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"We're going diving," Susan replied, tightening her straps and checking her gauges.

"You know what I mean," Jane persisted. "Where is the rest of your bathing suit?"

"Oh, mom, please don't be so square," Susan begged. "You're embarrassing me. I'm not the only one."

"You're too young," Jane said. "Now get your top."

"I'm going diving," Susan said, holding her chin up. "If you want to wear a top, go ahead. I don't want to. I want to feel what it's like to dive naked."

"You're not!" Jane exclaimed.

"No, I'm not," Susan said. "Just relax. The fish won't know the difference."

"Dive, dive, dive," Rob said, indicating that it was okay to dive now.

One by one they descended the steps to the dive platform, falling into the water and dropping to the bottom 45 feet away. As Jane and Sue made their way last down the steps, Jane still furious with the way Susan had deliberately ignored her, Mary joined them on the steps with her scuba gear on.

"Hi," she said. "I think I'll join you on this one."

"Oh, great," Sue said, turning around. "That'd be nice," she said. "You can --"

And she stopped as she saw Mary's tits swinging in her face from between the straps of her BC.

"Oh, sorry," Mary laughed. "I wouldn't want to knock you out before you got to dive. I love to dive naked," she continued. "It feels wonderful. Sometimes we have groups of nudists and we all get to be naked the whole time. That's the best, out here under the sun and diving all the time. Come on, let's go diving," she said, falling off the dive platform into the water.

Looking at each other, Jane and Sue quickly followed Mary into the water. They followed Mary around for more than a half an hour, looking as she pointed out the native life and fauna. They didn't even see any of the other divers until they got back to the dive platform at the end of their dive.

As they made their way up the stairs talking about the dive, Jane could see that Mary's breasts were heaving and her huge nipples were rapidly getting hard in the light breeze that swept across the boat. She could feel her own nipples hardening under the light fabric of her suit and felt a slight rush of excitement that traveled from her nipples down to that spot between her legs.

As they stepped up onto the dive deck, Jane averted her eyes from Mary's breasts and looked around. She stopped when she saw Susan in animated conversation with Bunny and her brothers, the two girls still topless. Jane could see that Susan's nipples were just as hard as hers and Bunny's, standing straight out from the ends of her breasts. As she sat down to remove her dive gear, she could hear their conversation as they talked about their dive. At that moment her heart melted, seeing her beautiful daughter standing there, the sun glinting off of her body, her breasts full and upright and free, unashamed. She could see how much she had grown up at that moment.

Then Susan turned and saw her, a look of hesitation in her eyes. Jane just smiled at her as she slipped out of her BC and got to her feet.

"So, how was your dive?" she asked, putting an arm around her shoulders. "Did you have fun?"

"Oh, mom, it was so wonderful!" Susan enthused. "I've never seen so many fish. It's just so beautiful."

"You look beautiful to me, Susan," Jane said softly. "I'm very proud of you and I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"Oh, mom, thank you," Susan said, turning and hugging her. "That means a lot to me."

"I just don't want you doing anything just because other people do it. You do whatever it is you're going to do in your life because you want to do it, okay?"

"Oh course," Susan said.

"Wasn't the dive just great?" Alice said, coming up beside them.

"It was wonderful," Jane said, letting go of Susan as she turned to face Alice. "It's hard to believe."

"I constantly find life giving me that feeling," Alice said with a laugh, her breasts jiggling. "I hope I haven't caused any trouble between you two. You both seem so nice."

"No, not at all," Jane replied. "But thanks. It's hard sometimes realizing that your children are growing up. But then when you do, it's really beautiful," she added, looking at Susan with obvious pride in her eyes.

"Well, she's certainly got a beautiful mother as an example, doesn't she?" Alice said.

"Well, thank you," Jane said, blushing.

"Maybe you'll join us yet, huh?" Alice suggested, glancing down at her own breasts and then to Jane's. There's not much to the bottom of that suit, so I'd think you'd really be a sun worshiper like me."

"My husband put this suit in our suitcase without telling me and left my favorite back home," Jane explained with a chagrined grin. "This isn't really me."

"It should be," Alice said. "You both have perfect bodies for that type. Me, my ass is just too big. It doesn't compliment me as much."

"But you wear it anyway," Susan added.

"I love the sun, don't I," Alice laughed. "And I'm going to get some now," she said, turning and heading up the steps to the sundeck.

