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Read previous stories to understand plot. Some subjects in here are iffy, like young girls and rape. do not read if you do not like these subjects
Chapter 5
2 weeks later
The incubi have been defeated thanks to my new power, and they are our slaves. The whore house has just opened and we are waiting for our first customer.
We get our first customer, an older man looking about 65, and he walks up to my desk. I ask, “What kind of girls do you like. Specify age, race, and anything else you want about your girl.” He looks surprised and says, “You have that many girls?”
“You don’t know the half of it,” I say with a smile.
“Okay, fine then. I want a white 7 year old, with blonde hair, and puffy pink nipples. Is there any chance she does anal?”
I smile, “Our girls do everything you ask.”
I write down his specifications and pass it down to Jenny, who immediately transforms into what he wants and walks out a door. She smiles and takes him by the hand. As they enter a room and close the door, I scry what happens. She leads him to the bed and says, “Oh god, I’m so wet right now. I’ve been waiting for someone to fuck me all week. Thank you.” He looks shocked, but recovers quickly. He grabs her and rubs the tip of his prick against her ass. “This might hurt,” he warns, “don’t you have lube?”
She replies, “Just shut up and fuck me hard mister!”
He puts his dick in her ass and rams it. Her asshole torn, she continues to rock her body against his, fucking his brains out. “Oh yes mister!” He pulls out and shoves his dick in her mouth. She sucks it hard, pumping it with her tiny hand, while caressing her nipple with the other. He knocks her hands away and shoves his dick in her mouth, throat fucking her 7 year old hot mouth, and caresses her nipples himself.
He finishes quickly in her mouth, and she swallows it all. He hands her the cash and leaves. As he walks out I ask him, “Satisfied?”
He only manages to stutter out “y- yes” and walks out the door.
Just as he leaves, a group of 4 70 year old men walk in. “Do you guys do gang bangs,” he asks, “We were wondering if you had any little girls we could gangbang.”
“How many girls do you want?”
“4 10 year olds, if possible.”
“Done. Do you want any race?”
He quickly responds, “Give us 4 Asians.”
I send the order back to the girls and they walk out, 4 10 year olds with skimpy outfits barely covering their brown nipples. Again, I scry as they lead them to the room. 2 girls watch as the other two get spit roasted by old men’s dicks. As the men cum, the girls get up and start sucking their dicks. They put the 4 girls in the middle and get in a circle around them, cumming all over their tangled bodies as the girls crawl over each other, rubbing semen and pussy juice all over each other. This seems to excite the men more as the girls get up and start giving hand jobs.
The men ask, “Anal?”
They nod and push the men down on the bed as they mount their dicks.
They ignore the pain as their assholes are ripped and they bounce up and down as hard as they can on the dicks. The men immediately cum again and no matter how much the girls rub their hard nipples or suck the men’s dicks, they don’t get hard. The men thank them, shove cash in their pussies and leave.
That is all the business for that day, but as word spreads, business grows bigger.
We expand the building and as you walk in, you can see little naked girls with puffy nipples of all races pole dancing and grinding on the poles as the incubi slaves serve drinks. The men can choose from the girls to fuck. As you go in deeper, you get to older women, depending on the men’s tastes. Suddenly, a man with 3 little boys on collars and leashes comes in and says to me, “I want three virgins, any race, 5 years old. I will not be fucking, the boys will.”
I nod and call Ashley, Josephine, and Jenny, telling them to turn to their 5 year old forms. They come in and they meet the boys. The boys are about 5 also, and they seem shy. Their faces turn red as the girls start grinding on their dicks, which immediately turn hard. Aren’t my toys precious? They lead them to a back room as the man jacks off to them grinding. I scry the room and watch as they pull the boys pants down. They boys seem reluctant but they are scared enough of the man to do whatever he says. The girls take the boys tiny dicks and let them fuck their asses, which is not very hard because their dicks are very small. The girls change their mind and grind up against their dicks again, rubbing their pelvises against the boys dicks, getting the boys hard. The man continues to jack off until he cums everywhere. The girls immediately jump on the cum, licking it off the floor and milking it off of his cock. His earlier statement about not fucking seems to have changed and he grabs Jenny and impales her on his dick as she screams out in pleasure and pain. He grabs her nipples and pulls very hard and she screams louder. He turns her over and puts his dick in her mouth. She milks it with her mouth, swirling her 5 year old tongue all around his dick while Ashley and Josephine make out and touch each other, rubbing their hands everywhere.
