slave paul's Mistress throws him a surprise birthday party
The Surprise Party - by: slave paul

I hadn't expected to end up in this position, I had thought we were going to visit some friends, and then go out to dinner for my birthday.

As we walked up to their door, my wife Katie, said she had a surprise, but said she would have to blind fold me. I figured, just your basic surprise party, and let her do it. She took out a scarf, and tied it over my eyes. I could sort of see light and dark, but not enough detail to walk. She rang the doorbell, and I heard the door open, and heard a giggle. A hand grabbed my left hand, while my wife led me using the right hand. I was led through the house, and down into

the what I figured was Sir and Sarah's rec-room. I felt something being fastened over my wrists, and then suddenly they were pulled over my head.

This didn't seem to be the party I expected, as I had to stand on tiptoe on the carpet.

I said "what the heck's going on here?" The only response was a whack on my ass, followed by my wife saying "It's time for your birthday party, and there is always a birthday spanking! And it’s time for yours now!"

With that, something padded was pushed up to my stomach, and someone undid my belt, and my pants and under wear were quickly removed. All of the movement this required was putting a strain on my arms, but nothing like when my ankles were spread and locked into what later turned out to be a punishment horse.

I finally got some relief for my arms after that, because I was quickly bent over the horse and my arms fastened to the other legs. As this was being done, my wife whispered in my ear that she knew all about my deep dark fantasy and had planned to make it a reality for me tonight as my birthday present, so she said I should go with the flow! It was pretty obvious to me I didn’t have much choice in the matter anyway. I decided to go with it for now, and my stiff dick would have called me a liar if I had said I wasn't interested.

Then I heard Sarah's voice saying "Well paul, everyone here is going to give you a spanking, but we will break it up with some other fun to while we’re at it. It is your 40th birthday isn't it?"

"Yes" I said, and immediately there was a slapping sound, and then a line of fire on my ass, as she said "Don’t you mean Yes Mistress, 40, paul?".

"Yes mistress, 40" I said.

"Good. Now I want you to say something for me paul, I want you to say; "It's my 40th birthday, and I want whatever has been planned for me. I have asked for it, and I want it." She said

This seemed a little strange, but I said it anyway. Unfortunately, she didn't like it, and made me say it again, but this time she said I should be more sincere. I repeated it like a meant it, and found that I actually did want it, or at least the erotic unknown that was over powering me now!

"Proceed" she said to someone, and then to me she said, "Count them out slave paul"

As the first shot landed, with what I guess was a paddle, I said "One"



We continued on with the paddle first striking one cheek and then the other. Each shot seemed to be a little harder than the previous, but that might just be my skin getting more and more sensitive. I could feel the heat in my ass and started gasping with each shot, as they got distinctly harder. Just as we reached 40 I was at the point where I was gasping for breath between each shot, and could barely speak.

Sarah's voice came from in front of me and said "Okay paul, time for a little diversion. Time to do something about those hairy balls" Someone grabbed my balls from behind and after a hissing sound, spread something cold over them. Whatever it was went from my cock (which was glad of the brief attention) to the crack of my ass. In a moment, the hands were back pulling on the skin, as I felt the unmistakable feel of a razor scrape along the skin of my groin.

Let me tell you, that froze me into place. The shaving didn’t last long, but was embarrassing not knowing who was watching and who was doing the shaving! It seemed to last for an eternity, but soon I felt a warm wet towel wiping my crotch and asshole.

The warm sensual feeling of the wet towel was short lived as I now felt my cock and balls being handled roughly and suddenly I sensed a tightness as my balls were pulled away from cock and then I felt the pressure as around them and I realized I had been fitted with a leather ball separator as I heard the snaps being fastened. My cock was now growing to its full erection as the delicate female hand gently handled it. It must have been Sarah as she announced to others as she said, "These look much better now, nice and tight and smooth, like big balls that are just begging to be played with should be! But with that, her delicate touch only seconds ago went to a squeezing tight grip as she manipulated and kneaded my balls making me moan and squirm in her clutches! If I hadn’t been tightly secured to the punishment horse her squeezing would have had me on my knees on the floor. The deep dull ache in the pit of my stomach combined with my entire body straining against my bonds for relief from the agony she was causing me, had me almost in tears when she finally released her grip on me!

Then Sarah said," time for another spanking paul" As something slapped across my ass I jerked, and said "One" Whatever it was seemed to be composed of a bunch of soft leather lashes, which didn't hurt as much as the first spanking, but it did cause me to jerk and flinch when it graced my balls at times. After several hard swats had been placed, Sarah stopped and told me I should say "thank You" after each swat. Then she said let’s start over now from the beginning and did not count the swats I already received!

"One-Thank you, Two-Thank you, Three-Thank you" I could feel my heart hammering, and the warmth and pain in my ass spreading and getting hotter with each swat! At the half waypoint, the person moved directly behind me, and started swinging with more force. From this angle, an occasional lash would land right on my now hairless asshole. This caused me to jerk and hesitate in my response to the count as I let out a moan from each swat! I tried moving but I was strapped firmly to the punishment horse, and with my butt up in the air, I could not do much but take it. As we

reached 40, Sarah said "I think paul owes us a few extra spanks for disobeying by jerking and hesitating on his counting. Then I heard Katie announce, Let’s give him some hard ones to really make him jerk and miss count then as his punishment!

