked away leaving the labourer lying on the ground with his trousers and underpants down, and his cock folded over. He just lay there for a moment with a startled look on his face, not believing what had just taken place.
At the office, Lomax was beginning to lose patience. Stanley had been with him since late morning and even after a quick lunch they were still looking at the monthly figures. Sandra had come in several times with various items such as water, pencils, books, lunch, and now it was coffee. At four in the afternoon, she was still just as fresh and sexy in her short blue skirt, just as she had been early that morning. As she bent over the desk to put down the coffee tray, Stanley couldn’t help notice her two shiny globes bulging out of her ‘corsage’ but unfortunately for him Lomax saw what he was focusing on. He dismissed Sandra and ordered Stanley to concentrate on the work at hand in other words the figures; only the ones on the computer screen were not the ones he wanted to ponder over. Although he was very jealous and possessive as far as his wife was concerned, he wasn’t against a quick fling with Sandra in the photocopy room. Looking through the separating window, he could see her go about her business in the outer office, and each time she ambled past, her tanned shapely legs drove him nuts. Especially since she wore those blue high heels. He was also wondering what his wife was doing right now.
Lilith was on her way home as she accidentally dropped her purse near her house. The neighbour’s fourteen-year-old son was walking his dog when he noticed her bend over to pick it up. Her thighs remained perfectly straight and her buttocks were tense with her feminine muscles. Her calves were soft smooth but beautifully curved. The boy could hardly contain himself as he approached her. He wanted to run over and pick up the purse for her but seeing such a wonderful site as this woman bending over, he just stood there. Unfortunately, as she was grabbing the bag, some of the contents fell onto the pavement so she crouched down opening her legs slightly, to retrieve them. The boy could now see her perfectly shaped bald slit as her thighs were folded over her calves. She looked up a moment and saw the boy staring. She grinned at him and continued to pick up her things, then stood up, straightened her raincoat and continued to walk towards her house.
As she stepped inside, the clock struck six pm. She put down her purse as well as the clothes bag and unfastened her raincoat. She walked upstairs to the bedroom slipped off the mac but still keeping on her high heels.
When Stanley opened the door that evening, it was about seven o’clock. Lilith greeted him with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. She was wearing the clothes she’d bought that morning. With the pink blouse and black miniskirt, she’d slipped on a pair of fuchsia platform heels.
‘Is that all I get, a kiss on the cheek?’ Asked Stanley with indignation.
‘You usually accept it, what makes today so different. Didn’t little Sandra offer
you her fanny for once?’ As she flaunted herself in front of him, the fragrance of her perfume rose up into his nostrils. It was obvious that she’d had another bath for she looked smooth and beautifully polished, her lily-white skin glowed in the evening light, and her gothic raven hair was brilliantly shiny. He stared at her in marvel but with a glimpse of possessive resentment in his eyes. His jealousy was beginning to show because he knew full well that Lilith was aware that Sandra had never given herself to him but often teased the men in the office to the extent of not wearing any panties
and flashing discretely whenever she knew she could arouse them, and seeing his wife dressed as she was, just made it worse. He couldn’t have Sandra and he couldn’t have his wife when he wanted but apparently she often went out to flash in public. However, he recognized the fact that if he acted too resentfully, he could lose her for good, and that would be intolerable, so he calmed down, smiled, and decided to change the subject.
‘Is dinner ready?’
‘But of course my love, what do you think I do all day?’
He grinned and grunted some inaudible comment as he poured himself a drink. Lilith left the room a few minutes as Stanley picked up the newspaper and went to sit in his armchair. He was the only one who ever used it a bit like an elderly retired gentleman who has his habits.
About five minutes later, Lilith reappeared in the doorway in a fuchsia slit evening gown to match her high heels. The light coming from behind her clearly showed her naked and perfect silhouette through gown. The slit was on her left and as she slid her left leg sideways, it made her even more irresistible. Stanley gulped and let his paper drop to the floor. He’d never really seen her in this light, her skin was so soft, her leg so curved, and her thigh and calf muscles were perfectly shaped. Her breasts proudly bulging out of the top of the gown with her hard nipple pushing against the soft silk of the magnificent evening dress that went all the way down to the top of her stilettos.
