Mrs. Stevens has a break
Day 3
I woke up with a smile on my face after dreaming about my sexy little high school girl’s lips wrapped around my cock. The smile left as I remembered my current surroundings; and quickly moved past the hotel room of high school boys to the restroom, to avoid being detected with my early morning hard-on. I was tempted to masturbate in the bathroom, but instead had hopes of having my cum swallowed down a little later by Samantha. I quickly showered, though lingering a little while on my cock to make sure it was nice and clean for my young lover, and then exited the restroom to wake up the boys for their first day of practice.

As we all climbed on the bus, Samantha quickly joined me in our seat. Before sitting down, she made sure to lean over as though picking something up, to allow me a great view down her top. She was not wearing a bra, and her perky little nipples were more than evident. My cock twitched in my jeans. Unfortunately, the bus ride was a fairly short one, and the day of rehearsals did not offer much promise of the encore performance I was hoping for; though Samantha did make sure to grab my cock through my jeans a few times on the bus ride over.

I waited to get off the bus until last, mainly to assure that no one would see the bulge that Samantha had caused on the trip over. The students were supposed to spend the day rehearsing their musical numbers with another school until lunchtime. I was basically going to have 3 hours of free time to myself, and yet all I wanted to do was fuck Samantha. My cock was aching to have those soft teenage lips wrapped around it again. I was just about to leave to go on my own little walk around town when I felt a warm frail hand grab hold of my bicep. I was hoping to turn around and see Samantha there, but to my surprise, it was Mrs. Stevens.

“John, I was hoping you would let me hang out with you for a few hours. The band leader does not like interference from other instructors, so basically I have been banned from my own band for the morning.”

For a brief moment I instinctively began sizing up Mrs. Stevens; or Tracy as she instructed me to call her. To be honest, she is the type of woman I would usually be attracted to. Even though she taught High School band, she couldn’t have been more than 30 years old. She had fiery red hair, perky breasts (at least from what could be seen from her conservative white blouse), and a very toned body. She had lovely green eyes, though they were somewhat hidden by her librarian type glasses. In fact, after finally looking closer at this woman, she was quite the delectable beauty.

“Mrs. Stevens…errr..Tracy…I would be delighted to have you join me around our nation’s capital.” With that, I offered my arm, and she grabbed it as we headed off for the morning. I figured we were going to do a little sight-seeing until it was time to return for lunch, but apparently Tracy had other plans in mind. Instead of leaving the building, we proceeded down a hallway, when all of a sudden Tracy pushed me into a dark classroom.

“Tracy…umm…what are you doing?”

“John, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you this whole trip. I need to have you. Please John…will you …” her eyes were scanning my face for any sign of approval… “will you fuck me?”

Needless to say, I was shocked, and once again, that little voice inside my head was shouting what the right appropriate answer was, but I never was really good at listening to that little voice.

“Tracy, we are both married: what if someone found out?”

The fact was, I didn’t really care at this point. I was already frustrated from thinking about Samantha all morning, and the more I stared at her teacher, the more I wanted her too. Either way, Tracy just stood there staring up at me with those gorgeous green eyes, almost pleading with me without saying another word.

Shit! Who was I kidding. My will power was already gone. I gave a little grin to my sexy suitor, and then quickly pulled the door shut behind us. Tracy didn’t wait a second to grab my belt and begin to undo my pants. I pulled her into me, and thrust my tongue into her warm mouth. She eagerly met my advance with excitement, and our mouths danced together as I felt the zipper to my jeans slide downward. Only a moment later, I felt Tracy’s warm tender fingers sliding into my briefs and then wrap around my swollen member. I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as she tenderly began stroking up and down my cock with her tiny little digits.

Tracy was tender as she worked her hand up and down my shaft. She allowed her fingers to gently tease and scratch at my ball sack as she plunged her warm seductive tongue deep into my mouth. My own hands began working the buttons on her blouse, followed by a quick release of her bra. It was Tracy’s turn to moan as my hands eagerly began massaging at her wonderful tits. I broke my mouth free from hers, and slowly began a line of kisses down her neck and chest, until my lips came to rest on one of her swollen erect nipples. I wasted no time sucking it into my mouth, savoring the sweet delicious feminine taste of her skin.