Sarah said it was an excellent suggestion and I could hear many others in the room laughing and agreeing, both men and women’s voices! Suddenly, a very humiliated feely was now coming over me as I really did not know who all was present and watching me, naked, in tight bondage, receiving a punishment spanking! Mistress Katie and I only played intimately like this alone or a couple of times with Sarah and her husband Sir. My mind was racing with the possibilities, and I figured it may be the BDSM Fetish Group that Sarah and Sir belonged to, so it felt a little better knowing that the others didn’t really know me, or more importantly, I didn’t know them.

I was brought back to reality when Sarah said my punishment swats would be applied vertically in line with my crack so as to punish my asshole which is what caused me to jerk away in the first place! She then asked the group how many punishment swats did they think I deserved for my disobedience. Several numbers could be heard and my mind fixated on a few that were shouted out. Sarah agreed with the largest number of twenty-five and asked Sir to pull hold my ass cheeks wide apart so each swat could better reach its target! Sarah also added, no crying out or hesitating would be allowed and I also had to count out and thank her for each swat!
This was quite a shock, and I uncontrollably jerked and let out a loud moan, not so much from the pain but the shock as it sent a jolt right through me every time it struck my punished hole!

"O look" Katie said, "The flogging has reddened his ass crack now too! His whole ass is now rosy red. I guess we will have to start applying stripes to that nice red background with the cane to see where any new swats are landing!

"Time for a diversion though" Sarah said, and then I felt something was being spread on my ass, cooling the heat as it was spread around. After a moment though it started getting warmer but felt icy at the same time. Then I identified the distinct smell of Ben-Gay. But with that realization, once again my ass cheeks were forcibly spread wide apart only this time something hard and the unmistakable cold slippery feeling of a lubricant was prodding at my asshole! The pressure was increasing as the object was now being forced steadily into my tight asshole despite my instinctive reaction to

Clench my sphincter tightly! It was inevitable though, the object was going into my asshole regardless and there was nothing I could do to stop it! I suddenly realized my asshole was stretching wide and it kept stretching the feeling was as though my hole was being ripped apart! It seemed like it would not stop, even more stretching still as the object was forcibly and steadily pushed past my anus! I could do nothing as my most private part was being obscenely exposed to all, and my deep dark desires of being a submissive and my love for forced anal play were now on public display to an audience I could not see! A deep guttural moan grew in intensity and escaped my lips uncontrollably as the wide toy was worked into my tightly stretched asshole! Just then the widest part of the object (which I now guessed had to be a butt plug of some kind) passed through, and I suddenly felt the release of pressure as my stretched sphincter closed in around the object. I then heard Katie as she announced to the group, Oh you were right Sarah, he did take that with no problem, and it is huge, so much bigger than the one I usually make him wear!

Sarah then instructed the person who had the enjoyed the opportunity of forcing the toy into me, to now pull it back out and work over my hole with it. She showed them how to twist the toy in both directions repeatedly as they pulled it out and skewered it back into my asshole many times! Lube was generously applied and it seemed like each person in the group was given a chance to abuse and torment my asshole as they fucked it continuously using their own methods and techniques with the huge toy!

Soon I could feel a burning sensation at my asshole spreading inside me, and my fear that Ben-Gay had been mistakenly applied as a lube were short lived when a female voice I did not recognize whispered into my ear, Happy birthday paul, I hope you like my added little present, now just take it and anything else I decide to give you or do to you tonight! Her words seared my brain as I had no idea who they belonged to!

I attempted pushing the toy out, but as I contracted my abuser pulled on the toy only to apply more gel and reinserted it again, twisting it back and forth as she played with it! My hole felt like it was burning up, on fire with a deep seated hotness that would not stop! I started shaking like an uncontrollable shiver and the group noticed this too and that was when the anonymous person was named as Becca.

Katie then thanked Becca in front of the group for taking the initiative to give me such a Sadistically painful torment. She then announced to everyone that she encouraged anyone that wanted to act out any of their Sadistic desires on a willing sub tonight to have feel free to do so as she informed them all of my masochistic tendency. She added I would have no limits tonight and she would personally punish me severely if I embarrassed her in anyway or did not accept anything and everything that she had planned for me tonight! (Katie then whispered in my ear that she was counting my earlier hesitation and jerking during my asshole flogging as my first disobedient act that I would pay dearly for later when she got me home alone, even though the group had punished me here at the party for it!)

There was some activity around me, and I was stood up, and my arms were stretched over my head, while my feet were stretched further apart than before and I could hear the clips attaching to the D-Rings on my ankle cuffs and realized there was a spreader bar they were just clipped to the eyelets at either end of it. Then the punishment horse was moved away, I could hear as it was being dragged on the floor or picked up as the noise had stopped. This must have allowed complete access to my body as I sensed people moving around all sides of me. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, but turned out to be only a few seconds. Then, "crack", and a stinging swat burned across my lower thighs,
and then another much harder on my naked butt, and another and another. I heard Katie say "I can keep this crop swinging all night long paul, so you had better start counting soon boy!" she humorously ordered.

She kept swatting away as I started counting aloud but they were not in sync with her swats.

Then she said "No paul, I want you to beg for each one in advance, politely, and thank me after each one too. Now ask for number one Slave." she instructed.

I had never heard her be so demanding and sexy at the same time. I quickly said "Number one please mistress", and was rewarded by another burning slap, which I immediately followed with a "thank you Mistress" and a request for another. This continued, and she slowly moved up my thighs. When she reached my butt, every third or fourth stroke she landed would hit the base of the butt plug sending a jolt that shot straight through me, this caused me to jerk wildly with each well aimed swat! By the time we reached 44 I felt like a piñata at a kids party! I just hung there as the swaying from my jerking died down. I was limp and gasping and sweating, as Sarah's voice came from in front of me and said "Good boy paul", her hand stroking my cock, and playing with my tightly bound balls. In a short time though, she had me pumping my hips forward fucking her hands as she alternated he soft palms opening and closing while pumping my hardening erection, but then without warning she suddenly stopped!

