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A prono movie
The scene opens on what looks like white clouds, a harp plays in the background. A man sitting at a desk in a white robe fades in, he's writing with a quill pen in a huge book. Enter right, a man in a grey robe very excited.
Excuse me, excuse me, there's been a terrible mistake made here!
The clerk holds up one hand and continues to write as the man can't stand still. Finally he puts the pen down, looks the nervous man up and down smiling, speaking like a gay man would.
Well hello there big boy, come stand next to me and tell me your problem
The man moves around the desk quickly and just as quickly, the clrrk puts his arm around the man patting his bum.
There's been a terrible mistake here! I'm not suppose to be here!
Your not?
The clerk is trying to open the mans robe as the man fights him off to keep it closed.
Man (Shouting)
No Im not! Will you stop that please! Listen! I was coming home last night and this sement truck smashed into me! You have the wrong man!
The clerk is now frustrated too as he backs off angry.
I doubt that very much handsome! I've been here 500 years and we don't make mistakes!
Well you have this time! The car behind me was the one that was suppose to be smashed, not me! Same name, same age, two girls just like me, you guys blew it and I want to go back!
Clerk (Smiling)
Your a big man, aren't yopu!
Feelomg his shoulders
Clerk (Continued)
Strong arms too, bet you could give someone all he could take up the.....
The white phone on the desk rings. The clerks face is frozen! It rings again! The man goes to reach for the phone with the clerk spinning him around so he lands on the desk. Leaning on the man, he picks up the phone, says nothing, eyes flashing and hangs up.
Clerk (Stunned)
What do you know about that?
Pulling the man from his desk, he collapses in his chair with the man across his knee's. Looking straight ahead as he's patting his bum.
Someone made a boo boo!
That's what I've been trying to tell you! Now, send me back!
The man slips off his knee to the floor
No, oh my goodness, no no no no no! He made that very clear, no one goes back!
Standing, his robe comes open but you can't see anything, his back is to you. The clerk leans back in the chair licking his lips as the man explodes.
What about my family? Who's going to take care of them?
A loud clap of thunder crashes above their heads with both ducking.
Clerk (Anxious)
Please, there is no shouting here! The best I can do is send you to an Angel, we only have 12 and there all busy. Now number 5 is die back to-morrow and if you can get him to accept your case, well good luck!
And where does number 5 live?
On the golden road of course! Go right through that door!
The man does his robe up as the clerk rolls his eyes as the man opens the door. Fades to black

The man comes through the door where the sun is shinning, flowers are blooming, birds are singing with a winding golden road that stretches to infinity with houses on each side. Going down the road, birds are sitting on his shoulder, rabbits and deer are watching him pass until he reaches number 5. A harp sounds as he pushes bell buttin, the door opans. Moving to look inside, there's rolling hills, a stream right in the middle of everything when a very old man woth a fishing pole comes forward.
I don't know who you are my boy but I'm on vacation!
Yes Sir I know that, but Im not suppos to be here, they made a mistake!
Angels head snapped around with a fierce look on his face.
Did I hear you right? He made a mistake?
The man nodded his yes with Angel laughing hard as he did a little dance.
He made a mistake? How about that? The last time he made a mistake, he forgot to put an adams apple in females! Hot diggity dog!
Well the thing is Sir, I am told no one can go back and the best I can hope for is for someone to look out for my family now that Im gone.
A wave of his hand and the ideal country side is gone in a puff of smoke replaced by a huge living room and tv. Both hands jammed down at his side, a puff of smoke and a very handsome man in a whire suit stands there.
Lets have a look at this family of yours that he's trying to buy off!
Fingers wiggling and a picture comes on the TV
Man (Excited)
There they ate, thats my Family! Thats my wife Rose sitting in the chair, Lynda is to the right of her, Sarah is to the left of her and Ronald is behind her. Aren't they a fine looking group?
Angel reaches down scratching his crotch wiggling his fingers. A puff of smoke and the clerk appears, his head out of joint.
Why can't you call me like everyone else? You know it usets my delicate balamce!
Mark me out at his address, I shall be there. Get him started on his ten years of isolation, I assume you can handle that Bruce?
Bruce (Smiling)
Oh yes number 5, I can handle this!
A puff of smoke and they have no robes on with Bruce taking hold of his hand as they walk away, there backs to us.
Bruce (Continued)
Now the first thing we must do is have a sauna! You like sainas? Then I'll give you a massage big boy, that's my spedialty and you'll just love it! Fades to white.

