I tell my story to Sherri, Kay and Cathy as my soul speaks to me.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 22: Whispers From my Soul

In my last chapter, I told you about Sherri coming of age. It was 1990 and she was seventeen now. Sherri was no longer that little girl she had grown into a lovely sexy seventeen years old. Sherri was 5’ 7”, which was 4 inches taller than her mom was. She had boobs like her moms. They were big succulent ones like those of her moms, which were 40 c’s. I once picked up her bra that was laying in the washroom the tag read 40 DD so I knew her tits were now bigger than her mom’s was

Sherri weight was about 145 lbs with shapely tanned legs from fishing with me. That girl had an ass to die for on her. With her long blonde hair which ran to the small of her back, those big tits and that plump ass she reminded me of Carrie when she was Sherri’s age. To make matters worst Sherri knew she was sexy as well.

I was having real problems with her coming of age. My mind kept drifting back to my horrors of Vietnam. I thought a lot about the three men who lost their lives the night I received my wounds. The monster that dwelt deep inside me now lies just below my skin. I was even having some trouble hiding my monster from Kay. I loved this woman with my heart and soul but sometimes she made me mad. I had so far managed to control my anger mostly just biting my tongue. All this because my little girl had grown up, something I did not want to happen.

Cathy had helped me figured my problem out Friday afternoon when I was getting ready to grill some steaks for dinner. Sherri was watching me getting the grill ready and she was staring at the scar on the side of my chest, which I had received in Vietnam. Sherri came over and she traced her fingers over it.

Sherri looked up to me as she asked, “Did that hurt daddy?”

“More than you will ever know princess,” I replied as my mind went to the three men who had lost their lives that night in Vietnam.

Sherri came over and as she stood by my side, her hand rubbed at the side of my face as she said, “If only we have never entered that damn war.”

Sherri kissed my cheek as she removed her hand. I stared to her as she walked to the patio doors. Sherri stopped and she smiled to me as she tilted her head to the side.

“Remember daddy it was not your fault,” Sherri said before she slipped through the doors.

I fell down into the near by chair. Those words she had just said about entering the war and it not being my fault were words Carrie used to tell me repeatedly. I sat there staring off into space lost in my thoughts trying to think how she could know. Cathy helped me with this after Sherri had left.

Please read my last chapter and all other ones to catch up on all you have missed.

I had promised to tell Kay, Cathy and Sherri the whole story behind the sign above the fireplace “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” about my medals as well as the lifestyle, I shared with Carrie. This had brought about “Carrie’s Place,” on the lake.

Kay knew most of the story except about me being into the swinging lifestyle. I also had left out telling her of my experiences in Vietnam. I just never told her because it worried me how she would take it. Cathy knew pretty much the full story as she once was going to come to “Carrie’s Place.” Cathy also knew most of what I went through in Vietnam however there was one event she did not know of that being the incident that happened in that village.

Now as to Sherri I had no idea just what she knew. Her current boyfriend Todd knew of my service in Vietnam thanks to his granddad Gary who helped us with the boats at our swingers retreat on the lake. So between what Todd may have told her and if she did have a connection somehow to my departed wife Carrie then she may know the story better than I did.

I was sitting in our living room staring at the sign as the girls did dishes. I was having second thoughts of telling them anything. Not because I did not want to but because I was afraid, it may push me over the edge of my own sanity. I had been having a bad time of it lately and I did not know why. I was breaking out in night’s sweats for no reasons. My temper had been flaring up at work again. Hell last week I using the backhoe digging a trench and my mind was somewhere else.

I stepped from the backhoe and I walked right into the trench I had just dug landing face down in the hole. I threw a fit on the backhoe by grabbing a near by sledgehammer. I ended up spending most of the day fixing the backhoe. Luckily, no one was at that job site other than me.

The worst parts the last few days was just being taken back to events during the Vietnam War. I could just be sitting and suddenly I was back in that damn jungle. That shit happened twenty years ago however, my mind would not let me forget it. The girls finished and they came into the living room.

“Daddy we all are ready,” Sherri said as she sat down next to me.

I saw Cathy whispering something to Kay as they entered the living room. I got off the sofa and I walked over to the fireplace. Carrie’s wedding ring was still on the frame of branches around the sign. I touched the ring as I felt someone touching my arm it was Kay.

Kay pulled me down to her level as she whispered into my ear, “We all would understand John if you would rather not tell us the story.”

“It is OK Kay better to get it off my chest now,” I replied.

I looked into her eyes as I walked her to the sofa. Her eyes were blank no sparkle, no shine. I should have told her the truth seven years ago instead of waiting until now. I sat her down between Sherri and Cathy. I placed their hands all together.

“Give each other comfort as I tell you my story,” I said to them.

I returned to the fireplace and I pointed to the sign as I said, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.” “The story behind this sign started many years ago in a neighborhood not far for here,” I added.

Two new babies were born in this neighborhood one a girl named Terri and a boy named John. Those two grew up together side by side. They were always together as infants as their moms were best friends. Terri and John became best friends as well. When they were young, John never thought of Terri as a girl. They wrestle together, they played football together and they both played army with the whole neighborhood.

“Terri and John were the best team when we played against the others,” “We always hid the best and we even had our own little fort deep in the woods in our neighborhood,” I said staring at the girls.

One day while playing army Terri told John she had to pee. I told her to go ahead I would not watch her. Well I lied to her I watched her pee then she wanted to watch me pee. That led to the two of us experimenting with sex in our fort in the woods. By the time, we were fifteen Terri and I had pretty much covered everything sexual except for fucking. We found out about most of our fun from my brothers magazines.

“Even back in those early years I had fallen in love with Terri,” “I wanted her as my girlfriend but she always told me we were best friends and that was all,” I said to the girls. “The two of us would sit on the old back yard porch swing and talk every night and sometimes in the morning,” I added.

I told them how my brother went off to war in Vietnam. How Paul moved to our neighborhood. Paul was a strange fat kid to me however; Terri was attracted to him for some reason.

“I lost my brother a few weeks after Paul came to our neighborhood,” “After his funeral Terri made me promise her that I would never go off to war leaving her alone,” “It was OK to play army but she never wanted me to leave her and do it for real,” I said to the girls.

I told them how Terri and I had sex for the first time at our neighborhood lake. How afterwards we sat down onto the blanket as she took my hand into hers. Terri used her hand to turn my face toward her. She once again just stared deep into my eyes as I stared back into hers. She leaned into me and she planted a long wet kiss onto my lips.

Terri withdrew her lips from mine as she said, “Thanks John.”

“Thanks for what?” I asked.

“For always being here when I need and I want you the most.” “John, I adore you and I want you to know I will always want you but mostly I will always need you.” Terri said as she stared back into my eyes. “That is why we can not be girlfriend and boyfriend.” “If we were we would lose the special bond we do have,” Terri added as tears started to run down her cheeks.

I wiped at her tears as I said, “Don’t cry Terri, I understand and I will always be here when you need me or want me,” “No matter what I will never leave you till the ends of time.”

I explained to them that Brenda Terri’s mom, the name on the grave marker with Carrie and Melissa was always filling Terri’s head with what love was all about and stuff like that. I went on to tell them exactly what Terri told me that day at the lake.