The man cums again, and leaves without a word, taking his boys with him.
I go over to Jenny and suck the cum from her ass. Then I stick my finger in her cum filled pussy, pull the finger out and suck on it. So sweet, like always.
I allow my lieutenants to suck out the rest. When they are done, I talk to them. “My pets, it is time for us to leave. This place is starting to bore me, and I will command one of my succubi to manage the place, because it is still a good source of cum.”
They simply nod and we teleport back to my domain. I enter my soothing bath of cum, and they climb in after me. I caress their little clits. “I have a treat for you!” I tell them. I bring in Cerberus. Ashley and Josephine take the lead, and Jenny soon catches on. He fucks her raw, but she seems to enjoy it. When he slips his dick out, she takes it in her mouth and pumps it with her hand. She puts only the head in her tight 5 year old pussy and rubs it in and out. That gets Cerberus hard again and he fucks her pussy senseless. As he spurts cum deep inside of her, I encourage the little girl to eat the warm dog sperm. She reaches in her tight little pussy, pulls out some cum, and is about to eat it when I say, “Stop! Since you got that from a doggy, you eat it like a doggy.”
I make 3 little doggy bowls, one saying Ashley, one saying Josephine, and one saying Jenny. I fill them with Cerberus’ semen, and say, “Get on all fours and lap them up”
Jenny is the first to agree, eager for sperm, and the other two quickly follow. They get in the doggy style position and start lapping up the cum.
“You like that dog cum, don’t you, you little dirty whores? I don’t care if you’re five, you will lap up that cum like the nasty bitches you are.” I reach over and slap each one of their asses while they continue to slurp up the dog cum.
I start licking Jenny’s pussy and I put a thumb in the other 2 girl’s asses. Once they finish their cum, I fill it up with more, and they continue to lap it up. “Guys, to spice up our sex, let’s get real little girls.”
They brighten up at the idea. Because of my new power, I can do anything I want, even to the innocent.
I search up around the world and I find a little girl, around 8, dirty blonde, the tiniest button nipples, and the cutest little mouth. I call her to me. Once she stops crying, I tell her we will do everything we want to her. Once she hears this, she cries even more. I slap her in the face to shut her up, and it seems to work. Finally, I tell her, “Lap up this jizz you little whore” and point at one of the bowls. She gets on all fours and starts licking it up like a dog. That seems to turn on everyone, and their pussies are dripping. Finally, Josephine goes over and shoves a thumb in her ass. When the little girl stops lapping up the cum, Josephine slaps her ass until she continues. Ashley wants a turn so Josephine moves away. Ashley summons a dildo and breaks right through the little girl’s hymen. The girl makes a scream muffled with cum, but continues to drink, for fear of being beat again. Jenny wants a turn, so she forces an entire fist down to her elbow up the girls ass. The girl screams and writhes in pain, but Jenny keeps her arm in the ass like a bizarre puppeteer. With the other hand, she slaps the little girl until she laps up cum again. When the girl finishes up the cum with Jenny fucking her ass with her entire arm, we wipe her mind, restore her hymen, and trap her in time. When I get confused looks I say, “I’m going to pretend to be her and go seduce her dad.”
Jenny says, “Ha! That I would like to see. Have fun.”

Chapter 6
I teleport away, turning into the girl. Her name… hmmm. I scry her house. Her name is Joanne. Exactly age 7 and 3 months. I teleport into her house. She lives with only her dad. Perfect.
