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I woke up the next morning about five am with my Uncle fucking me doggy fashion as we lay there. I was still pretty wet from the night before and his cock was sliding in and out of me real easy. I think I could feel the veins in his cock along my vagina walls. I could feel myself building to a nice orgasm. He was taking long slow strokes and I closed my eyes and felt that climax slowly building. There, Oh I could feel it almost there, yes here it comes, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, Ohhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh I screamed. It was huge, and I shot cum and pussy water all over him and the bed. It was one of those really big orgasm’s you get every once in awhile when your partner finds and rubs your “G” spot just right. With me it usually happens when I’m fucked doggy style, however I found I got them more often when one of the dogs was fucking me because their huge knot rubbed the upper inside of my pussy wall just right.

I felt my Uncles cock get larger and he buried his cock deep and came. We laid there like that for about ten minutes. He played with my nipples and rubbed my clit with his long big fingers. I felt another orgasm beginning to build when he stopped and said “It’s Friday so I better get up and finish plowing that one field. I want to go to town and visit your Aunt. I haven’t been to see her enough since I started making love to you. I will be back Sunday. I want you to feed my horse Raven extra oats and give him an apple along with his quota of hay. One of the farmers from over the other side of the valley is bringing his Ass over Monday to have her bred. He needs s a good mule to work his fields. The one he has now is pretty old and has slowed down considerably.” I said OK, I better get up and take my shower and then I’ll fix breakfast." “Don’t hurry, I’ll just fix myself some coffee and eat one of those left over sweet roles."

I took a long hot shower unscrewing the nozzle and let the water run up inside my pussy. I almost came when the stream was hitting my clit area. I will have to keep that in mind incase I’m ever horny and can’t find a cock to fuck. I was still horny from Charley’s finger and the water stimulation. I thought, " maybe old Pete later." I dressed in an old sweat shirt and shorts. I decided not to wear any underwear because why get them all soiled if I was going to fuck Pete later. I ate a roll and drank a glass of milk and then went out to feed the chickens, hogs and the dogs as well as Uncles horse Raven. I remembered that my throat was still a little raw from his dick being rammed down my throat that way. I was glad Pete had gone with my Uncle to the field. He was getting to be a little pain in the ass with him always trying to stick his nose in my crotch. I was afraid my Uncle might begin to get suspicious. It took me all morning to clean out the chicken pen, gather the eggs and slop the hogs. When I got to the hog pen one of the males was trying to hump one of the females. He kept missing the mark and I was fascinated by its cock. It was long and skinny and looked like a cork screw. Finally he was able to get it in and I swear I thought I saw a smile come across her face. He was shoving that long dick of his as deep as he could possibly get it. I was getting real horny watching them. I decided to feed the dogs before Raven. As I fed the dogs I had to be real careful and not let them stick their noses up my crotch because as horny as I was getting I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop them from eating my pussy and fucking me. I was having trouble with the first five because they were the ones that had fucked me before. When I finally got to the last three I didn’t have as much trouble as they had not experience what the other ones had, but I swear the bitch growled at me when I went in and fed her. I wondered if she knew I was fucking her old boy friend my Uncle. The last one was Bruno the biggest of the bunch. His back was the same height as my waist. I started to get all wet remembering his huge dick and knot from the time he was bred to that farmers bitch. He must have smelled my wetness because his dick started to come out of his sheaf and he began to try and sniff my crotch. I got out of there in a hurry. He did start my pussy to secreting and I wondered if I could handle that big knot? I decided that when My Uncle left I would give him a try.