"Now we need a little group participation here for this next little game, I will only need the girls for this one." Sarah announced. She adjusted my blindfold to make sure it was still tight and hadn’t slipped down or anything.

OK paul, here is how this game is played. You have to correctly identify your wife by using just your mouth or tongue to be more exact. You will be given one lick of each girl’s pussy and then you will make your decision and announce which one was your wife naming her the number of your choice 1-4."Whichever person you select though, you will then have to make that person orgasm with just your mouth. If it is not your wife, then Katie will get to spank you the entire time it takes for you to orally bring them to a climax!" Sarah said.

This seemed to be a perfect deal for me, I could use a break, and eating some pussy was my expertise. And besides, I could never get enough of that delectable nectar of pussy juice anyway! But I figured I should try to correctly identify Katie, if only to keep from being spanked some more and lose the ability to sit down properly.

Sarah then went on to explain the other part of the game. She went on to say that It would be pretty hard to identify any pussy with just one lick. And since it’s your birthday paul, I am going to allow each of them just one lick of your penis as another clue for you! With that said, someone stepped in front of me, and I felt a mouth engulf my cock! But the warm hot mouth slipped away as suddenly as it had appeared and I had no idea who’s it was! Then another person started, but this person just licked one ball then the other and gently dragged her tongue up my cock and within a second number two was done as well! Before I could make any sense of the technique yet another warm mouth engulfed my cock but only the tip and part of my shaft, and only for a second before it was removed, but I smelled Katie’s distinctive rose perfume this time! Another tongue was on my penis and licked my pee slit then down my shaft and then was gone. This one was very erotic and I know Katie never did anything like that to me before! And as I was collecting my thoughts there was another mouth at my cock, but this one was just blowing her breath lightly down my penis until she reach my balls, then she flicked her tongue against then for a second, and it was electric! I thought it was over but another mouth bobbed over my knob and was gone. I quickly started thinking to myself, was that six girls I wondered? Then I started to wonder just how many people were here and if there were six women there would be six men so my heart raced as I wondered who is was with. I knew Sarah and her husband Sir, but I did not know anyone else, at least not in an intimate way where I would feel comfortable being naked in front of anyway! For some strange reason this made me even more excited, not knowing and being naked and bound and vulnerable in front of who knows?

Sarah then asked me to identify which mouth was Katie’s, "Well paul, which one was she?" Sarah asked.

I tried to remember when I smelled her perfume and I thought it was number three, so that is what I replied. "Number 3? Sarah" I reluctantly asked and replied.
Sarah giggled as did several others as I heard snickers throughout the room. I tried to ask if I was right or what, but Sarah just said, "You will find out soon enough paul, but right now you have some pussies to lick first. She said enthusiastically! Remember, now it is your turn to do the licking, one lick per pussy is all you are allowed. No licking on any other part of the body and no licking the clit or inserting your tongue into her hole. You get just one lick on the outside of her pussy lips only! Sarah instructed in detail, changing the rules as I had remembered them! Sarah went on to say, That my face and head will be held and supported for me, and I will be secured to a rolling stool and will be inched toward the pussy and quickly pulled away after my brief lick. This will ensure no cheating on my part! she further instructed!

Here I thought I was in for a bit of a treat, I just love the taste of pussy and I wanted the challenge of tasting the others as I thought I could easily identify Katie’s sweet flavor! Sarah went on to finish her instruction saying, "Listen closely paul, If you guess incorrectly, the person you selected as Katie, their partner will get to fuck you! And, while you are being reamed out by them, you will eat out Katie's pussy so that you can better remember what she tastes like! "Sarah obviously smiling as she ended the instructions. The group was making small talk too but I could not interpret anything useable.

My arms and legs were released, but my arms were secured behind me and cinched up tightly to the elbows. I was guided face down as my chest was rested onto what felt like a small foot stool on rollers. A wide leather belt was buckled behind me strapping me tightly to the stool. I was spun around a few times and then felt two hands firmly holding my head up. The stool was slowly rolled forward and Sarah ordered, Stick out your tongue paul and do not move it at all or pull it back in until I say so! she directed sternly!

I was rolled up between some ones spread legs, I could smell hot flesh then ever so slowly my head was pulled a fraction of an inch until my tongue touched a pussy lip, but I was suddenly pulled back and I heard rustling and again, I moved forward slowly then guided by the hands on my head until my tongue touched another pussy! Then quickly I was drawn back. I thought to myself how impossible this task was becoming! After each encounter, Sarah sternly ordered, Leave your tongue out paul! she would say, repeating with each touch of a pussy lip! After the fourth pussy lip my tongue touched, I was told to put my tongue away and tell Sarah which pussy belonged to Katie! "Well slave, which one was Katie?" Sarah asked anxiously.

I was confused, and my mind raced, as I know I didn’t lick six pussies, and I never smelled my wife’s rose perfume this time either! I started to panic and then blurted out "Where's the other ones?" I asked confused.

"There are no other pussies for this game paul, you licked and tasted them all" Sarah said teasingly, knowing full well I neither licked or tasted any pussies thanks to her manipulation of the game rules!

At this point, I figured the game was rigged from the beginning, so I had no clue to base my guess on so I just said, Number two Sarah? I said defeatedly.

"Good" Sarah said "This is perfect"

I was surprised and then excited that I had got it right, so I quickly blurted it out, So I was right then. I responded, only to feel two sharp swats of the cane to my ass cheeks!

