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hi, i am aneesh 26 working in a bpo. my girlfriend is reena
sex game leads to swap girlfriends

hi, i am aneesh 26 working in a bpo. my girlfriend is reena 25 she is also working in my office she is sexy, fair with 5.5 tall and 53kg .i am really lucky to have her as girl friend . she is very hot in sex .she dint object in any kinky things which like to do. she loves giving me blow job.she is very true with me and never ever flirt with any other guys.we usued to go clubbling on all weekends.this lovely inciddent happend on last saturday. i took my car and pick my girl and went to a famous club in chennai... she dressed to kill she wearing a white colour short skirt and pink colour sleveless top she waxed her legs . i got immediate hardon seeing her shining thighs.. i gave her kiss on her lips and caressing her boobs. she told me not to make her top dirty. while we going she got a call from her friend aparna she is two years younger to my girlfriend and she is my girlfriends school mate. i have met her sometimes.she use to call me brother. she informed that she and her boyfriend ricky wanna join with us to the clubbing . we picked them. ricky was talkative and jouvile this is the first time i am meeting him. aparna was wearing a red tube top single piece skirt . her cleavage was clearly visible in her dress. i controlled myself not to look her like that. we went inside the club it was crowded heavily. we started drinking whisky and both the girls were having their vodka. we all are in the consuption of alcohol. we went to the dance floor .i was dancing with reena and ricky was dancing with aparna. they both were dancing closely and he was keeping his hand on her ass . i informed reena about that she told me dont see aparnas ass i am having a better ass than her . and my girl friend too started dancing very closely with me and she gave a small sqeeze on my cock when no one noticed us. i dont know what made her to behave like that. dj announced that he was playing the lasttrack.. we were very upset actually i was in a mood of drinking . the club was closed. we went to our car. ricky asked us to come to his flats that no one is their in his flats actually he was staying with two of his friends and they went out of station.he informed .my girl friend accepted. whle going to his flats we bought drinks for us.we arraived there around 12oc locck it was a nice flats he bought glasses for us.we all again started drinking we all are high girl friend informed ricky that we noticed that he was rubbing aparnas ass while dancing, aparna felt shy and ricky was laughing and aparna told he always behave like that only he doesnt mind others noticing and all.out topic moved to sex . my girlfriend shamelessy talking about our sex life with them. it may because of the alcohol. she sharing them about our fantacies and our roleplay to them. they also started to tell their stories to us.
reena : you guys know that aneesh had a big cock and he wont cum easily he has a great stamina
aparna : even ricky is like that only .he also wont come easily. many times i felt pain in my hand while masterbating him
reena : i wont accept i am sure that ricky will cum soon before aneesh cums
apana : chanceless ricky will surely win
reena : i ll bet aneesh will surely win
aparna : shall we check
me : girls. do you wanna us to masterbate and prove you
ricky : wow interesting , common aneesh. lets play this game for fun
me : i cant.. masterbate in front of aparna.. she is like my sister
reena : common aneesh .i know u saw her ass while danceing. dont be shy common
ricky : common man. dont mind about aparna, even i am going to show my cock in front of your girlfriend
reena : remove ur shorts , we are gonna masterbate you, but no cheeting aparna , you have to use ur hands fast , you should not masterbate slowly to make ricky win
aparna : same condition for you also reena, u should masterbate brother(me) soon
me : no way , i am not ready for this game
aparna : if you are accepting it, instead of using our hands , we will use our mouth for this game( reena knows i ll doo anything for a blowjob)
ricky : wow blow job ... i am gonna get a blow job in front of another couples.. common aneesh accept it
aparna : common bro.. it will be fun
me : ok ok i accept this

all of us are shouting in exitment girls asked us to sit on the and ricky went on the sofa reena ordered us to remove our dress

ricky : it will be fun if your remove our dresses
aparna : reenaa remove brothers dress, ill remove ricky

reena came near me she removed my tshirt and jeans in no time.. same thing aparna was doing to ricky we both are only in brief . we both already have a hard on. seeing both the girls in that very hot dress. reenaa was teasing and makinf fun of our hardon . aparna also joined with reena and commented that we have already cum seeing them

reena : aparna again i am telling no cheating
aparna : i wont dear, but how will i belive you. u may cheat to make your boyfried win
reena : i have a idea for that
aparna : what?
reena : i ll do for ricky and you will do aneesh . then i aam sure we will work hard on their cock to make our boyfriend win. do you haave problem with this guys?

