An SMBD Party Female Slavery. Men and Women Consenting Adults. If you are not an Adult you should not be Reading this.
An SMBD Party Female Slavery. Men and Women Consenting Adults. If you are not an Adult you should not be Reading this.


Quivering with fear and anticipation, I stood breathless outside his door. Tears filled my eyes as I unbuttoned the silk blouse I was wearing. A shiver ran down my spine when I removed the garment. My nipples stiffened in the cool night air. I cupped my breasts and gently rolled the nipples with my fingers. Delicious tingles spread throughout my body as I played with my tits. Slowly I moved my hands down. Caressing my self, I sought the fastening of my slacks. I opened them and pushed them to the floor. Bringing my hand to the front of my silk panties, I rubbed my swollen vulva through the cloth. Damp, hell they were wet, and I hated myself for it. Each time I left him , I swore to god that I would never come back. He makes me feel dirty, ashamed, and used. I am physically sore and emotionally drained when he is finished with me. Still when he beckons I come (cum).

That morning the phone rang as I was leaving for work. His voice came over the line. “Seven o’clock.” Then he hung up. A hot flash washed over me. My heart began to race, and tingles of excitement shot through my body. Two words, he had spoken just two words and I was ready to cum. I would have fucked anyone who came through the door. I bit my lip to calm myself and drove to work.

Eight hours can take forever. It feels even longer when you’re in heat. At one point it took all the will power I could muster not to pull one of the customers into the stock room and fuck his brains out.

I could smell his musk as I rang up his purchases. My mouth went dry and my pussy watered. He smiled as I gave him his change. I swooned. Embarrassing or what. It made his day. I excused myself and went out back to compose myself. Which meant, taking a half hour to masturbate.

I raced home after work to a hot bath. Then prepared for my date. Ten minutes to seven I was standing in my panties on his front porch. Sliding the panties down my legs, I scratched the black curls around my cunt and gave my engorged clit a rub. Stepping out of my shoes I picked up my clothes and went inside. I folded them and placed them on a stand just inside the foyer.

Eyes on the floor directly in front of me, wrists crossed behind my back, I crossed the hall to the playroom.

Once bare except for an Oriental rug, on which I had many exquisitely horrible experiences, the playroom had been refurbished. The walls were finished with mirrored tiles. A wet bar was installed. Shipping paper still covered the settee and sofa. Between them where one might expect a coffee table , was the toybox.. Polished oak sides with a padded leather cover, It was six feet long, four feet wide ,and three feet high. Brass rings hang from each corner of the lid, as well as along the sides of the box. Pulling on the rings opens the drawers where the toys are kept. (Tony added the drawers when he found he could not get to the toys when he had someone shackled to the lid. ME) A dinette table and chair set stood on the Oriental rug.

I knelt to the left of the door to await my master’s pleasure. I trained my eyes to the spot between my knees, as I was trained to do. Presently the door opened. I heard the rattle of glass and the pat of bare feet on the hardwood floor. I looked up with a start, when a woman’s voice addressed me.

“Put these away.” She said. “I’ll be right back with the rest.”

She was a tall blonde with the longest most beautiful hair I had ever seen. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I looked at her. She was unclothed except for a black ribbon in that gorgeous hair, which hang down past her hips. Her body was athletic. She walked with the liquid grace of a ballerina.

I had the dishes unloaded and put away, and was kneeling at the end of the bar when she returned with a large carton from the liquor store. She walked behind the bar with the box, then flowed to her knees and began stocking the bar with various liquors.

I began comparing her body to mine as I watched the elegance and grace with which she moved. She was perfectly formed. Long elegant legs, well curved hips, a narrow waist, a flat firm stomach, firm breasts, a long neck, and a round face. Her tits aren’t big, but she has large pink nipples. Her clam is as bald as the day she was born. All-in-all this was a female I could learn to hate.

She finished her chore and turned to me and introduced herself as Cathy. I told her my name and she knelt down beside me. This close I could smell her. A bouquet of aromas, strawberries, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. I felt a renewed tingle in my crotch.

“Go ahead touch it.” She told me. “You’ve been drooling over it sense I came in here.”

I ran my fingers through her silky hair. The scent of wild strawberries filled the air. A wave of desire overcame me and I wound my hand in her tresses and pulled her to me. I forced my mouth to her lips and kissed her. I continued to caress her long blonde hair as I explored her mouth with my tongue. Far from pushing me away, Cathy encircled me with her arms. Her hands caressed and prodded my backside. Her long fingers massaged and probed my asshole. Breaking our kiss she, she shoved my head to the floor and moved behind me.