Sarah had spanked my ass with the cane as she said, "I didn't say you were right paul, just that your answer was perfect! ......meaning you will be the perfect little slut for tonight!" and she swatted my ass again and told me to refer to her properly by calling her Mistress Sarah tonight!

I heard some rustling, and then through my blindfold, I saw the lights go out. I was moved back over to the bondage horse, stretched out face down, my ankle cuffs secured to the horses legs. My head was hanging over the front end of

the padded bench, and my wrist cuffs were attached to the front legs. There seemed to be some careful adjustment of my position as the horse was moved with me on it, then my blindfold was removed! The room was dark except for the bright light from a large television screen right in front of my head. The TV had a what appeared to be a homemade movie playing and I suddenly realized that the star on the screen was me, but from earlier tonight. The part where I recited that it was my birthday and that I wanted everything that was to happen to me tonight, as if reminding me of the agreement I made before. Then the video jumped ahead and I saw myself, arms stretched out over my head as Katie starting to spank me with the crop. As the TV showed me about to get spanked with the crop, a jolt from behind me caused me to jump or jerk violently as a crop lash landed on my bare bottom just at the same time it appeared on the screen! Again and again, as someone stood behind me matching each stroke of the crop landing on my ass cheeks just as on the TV screen! This kept up for the whole 40 strokes, as it played out on the screen!

Then the video jump ahead again, now it showed the part where my cock was being licked, or just before as Sarah was instructing me the penalty for an incorrect guess would be me licking to orgasm with my mouth the one I chose, and then camera zoomed in on my face, and clearly showed me smiling as I was answering Sarah with an emphatic gesture as I shook my head yes.

With that, someone moved in front of me, and as the camera pulled back, I saw it was my wife. The camera focused on

my face again, as people changed places, and as it pulled back a second time I saw that my answer of #2 was Sarah, as she kneeled and her head went down on my penis! Then the view again showed my face, and there was another movement of people in front of me. The camera was on my face again as the screen showed an obvious feeling good grin, but when the camera panned down between my legs, I got a real shock as there was a guy I never saw before kneeling before my cock inside his mouth!

Before I could say anything, Sarah repeated the game rules instructing me to know orally bring to orgasm the one I selected incorrectly as my wife! She reinforced the fact that I had agreed to the rules in front of twelve witnesses and on the video as well! And with that, the man was now standing before me holding his semi-erect penis in front of my mouth! I smelled Katie’s rose perfume again, and knew they had put it on him to confuse me. I felt humiliated and regretted being there just then. I kept my mouth shut now, and contemplated how I could get out of this one. I really did not want to suck this guy off, at least not here, not now, bound naked in front of a room full of strangers! Then someone started spanking me, I assume that it was Katie, because I could see Sarah off to my side. The spanking became harder and harder. I thought I would just freeze like this and they would become bored and change the subject, but then Sarah said "Use the cane on him!" The first swat cut into my already raw backside and felt like a whip of fire as it seared my cheeks! Then another one landed and it was equally as intense! Each one causing me to flinch and jerk hard in my bondage! The pain was more intense then I had ever felt, surely my previous spankings left my butt very a flamed and tender that with each lash of the cane it felt like my flesh was being cut to ribbons! After only a few strokes, I thought

I would faint from the intensity, but I still kept my mouth firmly shut, breathing deeply now through my nose!

Then the direction the swats hit my ass cheeks changed and the next swat came down paralleling the crack of my ass! Starting at the outside of my right butt cheek, then another on the outside of my left cheek! These hurt as well, but because of the direction they were applied, they did not carry the full force of the other swats which obviously had a longer swing to gain more velocity with! I suddenly realized these swats were moving ever closer to the center of my butt, or my ass crack. I wondered for a moment what they intended to do when they got to my butt plug? I didn’t have to wonder any longer as just then someone pulled my butt cheeks wide apart as the butt plug was now rotated and pulled out of my ass! Now the swats of the cane continued and closer to landing right on my asshole! My ass cheeks burned like never before but that was nothing as the next swat landed right on my asshole and I jerked hard in the pain but could not even move an inch in my bondage! My cry of pain was the signal to whoever it was in front of me. His cock went into my mouth as I then felt a girl’s finger pinching my nose closed! It was immediately plain to me that I had no option but the obvious and that would be to suck the cock in front of me. It became apparent whose fingers held my nose closed tight when Katie whispered in my ear that I was embarrassing her again and this was to be added to her growing list of punishments I would receive later! She then let go of my nose and I attempted to orally pleasure the cock in my mouth!

He pulled out most of the way, and pumped back in, reaching the back of my throat, till I almost gagged. He repeated

this a few times, as the back of my throat got more and more used to being prodded. Then the spanking started