Jane and Susan watched her go, their eyes following her as she went up.

"Do I really look like that?" Jane asked Susan, her eyes still on Alice's ass as it disappeared from view.

"Oh, mom, you've got a great butt," Susan said with a laugh. "I can't tell you how often I've thanked god that I got your butt and not dad's."

"Let's get some sun," Jane said as she laughed, taking Susan's hand and going up the steps with her.

They got to the top and Jane said that she was going to sit with Don, so Susan squeezed her hand and again sat down with Alice and Bunny. Her seat was opposite to Bunny's now and Bunny was laying on her back with her knees up and her feet apart. Susan realized that she could see the thin, wispy material of her bathing suit pulled into the lips of her pussy. She could see Bunny's smooth pussy lips wrapped around the material of her bathing suit.

Susan couldn't believe that Bunny was just laying there like that with her legs open and everyone able to see her pussy like that. Susan could feel her own pussy's heat and knew if she touched herself down there that she would be wet. Susan couldn't keep her eyes from Bunny's pussy. With Bunny laying with her eyes closed, Susan could just stare.

She saw how thick her pussy lips were, how pale in color. She didn't see any hair at all. Then suddenly one of Bunny's legs flopped to the side and leaned against the rail, pulling her pussy open even more. Susan was just aghast as she saw her laying so totally exposed like that. Unable to watch any more, she got to her feet and went to sit with her parents. When she got to their seats she was surprised to see that her mother had removed her top and was now topless, her breasts pale against her body.

"Mom, I can't believe it," Susan exclaimed. "This is great."

"Quit making a scene," Jane said, shading her eyes as she looked up at her daughter.

"You really are beautiful," Susan said. "I'm so lucky."

"Susan, sit down and be quiet or go away," Jane said.

Turning to look back at where she had just been seated, Susan was startled to see that Jimmy had taken her seat. What if he was seeing Bunny's pussy like it had been when she was sitting there. Walking back over to where he was sitting, Susan could see that nothing had changed except that Bunny's eyes were open and she had propped up the back of her chaise lounge and was talking to Jimmy. Her pussy was still wide open with the bathing suit material scrunched between her pussy lips. She seemed oblivious to the fact. She and Jimmy were just chatting about diving and their lives in general.

Susan was so shocked that she just went down the steps to the dive deck and into the salon. There was nobody in the salon so Susan looked at the snack table to see what there was to eat. She picked up a piece of fruit and looked for some milk. Not seeing any she looked behind the counter and still didn't see any. Looking behind her into the galley Susan could see two refrigerators side by side. Going down the two steps into the galley, Susan took a couple of steps towards the refrigerators when she became aware of other people in the galley. Looking to her left she saw Mary sitting on the edge of a bunk sucking Rob's cock while he played with her huge pendulous tits. Mary's eyes were closed so she didn't see Susan standing there with her mouth open watching her suck Rob's cock.

Susan was so shocked she didn't move, didn't make a sound as she watched Rob's cock completely disappearing down Mary's throat as she sucked him. Susan had never seen a man's cock before, especially not a hard one. She was mesmerized as she watched Mary's cheeks billowing as she devoured Rob's cock. Then suddenly Rob groaned and his back arched. She could hear Mary purring as she sucked his cock. Rob was groaning and groaning and Mary was gurgling and gulping as she swallowed. Then Susan realized why when she saw some thick white fluid escape from the side of Mary's mouth and slide down her chin. Rob was having an orgasm in her mouth! Mary swallowed and swallowed, loudly slurping on the end of Rob's cock as she sucked the cum from it. Then slowly Susan watched as Mary's eyes opened, fixing first of all on her. Mary just stared at her as she licked and sucked Rob's cock. Then letting his cock go, Mary wiped her chin with the back of her hand and then licked her hand as she got to her feet.

"Were you looking for something, Susan?" she asked as she walked towards her.

Rob spun around in surprise when he heard this, trying desperately to shove his cock back into his shorts.

"I-I-I just wanted some milk," Susan stammered, her face red with embarrassment.

"There's some in here," Mary said, opening one of the refrigerators. "I've already had mine," she said, winking and smiling at Susan. "All these naked bodies are getting the boys excited. We can't have them attacking the guests, can we?"

"N-no," Susan stammered. "Thank you for the milk."

"That's okay," Mary said. "I need to get dinner ready now, though."

