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A/N Hey there fans this one does in fact have sex in it and I hope you like it. Sorry it took me so long but something popped up and yea... Anyway Have fun reading.
Chapter 5
I sit on the couch staring at the T.V. My brother is upstairs in the shower and Richard is at a friend’s house. Richard’s parents are off doing who knows what at a honeymoon resort. I sigh as how I recall my brother plea for a place to stay for a while, probably trying to throw off the cops, until he finds his own place and a job. My brother’s name is Micheal Fay. Yea not his real name but who cares. I pick up the cushion pillow on my right that Is completely red and put it in my lap and rest my elbows propped up against my chin. I’m currently wearing a baggy t-shirt, blue stripped boxers, and black pajama pants.
I grab the remote as South Park comes on, not a big fan, and I turn it to Tbs where World’s Dumbest is on. I smile cheering back up since the hospital and the news that I don’t have to go to school for a couple of weeks. I hear the shower go off and wonder what Micheal going to do. I watch at least twenty minutes of the show including commercials when I feel a heavy thump beside me. I glance over to see my brother in nothing but boxers showing off every ripped muscle he has.
We both keep quiet as the show rolls on till another twenty minutes later he says, “Hand me the remote.”
I ignore him and continue watching one of my favorite shows till something hit me in the shoulder hard.
“Ow~!” I say rubbing my right arm looking at Micheal with an angry glare as he looks back at me nonchalant arm near me and hand in fist.
“Give me the remote.”
I grab the remote on my left and hand it to him. He presses a few random keys on the remote, this is a demand thing, and turns it to a high channel where a black women is giving a black man a blow job. I get up and immediately start to leave. I feel him grab my arm as I walk past him, because I have to too get to the steps.
“Where ya going?” He asks me.
“Anywhere but here.” I say simply hearing the porn star women moan in pleasure while being drilled by a black man.
“Why? You don’t like porn?” He says letting go of my arm.
“Yea. I do.” I say turning to face him.
I stare at him as he has his cock out that was bigger than my own three inch and much thicker. He’s slowly stroking it while watching the porno and talking to me. I look away hoping he doesn’t know I’m staring.
“So… you and that boy. Ya’ll like this.”
“No.” I reply simply wanting to leave but I also want to watch him jerk off.
“You know He’ll have to beat me before he get to you right?”
“Oh yea and who made you boss of who I give myself to!” I say rage filling inside of me.
He continues to stroke himself off but he starts to speed up and says nothing.
“Yea that what I thought.” I say under my breath turning and walking away.
I head up the stairs for my room, walk in, and lie on my back on my bed because my crotch has gone semi. Ugh why am I getting flustered for my own brother? I look at the empty spot in bed and wish Eric was next to me. I close my eyes and try to nod off. I relax my body and pull the covers, which are on the floor, on to me. I get on my side imagining Eric by my side. He semi muscular arms wrapped around me, he’s comforting warmth flowing around me, and all and all the shear knowledge that I’m safe as long as he is with me.
I wake up with a jolt as I hear something being slammed. I rub my eyes and look at the clock on the table side and it reads 8:30 Tuesday. I wonder what that slamming noise was. I sit up and ask, “Hello? Anyway down there?”
I get no reply and start to get a little worried. I slowly take off the covers and get up. I open the door and head down the stairs cautiously. The door is closed and locked. Who would break into a house and lock the door behind him? I hear a rustling sound in the living room. I down to the last step and look around the corner to see a man looking through a backpack wearing a gray heavy hoodie, black jeans, and black sneakers. The stair creaks as I lean a little bit further to get a better look. The man looks towards me and I recognize by his face that it’s Eric.
“Dear god! I thought you were hear robbing the place! Why didn’t you answer when I asked who was down here! More to the point how the hell did you get in here!?”
Eric pulls out a key from his right coat pocket and shows me. I go quiet and realize that my brother probably put it there for somebody or something.
“Why aren’t you in school right now?” I ask walking into the kitchen feeling a light buzz in my head.
“I’m excused in account of me being one of the closet people to you beside Richard. Also I’m here to make sure you take your pills.” He says as he pulls out a green bottle from the left coat pocket.
He follows me into the kitchen and puts pills on the table. I grab a bottle of water out of the fridge, feeling my headache getting worse; I grab the pills and ask, “How many do I have to take.”
“One every six hours.” He says taking a seat at the table.
I sigh, get out one pill, and take it swallowing some water after it.
“So what up with your brother?” He asks me after a while.
I don’t say anything and just remember last night and the hospital. I know he has a motive but I don’t know what. I don’t give him a reply and look at the floor. He gets up, walks over to me, wraps me in his arms, and says, “Well whatever up with him I’m always here for ya.”
I kiss him on his lips and say, “Thank you so much.”
I never really knew that Eric could be gay because he seemed so cool and straight but I guess not.
“Do you love me?” I ask him since I notice he doesn’t do anything or say anything when I kiss him.
He kisses me back for the first time and I feel him tighten his hold on me, “Of course I do. Ever since I first met you I’ve loved you.”
