It was a chilly autumns day as Danny was on his way to his mums freinds daughters ( Janices ) 15th birthday.
It was a chilly autumns day as Danny was on his way to his mums freinds daughters ( Janices ) 15th birthday. He had bought her a cd of what he thought her favourite artist and was hoping that she wouldn't laugh and throw it back in his face. He had not seen her in quite a while and was pretty nervous.

He pulled his hood of as he reached the entrance of the masionette and knocked on the large oak door. After a few moments a tall blonde mature lady with large firm boobes in a light red small dress answered the door and gave Danny a cuddle and kiss on the cheek.
'Hey, how are you doing Ms simmons?'
'well, ain't you grown young man, Janices mum answered with a smile,
'last time I saw you was your 13th, how old are you now?'
'17 mam' he answered putting his cold hands in his nike tracksuits pockets.
'Oh sorry darling are you cold' the middle aged hottie said as she pulled out and rubbed Dannys hands,
'come in come in' she said as she invited the 17 year old teenager into the house.
As he entered the long hallway and hung his jacket up he was happily supprised as Janice came to welcome him. Damn she was so hot, long curly brown hair, light black skin and small sexy boobs. She was wearing a small sports t-shirt and a short pink mini-skirt which brought out her fine firm ass and long sexy legs beautifully.
'This is for you' he said as he handed the cd to the 15 year old hottie.
She received him and gave him an innocent kiss on his cheek slightly arousing him.
'oh wow, this is wonderful she said with a smile,
'whats that darling?' a voice sounded from behind.
'Have you seen what Dannys bought me?' Janice answered her mum.
'Wow thats brilliant, ain't you sweet' Janit said as she had a look at the cd.
'Now come through you two the karoke's gonna start in a minute.' Janit said as she hurried Danny along.
'Shit' Danny whispered to himself as they all walked through to the large master living room.
Danny tried to find his way through to the couch through all the people talking and joking sipping on all sorts of drinks. When he found a place he sat down and relaxed feeling very acward not knowing hardly anyone there.

After 15 minutes or so sitting in complete boredom the young 17 year old was ready to leave, when he heard someone calling his name from the kitchen. He ignored it at first but then saw Janices mum inviting him over with her hand. He then got up and made his way to the kitchen wondering what she wanted. As he reached the entrance of the doorway he saw Janit bending over the chopping board slicing some tomatos. He couldn't help but fixate on the mature hotties sexy round ass. After a moment or two of admiring Janits hot ass he was startled as he got a slap on the back of his ass followed by a giggle. Janit turned round as Janice walked through
'come on lazy' Janice said with a smile.
'Ok, Janice you and Danny clean the dishes while I go outside and get some more drinks I'll be about 20 or so minutes ok?'
'Ok mum' Janice answered smiling.
As the tall sexy mature honey walked out of the kitchen Janice gave Danny a devilish grin, flicked some water at him and made a break for the door, Danny joining her excitement grabbed her and tipped a glass full of cold water all over her head. They then carried on soaking each other with water when they heard footsteps walking out from the cellar. Janice quickly ran upstairs leaving Danny to fend for himself. He gulped as Janit walked into the room carrying a number of crates of beer and vodka.
'Don't just stand there, give me a hand' she said laughing.
Danny quickly grabbed a couple of crates, 'where do you want em?'
'just on this table' she said as she placed the crates on a large oval table.
He followed her and put his crates on top.
'Oh Danny, your soaking wet she said as she grabbed a dry tea towel.
She rubbed first his belly and slowly moving down with each rub till eventually reaching his now bulging cock.
She felt the helmet of his raging cock and grinned pulling the towel of.
'You've defintely grown' she said
Danny blushed fully embarrassed but really horny at the same time trying to control his monsterous cock.
'Oh well that won't do, you can't go round with wet clothes. Come, follow me I'll find you some clean clothes.'
Danny nodded as he followed the 40 year old out of the kitchen, through the hallway and into a large master bedroom.
'You like?' Janit asked,
'wo it's, it's.....massive' he exclaimed.
'Lets find you some clothes'
The mature hottie opened up a huge wadrobe full of clothes and at the bottom Danny noticed layers on layers of sexy lingerie and pictures of the hottie dressed in dirty lingerie polluted his head.
'Danny, Danny?'
Danny was quickly knocked back into reality as he heard Janit calling his name and saw her holding up a pair of tracksuits and t-shirt.
'These ok darling?'
'Yeah yeah' he nervously answered,
'ok dear, try em on'
With that Danny stood hesitantly still feeling very ackward, but he did what she said and started to undress till he was in his bear boxers. He wished that he had put his baggy ones on instead of these tight white ones which was just like wearing none at all. Janet grinned and brushed her curly blonde hair back with her hands. And then something took over her, with a swift grasp she placed her warm soft hands on his fully erect cock make his cock spin out of control with lust. He let out slight moan as the 40 year old hottie pulled the boxers down and bent down on her knees looking him in the eyes. She then placed his hands on her firm large breasts and covered his sex thirsty cock with her juicy mouth and started to suck each time with more passion. Danny began to feel the juices of his cock ready to explode and desperatly tried to hold them in, when the 40 year old hottie released her lips of his bulging cock and stood up. And, with a evil grin said
'not yet Danny boy'