A long shot of a house with a woman clipping the head next door. She just bends down when a puff of smole happens and there is Angel sitting in a convertable. The woman is wide eyed as she peers above the hedge. A dog is barking and even though you don't see it, you see the trimmers come over her head and the dog yelping as it takes off in the back yard. Angel gets out of the car going up to the door ringing the bell. Rose opens the door.
What ever it is, I don't want it!
She is about to close the door with Angel blocking it.
No, you don't understand, I was a friend of your husband.
Your to late pal, there is no money left now move it or loose it!
Give me one minute, please! Many years ago, your husband saved my life and i'm here to repay that bedt!
Really? I doubt if you ever knew him! What's your scam?
He sent me this picture, I believe that is you!
A close up of the pich shows Rose with a cock in her mouth. Angel didn't wait, he pushed on past Rose, the door closing. The woman stands up that was cutting the hedge, her mouth still open, pointing this way and that way in total confussion. Angel sits down on the chesterfield while Rose holds the picture, looking at it in disbelief.
Rose? I'll come right to the point. I understand he let the insurance laps, you have about $12.00 in cash and that's it. I'm here to lighten your load. Here's $10,000.00, more to come.
Rose picks up the pack of money and becomes delirious. She begins to cry falling down on the chesterfield kissing Angel all over his face. A close up shot of Roses head on Angels shouldder as he bites her on the neck. Immediately, her head snaps back, her eys are glowing red and smiles as she undoes his pants and takes his cock in her mouth. Cut to dribeway.
The woman next door is still standing at the same place when Lynda, Ronald and Sarah are coming home from school.
Woman (Excited)
Girls, girls, you have a guest! He's a magician!
We do? Sorry Mrs. Thompson, we don't know any magician, do we Sarah?
Mrs. Thompson
Well, poof and then he appeared! The car, everything just appeared in a puff of smoke!
The dog starts barking with Mrs. Thompson supposadly kicking the dog as it yelps going across the yard The girls go in the house and there is Angel who stands up with Rose waving the money around
Rose (Excited)
Kds? Our prayers have been answered! This is Angel, a friend of your Father and he's here to save us. I mean, we didn't have enough for breakfast to-morrow.
Teriffic but I have a football practice, catch ya all later.
Picking up the picture, Rose gasps with Ron smiling as he drops the picture on the coffee table Zoom to close up of the picture and it's Rose smiling, no cock in her mouth.
That sure is a cool car yoiu have.
You like it? I'll get you one just like it but right now, lets go and have supper.
Going outside, Mrs. T hompson is standing by the hedge.
Mrs. Thompson
Excuse me, excuse me but I seen what you did!
Angel walks down to the car.
And what do you think you saw?
Mrs. Thompson (Saucy)
I don't think, I know what i saw
The dog comes running over with Mrs. Thompson kicking it, yelps and takes off across the yard.
Mrs. Thompson
You weren't there, a puff of smoke and there you were! How did you do that?
Angel (Smiling)
You must be mistaken.
Angel wiggles his fingers and it begins to rain but only over Mrs. Thompsins head. She begins to scream and runs for the house, the dog chasing her.The 3 girls come out, get in the car and are about to back down the driveway when sticks her head out the upstairs window
Mrs. Thompson (Shouting)
Don't worry, I'll find out about you!
You would do better to go in and brush your hair!
At that moment her hair explodes like she had a million volts of electricity going through her.
Mrs. Thompson
There's nothing wrong with my hair!
She goes inside, they all laughing as they take off in the car. All is quiet for for about 5 seconds and then the loudest ear splitting scream sounds. Fade to Black

There in the restaurant with the waiter coming.
We have a very special Devils food cake for deseart to-night.
A loud crash of thunder sends with the waiter flying, ending up on his back ten feet away.
No deseart for us. Your father though a lot of you girls.
He did? What did he tell you about us?
Well many things. One of the most interesting was your birth marks. You Sarah have a birth mark at the right side of your pussy and with a line here and there, it would look like a sailing ship. You Lynda, yours is on the left side of your pussy and with a bit of this and that, it would look like an aorplane.
Rose (Laughing)
That's right. He thought it would be nice to have it tattood that way.
Both Lynda and Sarah get up from the table and leave in a huff. Going out to the car, they are in the back seat just fuming.
Why are you girls so angry?
I don't think Daddy should have gone around telling everybody.
He didn't tell everybody, he told me. You want that new car? Tell ya what! When we get back, shave each other, take a pen and fill in the lines like he siad. Fade to white.

