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The story of my second gay experience. Spit roasted by a BI Couple.
My Second Gay Cock.
If you have read my previous story than you know about my first gay experience. Again this is a mostly true account of the second time I experienced gay relations.

My second gay experience was about a year after my first. Again I was lonely and had been surfing the internet searching for girls when I met a young lady in a sex chat chat room. She was fairly local to me living only 3 towns over. In the country that is considered local. I was secretly disappointed when she told me in a private message that she was married but quickly forgot that disappointment when she asked if I’d be interested in a 3some with herself and her husband.
For those of you not familiar with my first story let me tell you a little about myself. At the time of this encounter I would have been about 23, 5 foot 6 tall and slim weighing only about eight and half stone. I had boy next door looks, nothing particularly noticeable one way or the other. I was so average that I joked people would forget about me while I’m talking to them.
Initially I was sceptical but she convinced me to meet them that weekend. So it was that drove over to their town. We met outside a garage on the only main street and after saying hello her husband joined me in my car and I followed her back to their place.
He was in the army and talked on the short rid about how discretion on my part was important as his superiors wouldn’t be happy if they found out that he and his wife were swingers. He seemed like a nice enough chap and was easy enough to talk to, before I knew it we were pulling up in front of a large stationary caravan. I followed them inside and we had a few drinks and a chat about this and that.
Sally’s was about 5’8 and in her mid-twenties with dark ginger but not quiet auburn hair. While slim her body suggested it had seen better days. She did however have beautiful green eyes. Her husband Tom was a little taller, maybe 5’11 or 6 foot. He was also a little older being about 30. As you would expect from a military man he was obviously fit and strong and had a nice easy smile.
After a little while someone, I think it was Sally suggested we play cards as a way of breaking the ice. We had all been dancing around the subject of why I was there but we were all too nervous to bring up the elephant in the room.
‘Yeah why not?’ I said ‘What shall we play?’ I asked already having a pretty good idea of the answer. I wasn’t disappointed.
‘How about strip poker?’ She replied. We all shared a smile and she expertly dealt the cards. We went over the rules, you could bet as much as you wanted on a single hand and if you won you didn’t have to remove anything. However once you lost an item of clothing it was gone you were not allowed to put it back on, nor could the winner of the hand use other peoples clothing in later hands. We all agreed and picked up our cards.
Three hands later Sally was completely topless, her slightly saggy tits dangling down as she collected the cards from the last hand and started dealing again. I was down to my boxers and a t shirt after rashly trying, and failing, to bluff Tom in the previous hand whilst holding only a pair of threes.
I lost the next hand losing my shirt, literally, before Tom finally lost a hand and took of his sweater. Sally then lost heavily on the next the hand and lost all her remaining clothing. She shrugged and removed her skirt, socks and finally her knickers to reveal a thick hairy ginger bush. My cock instantly got hardened and started straining against my boxers.
‘Hot ain’t she?’ Tom asked noticing the obvious bulge in my boxers.
‘Very’ I replied licking my lips. I noticed him smile as Sally again started dealing out the cards. ‘Hold on’ I said as I noticed she was dealing herself in. ‘how are you going to bet? You’ve got nothing left to bet with’ I said it with a smile on my face so they knew what I was getting at.
‘How about once we lose all our cloths we can continue playing but if we lose then that loser has to perform a forfeit set by the winner?’ Sally said, they had obviously played this game before. ‘Each time you lose the forfeits get progressively….um… let’s say interesting?’ she winked as she stressed the last word. We all agreed and picked up our cards. Needless to say I lost the next game finding myself in the same situation as Sally. Tom on the other hand had only still only lost his sweater.
Being acutely aware of both their eyes hungrily watching me as I stood up to take off my boxers I was slightly embarrassed but since Sally was already fully naked it didn’t both me much.
‘Now the fun really starts’ Sally giggled as again she dealt the cards. I had nothing and was hoping that my Jack would be enough but that was not to be. Sally showed her pair of 2’s but for a change Tom didn’t have anything to beat it having only a King to show for his hand.
‘Well, well, well’ She smiled at me as she said it, subtly prolonging the torment.
‘Come on what’s it to be?’ I asked resigned to the fact that I’d have to pay the first forfeit.
