Falling for my best friend
If you’re looking for a story that is just sex, sex, sex, this isn’t going to be the one for you. This is a semi true story about my love for my best friend.

I had just started a new part time job working in the catering department of the seafront fun park. I was 17 and was about to go to college to study music so the job was a perfect way of earning that little bit of extra cash to spend on going out with my boyfriend and friends. I had only been working a few days when I noticed him he had long blonde hair, was my height and was hot (I had always had a thing for guys with long hair) his name was Dylan.
Dylan worked operating the rides and was usually on one of the rides right next to the section I worked in which meant that on his break he would come to me to get his lunch or a drink. We would sometimes on quite days spend he’s whole break time standing talking. He was such a flirt. We got to know each other quite well talking about his huge fascination with rides. It was around now that I had found that I really liked Dylan but the fact that I am mega shy and that I did have a boyfriend already stopped me from saying anything to him, If only I had known then that he had felt the same way.
I had been working for about a month when my manager told me that I was being sacked and that this would be my last shift. I was rather upset and when Dylan came round and found me he was so nice and comforting and decided he was going to take me to see the rides manager to see if I could come work on the rides. He said yes and the next day I went in to be trained on my first ride and it was Dylan who trained me, we had such a good time and from then on we seemed to always be together on rides. All the time I was falling for him even more but was still too scared to say anything.
Our time together was shot lived though as after being there for about 6 months I had to leave due to problems with my wages not being paid and being told that if I didn’t turn up for work to not come back and as I didn’t have a way of getting there I was not going to be going back. I didn’t have Dylan’s phone number so had no way of ever contacting him.

18 Months Later by chance I had gone back to Work at the fun park at this point I was at college studying music and was now old enough to operate the bigger rides, and I was surprised to find that Dylan was still working there. Before long things where back to how they used to be working on rides together and spending lunch together and the feelings had started to come back to me, but now there was a problem Dylan was married so I had another reason that I had to keep my mouth shut. I was doing really well until Dylan and his wife Kylie had started to argue. Kylie grew suspicious of Dylan spending so much time with me even though there was nothing going on, I think he just wanted to escape the arguments at home so we would spend even more time together. Seeing a grown man cry is horrible let alone your best friend that you just so happened to be in love with.

It was during these times that we spent together that Dylan let slip just how he felt about me. Telling me that he really liked me and that he thought I was hot. It sent shivers across my skin and gave me butterflies when he said it. I took the fact that he had told me this to tell him I felt the same I was afraid it would make things tense between us but it didn’t and it felt great to know that I didn’t just have a stupid crush. Things stayed the same between us mostly maybe with a little more flirting but still just really good friends.
One day during our lunch break at work Dylan and I had decided to go into town to get some drinks and snacks. It wasn’t far but on the way back we decided to stop and sit down at the top of the hill looking over Adventure Island. There were some nice benches that had a good view but were also slightly hidden. Conversation quickly turned to how we felt again; we both agreed that we were extremely attracted to each other but we shouldn’t do anything about it, we didn’t want to hurt our current partners. We sat in silence for what seemed like forever occasionally taking a sneaky glance at each other until we caught each other’s eyes and stared still in silence. I looked in to Dylan’s deep blue eyes and got butterflies, I wanted so much to lean forward and kiss him but it was Dylan who broke the silence “maybe if we kissed it would ease some of the tension and stop us wanting each other so much” he practically whispered then lent forward and kissed me on the lips. It felt amazing and I never wanted it to end, the softness of his lips and the taste of him made the very core of me ache longing for more. But no the kiss broke, it had only lasted a few seconds but I had the complete opposite affect than it had been meant for, I now wanted Dylan more than ever.

While working at the fun park most of staff would all go out for a drink together at least once a week and I would go most of the time. The bar of choice at this point was Yates which was at the top of the high street about a ten minute walk from work.
On one night in particular Dylan had arrange to meet Kylie on the way up before she went out with some friends. As usual Dylan and I were walking up together but as soon as Kylie saw me she flew off into a rage screaming and shouting at Dylan about having an affair with me and calling me all names she could think of. It took all three of Kylie’s friends to calm her down enough to get her to leave with them. As she left I looked at Dylan he looked really upset and walked in silence to the bar.
We got into Yates and found an empty booth style table and Dylan burst it to tears, I really hated seeing him like this and it hurt me deeply to think that this was because of me. I gave Dylan a hug and let him calm down, After all that had happened He didn’t really fancy having a drink now so we decided we would go get some fresh air. We walked around the corner on to a main road and Dylan sat down at the bus stop, I stopped in front of him and bent down to give him a cuddle I wanted to take away the hurt, but as I went to stand up again we came face to face with my arms still round him. The tension was unbelievable we both stared longingly at each other, then it happened we were kissing I don’t know who had started it but neither of us stopped it. I didn’t want it stop, the little kisses they were the type of kisses you share with someone you really care about. They started soft and gentle both of us looking at each other as is waiting for the other to say no more but it didn’t happen and the kisses became a little longer and a little more passionate. They were the most sensual kisses I had ever received.
We stayed at that bus stop for about an hour just kissing and holding each other, and then agreed we should go back to Yates and meet everyone else. I for one spent the rest of the night on cloud 9.