Terri wrapped her arms around me as she kissed me deeply, then she replied, “My mom tells me that the only true love is one where couples understand the bond between them.” “My mom also told me that being in love is not about sex and that sex is not about love.” “The most important things in any relationship are the wants, the needs and understanding.” “You and I have this plus our special bond,” as her eyes sparkled and a smile came to her lovely face.

We kissed deeply and passionate for the next half hour or so. We walked back home hand in hand. Terri was happy and so carefree. I on the other hand had questions running around in my head. Back then, I did not know what all this crap about our bond, wants and needs was or meant. She used to drive me crazy with all her talk about our special bond that we had. I did not care about our special bond that we shared. I just wanted to know if she was my fucking girlfriend or not?

“That was all I really wanted to know,” I told the girls. “I promised Terri that day I would always give her all her wants,” I added.

She wanted Paul the most; something I will never understand. I gave into her wants and left Paul join in on the fun Terri and I were having. I did not really like it but Terri wanted it so I gave it to her.

“John, you were having threesomes at that age?” Kay asked.

I shook my head yes, as I went on with my story. I told them how Terri had only given Paul a hand job and blowjobs. However, Terri told me she had a surprise for me if I left her have full sex with Paul.

“Carrie was the surprise wasn’t she daddy,” Sherri said.

Kay and Cathy looked to her with surprise on their faces. Sherri just stared straight at me. I smiled to her as I shook my head yes.

I looked to a photo of Carrie on the fireplace mantel. I held it in my hand as I said, “Her cousin Carrie was my surprise.” I returned her photo as I went on with my story.

I was speechless for a few seconds before I grabbed Terri by the arm, I walked her a ways from the swing and Carrie before I asked, “What is going on?”

Terri replied, “I figured that since you was going to let Paul do me, I would let Carrie do you,” as she wrapped her arms around me.

Terri whispered into my ear as she wrapped her arms around me, “Remember when I told you that no other girl could have you unless I said she could,” “Well Carrie can have fun with you but she can not have you.”

I explained to them that Carrie was from California. I told them how the two of them enjoyed the pleasures that two girls could give each other. That Terri told me that she still liked men but she also enjoyed women as well.

“John that is OK isn’t it?” Terri asked me with a worried look in her eyes.

“Terri, is that what you want to enjoy both men and women?” I asked her taking her hand into mine.

“Yes John,” Terri replied showing a little smile on her face.

I kissed at her hand as I said, “Then it is OK by me.”

“Good I did not want you to think I was a lesbian or anything that was why I never told you about having fun with her,” Terri replied.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tighter into my side I said, “Terri you could be anything you wanted to be and I will always still be here with you.” I looked deep into those lovely blue eyes as I added, “For I will never leave you alone,” as I gave a light kiss to her lips.

“John, I trust that you will never break that promise,” Terri replied as she got up from the swing and walked back inside.

I was really enjoying the fun I was having with Terri and Carrie. However, I hated it when Paul had fun with Terri. I could not stand to hardly watch them having sex I told the girls.

“Did Carrie have sex with Paul as well?” Kay asked.

I started to reply when Sherri looked to her and very smartly, she replied, “NO, angel Carrie did not like that fat bastard.”

I rather just smiled as I went on with my story. I believe Carrie may have had sex with Paul once I really cannot seem to remember. I had to go with my parents to my Uncle’s lake house for the summer my junior year. When I returned I saw that Terri the girl I loved wore Paul’s high school ring around her neck.

“Daddy if you would have told Terri how you felt earlier that would not have happened,” Sherri yelled out to me.

How did she know all of this? I stood there thinking about it as it was starting to get to me. I felt sweat pouring from my forehead as I wiped it with my hand. I looked at the sweat in my hand as my hand started to shake. I just gave up thinking about how she knew all this as I went on with my story.

“I was full of hate and anger at both Terri and Paul,” I said with anger in my voice. “They both had betrayed me and Terri had ripped my heart from my chest,” I added as I grabbed my chest before I went on telling them my story.

I also blamed my mom and my dad for losing Terri. If they had not made me go to my uncle’s place for the summer with them she may still have been mine. I wanted revenge against them all. I wanted to cause them pain in their hearts as they had caused in mine.

I decided that I was going to get even with them all. When I turned eighteen, I quit school and I ran away joining the army. I told them about how I had written my mom and dad a letter telling them what I had done leaving it for them to find. I blamed them all and I hated Terri the most for what she had done. I told the girls how I got into my car and drove to Fort Knox to begin my military service.

“Where was Carrie at when all this was going on?” Cathy asked.

“She was off to college studying psychology,” I replied to her.

“Carrie told you not to do anything foolish JOHN and you did,” Sherri said as I saw her wiping a tear from her eye.

I did not say anything as I just shook my head yes. I went on to do my basic training and my AIT then also I went to NCO school. I was soon on my way to Vietnam as Sgt. J. Once in Vietnam I soon realized blaming my mom and dad was a mistake. I wrote them asking them to forgive me and that I no longer blamed them. You do a lot of soul searching when bullets are flying all around you.

I started to receive letter from both Terri and Carrie. I had told the corporal in charge of our mail to throw them away whenever I had received mail from those two. I wanted nothing to do with either of them. I did not care what they wanted or needed anymore. I had one concern on my mind getting back home alive and out of this stinking jungle in Vietnam.

My days dragged while I was over in that hellhole, the nights were no better. My days were supposed to go something like 24 days in the field and 6 days at base camp. However, it went more like 48 days in the field and if I was lucky 2 days at base camp. I spent many days and night dodging bullets, rocket power grenades, as well as watching for booby traps. I believe I had seen more booby traps than ever seeing the enemy.

“My job in Vietnam was to do LRRP,” I said to the girls as I stood by the fireplace.

“What is that daddy?” Sherri asked.

I smiled as I asked, “What Carrie did not tell you?”

I explained to her how that stood for Long Range Recon Patrol. That my job was to find the enemy even if it meant I had to spend days in the jungle. We were to explore and scout for the enemy in enemy territory. These missions were dangerous in that we never knew what we might face. There were three of us, Jack, Jason and me.

“They took to calling us the “Three J’s” and we were damn good at what we did,” I said looking at Sherri.

I explained to them how most of the time when the three of us went into the jungle we would split up as one makes less noise than three do. When night fell in the jungle, it turns into a very deadly place. A lot of the time we would not move during the night as it was just to dangerous especially when we knew the enemy was nearby.

“That is where that saying “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” came about,” I said looking to each of the girls.

I used to get very lonely as well as scared during the night. When I did, I would tell myself those words as I closed my eyes thinking of happier times. It would keep me calm as well as safe as I spent my nights alone in the jungle.

“So you happier times were with Terri?” Kay asked giving me a look.

“NO I would think of my times with Terri and Carrie and the fun we used to have together at the neighborhood lake,” I replied. “I still had not forgiven Terri for removing my heart however I was about too.” “As to Carrie I could not love her yet for I was a man without his heart,” I added.

I told the girls that the “Three J’s” received a dangerous mission as our division had lost the enemy movement. It was during this mission that I forgave everyone for my miserable life including myself. It was the rainy season as I walked and crawled through that god-forsaken jungle with that overwhelming heat, humidity and god that awful smell of this dam jungle.

