Hey, my name is Jason, I was 15 when I lost my virginity. I will never forget the day. One of the hottest girls in school was my next door neighbor, and we were sort of friends. One day I walked past, and she said "Hey!" I said "Hey", back, and she told me to come over. So I walked across her lawn. She invited me inside, and offered me a drink, I said "No thanks."

We watched T.V. for a few minutes, when she said "It's getting hot in here, mind if I take off my shirt?" It was getting hot in there, so I said "Sure". She had a black, lace bra on. She had such nice, firm C cups. I instantly got hard. We continued to watch T.V. and I watched her out of the corner of my eye. I couldn't help but notice she kept playing with her tits. I heard quiet moans coming from her. Once again, she said "I'm still really hot, mind if I take off my skirt?" I quickly said "Go right ahead!" She had a matching pair of black lace panties on.

She continued playing with her tits, watching her got me so hard. I couldn't help it, I asked her "I'm getting hot, too. Can I take off my pants?" She replied with a "Yes". There was a noticable bulge coming from my pants. She looked at it, with this look in her eye. She looked like she wanted something. We leaned over, and kissed me on the lips. We started making out. we layed on the couch, and she got on top of me. We continued to make out. She took her lips away, and took off my shirt. We kissed again for a few minutes, when she took off her bra. She had the nicest tits ever. I was sure she could feel my dick poking her. I started licking her tit, she moaned. I sucked them for a minute, I kept alternating tits.

She took off her panties, she had such a nice, wet, pink pussy. She was a virgin, too. She started rubbing her clit, she was moaning. I felt pre-cum on my dick. She began fingering herself, and moaning loud. I asked her if we were alone, she said "Yes." I decided to take off my boxers. I started jacking off. My dick couldn't possibly get bigger. When I was hard, I was usually 8 inches. I watched her, and I moaned a little. She started to say "My arm is tired." I volunteered and said "I'll help you out."

I began to finger her, and she was tight. I rubbed her clit with my other hand. She was moaning loud. I decided to take action, and I ate her out. She orgasmed once. She really seemed to like it. She took my cock and started giving me a hand job. It felt so good. She also gave me oral. I cummed a little. We got into the 69 position, and gave each other oral for a few minutes.

When we were done giving oral, we decided to have sex. She didn't want to use a condom. I was fine with that. I sat on the couch, and she rode my cock. God, it felt good. I felt her hymen tear. A little blood ran down my dick. She continued riding me, she was moaning so loud. It felt great. She got on the floor, and we did it doggy style for a few minutes.

I could tell we were both close to cumming. I don't know the name for this position, but she spread her legs in the air, and let me cock go in her pussy. This position felt great. She kept moaning and screaming. "Oh yes! Harder! Faster! Fuck me!" Then, I came right inside her. A little after that, she came all over my dick. I stood up, and lifted her up on my cock, I bounced her up and down. It felt great. We did a lot of positions.

Then, I took my cock out of her pussy, and I came all over her face, mouth, and tits. We decided to try anal. We did all the same positions we did when I was in her pussy. I liked vaginal intercourse better than anal.

Luckily, she didn't get pregnant. We're together today still. I'm 18 now. We have 1 kid. He's 1. We love him so much. We have sex almost every night, and we use a condom. She's on birth control, too.

The end.


2009-02-27 08:19:49
piece of capital shit, its like a police reffernce


2007-11-23 08:40:32
everyone saying "spell check' or paragraph it.. just shove it up your ass

its a fucking porn story.. not a fucking grammer school. for fucks sake


2007-01-14 23:57:04
hey dummy, learn to paragraph, spell, and write. otherwise you have a good story, NEXT, if you don't
mind if I eat and fuuck your old lady.


2006-09-29 00:34:08


2006-06-26 03:04:01
the dialouge in this story could have been better but asides from that i didnt really have any problems with it. pretty good for a low rated story.

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