I went to the barn and climbed into the loft and pitched some hey down to Raven. I had taken an apple out of the fridge and had left it by the barn door. I took it into Raven and he whinnied and stomped his hind legs as he ate it. I filled his feed bag with oats and hung it around his head. I took a brush and began to brush him. I brushed him all over and when I went under him to change sides his dick came out. I finished brushing and reached under him and took hold of his huge cock and began to stoke it. It got real long and was only about a foot off the ground. My pussy was again secreting my fluids and felt like it was on fire. I wondered if I could fit in my pussy. I took my shorts off and got under him and tried to insert him into me. As hot and as wet as my pussy was I couldn’t get it in. It just wasn’t the right angle. Even when I bent it trying to shove it inside me it didn’t work. I heard Pete barking and new my Uncle was coming back to the house. I hurriedly put my shorts back on and went back out side. Uncle Charley came up and said “I didn’t see Raven in the field” I answered him “He hasn’t finished his oats yet, I’ll put him out later. Have you had any lunch?” “No, can you fix me a sandwich while I take a shower. I want to get to town before five.” “Ok, will you pick me up some birth control pills I’m almost out? My Mom got me a subion when they found out I was no longer a virgin. The preion number is on the table.” He said I will be happy to do that and smiled and patted me on the ass. We wouldn’t want any accidents would we?” I grinned back and said “no that’s for sure and rubbed his crotch.” “Hold on there you little tease, if you keep that up I may not want to go to town.” I laughed and said, “you go ahead but I can tell you I’m going to be very horny come Sunday.” He laughed and headed for the shower. I proceeded to make us ham and cheese sandwiches. We chit chatted for about a half hour before he left.

I walked out onto the back porch and watched him leave. Pete came up and stuck his nose under my shorts and started to lick me. I squatted slightly and let his tongue slide into my pussy. I then took him into the house and sat down at the kitchen table pulling my shorts aside so Pete could gain entrance to my wet pussy. I was looking out the window to make sure my Uncle didn’t return for some reason. I let him lick my cunt for about a half hour and came three times before I took him into my bedroom. I was really hot and I got the old towel from before out of the closet and laid it down in front of my bed. I stroked Pete’s cock and as it started to come out of his sheath I got on my knees and laid my head on the bed. It took Pete about five seconds to mount and insert his cock into my pussy. I didn’t even half to guide it in. Once again his lovely dick began to pump the inside of my pussy lining. I clamped down on his dick and felt every inch of him slide in and out of my Vagina. As his knot began to swell I came again. I could hear my self moan in ecstasy aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as Pete continued to hammer my pussy. I could feel the insides of my pussy begin to stretch as his knot became bigger and bigger. I felt myself shudder as I came again. When his knot was fully in me and would not come out he tightened his hold on me and I felt that fountain of cum shoot into my womb filling me. Pete turned around so I grabbed his hind legs so he couldn’t pull out of me. By now my pussy had been stretched to the point where his knot would slip out on it's on and not lock inside me like before. There we were ass to ass with him still shooting his love offering into me. After about ten minute’s I let him pull out of me and let him lick some of his own cum off my pussy.

I took Pete out to the barn and locked him in but first got the old horse blanket out of the barn closet. I notice and old hammock laying on the floor and got an idea for later. I’m primed and ready I think for Bruno now, so I went out to Bruno’s pen and took off my shorts and hung them on the door. I was glad I had on a sweat shirt so that Bruno’s paws would not scratch me. I squatted down and leaned against the side fence exposing my dripping pussy. Bruno came over and immediately jammed his tongue into the folds of my pussy. Wow I thought his tongue is huge, bigger than Uncle Charley’s and quite a bit longer. Bruno continued to shove his tongue inside my vagina, scooping out my cum and Pete’s jizz. Every time he brought his tongue out it swooped up over my cit and sent waves of sensation coursing through my legs, pussy and ass and I had a huge orgasm. I turned over and knelt on the blanket and lifted my ass up as high as I could However Bruno instead of mounting me he just kept on licking the cum out of my pussyt. The more I came the deeper and harder he licked. I was on fire and had to force myself to turn and grab his dick and start jacking him off. When he started to hump my hand I let go and backed into him and he did not need any more encouragement. He Mounted me.