“Daddy what did it smell like?” Sherri asked.

Kay smiled to her as she replied, “Like your dad’s wet sweaty tennis shoes.”

“UGH,” Sherri replied as she made a face.

After Kay said that, I had to look down to my feet to check my shoes. I had to because as I told them that the smell of that damn jungle filled my nostrils as if I was standing there. I went on with my story telling them how the three J’s went out into the jungle trying to find any trace of the enemy.

“It was the third or fourth night of our patrol; we decided to split up to cover more ground,” I said as I looked toward my medal case.

We had only been apart for maybe twenty minutes. When I heard voices coming from the jungle; followed by a barrage of gunfire as a firefight broke out as tracer bullets glowed in the dark night of the jungle.

“My ears filled with the sounds of enemy gunfire as well as an M16 mixed in,” I said staring at the medal case.

I saw another set of muzzle flashes coming from not far where the firefight had begun. It had the sounds of an M16 as well. It told me that Jack and Jason were in trouble. I made my way toward the firefight when it suddenly stopped, as the jungle grew silent.

“Now the jungle of Vietnam had a sound all it’s own at nighttime,” I said to the girls. “You adjust your ears to hear all the sounds that belong in the jungle that way you can filter those sounds out letting you know what did not belong in the jungle,” I added.

“So that is why your hearing is so good John,” Kay said.

I knew she was talking about me hearing Joe’s knife when he pulled it and the female Deputy when she had readied her weapon. I shook my head yes, as I went on with my story. When the jungle goes dead silent during the night, you do not move let alone breathe.

I dropped to the ground lying motionless; my ears filled with sounds that were coming my way as I lie there. I looked from where I lie to see that it was a small group of Viet Cong soldiers; they walked right by me. One of them dam near stepped on me.

“lính My chet,” filled my ear I said to the girls. I explained that was Vietnamese for U.S. troops killed.

“Daddy weren’t you scared?” Sherri asked.

“At the time princess I was full of rage and anger because they had killed my friends,” I replied as I once again wiped a huge amount of sweat from my forehead.

I slowly pulled my M16 to my hands as I was going to take revenge for them killing Jack and Jason. Suddenly I heard many more voices filling the night air of the jungle. I became one with the jungle again, as I hugged that damp jungle floor smelling the god-awful wet musky odor as I did.

“I lie there not moving or breathing as Viet Cong after Viet Cong walked by me.” “There had to be at least forty of them walking by as I lie there,” I said. “I knew I was in trouble when they decided to make camp near where I lie,” I added looking to the stone floor near our fireplace.

“JOHN, you never told me about that, why?” Kay asked staring at me.

“Because brave men do not tell their tales mom,” “Others tell it for them,” Sherri replied to her as she hugged her. “What happened next, daddy,” Sherri asked.

“I was about to die Princess,” I replied as Sherri hugged her mom even tighter.

I had a plan worked out in my head, as I lie there surrounded by the Viet Cong I reached slowly for one of my hand grenades on my vest. I held the grenade in one hand as I slipped a finger from my other hand through the arming pin. If they found me, I was going to take a few of them with me.

“I closed my eyes as I thought of happier times once again,” I said as I stood there closing my eyes.

As I lie there in the jungle and as I stood by our fireplace, my mind filled with a vision of the first time, I had fun with Terrie and Carrie at the lake just like it had back then. I swear I could smell Terri as I remembered her kissing me as Carrie rubbed her hands across my chest.

“That is why you always smile at me when I do that John,” Cathy said with a smile.

I smiled back as I said, “If that war was today it would be Kay and you I would be thinking about.” “If only I had been at the lake with those two instead of in that stinking jungle of Vietnam,” I added as I went on with my story.

I lie there growing tired of waiting for death to take me. My thoughts went to Jack and Jason two brave men who had given their lives that night. I was going to avenge their deaths. My plan was to stand up as I threw the grenade and fire every thing I had from my M16. It meant almost certain death to me but I was ready to die that night.

“I closed my eyes as I said a quick prayer,” I said as I bowed my head while standing by the fireplace. “As I finished my prayer and with my eyes still closed voices filled my head as I lie there,” I said as I looked to Kay, Cathy and Sherri.

“The voices I heard were those of Terri and Carrie,” I said as my lip trembled. “Terri told me to lie still while Carrie told me not to move,” I added as my voice broke up and my hands started to shake.

“John, are you OK?” Cathy asked.

I shook my head yes, as I took a deep breath and I went on with my story. I explained to them how a vision of Terri and Carrie standing by the lake filled my head. I remember how real it felt to me at the time.

“The girls stood by the lake with their arms stretched out toward me as they motioned for me to come to them,” I said as tears flowed down my cheeks. “I went to them as they told me together, “Lay with us John,” “We are here John and we will never leave you.”

I paused for a few seconds to collect myself before I said, “I lie there not in Vietnam but at the lake with Terri and Carrie in my mind.” “Suddenly I heard a loud clap of thunder; I thought the grenade had gone off at first.” “When I opened my eyes my ears filled with the night sounds of the jungle.” “The sounds I heard were normal the Viet Cong had moved,” I added.

“Those girls saved your life daddy,” Sherri said as tears ran down her cheeks.

“No princess daddy cheated death for his first time that night in the jungles of Vietnam,” I replied not even realizing I had said it.

“I think it is time we took a small break,” Cathy said looking to me then to Kay.

“Come on Sherri help me dry my eyes and get every one something to drink,” Kay said as she got off the sofa.

Sherri started to say something but her mom gave her a look and she replied, “OK mom,” as they left the living room.

I was still standing by the fireplace. I watched them leave the room. I felt Cathy’s hand rubbing at the side of my face. I looked at her then closed my eyes as Carrie’s face filled my mind.

“Because of you Carrie I cheated death that night,” I said with a broken voice. “Death took his revenge out on you instead of me,” I added.

I felt Cathy wiping the sweat from my fore head as well as my tears with a towel that lay near us. She wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down to her. She hugged me as she kissed at my cheeks. She gave my ear a light kiss as I heard her say.

“Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” Cathy said.

I hugged her back as my nose filled with the smell of White diamond perfume. I broke our hug and I smiled at her. Cathy smiled back at me as she asked what.

“Nothing, I smell your White Diamond that’s all,” I said smiling.

Cathy sniffed the air as she replied, “John I am not wearing it tonight but I can smell it too,” as she stared at me with a strange look.

I turn from Cathy looking to the photo of Carrie on the fireplace mantel. I gaze into her eyes in the photo. Her eyes seem to sparkle as I did. I could not control my emotions as tears run down my face once more. I felt Cathy’s hand on my back.

“John, maybe you should not go on this might not be good for you,” Cathy said as her hand rubbed at my back.

“I have to for my own sake,” I replied as I turned to face her wiping my tears. “These tears I cry are for me and that is so wrong,” I added before I wiped my face with the towel she had used early on me.

“OK John but if it gets out of hand I will put a stop to all this,” Cathy said touching her hand to my heart.

I knew she meant Carrie would put a stop to it as Cathy went back to the sofa as we heard Kay and Sherri returning. Sherri came walking over to me and she handed me a beer. I also saw Cathy telling Kay something as she shook her head no. I did not realize it but Sherri was staring into my eyes. I turned my attention back to her when I felt her hand touch the side of my face.