Cathy replaced her fingers with her tongue, she licked along my crack as she opened my cunt with her delicate touch. Having been weeping all day her fingers met no resistance when she slid them into my vagina. I leaned on my elbows and put my face in my hands, as she worked me over. Cathy’s tongue fucked into my anus as she pumped her long fingers into my pussy. My loins were on fire. I moaned into my palms and worked my hips back at her.

I was too far gone to hear the door open. All I was concerned about was my pussy was finally getting the attention it needed. I wanted to cum and Cathy had me almost there. She found my clitoris with her thumb and rubbed the hard little nub as she rimmed my ass. The fire started in my clit and radiated out to my fingers and toes. My anus sucked her tongue deeper into my ass, and I washed her hand with my juices. It wasn’t until my orgasm abated, that I noticed we were no longer alone. Cathy gave my ass a final lick and pulled her hand from my cunt. I looked back at her. She smiled and licked her fingers. Then noticed that we had company.

We both quickly assumed The Position with our heads to the floor and wrists crossed behind us.

“Please continue.” He said. “If your need is so great that you are willing to risk being punished, then by all means finish what you started. Dee show Cat what you can do with your tongue. And be sure that she cums just as hard as you did.”

“Yes Master.” I replied.

There were two other men at the table with him, and a girl. She was nude and kneeling beside Raymond. She looked to be Panobscot Indian like Ray. American Indian, where as I am the real thing. Tony my Master, Raymond , an old boyfriend, and another man I did not know, sat and watched as I laid Cathy on her back. Raymond sent the Indian girl out.

Cathy smiled up at me and I kissed her. Crossing my arms behind my back, I kissed and licked down her neck, caressing her with my lips and tongue. I licked the sweat from her breasts and nibbled her nipples. She began to moan as I suckled her tits. I stuck my tongue in her navel and fucked it in and out a few times before continuing my journey down her body. Her hips were undulating as I crawled between her legs. I lowered my face to her pussy. He had told me to show her what I could do with my tongue. I dared not use my hands, as Cathy had done for me. I bathed her crotch with my saliva and licked around the outer lips of her vulva. She was writhing with need as I had been. I dared not bring her off to fast. My Master had inflected in his command “that I make sure that she cum as hard as I had.” That he wanted a good show.

I prodded her lips with my tongue, and they folded open like a flower blooming. Cathy bent her legs and pushed her cunt up at my face. I lapped at her vagina and sipped up the juices that were flowing from her. I was tongue fucking her when she grabbed my head and shoved me hard into her crotch. Her clit rubbed against my nose as she ground her cunt against my face.

“I gotta cum god make me cum you bitch make me cum.” Cathy screamed. Then her voice became uninterpitable as her cunt juice washed over my face. When she released me my face was drenched with her juices. I slid up her body and gave her a parting kiss and let her taste her own honey from my lips. Then went and knelt beside Tony.

When Cathy could manage it she crawled over to the left side of an equally blonde man. His hair was thicker then hers and only reached his shoulders. You could tell by looking at them that they belonged together.

I don’t know if Tony knew that I used to go with Raymond or not, but I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the floor when the girl that was with him came in with our meal. she entered the room with a cart filled with covered dishes. After setting the food on the table she knelt down beside Ray.

The meal was a simple one. These men did not come here to eat after all. Cathy and I had jumped the gun by starting without them, but that was where we were going to end up any way. The pretense of serving a meal first was just another way for them to demonstrate their dominance over us.

I don’t think Tony ate any of the food. He cut it into little morsels and fed them to me with his fingers. I sucked and licked his fingers clean after each bite. I am sure that both other girls were being fed in a similar fashion from time to time Tony would hold his wine glass for me to sip from, I would take a very small drink and thank him for it.

When they were finished with the food, He announced, “We’ve already seen Cathy and Denise perform. Lets leave them to clean up and take Kimberly over to try out my new sofa set.”

The blond guy agreed verbally. Raymond just smiled and nodded. They went to the other end of the room. Kimberly heeled obediently. Cathy and I cleared the table and pushed the cart back to the kitchen.

I opened the dishwasher and loaded it. Cathy grabbed me and pulled me into her arms. She crushed her lips to mine and forced her tongue into my mouth.

“what to hell were you doing to me?” She asked after she broke the kiss. “I never needed to cum so bad and you just taunted me with the tip of your tongue. I thought you would drive me crazy.

I closed the machine and started it. Then pushed her up against it and returned her kiss.

“Jim ordered me to force my self on you.” She confessed. I sucked on her tits as she spoke, “He said, “If your tongue isn’t up her ass when we walk in there she had better be passed out on the floor from ecstasy.””