"Okay. Thanks," Susan said, turning and heading back up into the salon where she encountered Bunny.

"Hi, Susan," Bunny greeted her. "Isn't this a great trip already?"

"It sure is different," Susan agreed, taking a seat.

"Your brother sure is nice," Bunny said, sitting down next to her.

"He's all right, I guess," Susan agreed. "For a brother."

"I love all my brothers," Bunny said. "Life just wouldn't be the same without them."

"You sure do have a big family," Susan sighed.

"My parents like to have sex more than anything in the world," Bunny laughed. "They don't even care if we're in the room. When they want some, boom, right there."

"You mean you've seen your parents having sex together?" Susan asked, shocked.

"Together and apart," Bunny nodded. "No secrets in our house."

"Wow," Susan exclaimed. "I've never seen anyone have sex before. Except for a minute ago, I think," she mused.

"What do you mean?" Bunny asked, turning to look at her.

"Well," Susan began, then lowering her voice she quickly related what she had just seen in the galley.

"How cool," Bunny said when she finished telling the story. "I wish I had seen it. Did he have a nice cock?"

"I don't know," Susan shrugged. "I guess so."

"You don't know?" Bunny asked, surprised.

"No," Susan said. "I've never seen one before just now."

"You poor girl," Bunny said, putting her arm around her. "And I just spent fifteen minutes giving your brother the hard on of his life."

"What do you mean?" Susan asked, puzzled.

"Well, when he was sitting talking to me, I pulled my bathing suit up into my pussy and made sure he could see it. I think probably your brother has a nice cock," Bunny said.

"I wouldn't know," Susan said, put off.

"Oh, I've seen all my brothers and my father, not to mention some friends of my parents," Bunny said. "Cocks are nice."

"You sure are different," Susan said, puzzled by her.

"I'm just a healthy horny American girl," Bunny said with a laugh. "And with your body you should be too."

"I'm not so special," Susan said, blushing.

"You're very cute," Bunny said. "I know my brothers like you."

"They do?" Susan exclaimed, surprised. "They don't even know me."

"But they know they like the looks of your ass and tits," Bunny laughed. "And why not, you look yummy."

"Yummy!" Susan exclaimed. "You have the strangest way of saying things."

"You don't even realize it," Bunny laughed. "Look at your tits. Your nipples are so hard they might break. And I know that's not from the air conditioning," Bunny said. "You liked watching that blowjob, didn't you? It excited you, didn't it?"

"I don't know," Susan stammered. "I guess so, yeah. It was just so surprising."

"You should try it," Bunny said. "You might like it."

"Try it!" Susan exclaimed. "My mother would kill me."

"Then I wouldn't tell her," Bunny replied. "Maybe Alice's friend, John, or even one of my brothers," she mused. "Or does the captain or Rob turn you on? You've seen Rob's cock. Would you like to do it to him?"

"No!" Susan exclaimed, getting to her feet. "How can you say such things?"

"I'm sorry," Bunny said, getting to her feet. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Sometimes I don't think before I talk. I'm already in my first year of college and you're in high school. When you get to college maybe you'll try some new things then."

"I don't have to wait to go to college to try new things," Susan said. "I just can't believe the way you can talk about those things."

"Well, I'm not a virgin," Bunny admitted, "but I'm sure you figured that our already. I'm not really shy, not being raised with five brothers and two sisters. And I've never done anything I'm ashamed of. I didn't mean to be gross."

"No, no," Susan said, reaching out and putting a hand on her arm. "I just didn't understand. I am a virgin and I don't know about some things. I've just never really wanted to."

"You just haven't met a guy who turns you on enough," Bunny said, patting her cheek. "When you do, lucky guy."

"You think so?" Susan asked, blushing.

"Or girl," Bunny said with a laugh. "And I do think so."

"Dinner's ready," Mary shouted from the galley as she came through the doorway with both hands full. "Hey, you two, tell everyone there's food on. Then we can do a night dive."

"All right," Susan exclaimed. "I love night dives," she said, turning to leave the salon.

Going up to the sundeck, Susan announced to everyone that dinner was ready. There were some cheers as everyone got to their feet and made their way down to the salon. None of the women bothered to cover up as they all jammed into the salon and filled their plates with Mary's cooking. By now Sue was the only woman still wearing a top and it was obvious from the glances that she cast around the salon that she was aware of it. As they ate Susan surreptitiously studied Billy and Bob, and also John and the captain and Rob. She privately wondered what it would feel like to touch their cocks. When she realized what she was thinking, she shook her head and blushed, feeling her nipples getting hard.