again, but not the cane luckily, it turned out to be a wide leather slapper. Soon enough though, this toy was just as painful as the cane had been! As swat after searing swat rained down on my already punished ass cheeks, my butt burned a new and felt red hot! Then it seemed as my head was moved back, another hard spank would come, when the hands holding my head pulled me forward forcing his cock into my mouth the swats stopped, or so it seemed, the rhythm was set so a swat would hit my butt when his cock was being pulled out. His cock never fully came out of my mouth though, unless I made a choking sound or I just needed to catch my breath, but I soon learned not to do this as Sarah announced to all that every time I did choke during my blowjob I would get a swat of the cane! And she must have been yielding it because every time I needed to catch my breath I was also given a the cane until I resumed the blowjob! I finally figured I should get this over with as fast as I could, so I really started to get into it and started using my tongue and lips more! The burning in my ass was getting more intense and all I could focus on was getting him off, wanting him to cum. I tried to block out the intense spanking by focusing on that one task of making him cum that I didn't even notice when the spanking had stopped! Then I felt him stiffen up and heard his shortened heavy breathing and I knew he was ready to spurt! But then he pulled out, and Katie whispered in my ear to just open my mouth wide and swallow all of it! She warned me not to spill a drop! I did as I was told, as he gave his rod a few more strokes with his hand, it started spurting hot jets of cum in my mouth and down my throat! I instinctively closed my mouth over his spurting cock to keep his cum from spilling out of my mouth and he pulled his glistening shaft out of my sucking lips. I then opened back up as he jerked off a final few drops into my mouth again! His huge load now in my stomach as I swallowed the last couple of drops of his cum. Katie again leaned over me and whispered I had disobeyed her again by not keeping my mouth open so everyone could see my mouth fill up with his cum before I swallowed it. She said she was going to punish me severely for that later!

"paul, I want you to say thank you Sir for giving you your birthday cum present" I heard my wife say aloud to the group. I meekly and quietly repeated the phrase as Katie instructed me to. I couldn’t help but realize yet another one of my deep dark fantasies of being forced to perform a Bi scene, and being made to perform orally on another man had just been acted out! Somehow, despite the humiliation and shame I was feeling, I was more in love with my Mistress wife for planning this and getting me to act out on these long awaited dark fantasies! Needless to say, this was definitely not the birthday I had hoped for at start of this day, but it was surly one I was loving in spite of, or because of, all the mixed feelings!

After a few minutes, of rest, I was flipped over so that my back was on the horse. My hands were tied off to my knees, and my legs were spread wide apart, my ankle cuffs secured to a very wide spreader bar which was then pulled up and secured to the ceiling! I felt like is going to fall over backward off the back of the punishment horse, but that was quickly remedied as two wide leather belt like straps were buckled around my waist and chest, completely immobilizing me and keeping me tight to the horse!

With my head hanging down off of the punishment horse, I had a view again of the TV, but this time it was upside down. The video started playing again and this time it showed a view that must have been filmed from just over my head. It was the pussy licking scene and it showed me being rolled into position between someone’s spread thighs. I watched as my face was inched toward their pussy. Clearly I had guessed wrong again, as the camera panned up to show Becca's face. Becca is one of our neighbors and I had no idea she was into BDSM let alone now knowing my deep dark intimate desires! I would have never guessed in a million years she would be here and suddenly I felt an over whelming fear of not knowing who else was here that I would be embarrassed to see me like this?! Then I wondered if she was here alone or with a partner as it was soon becoming apparent most here were couples! I know she is not married and I suspected she goes both ways with boys or girls as I have seen here with both coming from her home on weekend stays. The video continued playing and I thought I recognized the next girl as one that had been over at Becca’s. I thought I remembered her name was Jennifer, she was a smaller kind of petite girl, which I always found very sexy! The video continued to play

On until it showed Katie again, and then it was paused.

After a second or two, the picture-in-picture popped up on the screen, and in it was Jennifer being assisted by Sarah and they were buckling an enormous strap-on on her! It looked really monstrous jutting out in front of her small petite body!

Then the main picture switched back to show someone being fucked doggie style. I didn't recognize the guy, but as the camera moved around the girl I suddenly realized it was my wife being fucked! She looked into the camera and said "Happy Birthday paul, thank you for being wrong Honey", as her hair and tits swayed with each hard pounding thrust she was getting! Then she added, "I'm going to have another present for you shortly, I think". The other picture switched on and followed Jennifer as she came up behind me. I watched in amazement, my head hanging down between Becca’s spread legs, my mouth and tongue dutifully licking her juicy pussy as I watched in horror as Jennifer started toying with my sensitive nipples! She was very matter of fact and did not hesitate one bit as she started pinching and twisting and pulling on them all the while making me jerk and squirm and moan into Becca’s pussy! She seemed oblivious to the sharp pain she was causing me, but then maybe that was the plan as I saw someone hand her the nipple clamps! Jennifer acted like a pro as she quickly attached them and then stretched my nipples as she told Becca to hold the end tightly with her teeth! I just moaned as the searing pain came from both nipples the harder she pulled on them!

Then I watched as four clothes pins were handed to Jennifer and she made short work of attaching these to my penis! The pain in my nipples started subsiding as I watched her put two on either side of the head of my penis and the other two on either side of my shaft! I was breathing heavy as Jennifer walked around my legs, now positioned at my crotch. Sarah and another unknown male pulled my ass cheeks wide apart and I soon felt the bulbous head of that monster dildo as she started pushing it against my now exposed puckered asshole! Sarah’s husband Sir grabbed Jennifer’s hips and then after Sarah announced Fuck him, the huge dildo was forced deep in one brutal thrust! I grunted as Jennifer impaled me with her huge toy! It only took a few more awkward but hard thrusts before Sir and Jennifer worked out a routine that enabled Sir’s large muscular frame to just use Jennifer’s hips as a handle while he was spurred on by Sarah’s instruction to pump the dildo in and out of my stretched asshole faster and faster! Each brutally deep thrust caused a muffled groan as I tried to cry out but Becca held my face tight to her pussy! There was quite a crowd as all watched Sir get a workout as he slammed home the huge dildo and Jennifer’s hips as he pushed and pulled her back and forth! Jennifer at this point would try and grab one of the clothespins when she was all the way out, and then the pain shot through my prick when the clothes pin snapped free and the blood rushed back through the pinched skin! But this was the same time Sir slammed into me again only this time during the split second of release and agony caused by the clothes pin removal, my sphincter had also relaxed but spasms at the same time and Jennifer’s huge dildo went all the way in to me, her hips slapped against my ass cheeks! Sarah urged them on to bury the dildo again and again as they did the same thing when removing the other clothes pins! My asshole would now just spasm around the dildo with every hard thrust whether in or out! After a few more minutes of the relentless brutal fucking, Jennifer just stopped with the toy deep in my ass! I watched on the TV screen as she just stood there, doing nothing, looking at something off to my left.

