This will not be a short story.
The love of one guy

My name is Gavin I am 19, and I live in my house with my 2 sisters Lindsay and Tracey. My mother passed away a few years ago, she left the house and the car’s to me. The money went to my sisters, I received some from the will but not as much as they did. We live in the two story house my mother left for me. I go to school, then to work, then I come home to a nice warm dinner sometimes that my sister Lindsay has made for me. Lindsay is the younger sister, she is sweet, very kind, and has always helped me with anything I have needed help with . She is 23, 5 foot 10, long black hair down to the middle of her back. She has a nice hour glass shape, her hips are some what big for my taste, but in all she is still a very lovely woman. She has nice legs, Her double d breast almost makes me just want to grab a hold of them and suck on them for days. My older sister Tracey is 6 foot 1, blonde hair down to the back of her shoulders. She is more of a athletic build. She has always been into sports such as volleyball, baseball and a few others. Long legs that go all the way up to that tight ass of hers, with her breasts only being a C cup but I did not mind. Tracey has never gotten to close to me. We have talked with each other ,and do the normal family stuff like eat at the table for holidays. We just never talked about her personal life, If she was dating or anything like that. She would get mad if I tired to ask her about stuff like that and she would yell at me and walk out of the room. In all I still love her, Even is she doesn’t tell me what’s going on with her life.

