There is not much more to do In Northern Maine other then Fish drink and fuck. Once you have caught your limit of fish you work on the girls.
Fishing trip 2

I cut up a piece of steak and fed the morsels to Cathy. I know it is foolish, but I enjoyed doing little things like that for her. I got a certain thrill out of each movement of her jaw as she chewed. I was not oblivious to what was going on around me. Mikes hand had disappeared beneath the tabletop. Denise's breathing soon quickened, and she stopped eating and clawed at the table. Her brilliant blue eyes glazed over and she squealed "EEEEEEAH" then slouched down over her plate panting heavily. Mike put his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers.

Cathy smiled as she swallowed the last morsel of steak I had fed her and I felt her hand sliding onto my shorts. The snaps gave way to her and she soon had her hand full of my meat. Her fingers glided over my shaft as her eyes told me she was hungry, but not for the food I had been feeding her. Denise raised her head up and tried to look as if nothing had occurred. She wiped her face with a napkin and let it slip from her fingers. She ducked under the table to retrieve it.

Mike finished his steak and downed the last of his beer. He got up and said he was going to get some more beer. Then said he would grab enough for every one.
I saw a change in Cathy's expression as Mike left the table. Her eyes widened and her back arched. Her grip on my cock tightened, and her mouth fell open. She began to fidget on the bench, as if she could not keep still anymore.

I knew with out looking that I would see Dee’s strawberry blonde tresses between Kitty Cat's thighs if I were to look down. Cat pulled hard on my cock as her expression went from shock to bliss. Her deep brown eyes stared blankly ahead and she began to rock her hips. Moans of joy caught in her throat. I put my hand down on the blonde's head and ran my fingers through her hair.

Mike smiled knowingly at me as he sat the cans of beer on the table.

"Where's Dee?" he asked as he sat down. I glanced toward the outhouse.
He nodded excepting my indication that she had gone to use the bathroom. I kept my hand beneath the table and let him think that I was pleasuring Cat.

"O, ha, oh ha hh-hahahahahahaha." Cathy panted Then she climaxed, bucking her hips into Dee's face, and howling out as her orgasm washed over her. "Oh my God." Cathy breathed, as she leaned over and kissed me.

Mike shook his head and said "I gotta go myself. I'll check on Deedee while I am over there."

I felt a pair of warm lips close over my excited prick. Cathy pulled her hand away as Dee sucked my cock into her mouth. Cat nibbled on my ear and said, "Cum in her mouth, I know you want to. Let go and fill her mouth with your sweet cream." She blew in my ear and licked my lobe as Denise sucked on my cock with surprising expertise. Cat's heated talk pushed me over the edge and I soon felt my balls tighten and churn. The cum spurted into her mouth, jet after jet till I felt as if I would never stop cumming. Dee took all of it. She kissed the head of my dick then popped up on the other side of the table. Dee stuck out her tongue and showed a puddle of cum pooled there then swallowed loudly. She wiped her lips with the napkin she had retrieved then popped the tab on the beer Mike had brought over. She rinsed her mouth and swallowed the beer as Mike returned to the table.

"The Least you could have done was answer when I knocked on the door" He said as he sat down beside her.

"I guess I didn’t hear you baby" Dee said, "I think I have had too much to drink. Why don't you and Jim help me get ready for bed?"

I stood up and mike motioned me back. He scooped her up into his arms and said, "I think I can manage getting you into the sack with out any help." He carried Denise into the tent. And I sat back down and pulled Cathy to me.

"Kitty Cat, What just happened?" I asked. I've got a good buzz, but this feels wrong."

"Your best friends girl just sucked you off, and ate out your girl friend." Cathy replied. "Either she is as drunk as she claims, or she is priming for a four way."

"God baby you look radiant tonight." I said. "How do you feel about it. You know, doing it with them? I've never thought about having sex with another couple. I mean to actually do it. I have fantasized about doing it but, never thought it might happen. You know---”

Cathy kissed me and stopped my rambling. "I love you." She said.