The screen switched to the guy fucking my wife again, and I watched as she was screaming with each thrust and he was thrusting for all he was worth being spurred along by a ridding crop that was spanking him hard! He then grunted and sighed loudly signaling his orgasm into her pussy. He pulled out and quickly helped up my wife who disappeared from the view on the TV screen only to be taking her place above me as Becca moved away and Katie straddled my face now!

As Katie reminded everyone what she had me say earlier tonight, that She wanted me to eat cum, His cum, your cum, and everybody else who cums tonight paul! she instructed!

At that point, Jennifer pulled the chain on my nipple clamps, which made me cry out again, just as Katie released her pussy lips she was holding squeezing shut with her fingers, and she pulled my face into her cum filled dripping pussy!

The cum oozed out onto my face and mouth, and as Katie moved my face into position she forced the wetness into my nostrils as well! Jennifer pulled again on my nipple clamps as Sir pulled her hips back and they started their hard anal rape once again, this time with each outward thrust my nipples were tormented by the wicked nipple clamps as Jennifer pulled them tight making me scream into Katie’s pussy! I licked and sucked my wife as best I could even though every few seconds I would scream in agony into her pussy until one final time Jennifer pulled so hard she literally yanked the nipple clamps off me. The searing pain was incredible if not for the savage thrust of her huge dildo bottoming out inside me! Jennifer had started pumping my cock now as she continued fucking my asshole until Katie finally climaxed and exploded in a powerful orgasm, expelling the last of the cum into my mouth with her wet discharge!

Katie collapsed onto the floor in front of me and Sarah came over and wiped my face off with a warm towel. Jennifer then pulled out of my well fucked hole but she continued rubbing my cock harder and faster until it became apparent her actions were close to making me cum, then she just abruptly stopped! She then squeezed my balls tightly, the ball separator that was applied to me earlier kept my nuts tightly bound and apart, packaged as if begging to be squeezed and that is precisely what Jennifer was doing now!

It was several minutes later when Jennifer started up again, slowly at first, gently and lightly rubbing my cock to an erection and then pumping me harder and faster until I was close to orgasm, but she would stop suddenly just as before, and then she would knead and squeeze my balls until my cock shriveled up and lost its erection!

Sarah had taken the opportunity of my free mouth and ordered me to lick her to orgasm, but she had positioned herself facing away from me and the only thing I could lick was her musky tasting asshole! I tried to give it the same attention as I would her pussy, but it was really hard, especially with the constant distraction of Jennifer squeezing my balls until I thought I would jerk right off the punishment horse! Jennifer kept this up for a long time and even after her hard ball sac squeezing which was getting harder and longer each time, I would get hard within a few seconds of her rubbing my shaft I was so crazy with lust to cum!

Then Sarah asked Katie in front of the group about my love of anal play! Katie proceeded to instruct the group that I Truly loved all anal play and that I was probably in heaven right now licking Sarah’s puckered back door! She went on to invite any others to come over tonight and I would dutifully rim their holes as I licked and sucked them back there! Becca came over and asked Jennifer to come here my face. Sarah moved aside and I took the moment of rest as Becca turned Jennifer around so her back faced the crowd and then she bent her over and revealed Jennifer’s butt plug tightly wedged in place in her butt crack. Becca said that she had Jennifer insert this many hours ago at home and it was not lubed but licked and then coated in her own pussy before being buried in her musty hole! Becca said that she wanted paul to not only lick and rim Jennifer’s pouting hole but to then suck and lick her 4-inch butt plug clean!

Katie was eager to have me obey Becca’s command and Jennifer straddled my face as the others had done. The group gathered around as Becca twisted and agonizingly slowly pulled the butt plug from Jennifer’s bent over spread asshole! Once free, she dragged it the few inches to my mouth and wiped it on my lips as Katie ordered me to open and suck the toy clean! After a few in and out pumps of the plug in my closed mouth, my lips pursed around the toy as Becca toyed with it in mouth. The group’s audible reaction implied they were licking the show. Then the toy was removed and Jennifer planted her brown eyed hole on my mouth and my tongue got busy making her moan in pleasure to the group!

After my display of randiness at Jennifer’s back door finally ended, she stepped off of my face. I was repositioned again face down and stretched out over the punishment horse. Another man I did not know was standing before me with his cock in his hand. Before I could open my mouth for the inevitable, the man spoke in a loud enough voice to get the attention of the whole group, "Katie says she won’t let you fuck her in the ass, Is that true paul?" I could not deny this and I felt ashamed when I admitted this to the group. For one it was embarrassing to even admit I didn’t get my way with Katie, that she controlled me, and two it was humiliating admitting I was deprived enough to beg her knowing that her response would be a big NO, now this group knows it too!

"Yes " I said meekly, It is true Then I watched the TV screen in embarrassment as this same guy who was standing over me, his still glistening cock in his hand was drilling Katie’s perfect little brown eye as she howled with each deep thrust! I didn’t know what to think just then, but Katie stood beside me and with her hand on my head she said that she would now allow me to fuck her back there on one condition. She said, you have to agree to let me fuck you in the ass too then!