Rose is sucking on Angels cock when Ron shouts that he's home coming into the living room, he is hobbling.
Oh my goodness, what happened?
I pulled my groin.
I can fix that for you, I've had a lot of experience.
Angel wiggles his fingers with Rose getting up.
I think I should check my laundry
Drop your pants Ron and let me have a look.
Ron drops his pants to the floor, Angel pulls his shorts down rebealing a huge cock. In one motion, Angel puts Ron's dick in his mouth and bites it with Ron's eyes glowing red. Rose begins speaking before she enters the living room.
I don't know why I had to go........Oh my God.
Your the man of the house now Ronald and it's your duty to take care of your Mom.
No I can't fo this, he's my Son!
Shut the fuck up! You always gave Dad a hard time but you not going to do that to me!. Now get your clothes off and we'll do this the easy way. Things will be a lot different! around here!
Rose begins to sob a bit as Ron rubs his cock as Rose starres at him.
Oh Ronny, your a lot bigger than your Father
Ron spins her around so she's on her knee's inserting her. Grunts and groans, yelps are coming from them as the picture fades to clack.

Sarah is laying on the bed naked, her legs open as Lynda who is also naked pats her pussy with a towel opening her lips. Sarahs head pops up.
Sarah (Anxious)
What are you doing?
I'm just having a look, I never seen a clean shaven cunt up close like this.
No sooner had she said that when she began kissing and licking her clitoris. Sarah began to moan coming up on her elbows to watch her Siter then fell back down holding her breasts.
Don''t stop Lynda, I'm going to cummmmmmm
Furious action and sounds come from both as the picture fads to black.

