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Daisy meets the rats, then the strap on women
Daisy swayed upside down in the darkness for what felt like hours. She heard the blood pounding in her ears, felt the strange stretching sensation in her legs and belly with a mixture of fear and excitement. They'd done it, they'd done what she'd begged them to do - reduced her to a thing, to a piece of flesh for them to amuse themselves. It was what she'd wanted, it was why she'd come to their front door, offering herself completely, with no reservations.

But they hadn't made her cum, they hadn't *let* her cum even when she knew that the belt landing between her open legs one more time, just ONE MORE TIME, would have done it. The two of them had walked way, gone up the stair and turned off the lights, plunging her into total darkness and... Daisy stopped in mid-thought.

She'd heard something.

A small, scratching sound in the rafters above her. There it was again! Something was crawling in the rafters! Then, she heard another. Across the room, on the floor, the scratching of tiny claws.

Daisy tried to pull herself upward, maybe if she mustered the strength, she could reach the ropes that held her ankles to the hoist overhead. She was too weak. They'd worked her over with the whip and the belts for the better part of an hour, and that after dragging her across the rough, concrete floor. Every part of her body ached, she felt dried something cracking along her legs and arms as she moved. Cum? Spit? Blood? She wasn't sure, didn't want to know. All she knew was that too weak to pull herself up. And she knew something else, deep down in her gut. She stank. And whatever kind of animals those claws belonged to were smelling her.

And buzzing. There were buzzing noises. She felt something land on her neck. A bee? A wasp? A fly? She didn't know but she shook her head and it flew off. But there were more of them, she heard them flying around the room.

She froze as she heard something scurry across the floor, then a high pitched squeal. Rats! She shuddered and wrapped her arms around herself tight. Rats. She trembled, tried to force her eyes to spot something, something but it was totally, hellishly dark. As dark as the eyes of one of those rats. As dark as the hearts of the two men who'd left her there.

"EEEeeeeee!" she screamed as she felt something touching the sole of her. Thin, hairy. A tail. She jerked then, swinging her arms and head back and forth, trying to scare it off. After only a few minutes, she was too tired to move and stopped, hanging limp, swaying back and forth like a pendulum.

Then, she felt it again. But this time, it didn't just tickle the sole. Something climbed onto her foot, made its way along her leg, sniffing, the fur scratching her skin, the claws digging into her flesh, the whiskers always tickling their way just a few inches in front of the claws. The thing squeaked and she heard other running across the floor. Something was sniffing at her hair that hung just an inch or so from the floor. It must have got up on its hind legs, she felt its breath on her ear. She screamed again, tried to double over but was too weak.

Something crawled down her other leg and took its place next to the first one, who was sitting comfortably in her crotch. She felt its nose sniffing at her cunt lips and wanted to pass out, wanted to vanish before it decided it wanted to nibble on the swollen flesh. She could smell her cunt horribly now, the room reeked of it, it was all she could smell. Cunt and sweat.

The flies came back, three of them now, she could feel them. Two of them on her face, walking along her lips. The third one was walking across her belly, it almost tickled.

One of the rats began moving between her legs and she felt herself sink to a new level of humiliation - her clitoris was stiffening from the pressure of the vermin pressing against it. She closed her eyes and abandoned herself to her own perverted sickness, slowly moving her hips back and forth, trying to feel some friction. Now, she longed for the other one to bite, to nibble on her while its partner masturbated her to orgasm. She was crying from frustration and shame, desperate to cum but sickened by her own depravity.

She felt the nose sniffing along her right cunt lip and her stomach tightened, she waited for the first bite, mouth open now, panting and moaning, tongue out, hoping the fly would take the bait and push her further into her own personal masturbatory fantasy.

"I think that's enough for now," a voice called out of the darkness.

The lights came on and Daisy was blinded, she squeezed her eyes shut and fought the pain that stabbed into her brain.

A hand scooped the rats up from between her legs and she felt something pushed deep into her cunt, something rubbery and hard and started trying to fuck it. She reached with her hands and pushed away the hand of the man who held the dildo, grabbed it herself and started fucking herself with it hard. She heard the laughs of three, maybe four men but she didn't care. She needed to get off. She rammed the thick rubber into herself harder and harder, grunting like an animal and flinging her head back and forth.