That might be one good reason to wear a top, she thought. Otherwise everyone would always know when something was exciting her. As the thought ran through her head, she glanced around to see if anyone was looking. She was surprised when she caught Billy's eye and he smiled at her. She blushed as she thought of him knowing what she was thinking.

When they finished eating, everyone agreed to meet in one hour for the night dive, thereby giving themselves some time to digest and relax. Most everyone expressed a desire to lay down and catch a nap before the dive and they made their way down the stairs to their cabins. As Bunny moved next to her as they were about to make their way down the steps, she grabbed her arm.

"Hey, why don't you come visit us in our cabin?" she asked, smiling at her.

"You mean now?" Susan asked, flustered.

"Sure," Bunny said. "Why not?"

"Maybe some other time," Susan said. "I am sort of tired and I think I'm just going to lay down."

"No problem," Bunny said. "Some other time. Have a nice nap and I'll see you on the dive deck."

"Okay. See you," Susan said, turning towards her room.

Going into her cabin, Susan was relieved that Jimmy wasn't there. There were extra cabins and she didn't see why she couldn't just have one for herself. She lay back on her bunk and looked at the ceiling, tired but unable to sleep. She just kept thinking of the things Bunny had said to her. Unable to sleep, Susan got up and left her cabin. She walked down the hallway to Bunny's door and listened at the door. Not hearing anything she went topside to see if there was anyone in the salon.

Not finding anyone in the salon, she quietly tiptoed into the galley, not wanting to surprise anyone again. But this time there was no one there. There was a small stairway leading up from the galley to the wheelhouse and Susan moved to the base of the ladder. She could hear voices up in the wheelhouse but because of the black curtain drawn across the entrance at the top of the stair she couldn't see in.

Quietly climbing the steps one at a time, Susan got right up against the curtain and listened again. She could hear several people laughing. Pushing through the curtain, she stood up in the wheelhouse and saw that the captain, Rob and Mary were watching a screen against the far wall with their backs towards her. They hadn't heard her yet.

Silently moving forward a couple of steps to see what they were watching, Susan was surprised when she realized that she was watching a view of Alice and John in their cabin, John on his knees between Alice's legs sucking her pussy. As she watched in shock, Ed pushed a couple of buttons and the camera zoomed in so close she could see the individual bumps of John's tongue as it danced in Alice's' pussy.

She must have made some sound, because suddenly Mary turned and saw her standing there.

"Hi, Susan," she said, smiling at her. "Is there something you need?"

"No, no," Susan said, suddenly terrified. "I just was looking for someone to talk to. Everyone else seems to have disappeared."

"Well, what can we do for you, darlin'," Ed said, reaching out and turning off the screen as he turned and smiled at her.

"Can I watch that with you?" Susan asked, indicating the screen. "I won't tell anyone."

"She walked in on me and Rob earlier," Mary said. "She caught me with a face full."

"I won't tell," Susan said.

"She's already seen it," Rob said. "It can't hurt."

"You have to promise not to say anything," Ed said. "We'll just make this a magic week for you."

"Can you see in all the rooms?" Susan asked as Ed reached forward and turned the screen back on.

"We have to be able to monitor the rooms for security in case of an accident or something," Ed explained. "That's the only reason we have this at all. But sometimes we have fun with it too, don't we?" he said with a laugh.

Susan just watched in fascination as John continued to lick and suck Alice's pussy. She was surprised to see that the only hair on her pussy was a bit above her slit. The rest of it was baby smooth. She could see all the details as John's tongue slid in and out as he ate her.

Susan could feel her nipples getting hard as she watched. She could also feel the heat from between her legs as she got excited watching. She could see that it excited Mary also, as her huge nipples were all knurled into huge hard knots on the end of her tits. Mary turned and smiled at her, putting an arm around her shoulders and drawing her close.

"This is all pretty exciting, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah, it is," Susan said, feeling Mary's tit pressing against her arm.

"Your nipples are as hard as mine," Mary said, reaching up with her free hand to pinch and squeeze her own nipples. "They're so sensitive. Feel them," Mary said, gently reaching out and grasping one of Susan's nipples between her fingers and lightly squeezing. "Isn't that amazing?"

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