I am feeling very horny today...
I was 16, living in Sacramento, California. Mom & Dad were leaving to Fresno for some kind of church convention and they encouraged my cousin to go along with them. I promised to babysit my niece Desiree (age 6) and my nephew Torry (age 5), as they were gonna be gone for a week. As they were leaving, I had a deep urge to get naked (as I like to do when I'm alone) and touch myself. I watched through a transparent curtain as they pulled out of the driveway, headed to Fresno. Hell Yeah...A whole week to myself...Well, myself and my niece and nephew.

As they drove away, I rushed to get the kids to take a nap. When I thought they were asleep, I ran to my room and grabbed out of my panty drawer, a porn movie entitled "Dreams Of Misty". I went back downstairs and threw off all of my clothes and put the tape in the VCR, and hit play. I lay on the sofa, spread my legs and began to masturbate as I watched the movie. My middle finger rubbed faster and faster on my clit as I watched Misty sucking a dick on the TV. I was moaning quietly, trying not to wake the kids, as I worked 2 fingers into my wet pussy. As I was on the verge of a powerful orgasm, I heard my name being called...It was Desi & Torry. Realizing I was naked, I grabbed for my clothes and slipped on just my panties and a t-shirt I've been wearing. "What are you two doing up?" I asked, trying to hold back my anger. "We couldn't sleep Aunt Casie." Deiree said, and the cute look on their faces made it hard to be mad at them.

Horny as hell, I decided that I was gonna give the two a bath because they needed it anyway. I ran the water, got them in, and went to my room to get them some clothes. I kept hearing the usual splashing of the water, but when I started to hear little giggles, I got really curious. I walked slowly to the bathroom and peeked inside. Torry was standing in front of Desi smiling and he ws playing with his little dick. Desi kept giggling as I walked in, smiled at Torry, and asked him playfully what he was doing. They both laughed and I just had to laugh with them. I grabbed a washcloth, soaked it with the bathtub water, and soaped it down.

"Ok, who's first?" I asked. Torry was the first one up so I gently grabbed him, and started to wash his back with the soapy washcloth. I made sure to get between his ass-cheeks and down his legs. Making sure he was facing Desi, I started to wipe down his chest and I made small circles down to his little dick, which was still hard. I started to stroke his dick with the washcloth as he stood there, not wanting to move an inch. When I came to my senses, I had dropped the washcloth and I realized I was stroking his little penis with my fingers. His body tensed up as I pulled his foreskin back. "I have to make sure you're clean, ok Baby?" I said with a smile on my face. "Ok." He added. Playfully, I asked, "Do you like this, Torry?" and he nodded his head YES. I sat him down and called for Desiree. Without hesitation, she was standing straight up, just wanting her turn. Again, I started with her back, but when I came to washing her ass, I ran my hand a little deeper inside, so that I can feel her pussy. She giggled as I turned her to face torry. I washed her chest and paid extra attention to her nipples. I made babyish remarks to make sure they think it's natural what I am doing to them, and they would laugh in the process. I worked my way down to Desi's tiny little virgin pussy and to her she needed to sit down so I can clean her real good. I sat her on the end of the bathtub closest to me and spread her legs wide open. Torry was not blinking at all as I opened Desi's pussy-lips with one hand and rubbed her hole with the washcloth gently as not to hurt her. She looked around the room as I began to rub her clitoris with what she thought was the washcloth (it was my finger) and I noticed her legs started to shake. I told them it was time to get out of the bathtub.

After I dried them off, they ran to my room so I can dress them, but I had something else in mind.

They stood naked in MY room, and the look on their faces made me wet. Man, I wanted to just fuck them and stop my pussy from itching. I grabbed some baby-powder and told them to lie on the bed, which they did instantly. I pourred some powder on Desiree's chest and massaged it in with my hands. I made sure to get her legs, but not her pussy. I moved on to Torry who was waiting patiently, and did the same to his. I noticed he still has his little hard-on and before I knew what I was doing, I was stroking him again. "It's gotta be NOW, Casie!" I told myself. I bent down and took his little penis into my mouth and sucked it as I massaged his little balls with one hand. His legs stretched out as I bobbed my head up and down on his stiff prick. I looked up at him to see his eyes were closed but he was smiling. I reached over to Desiree, and started to play with her nipples, but they were too small to tell if they were hard or not. I think they were.

"Come here, Torry." I said as I took my mouth off his throbbing incher, and I moved Desi more onto the bed. I spread Desi's legs and opened her pussy. "Do you know what this is, Baby?" He shook his head NO. "It's called a PUSSY." I found Desi's clit to be hard as I gently rolled a finger on it. She started to hunch her hips up & down on the bed. "This is a clit." He was really paying attention because I noticed he was playing with his hard dick with one hand. I asked Desi if she wanted me to stop, and she said NO. So I kept going on. I asked Desi if she wanted to try something, and she said, "Yeah!!!" with enthusiasm. I told her to stay laying down. I picked up Torry and positioned him on top of her and tried to insert his dick into her pussy, only I couldn't find it. So, I laid Torry down and positioned Desiree over him. I opened her pussy-lips and guided Torry's little dick into her hole. "Does it hurt, Desi-Baby?" I asked her, and she said that it tickled. I lifted her and dropped her so she can get the feel of what she needs to do to Torry, and BOY did she learn quick. She rode Torry as I began to take my panties and t-shirt off. I lay on the bed and started to fingerfuck myself with such virousity, that it shook the whole bed. "I need to pee!!" Torry said, and thinking he was talking about cumming, I pulled Desi off of him and began to suck him off again. When I realized what was happening, he started to pee in my mouth, not cum. He was still too young. I drank up every bit of piss his stiff penis had to offer and when he ws done, he said his wee-wee hurt, so I let him cool off. I grabbed Desiree and pulled her body onto mine. FUCK, I WAS SO FUCKIN' HORNY!!! I NEEDED TO FUCK SOMETHING OR SOMEONE...NOW!!! I lay her body on mine and I positioned her body so that her clit would come into contact with mine. When our clit met, Desi began to rock her hips back & forth, while I did the same. She wrapped her arms tightly around my body as our breathing quickened and our thrusting got more violent. Then, she suddenly squeezed me real hard to the point where I thought I was gonna have my wind knocked out, and when she began to wheeze loudly, I knew she was having her first orgasm. This turned me on so much that I began to cum so hard, I squirted my pussy-juice all over her virginal cunt.

I didn't have the energy to give them another bath, so I licked my cum off of Desi and Torry joined in. He seemed to like it...He didn't complain anyway. Afterwards, I decided that we should just stay naked for the rest of the night. I went back downstairs, turned off all of the lights, grabbed my porno out of the VCR, and went back upstairs.

Now, whenever I babysit for Desi & Torry, they're always ready to get naked and fuck. They're not much older, but three years older, but we sit around, watch pornos while I play with their little bodies, and they sometimes pose for me to take naughty pictures of them in all sorts of positions. And everytime they come over, I always say to myself, "Damn, I can't wait until Torry is able to shoot out come from his little dick.


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O you people stop committing disgusting and forbidden things and fear Allah as much as you people can and obey his commandment or his punishment gonna seize you people from nowhere.

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