‘How about for the next 3 hands you wank?’ she said.
‘Fine’ I replied my hand dropping to my crotch. It was hardly a forfeit after all, my dick had been aching to be stroked ever since she lost her last hand.
Tom lost the next hand and I won, trust me to win when it will do me no good I thought as I watched him take off his T shirt to reveal a smooth chest with nice pecs, dips and 6 pack stomach. Again the cards were dealt…
‘Ha, bad luck old girl’ Tom chuckled as Sally realised she had lost and would have to pay a forfeit. ‘I think what’s good for the goose is good for the gander don’t you Jason?’ He said looking at me still masturbating.
‘Oh absolutely’ I responded as I watched Sally start to play with her clit. This time Tom dealt since Sally hands were busy. I picked up my cards and was almost surprised by the pair of jack’s I had. Finally a hand almost worth having, unsurpisingly enough thou it wasn’t enough. Tom had a pair of queens and Sally won with a straight.
‘Oh look at that. So close!’ she was obviously enjoying my discomfort. ‘I want to watch you kiss my husband’ she announced. Now that was something that I wasn’t expecting.
‘um’ I hesitated looking at him.
‘Don’t worry about it mate I won’t bite’ Tom said with a smile. Oh hell what is there to lose I thought to myself. I stood up and moved around the table, before bending over to kiss him. He wrapped one hand around the side of my head and held my lips on his tongue forced its way into my mouth. It was my first time kissing another man and my cock spasmed briefly at the erotic thrill of it. Suddenly I felt his other hand run up the inside of my thigh and cup my balls as I continued to toss myself off.
After about a minute of him exploring my mouth with his tongue he let me go and I went back to sit down.
‘Well did you like that?’ Sally asked. I felt confused, dirty, but still turned on. I nodded but said nothing. Sally and Tom shared a look before Tom again started dealing the cards.
Again I lost this time to Tom. “Oh God!” I thought to myself, how do I get myself into these situations? I didn’t want to continue as I had a sense of where this evening was heading but neither did I want to bail. I felt pressured to continue no matter what happened.
‘I think you should come over here and suck my cock mate’ Tom said sitting back in his chair and opening his legs.
‘erm… er…. You know I’m straight right?’
‘It’s a FORFEIT Jason… you can’t go back on it now’ Sally said.
‘I’ll tell you what mate I’ll give you a break since your luck has been terrible tonight. How about double or quits on the next hand?’ Tom asked reasonably. I did some quick mental calculation. There was only a 1 in 3 chance I’d lose the next hand.
‘What do you mean double or quits?’ I asked as my mind raced.
‘Well either you give me a blow job now, or, IF you lose the next hand you agree to be our sex toy for the rest of the night? It’s a good deal, your luck has got to change soon right?’ Having mental flashbacks to that evening a year ago I really, REALLY didn’t want to have to suck cock.
‘Ok it’s a deal’ I said praying I’d win the next hand. I figured if I won I’d call it a day explain I didn’t want to play anymore and leave.
The cards were dealt and I was almost euphoric to have a flush. We all showed our hands and I was slightly miffed to see Sally reveal four 4’s. But that was nothing compared to the mortification I felt when Tom revealed a full house.
‘Bad luck mate now get over here and give me that blow job’ He said as he undone his fly and opened his jeans to reveal his hard cock. I just stared at the cards and started to shake uncontrollably. Sally stood up and gently encouraged me to my feet and led her over to her husband. My knees were like jelly as I was led around the table, my eyes glued to the cock he had pulled from his jeans and was now gentle stroking in anticipation of what was to come.
Knowing I had no options left I dropped to my knees and lent forward he grabbed the back of my head and forced my head down into his crotch. ‘Open wide gay boy’ he said as his big purple bell end slid past my lips and he entered my mouth. I immediately started sucking him off as out of the corner of my eye I watched Sally sit back down, pull her legs up and slip 3 fingers straight into her leaking pussy.
‘Oh yeah that’s good, you’ve done that before haven’t you pussy boy?’ he asked as I sucked his cock forcing my mouth further and further down the shaft towards his pubes. ‘I bet you’ve sucked a lot of cock haven’t you pussy boy, your certainly good at it isn’t he love?’
‘Yeah that’s not the first cock that faggot has chomped on. Fucking hell that’s hot’ Sally replied as she slipped another finger into her pussy. ‘Can I have a go on his tongue?’
‘Go for it.’ Tom encouraged pulling me off his cock and pushing me towards his wife. She grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my face into her soaking, hot, humid bush. Her musk filled my nostrils as I slipped my tongue deep into her cunt and licked like a man possessed, swallowing every drop I could from her leaking pussy.