Oh god did he mount me. I did not realize how big Bruno was until he was on top of me. His head came over onto my shoulder and his weight forced my head and shoulders to the ground. I raised my ass as high as I could and I felt his dick head hit my ass hole. I reached back and grabbed his dick. I could hardly get my small hands around it and guided it into my pussy. I tried to hold on to it so I could ease it in, but as soon as he felt it penetrate me he Jammed the whole thing in. I screamed as it shot up my pussy walls and the pointed end hit my cervix with such force that he spit it open and went up my cervix at least two inches. I felt that huge dick begin to hammer my insides. He was at least as big as and maybe even bigger than my Uncle but longer if that was possible. The pain began to ease and I began to respond to his pounding cock. I came and his knot begin to rise, I suddenly realized the enormous size his knot was becoming, and as the knot was slamming in and out of my pussy the pain returned and I began to get scared. It kept getting bigger and bigger. I sighed in relief when I thought it had gotten to big to enter back into me. I was wrong, oh how I was wrong. Bruno gave a huge push and that big knot slipped inside. It felt as big as a soft ball and I fainted from the pain. I regained consciousness a minute or two later. As that huge knot slid up and down my pussy walls the pain alternated with ecstasy and he caused me to have one of those magnificent “G” spot orgasms. AAAAhhhhhhhhhh OOOOOHHHHHH, Oh fuck I screamed as I was squirting pussy juice all over my legs, the ground and Bruno’s underside. He suddenly stopped his rapid fire fucking and pulled me closer to him. The end of his dick reentered my cervix and he began shooting a tremendous amount of his doggy jizz straight up my cervix and I swear I felt some shoot up into my uterus; causing me to again to have multiple orgasm’s. I collapsed and could hardly breathe. My heart was pumping a mile a minute. I just lay there on my hands and knee’s as Bruno continued to shoot an enormous amount of his doggy cum into me. Finally he turned around and we were ass to ass. I reached back and grabbed his hind legs holding him close so I could feel that enormous dick inside of me. He must have gotten thirsty because he started walking over to his water dish dragging me behind him. I could do nothing to stop him because he was so big and strong. My knees got all skinned up. It took that knot over fifteen minute’s to go down enough for him to pull out of me.

When he did there was the loudest pop and I jumped a foot. When that huge dick popped out my pussy it felt my insides were a reservoir and the dam had just broken. Bruno’s jizz came squirting out of me like a hose that had been kinked and then let lose. I looked down between my legs and I could hardly believe how much cum and blood came flowing onto the ground. The flow turned from blood and cum to just blood. I started to get scared because there was so much blood. I was so weak I had to crawl out of the pen across the yard to the house with a trail of blood following me. I reached up and grabbed a towel that was hanging by the back door and crammed it between my legs so I wouldn’t get blood all over the house. I was still naked so I crawled into the shower and turned the water on. The cold water kind of revived me and I unscrewed the nozzle and pulled myself up so I could insert it into my vagina. Blood was still poring out of me so I new Bruno must have really torn my cervix up. The blood slowly reseeded some so I placed another towel between my legs and went into the kitchen and took several ice cubes out of the refrigerator and wrapped them in a wet wash cloth, shoving them up my vagina. The shock was tremendous. I could hardly stand it, but I new I had to do something to stop the blood flow. My Uncle wouldn’t be home until Sunday and I could bleed to death. I didn’t want to call 911 because I was afraid I would have to tell someone what happened. I sat down at the kitchen table and gritted my teeth as the cold was causing me to have cramps. I held my legs together for about ten minute’s until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I went back into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and let the ice cubs that had not melted drop into it. I was so weak I could hardly make it to my bed. I took two more towels and laid them under me and set the clock for an hour and a half. I didn’t want to fall asleep and bleed to death. I heard Pete howling to be let out of the barn but I was too weak and exhausted to care and I fell asleep.

The alarm went off and it startled me. I looked between my legs and there was only a small amount of blood on the top towel. I didn’t want to take any chances so I went back into the kitchen and took six ice cubs and stuffed them up my pussy. I used a little warm water to keep the ice from sticking to my pussy lips until I got them all inside. Again the shock was horrific. I crossed my legs and sat on a kitchen chair. It was so cold it hurt .and I got a cramp in my stomach and back. I had remembered my dad telling me that if I ever was bleeding and couldn’t stop it with just pressure to use a bunch of ice cubes in a cloth and put pressure on the wound to make the blood coagulate. I could not very well stuff a rag full of ice up my cunt so I just used plain ice. I could only stand the pain about ten minute’s before I went back into the bathroom and got rid of the un-melted ice. I went into my Uncles bedroom and rummaged around until I found an old box of pads of my Aunt. I stuck one between my legs and put on a pair of panties and my night tee. I went into the kitchen and fixed a can of tomato soup. Pete was howling away and I hesitated about letting him out of the barn. I decided I was too weak to fight him off if he tried to fuck me, and I new he would try. I yelled at him to shut up and lay down. He stopped howling so I went to bed.

