A special young girl from my 'Fruit of the Loins' series deserves her own Story; at 14 she is full of Life and has Love and Sex to offer this old man in abundance....
(Following on, my endless fantasy tale [refer to ‘Fruits of Others’ Loins’ series] continues, but a new young Woman enters my life, and she deserves special attention, and a Story of her own….)
Prelude: a foreign husband, wife who cheated on him and had a baby, which he accepted, and considers his own, and is his only love and all of his life now. But recent times have brought this young girl to show him Life and sex are still possible, and the next turn of the Path may reveal a new experience….)
(If you do not like underage sex, stop reading….)

My 2y.o. daughter, Mi, and I carried on with our normal swimming routine at this kiddies pool I had found in our next-door village a while back: exercising by kicking her legs, allowing water to get on her face, then wiping eyes and mouth without being scared or upset, walking around the pool side by herself, catching and throwing and chasing the ball, anything to make her feel comfortable in the water until real lessons began. This is all I asked of her, so it was always enjoyable for us.

Unpacking at home, after laying a sleeping Mi on the mattress inside, I put the sunshade on the inside of the car’s windscreen and climbed out to lock it and go in for a quick shower. The young teenager, 15 or so, who worked at a little restaurant a few blocks up our village, was just delivering food to the house next door, regular customers I knew.

This young girl had always been alluring to me; she had a slim, tall body for a Thai, always shiny, though short, hair (I love long hair) and an expression which intrigued me and I couldn’t decide if it was a permanent smirk or a permanently happy smile. I only knew her by sight, and she the same of me, but now she looked at my costumes (too closely at my groin perhaps) and asked ‘did you just go swimming? Where do you go?’ I explained just in the next village, only a shallow pool, but a good depth for my daughter. She said she wished she could go swimming some time….and looked at me with a questioning lilt to her head.
“Well, if it is ok with your parents, we go 2-3 times a week, always about 10.00 or so, and home about 2 hours later; you are welcome if you wish, Miss…? I am Steve, my daughter is named Mi.” “I am Puong, and thank you: I will ask my Mum – my dad left a long time ago. ‘Bye, see you soon, I hope.” Her expression beamed at me, and her eyes did also, as she rode off on her motorcycle.

The following morning, Mi asked for a swim, so we prepared and packed, and drove up the main soi of our village. Opposite the restaurant of Puong’s family, she ran out when she spotted the car. I checked my mirrors and parked safely and pushed the buttons to lower my window and the rear one for Mi to see. Puong leaned down somewhat, quite close and I smelt a fragrance of flowers on her: even more alluring, I thought.
She gave me a traditional Thai greeting, and I responded, and turned to ask Mi to greet her politely in the same manner; Mi did so, and I switched to English and introduced them to each other. Puong apologized and said her English is not good, but I said “my Thai is not good’ and smiled as I said ‘we will be ok talking in 2 languages’.
She returned the smile, lowering her eyes, and continued “my mother said it is ok to go with you swimming: is it still ok with you, Khun Steve?” She had used the polite form to address me, quite correctly, but I smiled again and said “If we are going to be swimming together, Puong, you can call me ‘Steve’, ok.” She nodded agreement.

(All conversations were now in a mixture of Thai and English, but the narrative here is only English….)

I stepped out of the car, told Mi I wasn’t going anywhere, and stood beside the car while offering a greeting to her mother standing across the soi; she smiled and responded – and I noted a quite tall, slim woman similar to her daughter. I am sure we knew each other, by sight at least, after many years in the same village, so at least she could assume I wasn’t going to kidnap her daughter and take her across the border or world: I had a house, wife, daughter all from this village, this country, so I could hardly flee very far.

As I mulled these thoughts, Puong ran across the soi, grabbed a bag she had obviously ready, exchanged polite farewells with her mother, and jogged back over. I motioned her to the passenger front seat, and as I climbed in, told her mother we would normally be about 2 hours, perhaps a little more; she nodded acceptance. I told Mi to say ‘bye bye’ and wave, which she did as always, and we drove off, after I told Puong she had to wear a seat belt in the front if she was in my car; she fumbled with it, and I leaned over to help lengthen it a little and then click it into the lock, our hands touching and tingling – at least mine did. Puong’s were probably just nervous at this first time with me, in my car. She said “thanks…Steve” and had a look of embarrassment on her face, upon which I didn’t comment.

We parked less than 10 minutes later; I took out our bag, put Mi’s thongs out on the sidewalk, and unbuckled and lifted her out: all routine for dad and daughter. Puong waited, and we all walked in together. I paid the nominal fee, including Puong’s, and waved away her offer of the small amount involved. We set up at a table, and while I applied lotion to Mi and myself and arranged our things, Puong went into the Ladies washroom to change. She reappeared a few minutes later, wearing short shorts and a t-shirt – rather standard wear, including a bra (though I could not detect one on Puong) for many teenaged Thai girls when swimming.

Mi and I took her ball, sat on the side, and I lowered her in to walk across to the steps hand in hand. Puong sat on the side of the pool, now opposite us by the metre of space, and just dangled her long, beautiful legs in the water, waving them back and forth in a gentle form of exercise – which could also double as quite an erotic gesture I felt and thought. Then she appeared to reach a decision and easily jumped up, returned to the table, and removed her shorts and t-shirt. She came back and sat down again, head bowed, and when she looked up I was looking at her, in the black one-piece nylon suit which showed off her slim build, long legs, and developing breasts very beautifully. “Is it nice, Steve? I ran out last night to buy a new one, in case I got the chance to go swimming soon….”

“Ah, it is very nice, Puong; it suits your slim body very well.” “Thank you, you are slim also” she added, and I laughed, “No, I am skinny, Puong, I am just bones everywhere, so be careful if you touch me, my bones are very hard and might hurt you!”
“I am sure you wouldn’t hurt me with anything, Steve, so I will take my chances – if we touch at all.”
She forestalled any response I might have stammered out by sliding down under the water, bubbling up, wiping her face and causing Mi to laugh, and wipe her own face and mouth just as Dad had taught her when the water gets on her face. A tall Puong, with wet swimsuit, was another good reason to celebrate finding this pool, though the primary reason was Mi’s water education, so I turned my attention to her as we began kicking exercises and learning further how not to fear the water, rather to respect it.

Puong never interrupted us; she walked beside us, caught the ball and threw it back if Mi sent it her way, swam a little (not well), and talked to Mi in Thai on odd occasions; she was a perfect guest to a Dad and Daughter playing at learning something.
But she was also a constant source of cock friction in that same Dad’s costumes. Not her fault, she did nothing untoward, and not her problem: only mine. Did she know the effect she was having on me? I can’t be sure, but she wore a constant smile/grin, and when she looked at me, it was with a flicker of her eyes at my groin, and then she looked at my face – perhaps for confirmation of her suspicions: there was a distinctly hard cock constrained within those costumes (thank heavens I had bought these new, tighter-legged ones: my cock just swelled - without strutting itself outside a leg: a la my old pair of costumes.)

Perhaps the pool isn’t such a good idea…after all, she was only….”How old are you Puong? I haven’t asked before?” She smiled coyly, as if understanding the underlying thoughts behind the spoken question; “I am 14, Steve, and 3 months; is that ok with you?” This time, without the benefit of her being underwater, I had to respond, and it was a stammer as I shook my head and spoke a dry-mouthed “of course ok, I just wasn’t sure”.
At that precise moment, Mi reached across under the water for my hand, but instead hit my groin and cock; “Oh Daddy big” she repeated what she had once said before, but this time she had another young woman overhearing, and that woman laughed quietly, and asked Mi “oh, what is ‘big’ Mi?” Mi giggled and replied “Daddy’s ‘thing’ is big!” Daddy’s ‘thing’ suddenly developed a case of shrinking, as I took Mi’s hand, both hands actually, and twirled her backwards and forwards, asking her to kick her legs – all educational for the next few minutes, while I resolved to remain calm, and ‘not big’.

It was ok for a while, and then I decided it was rest time, coaxing Mi out with the daily sandwich and drink offering, and explaining naturally to Puong. I did say to her the pool on the far side was slightly deeper, if she wanted to swim a little bit easier, but she reluctantly told me she couldn’t actually swim, so this depth pool ‘for kids’ was also fine for her to enjoy.
So I invited Puong for a snack also – I always brought a variety for Mi, just to give myself mainly time for a cigarette and a few swigs of the one beer I also brought, and also to be out of the sun for us both for 10 minutes. She accepted, and climbed out beside us, brushing against me momentarily; she hesitated “nothing broken yet, Steve; I guess we are ok together, right?” I nodded.