"What do you think, folks? Should we let her cum?"

Daisy became aware of a clicking sound and then voices that were obviously coming over the Internet. They were voting. Whoever was watching was voting.

"They saw it all, dear," the man said. "Infrared camera. They've been watching you all night, since we brought you down here."

Jack, who'd made the arrangements with Peter, clapped the man on the shoulder. "Yes. My gear is all in for repairs, so he was good enough to bring his. Thanks so much, sport."

Another man crouched down and grabbed her hair, leaned close to her face. She opened her eyes and saw him. One of the men from last night, the one with the cane. He spit in her face, ran his finger over her forehead, cheeks and nose, spreading his spit all over her. "They saw the flogging, they saw you hanging, they saw you trying to touch yourself, and they saw the rats."

It was too much and Daisy screamed as she came, her body jerking back and forth, yanking against the fist that still held her hair.

"Good, good, honey," the man laughed, standing up and wiping his hand on her leg. "Now, you can go home. We're done with you."

The days after that were worse for Daisy. Every minute of every day was spent on the edge, waiting for an email from Peter or a phone call from one of the men. She drove by their house more than a dozen time but there was never any sign of life. It's like it was abandoned except when there were parties.

She masturbated incessantly now -- to the movies and stories on the Internet, to memories of that weekend -- but they weren't enough. She'd gone over the line, she needed real people causing her real pain.

By Thursday, she hated Peter, wanted to hunt him down and kill him. And the bastards at the house. She'd call the police, turn them in, that would show them! No, that wouldn't do. She'd camp out in front of the house, her car parked across the street, surely somebody would show up.

Friday, she hovered over the computer all day from the moment she woke up until Ben called her to bed at eleven. He wanted to make love but she said she was sore and tired and could she give him a blow job instead. Ben's eyes lit up. This was a rare treat and he enjoyed every minute of it. He had no idea his wife spent the whole time with her hands between her legs, clawing at her clitoris with her long nails, eyes running with tears of pain and gratefulness. She swallowed his load, then licked his cock and balls clean and started again. She had to. She hadn't cum yet.

*what is the first step toward becoming punana?*

Daisy fumbled as she typed the answer, it was Peter, it was Peter! He was going to use her!

*complete obedience* she typed, desperate for it to be the correct answer.

*i already have you complete obedience*

*yes sir*

*rubber band your nipples ten times each*

*yes sir*

*on cam*

Daisy felt a rush of excitement between her legs, Peter was going to watch her hurt herself! She nearly came just opening the drawer to get the rubber bands. She clicked the icon that activated the camera and pulled her nightshirt over her head.

"Sir, Sir, Sir," she whispered as she held the rubber band between finger and thumb, then pulled it back with the other hand and snapping it hard directly at the center of her left nipple. "Ahh!" she squealed, trying to stay silent. It was after midnight Friday and Ben was upstairs asleep. The second and third were bad but by the fifth, the pain was unbearable and she was crying, eyes staring into the camera, begging him to change his mind. But she didn't say it out loud. She pulled the rubber band back then saw the screen light up.

*pull further*

Then, she started crying in earnest. She'd been pulling just about two inches before releasing. Now, she pulled three. The pain was too much, it didn't matter anymore and now she pulled four inches and snapped, then four and snapped again and now she was snapping over and over and over, losing count, her mind a swamp of pain, her cunt soaking wet, grinding her thighs together, her clitoris rubbing between her engorged lips, snap snap snap again and again, crying out loud now and pulling back further and ... the rubber band snapped.

Daisy was angry and jerked the drawer open, looking for another rubber band but her eye caught the screen and she read:


She looked up at the camera, blurry through the tears.

*you are enjoying this much too much*

Daisy nodded.

*go to Jack's place. one of them wants to fuck your ass. another wants to stake you in the basement and leave you there to entertain your ... visitors*

Daisy felt bile come up in her throat but swallowed it back down.

*be at his door at one thirty. wear a single black body stocking, called zentai. there is one for you in his yard, behind the trash cans beside the garage. black box*

She didn't digest the instructions, all she could think of was the sound of those claws on the concrete basement floor. The scurrying little feet, the tails dragging behind them. She couldn't do it, she couldn't do it. But she would. Because Peter said so.