I woke up about four that morning and checked for blood. There were no new spots so I went to the bathroom. I checked my pee and it was normal so I went back to bed. I slept until almost 9:30. I must have had a wet dream because my pussy was so wet. Even the pad was soaked. I took a long hot shower and put on a light dress since my shorts were still out hanging on Bruno’s gate. Pete was howling again and the chickens were making all kinds of noise. I decided I had better feed the animals before I had breakfast. I was feeling better and seemed to have gained back some of my strength. I gave the chickens their feed and gathered the eggs. I took them into the kitchen and washed them off and put them into the fridge. I took a rake and smoothed the area's where the blood had flowed from the pens to the house. Pete was still howling so I opened up the barn door and Pete almost bowled me over. He was jumping up on my chest and his tail was going a mile a minute. I hollered at him and told him to settle down. He stopped jumping but he tried to shove his nose between my legs. I gave him a whack on the head and told him to stop. I fed him and than sloped the hogs. I looked to see if I could see that hogs dick but I couldn’t. I locked Pete in the barn again and went out to the dog pens.

I very cautiously fed the dogs. I almost made a mistake in the third pen. As I was putting his food down he came up behind me and stuck his nose into my crotch. I jumped and lost my balance and fell to my knees. The dog was on me in a flash and jumped up on my back. I managed to roll over into a sitting position before he could stick his dick into me. He was standing right over me trying to hump my face. Because I was sitting his dick hit me in the nose and then my lips. Like a fool I opened my mouth and he jammed it into my mouth. His front paws griped the back of my head and shoulders and pulled my head tight against him. He was humping me like it was my cunt. I don’t know why but I started sucking his cock. I tasted his pre cum and it was a mixture of pee and jizz. I clamped down on his dick with my lips and tongue. His knot began to swell and was banging against my teeth. He shot a squirt of jizz into my throat and I coughed and his knot went fully into my mouth forcing the end of his dick into my throat. My mouth was wide open from his knot and he began to shoot his doggy cum straight into my mouth and throat. I managed to get his knot out of my mouth and I started sucking his dick letting him empty his balls into my mouth. I kept sucking until there was nothing else to come out. He let go of my head and went over by his feed bowl and laid down and began to lick himself. I just sat there trying to figure what he tasted like. It was not a bad taste but different from Uncle Charlie. The only comparison I could make was maybe the difference between venison and beef. It had that kind of a wild taste. I realized also that I had cum and the pad was getting kind of wet. I finished feeding the rest of the dogs and was especially careful with Bruno. Because of his size and strength I new I didn’t have a prayer of fighting him off if he got my down.

I had left Raven in the field over night forgetting to bring him in. I went out to the field he was in and called him to me. He trotted over to me and I put a halter on him and led him back to the barn. I fed him some hay and put his bag of oats over his head. I brushed him real good making sure I didn’t go near his dick. I think he was disappointed that I didn’t stroke his big cock. I remembered my shorts, so I went back to Bruno’s pen and got them. I went into the house leaving Pete on the porch. I gathered up all the bloody towels and threw them into the wash. And let them soak in cold water before turning it on. I ate dinner and listened to the radio. I read awhile but kept falling asleep. I went to bed but didn’t fall asleep right away. I kept running over the days events. I wondered what was wrong with me. I seemed to be horny all the time and I could hardly believe I could come so much. It seemed like I was ready to cum at the least bit of stimulation. My mind was continually thinking about the dogs and the feelings they gave me when they were fucking me. What was it about animals that stimulated me so. I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up about 6 am. I felt lazy and just laid there again thinking about Bruno, Pete and the other dogs. I started getting real horny again and my pussy started to secrete my juices. It was hard to believe but I wasn’t sore. I got up about 7:30 and fixed myself a bacon and egg sandwich and had a big glass of fresh milk. I said “Oh shit I forgot to milk the cow yesterday. I new she would be miserable because her udders would be too full. I grabbed the milk pale and hurried out to the barn with Pete trying to stick his nose up my pussy. I got the stool and milked her good. I filled the pale and went back to the house and poured it into a five gallon milk can. I went back out to the barn and finished milking her, squirting some at Pete who licked it off his nose. I fed the chickens and hogs and walked out to the field to make sure there was enough hay for the other two horses. I carefully fed the dogs including Pete. I went up in the loft and forked a bunch of hay down into Ravens feed box. I gave Raven some more oats and brushed him good.
When his dick came out I kissed it and began to jack him off. I thought, you’re such a slut; you never seem to get enough. As I fondled his huge dick I wondered if I could now take him. My pussy had been stretched to unbelievable size. My pussy lips seemed like they were permanently parted. Forget it I said “don’t take the chance of causing your cervix to start bleeding again. Maybe later in the week while Charlie was working in the field?”