“I thought you gave in a little to easy.” I said. I kneeled down in front of her and thrust my hand between her legs. If she had resisted at all she could have got away, I am a very small woman. As it is she squatted for me to get better access. I quickly found her wet cunt and inserted three fingers into her wet hole. I looked up at her face as I began to fuck her with my fingers. She averted her eyes from mine. I put my lips to her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I held he clit in my teeth and flicked my tongue around it as I pushed my hand into her cunt. The dishwasher hit its rinse cycle as she spasmmed on my fingers. Cathy slid to the floor unable to hold herself up any longer. This time when I looked into her eyes they looked back. I kissed her pussy firmly and stood up.

“now my pretty ass kisser, lets see how you do with the front side.” I said pushing her face into my crotch.

From the way she ate my ass earlier I knew she would be good. I came on her tongue twice before the dishwasher stopped. I slumped down beside her panting.

“I’ve never enjoyed doing the dishes so much.” Cathy sighed.

Wrists crossed behind our backs, eyes on the floor in front of us, we returned to the playroom. Our Masters were void of clothing. Kimberly was on her back, on the toybox. Jim’s cock was in her mouth, and her hand was stroking Tony’s meat. Raymond was seated on the sofa watching the show. He waved us to him and told us to sit with him and enjoy the show.

Cathy sat on his left and I on the right. As soon as we were seated his hand was in my crotch. As I watched Kimberly take my Master’s penis into her mouth, I knew what my punishment was to be. I was going to have to service the man I had dumped three years ago.

Ray’s fingers caressed my wet pussy. We watched as Jim moved over the squaw and pushed his rod into her vagina. My own need resurfaced as my hips responded to Raymond’s touch. My eyes still on the toybox, I slid my hand into Ray’s crotch. To my amazement I encountered the soft cornsilk hair that had seduced me earlier. Looking down I saw Cathy’s mouth wrapped around Raymond’s member.

I fought the urge to look at ray’s face ,to see the pleasure of what she was doing for him on it. Instead I spread my legs and humped at his fingers. I wanted to fuck. All I was getting was fingers. I looked at Tony. He was humping Kim’s mouth. Jim was doggy fucking her. Cathy had her mouth full of cock.

Raymond bent over and kissed me. “Been a while hasn’t it Dee.” He said. “there’s no hard feelings baby. When Jim told me you were going to be here I had to come, and let you know that ---Oh Oh Cat stop ohgaaw to late I’m cumming!! Unah.”

Cathy held her head still as Ray filled her mouth with his seed. When he stopped shooting she let his member slip from her mouth. A string of cum stretched from him to her lips. Cathy stood up and bent over me. She opened her mouth, about a foot above my face and let the cum drip from her mouth to mine. Sticking out my tongue I caught the offering. Most of it anyway. Some of it landed on my chin and ran down my neck. She finished up by tongue kissing me and sharing Ray’s load again.

When Cathy finished her kiss, Kimberly pressed her lips to mine, and I had another load of man-seed emptied into my mouth. I swallowed the seaman she gave me and sucked on her tongue for good measure.

Jim ordered Cathy to get his cum from where he had left it. Obediently she dove between Kim’s legs to suck it from her cunt. I bit onto the squaw’s tongue and held her where she was. I needed something to suck on while Raymond continued to finger me, It might as well be her. Kim groaned into my mouth, and I moaned into her’s. Raymond finger fucked me while he told Kim how hot she looked with her lezzy lovers.

Tony walked up behind Cathy and I heard her Muffled scream as he stuck his dick into her. My Master’s favorite is anal , and I believe that Cathy had just been introduced to the fact. I let the squaw go and asked Raymond to fuck me.

“Please Master will you fuck me.” I begged.

“Kiss my ass.” Was his reply.

“Thank you Master.” I said.

He bent over the toybox, and I proceeded to give him the best rim job that I was capable of. I licked his anus, and sucked on his balls. my tongue worked over his ass while I stroked his shaft with my hands. Sneaking his cock into my mouth every once in a while to give it a good suck. When I had him hard he said whipping position. I put my head to the floor with my ass in the air.

“Fuck me.” I pleaded over my shoulder.

Gripping my ass he slid into me. I shoved back and forced him all the way in. The quaking started as soon as he entered me, and continued until after he filled me with his spunk. As soon as Raymond pulled out, I felt someone else step behind me. A huge cock was forced into my ass. They always feel huge when I get ass fucked. I got a creepy uneasy sensation as something slimy slid up my leg. Over my calf then up the back of my thigh, then I felt its feathery touch on my cunt. My ass clinched as the slimy thing brushed over my clit. Cathy giggled and I knew what the slimy thing was. The brush ends of her golden locks were covered with cum. The cock in my ass convulsed and spewed molten liquid into my bowels. I felt empty when he with drew.