“Bite it John.” I heard her mumble out at my hands slid behind her and pushed down her long skirt off her ass.

I sucked it harder into my mouth, teasing it more aggressively with my tongue, not entirely sure I had heard what I thought I had heard.

Tracy squeezed even tighter to my cock as her other hand pulled my head hard against her breasts; “I said bite it…let me feel your teeth baby.”

Her voice was so soft, and yet aggressive at the same time. I know she felt my cock harden in her hand at the thought of this innocent looking teacher revealing her wild side. But who was I to argue. I went slow at first, and my teeth gently latched hold of her erect nub. Tracy moaned in satisfaction as my hands slid up under her ass cheeks, even more surprised to find out that the teacher was not wearing panties.

“Harder John…bite it harder,” she commanded. I obliged, and bit down even harder on her tender nipple. She winced out this time, but then immediately followed with another approving moan. I found confidence in her noises, and my hands pulled her closer as my mouth began engulfing and feasting hungrily on both breasts, making sure to bite and pull at them with my teeth.

“Ohhhh fuuuucckkk…baby…mmmm…I do love having my nipples bit John.” After a few more minutes of aggressive tit play, Tracy reluctantly pushed back away from me.

“Okay, time to see that big cock; I masturbated to the thought of it in my mouth and ass last night. I hope you don’t mind.” Her confession was thrown out there as if she had said she had graded homework. She quickly dropped to her knees before me, not even looking up to see my response to what she had said. In a flash, she yanked my jeans down to the floor, and my cock sprang free from them and literally slapped her in the face. She was so close; I could feel her hot breath as it streamed from her plump lips, down my erect cock, and over my tender balls. For a moment, she just stared at it. She was no more than an inch away from it with her mouth, and yet she just gazed upon it as though it was a work of art. I must admit, it was arousing to see how much attention she gave to it.

Finally, she reached up with those small tender fingers and once again wrapped them gingerly around it. There was a large drop of pre-cum gathered at the tip, and Tracy leaned forward and slowly traced her tongue up the tiny slit, and gathered the nectar with it. Her thumb started rubbing small circles around the tender edge at the bottom of the shaft, forcing an immediate moan of pleasure from me. She smiled knowing that I was helpless before her.

Again her tongue made a pass over the tiny slit, only this time it began rubbing circles around the entire head afterwards. Her lovely green eyes stared up into mine, seducing me as she slowly moved her mouth over my shaft. Her plump moist lips easy slid down my shaft, and worked the entire length into her throat. She didn’t even gag as the entire 8” penetrated into her throat. I had never seen a woman swallow my cock so completely on the first try. For a moment, she just closed her lips around it and continued to stare up at me, proving that she was more than able to handle my big thick cock.

I reached down and ran my fingers into her hair and began massaging her scalp as Tracy slowly began to pump my shaft in and out of her eagerly little throat. It was amazing to watch my thick cock disappearing so easily into such a small frail mouth, but that sexy bitch sucked my cock like no woman ever had before. One hand was used to pump up and down my shaft in unison with her mouth, while the other was tenderly stroking and squeezing my balls. After a few minutes, she even started sliding a finger back behind my ball sack, so that she could tease my asshole.

She owned me for the moment. The gentle massaging I was doing to her head and turned into me grabbing fists fulls of her hair as I pulled her violently down onto my shaft. A few times I gagged her, but it seemed to only make her more excited. I fucked that woman’s face for all I was worth, and knew that I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“I’m…ohhh fucccckkkk….gonna…..shit shit shit….fuck….damn it you are good at that..”

Tracy knew what I was trying to say, and she began sucking even harder on my shaft, hungrily working to drain my seed from it. Finally I could take it no longer, and I plunged my hips forward, hard against her face, forcing my cock as deep in her throat as I could drive it. Spasm after spasm of milky nectar flooded from my cock and down her tiny throat. She swallowed eagerly, working diligently not to waste a single drop. My sexy little school teacher didn’t stop though; as soon as the cum was all but drained, she immediately began fucking that cock hard and fast with her fist and mouth for a second time. My body was shaking from the extent of the orgasm she gave to me. She never gave my cock a chance to soften.