I almost fainted when I heard her say this and I was more than eager to agree to her terms! I quickly blurted out my enthusiastic reply of I do Katie!, I will, anytime and anyplace! I quickly said in front of the whole group! Katie then said OK paul, but first you will suck off this cock that just orgasmed inside my butt as you just viewed on the TV screen. And, since he just ejaculated it might take you a while to get him off again. So while he is busy with your mouth, I will make busy with your ass as I will give it that fucking you agreed to. Just then another guy with a really thick big nine inch cock came over to her side. She lifted up his big hefty shaft as she showed everyone the cum that was already inside his condom. Well paul, looks like his cock was just drained too, so it might take him a while to cum again, that is unless you can exercise your asshole some and get him off sooner. Either way I picked the biggest cock here to fuck your hole with so you can really experience a nice hard ass fucking like I just got! Katie smiled as she laid down the basic rules!

I was surprised again as I thought she said SHE was going to be fucking my ass, not some other guy! I started to protest, but Sarah stuffed a ball gag into my mouth while saying, "You want to stick your dick in your wife's ass paul, then you get a dick in yours! Everyone heard you agree to this paul, and we've got you asking for it on the video too!" She smirked as she gave me a mischievous look! "Like I said earlier paul, you are perfect, a perfect slut tonight!" The ball gag was just as quickly removed as Katie told me to now Lick and suck her ass from this cock and don’t stop until his cum is gushing into your mouth! she warned me again not to let a drop escape my lips. Katie then announced that when her stud in my asshole deposits his load in me I am to suck his cock clean too!

Sarah then said teasingly, "Well paul, I think you are going to be spending more time licking Katie’s ass from now on, than you will be fucking it!" she joked, then added, But that's up to her I suppose."

With that Bill moved in behind me, and my very punished ass cheeks were roughly pulled wide apart again, causing me to jerk again. He then pressed his condom covered knob against my puckered hole and slowly but firmly he forced my hole open! He took short but hard jabs into me, pulling all the way out and starting over. Once his hardening knob pushed past my puckered opening he would forcibly move his hips forward, his thick hard shaft would just stab an inch or two into my hole, then he would withdraw and start over again and again! He kept pushing a little deeper each time, but he was going painfully slow, as if making me feel every inch of his large dick, both in width and in length! It took quite some time, rocking back and forth as he pulled all the way out after each short thrust. Then after my asshole expanded yet again and his big plum sized knob was inside my hole his grip on my hips tightened and he slammed into me to the hilt! His hips slapped into my ass cheeks as a groan came from deep inside of me and the sudden lunge forward caused me to deep throat the cock in my mouth making me gag involuntarily! Katie was quick to whisper a reminder in my ear that she would really make me pay for that error later with several hard swats of the cane as she contemplated whether to give them to me both here in front of the group as well as later when we got home! She said that if I dared to gag one more time than I would receive the double canning punishment. As she stood back up, Katie told Bill she really admired his powerful deep thrusts and asked him to give the birthday boy many more of the same! Bill responded by thanking Katie for the compliment and then said he would do his best to comply, just then he slammed me harder than before causing another deep guttural muffled groan then a gag. Katie now picked up the cane and pointed it to my face!

Bill’s ass fucking was painful as I took him into the hilt as he kept slamming into me! This was a lot more uncomfortable than the dildo had been! And it was more humiliating, especially as Katie made a public scene out of me and my deep dark fantasies! There was that stirring in the pit of my stomach and I don’t know if it was my nerves or all the cum I have swallowed, or the severe punishment Katie just promised me in front of these people! I was reeling with emotions inside and outside my asshole was burning as it was being stretched and worked over good! I watched on the TV screen as I saw Jennifer move up behind Bill and she had put on a normal sized strap-on as she just started to fuck his asshole! This

Must have been what Sarah and Katie had planned as when Jennifer started fucking Bill, really started to fuck me in earnest now! I don’t know who was under me, but someone started rubbing my cock in time with the cocks going in and out of me at my mouth and asshole! All of this excitement was just too much for me and I just could not control myself, the soft yet deliberate slow but firm pumping of my cock caused me to erupt what felt like a gallon of cum! But it did not stop, her soft hands just kept working me over just like the steady but ravishing fucking my asshole was receiving!

Unbeknownst to me at the time was Sarah sitting at my side as she rhythmically pumped my sperm out of me and collected it all in a cup for me to consume later! Which was actually soon, as Bill was grunting and breathing harder and faster, his own asshole relentlessly being worked over by Jennifer as she fucked him faster too! Bill slammed deep into me with one final thrust as he filled his condom with his second big load of cum! My mouth was aching by the time the cock grew as it became engorged then he just held my head with his hands and face fucked my mouth until he started spurting his huge load down my throat and in my mouth! I tried to swallow it all and it just kind of flooded into my mouth more than I could handle and I closed my lips tightly around his still spurting penis. He grunted and groaned as he let me suck out the remaining drops from his cock! He pulled out of my wet lips as I swallowed down the last of his cum. Bill had pulled his enormous dick out of my ass, and stood before me as Katie worked the sagging condom from his twice used cock. His combined loads were massive as she held the large condom before me. Becca and Sarah released me from the horse but my hands were secured behind me to my ankle cuffs as I was forced to kneel in front of Katie!

Katie held the double load cum above my mouth as Sarah held my head tilted back. Katie said, Happy birthday paul! as she poured the contents in my mouth and down my throat!