I saw a flash of light then I heard, “John I am here my love,” the voice I heard was Carrie.

“DADDY, are you alright?” Sherri asked with worry as she pulled her hand from my face.

“I am now princess,” I replied smiling at her.

I turned back toward the fireplace as Sherri returned to the sofa. As I lifted my head up, I saw Carrie’s ring as the last bit of the day’s sun light shined and reflected on it. It reminded me of the glow I used to see around her sometimes when we were fishing on the lake.

I looked to the heavens as I silently said, “Thanks for being here angel Carrie.”

I took a long sip of beer and cleared my head. I felt dizzy as I turned back around. I looked at the girls as their mouths were hanging open as they looked to me. I thought maybe that my fly was open or something. However, it was not so I asked them what was wrong.

“Daddy, Carrie’s ring is glowing,” Sherri, said pointing to it.

I smiled as I replied, “It does that when she is in the room,” knowing that it was only the sunlight reflecting off it.

The girls all looked to each other then back to me as I asked, “Can I get on with my story now?”

All three of them shook their heads yes at the same time. I made my way back to base camp after I followed and found the enemy once more. My Captain was very pleased, later that day an air strike took my revenge on the enemy.

“They gave you a medal didn’t they daddy?” Sherri asked.

“Yes as well as a ticket back home to the USA,” I replied. “Before I left Vietnam an corporal gave me an stack of letters telling me he had saved them for me,” They were letters from Terri and Carrie,” I added.

“Terri hated you and Carrie confessed her love for you,” Sherri yelled out.

Kay and Cathy looked to her in wonder. I just shook my head yes telling her that she was right. Someday I will find out just how she does that.

“Terri hated me because I had broken my promise to her, that I would never leave her,” I said as I looked to Kay. I saw the look she had one like when will he break a promise to me. I hoped it would never happen.

“Carrie did truly love me I had just been blind to see it until I was on my way home,” I said. “I found that out as I sat in my car reading their letters,” I added.

I explained to them that I was even more scared to return home. As I had signed up for another tour of duty in Vietnam, I was to return to that hellhole in 90 days. I truly did have feeling for Carrie but there was no way I was going to make her go through hell waiting for me and I also thought it would interfere with my duties over there.

“That all changed when a letter fell from the stack of letters in my car,” I said to the girls. “I picked the letter up and written in the upper right hand corner in big letters was, “JOHN YOU HAVE TO READ THIS PLEASE,” signed Terri and Carrie,” I added as I looked to the girls.

I saw Sherri smile as she pulled a letter from her drawing book beside her as she asked, “Can I read the letter to them Daddy?”

I shook my head yes as I wondered where she had gotten the letter from I did not remember keeping it. Sherri stood up from the sofa as she read the letter.

God we do hope that you are safe. We both had this weird dream about you the other night. Terri was home and Carrie was in her dorm at college. We both had the very same dream John and it scared us both. We both were standing by a lake. We could see explosions and fire all around us. We both saw you just standing there in the fire. John you were right in the middle of the fire. You were not burning or anything you were just standing there looking at us. We both yelled at you to come to us. You finally walked out of the fire with this strange glow around you.

You came over wrapped your arms around us both and we all lied down onto the ground as you told us “Thanks girls.” John, please write one of us so we know that you are safe. We both called each other, as we are worried sick over the dream we both had. We are afraid of what this dream may have meant. Please John for the sake of our hearts we must know that you are still here with us.
Love from us both,
Terri & Carrie

As Sherri read the letter, a chill ran up my back. The hair on the back of my neck tingled as if death had just touched me. I shook that feeling off as I wondered if that was how she knew this part of the story. I also wondered what other letters she might have found. I wondered about this until she had finished reading the letter with tears in her eyes.

“Sherri, where did you find that letter?” I asked as Kay handed her a tissue.

“It was in your box with the sign and your medals when we moved here daddy,” Sherri replied.

I stood there thinking about that. I could not remember saving any of those letters. Maybe I had and just forgotten about them. I looked to the girls as they all were staring at me to continue my story.

“When I returned home not much had changed other than my feelings toward Carrie,” I said. “I also found out that Terri and Paul had been involved with protesting the war in Vietnam while I was there fighting,” I added.

“John, I protested against the war too after I lost my brother,” Cathy said looking to the floor.

“I was over there fighting to protect your right to do just that,” I replied. “That freedom was not just given to you it was earned with the blood shed of brave men and women through many years of fighting wars against others who would take that freedom from you and it still goes on to this day,” I added.

“I am proud that you served daddy,” Sherri replied a smile on her face.

“I used to be princess, now I am not for sure,” I replied as I hung my head down. “For that damn war caused a lot of men problems because of the horrors they had seen and faced.” “In my case it was the monster I had become,” “The army trained me to kill the enemy, the only problem with that was which enemy was I to kill,” I added.

Kay, Cathy and Sherri sat there with a confused look on their faces. I explained to them how during the day or night the monster within would take over at the slightest hint of danger. The monster within me kept me sharp and alive during my time alone in the jungle.

“I never questioned the monster within me until I was returning from a patrol early one foggy morning,” I said as I looked to the floor.

I explained how there was a small village near our base. I used to use it as a way-point when finding my way back to our base camp. I befriended an elder farmer at this village; it was against my better judgment but I did anyway. I fixed a wheel on his ox pulled cart for him. He thanked me and told me I was always welcomed in their village.

“I knew I could never return to their village over fear the Viet Cong would wipe their village out because they had befriended their enemy,” I said. “There was an eerie fog that hung over the ground as I made my way back to base camp that early foggy morning,” I added as I went on with my story.

I looked to the farmers fog covered field I saw his ox standing in the field. The ox did not have the cart with him nor did I see the farmer, which was unusual. I got the feeling that something was terribly wrong. I readied my weapon as I made by way slowly into their village.

“My eyes saw the horrors of war that day,” “The whole village had been wiped out,” I said. “The monster within me grew angry as I saw the dead farmer lying on the ground.” “I wanted revenge and I vowed to make them suffer when I found who had done this.” “I followed a trail into the jungle from where he lies,” I added.

I paused for a second wiping sweat once again from my forehead as I gather my thoughts. I was not for sure if I should tell Sherri this part of my story or not. There I was trying to protect my little girl again. I realized she needed to know the truth.

“I wish I had never followed that trail into the jungle,” I said. “It led to what I thought was some type of an dead animal at first until I saw the small fingers on an small hand it was an dead mutilated young child,” I added as I hung my head.

“MY GOD Daddy,” Sherri screamed as Kay took her into her arms.

“Near the body I found signs of who had been in that jungle,” I said as I raised my head as a tear streamed down my face. “The signs I found where not of the Viet Cong but of Americans,” “M16 rounds, boot tracks and cigarette butts littered the ground,” I added once again looking to the ground.

I looked up to see Kay, Cathy and Sherri wiping away tears as I went on with my story. I told them how I crawled into the jungle crying and throwing up over what I had seen. How could anyone do that to a small child? I had heard stories of stuff like this I just did not believe them until then. I returned to my base camp and I reported it to our new Captain.

His response was, “Shit happens during war son.”