So this all started on a weekday I got up to take a shower and get ready for school. I have the master bedroom up stairs, with a walk in closet, but no bathroom to call my own. I think the builder of the house for got to put one in. Anyways, The bathroom is down stairs next to the kitchen. I got in the shower washed my body up and down, played with my cock a little to get my day going, got out shaved doing all the normal things a guy dose to get his day started. When I was coming out of the bathroom I was putting my robe around me, at the same time trying to get my school ring back on my finger. It slipped out of my hands and landed on the ground, I bent down in a squatting position to pick it up. With out thinking about my robe, my robe was open with my cock being semi hard between my legs. I did not notice my sister Lindsay in front of me as I was putting on the ring with my cock just hanging out and about. When I realized someone was in front of me I looked up to see her face looking down at me, she had a little smile on her face. I jumped up and close my robe as fast as I could, my face was red I could feel the blood warming up my cheeks. Sorry Lindsay, I didn't see you there. She just smiled and said.. It’s alright not like I haven’t seen a thing like yours before, with a smile on her face. She walked past me and gave my butt a slap, She has always done that over the years. It might be a odd thing to anyone else but to us it was normal. So with me being embarrassed and red faced I went back up to my room to get on my school clothes, still thinking about what just happened and if Lindsay was really ok with it.
I went down stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast, like any other normal day Lindsay and Tracey were at the table reading the paper with each other talking about the comics, and looking for new jobs. They had already pulled out the sports section of a newspaper for me. I made me some eggs and toast, then sitting down at the table with a piece of toast in my mouth I picked up the paper and started to read about how the Bull’s are going to trade off one of the MVP’s of this year off to another team. I had my feet on the middle support bar under the table with my legs open and my knees up in a laid back position. When I was about half way done with the article I was really into it, So when I felt something start rubbing my crotch of my pants it scared me some what. I jumped and hit my knees on the bottom on the table making my glass of coffee jump and spill on the table. My two sisters jumped and looked at me as I was grabbing my knees from the pain they was in from just hitting the old oak wood table. Are you ok Lindsay and Tracey asked looking at me like I might have gone insane or something. I am fine, something just startled me rubbing my knees. Let me clean that up, Lindsay said, getting a rag to clean up the coffee that was now over the table. With my mind fixed on wanting to know what the hell that was, I looked under the table looking all around to see if I could find what it was that was rubbing on me. I did not see anything, but as Lindsay sat back down I saw how her legs could reach across the table to my side with out a problem, Same with Tracey. My eyes opened and just thinking about one of my sisters rubbing there foot on my cock made me get a hard on. Are you going to spend all day down there Tracey asked laughing a little. No I am just out of it today I guess, looking back at my paper picking up from the point I left off at. Only a few minutes later, I could feel a foot rubbing on my crotch again. This time I did not move, letting the foot pull, dig and play with my stiffing cock inside of my pants. I was enjoying every moment of it, I wanted to pull my cock out and just let the foot play with my cock out side of my jeans. You need to get going to school said Lindsay, I looked up at the clock and I had 20 minuets to get to school of I was going to be late. I pushed my chair back to see if I could get a look at who the foot belongs to, but it pulled away before I could see who it belongs to. I picked up my bag and was holding it in front of me to cover up my hard cock throbbing in my pants. Telling my sisters bye, I walked out of the house still wondering whose foot was playing with my cock like that.
For most of the day in school I was day dreaming about one of my sisters playing with my cock, my cock was hard all day and I just wanted to rub one out right in the middle of class. Over and over in my head I was thinking about how I could fuck both of my sisters, You could say I was not focused on class at all today. Around lunch break I just stayed in my seat and laid my head down on my desk closing my eyes, not long after my teacher Ms. Black came over. Are you ok Gavin? I looked up at her with a smile on my face. Yes, I am just fine Ms. Black. Just a very odd morning, that’s all. I have been around Ms. lack for a few years now, gotten to know her some what well. I met her when I was in detention for getting into a fight, ever since then we have always talked about what’s going on in our life’s. She is a very down to earth woman, very smart and sexy at that. I think the glasses and the school teacher thing made me want to fuck her more, but it was also the fact that she was single, and has been for about a year or so now. She asked “Odd ?” What do you mean odd?.. It’s nothing to worry about, It’s just guy stuff. It’s been on my mind most of the day, Just been hard to focus. Sorry if I worried you or anything I did not mean to. She looked at me with a puzzling look. If you say so Gavin, just don’t forget you can always talk to me if you need to. She said with a smile on her face, I smiled back and nodded as she walked back to her desk. Watching her nice ass rock side to side as she went back to her desk, She had on a nice black dress that came down to her knees. My cock was now softening up, I got up out of my desk and walked over to Ms. Black sitting down on the side of her desk. So I can talk with you about anything right? She looked at me from her computer that she was typing out a email from. Yes you can Gavin, I would like to think we have became friends over the past few years with all the time you spend doing home work and talking about everything else, She said with a smile on her face. I looked at her, and a idea popped in my head to make her blush. When was the last time you was with a guy? She looked at me and said, I have not been in a relationship in almost a year, Why do you ask? No I do not mean a relationship I am talking when was the last tie you had sex with a guy, I laughed and picked up the brass apple from her desk to roll it around in my hands. She did not say anything for a moment, then she said, It has been a long time Gavin. Even the last relationship I was in, I did not sleep with the guy. I don’t like to open myself up like to anyone, You can call me old fashioned if you want. I just don’t open myself up to anyone like that. I nodded and was looking at the apple in my hands, then sitting it back down on her desk.
I looked at her, she was looking at me like she was waiting for me to say something. Now I have always had dream of kissing Ms. Black, But what student hasn’t? I leaned over to her chair, putting my hands on the armrest of it. Slowly pushing her chair to the wall, looking at her as the chair hit the wall making her jump a little. I moved closer to her lips before my lips touched hers I heard her say “don’t” , but I was already going this far I wasn’t going to stop now. As I gave her a soft kiss, I could feel how tense she was. When I started to pull away I could feel her relax some what, then I felt her hands come up behind my head to pull me back to her. I let her pull me back down to them soft sweet lips as we started to make out. It was soft, sweet, kisses, Her tongue found mine and started to play. I felt her tongue tease mine to come after hers, As mine followed hers she began to suck and nibble on it. One of her hands left my head and went down to the front of my pants rubbing my stiffing cock, she undid the button on my jeans sliding her hand down inside of my boxers. She let out a soft moan as she found my throbbing cock, I let out a light gasp as she started to stroke my cock. She became more forceful with her kissing as she started to stroke harder. I could not take it any more I wanted to have that puss of hers, I pulled back from her lips my hands running down to her ass picking her up. With out missing a beat she wrapped her legs around me as I was turning around to lay her down on her desk, with her on her back she pulled me back down to start kissing me again. My hands moved down her legs pulling back her dress showing off them nice thighs oh hers, as my hands moved down and around her ass I found out that Ms. Black had nothing else on. I smiled and gave her more of a forceful kiss as I pushed my pants and boxers down with my other hand. She placed her hand back on my cock and pulled it close to her wet pussy lips that looked to be dripping already. She looked at me with lust in her eyes, please fuck me Gavin, Almost begging me to. I want to feel you inside of me filling me up with this hard cock, she started to run the tip of my cock over her pussy lips. I could feel her warm juices on the head of my cock, I leaned down on top of her kissing her again. I slowly pushed my cock inside of her tight wet pussy, I could feel her pulling at my cock to go deeper. She was breathing heavily as my cock pushed deeper inside of her, Moans came from her mouth that just made me want to start thrusting as hard as I could. I did not want to hurt her, she was very tight for me and I am only 8 inches. When my cock was all the way inside of her, I stayed still and let her milk my cock with her pussy. It was wonderful to feel her do this, I have never had anyone do this before. She brought her lips to my ear and whispered fuck me hard baby. With that I pulled my cock all the way back till the head was almost out of her pussy and then shoved my cock back all the way in side. She let out a loud moan, and before the moan was over I pulled out and dug back deep inside of that tight pussy of hers. Thrusting my cock inside of her again and again, her moans getting louder and louder. Yes! Gavin! Yes, Fuck me just like that….. Ohhh god … Her nails digging into my back, my cock plunging over and over in that sweet pussy of hers. Kissing her on her lips to keep her moaning down, I am going to cum Gavin…Fuck.. Cum with me please, I want to feel you shoot that load inside of me. When she said this she started to buck her hips against me, making my cock slam harder inside of her. I could feel my ball’s tighten up and my load getting ready to blow. She let out a loud cry, as I felt he pussy start to spasm. I’m Cumming she said, When she said that I felt my load explode inside of her. She moaned louder grabbing onto the side of the desk, I could feel her pussy pulling and spazzing out around my cock. Her wet juices covering my cock , feeling it drip out of her pussy and down my cock onto my balls. Her body was still shaking a little, her pussy was still moving around my cock. I lowered myself down to lay on top of her with my cock still deep inside, both of us breathing heavily I moved my lips to hers kissing them as we both laid on her desk taking in the moment.

To be continued maybe

“Authors note”
This is only the 1st part, and this is my 1st story. If many dislike it I shall not write any more of this story, I do not want to make something that is crap and waste everyone’s time. Leave comment about the story below Thank you :)

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