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This is my story and I hope u like it
Well before the story begins I'll tell about myself I'm 24 in the us army and I love cock the bigger the better I'm 5"6' and 135lbs I'm in shape and I have short brown hair with brown eyes I'm clean shaven.

It was a few weeks ago when I decided I wanted to go out and have a good time my wife was away so I had the house to myself. Well before I went to the bar I had to get ready because in my mind I knew what I wanted that night. I have had Sex with guys before but nothing like what was to come. So in the shower I cleaned my self and then gave myself a enema I wanted to be clean for just in case I found a guy that was down to fuck the shit out of me. So it was a few hours and I drove to the local gay bar down town I was so suprized how much fun I had at the bar I had a few drinks and had been approached by a few guys but they just wasn't what I was looking then as I went to take a piss I bumped into the black guy he stood about 5"10' and was very fit not fat I found out later that he was military aswell he asked me how I was doing and bought me a drink we talked for about 30mins just enough to get 2 more drinks down and I was feeling good and he asked me if I wanted to get out of here. I had been waiting for that question for like ever I was so excited to get back to his place. On the ride back to his place I started rubbing his pants just to feel how big he was my first rub down his thigh and I was like oh my gosh I looked at him he had a big grinn on his face I said holy shit man you are big he said yeah 11 inches of big black dick. Hearing this actually had me worried he was going to break me in two. Once we got to his place and into his apartment he asked me if I wanted another drink I declined he said ok and he asked me if I wanted to shower I said ok. I was excited to shower with him so we go to the bathroom and start to strip I got naked first and I noticed he didn't take anything off yet he was just admiring my little white ass he was about to wreck he ten took off hi shorts he asked me to take his pants off so I sat down and started to take his belt and unzip his pants down I pulled his pants down slowly seeing his bulge from his boxers I rubbed my hands across his big meat and he said do u like it I was lost for words I just shook my head yes I continued to pull his boxers off and his cock was now inchs away from my face he then quickly turned the shower own and started playing with his member. He said to me lady's first and opened the curtain for me I it in and he stepped in afterwards once in the shower he came up behinds and grabbed me by my stomach and pulled me back into him his bulge not hard but I could feel that big thing in between my crack as he played with my cock he started kissing my neck saying I was going to be his bitch tonight I said yes daddy and we made out in a passion. Know I never really was into making out with guys but this fired me up I turned around put my arms around him and he pickede up and held me tight as we kissed in the moment. Finally he said suck my cock baby I got off him ad dropped to my knees I grabbed his cock with one had and it was heavy I had to use both to put his head into my mouth I started to open as wide as I could to fit his cock inside me once he felt me open up he grabbed my head ad started to thrust opening me up his co n was getti. Nice and wet he was controlling how much he was putting in because he would feel my gag reflex but what he did next I was not expecting he shoved as much as he could down my throat I was holding his thighs and I griped as hard as I could it must had been 8 inchs down my throat i felt my eyes water and I couldn't breath he pulled out and said that's a good cocksucker and slapped me across the face I felt so dirty but it was amazing knowing how much I just took I sucked me some more and we then stopped and made our way to the bedroom after drying off once in the bed room it was game on for him he came in behind me and slapped my ass and said get in the bed and hang your head off I said yes an got into position he came over me and said open up I did and he started goon slowly into my mouth in and out I was drooling all over his cock it was getting hard now and alot wider then he worked me like a cocksuckinf whore and as now brutally face raping me not holding anything back shoving almost all of his cock inside my throat I had slime going all over his cock and running down my face I was out of breath but he kept his pace for a good 15mins I was gagging like a mofo and he was moaning and saying oh yes baby choke on my cock take my dick I was too hell I had no choice and he started to pick it up as the pounding continued I felt him getting closer and closer until he said swallow this bitch he shoved all of his cock down my throat his balls were covering my face as I felt his cum squirt it was the biggest and creamiest cum I have ever had I was about to puke and he wouldn't let