I smile and kiss him deeply. I can feel myself getting hard and by the pressure against my leg I can tell he’s getting hard also. I feel his tongue lick against my lips. I par ten my lips and let him in. I wrestle with his tongue savoring the taste of him. He moves me backward till we hit a counter. He lifts me up and moves his face away from me.
“I want to make love to you.” Eric whispers in my ear in a husky manly voice.
I moan a little bit in a girly voice at his voice and the rubbing of his huge hard-on. I feel him grab my pants and slowly pull them down along with my boxers. He gets my pajama pants off and my boxers at my ankle. He picks me up a little and unzips his pants. I watch as he pulls out his giant cock, grabs my waist, and lowers down my cock as well as pushing my boxers up a little more. I feel the head of his cock poke at my asshole.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Eric asks looking down at our almost combined parts.
I nod my head and say, “Yes very much.”
I start to feel him enter in me. My asshole tightens up around the invading appendage. I wrap my arms around his neck as I feel him push harder and harder to put his whole length in me. Time just seemed to stand still around all of us as his prick fills me up. I’m streaming my head of and squeal like a little girl the whole time his cock enters me.
“You okay?” He asks me.
I have a couple of tears running down my face and but I try to keep a straight face and say, “Y-Y-Yeah I’m fine.”
He slowly lifts me up along his shaft and slowly pushes me down. I squeal like a little girl the whole time and until it starts to feel good. I relax my grip some and let him move in and out faster and smother.
“Oh god! You’re turning me inside out!” I scream into his neck putting my body closer to him.
He holds me tighter as he lays us down farther and begins moving in and out even faster.
“Yes! Eric! I love you so much!” I yell towards the heaven closing my eyes and feeling my small balls tighten a little.
I feel the tightening in his cock as he slows down but continuingly slam me. He hands dig into me deeper as I feel hot liquid being shot inside me. I lean up and kiss him happily on the lips wanting this to happen for so long. I rest fully impaled on him and lips locked to together in the kitchen. I open my eyes slowly to see Rich standing there at the entrance of the kitchen. I move away from Eric’s lips and stare at the other boy. Eric opens his once closed eyes and looks at where I’m staring. I feel him shrink faster in me seeing that we’ve been caught like this. I look down and notice the cum on my shirt belly part probably from where I shot my load.
“So…” Rich begins, “You came here just to check on him huh?”
Eric pulls out of me and puts little him back into his pants. I land on my feet and wince at a little pain that goes through me. I than I pull up my boxers and put back on my pants. Rich has an angry glare set on both of us and then he says, “Get the hell out.”
Eric stands his ground and says, “Make me.”
Both the boys stand there cool like. I take a few steps backward that way I don’t get caught in what’s going on.
Richard walks up to Eric and get in his face, “Get the fuck out now or else.”
Richard and Eric sound so calm yet I can tell they have a hatred for each other by their words.
“Guys don’t,”
“Shut the fuck up bitch!” Richard yells at me cutting me off and that just earned him a shove backwards towards the entrance of the kitchen. Rich looks at Eric as he throws a punch. Rich ducks under it and punches for his gut. Eric spins around it using the slippery floor to his advantage and slugs Rich straight in the jaw with his right fist sending him sideways a little. I stare at Eric and realize just how much stamina this boy really has to be able to fuck and fight straight afterward. He’s not even panting but I can’t say the same for Rich. He has a bloody nose and stares at Eric evilly. Rich straightens himself and takes a position and says, “Bring it bit!”
Eric moves in stealthily right arm up around his torso other at his side. Eric swings downward at his face but Rich moves out of the way and swings at Eric’s face. Eric left hand moves so fast that I didn’t realize that Rich hand his fist in Eric’s hand. Eric’s foot kicks out and almost strikes Rich in the knee but Rich spreads his leg making Eric get off balance a little and scoot his head forward. Rich slams his head into Eric knocking him back some. Rich follows up with a right hook into Eric’s back and a quick sweep of his left leg making Eric fall face first of the floor. I know I should do something but I just stand there paralyzed by what’s going on. Eric rolls towards the Entrance as Rich stomps where Eric’s stomach would’ve been and quickly gets on his feet but get slammed backwards by Rich’s fist. I hear the door open and my brother yelling, “What the fuck do you two think you’re doing!”
I move towards the entrance hall and look at my brother standing there with two other guys behind them.
“Alright both of you get the fuck out or do I have to make you two get out.”
Eric stares at my brother with distaste. He glances at me and I shake my head. I blow him a kiss and he straightens up and walks out the door. Rich says, “I live here so I’m going up stairs.”
He goes up stairs pounding his feet and muttering something. My brother looks at me and says, “Now I need you to come with me.”
Why does it feel I have my headache coming back already? I sigh and walk towards my brother and wonder what thing he has cooking in my head.
“How would you like to become a relief item?” He says smoothly.
I look up at him and say, “Yea. No.”
I begin to walk towards the living room when he grabs me and says, “Ha. Let me rephrase that you will become a pleasure toy.”
God whatever happened to my life?