The sun was coming up when they untied Daisy from the chair. She couldn't move again, her arms and legs were too stiff, her body in too much pain, so they carried her to the X beam.

When she arrived, they'd doubled her over the back of a wooden chair so her face pressed against the seat and her arms hugged it. The tied her legs open by pulling her knees wide and wrapping the rope around the chair in an X pattern. Then, they stretched her legs back downward and tied her ankles near the floor. The tension in her knees and hips was unbearable but became worse when they started caning her. Little by little, the zentai suit was scissored, razored, or flogged away until she was completely naked -- except for her head. That was the most arousing of all -- they had complete access to her body but nobody cared to see her face or use her mouth.

Tonight it was all men, no couples. All of them except Jack were drinking and they counted on him to not let them do anything that would break their toy. Most of the men used a short, four-foot whip on her. All of them fucked her ass, some with just their cocks, others with fingers and fists. She was a sloppy mess by the middle of the night and someone used a wet-dry shop vac to clean her out. Her response was a wild orgasm which led them to turkey baste the muck back into her then vacuum it out again.

As the light started to show through the curtains, they carried her to one of the men's cars and threw her on a plastic shower curtain in the back seat. Two of them got into the car and drove for a while, then pulled off the road and parked.

"OK, here we are sweetheart," one of them said, a tall man with jet black hair and a moustache.

"Home?" she muttered weakly. They both laughed.

"Yeah, sorta" said his partner, whose hair was a sandy brown.

Daisy raised her head slowly until she could look out the side window. There were two dozen people standing in a circle around the car. They were all naked except for thick leather belts and papier-mache masks that covered their entire heads. Daisy looked from one body to the next, eyes seeing cock after cock after cock hanging limp between pale legs. But something was wrong with these men. She rubbed her eyes, squeezed them closed then open again. One of them had breasts! And another. She looked from man to man and saw that they were not men after all, but women, all wearing long, thick strap-on cocks. And something else. Whips. Each of them had a whip curled and hanging from their belt. And the circle was closing around the car, slowly, slowly.

"The sun is coming up. I have to get home. I..."

Daisy froze as the car door opened. Two hands reached in, hands with bony, clawlike fingers and long, tapered nails. The fingers wrapped around her upper arm and pulled her out of the car. She slid to the ground and swung her legs around just as the car pulled away.

The women were circling now, chanting something in a language she didn't understand. Two women fell on her, one of them shoved her cock into Daisy's, mouth ramming it deep into her throat in one push while the other one slid the cock easily up her ass. There was a slight sound that rushed through the group when they saw how easily her ass had been penetrated and she panicked - they would think she was an ass whore, that she did this all the time. She wanted to say something, to defend herself, but her mouth was full of cock and the woman held her head tight.

One by one, the women took their turn at her, fucking for only a few minutes, each one of them moving her slowly across the open field and toward the single, ten foot tall granite pole with the shackles hanging from the top and at the base. Daisy caught sight of the pillar and came to life. She fucked back hard now, sucking cock for all she was worth, rubbing her cunt with her free hand and cumming loud and wild. They were going to whip her, they were going to take turns with her until they tore the flesh off of her entire body until nothing was left but a quivering pussy, cumming and cumming while they laughed and watched. She felt dizzy with desire.

They pressed her face and chest against the cool stone pillar and started to shackle her ankle but she started begging, "no, please, tie me face out, please, tie me face out, beat me, beat me!" The women moved silently around her, turning her around until her pack was secure against the stone and her tender tits and belly were exposed for their pleasure.

Daisy opened her legs as the first woman took her place in front of her and raised her whip. The woman cracked the whip against the stone pillar, inches from Daisy's belly.

"Oh, no, oh no, oh no, oh no, no, you are no teasing me, no..." Daisy kept muttering as the women took turns one after the other landing their whips near but not on Daisy's body. Daisy hung limp in her chains now, knees weak and completely drained. "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you," she muttered.

One of the women stood in front of Daisy and took off her mask. Daisy lifted her head and saw that the woman must have been in her seventies. Her body was still full and firm though her breasts sagged a bit. She came closer and stroked Daisy's hair, then leaned close and gave her an opened mouth kiss. Daisy returned it, but not eagerly. She had been the toy of a few women at Jack's first party but aside from that, she hadn't really fucked or been fucked by a woman.