Behind me I could hear a rustle of clothing and guessed Tom was taking off the last of his clothes, as I continued licking and sucking on his wife’s pussy and clit. ‘Oh yes, yes that’s it. Fucking yeah lick my pussy you cunt’ she shouted ‘yeah oh yes FUCK YESSSSSSSS!’
Suddenly she started gasping and wreathing as her first orgasm rushed through her. I watched her abdominal muscles tense and relax in spasm as she flooded my mouth with her cum. The was a flash and I was horrified to realise that her hubby was taking a photo of me on my knees, face buried in his wives pussy while she was clearly in the throes of an almighty orgasm.
I continued to lick and suck the musky juice from her pussy as she regained her composure. ‘My turn again.’ I heard Tom say, ‘ I want to fuck his pussy face again’ Sally pushed me away and again Tom grabbed the back of my head and shoved his hard cock in my mouth.
There I was knelt on the floor while this big butch soldier stood over me and fucked my face with his big cock which must have been a good 8 inches long and about the same width as a 2 pence coin. I grabbed his cock with my right hand to control his thrusts although this really only meant that now I was effectively wanking him into my mouth.
I watched Sally stand up and walk out the room after a few moments and Tom immediately pulled out of my mouth and sat down. I just continued to kneel in the middle of the floor desperately trying to come to terms with the fact that once again I had a virtual strangers cock invading my mouth.
‘Get over here and suck my balls faggot’ Tom demanded. I crawled over to him and took his hairy sack into my mouth, using my tongue to roll them around in my mouth. ‘Fucking hell you must have had practise at that, I thought you said you were straight bitch?’ Since he was asking me a question I let his balls slide out of my mouth.
‘I was sexually assaulted last year by some old guy sir’ I responded before once again taking his tasty hairy nuts back in my mouth.
‘Well he obviously taught you well slut. Maybe there’s a reason you keep finding yourself in these positions. You were obviously asking for it you little prick tease faggot whore.’ He said as Sally walked back in the room behind me.
‘Fuck that looks sexy, that stupid pussy boy worshipping your man sack like that. Hold on I must get a picture.’ She said. I closed my eyes in shame as again images of me being debased were captured for posterity. ‘Oh come on now pussy, give us a smile for the camera!’ Sally insisted having looked at the image she had already captured.
I forced myself to smile around the balls in my mouth and look directly into the camera as she took another photo ‘that’s better slut’ she said after a moment as Tom pulled me off of his balls and pushed his dick back into my mouth. Behind me I could hear Sally moving about but at moment my entire attention was focused on servicing Tom’s boner.
I was shocked when without warning I felt something slick and hard pressing against my puckered anus. I tried to shout for her to stop but with Tom’s hands holding me firm on his cock and his hard manhood acting as a gag it just came out as a muffled ‘nnnnnphffff’
‘Oh see that baby? The filthy, worthless, pussy boy wants my strap on in his arse’ Sally cooed to her husband. She grabbed my hips and with one strong unrelenting thrust forced the entire length of her strap on past my virgin sphincter and deep into my arse.
‘MMMNNNNNNNNNPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!’ I screamed around Toms cock and he groaned as the vibrations it sent through his dick that was by now burying itself deep in my throat.
‘Fuck yeah fuck his boy cunt hard. Rape his arse, he obviously loves it Hun’ indeed just like last year I realised that I was rock hard with another mans’ penis in my throat. The only difference was this time his wife was violating my arse, fucking it hard, raping me with her phallic, plastic appendage.
It didn’t take long for the pair of them to build up a rhythm as they both fucked me. Her in my arse, him in throat. Every time she thrust forward so would he, the end result being that with every thrust he was forcing himself further down my gullet while she forced her strap on deeper into my bowels. When I agreed to a threesome I didn’t for a moment think I would be the one being spit roasted.
The humiliation and shame I was feeling at the situation I was in was overwhelming, this combined with the fact that I was gagging on Tom’s cock with every thrust meant that the tears were streaming down my face as they both fucked me hard for what seemed like hours but was probably only about forty five minutes.
‘Oh god I’m gonna cum’ I heard to groan, I was instantly terrified as apart from the one occasion I was forced to drink my own sperm I’d never tasted cum. Certainly not another mans. But with him holding my head in place and now skull fucking me and her raping my hips as she pounded my man cunt there was little I could do to prevent it.
I watched his ball sack tighten and I closed my eyes against the shame and degradation of it as I felt his cock spasm in my mouth and throat. Then I felt it. The hot, slimy, acrid sperm of another man hitting the back of my throat. I gagged once and felt it burn my soft pallet and inside of my nose.