As we sat, me off to the side with the breeze blowing my cigarette smoke away from them both, Mi happily eating the triangles and squares Dad had made of her sandwich, and Puong drinking from a bottle of water, she quietly asked “I used to see you walking Mi nearly every day when she was in her stroller and you passed me by; I used to think you were such a good Dad, always talking with her, wiping her mouth of dribble, giving her water, and I didn’t understand a lot of what you said, but I saw you stopping and showing her flowers and pointing up at birds, and planes.” She paused “But I never saw your wife with you; it was always just you and Mi.”

I hesitated, and then shrugged my shoulders: I am not a liar by nature, nor by practice: “My wife works but at weekends, if she doesn’t work half-day Saturday, I always encouraged her to come with us – every week I tried, because Mi enjoys the ‘tour’ of our village, but her mother only wants to watch Thai TV series, so I gave up. Now, to be honest, her mother is not very interested in Mi; she comes home late almost every night, spends 1 minute with Mi, and then heads for a shower and soon to bed to sleep. What upsets me is that Mi seems to consider her grandmother more a mother than her natural mother; and this I cannot accept – foreigner as I am, it is almost alien to me to accept this.“

“Mi has slept with us since she was born; I loved it, and to be fair her mother had milk for her until only about 3 months ago, when Mi just stopped drinking from her. But when Mi began rolling around and moving a lot, about 6 months old, I never got any sleep – every movement she made woke me up to check on her, make sure she was covered and warm enough in the bed, no danger, change her Pampers, nothing else she needed – and I was so tired every day!”
“So I began sleeping downstairs, and my wife and Mi moved into our smaller upstairs bedroom, on low mattresses, and that’s how we are every night up to recently.

“A month back, Mi seems to have given up on her mother, and wanted only to sleep with Dad downstairs, cried in fact if her mother tried to take her upstairs to sleep; it is hotter downstairs as I only have a fan there, and the small mattress I sleep on meant Mi takes up most of it – and my bones have never enjoyed sleeping on the floor! So I let her fall asleep with me, and then carry her up to sleep in the cooler room with her mother, until I go up there every morning at 0545 when her mother gets up to shower and go to work.”

Puong had laughed when I mentioned my bones, mouthed ‘sorry’, so now I checked Mi, gave her a drink and an orange I had prepared for her, and she just sat there, close by Dad’s side and content. “I must be boring you Puong; you can interrupt me to stop any time….” She said nothing, so I continued:
“Since Mi now also seems to want to sleep late with Dad in the mornings, not go around to the next soi where her grandmother lives, and is therefore with Dad almost every day, her mother has become almost unimportant to me and to her. She is Mi’s mother, however, and at times she only wants her; I understand this, and never complain about this; what I do complain about, is that her mother never seems to only want Mi: to her, eating is more important, shopping is also, talking on her phone certainly (I am fairly certain she has a boyfriend now), watching stupid TV shows and even advertisements can’t be given up for a daughter!”

“This I cannot understand at all and so I complain to her – and that is about the only conversation we have anymore: complaints thrown at each other, me as quietly and calmly as I can, to avoid upsetting Mi, she as loudly and as awfully as she can, with no thought of Mi’s welfare.”
“Gosh, I am so sorry Puong; you have been sitting there so quietly, I just let myself speak out loud, and I never tell anyone all of this, as I have now said to you. Thai people mostly keep such matters at home, I know this, but I have only Mi to talk with and it isn’t fair to her for a Dad to complain about a Mum to a child. But I apologise to you, Puong; you should have told me it was all boring and to stop.”

Mi kindly took my attention, holding my hand and saying “one more swim” – my/our normal post-snack and rest period words when ready to get back into the pool.

I stood and lifted Mi down from her chair, swallowed another mouthful of beer, and turned to walk to the poolside with Mi, to find Puong standing close to me; she reached a hand to my cheek, gently rubbed it, and said “Thank you for explaining why I only ever saw you and Mi having a fun walk, and seeing you with Mi here, the same way, and now listening to you, I understand a lot more. I may be young, Steve, but I know Life quite a lot, and I know a good man from a bad man when I meet one, and I know a wonderful man when I know him more. You are such a man, Steve, and I am happy to know you, thank you, and hope you are happy to know me.”
“Puong, you make me shy and embarrassed, old man that I am. Be careful of early impressions, young lady, they may not always be what you feel they are. Besides, see my bones, they may not be the only thing that can hurt you.”

She had her towel draped between us, and she reached her hand through the folds to grasp my groin; “You mean this bone might hurt me, Steve?” My cock reacted by blowing up swollen, almost seeming to lunge at her, and I groaned as I could only nod. “I am not afraid, Khun Steve, and neither should you be. Shall we go for one more swim then?” She turned and took Mi’s hand from mine and, trailing behind them, I followed to the cooling water – at least I hoped it would cool me. But gosh, she had a stunning rear view to watch, so slim, such taut, tight buttocks - and long legs from toes to thighs was just a pleasure to ogle. As if she knew, Puong turned her head to look at me; ‘how old are you again, Puong’, I asked to myself? She seemed as if she was 14y.o. an hour ago, and was now 18 or 28y.o. in that inexplicable way women sometimes have of showing maturity and experience belying their years. I shook my head and turned my attention to Mi, and the cool water.

We swam a while longer, but the hotter temperature soon told me it was our time to be going home; Mi’s mother (and grandmother I am sure) were complaining how black Mi was getting – my retort was to compare the benefit of being able to swim versus her skin colour, and beautiful it was too. I asked Puong if she was worried about her skin colour –many city Thai women concern themselves with looking whiter, looking almost sickly to me – but she shook her head and said she was dark anyway, a darker shade wouldn’t make much difference, and she didn’t mind, “do you mind Steve?”
I gulped, not expecting the question; “No, not at all, I prefer brown skin to white certainly, but Mi’s mother complains I am turning Mi black by coming here, and I just wondered about a young woman’s thoughts. Your colour is actually truly beautiful.” I blushed, but it was true.
“Oh, my thoughts are on more important matters than skin colour I think; what are your thoughts on, Steve?”
I smiled but didn’t reply at this point, as I was in the process of beginning to tell Mi it was time to go home; she always said ‘not yet, one more time’ but she always dutifully came out of the pool with Dad and I dried her, changed her swimsuit for a t-shirt and shorts, and then dried myself somewhat, but I normally sat on the towel on my car seat in my costumes until we got home for a shower. I packed up as Puong took her towel and clothes and asked if it was ok she go and shower and I nodded and Mi and I sat with a drink, and I had a cigarette. What a delightful young lady, and what a nice morning we have had. I asked Mi if she had fun, and she smiled and said ‘nice’.

On the short drive home, Mi feel asleep again, and Puong thanked me for the chance to go out; she put her hand on my thigh lightly and said “You should bring Mi for dinner some time at the restaurant, or you could just phone me and order home delivery – anything you want, Steve.”
“Ah yes, we will come there, maybe tonight as I haven’t bought or cooked yet for Mi; what hours do you normally work?” “Tonight would be wonderful, so I could show you my thanks, and maybe persuade you to invite me again! Oh, we open about 10.00, but it is fairly quiet and easy through lunch, and my Mum can take care of it; later afternoon and evening is busy, and then we pack up, wash everything and normally are closed by 10.00p.m.”
“Oh 10.00pm is about when I eat dinner! I only eat after my wife and Mi are both asleep, and I can relax; now Mi goes to sleep with me, but it would be very unusual if she was still awake at 10.00, so by then I have carried her upstairs, and I can turn on the TV again and then eat.”

“You could order take-away earlier, and then I could bring it to you when we close; perhaps I could relax with you for a few minutes – very quietly of course!” She smiled and stifled a slight giggle, as we pulled up at her house/restaurant. “See you tonight then, Steve?”
“Yes, ok Puong, I feed Mi about 5.30-6.00, so we will come about then. Oh, perhaps I will get your phone number then: for next time we go swimming; or maybe to the beach I take her sometimes, if you would like to join us?” “Oh wonderful, thanks, I accept already!” She gave me a polite farewell wai, and I nodded acknowledgement to her mother with a wai also, and drove home to put Mi inside and let her sleep. Whew, what an adventure seems to be unfolding again!

Mi and I walked there for dinner; I hadn’t told her mother where we were going, as Mi and I never expected her home until after 8p.m. or more, not these days.
I didn’t eat, ordered a simple rice dish for Mi, and Puong ran across the road for a bottle of beer for me. They had ice cubes so Mi sucked and ate her way through some and then I fed her/ she fed herself when dinner came. Puong’s mother did the cooking, Puong took care of the tables and orders and drinks, and a younger boy washed dishes out the back: small family affair as many places were, but then I learned the family was actually only Puong and her mum.
Puong was dressed in her habitual short shorts and a light top, and smiled every time she passed our table, aware of me watching her.