I was hard as a rock again, but it was my time to feast. I pulled Tracy to her knees and pushed her down over the top of one of the desk in the classroom. I dropped to my knees before her, and now it was my turn to just stare for a moment. Her pussy was shaved completely smooth, and her ass was absolutely perfection. I was so lost in the lust of the moment, I was not gentle or slow about anything. Hungrily I thrust my tongue immediately into her tender pussy, immediately rewarded with her sweet juices. Tracy moaned at as I began devouring her sweet slit as my hands started massaging at her ass cheeks, spreading them apart with my thumbs.

I had never licked a woman’s ass before, but for some reason, that tight little hole was calling to me. I moved one of my hands between her legs, and slowly began rubbing small circles around her swollen tender clit. My tongue instinctively moved back from her pussy, and before I knew it, I could feel my cock twitching from the excitement of licking her asshole. It was nothing like I expected. She smelled fresh, and for some reason, it was driving me crazy with lust. I pushed the tip of my tongue at the tight hole, and immediately I felt Tracy thrust her hips back against my face, and her pussy erupted in a violent orgasm.

“FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK”….she growled out as she slammed her ass back hard against my face. I moved back down to her pussy to feast on her nectar, but quickly returned back to her ass to tease it some more. My finger was working more intently on her clit, and within a minute, she was exploding a second time.

“Ohhh..mmmm….fuck John…..oh…..fuck yeah baby.” She moaned out as I moved back down to her pussy with my mouth again. I hungrily drank the nectar from her slit, and then sucked her swollen clit into my mouth. Again she thrust her hips back against my face, only encouraging me to tease her clit more. Then I remembered her command to bite her tits, and I was wondering how she would respond to me biting her clit in the same manner. I paused for a moment as I felt the tender nub resting against my tongue, and then gave it a sharp but brief bite. Tracy went crazy beneath me as her body erupted in an unexpected third orgasm. Her hands were grabbing tight to the desk as she groaned and mumbled from the pleasure.

I feasted on her pussy and ass until her body finally started to calm down a little, but my cock was throbbing for more attention. I slowly stood up behind her, and smiled at her as she stared at me with those sexy green eyes over her shoulder.

“Shove it in my ass baby…give me that huge cock hard and deep,” she commanded.

Now I may have never licked an ass before that day, but getting to fuck one was something I had been rewarded with a few times. Let me say, there is nothing as hot to me as getting to drive my 8” cock inside a woman’s ass…but Tracy was so small, I was not even sure I would be able to get it in her tight asshole. My hesitation must have shown, because Tracy reached back and grabbed my cock hard in her fist, then yanked it forward toward her ass.

“I said, shove it in my ass baby. Don’t worry, I can take it…..all of it!”

My hesitation disappeared immediately. The look of lust on her face was enough to take care of any reservations. I stepped forward, and was a little shocked to see Tracy begin to rub my cock against her tight little asshole for me. The position was a little awkward for her, but she insisted on smiling back at me as she worked my oozing cock over her tight hole. My hands moved to her hips, and slowly I pulled my cock into this sexy little bitch. Tracy’s head fell to the desk as her eyes closed and she started biting her bottom lip. She was so fucking tight.

I tightened the grip on her hips, and pulled even more determined into my little school teacher. She worked to relax her ass for me, but even with my saliva, that ass was super tight. But I wasn’t stopping now. I finally gave one quick hard thrust of my hips, and drove the head of my cock into her asshole. Tracy let out a gasp as the thick head spread her open.

“Oh fuck baby….yeah…mmmmm fuck yeah….I’ve been trying to get my stupid husband to fuck that ass for five years now…oh fuck….don’t stop John…fuck fuck….ohhh fuck John…fuck my ass like my husband won’t.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She was such a little slut, and I loved it. A new surge of desire and lust took over, and immediately I drove my hips forward as hard and fast as I could. My big thick cock filled that tight little hole to the hilt, causing Tracy to let out a moan that could probably be heard by anyone in the hallway. I glanced up at the door, half expecting someone to walk in and see the band teacher impaled on the chaperone’s cock…but luckily, the door remained closed.