He asked me if I wanted to fill out a report but I knew it would just become lost in the paperwork of that damn war. I questioned my service in that damn war for the very first time. I had always thought we were the good guys.

“Bad men do bad things daddy no matter whether it is during war or not,” Sherri sobbed out as Kay held her.

“I thought I may have been one of those bad men, princess,” I said looking at her.

I explained how while I was home on that leave and Terri had questioned me of stories like that over there. The monster within came out defending what I thought was a righteous cause. Luckily, Carrie stopped me before I did any harm to Terri.

“John, would you have really harmed Terri?” Kay asked with a look on her face.

I looked to Cathy then to Sherri before turning back to Kay as I replied, “Back then Kay the monster within me had more control of me than I had of it,” “I believe if Carrie had not stopped me I would have,” I added hanging my head.

“JOHN, you were not a monster back then nor are you one today,” Cathy replied.

It was strange when I looked to her I did not see Carrie. I only saw Cathy staring at me. Those jade green eyes sparkled which meant she was speaking the truth. I was staring at her when she seemed to start swaying back and forth. I blinked my eyes shaking my head and I saw she was not swaying.

“Daddy is that when Carrie took you to your happy place?” Sherri asked smiling to me.

“Yes princess Carrie took me to the lake where she would go when she felt troubled or ill at heart,” I replied.

“The happy place you two shared is a very beautiful place,” Kay said fighting her tears back.

“It’s a place where you can hear the gentle waves splashing against the shoreline. The moon dances on the water with too many stars in the night’s heaven to count.” Sherri said smiling. “The place you saw when you would close your eyes when you needed to feel Carrie close,” “or when Carrie closed her eyes to feel you near,” Sherri added as a single tear came from her eye.

I closed my eyes for a second as I saw Carrie standing along the shoreline. Her arms folded in front of her as the night breeze blew her long blonde hair. Carrie turned and she smiled to me as I opened my eyes to continue my story.

“I had been having nightmares and flash backs the whole time since I had returned home,” I said. “Carrie helped me with them as well as the monster within me,” “She was studying psychology in college and I was her first patient,” I added.

Carrie and I were inseparable during the time I was home. I fell deeper in love with her every day that I spent with her. I picked her up at her college one day dressed in my dress greens. One of Carrie’s friends made a comment about the ribbons and medals on my jacket.

“That was the first time I had ever seen worry in Carrie’s eyes,” I said to the girls. “Carrie told me that it was OK if I did not bring anymore medals home as she knew they only gave them to brave men who risked their own life,” I added as I continued with my story.

I drove Carrie to the jewelry store where I had her pick out a ring. I had two years of back combat pay in my pocket. Carrie picked out a rather inexpensive small ring. I asked her why.

Carrie smiled as she replied, “It’s not the size of the ring but the size of your heart that holds the love.” She kissed me then added, “My heart is endless when it comes to you John.” I told them smiling to Sherri as she had picked Kay’s ring out at the very same jewelry store.

I had only been home for thirty days when I received a call from my first sergeant telling me that I had to return in just three days. I went and told Carrie I had to leave in three days. We spent those three days together mostly in each other’s arms at our happy place. Carrie drove me back to Fort Knox and we kissed then I told her that I loved her and she told me that she loved me.

“You did not tell each other goodbye because good byes are forever,” Kay said as she wiped her tears from her eyes.

I smiled as I replied, “I see you learned some things as well,” as I paused and finished my beer.

I sat my beer down as I went on with my story. Things had changed since I had left Vietnam. The first day of my return, I had no sooner put my stuff away than mortars and rocket grenades rain down onto our base camp. After surviving that, they wanted me at the Co’s tent. My new Captain and a lieutenant informed me to take my men and find out just where in the hell that damn attack had came from. I explained to the girls that they changed how recon happened because of orders they had received from high in the military. They performed it in squads now with 8 to 10 men.

I informed the girl about how I had said, “Sir I believe it might be better if I go by myself,” However the lieutenant snapped back at me, “Sgt. he just gave you an order,” looking harshly at me.

I paused as I looked to the floor; then looked to all three girls as I said, “I felt like putting an bullet into that lieutenants head,” “Because I knew he was going to get us all killed however I did not I just hoped he got it before I did.”

“Daddy that would have made you a bad man,” Sherri said staring at me.

I shook my head yes, as I continued. The lieutenant joined us on patrol he even took point against my advice. We had been on patrol for less than an hour when I noticed a trip wire near his boot. I told him not to fucking move.

I explained to Kay, Cathy and Sherri how the lieutenant had stepped on a bobby trap. It was a Tan Son Nhut. Which was a VC directional mine. This bobby trap could very easily destroy a vehicle and blow men to pieces.

I looked to my medals as I said, “The thought of just leaving him there to die entered my mind.”

“DADDY,” Sherri yelled out loudly standing up.

Kay and Cathy grabbed her sitting her back down between them. I believe that was the first time she realized I did have a monster with in me. I looked into her red tearful eyes as she sat there holding Kay’s and Cathy’s hands. They were telling her it was all right.

“Princess I had no sooner thought that than a vision of Carrie flashed into my mind looking at me with glaring eyes.” “I knew I could not leave him like that besides he was looking at me with pleading eyes to please help him,” I added.

“Your daddy is no monster who would have left that man to die sweetie,” Cathy said as she patted Sherri’s hand.

“I think we all need another little break,” Kay said as she walked toward me. She looked to Sheri and Cathy as she added, “You girls go get us refills.”

As Cathy and Sherri left the room Kay came up to me and she asked, “John is it a good idea to be telling Sherri this?”

“It is time she heard it as well as you hearing the truth,” I replied as I ran my hand on the side of her face.

Kay kissed at my hand as she took it into hers. I looked deep into her blue eyes and they sparkled as I did. Kay wrapped her hand in mine bringing it up to her face.

“John you hands are cold and clammy feeling,” Kay said as she grabbed my other hand as well.

“I am OK Kay don’t worry,” I replied pulling my hands from hers.

Cathy and Sherri returned as Kay went to the sofa. Sherri walked to me handing me a beer. She wrapped her arms around me giving me a big hug.

“I knew you could not be a bad man,” Sherri said before she rejoined Kay and Cathy on the sofa as I continued.

I explained to them how something like that changes a man. The lieutenant listened to my advice from there on out I told them. We returned to our patrol this time with me in the lead. I found some traces of the enemy but then I lost their trail.

“I was not for sure if I had lost their trail or if I just did not want to find it,” I said. “When we got back to our base all hell broke lose again as our base got shelled once more.” I hung my head down as I added, “Once again, it was all over in mere minutes. However, in those mere minutes we lost three brave men,” “I went to sleep that night knowing my failure to track them had caused their deaths.”

I took a long sip of beer then looked to the heavens as I said a silent prayer for those men before I continued. Another round of mortars and rocket fire welcomed the early morning. Once again, they wanted me at the Co’s tent. The Captain wanted to know just how we could stop these attacks.

I told him there was a way but I would have to do it on my own. He refused at first until the lieutenant told him he should listen to me. I informed them of the Captain‘s response which was; “GOD damn it son you better know what the hell you are doing,” “I don’t need another dead soldier on my mind,” as he glared at me.