It takes quite a while to feed Mi: she is easily distracted by new surroundings, people and happenings, and I accepted the long time it takes as being part of her understanding, awareness and education, only questioning her how Thai people, and Mi, could eat food when it became cold – I only liked to eat salads or sandwiches, etc when cold, otherwise I wanted my hot food hot. Mi didn’t mind, so it was perhaps 7p.m. when she pronounced herself full, and sank back against me on the chair. We were both surprised at the flash of a light, and looked up to find Puong had taken a photo! “Oh, Puong, I don’t like myself in photos; I hope you only took Mi in that one?”
“No, I took you both, you looked so comfortable sitting there together I couldn’t resist; one for my new album of satisfied customers.” I laughed and, hearing mine, Mi joined in laughing also.

I paid the bill, and when Puong brought my change, I tipped her against her wish, and then she gave me a slip of paper: her phone number. “Ok, I will send you a ‘good night’ message and then you will have my number. What time do you go to sleep?” “After you say ‘good night’ to me, Steve, I will try and sleep.” I smiled, told Mi to say ‘bye’, and she waved and did so to everybody: “Bye bye, see you. Bye” and off we walked – for about 20m - until Mi had me lift and carry her another 50m. where we stopped at my normal drinking shop, and Mi ate some more ice, after greeting all the people she knew there, and I had one more can of beer – for now, as this is where I come to after Mi’s mother comes home, and the only way I can get her to spend time with Mi is if I go out; so I do, to here for another bottle or so with the group of similarly aged Thai guys who generally gather here every night.

At home, I changed into my home pants, and Mi out of her ‘going out’ outfit into night clothes and let her watch BBC CBeebies, and I sent Puong a message: “Not yet good night, but now you have my number anyway. Steve”.
Her reply was almost instant: “I couldn’t wait for your message, thanks! Love P.” Oh dear, I thought, is this a good idea or not?
Unusually, my wife was home 5 minutes later, but Mi continued to sit with Dad and watch the TV, so her mother went upstairs to shower, after which I changed into my going out shorts, put my shirt on – which always told Mi I was going out. I kissed her, said “good night, my little one, Dad is going out for a while”, and told my wife I would stay out more than an hour so that Mi should be comfortable going upstairs to bed with her if Dad wasn’t there. I rode my bike up around the corner 2 blocks to my spot at the table where we all habitually sat, and greeted the other guys, getting a bottle, glass and ice and lighting a cigarette.

Puong rode past a couple of times, delivering food, and on one pass, she stopped alongside and asked me “Will I bring your take-away here, or will you let me know when you go home, and I will take it there, fresh and hot?” I felt my face flush, as if I had suddenly become drunk, and stammered, “Oh, can I phone you when I am home, ok?” She smiled, “Fine, see you” and off she rode. The other guys looked at me, so I felt a need to say “I took Mi to eat up the road tonight - you all know that girl so you know where I mean – and so I ordered some food for tonight.” One of my friends added “Oh, and her mother told me you took Puong swimming this morning; did you give her any lessons, Steve?” Oh, the perils of a small village: everyone knows sooner or later most things.

“Well, yes, I did take her, and she was good with Mi, and no, she didn’t ask for lessons; it was just a friendly thing to do after she asked me yesterday, and her mother said ‘ok’” and I stood to refill everyone’s glasses with ice, and get myself another bottle, and end the conversation.
It was after 9.00 when I went home, changed my clothes, crept upstairs a little to ascertain all was quiet, and filled my glass with another beer, sitting down to catch the final part of BBC News. When the weather came on – unlike my mother in Sydney, Australia, who glued herself to the weather forecast every news bulletin (when it was as likely to have changed from the previous hour’s forecast) - here it was almost as predictable as the adage: day follows night. Then I jumped, remembering Puong, food, telephone, so I quickly dashed off a message, stating “Home, is it ok to come, whenever you are ready, no hurry.”

There was a quiet whisper at the gate perhaps 15 minutes later, “Khun Steve?” I jumped out of my lounging chair and opened the screen door, motioning Puong into the courtyard, smiling a greeting. “I didn’t hear your motorcycle Puong?” She motioned to a bicycle parked outside.

She saw, or knew already perhaps, the outside table and chairs, and suggested we sit there; I hadn’t turned the outside light on, so with only the glow of the streetlight opposite for us, it made it either sinister or, preferably, a somewhat secret, romantic rendezvous. I asked if she wanted a drink or something, and she asked for water, so I went inside for my refilled beer and water, listened for the sounds of quiet from upstairs, and rejoined Puong. She took a drink, as did I, and she said “How’s the take-away?” I was somewhat perplexed, and looked again for a bag of food I expected she would bring; she laughed quietly “No food, Steve: I am the ‘fresh’ after another shower, and I am the ’hot’ for you! So, do you like the take-away?”

“Oh yes, your face tells me: you do like it! Good! ‘It’ comes in many flavours and varies from spicy to very spicy, whatever you want to order!” She had received further confirmation without words after leaning towards me and sliding a hand up my shorts leg to grasp the cock which had jumped upright at the provocative sound of her voice and her innuendos, and was already leaking pre-cum. She rubbed the fluid around my cock’s head, murmuring to me words I didn’t understand in Thai.
“Puong” I managed to whisper, “Puong you are too young to be doing this; we shouldn’t….” but she placed a quieting finger against my lips, then between my lips and slowly worked it in and out until I was sucking it purely of my own volition, while her ministrations led to more pre-cum flows from my flaming prick below. Then she let go of my prick, stood and licked her hand of my juice, and gently raised me to stand; she withdrew her finger and replaced it with her tongue, driving it in, as she pressed her body fiercely against mine. I may have stumbled but her hands on my bottom’s cheeks dug in and held me to her, grinding her groin against my wet shorts and the cock straining within.

I was….well- ah- I was overwhelmed, until I could respond to her tongue and I sucked it and stroked it with my own, and found my hands free to caress her neck, her back and bottom and thighs….
Until she withdrew, lips to mine for a few moments more; “I want you, Steve, and I am not teasing you, I just had to know how your body felt, and how your soul felt, and I had to know tonight. Forget the ages, Steve, that’s what my Mum has always told me when we talk about such feelings and dreams. But now, I really do have a food delivery to make, even though I told Mum I would see if you were awake to say ‘Good night’ to, so that explains my extra delay coming home. Will you swim tomorrow, am I still invited, please?”
I gathered my wits, my breath, willed the obstinate cock to do as it was asked, and deflate - to no avail – and was able to reply “Ah, ok, I understand all that – I think, Puong. Ah, swimming; actually I thought I would take Mi to the beach tomorrow….”

“Oh, can you invite me also, please, Steve? I haven’t been for a long time!” She was so excited I couldn’t refuse; “yes, Puong, I will send you a text in the morning to confirm, but I like to go about 9.30, get there and enjoy for about 2 hours before it gets too hot, and come home normally by about 3.00 – is that going to be ok?”
“Oh yes, I am sure my Mum will agree! Thank you, Steve!” and with a final desperate kiss into my mouth, she walked quickly out to her bike.
I stood there amazed, and then saw her wheel her bike out and around in a circle, make a motion as though dismounting, and call through the gate of my neighbours! The food delivery she had is to next door, I realized as I rolled my eyes at her slight smile and wink my way!
I tidied up, went indoors to change my shorts and sit with another beer, any thoughts of dinner gone.
I messaged “Wow, you are very direct! And beautiful! This is my ‘good night’ message. Sweet dreams from Steve.”
The predictable beep came a few minutes later: “My dreams will be of the Man now in my life and of his body in mine in the future. Good night my Lover. P.”

The following morning at 08.00, I messaged P. “Mi not in a good mood, her mother wouldn’t let me have her, took her to grandmother’s for today. I invited you to go - so, if you still want to go, I will drive there 09.00. S.”
“P. wants to go, where are we going?” “Bang Saen” I replied.
My phone rang 2 minutes later: “Really, Bang Saen. Do you mind if my mum comes too? We come from Bang Saen and she would like to see her family, if that is ok with you Steve?”

“Sure” I agreed; when Mi was at her grandmother’s I never went there unless her mother was going to be home later than 8.30p.m. and that was my limit for getting Mi and taking her home: her grandmother and I never spoke anymore, and I never went out with the family anymore, as my views on what to feed Mi, what drinks she shouldn’t have, where she could run around or not, how loud she could be or not….these were all diametrically opposed to the grandmother-who-thinks-she-is-Mi’s-mother, and I only caused stress, followed by an argument with my wife – who only cared to eat. So I had a long day free of responsibilities, and only too happy to oblige Puong and her mother.
“What about the restaurant?” I asked, and she answered “Mum will close for the day; it is only a weekday, middle of the month, and she has not had a break for quite a while; it will be good for her.” “Ok, what time is ok for you?” “Yes, an hour or so is fine, thanks so much my Lover.”