A black hood was pulled over my head and secured with a leather collar around my neck. I was pulled to my feet and lain on the toybox. I heard the drawer open and knew that Tony was getting my shackles. I was soon handcuffed and shackled to the lid of the box. The room grew silent as I lay on my back. The cotton bag that covered my face let plenty of air in, but it soon filled with the smell of sex from my breath.

Some one pulled on my pubic hair. Then I heard the snick of scissors. The cold metal brushed my skin as my beaver was molested. Then I felt something hot and wet placed over my cunt. I trembled and called out for Tony when I felt the edge of the razor on my skin.

“No Tony stop. Don’t shave me. Please stop.” My pleading fell on deaf ears as they continued to scrape away at my pussy. Something cold was dumped over me. Then it started to burn. The scent of Raymond’s after shave filled the air.

“IEEEEEEEEEEEEE” I howled as the searing pain coursed through every nerve.

I heard a whistle then felt the sting as a crop fell across my inner thigh.

“IAH” I yelped then the crop landed on the opposite thigh. Three more times the lash struck. Each bringing an appropriate vocal response from me. The lashing never came close to over riding the searing pain in my pussy. The alcohol in the old spice nearly caused me to pass out,

My collar was loosened and the hood pulled free. “Thank you Master” I said as Tony refastened the leather strap around my neck. I lifted my head to look at the job they had done on my sore pussy. Cathy was holding a mirror for me to see it in.

My vulva stuck out blood red from an equally red mound. I felt tears on my cheeks as I looked at the baby smooth skin. Welts were forming on my thighs where the cane had struck.

Kim put her hand on my cunt. “Damn! She is hot.” She said. She continued to fondle my pussy causing more tears to flow from my eyes.

Jim gave Cathy the keys to my restraints. “Your turn get her off of there.” He told her.

She loosed my arms and legs, and helped me set up. Sliding off the toy box to my knees I placed my cheek on the inside of Tony’s leg and thanked him for my lesson.

He put his hand on my head and told me I had been a bad girl and needed to be punished. He helped me to my feet and kissed me.

Cathy was tied face down on the box. Her beautiful hair draped over her. Jim chose a leather riding crop from the drawer. I cringed as I watched it fall across her ass cheeks. A soft whimper escaped her lips. Twice more he raised the whip and brought it down across her buns. Then he laid the crop down and picked up the scissors.

“Her pussy is already bald.” He said. “Why don’t we give her a hair cut?”

The girl began to sob and visibly tremble as Jim ran his fingers through her hair. He gathered a handful and brought the shears toward it.

“Everett, Everett, Oh my God Everett.” Cathy cried out and began crying.

“Anthony” I said pulling away from Tony.

Jim put down the scissors and quickly released the whimpering woman. I helped him move her over to the sofa and he cradled her in his arms.

“I’m sorry honey. I’m sorry.” He whispered into her ear as he rocked her back and forth in his arms. “I love you baby I would never let any thing happen to my kitty cat. I’m sorry.”

You could feel the atmosphere change as we sat there. Jim coo-cooing to Cathy, Tony and I sitting on the love seat, Raymond went to the bar and brought back a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and glasses. He poured and passed.. Cathy gulped hers and passed it back for a refill. She sipped it slower.

“Looks like the nights over.” Raymond Said with half a grin. “Buzz killer, them Safety words.”

“Yeah, but thank god she used it. I don’t know what came over me.” Jim said, shaking his head. “I couldn’t live with myself, if anything happened to Cat.”

Tony stated, “It might not seem like much to you, but my god Cathy hasn’t cut her hair sense grammar school.”

“I know why the Safety was called.” Ray chuckled around his glass. “I know the results of not using them to.” He looked directly at me when he said that. I haven’t always been sub. “Just that once you stop, the night is over. No matter how you try the results are never good.

“I don’t feel like playing any more,” Kim said. Where did you put my clothes?”

“I’m sorry guy’s “ Cathy said. “ I don’t usually make such a fuss.”

“No fret girl.” Ray waved her off. “Tony can I take the bottle?”

“Take it man. Just remember you buy next week. Tony said.

I crawled into Tony’s lap and kissed him hard. “I hate you.” I said and kissed him again. “You make me so fucking crazy I just don’t know why I stay with you.” I kissed him again longer this time. “I love you,” Kiss—“I hate you” kiss. “I don’t know.” Kiss. “what I do know I want to take you into the bedroom and cuddle up with that bottle of wine over there. Then you can tell me where they came from and how you know so much about her. And why your not fucking me.”

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