I returned to my shack waiting for nightfall. I lay in my bunk thinking of Carrie waiting for night to arrive. When it came, I prepared myself for my mission. I dressed for the night ahead of me in the jungle of Vietnam. The lieutenant sat with me as I did. He asked me about the lovely girl’s photo I had beside my bunk. I told him that was Carrie my wife to be .

The lieutenant asked me, “Son why in the hell did you leave that to come back to this hell hole?” I told the girls as they sat there listening to me.

“Because it was your duty to return John,” Cathy said as a smile came to her face.

I smiled back as Carrie had told me the same once. I returned to the jungle that night to the place where I had lost their trail. I hid myself in the jungle sitting there with my eyes closed thinking of Carrie. However, I was listening to the sounds of the jungle waiting to hear something that did not belong. I soon heard the sound that did not belong. It was one lone Viet Cong soldier.

I followed the Viet Cong soldier to a small clearing. I was amazed to see the ground opening up near where he stood as four more creatures of the night crawled from hell to join him. They had disappeared into a tunnel that was why I had lost their tracks. I waited until they were all together setting up their ammo for their rockets and mortars. One stood giving orders to the other creatures of the night. It was time I sent them all back to hell.

“I slipped a high explosives shell into the M203. I arose from the darkness of the jungle as I fired the M203 off and sighted the one standing with my M16. My finger pulled the trigger giving a burst of fire before I rolled back over the elevated spot where I was,” I said.

“The dark jungle lit up that night. I do not think any of them knew what had hit them. I waited to start receiving gunfire back. However, there was none,” I added looking up to my medals.

Daddy you were so brave to do that,” “You saved a lot of lives by your actions,” Sherri said.

“I suppose I did princess, I suppose I did,” “Just not enough of them,” I replied as I looked to Cathy.

I took another sip of beer then went on with the story. Life went back to normal over there for a while after that. The Captain had me training other men in how to listen to the jungle at night. He had us go back to single to four men patrols of the jungle. I even found time to make three new friends name Kevin, Phil and Joe.

I bowed my head as I said, “I wished I had never met them.” “Those three brave young men at eighteen years of age lost their lives because of my mistake,”

“Daddy it was not your fault,” “Angel Carrie told me,” Sherri screamed from the sofa.

“No princess you both are wrong.” “If I had not left us bunch up some may be alive today,” “I failed in keeping those boys safe,” I replied sadly, as I went on with my story.

I heard the snap click of the land mine going off filling the jungle with a flash of light. My eyes closed as something hot buried itself deeply into the side of my chest. I felt myself falling to the ground slowly.

I looked to Kay, Cathy and Sherri as I said, “As I fell, I heard the gentle lapping of water against the shoreline. I saw the moon dancing across the water with to many stars to count behind it. I remember seeing Carrie standing there with her long blonde hair blowing in the night’s gentle breeze.”

I paused for a few seconds hearing only the crying of the girls as they all held hands. I continued as I said, “Carrie was standing there,” “I called for her however; she just stood there looking out over the water. Carrie never looked to me as I called her name.” “I remember hitting the ground as I tried to breathe in air. However, my lungs felt as if they were on fire,” I added.

“Everything went black. I could not hear anything nor see anything but blackness around me.” “It felt as if I was walking but I could not tell for sure. It seemed like I had walked forever. Until I felt someone grabbing my hand telling me, “Hang on Sgt. J, were almost there,” I tried to open my eyes but when I did they would not stay open long enough to focus on anything around me.”

“John, the air medics told you that when you wrecked your truck as well,” Kay said wiping the tears from her eyes.

“Yes the air medics; the true angels of the skies,” I replied looking up.

“The true angels of the skies,” Sherri said with a questioning look.

I smiled as I told her that seeing how my eyes did not work. I listened with my ears. My ears filled with a loud thunderous whopping and popping sound, as I lie there. I heard this sound often when I was in the jungles of Vietnam. Whenever I heard it, I would always look up and say a little prayer. For that sound was the sound of a helicopter as its blades beat against the air.

I explained to her that when you heard that sound, it meant someone was arriving to this hellhole or someone was leaving hopefully alive. If by chance you were wounded as I had been then your life was in the hands of the true angels of the skies in Vietnam, that being the air medics.

“As the sounds of the helicopters blades faded I heard,” “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” “Before I slipped into the blackness once again alone,” I said.

“You awoke in Japan with Carrie in your room daddy,” Sherri said as she wiped her eyes.

I stood there for a few seconds before I felt something snap in my head. My body felt as if I was standing in fire. Maybe I was in hell I did not know. I did know I could no longer stand not knowing how she knew this stuff. I could feel the monster within taking over as I glared sharply at Sherri.

I tried to stop myself however, I could not as I shouted, “HOW DO YOU know these things and don’t fucking tell me angel Carrie.”

“JOHN STOP IT, that is enough,” Cathy yelled out to me as she stood up with her arms folded in front of her.

I turned my attention to her. I saw Carrie instead of Cathy. I blinked my eyes to get the vision to go away. However, it did not. I turned back to Sherri who was just staring at me with tears in her eyes.

“I am sorry princess I did not mean to yell at you,” I said looking to the floor.

Sherri replied, “It is OK daddy and someday I will also tell you the truth.”

I looked back to Cathy who was herself as I stared at her. Tears filled my eyes and my hands started to shake. I buried my face into my hands as I stood by the fireplace.

“John that is enough for tonight,” Kay said as she walked over to me.

Kay took me into her arms as I lay my head to her shoulder she said, “Close your eyes John go to our happy place.”

I closed my eyes and I saw nothing for a few seconds. I squeezed my eyes tighter as the vision of my work office came into my head. Kay and I were standing there holding each other as the sun light slowly crept across the floor. When the sun light hit our bodies, my body became warm as that peaceful feeling came over me as I stood there with Kay in my arms.

Kay rubbed her hand to my back as I heard her whispering, “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

I am not for sure just how long I stood there with Kay holding me in her arms. I recovered enough to lift my head from her shoulder. I stared into her eyes as she stared into mine. Kay’s eyes sparkled and shined.

“Thank you Kay for being here for my troubled soul,” I said to her.

Kay stared deeply into my eyes before she replied, “ I see a brave man not troubled,” “Just an brave man who lost his way tonight on his way to not only to tell the truth but to find it as well,” as her hand rubbed at the side of my face. “I love you John,” Kay added removing her hand from my face.

I felt two more sets of arms going around me as I stood there with Kay in my arms. Cathy laid her head against mine. Sherri laid her head against mine as well. I heard Cathy as she said, “I love you John.” Then I heard Sherri as she said, “I love you daddy,” as the four of us shared a group hug.

The hug was broken as Kay asked Sherri, “Shouldn’t you be getting ready to go out with Todd?”

“Oh I forgot about Todd, thanks mom,” Sherri replied. Sherri walked over to me and she raised my head from looking to the floor as she looked into my eyes she asked, “Are you going to be OK daddy?” “If you want I will cancel my date,” she added.

I ran my hand through her long blonde hair as I replied, “You go have fun princess daddy will be OK.”

Kay grabbed Sherri by the hand as she said, “I want to talk to you Sherri,” as they walked down the hallway.