I gave them enough time, drove there 09.30 and parked opposite, and stepped across to sit at an outside table and have a smoke. Puong joined me after a moment, and said “5 minutes, ok, Steve?” I smiled and said “No rush, Puong, I have until tonight; there is no hurry for me – tell your Mum not to worry.” She blew me a kiss and headed inside, while I looked around to see what neighbours might be looking at me, sure some would be.

I had sex today with Puong; in the water at the beach, with her perched on my cock buried inside, out in the still water up to my chest, where no-one could really see in the deepening evening light. She was a virgin, despite my earlier convictions that she seemed so experienced: she wasn’t, and she muffled her hymen’s breaking scream into my shoulder.
I lasted a long time, and did all I could to give Puong her most enjoyable first fuck. That was the word she used, not me, as she banged herself against my groin and urged me always “harder, you aren’t hurting me Steve, fuck me….”
I lasted a long time because I had already had sex with her mother, and my balls were drained, but my cock responded to Puong easily and rigidly.
As I thrust myself into her, there in the water, her costumes pushed aside, mine dangling at my knees, I kept going longer by also thinking of her mother – though this wasn’t fair to Puong, I knew, but it did allow my cock to keep going - a few hours ago, soon after we had arrived at her family home….

We had a sedate trip down, always it takes me about 2 hours (unless I am alone, when I go faster – but that was in previous years, when it was just me to [not] care about when I needed a fast drive). Mum sat in the back behind me, as she was slightly smaller than Puong, and I moved Puong’s seat back a little- without Mi she could have more leg-room. I insisted Puong wear her seat belt when we left our village, soon on to the Tollway, and soon mother was asleep. Puong leaned across and looked at her mother behind; she leaned back, placing her hand on my leg as she said “You must drive well, Steve; my Mum never sleeps in cars.”

I took care after that to continue to drive in a safe, quiet manner - to allow her mother to sleep, while the hand was never removed from my leg, until we stopped at the Services, and I whispered “I always go to the toilet here; do you or your mother need a toilet, or need go and buy anything?”
Puong said, rather sheepishly “We are hungry a little; didn’t have time to make a full breakfast this morning. Is that ok, we stop and eat here?”
“Sure Puong, I told you: no hurry today; Mi is at her grandmother’s and I won’t go there – we are not friendly and don’t even talk anymore, as much as I miss Mi, until 8.30 tonight if Mi’s mum is not home before then; if she is home earlier, then I don’t even need to be home, oh, until tomorrow! If I wasn’t there in the morning, it would be a good shock for my wife actually! Mi would miss me, yes, but her mother would just take her back to grandmother, and then I wouldn’t see her anyway until tomorrow night. It isn’t a fun way to live, and actually gives me a great deal of pain, but I am not allowed to make many decisions for Mi – unless I do it, and only after tell my wife!” I smiled at her “Oh sorry, another long speech; my apologies, Puong – go and get some food, I will go to the toilet and find you after a cigarette….oh, khun Mae is awake, sorry!” Puong patted my arm: no problem she seemed to be saying about telling her more of my life every time I saw her.

They stepped out of the car, and I pressed the immobilizer, and headed for the toilet, followed by a quick dash to my cooler bag in the boot and a can of beer, to have with my cigarette under the shade of the overhanging trees.
I could see Puong easily across the busy road: her lithesome, tall figure drawing my attention, so I saw them sit down, and knew where to go – even more easily, when Puong looked for me and waved. I waved, and then returned to my beer and smoke. After I dropped the cigarette in a nearby ashtray, I went back to the car and took Mi’s seat out of the back seat and stowed it in the boot.

Finishing my can, leaving it easily found by someone who could sell it to a scrap dealer for some cash, I crossed the road, bought a can from the fridge at the front of the restaurant, and sat with Puong and her mum. They were still eating, so I drank, not requiring food at this early part of the day, despite her mum’s urging, but Puong helped by telling her mother “Steve is afraid of getting fat!” This was my standard joke response to anyone who asked me to eat – how did Puong know? Her mother guffawed, said “I doubt you will ever be fat, Khun Steve.”
I smiled, “Khun Mae, you shouldn’t call me ‘Khun’ please: ‘Steve’ is fine between us, like family now.” She acknowledged in acceptance, and turned back to her food. Puong stroked my leg under the table, and smiled, seeming to say something like “You are a wonderful man, Steve”.

Back in the car, no need for fuel on this outward leg, Mother had changed places, and she sat in the passenger seat, and Puong lay stretched across the now empty rear seat, her head diagonally behind where she could watch me. I excused myself to Mum, reached under her right leg and slid her seat back a few notches further, giving her more leg-room also, and they praised my thoughtfulness. Oh, this was becoming embarrassing! I should do something bad to show I am ‘just a normal man’ I thought to myself.

As we came closer to the turn to the beach, Puong’s mum began directing me, so I blindly followed her instructions until she pointed to a house, and said “That is my family’s home, Steve; you can park in the driveway there.” I did so, turned off, we all got out as some people began rushing out of the house in greeting; a large house, large front garden, and it seemed to have land behind and to the sides: exactly what I would like for myself and Mi. I greeted everyone in Thai manner as they approached, and they seemed pleased, and Puong was beside me, beaming a smile at my face and saying “They didn’t know you were a foreigner, and they wouldn’t expect you to be so polite; thank you, Khun Steve.”

I told Puong I would have a beer and cigarette outside before coming in, but she got me a beer and led me to a side balcony table and chairs, and sat me there, outside the room where everyone was chattering away loudly and all at once – as Thai people do. I mentally recreated where her mum had directed me, and decided we must only be a few streets from the beach, and the sea breeze I could feel added to this conclusion.
It was about midday, and after the drive, and my standard early morning start with Mi, I felt like dozing, also a standard daily routine with me, if Mi wasn’t there. (If Mi was home, I was fine, but alone I always needed an hour’s sleep.) Puong’s mum swept out the door, said “Sorry, Steve, I should have asked: are you tired? Come upstairs, you can have a rest there, away from the noise. Follow me.”
She led me around to a back door, and I did see a large area of land, and then she held my hand as we went up steep stairs to the next level, and she opened a door and showed me a comfortable mattress on the floor, with a fan running overhead, and the sea breeze blowing cool through opened side balcony doors. I thanked her, took off my glasses and laid them aside, let me long hair out of its band to blow free, and flopped down on the mattress. It seemed seconds later, I must have slept.

Until, a body close to mine began waking parts of my body: specifically my cock. A hand was up my shorts, rubbing through my swimming costumes I was wearing, until the swelling became painfully restricted. As if knowing this, the hand came out and then I felt my shorts being removed. I opened my eyes then: “Khun Mae! What are you doing? I know what you are doing, but why? Maybe we shouldn’t…ahhh…” My shorts were down and her mouth was over my cock, swallowing and sucking, and should or should not be doing, she was doing.
Her fingers were under my shirt, fluttering around my stomach and up my chest to rub my nipples; I put my hands to her head and ruffled her hair, gently sweeping it to the side of her face so as not to interfere with her mouth’s work. I was feeling overwhelmed – and that was owed to a woman I thought I had just driven here for a day trip to visit her family; a woman – younger than me true – who was the mother of a daughter who seemed to also have plans for me, plans which, I must admit, I was not likely to interfere with.

I had to think or I might have blown it – literally, and too fast to be satisfying. But now the mouth was removed and her body slid up mine, using her hands to push my costumes all the way off on the way up, and a bare cunt, soaking with juice, slid along my cock, lifted itself and impaled itself on the flapping, waiting prick.
It sank down, and down, and as my cock felt the end of the tunnel, a swollen pussy met my groin, and began grinding. She must have a clit being stimulated, as she began to moan as she gyrated around and up and down, no doubt feeling my cock hit all the spots she wanted as she controlled where it went. She groaned louder and momentarily paused, her cunt squeezing on me and I thought a climax was to hand; a sigh a minute later and she recommenced her actions of using me for herself: I didn’t mind, I was resting.

Perhaps she hadn’t had sex for a while, but Puong’s Mum was milking this opportunity for all she could get, and she climaxed quickly and even again some minutes later. Then she breathed heavily and sank fully down on me, so I rolled her over and took over: my turn to do some work, and I concentrated on arousing her again, gentle strokes, short strokes, hard thrusts and burying myself to the hilt, always keeping her off balance but on the edge of the peak.
That was a fine, gentlemanly manner in which to try and give satisfaction to one’s partner first – until the approaching moments of her climax drove me to head for the peak myself, and the rising of my juices up the shaft of my cock urged me to pound her cunt hard, the thrusts deep and deeper until the moment of release for us both that one and final time, and she moaned, covered her mouth muffling the louder ones, as I spurted sexless juice into her.