I go through her drawer, shrink one of her skirts, take off my panties, and wear the loosest shirt I can find. Her dad is watching TV when I walk up to him. I feign a yawn and say, “Daddy. I’m tired. Can I snuggle with you?” Her dad, not paying attentions says, “Yes, my dear.”
I crawl up his lap, making sure to flash my bare ass at him. He definitely notices. I feign a yawn again and stretch, grinding my belly against his hardening dick, while stretching my legs and flashing him my bare pussy. His dick is so hard and his face is all red. Before he gets himself out of the situation, I grab his hardening dick and say, “What’s this daddy?” His face turns even redder. “Go to sleep my dear,” he blurts.
“Wait daddy, you have something in your pants!” I quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his 7 inch dick. “What’s this daddy?” I grab it in my little hand and I “accidentally” stroke it. “Wow! It’s so warm! What do you do with it?”
He can’t resist. “Well, you could pet it like a dog, or suck on it like a popsicle.”
I stroke his dick up and down. “Is this good daddy?”
He groans and says, “That’s very good my dear. Oh don’t stop!”
“Wait daddy- I want to suck on it like a popsicle, just like you said.”
Before he can reply, I take the whole thing in my mouth, moving up and down and I suck on his big dick with my hot little mouth. He reaches over and grabs my nipples, caressing them.
“OH daddy, that feels so good! Wait daddy, what is this popsicle thing called?
“It’s a dick my dear”
“How come I have something different?”
“Girls have something you put the dicks in my dear.”
“Can we try?”
“No way.
“Please daddy?” I grind my belly and pelvis against his dick.
He gives up and says, “It’s going to hurt!”
“I’m ready daddy”
He impales me with is dick and breaks my hymen.
“It hurts daddy!” I shout.
“Don’t worry, it will feel good soon.”
“Oh, I’m tingling down their daddy!” I cry as I get nearer to my climax.
He cums in me with a groan and I climax too.
I sprawl out over his body, grinding my nipples against him.
“Oh! That felt so good daddy!”
I read his fetishes. He likes reluctant sex! I control his mind and he says, “We’re going to do that again tomorrow honey, but tomorrow I want you to fight me back. It’s like acting in a movie, okay? I’ll even treat you by trying what we did but in your butt hole”
I nod and say, “Good night daddy” and I go upstairs. I replace myself with the girl we raped and place her in the bed. I go back to my domain and I scry to see what happens the next day, with me and my three toys all fingering ourselves and each other.
Joanne goes downstairs in the morning and says “Good morning!” cheerily
Her dad responds likewise.
As she sprawls out on the couch with no panties (thanks to me), her dad comes over pulls her skirt up.
She seems confused and when he shoves a finger in her ass, she cries out. “Stop daddy! What are you doing! That hurts!”
Thinking she is acting from the promise I made to him pretending to be her from the night before, he gags her and continues as she squirms underneath him. Then, he shoves his dick in her tight little ass and she screams out, “Stop! Please daddy! It hurts.”
She tries to crawl away, but he picks her right back up and shoves his dick in her torn up asshole again.
I read his mind and hear him think man, she really is good at acting. I read the Joanne’s mind and she’s like what is daddy doing? It’s hurting me. Why won’t he stop? The girls realize how I tricked her dad and they start finger each other even harder as they watch. Jenny has put a incubi slave on the ground and is riding him as she watches. Her daddy pulls out his shit covered dick and shoves it in her mouth as she cries. He finally climaxes, exploding in her mouth, but he gets a different reaction than he expected. Confused, he says, “You can stop acting now honey.” But all she does is cry.
Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Scared he tells Joanne, “Seriously, stop acting now or we’ll get in trouble.”
Sniffling, she says, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand daddy.”
At that moment, the door is broken down and the cops come in. They notice that Joanne and her dad are both naked and say, “The neighbors report screams. You are now under arrest for statutory rape.” The man is confused as he is arrested, but me and my toys are all laughing to ourselves.

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