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The story of my first gay experience
My First Gay Cock.

A true story, at least as I remember it, although names and places have been changed to protect the um innocent.

I was 21 years old and although you’ve heard it before I really could have passed for much younger standing only 5’4 tall (if I stretched myself) and weighing just under 8 stone. While I’d never had any gay inclinations I was never very good with girls, that is to say I was fantastic at being friends with them but that is all they ever saw me as. Looking back the few sexual encounters I’d had with girls were probably pity sex on their part. I wasn’t unattractive but I was a nice guy and unfortunately girls like bad boys.
As a result I was spending yet another night trawling internet chat rooms looking for girls in my area. Back then the internet hadn’t really caught on in a small rural county in southern England.
So it was that I was searching hopelessly for something that was somewhat rarer than an honest politician. It was getting late and I was tired and very horny. Having not had sex for 2 years I was always horny. Then suddenly ‘PING!’ I couldn’t believe it! Finally a message! I hurredly opened it only to discover it was from another guy. He’d sent me a message because he’d noticed I was from the same town and it was so rare that you bumped into someone local he just wanted to say hi.
Being a little naive I guess I took him at his word. We chatted for an hour via private messages while also chatting to the room in general. He seemed nice and openly admitted he was older than me. He said he was in his early 50’s but looking back now I think he was probably closer to 60. Not that I thought that at the time… when your 22 anyone older than 30 is just classed as old. As the evening wore on we talked about lots of things, local topics of interest, girls, the internet, porn, football.
We got on well and as I said he seemed nice so when he asked if I fancied meeting up for a drink and a chat I didn’t think any more about it. He’d told me that he was divorced so I just figured he was a lonely old man and I wasn’t exactly overflowing with company so I said why not. It would beat another Saturday night staring at a computer screen. We arranged to meet outside a pub about 2 miles from my home the following afternoon at 4pm.
Not being able to drive I caught the bus and at 4pm the following day I was stood outside the woodpecker when a new Vauxhall astra sti pulled into a space just over the road. Bryan got out and walked across the street. “Jason?” he asked as he cam up to me.
“Yeah and I guess that makes you Bryan?” I asked knowing the answer already. This was the first time we had seen each other, digital camera’s not being as common then and camera phones having not been invented. He was pretty much as I’d expected. OLD. He was my height maybe a little taller with silver hair and about 2 stone overweight. Although in fairness he had a gut it wasn’t that big, just a slight bulge.
“Listen I don’t really fancy having to shout over the noise in a pub… do you fancy coming back to my place and we can chat there? Maybe watch a film or something?” I hesitated for a moment but I figured (like most youngsters) he’s old and unfit, I’m young and fit… if he tries anything I could take him down.
“sure I guess” I said, he smiled in a friendly way and led me back to his car. The drive wasn’t far, maybe a mile, back towards where I lived. I remember we listened to the football final scores coming in on the way and shared a smile when we heard that the local team had wiped the floor with Manchester United. Something that NEVER happened since our local team usually couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag.
When we got to his house I looked around, it was a nice bungalow in a quiet cul de sac with views across the estuary to the harbour on the other side. Inside it was as you would expect of a house owned by an older person. Everything was clean, tidy, with a slight musky smell. It reminded me instantly of when I visited my grandparents’ house as a child.
“Nice pad” I remarked checking out a hand drawn print on the wall.
“Thanks.” He replied “Drink? I’ve got tea, coffee, lager or orange juice if you prefer” he asked disappearing into the kitchen.
“A lager would be nice” I called back.
“Sure. Make yourself at home I’ll just be a second. Stick the TV on if you want!” I heard him call back. I followed the hallway along to the living room, sat down on the sofa directly opposite the TV and using the remote turned it onto BBC1 to get the last of the football results.
A moment later he joined me passing me a can of Fosters. “What were the results? “
“I only caught the last two. Villa lost and the Chelsea Everton game ended in a draw” I replied dejectedly.
“never mind mate, they’ll come good next week. Wanna watch a film?”
“yeah ok, what have you got?”
“Er I’ve got a couple of Bruce Willis films, Top Gun, a couple of others… or there’s porn if you want?”
“You decide” I said, not having much of a porn collection myself I was secretly hoping he would put on some porn and I wasn’t disappointed. I was however slightly surprised when I almost instantly realised it was hard core Gay porn.
“You don’t mind do you? I told you that I’m Bi Sexual right?” I was desperately trying to remember the conversation from the night before… I didn’t remember him telling me but didn’t want to appear ungracious.
“er ok” I replied as he came and sat down at the other end of the sofa. We sat like that for a few minutes watching the screen before I noticed him rubbing his cock through his trousers. I have to admit that I was getting hard as well.
He glanced across at me “you don’t mind do you?” he asked in an easy tone. “you feel free to wank if you want as well”
“er ok” I responded, as I started gently rubbing my cock as well. We sat like that for a few minutes before he reached across and started rubbing my cock. I was scared. I knew I was in deeper than I could handle but I didn’t want to upset him andit did feel good. When I didn’t resist he took that as an invitation and slipped his hand inside my jeans to wank my cock directly. Using his other hand he moved my hand onto his cock so that I was now rubbing him through his trousers.
