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Obviously this is fictional since I never spoke to her again since the second grade. I saw her once when I was 11-12, but we never spoke. This is how I wished things had happened and a little extra stuff for you guys to make up for posting the first part without any sort of sex whatsoever, but you need a prequel to make a sequel. I apologize for any errors that may be in the story or if you do not enjoy it. If you'd like me to continue on with the story feel free to let me know in the comments.

"Ready?" my mom asked, pulling up the curb to the school. I was clutching my backpack tightly unconsciously and loosened the grip as soon as I realized.

"Yeah," I nod. Today would be my first day back in Washington after spending the rest of my elementary and middle school years in Texas. The adjustment was difficult since I had no friends and the Texas weather compared to Washington's was like day and night.

"Bye sweety," my mom laughs. She says it extra loud so that any within five feet of our car could hear.

"Mom," I sigh, opening the door and climbing out.

"See you tonight," she says, now serious. I wonder how she does that.

"Bye," I wave, turning away to face my school. I look over at the sign that says: Hill Ridge High School. This was where I will be spending the next four years of my life apparently. As I walk through the cloud of my future classmates they all looked pale compared to the tan I got from Texas's summer rays. Of course there are some that have somewhat of a tan, but I doubt it was from being here. I watched as they all pooled together into the gymnasium and lingered around in the back so that I wouldn't be squished. In the end I was and was pushed against a girl so that my crotch grazed her ass. She turned to look at me, furious, but the look on my face must have calmed her down a bit.

"Sorry I, uh, they pushed me and I....," I was trying to find the words.

"Collin?" the girl asked. I looked at her quizzically. Something about her seemed familiar, but I still had no idea who she was.

"Yes?" I asked, looking down at her. Her deep brown eyes stared up to me since I was about three inches taller than her, which made her about 5 "4" and me 5"7". I tried to figure out who she was, but I was dumbfounded.

"I should go," I finally say, joining the rest of the crowd. For an hour or so the principle and some teachers welcomed the freshman to the school and talked about rules and regulations we'd have to follow. That sums it up pretty well. After it ended everyone had five minutes before they'd have to head to class and I went over to the vending machine to get a bottle of water.

"Do you really not remember me?" a hurt voice says from behind me. I nearly jump out of my skin and turn to look around. The girl from earlier is back. Her long blond hair is tied back in a pony tail exposing her lovely face and has a black Rolling Stones t-shirt on. She has tight jeans on that show off her perfect ass.

"I don't know anyone here," I explain to her," I moved a long time ago. The last time I was here I was around six or seven." That brings me back to the second grade and the girl named Dakota. It takes a while before I connect the two.

"Dakota?" I breath.

"You still are an idiot," she shakes her head at me. At this moment I want nothing more to embrace her, but I can't build up the courage. She takes the initiative however and hugs my tightly, putting her arms around my neck and I pack mine around her mid back section.

"I missed you," she whispered into my ear before leaving for her first class for today. I do the same and head to class. Most of the day goes by in a breeze and lunch pulls around the corner. I grab my brown bag full of food and head to the cafeteria. It's full of people I don't know and eating outside isn't an option even with my black hoodie.

"Collin," someone calls my name. I look to see Dakota beckoning me to join her. Her table is full of girls and one guy who's sexuality looks to be in question. These aren't exactly my ideal people to sit with, but it was better than nothing. I walk over to them and take the seat beside Dakota.

Each of them look at me like a science specimen, but one takes a particular interest in me.

"Hey Collin," the girl says. She has long brown hair that rest well past her shoulders and hazel eyes. Another thing is that she extremely large breast compared to most girls and was around 36C. I didn't know her, but I wanted to.

"Hi," I say, wondering how she knew my name. I looked over at Dakota who seemed to be enjoying this.

"You're right he is an airhead still," she reaches across the table and flicks me on the forehead," it's me Rachel." Despite myself I don't hide the shock in my voice.

"Really?" I ask. She looks different compared to when we were little.

"Are you surprised to see I grew out of tom boy stage?' she ask teasingly.

"I think I'm just surprise to see you. Have you guys always gone to the same school together since I left?" I ask.

They both nod.

"Well sorry I broke the trio," I say to them and they smile.

For the rest of the week it felt like old times. I was introduced to other people and began to develop a social circle where I would have people to walk to class with. Everything was great and got even better when Dakota caught up to me after school on Friday and asked if I wanted to go to a party with her.

"Sure," I told her. My mom didn't mind if I stayed out late since she trusted me well enough not to do anything bad.

"Okay, I'll text you the directions. By the way you need my number," she informed me. I pulled out my phone and before I could ask for her digits she took it and typed her number into my phone. I called her so that she could place mine in hers. After we were done with this she waved goodbye before hopping into her friend's car. I take the less popular route and walk home. It's pretty easy to remember the way and I'm home within ten minutes. Since it's 3:30 I crawl into bed and take a long name. I wake sometime later after feeling my phone buzz in my pocket. The sun is no longer up and my room is practically pitch black. I pull out the phone, which causes me to blink about ten times until they can actually adjust.