"I love you too Kitty Cat." I told her.

"They are going to be either sleeping or fucking in that tent." She said, between kisses. "I don't intend to sleep until I pass out from exhaustion after I fuck you till you can't get it up anymore."

"Are you promising or threatening?" I smiled at her.

"A little of both." she answered, pulling my shorts off. "She left her mark on you Jimmy, strawberry red lipstick. Dee and Mike were fishing."

Cathy rolled a condom onto my cock, then straddled me guiding my member into her hot wet cunt. As we fucked she asked, “Did you like having Denise suck your cock?”

Not knowing how she would react, I replied, “It was awkward, but I enjoyed it.”

“I have never had a girl go down on me before” Cathy told me. “I have fantasized about it. Watching her suck on the carrot I fucked myself with really turned me on. When Mike was finger fucking her while we ate, I could barely keep my ass on the bench.” Cathy was thrusting her self on me harder and faster with each sentence.

“Then when Dee had pushed her head between my legs I came before her lips touched my pussy.”

You would think that you would know a girl after going steady with her for years. I caught on that she was being turned on by the Idea of eating pussy. So I took over the conversation. “You liked having Dee’s tongue in your hole. I bet your pretty pussy is strawberry pink like her lipstick.”

“Yes, Yes” Cathy panted, “I loved her tongue fucking my cunt.”

“Mike watching you squirm as his girl friend licked and tongued your pussy made you even more excited. You came in his girlfriends face as he watched.” I told her. Does he turn you on? Would you like to have his cock in your mouth? How about a cock in your mouth while Dee licks your clit?“ I asked. Cathy was biting her bottom lip as her body began to quake. “A cock in your mouth and one in your cunt would you like that Kitty Cat?”

"Yes yes,” She screamed. "YES, Yes, yes”

Cathy was fucking me fast and hard. I continued to ask her about Mike and Denise. "Do you want to eat out Deedee? Do you want to suck on her juicy hole? I bet you would like to suck on her pussy while mike fucked you."

"Oh Yes." I want to lick her I want to taste her girl cum. Jimmy if you want me to fuck Mike I will but please let me eat Deedee." She pleaded.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her off my cock. "You do not want to do Mike, but do want to have Dee?"

“I will fuck him for you and you can fuck Denise. That is what you planed when you set up this trip wasn't it?” She Stated.

I pulled her to me and hugged her tight. "Kitty Cat," I said, “She is pretty and sweet and I could not refuse her when you put my cock in her mouth, but as long as I have you I will never need another girl. We arranged this trip so we could have a fishing trip and our girls. Until she caught us before supper, all she was to me was Mike's girl."

I put her up on the table and spread her legs. Standing between them I entered her and began fucking her. I pounded into her with a force that only this position allows. My pelvis ground into her clit with each thrust. I held a breast in each hand and began to describe having oral sex with Dee.

"You will have to lick her slit and get your tongue into her hole. Use lots of spit and be sure to stroke her clit a lot. You know what feels good to you. If you do that to Dee you are sure to get her off."

Cathy shrieked, and her pussy spasmed on my thrusting cock. "Fuck me harder." She cried out. "Oh God I'm cumming, don't stop, don't stop." She thrust her hips up arching her back and she howled out her orgasm. I pounded into her as hard and fast as I could. As her orgasm ebbed another washed over her. I joined her as she came. The waves of pleasure coursed through me as I shot my load into her. I lay down beside her and took her into my arms. Cathy put her head on my chest and closed her eyes. I listened to her purr as she slept in my arms. I ran my fingers through her hair, and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke several hours later as the sun was coming up. Cathy was snuggled up against me her head pillowed on my chest. The slats of the table were cutting into my back. I made a pact with myself never to make love on a picnic table with out first covering it with a blanket of some kind.