This continued for a few moments as we both started to breath heavy. Finally he turned to me and said “Take your clothes of boi I want you to strip for me. I know you are horny and a little faggot so just stand up and get those clothes off”
I didn’t know what to do, I was scared, out of my depth and horny as hell. He was so commanding I was afraid if I said no he would get violent. So silently I stood up and slowly took off my shirt and jeans. Standing in front of him in just my boxers. “Jesus Christ you call that a strip you pathetic worm? Take them all off NOW!” He all but shouted the last word. I looked down in shame, humiliation and embarrassment as I hooked my thumbs into my boxers and slowly pulled them down till they slipped down my legs and pooled at my feet.
“Go put your cloths in that chest over there.” He said pointing across the room to where a small wooden chest sat against the wall. I went over and put my clothes in the chest, painfully aware that as I bent over to put them in the chest he had a perfect view of my puckered anus. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed as I stood back up.
“Now get your arse back over here you pathetic maggot. NO! On your knees, I want to see you crawl faggot” I closed my eyes against the shame as I dropped to my knees and slowly crawled towards him.
“you know I’m not gay Bri….” I tried to get out of this humiliating situation.
“Don’t give me that… you want this bitch or you wouldn’t have met me. You wouldn’t have got in my car if you didn’t want me to fuck you bitch. This is all your fault and don’t pretend otherwise! Look at your pathetic cock. You got hard watching gay porn and even hard you are tiny. YOU ARE PATHETIC….what are you?”
I was so humiliated and ashamed. I didn’t want this, I’m not gay, I just wanted a friend. I remember that was when the first tear leaked out. I was mortified, scared, alone, on my knees and naked in front of a man old enough to be my grandfather.
“I asked you a question wimp. Stop fucking crying and answer me… what are you?”
“I’m pathetic Bri…”
“You call me Sir or Master… Anything else and I’ll kick you in the balls so hard you wont be able to walk for a month you got that faggot?”
“y..yy…yess Sir” I stuttered. All the while looking at the floor so he couldn’t see my shame.
“good. That’s’ better. Now take out my cock, like the worthless faggot slut you are” I Swallowed even thou my mouth was as dry as a bone. Before reaching up and undoing the clasp on this trousers and undoing the zipper on his fly. He lifted his arse off the sofa so that I could pull off his trousers and briefs. He spread his legs and for the first time up close I saw another man’s cock.
Looking back now it was at best only average size. But compared to my prick it was huge, at least twice as thick and even half hard it was longer by about half again. It laid along his thigh like a deflated balloon. His wrinkly ball sack hanging low between his legs. I admit I was mesmerized and for a moment I almost forgot my shame.
“Stop fucking looking at it you perverted faggot. Lick may balls” Knowing I had no choice I shuffled forward on my knees, let in and with the tip of my tongue I tasted my first ball sack. Slowly licking it up and down as a child would an ice lolly. Suddenly he reached forward and grabbed the back of my head.
“Open your mouth bitch” he almost shouted before pulling my head forward. His huge nut sack slipped into my mouth and my nose was buried in his thick musky pubic hair. His semi but rapidly hardening cock pressed up against my eye. “Now suck slut!” I started sucking on his balls taking them deep into my mouth. Using my tongue to swirl them around. “That’s it bitch, you like that don’t you, you pathetic ball licking slut.” I was horrified to realise that while ashamed and embarrassed my cock was once again getting hard and leaking pre cum. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on by this disgusting, taboo act. I was actually getting horny as this old man debased and degraded me.
“Oh yeah that’s it slut.” I don’t know what I was more ashamed about, that fact that I was on my knees with the balls of a guy almost 3 times my age in my mouth. Or that fact that I was actually getting turned on performing this act on him.
Without warning he suddenly pulled my head backward, changed it’s angle slightly and pulled it back forwards straight onto his hard cock. “now you are really going to learn how to be a cock sucking faggot slut” he pulled my head forward until the head of his hard cock hit the back of my throat. My eyes bulged and I fought desperately against the urge to gag. He released me enough for me to pull my head back about halfway before again pulling me forward, this time a tiny bit further.
Before long we had a rhythm going on and I was if not willingly than at least not fighting him as my head bobbed up and down on his dick. All the while he was telling me what a useless cock sucking faggot slut I was. All the while I was getting harder and leaking more and more pre cum ashamed, disgraced and turned on by my debasement.
Maybe it was this first experience but later in life when I finally accepted what pathetic, perverted, worthless cum dump I am I always looked for new ways to be humiliated, degraded and debased. I now love being humiliated and verbally abused and the shame that goes with it.
“That’s it bitch, you like having your throat fucked don’t you? You like a real man’s cock skull fucking you? Raping your mouth? Yeah slut you fucking love the taste of cock. You stupid fucking cum guzzling slut. I bet you want me to cum in your throat don’t you? I bet you are looking forward to swallowing my spunk, having my sperm in your belly don’t you? “ He shouted as he continued to rape my mouth and throat. “Oh yeah that’s it you fucking bitch”
He suddenly pulled me hard onto his cock and again my eyes bulged as his entire length forced it’s way down his throat and again I found my nose buried in his musky pubic hair as he ground his pubic bone against my face.