I was still standing by the fireplace when Cathy took a hold of my hand as she said, “John come sit with me,” as she walked me to the sofa.

As I sat down I looked to her as I said, “I lost control didn‘t I.”

“A little John but with what you have been through it could not have been helped,” “I had to stop you before you said or did something you would regret later,” Cathy said staring at me.

“Would I have harmed Sherri?” I asked.

“John as you told us that story you were physically here in the room with us,” “However in your mind you was reliving everything you told us,” Cathy replied.

“I don’t understand any of this anymore,” I said looking at her hoping she could explain it to me.

Cathy took a hold of my hand as she explained when you woke up in that hospital in Japan. You were angry because you had survived while others had died. You even yelled at Carrie back then causing her to walk out of your hospital room.

“Your mind had you in that hospital room and when Sherri said what she did it snapped you back to reality,” Cathy said. “I do not think you would have hurt Sherri in any way however John I could not take the chance as your eyes were no longer your own,” Cathy added.

“I am just fucking crazy and I should be locked up,” I replied. “It has been twenty years since I walked into that dam jungle yet I can still smell that hellhole today.” “I have to be insane that is the only explanation,” I added looking to her.

“NO John you’re just tired and stressed,” “You need to relax John,” “You worry me as tonight you reminded me of my brother,” Cathy said as she looked at me with worry in those jade eyes of hers.

Kay came walking into the room and she sat down beside me. Kay took my other hand into hers. I sat there as the girls laid their heads against me. For the first time in a long time, I felt alone even with Kay and Cathy right beside me. I sat there as a thought enter my mind; one that I had not had for many years.

I knew an easy way out of this messed up life I had lived. My mind went to the 38 I kept out in my workshop. I had it there for protection not my own but to protect others if my monster ever got out of hand.

I felt Kay jerk her hand from mine. Her hand grabbed my face by my chin. Kay stared deeply into my eyes. I watched as the sparkle left her blue eyes, as they turned dark.

“JOHN, what ever you are thinking in that mind of yours is not the answer,” Kay said angrily.

I smiled as I replied, “I was just thinking what I was going to do with you girls after Sherri leaves.”

“It better had been,” Kay replied as she turned her eyes from mine.

I wrapped my arms around them both pulling them tightly into my sides. I was smiling to myself for I had just learned something. Kay could not read my eyes when the monster was in control.

“Maybe we all should go take a dip in the hot tub,” Cathy said.

The girls got off the sofa and walked back to the bedroom leaving me once again alone. However, I was not alone for long as Sherri came walking into the living room. She came over and she sat down beside me. Sherri took a hold of my hand as she stared into my eyes.

Sherri’s was staring deeply into my eyes as I stared back into hers. Sherri’s other hand came up to rub against my face. I grabbed her hand before it stroked my face.

“Daddy that is not the way,” Sherri said giving me a serious look.

I kissed her hand as I replied, “I know princess, and I know it is not.”

“Promise me daddy,” Sherri said as a single tear ran from her eye.

I caught her tear on my fingertip as I replied, “I take your tear because I know you cried it for me and not for yourself.” I pressed her tear to my mouth tasting that sweet tear she had cried for me as I added, “I promise princess, I promise.”

Sherri wrapped her arms me as she said, “I love you daddy and I promise I always will.”

The knock at the door made her break our hug. Sherri gave me a quick kiss to my lips. She grabbed my hand as she asked me to walk her to the door. I walked her to the door. Sherri stopped as her hand touched the doorknob.

Sherri turned back to me as she said, “Remember daddy you can never break a promise.”

I smiled as I replied, “You go have fun and be home by 1.”

“Daddy that is to late I will be home by midnight,” Sherri said as she opened the door.

“Hi Sgt. I mean John,” Todd said as the door opened.

“You take care of my princess you hear TG,” I replied.

“I will I promise,” TG said as him and Sherri walked away.

As I closed the door I silently said in my head, “Promises are only made to be broken,” “After all Carrie had broken hers never to leave me.”

“STOP IT JOHN,” Carrie yelled into my head.

I did not even bother to look for her because I knew she was not here. I grabbed another beer as I returned to the sofa. I was taking a nice long sip of cold beer when Kay and Cathy came walking out in just their tiny white robes.

“Are you coming John?” Kay asked as she opened the patio doors.

“You girls go ahead I will join you after I finish my beer,” I replied giving them a fake smile.

Kay walked out the patio doors as Cathy lagged a little behind staring at me as she walked out the door. I heard a voice in my head as her jade eyes pierced my very soul.

“Watch out for her she knows you better than I know you,” the monster within said.

I finished my beer and as I sat the bottle down I heard that voice again as it said, “If it does not get better there is always that way out in the drawer in your work shop.”

I walked back changing into just my robe. I walked out onto the patio to join the girls. I figured they would already be going at it with each other. However, I saw they were talking softly to each other instead. I could not hear them but I knew it was about the crazy man who was about to join them.

I removed my robe and I slipped into the hot tub. I went to Kay wrapping my arms around her. I kissed her deeply and with passion as her arms went around me. Our tongues danced in our mouths tasting each other’s tongue. I broke our kiss as I did the same to Cathy. I went back and forth from girl to girl touching their lips with mine and dancing our tongues together.

“WOW, that’s the John we love,” the girls said in unison.

I leaned back relaxing in the hot tub as I replied, “Good now give John a little show,” as I smiled to them.

Kay and Cathy stood up together as they wrapped their arms around each other. Their lips met as I watched them kissing passionately. I saw Cathy’s hand slipping down between Kay’s legs. Kay parted her legs some giving her hand room as Cathy rubbed at her pussy. Kay broke their kiss as she lowered her head to one of Cathy’s tits. Kay kissed at it before she started to suckle at it.

“AHhh yes my little slut pleasure my tits,” Cathy said as she smiled to me.

My hand went to my growing cock under the water as I smiled back to her. Kay worked her mouth from one tit to the other tit kissing and sucking on them. Cathy had worked her fingers up into Kay’s pussy finger fucking her with two of them.

Kay moaned, “AHhhhhh,” as Cathy slipped in a couple more of her fingers.

Cathy was running her four fingers in and out of Kay’s pussy when Kay removed her mouth for Cathy’s tits. They kissed deeply as the wet sounds came from Kay’s hairy pussy. Kay was pushing her pussy into Cathy’s fingers as they kissed.

“AHhhhhh yeah,” Kay screamed out as her body shook.

Kay’s wet juices splashed all over Cathy’s fingers as she orgasm on her four fingers. I could see the juices dripping from her pussy. Cathy pulled her fingers from Kay’s pussy and she walked over to me. She bent over rubbing her fingers across my lips. I licked then sucked at her fingers.

“Taste her cum John,” Cathy said as I sucked at her fingers.

Cathy pulled her fingers from my mouth as she told me to sit up on the edge of the hot tub. I moved up with just my lower legs and feet into the hot tub. My cock was throbbing and dancing in the open air. Cathy wrapped her hand around it moving it up and down as she squeezed my cock.

“Get over here slut and suck your man,” Cathy said harshly to Kay as she left go of my cock.