I ran my hand down Cathy's back and caressed her ass cheeks. I cupped her pussy with my hand and ran my finger into her slit. I rubbed her clit getting her stirred up. She woke up and kissed me.

"You keep that up and I'm going to piss in your hand." She said.

"I am not stopping." I told her.

“I'm not kidding," she said. "I got to go."

I pushed a finger into her pussy and redoubled my efforts on her clit.

"Let me up you bastard." She groaned. "Oh my god I have to go. Jim stop that. Oh, oh you are going to make me cum and I'll piss all over. Oh Oh you stop now. Fuck you. You bastard I'm cumming Awwwgod ooooh.”

Cat Let go as she came and pissed in my hand and all over the table. I continued to finger her cunt and clit as she urinated. As her flow stopped she sighed in the glow of her orgasm.

"You pervert. Now I need a bath." She said, wiggling her ass in the puddle of piss on the table. "Let's go down to the lake."

"Not yet" I pulled her on top of me. "You got yours, now it is my turn."

Cat put her hand on my cock and began to jerk me off. Her hand pistoned on my rod. Then she leaned over and took me into her mouth. She licked around the head of my penis then pulled off. "Damn" She said. "I can't do this with a dry mouth." She stopped trying to suck me and gave me one wicked fine hand job. As I shot off into the air she ran her fingernails over the glands of my super sensitive cock.

"Now piss " Cathy said. Holding my cock pointed at herself.

"What?" I asked not sure what she wanted.

"You made me piss all over my self. Now you piss for me." Cathy said. She ran her fingernails over my prick; I don’t know where she learned that trick but it did what she wanted it to. I could not control my bladder and let loose. Cathy cupped her hand over the head of my cock and deflected the stream directing it so that we were both soaked with our combined urine.

"My God." She laughed, "How can something so filthy be so much fun."

The picnic table was covered with piss. We laughed at it as we went down to the lake to wash up. I had forgotten to bring any bath soap so I lathered her up with dish soap. I paid careful attention to her pubic region and ass. I pulled two more orgasms out of her as I washed her pussy. Then Kitty Cat washed me. Her fingers aroused places I did not remember having as she soaped up my body. My cock looked like a mass of foam as she used the soap as a lubricant and jerked me off once more. Our sex play was interrupted when Deedee came down to the lake.

"Don't you two ever sleep?" She asked stepping into the water. She was wearing a yellow bikini and carrying a bottle of shampoo as well as a face cloth and towel.

She walked out till she was up to her knees in the water and began to wash her self. Cathy pulled me by the cock, over to Denise. She took the shampoo bottle and poured some into her hand.

"You start on that side of her and I will take this side. "she said.

Together we lathered Dee's body from her neck to her knees. As I washed her back I unlaced her bra and Cat pulled it from her. Then she lathered her breasts caressing them till her nipples were hard and erect. Dee swooned when I removed her panties and washed her ass. She leaned into me and I held her up as Cathy washed her pussy. Dee squirmed and humped at he hand as Cat worked over her cunt.

"Now rinse her off "Cathy said.

We waded out to our waists and lowered her into the water. Dee floated there as we rinsed the soap from her body. Cathy smiled at me and spread Denise's legs. Lowering her face to Dee's blond curls, she licked at her pussy. I slid myself under Denise to keep her above water.

I watched as my Kitty Cat got her first taste of pussy. Cathy licked out our strawberry blond captive. Lapping at her with a fierce lust in her eyes. Dee worked her hips fucking at Cat's tongue. Her eyes stared straight up. Her hand snuck down and grasped my cock. She pumped me under the water. Her breathing quickened and she began to squeal as she approached her climax. Her hand pumped faster and faster on me. She quivered and stiffened, as she came. Her hand squeezed tight on my cock as she fed Kitty Cat Her first taste of girl cum.

Cathy continued licking at Dee's pussy until she stopped quaking. Then she swam up to the girl's face and kissed her on the mouth. Dee's hand slowly began to move on my member again as she regained her composure.