Tears were streaming down my face as I struggled to breath or choke around the hard cock that was sealing my windpipe as he held it firm in my gullet. Once, twice I felt his cock spasm in my throat before he pulled out. Just as his cock came out of my mouth the first jet of man juice pumped from his penis and back into my mouth. For what seemed like forever but was probably only a minute or so jet are jet of jizz hit me in the face and hair as he emptied his balls.
Totally debased I was horrified when I realised that my cock wasn’t just leaking pre cum now I too was emptying my nutsack on the laminate floor. My face and hair were covered in his sperm, the little that had entered my mouth dribbled out as I struggled to regain my breath. Too shocked, and appalled was I by my sexual assault that I didn’t even have the energy to close my mouth.
I felt sordid, used, humiliated, embarrassed and ashamed as I knelt there. I could feel his slimy spunk sliding down my face, dripping off of my chin and landing on my chest, legs and stomach.
Finally he stood up. “Well faggot, that was ok I suppose.” He said as he stood up moved past me. Somehow that made it even worse. This vile old man had used my mouth for his pleasure, debased and degraded me, humiliated me, forced me to suck his balls and cock and by the sound of it he barely enjoyed it. Again the tears started to flow. “What are you crying for cum dump? Were you hoping I’d let you drink my spunk?”
“N…n… Sir” I finally sobbed as I felt him stand directly behind me.
“Ha… Not likely, your not that good of a cum slut yet. And don’t try telling me you didn’t like having my cock in your throat bitch I bet you loved it……oh! I can see that you did” For the first time he noticed that I’d spewed my cum on his floor. “You must have fucking liked it you pathetic little cocksucking faggot.”
“Pity for you.”
“Wha…w….what do you mean sir?” Suddenly I was getting scared again. I didn’t like the way his voice had suddenly gone cold again.
“You fucking made a mess on my fucking floor you BITCH!” he shouted. “And did I fucking say you could fucking cum?” I was too scared to move from my kneeling position or to look at him so I just looked down at the pool of my sperm on the floor.
“ master!” I stammered.
“Fucking faggot bitch!” He said as suddenly and without warning he kicked me hard in the balls from behind. The pain was incredible and I collapsed sideway clutching and my balls. I was sure I was going to throw up and pass out from the pain. He just calmly stood over me and watched me crying and holding my bruised and tenderised nuts.
“Well your fucking clearing that up bitch. Go on cum slut lick it up. I wanna see you drink your own fucking sperm you lousy faggot cum guzzling bitch.” He continued to stand over me. “I mean NOW BITCH!”
I let go of my aching balls and lent forward from where I was laying on my side. Appalled by what I was about to do I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked up my jizz all the while fighting back the urge to be sick.
“Swallow it slut!” I took a deep breath and forced myself to swallow. I had to swallow twice as the first time it came back up. This was the first time I had swallowed anyone’s spunk. Let alone my own. I hated the salty taste and the slimy texture made me feel sick.
“Well let’s get you cleaned up whore” he said as he grabbed my upper arm and half lifted half dragged me through the bungalow to the shower. In my naivety I though to myself “Thank god, at least I can get his sperm off me” I was still repulsed by the feeling of it on my skin. Little did I realise how he intended to clean me up.
“Kneel down cum slut” he said, unwilling to risk being kicked in my aching balls again I instantly dropped to my knees again looking down at the floor this time of the small shower cubicle. I saw his feet as he stood directly over me and suddenly I felt a jet of warm liquid hitting the top and back of my head.
I had thought this couldn’t get worse but I instantly realised this wasn’t water. He was actually pissing on me! He was washing his spunk off of me with his urine! Again I was taken to new levels of degradation, debasement, and humiliation.
“Look up slut” I forced myself as disgusted as I was to close my eyes and look up. I felt his urine hitting my face and running down over my body rising this old wrinkled disgusting man’s sperm off of me. “open your mouth!” he demanded. I couldn’t do this… I just couldn’t. Instead of opening my mouth I shook my head.
“Nnn….n…no!” I spluttered trying to avoid the jet of piss. Instantly I regretted it as again he kicked my balls. Again I fell sideways this time landing on my back in a pool of urine gasping. He immediately aimed his stream of golden piss directly into my open mouth even as I gasped for air.
I felt some go down my wind pipe, I coughed once, twice, and felt the urine shoot past my soft palate, into the back of my nose. “Open your mouth now whore or I’ll fucking kick you again!” I didn’t have to told a third time. I forced my mouth open to accept his stream of piss. He filled my mouth before pinching off the stream. “Swallow!” I looked at him in horror but I could see in his eyes that he meant it. I couldn’t believe it. I was forcing myself to swallow another man’s urine.
I was disgusted at the warmth, the acrid taste, the smell, everything but I forced it down my throat. I’m sure I could feel it go all the way down into my stomach. Again the stream started and again I was made to catch it in my mouth before swallowing the amber stream. Four times he made me swallow like that before pulling me up by my hair and again forcing his cock deep into my mouth.
This time he wanted to piss directly into my throat. I felt the disgusting liquid going down and I choked. Again I felt the liquid rush up my throat into the back of my nose. Finally after what seemed like hours trapped in this nightmare although in reality it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes he let me sag sideways to the floor where I wrapped my arms around my knees in the foetal position as he left the room.