The lust was taking over, and before I knew it, I was slamming that frail body all over the desktop with the weight of my body driving against it. I had never felt anything so tight and wonderful around my dick in my life. Her ass muscles squeezed and pumped around my cock like a machine. It didn’t take long before Tracy’s next orgasm took over, but the harder she came, the more emphatically I fucked that tight asshole. A second, then a third, and even a fourth orgasm ripped through the tiny little body beneath me. I couldn’t believe how long I was lasting, but it felt more like her ass was squeezing me so tight, I wasn’t able to let my cum go yet.

Tracy’s body was trembling and shaking, and I could finally feel that second load of cum boiling to the surface. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and began pulling back hard on it as I pounded more aggressively into her sexy little ass. Tracy tried to fuck back against me, but she was close to exhausted. Then it finally hit me, and I drove my cock as deep inside her luscious ass as I could go. Spasm after spasm of orgasmic sperm filled her ass as my body shook and trembled on top of her. The grip on her hair tightened even more with each final thrust of my cock inside her, making sure to distribute every drop I had to offer.

We were both exhausted as I lowered her down onto the carpeted floor with me. My cock was still tight inside her ass as she wiggled next to me. For at least 10 minutes we just enjoyed the comfort of each other’s bodies spooned together. Tracy had turned her fact toward mine and we kissed deeply as I fondled her breasts and rubbed at her still tender clit and pussy lips. Slowly, she turned her body more, allowing my slippery cock to fall from her lovely ass. Tracy then sat up next to me, and then leaned over and began sucking my cock clean of all my cum. I just stared up at her with amazement as she slowly and methodically worked my cock in and out of her mouth again.

When she was finally satisfied with the job she was doing, she helped me to my feet, and we both got dressed. We decided to take a taxi back to the hotel so that we could shower, and get freshened up again. Needless to say, it was a long shower that included another fantastic blowjob from my school teacher. She did love to suck cock. We made it back to the school just in time to get the kids for lunch, and even though I didn’t have the chance to fuck Samantha at all that day, I did get one final chance at Tracy late that evening, and finally fucked that lovely pussy of hers too. I was so glad there was still half of a trip to go.

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2014-02-05 08:12:37
Your stories are all Quantity, No Quality. Fast food writing.

You run through each act so quickly that they lose all significance. Rather then having your females cum 5 times, just 1 or 2 quality orgasms would be so much more satisfying- if you spent the time to build to it. Good writing provides unique details, fleshes out each event, gives them significance, depth and quality. Your stories need to escalate & build, until the orgasms have meaning.

Your stories are the writing equivalent of premature ejaculations- everyone cums long before it is satisfying to anyone.

Or put another way- Your writing is like a high school boy having sex- rushed and without the patience or attention to detail that make it satisfying for those who experience it.

I think you could write good stories but you seem more interested in rushing your writing, churning out stories, while saturating them with as much meaningless sex as possible.

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2014-02-05 08:08:53
How exactly is New York the nation's capital?
Inconsistency when it comes to such a fundamental part of the story unfortunately appears to reflect poorly but accurately on the amount of effort and the attention to detail you devoted to this story.

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2014-02-05 08:03:21
Your story would be so much better if it had about 1/3 the amount of sex- if you actually decided to dedicate the time and effort neccessary to delve fully into each encounter, providing full, compelling descriptions that build the reader's anticipation for the final release. The sex acts in your story lose all significance and effect because you run through each so quickly, providing none of the patience necessary for good writing (or good sex). D
You would be much better served if you decided to take the time to go into each sexual encounter thoroughly, taking the time and effort to flesh each out with unique details and truly make it meaningful.

This is ADD writing.

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2013-06-08 14:45:52
Just reading makes me want you to fuck me!!!!!!!!!

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2013-05-22 08:38:18
Oh yeah, faulbuos stuff there you!

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