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2016-04-23 18:37:04
I like the story but it needs more detail. Where did they make love I know in the kitchen but we're on the counter on the table on the floor. You need to write it like it is happening to you then the details will follow.


2014-12-17 08:22:46
Mist... Not most... Damn iPhone auto currect...


2014-12-17 08:21:30
Continued comment from previous chapter:
As I walked into the bathroom, I could feel the cool air encase my body. My already sensitive nipples became erect once again. I leaned into the shower turning the knob to start the hot water, and letting it run for a bit to build up steam. The air around me began to warm as a light most began to fill the bathroom. I looked down at my naked body and admired it's firmness. I couldn't help but smile to myself.
Stepping into the shower, I enjoyed the heat from the water cascading down my body. I began to rinse the dried cum from myself as I lathered some body was on my Washcloth. Then I felt arms wrapping around me from behind. Lost in my own little world I hadn't noticed him entering the room and climbing into the shower with me. He pulled me close and I felt his lips on my neck shooting electricity through me. I tilted my head back as I pressed my body tighter to his felling his cock at half mast and pressing into my ass...

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2012-07-24 09:16:44
Ahhh Line Rider. Brings me back to the days of not working on cepoutmr work in class, and playing flash games instead. Hated when the teachers would look at our monitors from their cepoutmrs, and lock it up!

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2012-05-15 22:04:53
I absolutely love this story. You are a fabulous storyteller. As a reader you are my favorite kind of person! Not everybody can captivate their audience like you can. Please continue the story.I simply love you!

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