After a much needed rest, I was then passed around the room giving several more dutiful oral orgasms to both female and male alike. As the party winded down, Katie thanked everyone for attending and hoped that I gave good performance as an obedient little slut. But as she was having me bound again face down to the punishment horse, she said that I had disobeyed her direct commands earlier. She made me tell the group all of the errors I made tonight and I even messed that up when Katie pointed out two more I couldn’t recall! Katie said that she would now punish my disobedient butt with a canning and asked the others to assist be giving me several swats each before they went home.

Becca and Jennifer went first, and set the stage with some of the hardest swats of the night! Jennifer must have given me twenty at least, and I was sobbing by the time she finished and I thanked her for my punishment! Sarah was also brutal with her punishments, but Sir and Bill were actually were the easiest by far. I guess they showed me some mercy unlike the females there tonight. By then it just us four anyway, and after Katie verbalized my errors she gave me fifteen swats as she chastised me for each infraction. Then she stopped and asked Bill and Sir to help her again by spreading my ass cheeks wide apart again. Sarah said she would handle the gag so Katie could punish paul properly! Sarah stood before me as she spread her legs she held my face with her hands as she pulled me against her wet pussy lips and told me to start licking! Katie stood to my side and announced she would give my well fucked asshole forty birthday swats with the cane so I would not soon forget this day! Each birthday spank turned out to be a well-aimed hard swat right on my asshole and crack! Each one made me jump but in my tight restraints, I could only move a half an inch or so. I cried out into Sarah’s pussy but she would just pull me tighter into her wet pussy muffling my moans!

As we all recovered, Sir and Bill were putting things away and cleaning up the room. The video disk was copied and given to Katie. Sarah was showing Katie some other toys as I just laid there, still strapped in place but enjoying the peaceful rest. I could hear Sarah sharing techniques and discussing toys when she described a method of “Hot Fucking” she called it, where the dildo or toy would be heated up in a pitcher of hot water. She had Katie heat some water in the microwave then bring it over and poured it into a container holding the dildo and toys. After leaving the toys immersed in the steamy water Sarah pulled out a fat ten inch red dildo. After being in the water only a few minutes Katie was fascinated by how hot the dildo felt in her hands and the effectiveness of the technique! She started making jokes about a new way of getting a red HOT fucking! Katie saw me still bound to the horse and with her mischievous smirk, she whispered something to Sarah and with that they came over to me carrying the container of hot water and Sarah picked up several of the dildos lying nearby! As Katie held my ass cheeks spread wide apart, Sarah rubbed the cold lube to my inflamed puckered asshole. She taunted me first by saying, “Sorry to make you shiver paul, it will only be cold for a minute!”. It was actually me jerking in my bindings from her touch to my poor welted and sore anus with the lube, not me shivering from the cold! Katie sternly announced that Sarah was now going to give my asshole a HOT fucking for my poor performance of crying out into her pussy before when I was supposed to be pleasuring her orally! Katie and Sarah both said they don’t want to hear one peep out of me as she fucks my asshole good! It took all my composure as the hot dildo pushed against my very sore puckered asshole. I clenched my teeth as I felt the hot toy invade my hole and Sarah slowly twisted it as she worked it in deep and back out again. Sarah applied more lube and twisted the dildo as she tormented my hole with it. Then she pulled it out and dunked it again in the hot water. After a quick warm up, she just pushed it in deep and then starting fucking my hole hard and fast. She just pistoned the dildo in and out as I shuddered and restrained myself from screaming! She pulled out again, and this time after another warm up of the toy, Katie did the fucking as Sarah spread my ass cheeks wide! Katie was just as cruel with the dildo as Sarah was and she fucked my hole hard and fast too! Katie asked, how does that feel birthday boy? You love to be fucked by your Mistress don’t you my little slut?

I moaned as she plowed me good, and I hissed back an answer to her as I said, “Yes Mistress, Thank you for punishing me so good”!

Katie was furious as she said that Sarah told me she did not want to hear a peep out of me, and now this! Katie stopped my brutal fucking and picked up the ball gag and strapped it on me. Then she picked up the cane and announced my disobedient butt will never learn, She proceeded to swat away at my poor defenseless butt cheeks as she gave me ten of her best! Sarah giggled and then asked Katie for the cane so she could give me ten of her best too! Katie had reheated some more water and when my spanking was over, Katie and Sarah decided to give my asshole one last good HOT fucking they said, but with each toy they could find here tonight! Katie and Sarah just would not let up, they were coming up with one dildo after another as each one tried to outdo the other with a longer, or fatter, or curved or ridged toy they could find! Sarah had found a glass dildo with a huge round plum/apple sized head and she and Katie just couldn’t seem to get enough of stretching my asshole open by just pushing the wide head in, twisting it around and pulling it back out again, about a hundred times each! But it was Katie’s evil idea to try and stuff two 10-inch dildos in my hole at the same time! First she taunted me by holding one in front of my face while she whispered in my ear how she wanted to really stretch me good with “this” dildo she said, then repeated “this dildo” too when she showed me the identical other dildo, then she held them in front of me together!

After this I was finally released from the horse and told to get dressed and pick up our toys and load the duffle bags in the car. I exchanged hugs and thank you’s to our Hosts Sarah and Sir, and thanked them and Katie for the best birthday party ever! I thanked Katie for weeks to come for the best time I ever had and told how much I loved her as I took all the punishments she told me I deserved after we got home! She not only spanked, whipped and canned my ass raw again, but she fucked my asshole with every one of our toys repeatedly over the next couple of weeks. It was the most severe punishment she has ever given me. I could not sit down on my butt for several days. My asshole hurt inside and out and it was painful to even use the bathroom for many days as well. Even after all of this, I would do it all over again!

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