‘So, what do you think? Do you want me now, or later?’ Stanley stood up and
slowly walked over to her, then softly caressing her breasts and bringing his hand down to her buttocks, one on either side, he leant over and kissed her neck and softly said in her ear.
‘Now!’ The bulge in his pants was beginning to become unbearable. He could
Feel his stiffness harden like a steel rod. It was almost bursting. He squeezed her against his loins but at the same time, she pushed him away slightly.
‘Hang on there honey, it’s gonna cost you a hundred dollars. Just put them
down on the table, that’ll be fine.’
‘Yes, of course, as usual.’ He moaned. He opened his wallet, took the money
out, and placed it on the table. As he was undressing, Lilith took a condom out of her bag then knelt down in front of him as his pants fell to the floor.
‘Mmmm, nice one you’ve got baby today.’ She delicately took his penis in her hand lent over placing the end of her tong on it. She gradually turned her tong around the tip then underneath. Stanley could hardly contain himself when Lilith gently slid the condom along his rod. Their little game aroused him all the more each time they played it even though he was always the patsy.
‘God hurry up honey, I can feel the juice coming, and I can hardly hold it in.’
‘Patience sweetie, we’ve got time, haven’t we? Maybe not all evening but we
do have a few moments and then I’ll prepare your dinner. And I’ve told you before, stop referring to God. As far as I’m concerned, he’s wicked and if he knew what you were doing, my pet, he’d be very very angry with you.’
‘Yes, you’re right, he already punished me when I was an altar boy and I
masturbated behind the altar.’
‘I know, you tell me every time, sweetie. He sent the priest to find you and
when he did, he hit you on the head with the chalice and since then, you’ve never again masturbated in a church.’ “But everywhere else”, she added to herself. While talking and placing the condom she was crouched on her heels. Her left knee brushed his phallus. Not being able to resist any longer, he grabbed her thighs and tried to come into her but she held him back.
‘Not so fast, you’re not coming inside me, not for a hundred. If that’s what you
want, it’s going to be much much more expensive.’
‘That’s all I have tonight.’ He whined. She took his penis and slipped into her
mouth then started sucking very gently. Stanley was literally on the verge of bursting. She sucked faster and faster and at the last moment, took it out of her mouth finishing him off by hand. At that moment Stanley let himself go and unloaded completely flooding the condom.
‘Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! It’s soooo gooood! I really needed it. But I would
have preferred coming inside you.’
‘I know Stanley but you know the rules. No money, no sex, a little money, a
little sex. Right, now I have to leave you, I’m busy, oh, you can watch if you like, it might stimulate you. By the way, I almost forgot, your dinner is in the microwave, I’ll be having mine much later.’
She stood up and went upstairs to the bedroom. As she entered still dressed in her fuchsia see-through evening gown, Lomax was laying on the bed naked. She
closed the bedroom door behind her. Stanley ran up the stairs but got to the bedroom just to hear the key turn in the lock. He quickly went to the room adjacent to the main bedroom, he hadn’t had time to pull his pants back up, and the condom was still hanging from his penis full of cum. Once inside, he looked through the wall mirror and saw his wife still in her gown climbing onto Lomax’s stomach delicately placing a leg on either side of his chest.
‘So, how’s your day been, Peter?’ She softy whispered.
‘Not half as good as the evening’s going to be.’ Lomax was unwrapping a
condom as Lilith took it from his hands.
‘We don’t need this, there are no secrets between us, not even sexual ones,
are there my lover?’
‘If you say so.’ Answered Lomax slightly inquisitive but smiling all the
She slowly brought her face nearer to his and opening her mouth she entered his with her tongue as he penetrated her pussy with his rod. While they were having ferocious sex and Stanley was watching them from the other room, Lilith was thinking of the following day when once again, she would go out naked with just a coat to hide her nudity making her even more alluring but this time she would go one step further into provoking men. She would wear a shorter coat, which would come to her mid thighs. She would catch a train, sit in a compartment, and undo the coat slightly and cross her legs, as many times as there were men aboard. She would then visit the men’s room in the station just for a flash, walk past a building site with the coat tight but being much higher it would certainly have a greater effect. She would then go into a billiards bar and play pool stretching right over the billiard table and that alone should gain her as many points as she could in her race to becoming the most arousing and exciting Satanic Witch ever.


2012-05-13 20:43:56
I have absolutely no idea what I just read.

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