I needed a rest. I now lay down on top of Puong’s mum, and for the first time realized this had all happened and she was still clothed, and I hadn’t even felt her breasts – and breasts are normally my favourite part of the female body….well, together with legs. Nor had I kissed her, but that I now remedied, and lifted my face to find her eyes looking straight at mine. They were smiling, one can tell, and I lowered my mouth to hers and gently kissed her for a long minute, still breathing heavily through our noses, both of us.
She gave me a hug, whispered through a quick extra kiss “Thank you, Steve, come down for some lunch when you are ready” and she crawled backwards to kiss my cock, stood and let her dress fall back down, covering her naked under-self and left the room. I pulled up my costumes and shorts and just lay there for a few minutes.

But I did need food, and a drink, so I went out of my room, looked and found a bathroom and took a quick shower, thankfully finding some towels on a shelf there. I dressed and headed downstairs.
Puong met me at the bottom of the steps, a bottle of beer and glass in her hand; “Have a good rest, Steve? Come outside in the breeze and I will bring you some lunch, ok?” I smiled and nodded, not sure if I should feel guilty or not – but what would be the point of pondering that question: it was done.
I swallowed half the beer in quick time, found my cigarettes where I had left them earlier, and relaxed, until Puong returned with a plate of rice, prawns and fish in separate dishes, and the sauces to go with them. “I’ll do my best, Puong, but I can’t eat all this – you will make me fat!” “I doubt you can get fat, Steve, but I need you healthy at least! Later we can go to the beach and have a swim, but now it is too hot, agreed? What time do you need be home?”

I was peeling prawns at the time; Puong handed me some tissues to wipe my hands and I popped one into her mouth, while I ate another one and a spoonful of rice.
Thinking about it I responded “I agree, too hot to go now, but I would like to go to the beach since that was what I invited you for. As for time; well, I suppose I have no time set really. If your mum is enjoying herself here, we can stay as long as she and you like – just like I told you in the car this morning. I can just text my wife and say “home late” – which is all she might ever tell me about her being out late; and she will then tell her mother to care for Mi until she gets home. Maybe it is a good thing: I am always at home, so a surprising ‘not home’ might be a shock!”
Puong looked a little sad “You want her to be jealous, right?”

I laughed “Oh no, Puong, I don’t care about that! She is not important to me like that, and there is no romance or love anymore: she is Mi’s mother, and I love Mi; that’s it. I only meant: she treats me like a slave and I do everything and accept everything; well maybe today the slave has run away for a short holiday!” Now Puong felt able to laugh, and she said “Well, maybe we should just stay here all night?”
I considered this for a moment and said “Why not? Ask your Mum if going home in the morning is ok with her – then I can go and buy some beer and relax until we go for a swim, and not worry about driving home, and your Mum and the family can relax also.” She came back with a new bottle of beer and a bucket of ice, moved her chair close to mine, refilled my glass, took a sip before she handed it to me, and said “I hope you will enjoy staying here, my Steve; we can go home tomorrow…or maybe never.”
She hugged my arm to her breast, kissed that arm (reminding me of my baby Mi, who does the same to Dad on a whim) and I had a fleeting thought that I seemed now involved with both a child and a woman, all within the same body. Is that a scary thought, or just a passing thought?
The thought disappeared when her mum appeared in front of us; “Are you sure, Steve? About it being ok to stay overnight; this doesn’t cause you any problems? Puong did tell me, ah, that your wife shouldn’t mind if one time you are the one who is late….”

“Yes, it’s ok, Khun Mae, my daughter is my only concern – well, of course you and Puong are also my concerns at this moment, since I drove you here – and perhaps later, when I text her mother that I won’t be home, who knows: she might even go home and be a mother tonight!”
They were both quiet at my outburst, and I said “Sorry, it is not your problem, and I shouldn’t have spoken like that; I apologise to you Khun Mae, Puong; I need stop talking.”
Almost simultaneously, they both smiled and Puong’s mum just patted my arm in understanding, mentioned a swim later would help relax me, but only after I ate more of the lunch in front of me!

Puong remained quiet while I ate, and after a while I pronounced myself full; she took my spoon and finished off my rice and fish in a few mouthfuls, as I lay back in the chair and drank. “Oh, I need to go and buy some beer!” I said, about to jump up, but Puong pushed me back down and said “It’s ok, Steve, one of my cousins already bought enough beer for everyone: tonight many people will be here for dinner and drinking, so there is as much as you want….but I hope that isn’t too much, not too much you can’t help me have a swim with you later….”

“Never Puong, I don’t get drunk; I know when enough is enough, and I stop, but I do drink a lot, so I will give you some money to help pay for the beer.” She refused and waved her hands ‘no, no’ as I reached into my pocket for money, and I used one hand to hold her away as I found enough to pay for a case of beer, and then I forced her to accept it, by stuffing it into the pocket of her shorts while my other hand pushed against her efforts to take it out again, and we ended up embracing/wrestling for a minute or two.
Her head ended up being buried down in my lap, and it seemed natural she would squeeze a hand under there to rub through my shorts and use her mouth to kiss/bite actually the cock beginning to spring to life at her touch. I groaned, and she bit a little harder, moving her mouth to get a firmer hold when my cock firmed even more.
It was exciting, exhilarating, to be doing this game-playing between an older man and a youngster/young woman, but I had to be aware of my surroundings, and I leaned down, nuzzled her hair until I found an ear and I nibbled on it as I whispered “Puong, get up please; what if your mum or family see?” She slurped her tongue over the mound of my shorts and lifted her head; I brushed the strands of her hair away to the sides of her face, and mouthed a kiss. Good, she smiled, and nodded ‘ok’.

It was actually later than I had thought, and I had a need for a toothbrush, and also thought about a shirt, as well as a cup of coffee as I always did in the afternoons after a rest. I mentioned these to Puong, and she said to wait a moment and went inside. She was back, waving a key in her hand, and said “Come on, I will take you.”
I climbed on behind her on the motorcycle, knowing she isn’t old enough to have a licence, and no helmets, but I shrugged my shoulders: no point fighting local customs if her mother clearly allowed her to go. We didn’t go more than a few hundred metres to a local market, where I quickly chose a t-shirt, 2 actually, and mulled over buying underpants but felt too shy to do that with Puong in attendance. She steered me to shorts, which I hadn’t planned on buying, but did, and as the stall also had packs of underwear, I scooped up one and was about to pay for them, when Mi interrupted and took the pack of underwear to scan. “These are small size, Steve; you need Large” and she rummaged until she found them; unfortunately she had spoken in Thai, and the 2 women running the stall had laughed, and even more when they saw my discomfort and my red face. I quickly gave Puong some money after she had bargained the price down, and I scooted outside to regain composure, waiting for a laughing Puong to emerge; “The ladies asked if ‘L’ size was enough; I said we would come back later if we need ‘XL’ – after we have tried them! It was funny, wasn’t it Steve?” I think I glared at her.

A footpath coffee shop helped me calm down, and Puong stopped pouting and giggling; then we climbed back on to the motorcycle, I wrapped my arms around Puong’s waist, and nibbled at her neck quite hard. She yelped, and gave a shiver, and moved her bottom back on the seat to grind against my groin, leaned her head back and said “Do you want to go back now for ‘XL’ size?”
I gave up trying to win anything, and just squeezed her until we neared home.

Before we went inside, I asked about the land at the back, and we walked around there while Puong said yes, it is her family’s land. That made me feel remiss, and I said “I didn’t even meet them really yet; sorry Puong, you must introduce me properly when we go inside.” I walked through the straggly brush, noted a few fruit trees remaining, and laid in a pattern which told me this must have been an orchard at some time. Puong nodded and said it had been when she was a child, but it had been let go when her father, and her auntie’s husband, had both run away about the same time. It was a sizeable area, perhaps 2ha I calculated when we had walked along one side and down to the far corner.

Gosh, how I would love to have some land, being a country boy myself I never lost my love for soil and the outdoors, and growing things. I knelt to crush some dirt between my fingers, noting the richness, and thought what a valuable resource was sitting fallow and neglected here.

W e walked back to the house, almost hand-in-hand at times, smiling at each other, but already needing no words it seemed: a 14y.o. girl and a 50+ man incredibly in synch with thoughts and feelings it seemed.
She took me inside, and now I was introduced to her aunty, her grandmother, and her myriad cousins – all of whose names I promptly forgot, as was my habit, as my memory of names had always been hopeless. But I knew who was older, and the respectful addresses for them, without benefit of names, so all was well.
They all smiled, greeted me respectfully, and I did the same. Puong spoke then, so rapidly I couldn’t follow, but everyone laughed, even the little ones. I flushed “What did you say Puong?”