Angel is laying on the bed naked while Rose is gulping down his deposit. An mmm comes from him.
Go make coffee!
Roses eyes are glowing red as she puts her husecoat on and leaves. Cut to girls bedroom.
Sarah (Pouting)
I don't want to show him what we did, no matter what!
Now you listen to me! We'll fuck him if we have to, I WANT THAT CAR!
Sarah jumps out of bed naked and angry and stomps into the bathroom. Cut to kitchen.
Ron is standing at the sink looking out in into Thompsons yard. Angel comes in, wiggles his fingers and Rose takes off down stairs.
I must check the laundry.
How are you today Ron?
Good, really good. What ever you did it worked, no pain at all.
You know, if you had sex on a regular basis, chances are you would never get an injury.
Well I almost did it once! She took one look at my dick and moved away. You aren't putting that thing in me Ronny, your way to big she said, she was scared stiff!
What you need is an older woman, someone with Mrs. Thompsin.
Ron (Laughing)
Ya right! Uh Mrs. Thompson, want to have sex with me?
Well you may need a bit of help. There she is looking at her Garden. Think of something you woyld like her to do like scratch her bum then wiggle your fingers.
Ron shakes his head smiling, wiggles his fingers and Mrs. Thompson touches her bum In seconds she is scratching then sits down rubbing her bum on the grass. Ron is laughing hard asking how to stop her.
Just wiggle your fingers.
Ron does and she stops, looks around with the dog coming to her as she throws her gloves at him. The dog takes off, she is rubbing her bum, totally confused.
Why don't you go ask her if she got anything around the house that needs done?
Ron goes outside, Rose comes up from the basement and the girls come into the kitchen still dressed in thie nightgowns. Cut to outside.
Hello Mrs. Thompson, do you need any work done around your house?
Mrs. Thompson
What? No I don't need any....
Ron wiggles his fingers
Mrs. Thompson (Continued)
Wait a minute! Yes, I have a lot of things you can do, come with me.
She lunges at the dog but misses him. Cut to kitchen. Angel wigles his fingers and Rose takes off for the basement/
So? You fill in the spaces?
I don't think this is right, your taking advatage of us!
You want that new car? I must see up close what they look like!
The door beel rings with Lynda going to the door. Off camera you hear.
Hi there sweet cheeks, is the stud in?
Angel (Angel)
He had to go next door boys, he said for you to go over.
Play yours cards right baby and you can have some of this.
The door crashes shut. Cut to Mrs. Thompson sun room
Mrs. Thompson
II didn't realize how much you've grown Ronny, your a man!
Shirley? Where are you?
Ron wiggles his fingers.
Viuce (Contuned)
Oh never mind, Im going to get the car fixed.
OK dear, take your have a girl friend Ronny?.
Well I almost had one, sahe said I was to big!
Shirley coughs moving right up tight to him
Shirley (Whispering)
Define to big for me Ronny! Cut to kitchen.
Sarah lifts up her nightgown quickly then drops it.
NO no no no, a new car? Get up on the table, I need a very close look.
She's in tears as she lays down on the table, Lynda comforting her. Her shaved pussy has the sailing ship with Angel's head going right between her legs Lynda is smiling as Sarah raises herself up to see what he's doing and her eyes glow red.
Oh Lynda, help meeeee
Lynda enbraces her Sister and kisses her with Lynda becoming stiff. Both girls, eyes glowing red look down at Angel who is licking Sarah's pussy. Rose comes up from the basement, her eyes also glowing red letting her nightgown fall to the floor. Cut to Mrs. Thompson
The two boys come up to the back door and are about to knock when they see Ron fucking Shirley on the table They look at each other smiling, open the door silently and go in.
1st boy
Well well well, what do we have here?
Ron begins to laugh, Shirley is angry.
Now you boys get out of here or I'll call the police!
2nd boy
Ya ok but first,
pulling his shorts down
2nd boy (Continued)
Suck my cock and I'll get you the phone!
He shoves his cock in her mouth with the 1st boy complaining.
1St boiy
Hey, I need some too, get on the floor, there's an unused hole down there.
Ron gets down on the floor, Shirley gets on top of him and the 1st boy shoves his cock in her ass. All 3 are moaning loud and clear when they hear.
I'm home dear, I have something to show you.
The 1st boy leaps off her as Ron wiggles his fingers
Maybe I'll take a shower first.
The second boy has been jerking his cock who is now joined by the first boy.
2nd boy
Thirsty Mrs. Thompson, here have some of my goodies
He grabs her hair and starts to shoot his sperm all over her face catching some of it in her open mouth followed by the 1st boy who's sperm splatters over her face. Cut to Kitchen.
Sarah is laying one way on the table with Rose licking her, Lynda is laying in the other dorection, Angel licking her and Ron walks in.
Out of the way Mom, I've always want to fucvk Sarah.
Oh yes Ronny, fuck me hard, shove that big cock of your in me!
Ron is at one end of the table pounding on Sarah, Angel is at the other end pounding on Lynda and Rose is sucking on their breats. Cries if passion are coming from all of them when the table collapses but they go right back at it on the floor. Cut to Mrs. Thompsin's house.
A door opens and there's Shirley, her hair done like she has two horns coming out of it, wide leather straps from her crotch that cover each breast and is hokding a whip Down the hall she comes, throws the door open and snaps the whip into the bedroom.
Fred? I'm hear to tell you there's going to be some changes around here! Cut to Kitchen.
Moaning and screaming as Ron and Angel are pounding Sarah and Lynda when a great crash of thunder hanppens right in the kitchen followed by two more loud claps. All cover their heads as money starts to fall from the ceiling
Are you insane? Get off me you fucking pig!
She pushes Ron as hard as she can with Lynda throwing her Mother off her face.
What is happening here?
There eyes are clear as the money continies to fall and fades to blacl.

The End


2005-01-30 14:31:37
This is the most imaginative and most interesting story I've read here. The small details (such as the photo transforming) make it so much richer than most of the stories here. It would be easier to read if the narration and the dialogue-character-labels were set off by italics or a different font. Proof-reading would improve it as well.


2005-01-27 16:55:35
This reads like a screen play more than a story. Perhaps you could take it into more of a story form and fix the formatting to a more internet friendly version. It's difficult to read.


2005-01-26 13:31:04
I'm assuming this is more' stream of conciousnes' in style. In fact, it reminds me of the real randomness we encounter in dreams, juxtaposing images and emotions that would not otherwise fit together. Perhaps this story should be seen as more of a raw attempt to showcase the authors sub-concious, rather than a 'packaged story' for typical consumption.

Bravo, write more Rhonda


2005-01-24 16:03:02
This is just pathetic.

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