Riley and I sitting on my bed playing video games. She's still so young but it's an easy enough golf game for a kid. She finishes her turn and hands me the controller. I scoot up to a sitting position and my shirt rides up exposing the waistband of my boxer shorts.

"I see London, I see France, I see Daddy's underpants!" Her voice is a mousy squeek. She giggles uncontrolably as I give her a mock disapproving look.

"Big deal ya goofball" I reply, "Never seen my undies before?"

More laughter. I pull my shirt down and resume the gameplay. Moments later she reaches for my shirt and pulls it up again.

"I see London, I see France!"

"Quit it ya nut" I brush her hand away inducing more giggles. She pouts a little and slumps back into her seat.

I finish putting and give her back the controller. While she tee's off I take a moment to admire her beauty. Only eleven years old but shapely legs barely covered by my oversized t-shirt she so enjoys lounging in. Her long auburn hair drapes across her flat chest. Her lightly freckled face is focused inently on the screen.

She drives another ball in the rough and gives me the controller. Her hand lingers on mine and again goes to my shirt. This time she says nothing as she lifts it and stairs at my waistband. She glances up at me to see if I will disaprove again. I ignore it feigning interest in the game. She hooks her tiny fingers in to the elastic of my sweatpants and slides them down a little, exposing more of my boxers.

"I see Londooon..." This time calm, prodding. Still I ignore it. She pulls up on the elastic and peeks inside, looking up again briefly to gauge my reaction. I give her none, pretending not to notice. Her curiosity is rewarded as my cock begins to swell. The wrongness of the situation fuels my arrousal. I finally look down at her staring into my pants, observing the ever growing bulge. With her bent over me I can see directly down into the oversized shirt. Her boyish chest hasn't even mounds to speak of, but I can see her dime sized nipples are hardened. The image is enough to bring me to a full erection. As it comes to full strength it slips through the opening in my boxers. My darling daughter is looking directly at my hard cock.

"Daddy, what's wrong with your thing? It's all big and swollen."

"Nothings wrong with it honey. It's supposed to do that sometimes."

"Why Daddy?"

"Well, baby, it does that for different reasons, but mostly it's for making babies."

"How does it do that Daddy?"

"Basically my thing, my penis, is like a key and a womans vagina is like a lock in that my penis, or my cock fits inside a vagina just right like this,"

I lift her hand and form her fingers in to an "O" and slide my finger in. "and that's called sex."

"The next thing that happens is I move my cock in and out like this untill something comes out. It's called sperm and it's the special ingredient that makes the baby. When the sperm goes in to your vagina, or pussy, it combines with your own ingredients and starts growing. Nine months later a baby comes out."

"That's really weird Daddy. So does your thing, your c..cock want to make a baby right now?"

"No honey, sometimes it just wants to shoot the sperm, or cum, for no reason. Basically because if feels really good when I do it."

"Why does it feel so good?"

"Well we kind of evolved that way. Our bodies decided to do that so we would want to make babies so our race would continue on."

"That's all pretty confusing Daddy."

"You will learn it all in your own time."

"Does it feel good for me too? The woman I mean?"

"Yes honey. Especially the end. That's called the orgasm. You are probably old enough to start practicing that by masturbating."

"How do I do that?"

"Start by massaging around your pussy, Rub it all around in which ever way feels good to you. Then start working your fingers inside your pussy lips a little. Then you can find your special button at the top called your clit. If you are really a big enough girl to learn, your pussy should start getting wet. This will allow you to put your fingers inside further and one day will help a man's cock slide in and out of you. Keep working really hard at rubbing your clit and pushing your fingers in and out and eventually you will cum."

"Oh my goodness Daddy, that is so much to remember. I don't think I can do all that. Where did you say my clit is?"

"Would you like me to show you?"

"Yes please Daddy."

"Ok, let's get your panties off, in fact, lose the shirt too. Stimulating your nipples will help you on your way."

She lifts her bottom off the bed and slides off the cotton panties. She sits up and I help her pull the t-shirt over her head. The world seems to swirl as I am treated to the vision of her naked preteen body. So small and innocent. For a brief moment I feel guilt wash over me, but as she spreads her legs and I see the bright pink interior of her tiny pussy I am consumed with lust. She reaches her hand to herself and begins rubbing vigorously.

"Not like that darling. Start slowly, and massage it don't just rub"

I take hold of her hand and guide it in circles. I softly push the little girl's labia rhythmically further open with her fingers. I see it moistening. Her breathing becomes heavier. Her hips begin to move in time with the rubbing.

"Mmmmm. I see Daddy. It does feel good. Show me my special button. Show me how to make my pussy wet."

I oblige. I move her hand up to her hood, but her pussy is so small, so tight. We struggle to expose the child's clit.

"We need to spread your lips honey, it's hiding. Use your other hand to spread them like this."

I show her how to do it with my own hand and she gasps.

"Oh gosh Daddy. Your hand feels so much better. Will you do it for me daddy? Please will you make me orgasm?"

"Okay baby. Just lie back and enjoy it.

I spread her pussy finally exposing her clit. I begin a soft rubbing and increase the pace as her pussy moistens further and she writhes beneath me.

"Oh goodness Daddy. Oh my goodness I love it."

I insert a finger and begin fucking her with it. She let's out a yell and then a whimper. Her little girl voice moaning in ecstasy is nearly enough to make me cum in my shorts. Faster and faster my finger goes, deeper and deeper finding her g-spot. I work her clit with my other hand and soon I feel her body tensing.

"OH, OH, OH Daddy I Feel it. I Feel my Pussy cummmiiiiing!!!"

"Do it baby. Feel it wash over you. You look so beautiful Riley. Daddy's so proud of you!"

She explodes in orgasmic wails. Her tiny body shakes unconrollably as she grabs my wrist plunging it as deep as it will go in to her pussy. Fluid pours forth on to she sheets. I lean in to her and kiss her fully on the mouth. She instinctively accepts my tounge and they swirl passionately.

"Daddy I had no idea. Thank you so much. I love you so much. I will do anything for you Daddy."

"I'm glad to hear that Riley. If you think you are ready to be a really big girl for Daddy, I'd like to show you more."

-part 2 coming soon.


2015-03-07 07:50:13
"I See London, I See France...Chapter 1" - Early Thirties Year Old Married Father, Unnamed and Eleven Year Old Pre-teen Virgin Daughter, Riley.

Well, we're on our way to a blissful tale of pure, true love of a young daughter just fucking loving her father teaching her how to love the thrill of sexual excitement and having her initial orgasm!!
My fantasies and uncompleted images cannot wait for Chapter 2!!

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