till that time , i dont have any bad intention about aparna, but as soon as reena said this, my mind started imagining about aparna sucking my cock

ricky : yeah.. swapping cocks... i am lucky .. most sexiest girl is gonna blow job now
aparna : i cant do this... he is like my brother
ricky : please aparna... do this for me... it gonna happen today only.. if u accept this , then only reena will do mine... i beg you

i reminded silence.. i know very well that vicky will surely convince aparna to enjoy reena

reena : common bitch.. it not a big deal go ahead( while telling this she pushed aparna towards me , she fell down on me, meantime reena moved towards ricky i felt aparna hands on my thighs.. i wasn in hot as hell.. reena was in a bitchy mood. they very first time i saw a dirty girl in her using very lewd languages)

ricky : common honey go ahead... give him his best blow job he ever had.. i dont mind babe
aparna : ok but this should be the first and last time
ricky : thanks honey

both the girls kneeling down in front of us
the very first time i saw aparnas cleavage while she kneeling in front of me.. my cock gave a instant switch

reena : lets remove their breifs slowly

reena removed his brief slowly in pleasure ricky was closing his eyes
i saw aparna and nodded .. aparna understood that i too wanted that pleasure
she slowly removed my brief and bring it down to the floor and removed it , my cock sprang out she was staring at my cock

reena : aparna return my boyfriends cock to me.. i needed it back
aparna : dont worry i wont bite his cock
reena : have fun with your brothers cock

aparna kept her left hand on my thighs and took my cock in her right hand and placed a kiss in the tip of my cock . then she took my whole cock in her mouth and started sucking fastly...i noticed reena was sucking rickys cock like a slut
while sucking reena was squeezing his cock..

me : see reenna , how she sucks ricky cock like a slave
aparna : (smiled at me and splited her saliva on my cock ) anything for your brother
me : love you sis
aparna : love you too brother

i dont know why ii said i love you to her she again started sucking my cock

reena : aparna , these bastards having a real stamina they are not gonna cum still we strip teases for them
aparna : yeah i accept this

without saying this reena removed her sleeveless top and in one swing she removed her short skirt she was in her favourite pink bra and panty. i didnt expect that aparna will do the same. she tured back and asked me to remove her hook from her red single piece tube top skirt . i removed the hook and bring her zipper down.. she again turned back abd facing me and removed her dress ffully.. she was in black lacy bra and panty..

ricky : your girl friend look like a real bitch
aparna: i am gonna be a bitch for aneesh(this is the first time she called me aneesh ,till before that she used to call me as "anna" brother.)
they both took our cock and started sucking vigorously..
withoust asking any ones permission i removed aparnas bra .. she didnt even objected me. i kept my hands on her bare back.ricky and reena didnt noticed us for few minutes

ricky : cheating , aparnas bras was removed without any permission
aparna : i already said ill be a bitch for aneesh today , he can do anything he wants. if u want u can reemove reenas bra
reena : that bitch can remove only her bra saying this she remover her bra and panty
ricky : you are reasllu a sexy bitch babe
reena : thank you darling
me : baby , can i remove your panty
aparna : sure hone( she got up and came near me her panty is just before my face. i removed it slowly , what a amazing view her pussy lips is just befor meshe was having a tiny hairs on her pussy. i gave a kiss on her pussy lips
aparna : ricky dont misftake me, i cant contol anymore i want aneesh cock inside me
ricky :dont worry babe.. even i too want to tear reenas pussy
reena :fuck me right now ricky..i am here for you only

me : ricky , you fuck reena in the hall i am gonna take aparna to the bathroom
aparna : coommon honey i lead you to the bathroom, (s he took me to the bath room with holding my cock in her hand inas soon as we entered in to the bahroom, she left my cock and kissing my lips we wee licking our lips like any thing instead of kissing we were playing with our tongue

aparns : darling split in my mouth, cum on my tits i beg you use me as a bitch
me : no one will stop me fucking you i wanna fuck u everyday babe
aparna : dont call as me darling,call me as sister, bitch or whore
me : i am gonna fuck my lovely sis