The text is from Dakota and tells me where the house will be at. She also tells me to send her my address so that she can pick me up at eight. I text her back and with the directions before rolling out of bed quite literally. I lay there momentarily before getting up. My mom is in the living room watching Law & Order intently, but looks up when I enter.

"Hey sleepy head,"she remarks.

"Can I go out with my friends? I'll probably stay the night," I tell her.

"Sure," she stated. Most parents would want to know where I was going or who I'd be with, but like I said before, she trusted me.

"Thanks," I say exciting the room. I look over at the clock and see it is already 7:30. Although it doesn't take me long to get ready I like take my time, but since I have only thirty minutes I'd have to speed up the pace. I shower quickly and brush my teeth at the same time. Once I'm finished I climb out wrapping a towel around my waist and heading to my room. I have about twenty minutes left and am pretty good on time. I put on a pair of grey jeans and a white v-neck along with a pair of Nike's that a collage of black, grey, and white. I pull the black Yankees hat off my dresser and put it on. When I come out of my room my mom turns to look again.

"Going on a date?" my mom ask.

"Nothing like that," I shake my head.

"Well don't get anyone pregnant," my mom orders. My mom had me around my age, which is one of the main reasons we don't have a dad around. It's also another reason why my mom always tells me this one thing everyday. I grab my wallet, which I reluctantly put two condoms in because my overly persistent mother and put my phone in my pocket before checking the time. It's five till so I take a seat beside my mom and watch the rest of the show with her. It may only be five minutes, but I was able to sum it up pretty well. Halfway through the commercials I hear a horn blow outside and know that's my ride.

"Bye mom," I say over my shoulder. I close the door behind me and walk to the car. Dakota is visibly sitting in the front seat and Rachel is in the back. I slide in beside her and say hello.

"Hey," she says, looking me over. I pretend not to notice.

"Hey Collin," Dakota turns back in her seat. Beside her is a boy who looks a lot older than any of us.

"Hi," I smile. She turns back and I ask Rachel who the boy is in a whisper.

"That's her boyfriend," she informs me. This is something I would have been alright not knowing. I slump back in my seat and Rachel pats my thigh sympathetically.


When we arrive to the party I lean more towards Rachel's company and Dakota seems to be perplexed by it.

"You okay?" she finally ask me when Rachel goes to get a drink and her boyfriend has ventured off somewhere.

"You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend," I can hear myself pouting.

"What boyfriend?" she looks at me, startled.

"That guy that was driving us," I tell her.

"That was my cousin," she laughs.

"But Rachel told me-"

"Rachel loves to mess with people, especially you," she pats my shoulder.

"I guess," I shrug accidentally making her hand drop from me.

"So were you jealous at the thought that I might have a boyfriend?" she leans into me. Her eyes locked onto mine, making it hard to look away.

"Of course not," I shake my head.

"Girls like a boy who's honest," she informs me. Rachel returns back then and I feel Dakota move from me. There is a certain tension between the two that I can't quite decipher, but I pass it off as nothing.

"Some of the people are playing some sort of game over there," Rachel tells us and a slight shiver goes down my back at the mention of game. Rachel and Dakota are blushing a scarlet red now.

"Well let's play," Dakota finally says and I follow behind her. I feel Rachel's hand spank me on the butt as she passes by and I nearly jump. She winks before turning to stand beside Dakota.

In the living room and hear Clint Eastwood blasting even louder. On the floor a circle is formed and a bottle spins between them all. Everyone is confused on it and we take our seats wherever room is available. When the bottle stops on a girl I expect for the girl and boy to kiss and be done with it, but he says "F". She stands up with him and they walk out of the room into an open room.

"What game is this?" I ask the boy next to me named Tyler who is a brief acquaintance.

"You guys didn't play this in Texas? It's called T or F," he informs me.

"What's T or F?" I ask him.

"Tongue or Fuck," he explains,"tongue can be between two mouths or wherever you want them to use it while fuck is pretty self exclamatory." Once he finishes explaining my heart begins to speed faster. The possibility of being able to do this with Dakota is a dream come true, but also a tragedy if this could be with another guy. My nightmare comes to reality when it's Dakota's turn to spin. I don't want to look knowing the odds I won't be chosen and stare at my hands. I continue this until someone taps my shoulder and my head snaps up.

"You got picked bro," Tyler informs me. I look up to see Dakota staring me in half shock. The girl next to her whispers something into her ear.

"F," she says aloud. Everyone around her looks at me as if I'm the luckiest guy on the planet. She gets up to stand I struggle to stand as well. We go to a room that is unoccupied and sit on the bed in silence.

"You know what F meant right?" I ask her.

"No why?' she ask me.

"That means fuck. You just announced that to everyone that you wanted to fuck me to everyone," I laugh nervously.

"Really?" she acknowledged.

"Yeah," I say, rubbing my hands on my knees.

"Do you want to to?" she says almost inaudibly.

