In Northern Maine there is not much more to do then Drink Screw and Fish.
The Fishing Trip

The morning was cool, but as the sun burnt through the haze you could see that it would turn into a scorcher by noon. I loaded the tackle and poles into the boat and went back up to the cabin for the cooler. Soft drinks, beer, steaks and hotdogs, the girls were not trusting in our catching fish to feed us. Mike loaded camping gear from his truck into the boat. As I arrived with the cooler he was taking a new set of oars from the back of the pickup.

“I’ll row us out this time" I laughed, setting the cooler into the reservoir beneath the middle seat. "The last time you rowed I ended up swimming and towing the boat back to shore, after you broke the paddles."

Mike laughed and put three bottles of his homemade liquor beside the cooler and handed me a forth. I took a pull from the bottle and grimaced as the potent beverage burned my throat.

"Is that supposed to be coffee brandy?" I asked. I put the bottle beside my tackle box.

He replied with a nod, "Good batch, Are the girls anywhere near ready?"

We finished loading the boat and were heading up to the cabin when the girls came out. Denise is a tall curvy strawberry blond. Her big blue eyes could melt any man's heart with just a wink. The yellow sundress she wore caused her to glow in the morning sunlight. However she paled beside the radiant beauty that was my Cathy. Cathy was wearing, a red swimsuit with a wrap-around skirt. The Sunlight played off her dark brunette hair setting a sparkling aura about her head.

I had convinced them to bring hats, but Cat refused to ware hers. Mike and I helped them into the boat and we cast off. I began rowing toward the Island in the middle of the lake. With several stops to fish along the way, the trip took us all of the morning and into the afternoon. It was after one o’clock when we landed at the campsite.

There is an old picnic table and grill that the forestry installed years ago. Mike and Dee began setting up the tents. Cathy started a fire and I cleaned the fish. Mike had caught five trout while Cat and Dee caught three apiece. I managed to hook half a dozen chub and a sucker.

We dined on fresh broiled fish and baked potatoes. As soon as they had eaten, Mike and Denise grabbed their rods and vanished into the woods. Cathy pushed the last of her trout into my mouth and went for her fish pole. She called over her shoulder as she walked down the shore, "You caught the least fish. You get to clean up. You know where I'll be, hurry and catch up."

I policed the campsite and rinsed off the utensils, tossed the paper plates into the grill and ran after Cathy. She was sitting on an old log, casting into a lagoon formed by springs under the lake. The fish that we have pulled out of there are monsters compared to the average brook trout. I put a bobber on my line and cast out into the middle of the lagoon.

“It is too late for spinners and too early for flies. We will have to nigger fish this hole." I said as I placed my fish pole into a crotched stick that had been put there for that very purpose, years ago. I gave Cathy a bobber and waited impatiently as she rigged her line.

Cathy cast her line out. It no more then hit the water when her bobber sank beneath the surface. She set the hook and reeled in a trout. I put the creel down beside her where she could reach it and told her that it was a nice fish.

"Do you intend to show me up all week end" I asked her.

Instead of answering she cast her line back out and set her rod down. She pulled me into her arms and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her and returned the kiss. I licked her lips until she opened her mouth and let me in. My tongue dueled with hers as I ran my hands over her bare back. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders and curled her fingers into the hair of my chest. I pulled the top of her suit down from her breasts and began to fondle her tits when she pulled back braking our kiss and shouted, "You got one."

I turned from her breasts to see my fishing rod bent nearly in half. I pulled myself away from Cathy. She reeled her line in to prevent the fish from tangling in it then proceeded to instruct me on how to land a fish.

"Ease up the drag. Keep the line tight don't let him get into those weeds." She said as I played the fish.

I landed the trout and smiled as I held it up for her to see. It was at least sixteen inches long and fat. "Looks like someone else gets to clean up tonight" I said as I put the fish into the creel.

While I rebaited my hook, Cathy cast her line back into the lake. She then sat her pole down and removed her skirt. She spread the terrycloth skirt on the moss behind the log and sat down on it. I cast my freshly baited hook into the water then turned to join her.

Cathy tool hold of my shorts and stripped them off of me. She fondled my erect penis as I unsnapped the crotch of her swimsuit. We kissed and nuzzled while masturbating each other. Cathy stroked my shaft slowly, squeezing and releasing as she did. She seemed to know just how hard to squeeze and how fast to move her hand to bring me the most pleasure. I spread the juice that her cunt was producing around the folds of her vulva, stimulating every portion of her sex. She moaned into my mouth as I lathered the nub of her clit. Then she broke the kiss and sat back.

"They are in the pocket of my skirt" she said. "You are sitting on them."

I lifted my ass and she snaked her hand beneath me. This put her head level with my dick and she sucked the head into her mouth, as she pulled the package of condoms from her skirt pocket. Her eyes met mine as she licked around the glands on the head of my cock. Dark brown pools that draw on your soul. She smiled around my pole as she ripped open the rubber. Then as she rolled the Trojan down onto me she said, "Never go out without your rubbers."

Cathy lay over the log and shook her ass at me. "Do me Kitty style” She purred.

I grasped her perfect ass cheeks in each hand and spread them apart. I put my face between them and kissed her butt hole. I ran my tongue around her asshole bringing cries of pleasure from my Kitty Cat. Reaching around her hips I caressed her clitoris as I rimmed her. Cat's moans became continuous howl as she approached her climax.