She then walked out the room back back into the kitchen and left Danny completely and utterley confused as he got changed into the clothes what he had been given. After 5 or so minutes of trying to figure out what the hell just happened he made his way through the corridor and found Janices room. He gave a quick knock on the door and walked in to find Janice laying down on her huge super sized bed in a t-shirt and knickers playing playstation.
'Hey, where the hell did you go?
'yeah sorry about that Danny,
'sorry, sorry, I'll show you sorry young madam' Danny exclaimed as he jumped on top of the fifteen year old and began to tickle her belly.
'Hey, stoooooooooop' Janice said laughing.
They carried on rolling over tickling and joking. Danny couldn't help himself and started to feel her thighs with his hands with her wrapping her long sexy legs round his body. And then, out of his control Dannys large sex thirsty cock sprange out a created a huge bulge in his trousers pushing into Janices pink silk knickers. Janice reacted by pushing Danny of on his back onto the soft bouncy bed. Danny felt like he had pushed it to far and lay back embarrased as his 6 inch cock stood high through his tracksuits. Danny closed his eyes as he prepared himself for Janice to laugh and totaly humiliate him. He waited and waited for a couple of minutes till he coudn't no more. But, as he opened his eyes he saw standing in front of him fully and completely naked in all her beautym, Janice! He lay speechless as he admired her young yet mature sexy body. Her tits where large yet perfectely round and firm. She had a perfectly shaved pussy but tight wet pussy lips. Janice then crawled on top of the horny teenager and pulled down the baggy tracksuits and the small embarrasing boxers and placed her warm mouth on his bulging helmet and began to slowly curess the horny teenagers balls with her soft hands. Danny almost immiedelty began to feel the sex juices in his body build up.
'I'm, I'm gonna.............. ' Danny tried to shout out, but Janice carried on and covered his whole cock with her mouth.
Sucking and sucking with no remorse and with one huge blast Danny let loose his warm sticky sex juices into the young teens mouth with her swallowing the whole lot. With that he lay back in complete pleasure as the young teen limbed on top of him and placed her tight pussy hole on his still fully erect cock dribbling tiny bits of sticky cum out. She then gave him a kiss on the lips and started to move her body against Dannys with slow erotic moves as he felt her perfectly round tits. And then as she started to push with more thrust and passion started to let out moans and screens,
'ahhhhh, ohhh , Danny, ohhhhhhhhh!
Danny replied only by pushing his body harder and grabbing her tits even harder. She carried on moaning more and more till with one last thrust she let out a loud long moan and layed back on top of Danny curessing his bulging cock.
'Oh danny, wasn't that nice, she said in a smooth relaxed voice.
'Hell yeah, Danny replied in full and utter pleasure. They carried oncuressing each other in complete relaxation and pleasure and enjoyed each others bodys.

After hours of complete pleasure they were supprised as they heard footsteps making their way towards the room. They both jumped up in horror and fright and looked frantically for each others clothes as the footsteps made their way even closer and closer and.....

To be continued.............................


2005-01-25 08:37:45
yeah srry about that, just wanted to set the stting for the continuatiton...


2005-01-24 17:00:23
Not a bad story, got me a bit horny but must admit that I thought the ending sucked. Try to have a bit of a better ending in the conclution to this story.

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