I pulled them to the wharf. And sat them up on the smooth wooden planks. Then I climbed up beside them. Dee's hand returned to my cock as her mouth sought out Cathy's nipples. I put my hand in Cathy's crotch and finger fucked her as Dee suckled on her tits. Cathy pumped her hips at my finger until Denise pushed me away and she knelt between Cat's legs and stuck her face into her muff.

As Dee ate her cunt Cathy called out to me. "Fuck her Jim" She said. "Fuck her while she eats me."

I slid into position behind the strawberry blond and pushed my cock into her tight hot pussy. Dee's cunt closed on my cock and sucked it in. I fucked her slowly as Cathy rolled her head from side to side moaning in ecstasy. Dee gurgled into Cat’s wet hole as I fucked her. I picked up my fuck pace as I listened to Cat's moans become pants. Denise's pussy clinched and unclenched on my cock like a fist closing and opening. I had heard of women who could do this but had never experienced it. It was amazing the pressure she created on my cock.

Cathy howled out her orgasm. Her vocalizing triggered my own climax. As I shot my load into her Dee squealed out, her voice joining Cat's in a symphony of orgasmic harmony. Cathy pushed Dee's head from her cunt and said "turn around so we can 69."

Reluctantly I pulled my cock from Dee. Denise and Cathy lay on their sides their heads between each other's thighs. I watched them go at each other, Cathy sucked noisily on Dee's pussy slurping my cum from her hole. Their slurping and gurgling moans sending sexual tension directly to my stiff cock.

As I was wondering How to join them I heard Mike step onto the pier. He had a can of Coke in one hand and a sandwich in the other.

"That is all she talked about all night" he said gesturing at the two girls. "She told me what she did when I went down to the toilet last night." He ate as we watched our girlfriends 69. I felt my stomach churn, and I remembered that we hadn't eaten yet today.

"Cat dose not want a four way" I told him. "But after Dee snacked on her snatch last night she was willing if she could get at Deedee's puss."

"Dee thought that we lured them here to get them to have a four way" Mike said. "She told me she was game. Her words were, ""Cathy always smells of sex. I get wet just being close enough to smell her.""

"I got to get something to eat." I said, and clean off the table. I pulled a pail from the boat and dipped it into the lake. I picked up the soap and Dee's bikini as I went up to the camp. I built a fire and set some hotdogs on to cook then washed the table. I set the rolls and condiments on the table and cracked open the last bottle of Mike's brandy. I looked down at the dock as I rolled the franks over. Denise was sucking on Mike's cock. Cathy was behind her licking at her ass and finger fucking the blonde's cunt. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I watched my Kitty Cat servicing someone else.

Mike said, I am cumming"

Cathy pushed her self in beside Dee and pulled the cock from her mouth. Mike showered them both with cum and they licked it from each other's face.

The girls then pushed Mike off the pier into the lake. They looked around for the shampoo, which I had picked up on my way to the grill.

"Lunch is ready" I called, "his bath will have to wait."

They splashed their way to shore and came up to the table where I placed the plate of hot dogs. We ate in silence. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. After I finished My hot dog I pulled Cathy up from the table. I kissed her with as much fervor as I could muster and she melted into my arms. I told her that I loved her and sat her back down. I pulled Denise up and gave her the same treatment. She resisted a little but kissed me back. When I felt her nipples harden against my chest I told her I loved her and sat her back down. When I pulled Mike up, he backed away from me. I pulled him to me and hugged him. He returned my hug and I told him that I loved him. I released him and we sat back down.

It worked, we were chatting like old friends again. After we ate we broke camp and loaded into the boat. Mike rowed us back to the cabin and we spent the night there before heading home. At some point, Mike cornered me and told me that If I ever wanted to hug him again I had better make sure I had some clothes on first.

Jim McNally


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Very well done glad it all worked out

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