"Fuck Me" Cathy snarled over her shoulder. "Fuck me Oh you bastard I'm cumming..." Cathy bucked her hips and her asshole sucked at my tongue as she spasmed in orgasm. I cupped her mound with my hand and gently rubbed her till she finished quivering. Then I pushed my engorged member into her cunt.

"Oh yes, oh yes, Oh yes” She cried with each thrust into her. Her hot juicy pussy squeezed my cock. Cum churned in my balls.

I bit the back of her neck as I pumped her greedy cavern with my cock. Cat howled out as my seed filled the rubber. Her cunt spasmed wringing the cum from my penis.

She pushed me off her and slid to the ground. "If that didn’t scare the fish nothing is going to." She said.

Who can think of fishing with you sitting like that, Cat" I said. Her legs were spread wide. Her just fucked pussy shone wetly from her dark pubs. "All I can think of is eating that juicy snatch.” I slid between her legs and lapped at her vulva.

“I was hoping you would say that." Cathy said as she pushed my head into her cunt.

I tongued her to climax twice before she pushed me away. Her voice was cracked when she told me it was my turn. Her mouth closed over my organ and her hands captured my balls. She knew exactly what to do to bring me off. Expertly she played my flesh flute and I was soon filling her mouth with semen.

"Yummy," She purred licking around my balls.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her. I held her to me never wanting to let her go.

We dressed after a while and went back to camp. Denise and Mike were nowhere to be seen. I cleaned our fish while Cathy relit the grill. I put the fish on Ice and took out a couple of steaks for supper.

I kissed Cat and passed her a beer. "We could wait until they get back to start the meat" I told her. "But they are probably fucking their heads off over by the point."

She downed half of her beer then wiped foam from her mouth before replying. "Yeah you are probably right" Cathy finished off her beer in a second swig and asked if I wanted another. I looked at the still full can and shook my head. She pulled a can from the cooler along with a bag of vegetables. She placed the bag and some paper plates on the table while I put the steaks on to cook.

Cathy asked if I felt like having a salad as she began peeling a cucumber.

I told her that anyway she fixed them would be fine with me. She made sure I was watching by saying my name, and then she pulled the crotch of her suit aside and slid a carrot into her pussy.

She stared straight at me as she fucked the vegetable in and out of herself. I was instantly hard. I flipped the stakes over and poured the rest of my beer over them, cooling the flame a little. I went over to where Cathy was and Knelt down to watch as her hand worked the phallic shaped carrot faster and faster. As she humped the carrot her finger rubbed her clit. I pulled my cock free of my shorts and jerked off as she performed for me.

Her Eyes drifted to my hand as I beat my meat to her fuck rhythm. She watched as I masturbated over her. Her unblinking eyes riveted on my cock. I was just as fascinated by her. Cat worked the carrot at a pace that should have cooked it. Her hand was a blur on her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and her hips thrust forward. Cathy lurched from the bench and fell to the sand screaming out.

"OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GAAAWD" She hollered out as she thrashed on the sand.

"Yesssss," I bellowed as I shot my load. Spraying my cum all over Cathy. It splattered her face and chest, splashing on her neck and in her hair. I fell forward catching myself with my arm before I landed on her. I looked down at her and smiled, "You can fix my vegetables like that any time." I told her.

She pulled the carrot from her cunt and put it in my mouth. "Try My special Salad dressing” she said. "I made it myself.”

"Look what we caught." Dee's voice startled us back to reality. Cathy Jumped to her feet and adjusted her crotch so it covered her pussy once again. I tucked my now deflated cock back into my trunks. Sucking on my pussy flavored carrot I turned to face the direction from which her voice had sounded.

Denise was holding a string of trout that had to contain more than their legal limit. Mike came up behind her toting their gear. Denise was grinning from ear to ear, holding up the fish. Mike put the poles down and kissed her as he took the fish from her and went down to the water to clean them.

Denise pulled a couple of beers from the cooler and checked the steaks on the grill. "These are almost done." She announced. Then came over to the table. She pulled the carrot from my hand and bit the end off. Cathy and I both flinched as she did.

"MMM' She said as she licked the carrot." You put on one hell of a show, Cat. My pussy is so wet I'm sloshing in my pants." She put the carrot into her mouth and sucked on it as if it were a cock. She pushed the whole thing into her throat and pulled it out again then she smacked her lips on it and moaned around the orange vegetable. I felt my cock stir as I watched Dee Dee give the carrot a blow job

Cathy wiped her face with a napkin and attempted to regain some composure. "Dee weren't you going to get the meat off the grill" she asked.

"Oh yeah." Denise replied. She passed me back the carrot

I just stood there looking at her as she wiggled to the grill.

"Ahem" Cathy coughed. "Keep your eyes in your head."

"Yes dear" I said turning quickly to my darling. "You know you are my one and only, but when its thrust in my face like that I can't help but look."

Absentmindedly I took a bite of the carrot I was still holding as I sat down beside Cathy. "She ate all of your special sauce." I said chewing on the hard vegetable.

"There is plenty left where that came from." Kitty Cat purred, cuddling up to me.

Dee brought the meat to the table as Mike came up from the shore. He tossed the fish into the cooler and brought out a can of beer. Sitting down at the table he said "That spring hole at the point is right loaded with fish. Dee and I could not pull them in fast enough."

"We got into a good spot this afternoon ourselves" I said. "I think I will try that hole again after we eat."

Jim McNally

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