I pulled the stool out of the cows stall and sat down. Hmmmmmmmmmm. What should I do for the rest of the day. It was 11 o’clock and Uncle Charlie wouldn’t be home until about five that after noon. About that time Pete stuck his nose between my legs and began to lick my crotch. I took his head and said “do you feel neglected Pete.” He was wagging his tail. I made him lay down. “Pete you have serviced me well since I came here so I am going to give you an award. I laid down next to him and began to stroke his cock. It immediately came out of his sheath and he stood up thinking he was going to fuck me. I surprised him when I ducked under him and took his dick into my mouth. I could taste a little pee on his dick. The idea of sucking his cock excited me and my pussy began to secrete my usual juices. I started sucking his dick as it harden and he started to hump my mouth. I sat up and let his paws go on my shoulders and back. I let his dick slide deep into my mouth. Pete is bigger than the one I had sucked before. In fact he was the second largest behind Bruno. I found that if I held my mouth just right I could get his dick into my throat without gagging. As his knot began to swell I wondered how much of his dick I could swallow if I let his knot into my mouth. I thought what the hell, let’s find out. I opened my mouth wide and let it inter my mouth. I began to suck his knot and lick behind it as the front part reached into my throat. I was staring to cum myself as I sucked and sucked his knot licking his balls behind the knot. The knot got really big, almost the size of a baseball. He was really pumping my face and I held on to his knot so he couldn’t jab and damage my throat. He pulled my head to him and exploded his doggy cum straight into my throat. It was hot and sticky. I came again as I felt all that stored up cum shooting down my throat and directly into my stomach. He emptied his ball sack as I kept sucking. He tried to pull away from me but I didn’t want to let go of his dick. I had my arms around his back and I kept sucking until he let out a little whimper and I let him go.

I went into the house and made lunch. I listened to some music and read awhile. About two I heard Pete scratching at the door so I let him in. I was sitting on the coach when he came up to me and stuck his head between my legs and started licking my panty crotch. “You’re a horny son of a bitch aren’t you?” I scooted my ass to the edge of the couch and let him lick my pussy. I tried to read as he licked but he made me cum and I couldn’t focus on what I was reading. After about fifteen minute’s I couldn’t stand it any more. “Ok stud lets go into the bedroom.” I put the towel on the floor in front of the bed and assumed the position. Pete again needed no assistance. He mounted me and gave me a good fucking. I even let him into my ass for a short time before his knot began to swell. It felt good. Maybe I ought to let the smaller Dane have another go at my ass? When we were finished I went in and took a shower putting Pete outside. I douched out real good so that I would be ready if Uncle Charlie wanted some action when he got home. I started to get wet again just thinking of Charlie’s magnificent cock.

Uncle Charlie called about 4 pm and told me his wife had had another stroke so he was going to stay in town another couple days. He said the Doctors weren’t sure if she was going to make it. I could tell he was crying. He told me to help out our neighbor Mr. Redding when he brought his ass over tomorrow for breeding. I thought “shit what was I suppose to do. Here I was not quite fifteen and was suppose to help put Ravens cock into the female ass, how embarrassing. I said ok Uncle Charlie I will do what I can. Keep me posted as to her condition and if there is any thing I can do. I hung up. I let Pete fuck me just before dinner and then again just before I went to bed. He slept on top of the bed. I felt wonderful. I probably should be ashamed of myself for being such a slut, but I didn’t.
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2012-10-07 00:55:44
sorry mate but i found it to be far too repititious


2010-03-23 03:11:02
enjoyable story !


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2008-01-29 19:35:10
I loved it. My pussy got a real work out from my two dogs after reading your series. I had never thought of letting a dog fuck me until I read these. Now I can't get enogh of them. I can fuck all I want and not worry about getting prgnant. 9/10


2007-12-28 01:17:22
Your story reminded me of me. My first dog fucked me when I was 13 and I am now 42 and have had six dogs. My husband loves to watch, it gets him hard and fuckes me in the Ass as soon as our dogs knot comes out. 10/10

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