i inserted my fingers in her cunt and started finger fucking her
aparna : ummmmmh ah .. common
me : rub my cock slut
apana : here after its my cock babe
me : i amm gonna cum babe
aparna : plz come in my mouth ond tits , she kneel down in front of me holding her tits. i rubbed mu cock on her cumm starts oozing from my cock.. she was spreading my cum all over and tits and stomach and took my cum in her mouth. i have never cum like this before

me : baby i aam gonna shave ur pussy
aparna : do it bro.. this pussy is for you

i made hersit on the wash basin slab i took a razor and apllying vream on her pussy and started shaving her pussy..hairs are falling down from her pussy.. she was moaning in pleasure
aparna: ohh baby stick your fingers in my pussyy
aparna: ohhh yes
me : im moving in and out
aparna: wiggle those fingers
me : it smells great
aparna: ohhh get close
me : i am liicking mmy fingers
aparna: ohh smell my pussy doesnt it smell great
me : yes , its awesome
aparna: i am cumming cumming(she cummed all over my fingers)
aparna: here lets dry off and go to the couch
me : im wiping her body
aparna: ohh get in my pussy
me : sis, i feel like peeing
aparna: go baby let me hold your penis for you to pee
me : do you feel like peeing , will pee together
aparna: i have to pee , but first you plz pee on my pussy
we are sitting down, i am peeing on her pussy
aparna: ohh oww me spanked me
aparna: ohh baby its so warm
me : plz pee on me
aparna: ohh ok
me : sis, pee on my mouth
aparna: does it feel good
aparna: now lean over im going to slap your ass
me : commom bitch.,
me : will u be slut sis
aparna: uhh noo yeah
she panked my ass
aparna: and yes ohh look at that red ass
me : honey, can i lick ur ass
aparna:: im facing her ass, smelling and licking her ass crack
me : it tastes great
aparna: ohh keep going
aparna: moving slowly down
aparna: to my...
me : inserting my toungue deeply
aparna: ohh move it
me : love u so much
aparna: love you tooo
aparna: keep going
aparna: here baby let me face me so now me can get the ront
aparna: front*
me: im lying down
me: common
aparna: ohh
aparna: guide me
aparna: want me to face front or back
me : sit on my face
me : front
me: iam gonna lick ur pussy
aparna: oh now sticck your tongue out
aparna: im holding it wide open with my fingers
me: i started licking
aparna: ohh
aparna: uhh
me: talk dirty
aparna: mmmm
aparna: me first
aparna: now let me ride
me: mom, u mu slutty bitch
me: commom cum on y face
aparna: ohh now its my turn to lick
aparna: suck on my boobs like when me were a baby
me: im bringing my cock near ur mouth
me: keeping my hands in ur boobs
aparna: ohh mmm tastes so good
me: and start massaging
me: , u have lovely boobs
aparna: thank me wanna make them move
me: im insering my cock in her mout
aparna: ohh yes sucking soo hard
aparna: ohh mmm sooo goodh
aparna: move up and down
aparna: ohhh now take it out and put it inbetween my boobs
me: U R A NASTY SLut
me: i am bringigng my cock between ur boobs
aparna: ohh yess
me: sratrt book fucking
me: sratrt boobsfucking
aparna: ohh im being so naughty
aparna: spank me
aparna: brospank my ass
aparna: dont be afraid
me: i am taking u in doggy style
me: keeping my cock in ur ass
aparna: ohh yes
aparna: uhh mmm
aparna: spreading my legs wide apart
me: started fuckinf fastly
aparna: the pussys getting bigg
me: u have lovely ass si
aparna: it looks beautiful in a thong
me: sis, i am gonna cum,
me: cant hold more
aparna: oh not even a little longer
me: sis, u making me hot
me: give me a break
aparna: ohh fine do it
me: u bleady slut
me: u bitch
aparna: asshole, tear my pus
me: i am cumming all over ur ass
aparna: ohh me better wash me off
me: mu cum is over ur lovely ass
me: i started licking my own cum
aparna: with your mouth
aparna: oh my pussy has got an itch
me: i am bringing my mouth near your lips
aparna: and i cant reach it
aparna: kiss me
me: i am kissing ur lips with my cum
aparna: ohh it tastes so delicious
aparna: ohh keep kissing me but
me : sis , u like my cum
aparna: yes dear.. this is the best sex i had in my life
aparna: come lets go out and check what that whore and that bastard doing

to be continued

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