The crone's hands moved gently over Daisy's body and she felt herself going soft, spreading her knees, waiting for the fingers that came soon enough and went deep into her pussy. She sucked the woman's mouth and lips and enjoyed the feeling of her fingers, three up inside her cunt, more playing with her nipples. She came quickly and whispered "thank you thank you thank you".

One by one, the other women approached her, removed their masks, and brought her to mind-shattering orgasms with fingers and tongues. Daisy was amazed at the range of ages, colors, and body types in the group. She was desperate to do something for them, to give them something, she saw herself on her knees, licking their precious pussies, caressing their nipples, running her fingers through their hair.

When the last women was finished with her, she sighed and leaned her head back, completely and utterly relaxed and at peace. She let her eyes close, thought she would drift off to sleep. Everything was quiet, her body soft in the afterglow of orgasm after orgasm. Her mouth swam with the taste of her twenty lovers, she sniffed and remembered how the last one smelled slightly of roses.

She opened her eyes slightly and watched the women. They were walking slowly in a line, removing the big belts with the rubber cocks, placing them in a big chest, then unsnapping the whips and setting them in a separate pile just a few feet away. She admired their bodies. Young or old, they were all healthy, lithe, strongly muscled, firm. Some had tattoos, graceful, but still incongruent.

They too off the big masks and set them in large boxes as well, two in each. They were finished and were packing up, she thought. She would be going home soon. She'd have to come up with an explanation for Ben, why she'd been gone all night, and she'd have to get cleaned up and make sure he didn't see the variety of welts and stripes all up and down her body. But she was sure she could do it.

Daisy turned her head and watched as the women walked to another big, open chest a few yards away from the first. They moved with such grace and assurance, she could fall in love with any one of them. She wanted to serve them, to live with them, crouching at their feet and pleasuring them any way they wanted.

The first woman leaned and reached into the trunk, took out a black leather hood. She turned it over in her hand, opened the neck and pulled it over her head. She nodded and took it off, then took a few steps toward Daisy. She set the hood on the ground between her feet and stood with her arms at her side, smiling at Daisy. Daisy smiled back, a relaxed, dreamy smile that promised "I will lick your pussy if you come closer".

The next woman did the same until the entire group was lined up in a semi-circle from Daisy's extreme left to her right. One of them, a very soft, feminine looking forty-something woman with long, auburn hair and small, firm breasts, approached Daisy.

"Do you trust me?"

Daisy smiled and nodded. "You were wonderful."

The woman leaned in and kissed Daisy again. Daisy leaned forward as far as she could, wanting to please the woman who had given her such pleasure a few moments ago.

The woman pulled back and whispered, "close your eyes." She stroked Daisy's hair. "Relax."

Daisy closed her eyes and felt herself relaxing into the soft, velvet darkness behind her eyelids. The women were moving now, Daisy heard them but was too relaxed and tired to bother opening her eyes.

SMAAAAAACKKKK! "Arrgggghhhhhhhhh!" Daisy screamed as the first slice of pain exploded across her belly. It was horrible, she'd never hurt so much before. They'd relaxed her so much she had no defenses. Her eyes shot open and she saw the hooded woman's arm swinging just before the long quirt sliced across her left titty. The double-ended cut of the leather set her on fire and she screamed again. The women were all standing close now, wearing the black executioner's hoods and holding different implements of pain. Canes, crops, whips, floggers, and worst of all the quirts. There was no stopping, no logic or rhythm to their attach, no breaks between blows. Several of them would hit her at once, then they would all stop for three, four, five seconds, then four or five more strips of leather would cut into her flesh. They slashed up and down her legs and arms, the insides of her thighs, and across her titties and belly. Nothing was thin enough to break the flesh but everything was thin enough to raise huge, shriekingly painful welts. Daisy wrestled and twisted, pulling her arms nearly out of their sockets, crying and screaming for them to pause just for a second so she could catch her breath but they were relentless, even holding her fingers open so they would whip her palms and spreading her cunt lips so they could whip the tender inside flesh. It went on and on forever.

END of chapter 7
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