When was this nightmare ever going to end? I wondered what my parents would say if they could see the situation I had gotten myself into. Lying naked, in the foetal position, in a pool of another man’s urine.
After a few moments my master was back. Even now it amazes me how quickly I went from being a straight youth who called a man Bryan to a cock sucking, cum guzzling, piss drinking, submissive faggot who thought of this man as his master.
“Get up bitch!” again he dragged me to my feet by my upper arm. He was fully dressed and as he dragged me back through the bungalow he thrust my clothes into my arms. Without even allowing me the dignity (god knows he’d stripped me of enough of that) to get dressed he pushed me out the house still covered in his piss. “Fuck off cum dump!” he shouted as he pushed me out the door.
There I was stood on the street, naked, covered in urine, totally in shock. Looking around I saw a man on the other side of the road looking at me, lust obvious on his face. I instantly started running down the street. I passed two girls I knew from school who pointed and burst into laughter. I was mortified. I ran round the corner straight into and old couple whose look of disgust I’ll never forget branded me with their scorn.
Finally I came to a row of garages where I was able to hide long enough to dress. It was only then that I was humiliated to discovered that he had kept my boxer shorts, and even worse had cut the seat out of my jeans. I had to walk over a mile home, reeking of urine, hair sticking to my head with my arse on show to anyone who cared to look.
Ashamed, degraded, debased, defiled and humiliated I walked home knowing that anyone that saw me could guess that I had been sucking cock, swallowing sperm and drinking piss.
When I finally arrived home I sat at my desk in a total state of shock. I was just starting to think about going to the police when I heard the email notification sound on my computer. I looked scared of what I was going to see… somehow instinctively knowing it would be my master.
Sure enough it was. He had one last surprise in store for me.
“Hello cum dump, Please see the attached file. You’ll notice you looked hot and because of the camera angle you can actually see your cum you dirty faggot. I just thought I’d let you know about this in case you had any silly ideas about going to the police. You are my cock sucking bitch now whore and if you tell anyone anything I’ll put this video on the internet, and send it to everyone you know! From now on you are at my beck and call and don’t you forget it you worthless cum guzzling faggot slut.”
And sure enough there it was, the video file from the hidden camera I didn’t know anything about. All of it caught it perfect digital form. As it happens I never did hear from him again. At least not directly. He used my body for his own pleasure and just cast me aside.
Looking back now I’m glad he did. Without him I’d never have discovered what a worthless dick sucking, cum guzzling, piss drinking, cock socket, faggot slut I really am.

The End

As this is the first time I’ve ever written a story I’d love feedback to know what you think of it?

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2013-11-19 02:11:01
If anyone lives in San Jose , ca let's suck ?

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2013-11-19 02:10:19
Hot I have a major bonner

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2013-08-05 17:31:11
I am a submissive female lesbian slut. I loved your story and can relate. I am now a sub to two lovers who pay me as their maid. When they are drunk they like to use me as their piss pot, the rest of the time I really love being their pet

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2013-08-05 13:18:09
I am a submissive female lesbian slut. I loved your story and can relate. I am now a sub to two lovers who pay me as their maid. When they are drunk they like to use me as their piss pot, the rest of the time I really love being their pet

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2012-05-18 18:16:43
Homosexual trash. Sick disgusting perverted asshole

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