“I just told them you had to go and shower and then try your new underwear for size fit – or we would have to go back to the shop.”

I blushed, and had no choice but to grab the shopping bag from Puong, and flee upstairs, locking the bathroom door behind me. But I could hear the gentle laughter, so I quickly turned the water on, found some shampoo and vigorously washed my hair…what a stupid thing to do if we were going for a swim at the beach! But I finished it anyway, if only to drown out any further laughs at my expense.
Puong knocked at the door, “Finished Khun Steve? How is the fit?” I answered “Fine, we don’t need change; you want to get me a beer outside please Puong?” She giggled as if she could see my red face, but answered calmly “Of course, anything you want Steve.”

I had rinsed my costumes and hung them up (after having sex with Puong’s mother earlier); now they were dry and I put them back on under my shorts, and my new shirt, and went downstairs – outside via the side door, avoiding most of the crowd. I said to a quiet Puong, waiting there like a waitress with a glass in hand, “After this, a swim, ok?” She nodded, poured my beer and set it in front of me, and then leaned over and kissed me full on the lips! Oh my.
Finishing my glass, I asked if we would go on the motorcycle or in my car. She jangled her keys, so I went to the car, emptied my shorts of most of my money, took my towel from my bag and pressed the remote lock before taking it and asking Puong to put it inside the house.

I noted the twilight approaching, asked Puong if she was ok to go, and she smiled “If I am with you, Steve, I have no worries.” Such faith, I thought, as I climbed on behind her and held to her waist as she took off down the road, the motorcycle weaving, as if she knew I would hold on even tighter at such driving: she was right; I held on to her waist with both hands clasped, only pausing to pinch a nipple when she straightened and slowed somewhat.
She squealed, and slowed further until I let go of her nipple, and then we continued at a sedate pace, turned left and we were at the beach road; she checked the traffic and buzzed straight across to park on the other – beach – side, and I jumped off, knelt down to parody kissing the ground as I said “Oh thank you, thank you: I am here, and I am alive!” She laughed and pulled me up to face her, and almost reached her mouth up to mine for a kiss, but both she and I knew: this is not really acceptable in Thai society, and we would be better not doing such.

We took our towels and wandered to choose chairs and a table at the seaside multitude of umbrellas and chairs and tables. The breeze was cooling as we sat, an attendant immediately there to collect the fee, several hawkers appearing with their wares of food, gadgets and more food; I paid for the chairs and for a beer and ice, Puong declining a drink and nothing to eat. When my beer came, Puong put ice and beer in my glass and handed it to me: a proper task for some women/wives still in Thailand, more so in Vietnam, but not something I needed her to do, though I appreciated it seriously.

A few sips later, “Would you like a swim Puong?” and she smiled and stood; I took my shirt and shorts off, she her loose dress, and we headed for the water’s edge; the tide was out, so we had to walk quite a way to even wet our feet properly. It was now almost an evening sky, only the luck of a rising ¾ moon aided us as we began splashing through the shallows, Puong now reaching and holding my hand as we stepped further out.

It wasn’t too far until Puong decided it was deep enough, decided there were not enough people near us, decided she couldn’t wait longer, and she reached for my cock. My cock had known the inevitable all day, and certainly more so since we left to come here, and it was rigid and ready for her hand, and she gasped “Oh yes….now is the time Steve.” She sank down somewhat under the water, holding my cock, used one hand to push aside her costumes from covering her cunt, and roughly swapped hands to enable one of them to pull my costumes down below my knees….
And then she mounted me and we coupled, Puong pulling me inside her body with one stroke….and I found she was a virgin….and I found her mother had drained my balls so that I could fully concentrate on pleasing Puong thereafter, knowing I would last a longer time….

The gentle waves lapped around us, supporting Puong as she straddled my loins, and enabling me to lift and lower her on my shaft, gently, while she became more used to this invader; soon she was the one holding my hips and lifting herself to the head of my cock and then pulling herself down harder and harder, squealing as I hit bottom, screaming into my shoulder when I held her there and urged my cock to pulse and strive to reach higher into her insides. She screamed silently again, her teeth biting me this time, as she reached a peak of her own, and she relaxed her muscles and her strength failed, dropping her entire body (more importantly her cunt) down on to my prick, and squirmed there in her throes of fulfillment.

I pressed myself close to her, held her closely, and kissed her face and lips through the water lapping around our necks. She was fierce with her kisses, swallowing my tongue, forcing me to reach her depths from above, even as my cock stirred and quivered below, inside her and wanting more. I couldn’t resist, and as our mouths were joined passionately, so our groins did also, and my hands behind and under her buttocks pinioned her cunt to my cock, only relaxing to allow me to slide almost out and slam back inside, sure now her body could handle me.

We continued until Puong moaned, and I detected a change in the sound, and knew she was overwhelmed with this, her first time, and it was my responsibility to calm her, and promise it could be again like this, if she wished, but now we needed to head back as the water was coming in on the tide – and I added “You have taken all my energy, my Puong; if I have to carry you out of the water too far, I might not be strong enough!”

She laughed weakly, and pushed away my hands from beginning to lift her body; she adjusted her costume and even pulled mine up from my feet (lucky I didn’t lose them entirely, I thought!) and attempted to push my cock down enough to get it inside my pants. I took over, telling her she wasn’t helping much to make me go down and get soft enough, and finally coaxed my cock down enough to fit. Then we could fully stand and walk, hand in hand, to the beach and up to find our chairs, slumping in them side by side, Puong never letting go of my hand.
It was romantic and I felt so tender towards her, more than I had felt for quite some time I realized. My brow creased as Puong snuggled her head against the arm she now cuddled to her breast, and I understood the thoughts which had caused my brow to wrinkle: ‘romantic?’ and ‘tender?’

I gently used my free hand to stroke the wet hair from her face, reversing my fingers to stroke down her cheek and her neck, and I lifted it until her mouth was exposed enough for mine to lean down and kiss her; I didn’t pull away but nor did I turn it into a passionate exchange: it was a kiss such as one gives another after making love – if one truly feels that is what happened; and I did feel exactly this, and this is what my kiss hoped to tell and show her.

I broke away when a change in atmosphere intruded on my awareness; I could sense we were being watched. As I am a foreigner, I always attract unwanted attention (for most) and kissing Puong was probably enough to cause the quiet which had disturbed my psyche. I broke the kiss, and quietly told Puong we should put our clothes on and head home – before someone recognized her perhaps. She understood, but was tiredly helped to her feet by my arm, and I had to hand her her clothes and even help her – very discreetly – to put them on. My own shirt and shorts went on quickly, as I looked longingly at the almost-full beer bottle; Puong picked it up, as I reached for our towels, and she giggled as we struggled away from the chairs and out to the bike.

“Are you ok to drive Puong?” I asked in some trepidation, as I didn’t feel comfortable offering to change places, but she surprised me by straightening up, placing the beer bottle squarely in the carry-basket on the front of the bike, and then looking me straight in the eye, and confessing she had wanted me to take care of her in front of anybody looking, and really she was perfectly ok, and perfectly happy.

She manoeuvred the bike out of its parking space, pointed it towards the soi opposite and said ”Well, get on Steve, so we can go home and shower and eat!” I groaned and rolled my eyes, held her hips innocently at first, and then her waist tightly as she looked quickly and then roared off across the busy road and on to the road home.
She slowed down somewhat on the quieter soi, but as I relaxed my arms she reached one hand to grasp my arms to make them stay where they were. She truly was a woman beyond her tender years, and she liked the romance of being with me (as much as the sex I guessed). I couldn’t deny anymore: I also liked the romance of being with her.

We reached her home, went inside, greeted everyone, and she steered me to the upstairs bathroom for a shower, locking the door behind us….us!
“Puong, your Mae and family are downstairs!” “No problem, Steve; they know my plans about you already; they will accept us in here together.”
I had to think before answering; “Puong, you are so young, not that much older than my daughter, and younger than my 2 sons in Australia! I could be your grandfather, not a lover for a young girl…young woman, who has a future to find for herself. I need you to stop and think: a nice boy is waiting somewhere out there, down the Path of your Life. It shouldn’t be me.”
“But it is you, Steve.”

She stripped off my shirt, my shorts and my costumes; knelt down, putting my cock in her mouth even as she removed her own dress – letting my cock go as she had to raise her arms – and then her costumes, repeating the fast action of a moment ago, and then she backed me into the shower corner, turned on the nozzle, and continued.
I was left in no doubt as to who belonged to whom.