He forced himself deep into my throat once holding my head pressed against the base of his shaft as he emptied himself into me. Cumming directly into my gullet. I felt her quicken her pace slamming into my by now stretched out arsehole faster and faster.
Completely unable to breath because of the cock in my throat I passed out. I don’t know how long I was out for, maybe 15 or 20 minutes. When I came around I was laying on my side naked on the floor, a cheap dildo buried in my arse although by now she had taken it off and was sitting on a chair.
‘Faggot boys awake’ I heard her call out. ‘Well aren’t you the filthy cum pig? You swallowed it all you disgusting cum sucker.’ Ashamed I looked down, it was only then that I realised that they had written on me in permanent marker while I’d been unconscious. On my chest were written the words ‘FUCK ME’ with arrows pointing to my mouth and down towards my arse. On my stomach were the words ‘DUMP FOR TOM’S SPUNK’ and at other places around my body were further humiliating words. Whore, slag, slut, faggot, cock sucker, cum dump, bitch. They were all there somewhere leaving me in no doubt what a worthless piece of fuck meat I was.
‘Oh finally! I hope you enjoyed fucking slacking off bitch because we have been waiting for you’ Tom said as he came back into the room. ‘Do you like our artwork pussy? Here take a better look.’ He reached up and lifted down a mirror that had be put up in the corner of the room. Suddenly I realised that the bad luck that had got me into this in the first place wasn’t luck at all. They had been able to see my cards the whole time. I felt so stupid as he passed the mirror to me. ‘Go on whore take a good look’
Dreading with I was going to see I looked into the mirror. My eyes were puffy from where I had been crying, my lips bruised and swollen from my skull fucking. But I barely noticed. All I could see were the words adorning my face. ‘FAGGOT’ was printed in capital letters across my forehead and CUM WHORE adorned both my cheeks respectively. On my throat were the words Tom Fucked This. A single silent tear rolled down my cheek.
‘I don’t know why you are crying faggot. You clearly enjoyed being raped and a worthless cum slut like you should feel honoured to be fucked so thoughly. It will wash off in a few days I expect, but you don’t need to worry we have taken a load of photos if you want some memories. We will email them to you.’
‘Anyway we are finished fucking your worthless holes cunt so you can piss off. Your stuff is on the table.’ Sally said off handedly. Slowly I got to my feet and reached round to take the dildo out of my arse. ‘Don’t you dare fucking touch that whore. That is to stay in all the way home do you understand?’ I nodded and reached for my car keys and wallet.
‘Oh since you get that thing in your arse as a memento we are keeping your clothes. It’s not like a pussy boy like you really needs them is it faggot?’ Tom tormented.
‘No sir’ I croaked my throat still raw from the fucking it had received. Maybe it was my imagination but I’m sure I could feel his sperm in my stomach. I was disgusted but at the same time turned on and I could feel the first twinges in my cock of an erection.
‘Maybe we will do this again bitch. You do have a hot mouth and maybe next time I’ll try out your arse. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being fucked by a real man, you certainly seemed to enjoy sucking on one.’
Knowing that his words were dangerously accurate I said nothing as head down in abject humiliation I slowly walked to the door and left, dildo still in my arse.
Fortunately there was no one around as I walked to my car and drove away, despite the fact I could easily have pulled over to take the dildo out of my arse I didn’t. I also took a route home that took me over several sets of speed bumps. The effect being that the jolt of the speed bump fucked the dildo into my arse. At the time I told myself it was a route which would mean I would be less likely to be seen by anyone in my humiliated state. Looking back now I wonder, was that it, or did I secretly like the feeling of being fucked. I still have that dildo in a draw, and when I’ve not been fucked for a while I’ll take it out and fuck myself remembering that night.

The End.

As I’m still new to this story writing game please leave feedback so I can develop my writing style.

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That was fucking hott! I wish that would happen to me!

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2012-07-07 01:22:01
it is sick and nasty huh

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Sounds lovely, I want to be spit roasted now!!!!!

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سكس سوري

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"I didn't for a moment think I would be the one being spit roasted..." erotic wet dream, but the degradation becomes a turn off.

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