Kay came over like the obedient slut she was. Kay dropped to her knees in the hot tub in front of me. She parted my legs as she moved between them. Her hands went to my thighs as her mouth encircled my cock. Kay started to work her mouth on my cock. Apparently, Cathy was not pleased with how she was doing it. Cathy’s hand went to the back of Kay’s head as she pushed her head down all the way onto my cock.

“Suck it all slut,” Cathy cried out. “I want that cock good and wet when I slip my pussy down on to it.

Cathy pulled Kay’s head from my cock as Kay replied, “Yes Cathy I am yours to use,” as she smiled at me.

Cathy pushed Kay’s head back down onto my cock as she wrapped her other arm around my neck. Cathy kissed and licked at my lips. She soon had her mouth over mine as we swapped tongues.

Kay was rubbing my balls now as she sucked my cock deeply into her mouth. With my cock buried in her mouth, she sucked at it. Damn this woman could suck cock I thought as Cathy and I kissed.

“His cock is ready for you Cathy,” Kay said as she used her hand on my cock.

Cathy broke our kiss as she wrapped both her arms around my neck. Cathy placed her knees on my thighs as she rubbed her pussy across my cock. She licked at my face as I licked her back. Cathy planted kisses up the side of my face working her way to my ear.

“I want you John, I need you,” Cathy whispered into my ear. Cathy then turned as she looked to Kay as she said. “Guide his cock into my pussy.”

Cathy rose up a little as I felt Kay’s hand wrap around my cock. She rubbed it at Cathy’s pussy as Cathy sat down onto my cock. She took just the head in as she started to move up and down. Kay still had her hand wrapped around my cock squeezing it as Cathy rode on just a few inches of it.

My hands went to Cathy’s tits where I used my thumbs making her nipples grow harder as she fucked me. When her nipples were rock hard I took one into my mouth flicking my tongue across it before I started to suck on it.

“AHhhh John,” Cathy moaned out as her hands went to my head pulling my face into her tits.

I felt Kay’s hand leave my cock as Cathy started to slid her pussy down deeper onto my cock. Cathy buried all my cock up into her pussy before she started to rock back and forth on my cock. Cathy pulled my face from her tits as she kissed me deeply again. She started to move up and down on my cock as she did.

Cathy broke our kiss as she said, “John your cock feels wonderful tonight.” She turned to look back at Kay as she added, “You may lick my juices from his cock,” as she smiled to Kay then to me.

Cathy started to fuck my cock slowly until she had worked her way to a steady pace. My hands moved to her butt as I helped her to ride my cock. I was pulling her butt cheeks apart each time I moved her up my cock. I felt Kay’s tongue licking down by my balls working her tongue up my cock each time I lifted Cathy from it.

Cathy was moaning loudly as her tits rubbed against my chest. I could feel her hard nipples poking against my chest as she did. I had to keep my eyes opened out of fear if I closed them I would see Carrie riding my cock.

“Fuck me John,” Cathy whispered into my ear.

I started to move my cock upward each time I pulled her down onto my cock. I did not feel Kay’s tongue on my cock anymore. I looked down to see that she was kissing her way across Cathy’s butt. I pulled Cathy’s butt cheeks apart holding them open for her. Kay took the hint as Cathy cooed into my ear.

“AHhhh John she is tonguing my asshole,” Cathy whispered as she moaned into my ear.

I could feel Cathy’s juices running down my cock as she had an orgasm on my cock. I could also hear her wetness as my cock slid in and out of her wet pussy. I also felt Kay’s tongue touching my cock from time to time. I was enjoying this more and more. My troubles soon left my mind as Cathy bounced on my cock.

Cathy was moaning into my ear when I heard her whisper, “Give me you cum John,” “I want to feel it splashing against my walls.”

I felt my cock start to throb as I moaned, “Ahhhh Cathy,”

My cock twitched then started to fire blasts of cum into her pussy. Cathy slammed her pussy down onto my cock as she just rocked back and forth on my cock. I felt her tongue flicking at my ear. My cock was draining the last bit into her when she whispered, “AHhhh John I love you.”

I was lost in the moment and her words did not sink into my head. Cathy just rocked on my cock back and forth working cum deep into her pussy. Cathy removed her head from beside my ear and she smiled at she stared into my eyes. Her jade eyes sparkled and shined as I looked into them.

Cathy turned from me as she said, “Kay be a dear and get us all something to drink.”

Cathy got off my now soft cock as cum ran out of her pussy onto my thigh. I looked to it as it lies on my leg as my head started to spin. I eased back down into the hot tub wondering what was happening to me. I had not even noticed that Kay had joined us in the hot tub again.

“John, JOHN here is your beer,” Kay said as she waved the bottle in front of my face.

“I may have fucked him to hard,” Cathy replied looking to Kay then to me.

I took my beer from Kay as I just smiled. I pressed the cold beer to my forehead as I felt as if my head was on fire. When the beer bottle touched my fore head, it instantly chilled my whole body. I started to shake uncontrollably as I sat there.

I was cold then burning up. I could not keep my head up and I could feel the beer bottle slipping from my hand. I dropped the beer bottle from my hand watching it slip below the water of the hot tub. My eyes closed as it disappeared into the water.

“The answer lies in that drawer in your workshop,” the voice said to me in a dark evil tone.

I suddenly saw a little girl standing by a lake with her arms folded in front of her as she said, “Daddy I won’t wait for you if you do that.”

“MELISSA, ‘’ I screamed as I slumped over against Cathy.

“JOHN WHAT IS WRONG,” I heard Kay screaming.

“Help me get him into the house Kay,” I remember hearing Cathy yelling as I felt as if I was being moved.

“JOHN, wake up, John snap out of it,” Cathy said as I felt her hand slapping against my face.

I opened my eyes and as they focused I replied, “Carrie you came back,” I looked to Kay as I added, “I see you brought Terri with you as well,” as my eyes went closed again.

This will end this chapter. What had just happened to me? Had my mind snapped and was I ready for the strait jacket? Had death finally taken his revenge on me? If so, why was Terri there? Was I just dreaming this or when will this nightmare I call my life be over?

Those questions answered in my next chapter. I leave you with something Carrie told me a very long time ago. “Dreams reflect our heart’s inner most desires,” “While nightmares are whispers from your soul.”

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2014-03-05 10:33:12
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2013-10-25 23:19:35
fizEn3 I really like and appreciate your blog post.Thanks Again. Will read on...

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2013-09-15 19:45:37
I am SO unorganized. But I am SO with you on that one. There are a few thgnis that are always in order. My hundreds of DVDs are always in alphabetical order by title. Some people call this crazy, I call this, How can you expect to ever find anything in hundreds of dvds if they're not in order? Also, I color coordinate my closet as well, just as you do. It just looks nice! And my yarn is always caked and cataloged and put together nicely. I might have 10 1-foot piles of paper in my office (literally), but my yarn and closet are beautiful.

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2013-07-11 10:47:58
Sorry make that the first comment on page 2 of these comments.

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2013-07-11 10:45:17
I agree fully with the reader's comment immediately below my comment, you REALLY can feel the emotions and I mean ALL the emotions and the love that flow throughout these many chapters of your life. I know I speak for your many enthralled readers when I say many humble thanks for telling your life story - in all it's ups and downs, many that there are. I humbly offer you my respects for what you've been through and as I've mentioned once before "I wish you all that is good for your future.

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