After she had sucked me dry, then we showered clean and free of salt and sand, and I even had my new toothbrush there to use; after, she wiped me dry with a towel, and then herself: a truly caring ‘wife/woman’ – such as I had known before when I was married to a Vietnamese wife – until she ran away after 7 years marriage with a younger (richer?) foreigner, and demanded a divorce, taking most of my money with her…but as a wife, oh she was the best I have had in 4 marriages. Now it appeared Puong was emulating that caring attitude.

I need another pair of my new shorts, and a shirt: but Puong had already wrapped the towel around her body and left….returning within moments with exactly what I needed, but which had remained as unspoken thoughts a minute ago. How amazing!
She smiled at me, and I couldn’t resist: I tugged the towel loose, let it fall and embraced her for a long, deep throat kiss, running my hands, and my nails, lightly up and down her back, her buttocks, and the sides of her breasts squashed outwards slightly by the pressure of our clinging bodies.

It was again inevitable; my hardened prick also couldn’t resist, and I lifted her enough to allow entry into a warm, very wet slit, and we fucked. But I hadn’t come earlier, and I knew this time I would, so I lifted and dropped her onto my shaft, without benefit of the sea’s buoyancy this time, and she screamed and she came very fast, and I came equally fast….and I filled her with my juice as hers, and mine, ran down and soaked our thighs. She buried her head into my shoulder and I held her gently as we slumped to the floor, Puong sitting atop me, my cock still buried within, and we just sat there, together, joined, coming down from the throes of a climax we each knew would come together, but unaware of the power unleashed between our bodies which enabled us to reach that summit of the clouds and the rain.

A quiet knock came at the door: “Dinner is ready; we are just waiting for ‘you.’” I had to put a hand over Puong’s mouth as she began to laugh, and then I turned the shower water on, and we rinsed again, dried again, but this time dressed and exited.
I was red-faced; I could feel it, as we went to join the others outside on the balcony, sitting on a woven mat around the dinner dishes, the sea breeze gently blowing in, making it cooler than inside. Puong ushered me down next to her mother, and ran to get me a bottle and a glass; ice was centrally located, but I always drank beer, while the others had a bottle of whisky, and even the older women drank that in preference.

Puong squeezed herself beside me, none too gently pushing aside one of her cousins who had sidled close to me, and she filled my glass with ice and beer, poured herself water, and then leaned her arm on my shoulder: an overt show of ownership.
I almost expected her to bare her teeth and snarl, to emphasise to all that she was the “She’ of this Male.

Her mother heaped food on to my plate, and I protested I couldn’t eat that much, but she guffawed and said to the table, too fast for me to understand fully, but I caught enough to gather she meant I was going to need a lot more energy from now on. I blushed yet again, and quickly reached for my glass to hide a little of my face, and then Puong was taking my glass to refill, so I was exposed for all to see my state and to, good-naturedly, laugh along with her mother.

Puong returned my glass, ruffled a hand through my hair (something I normally never wanted anyone to do, but accepted now from her) and then she said to the table: “Oh, he has more energy; even more than my Mum thought!” She took her arm from my shoulder, reached down to my groin, but turned herself to at least hide us somewhat from the assembled, watching throng: and stroked the rigid pole she found there.
I was unhinged, and I twisted away, hiding my groin, excused myself and almost ran to the table where I had spotted my cigarettes; grabbed them and ran – almost – out into the night sky and emptiness at the back of the house. A loud ‘whoosh’ I let out; somewhat used to being embarrassed just because I was a foreigner and didn’t understand 100% of what was said, I never expected a 14y.o. to be so open and honest, well so it seemed to me, in front of her mother (!) and aunty and cousins/family!

Puong left me there for 5 minutes, alone, and then she demurely came in front of me and offered my glass of beer: refilled and iced. She remained silent while I drained it, and lifted a bottle to refill it.
“Very funny” I smiled at her, and she laughed and leaned up to kiss me on the mouth. “Don’t start that” I said, seemingly angry, before quieting my voice and my tone “My young lady P., I need you to understand this is my first day with your mother and family; my first day making love with you; my first time with one so young. Yet you, and your family, seem to accept this is ok and normal; perhaps it will take me a little longer to not get a red face so fast!”

I kissed her lips, but pulled away to continue: “And, you know I have a wife – ok, I don’t love her, nor she me, and maybe she has a boyfriend now, and no, she doesn’t care enough for the daughter she does have…but she is my wife . And I do have Mi, who I do love. And you are still at school….and I am a foreigner….and I am old…and I not rich truly, I need you to understand that….oh, P. there are so many reasons why you and I have such difficulty in front of what we may have.”

“Did you feel love for me today, feel it now, Steve?” I nodded, and had to speak my agreement “Yes.”
She continued “I do also, and I knew this would be right, from the time I saw you walking Mi around the village in her stroller: I knew you, and this, were what was right for me.”
I began to offer protests – rational, logical, worldly-experienced old man protests – but my P. ( as I decided fitted her best) placed another quieting finger to my lips – I kissed and tried to suck them; she giggled a little, but pushed them harder against my lips again as she said “It is right.”
That was such a simple, short statement I couldn’t respond; if she had said ‘it is written in the stars’; ‘it is Fate’; anything of that nature, I might have doubted, but what she said stopped my thoughts, my doubts, my will to argue:“It is right.”
“Would you like to sleep under the stars tonight, my P? Out here in the field, where the gods and stars can give us their blessing as we make love again – as I am sure we will.” She just smiled.

End of Part 1; Part 2 in my fingers and my loins already.


(This is underage sex; stop reading if this may offend….)
The love of a 14y.o. turns my known world – if not upside down – into a pleasurable meaning of Life, with all the doubts and questions ignored….for now….

After thinking about sleeping outside, in the very large vacant land behind her house, I said to Puong, my ‘P’ now “I am a country boy – well, a long time ago, when I was a boy! – and I think it would be romantic and beautiful, don’t you? In our village, we can’t see more than 1-3 stars because of the city lights, but just look up there!”
Truly, being in the dark, natural countryside was what I loved; looking up at the sky, the stars were clearly shining down, the millions of them, and perhaps they had come to bless the union of young P and me.
Puong looked, and then smiled at me; she didn’t say anything, only rose and returned to the house where I saw her gathering 2 beers, ice bucket, water and one of the big woven mattresses lying spare on the balcony with her family. She gave it to me to spread out and placed the drinks in one corner and sat down.
But then she rose straight back up and jogged to the house, this time returning buried under 2 large duvets, and pillows falling off as she stumbled towards me. I grabbed the duvets and said “It is hot P. why do we need heavy duvets? Pillows: good, they make it easier to look up at the stars and then to fall asleep comfortably – but the duvets?”

She laughed as she spread them both out, folded them in half, then mysteriously uncovered one half, so now one side of our mattress had 3 parts of the duvet, and the other had the remaining half of one. “That’s your side, Steve” pointing at the heavily padded one, “I have felt your bones, so I am sure sleeping on the ground is not very comfortable for you: so now you have something softer to sleep on!”
What a girl; what a caring, thoughtful woman, and my smiles were warm, but couldn’t be ones without cares.

I propped myself up on my elbow on a pillow, on my extra supporting mattress (my bones thankful), and drank some beer. Puong just lay herself down on the pillow, facing me, but looking upwards to the stars. I realised I was not being much of a gentleman, jumped up, took the beer and glasses into the house, beer into fridge, glasses to wash, and crept quietly up to the bathroom to get my toothbrush and paste. I cleaned my teeth downstairs over the kitchen sink, left them on the side and washed my face and hands of some of the smell of cigarettes and beer (so I hoped).

Only then did I rejoin Puong lying outside, and I now also comfortably put my head on the pillow and could marvel at the stars with at least a modicum of fresh breath and concentration. Puong leaned over, smelled me and smiled as she lifted her head for my arm to go underneath, and she cradled her head on my chest, which was slightly less bony than my shoulder. It was very comfortable.
It was Friday night I realised, and after some thought, I knew this coming tomorrow my wife was not working; this meant she would be home, and at weekends I pushed her to spend time with my Mi. I could do the same if I wasn’t even there, and I whispered to Puong “We can’t stay here forever, but for the whole weekend, yes we could.”
She didn’t say anything, but she cuddled closer to me; and there we fell asleep.