me he just kept his dick down my throat filling my stomach with his man juice once e finished e pulled out I gasped for air an he said good boy know clean my cock I sucked what was left and he said ok baby know its time to have fun he spun me around with his strong arms and said get on fours boy I did and I felt his tongue start to lick my tight ass hole it felt so good feeling his tongue on my little man pussy he said damn baby u got a tight ass I felt him start to press his finger against my hole I arched my back and he shoved it in me I loved it when a guy playes with my hole he kept licking me an fingering my ass until he decided it was time for another finger I had two know and I was in heaven he would rub my prostate with ever thrust from his fingers my dick was rock hard now. He then stopped and said you ready bitch I'm going to fuck that ass good he stood behind me and I felt him graving the ky and lubeing his tools and then my hole. After that I felt his he's pressure my tight hole I could feel the heat from him and it made me want it so bad then it entered ahhhh is all I could say as it entered once his head was in he knew he had me I felt him grab my hips tight and reposition his body then he tightened and shoved his hips thrusting every inch into my hole I felt his balls hit my gooch area and I was I shock I was shaking I screamed holy shit daddy your Dick is Hugh he drew his cock out and shoved it in again it was so painful I couldn't bear it I was just trying to hold on he kept picking up the pase and I could feel the cocking so deep I was moaning I pleasure now the pain wasn't nothing I even thrust backwards a couple times and he said yeah bitch take my cock I'm going to power top you and yiu going to learn how to take this dick I said yes daddy then he asked me to get on top and ride me I said ok and he pulled out I asked him where the lube was and he got it and squeezed some into my hand ad he put done on him I then was on top and grabbed his hard cock and lined it up with my hole I slid on to it fairly easy and slide down his shaft it was so Hugh I still couldn't believe I was taking every inch of his cox I started to ride him and he just watched me and was telling me faster bitch ride me faster I complied and was going as fast as I could go my hands were rubbing his chest and he was in really good shape I then swallowed his cock with my hole until I was completely down feeling his balls I started to rock back and forth he wasn't expecting this and was like oh shit baby that feels good I wanted to pick up the pace now and was riding as fast as I could back and forth until he was like oh baby I'm about to cum he grabbed my ody and put my chest to hai chest holding me down and he started I thrust fast as fuck I was panting and he was shoving his cock inside me like a mad man then he was like yes bitch yes take my cum I tightened my ass just to feel him better and he sprayed he was still ficking me fast and I could feel him dump his balls inside my used hole he stopped thrusting and was like yes baby so I lifted off his chest an started to ride some more he was like oh yes oh my god that feels to good I told him I wanted more he said you got it I rode his cock feeling him grow and grow back to full erection inside me. He said he wanted to fick me another way he said get on the floor and put your hips In the air knees to your Chest I was like ok this should be fun I have never did it in this position before he stood over me out hops locked and his dick slipped in with ease I still had his load inside me for lube he dicked me in this position for a while I was loving it but I'm not going to lie it Hirt like hell when he would go balls deep but I took everything he gave to me and wanted more he said oh shit baby I'm going to come again I wanted him to shoot another load I my ass but he quickly pulled his cock out came over top of me and gave me a beautiful facial I could feel his cum all over my face it was amazing he then smeared it and shoved his dick in my mouth saying taste my cum and your ass hole bitch and it was yummy.
Know this was amazing I could bearly walk and I was exhausted his cock was amazing but this I wasn't expecting he stood up over me and was strokig his cock I was expecting some more cum or for him to fuck me some more but he said open up bitch I did and he started to piss I squirmed an he just grabbed me holding me down and put his cock in my mouth It was so nasty he was pissin down my throat most of it was shooting out o the sides but there was a lot of it and I had to swallow just to breath after he finished he said now clean yourself up bitch ad get out I felt so used and dirty but all in all it was hot

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2012-09-24 20:18:00
I had a hard time and I do mean hard
getting 2 the end
without cumming

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2012-05-15 11:38:44
Use paragraphs, will get a better rating.

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