During the summer of that year I meet a really good friend called Emma she was fun and bubbly and full of energy I trained her on quite a few rides and we had loads of fun.
Emma also got on with Dylan, and a few of my other friends that worked at Adventure island, and so decided one day after she had been working with us for a few months, that as her parents were away for the night we should all go out near where she lived then stay the night at her house. So that night when we had all finished work we travelled to Emma’s on the train to get ready. Once ready we called a taxi while waiting Emma, Dylan and I decided to have a conversation about what turns us on, me and Dylan had already had this talk before and both knew how to turn each other on so when it came to my turn to spill the beans, Dylan decided he would show Emma stroking my neck and running his fingers up and down by back until I showed signs that I was really enjoying it and then the taxi turned up.
We got to the nightclub and went to go in only to realise I didn’t have my I.D. in my bag because I had forgotten it at Emma’s so while Dylan and the other guys we were with waited outside Emma and I went back to hers in the taxi to retrieve it we were only gone for twenty minutes but by the time we got back the club had decided it was too late to let anyone else in. Although there were other clubs and bars around the doorman had decided that they were not going to let us in any so after a quick discussion between us all we headed back towards Emma’s on foot looking for a shop on the way.

The Group got back to Emma’s and hour later after failing to find a shop and opening her dads drinks cupboard there was hardly anything in there and not much I would drink . Emma had pulled out the sofa bed as we intended on sleeping on that only to have Dylan Jump on top of us. The force of Dylan jumping onto us caused Emma to jerk and hit Dylan in the mouth making him bleed. After lying there giggling for ten minutes, Emma got up to see what everyone else was doing leaving me and Dylan alone.
At first we just laid there still laughing about Dylan’s mouth. I was already under the cover as it was chilly and I was wearing a really skimpy dress, when Dylan decided to join me. I felt the tension grow as Dylan pulled back the quilt to reveal my little black dress which was now up round my waist due to all the wiggling of the previous commotion. I felt he’s eyes burrow into me looking at every inch of me before he jumped in under the covers and lay facing me. It didn’t take long this time for us to start kissing checking every now and then that we hadn’t been seen. Dylan’s hands began to roam my body gently stroking up the insides of my bare thighs, my hands started to wander too until without me even really realising they came to rest on his crouch. I started to rub his cock through his jeans it was only semi erect and felt huge, I wanted to get a better feel so I unbuttoned his fly and slipped my hand inside, I let out a gasp it was huge, long and thick, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to have it thrust deep inside me. All this time Dylan and I had still been kissing getting more and more intense, Dylan put his arms round me and pulled me over so I was sitting on top him so all that was between his now fully erect Penis and my wet pussy was his boxers and my flimsy underwear. Dylan pulled me hard down so that his cock was pushed right up against my clit, I couldn’t help but give a little wiggle. By this time we were so engrossed in what we were doing that neither of us had given a thought to the other people in the house and hadn’t realised we were very close to being caught as one of the guys that had also attended that evening was sneaking into the room and before we knew it the quilt had been ripped off of us to reveal me sitting on top of Dylan with my dress pulled right up. I jumped straight off Dylan pulled my dress down and ran after the guy who had left the room taking the cover with him by the time a caught up with him he was in the kitchen telling everyone else what he had seen. I snatched the quilt and told him not to be so stupid and that Dylan and I had been playing around, turned round and stormed out back to the living room where Dylan had sorted himself out.

Dylan and I lay for ages until everyone had gone to bed then turned to each other and began to laugh. It took only minutes for the kissing to start again and this time the was no hesitation Dylan’s had went straight up in between my thighs and into my knickers, forcing his fingers deep inside me. I had never felt anything as good and I knew that I wouldn’t take much to bring me to climax and I wasn’t wrong. Dylan had only been going for a few minutes when my body began to twitch and tense then with what felt like a wave over me I had the most explosive orgasm I had ever had. Before I had even come back down from the high I decided that I wanted to repay the favour so I pushed Dylan onto his back and put my hand straight down to the buttons of his jeans, which I undid as quickly as I could, I then slid my hand under the waist of his boxers to feel his huge hard cock bare in my hand for the first time. It felt amazing and soft; I started to stroke it gently using just the tips of my fingers but seeing the look of pleasure on Dylan’s face I decided to be a little firmer, wrapping my whole hand around the girth, I began to pump gently slowly building up speed until I could tell Dylan was close to coming. He began to twitch and shake and I could feel his cock pulsating as he came.
After we had both cleaned up we decided that maybe we should try to sleep as we both had work in a few hours. That night I slept cuddled up to my best friend in the whole world and it felt so right.

The following weeks where amazing almost every time we where alone we were kissing. I remember one morning after staying at Dylan’s after a night out together with some other people from work we waited for Kylie to go off to work, and then that was it Dylan pushed me back so I was lying on the sofa and started to kiss me passionately pushing himself against me, pulling my shirt off to play with my bare breasts.
I think around this time Dylan and I were sitting talking and kissing as I lent in for a kiss I whispered “I love you” it just felt so natural to say it and to my complete joy Dylan whispered “I love you too”, My heart felt as though it had skipped a beat when he said it I was in heaven.
To my dismay after a few months things began to calm down between us with our kissing sessions only happening about once a month if I was lucky. I thought it was my fault that Dylan seemed to be pulling away from me maybe he blamed me, that maybe he had decided that he didn’t care about me anymore. We still spent a lot of time together but sexually things calmed down massively.

to be continued

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