After drinking beer all day, my maximum sleep-every night- is about 2 hours – then I need go to release my bladder. I was surprised we were in the same position, but I had to gently remove Puong’s head and body away, and I headed for the trees closest to us, water being water must have some beneficial use to the trees I always thought.
I returned to lie down softly, after removing my shirt – and somewhat deliberately, my shorts - but my movements had woken Puong enough for her to caress me as she re-cuddled herself against my body; then she clearly felt my nakedness and she sat up, removing her dress in one smooth motion, and lying down with her own naked body next to mine. “I am awake, Steve – are you? We are a long way from the house....” She felt and rubbed my penis, which had already begun throbbing into size. “Ah, you are awake!” she said.

P rolled on top of me, and her loins opened to receive me inside, not yet fully erect but enough to penetrate, and the feel of a cock growing within a cunt is unbelievably erotic; like a tree sprouting where only a sapling had been before, and as it grew it spread its way to the sides and to the depths.
Puong felt this magical action, and her own muscles and her willing juices acted like sunlight and water and naturally fertilized this growth into a healthy, sprouting organ of procreation, ready to spill its own seeds into the fertile womb they wanted to penetrate (if only my seeds weren’t sterile).

We made magic, there under the stars and the moon, and had the clouds and the rain actually covered the sky above us, they would only have mirrored the heights we reached during this one momentous love-making. It was a long time building, a slow and wondrous coupling of this girl who was now so much a woman in my arms, and indeed my heart, and this man who had been emasculated to the point he thought these feelings could never happen again.
Puong had reached her climactic height, and she seemed to float there, never falling, while we rhythmically joined and parted for so long; but finally, she panted “Steve, my lover, before the world collapses around us, give yourself to me, now, and make me scream my happiness!”

Then I rolled her on to her back, and we fucked and rutted until she screamed as I came, and her nails became claws and her teeth were fangs as her animal instincts took control, and I pounded deeper and deeper until even my seedless sperm had to be lodged in her womb, and any eggs there had to be penetrated; it could not have been otherwise when the gods of the skies and the stars were witnessing this Beautiful Event below.

I woke as the lightening sky told me it was 05.30: my normal wake-up time for Mi. I quickly drew my shorts on, and lightly covered the nude form of Puong with her dress, which I held over her in a soft embrace as I recaptured the memory of the night, smiling at the marvel of it.
Puong’s mother appeared over us, smiling down and just standing there for a long minute, while I worried at her thoughts.
She sat next to me and whispered “Puong has talked about you for over a year, Steve; she used to watch for you to come past with your daughter, and her face always lit up with a smile then. She even told me you were her chosen one, though I did try and point out the differences between the two of you. She was certain it would happen; now it has, I can only be happy for her, and for you also Steve.” She leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek, and went back to the house.

I lay in contemplation; Puong had been certain ‘it would happen; now it has’ her mother had said. She could only have been 12, starting 13, when Mi and I used to go for our afternoon stroller walks! Heavens, how can such a young girl know her future with such certainty, a straight path she seems not to have veered from?
I watched the last stars fading as the sun rose gloriously behind our heads, the glow seeming to light Puong’s body in a glow, a wondrous glow; was it truly possible one’s Fate could be written in those stars? P stirred under my unconscious, gentle stroking of her through her dress covering, roughly tossed the dress aside and took hold of my hand to lay it upon her bare skin, on her left breast, feeling her heart beating in her chest. She smiled, not yet opening her eyes, and she said “I hear your thoughts, my Steve, because now we are One, and will stay as One.”
I cradled her in my arms for a minute, silent with awe. But then the light, her nakedness, penetrated my thoughts and I made her dress. “What did my mother say to you? I felt her, but I was so comfortable I didn’t listen closely.”
“She said you were certain this would happen, and she is happy for you, for us.”
“Yes” was all she said through her smile, as she stood, legs apart and hands on hips, looking down at me. The sun’s rays beamed through the thin material of her dress, outlining the lustrous body enclosed within, and I could truly believe she was a Goddess at that moment.
“Let’s get some breakfast, and go make love with another swim.” She was utterly unconscious how brazen and direct her words were; actually, she probably knew exactly what she wanted to say, and that is what she said. I believed Puong only said what she wanted to say, and I believed every word.
My normal breakfast consisted of coffee, followed shortly thereafter by my first beer of the day.
That didn’t seem quite appropriate here, so I did make a Nescafe, and ate some sweet bread (which I don’t like) with jam. That satisfied Puong and her family, so I left them to their rice congee, and went outside for a cigarette, followed by a quietly sneaked out can of beer.

Puong came out a while later and asked again if I wanted to stay longer or go home. Of course I wanted to stay; “What about the restaurant?” I asked. P said her Mum had just left for the bus station; she had assured Puong she it was fine: she would go home and leave us here. I said “Oh no, P, that isn’t fair! We should take her home even if I do want to stay here...we can’t have Paradise just for ourselves forever.”
Puong agreed, as reluctant as I, so she ran inside to her phone, called her mother to wait at the bus stop and we would be there shortly. We packed up our few things, said our ‘byes’ to P’s family, and drove to pick up her mother, and on the road home.

As we neared closer to the motorway turnoff, and thus closer to our village and homes, P grew more tense beside me, and her hand tightened on my thigh just a fraction more each kilometre. I patted her hand and offered smiles, but I could not offer guarantees of anything, so I said nothing.
At her house, they both respectfully thanked me, and Puong’s mother left P to add whatever extra she needed to say. I said first “I will come here tonight and see you, my P; I promise.” She nodded, tears welling, and she bit her lip, nodded, but didn’t try and speak. I leaned over and rubbed her hand, blew a kiss, and let her stand up and head for her house, and then I drove home.

My daughter was happy to see me; “a big hug” she said, as she ran to me. My wife had an accusatory look on her face, which I ignored, and said nothing other than “Sawasdee krub” to her, while I hugged my daughter. My wife never offered to tell me where she had been until midnight, 1 or 2.00a.m.on the many nights she was late; why should I?

I made lunch for, and played with Mi until she was tired, and pushed my wife to take her upstairs and have an afternoon nap with her in the a/c room. I lay down on my mattress and rested downstairs.
A beep of my phone interrupted that rest period; “I can’t wait until tonight, Steve; can you come and see me-now please?” “10 minutes P, I will be there.”
I washed my face, cleaned my teeth, brushed my hair, and rode my bike to her house; her mother showed me where to park it, at the side but inside their courtyard, and then motioned me upstairs. “Puong is worried Steve; she thinks you will forget her.”
I held her shoulders, looked straight into her eyes and said “I can’t, and I won’t, Khun Mae; trust me, I love your daughter.” She saw the intensity in my eyes, nodded once, and said “You had best tell her that, Steve, and I will ask Buddha to help you both through the problems there must be.” I wai’d to her, and to the house’s protector god; and then I went upstairs.

It wasn’t difficult to locate Puong: a girl sobbing can be like a beacon of direction! I quietly knocked and opened a door; a teary-faced young girl ran into my arms, sobbing violently, soaking my shirt within moments, and –Thai-style – wiping her dripping nose on my shirt! “You came!” she said.
“I said I would, my little P; I don’t tell lies.” I hugged her tightly after my calm words of truth, and gradually her heaving and sobbing lessened, to the point I could reach into my pocket and get a new, clean tissue to use on her eyes and then her nose.
“I always have tissues, Puong; you don’t need to use my shirt! But, I hope you never have reason to use my shirt again anyway! Just as you didn’t have reason today to be upset: I said I would come tonight; I would have. You asked me to come now: I am here, for you, my P. I love you.”
She laughed and cried at the same time, so I steered her back to her rumpled bed and we lay down, and I crooned to her as I cuddled her tightly.
Puong had interrupted my rest at home, and now we both fell asleep, clothed and cuddled, but she was safe in my arms, and I was in love in her arms.

“You said ‘I love you’; was that the truth, Steve?” Puong woke me with these words, and I rather groggily focused on her serious face. When my mind was clear, I simply said “Yes, it was.”
She fell on top of me, hugging me, and said “I want to make love! I want to make love every time we are together!”
I pulled her slightly off me, cuddling her to my chest, and laughed gently; “That might be difficult to do when we are out in the car, P, or in the shopping mall, or at a restaurant, or just talking on the street!” She laughed as I added “And you have an ‘old man’ as your chosen lover!”
“Ok, ok – perhaps not every time!”

“Now I want to go home, Puong; my little girl needs to see her Dad when she wakes up; I will be back tonight.” I kissed her cheek, and she turned her mouth for a fuller meeting of our bodies, and we kissed long, joined in this way, satisfactory for now.
I stood up, smiled and received a smile in return; “I love you, my young Puong.”

Her mother smiled and nodded to me when she saw my face, and I hopped on my bike and rode home, entering just as I heard my daughter call “Daddy!” from upstairs.
My most important young girl needed me, just as my 2nd most important did. How to balance the two was going to be my only problem.

(End of Part 2, a natural pause point in the narrative for thinking....)

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