"Not if you don't want to," I look down at my legs that are trembling, waiting for her answer.

"I always have," she claims to me and places her hand on mine, which is on my knee. She leans over and kisses me on the lips. They feel soft and warm against mine and I open my mouth, slowly placing my tongue in hers. She accepts it willingly and begins to use hers. Our mouths are no longer separate and have become one. I move her so that she is all the way on the bed and crawl on top of her. Her lips never seem to leave mine in this process. She roughly rolls me so that she is now on top and is now straddling my waist. I watch as she removes her shirt and her bra revealing her breast. They seem to be slightly smaller than Rachel's but are still amazing to look at. My hands move from her back to her chest and I gently massage her breast in my hands. I try something I've always wanted to and place her right nipple in my hand. She moans softly at the feeling and I know I'm doing it right. I continue to fondle her left breast in the process and switch so that her left breast is now in my mouth. I suck softly and both her nipples are as hard as rock. She pulls me away that she can remove my shirt and I lift my arms obediently before continue to play with her breast.

"You're really good at that," she breaths into my hair. My dick is so hard that it's painful against my jeans and I pull away. She understands and her hands move to the button of my jeans, pulling them off and I lift my ass from the bed so she won't have trouble. I kick my shoes off and my socks as she begins to remove her pants and flats. Now we are both stark naked and I'm sitting at the foot of the bed. She gets on her knees in front of me and stares at my "7' inch dick that is pretty thick around. Her hand barely holds it all, but it still feels amazing.

"I've never done any of this before," she admits.

"Neither have I," when I say this she seems to be comforted by the idea. She begins to move her hand up and down my base which results in her touching the head each time. She begins to speed up the pace. Her warm hand sends an electric current through me and I find myself slowly thrusting to the rhythm of her hand. Just when I think it can't get better she places her mouth on my dick. Her mouth serves as as a heated vacuum and she licks the tip with her tongue and bobs her head up and down my dick, taking about five inches as she does. I can't last much longer and I feel as my balls tighten.

"I'm gonna cum," I warn her, but she continues to suck me off. I begin to come in her mouth seconds later and release my loads into her. One, two, three. Three loads are emptied into her moist mouth and she swallows it all in one gulp. My dick quickly softens after this.

"That tasted a lot better than my friends said it would," she finally says, licking the remaining cum from her lips and the side of her mouth.

"Your turn," I tell her. She lays on the bed, trying to prepare herself. I stare down at her shaved pussy and it waits to be touched. I spread it slightly and lick her slit. She is moaning loudly now. I use my thumb to rub her clit and that drives her wild. I begin to stick my tongue in out of her warm pussy hole and she moves her hips. I move my mouth up to suck her clit. As she begins to cum her knees lock my heads and place as I continue to eat her pussy. Her body squirms and her back arches from the bed as she cums into my mouth. She doesn't squirt like they show most girls doing in the porn but I see as a small river of juices flows from her and lick it all up.

"That was amazing," she comments as I pull away. I look down at my dick and it is fully hard again. She nods and I place myself at the entrance of her pussy.

"Just be gentle," she tells me. I nod as I attempt to place the head of my cock in her pussy. She winces a little, but encourages me to go on, but it's extremely tight. Once some of the base inside of her I feel a little resistance and ask her if I should continue.

"Yeah it's just my hymen. Once you go through just don't move around alright?" she ask me. I comply. I watch as she tries to brace herself and slowly push. It won't give way and once I press a little harder it does. It must be painful for her since she pulls me down so that my chest is pressed against hers and her nails are digging into my back. I know this is not nearly as painful as it was for her and tolerate it. After five minutes or so she recovers thankfully and tells me to proceed. I slowly begin to pump in and out of her the grimace on her face slowly begins to face and is replaced with one full of pleasure. I begin to press harder with each thrust, putting my cock fully inside her.

"That feels fucking great. Don't stop," she commands. This is probably the first time I've heard her curse.

I speed up once I know she isn't in pain anymore and am now going as fast as I can with hard thrust into her. She is half moaning/screaming and I place my mouth on hers so she won't attract too much attention. Just as I'm on the edge of cuming I remember the condom's in my wallet and realize it is far too late. I attempt to pull out of her, but she wraps her legs around my hips, locking me in place.

"It's alright," she tells me, pulling me further into her with her legs. I'm trapped now. I hold out as I feel her vagina tighten around me and pump quickly into her.

"I'm cuming too," she finally says. Once I feel the warm sensation slide down my cock that sends me over the edge and I thrust deep inside her so I'm cuming into her womb. Once I finish my dick shrinks and pulls out her and her pussy begins to overflow with our combined fluids.

"That was amazing," she says as I lay down beside her.

"Yeah," I look over at her. She looks back at me, placing her hand on my chest.

"I'm going to take a quick shower," she informs me, going to the bathroom attached to the room. I watch as she goes and she turns back to look at me.

"Aren't you coming?" she smiles.

"Yeah," I quickly scramble from the bed to follow her.

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