Random story I wrote. Got the urge to write one night, and here it is my lovely fans! The second chapter to "Submission At Its Best" is coming along!
I couldn’t hear anything he said, but I watched his lips move with every word. There was something that drew me to him. He was attractive, wore glasses – or contacts if he didn’t want to wear them. I nodded when I was supposed to nod, giggled when I was supposed to giggle, - hoping, just hoping – that he’d ask if I wanted to go back to his place for drinks. If he suggested ANYTHING towards me getting in bed with him, I’d take advantage of that opportunity.

“I was thinking this place is getting kind of boring. I actually don’t live too far from here, would you like to come back for some drinks? Something to eat maybe?” He asked me. “Hmm? Sorry what did you say?” I replied, clearly focused on things more fun than “drinks”. “I was wondering if you wanted to come back to my place for drinks. It’s a really close walk.” He repeated, raising an eyebrow. “Oh sure I’d love that. Depends on what you got though, see, I’m a Whiskey girl.” And with that, we started walking towards the entrance of the bar.

I had short heels on that I had been wearing for a while, so when he pointed out his place I was relieved. He was right though, it was a really short walk from the bar, 10 minutes at the most. He closed the door behind us and started taking off his shoes. I half bent, half crouched down to try to get those damn heels off. I hated wearing them, so why did I chose to wear them? They weren’t even high! Maybe only about an inch of a heel to them. As I awkwardly tried to keep my balance and take my shoes off, I felt him watching me. I looked over in my peripheral vision and saw his brown eyes scanning me.

I looked back down and continued on my shoes while avoiding speaking or turning my head enough that he could see my embarrassment. When the straps were undone I stood back up and took them off. By the time I looked back at him, he was able to break away from staring and said “my living room is that way, what would you like to drink?” “Surprise me,” I said back “I’ll trust your judgment on what I might like.” “Alright I’ll make you my favorite drink then. Just get comfortable, I’ll be a few minutes.”

I looked around the living room. The place wasn’t too fancy, just a regular apartment for a regular guy. Just what I wanted right? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. All I knew was that something about this man gave me incredibly sexy thoughts. That couch looked comfortable enough that I’d happily be laid down on. Or maybe that chair… Chairs could be fun. I hadn’t tried anything with them yet, but I knew of a few positions that would be amazing to test out with this man.

He walked into the living room holding two glasses of something blue. I thought it was Kool-Aid until I took a sip. “Blue Gatorade?! THAT’s your favorite drink?” I supressed a laugh by taking another sip. “What? What’s wrong with Gatorade? I think it’s sexy.” His voice sounded so seductive, the way he said sexy, practically screaming he wanted me. I thought it was cute that his favorite drink was something as innocent as Gatorade. At least he was a gentleman and didn’t try to get me drunk out of my mind.

We started talking about things here and there, then we got braver and talked about some things in our past, which eventually leaded to past regrets in life. I mentioned how I wished I had lost my virginity a different way, and that I felt really horrible about it. His eyes softened and nodded, understanding - It was nice that someone understood for once. “Well, you may have lost your virginity in a crappy way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun right?” He said, leaning in closer to me.

His hand came to rest on my knee, which he then slid upwards agonizingly slow. His mouth connected with mine as his fingers reached my stomach. I immediately gave in leaning into him more and kissing him back. Oh he was a good kisser, I moaned when he lightly and playfully bit my lip. “Oh what do we have here? I think someone wants more than just kisses.” His voice came out a bit raspy, like he was trying to take it slow but couldn’t wait to get me undressed under him.

I couldn’t say a word. He took my breath away, literally, by kissing me again. I practically melted in his arms. The felt strong and sure, like they could hold me up if I ever fell down. His tongue grazed my bottom lip and it took almost all of my will power to not moan or jump him. We explored each other’s mouths until my lips felt slightly swollen. He then starting trailing kisses along my jaw, my neck, my ears, my collarbone… It felt so good that I shivered in pleasure. He came to my cleavage and kissed the tops of my breasts, while he lifted the edges of my shirt.

As soon as my shirt was off, he worked on my bra. That was no issue, but his warm arms around me felt so nice. The second his hands touched the bare skin on my chest, I bit my lip and threw my head back a little bit. He went back to kissing me in all the right places, moving to my right nipple. His warm mouth closed over my already hard nipple and I gasped. Oh it had been a long time since I got any real pleasure from a real man, and boy, did he know how to use that tongue of his.

He moved to my left nipple and gave it the same amazing treatment as the right. He swirled and flicked his tongue while massaging with his hands. I couldn’t suppress my moan that time, it just felt so damn good. I arched my back subconsciously, loving the feeling of someone holding and kissing me like this. He slowly moved away from my nipples, a trail of kisses down my stomach. Goosebumps rose up all over my body the lower he got. I still had my jeans on, but I wanted them off right away so this could go faster.

Instead of going faster, he went slower, tracing patterns with his fingers along the top of my jeans. Why did he have to make this torture for me? I was soaking wet and ready to be satisfied, I didn’t want to wait. While I had a little temper tantrum in my head, he undid my button and zipper. I snapped out of it when I felt him slide my pants slowly down my legs, savoring every inch of my body. I shivered again, wanting, no NEEDING him inside me.

My pants were off, and now I sat there, in this strange man’s living room, wearing nothing but my blue polka-dotted panties. My thoughts were clouded with desire, as were those big brown eyes of his. His voice came out like it was foreign to him when he spoke “Maybe we should take this to the bedroom.” I simply nodded and stood on wobbly feet. We closed the distance between us and began kissing passionately again, while trying to get to the bedroom. I had no idea where I was going, and was following him awkwardly while we leaned up against walls. When we got to the room he shut the door and came over to me again, lightly pushing me onto the bed. I fell back with one knee up, and bit my lip.

“I want to taste all and every inch of you.” He told me while lowering his body over mine. I could swear I was so wet there should have been a big spot on his sheets. He kissed from my belly button down to my pelvic bone. He kissed down my shaved mound and when he reached the top of my lips I let out a sigh. His tongue darted out and barely touched my clit. I moaned loudly that time, which must have encouraged him since he did it again. His tongue darted back and forth, in circles, flicking and sucking while I arched my back and moaned and thrashed. I was so close, and he just stopped. My body sunk back down to the bed and I made a disappointed sound.

“Not yet, soon. I want to make this last, I want this to be good.” I pouted at him as he finished his sentence. He just ignored my look and took his belt off, then his shirt, then his pants. He was wearing cookie monster boxers and bit my tongue on a comment I wanted to make. I got up off the bed and knelt in front of him. I took of his boxers revealing his cock. It was big and felt heavy in my hand. I would have guess 8-8 ½ inches with decent girth. I had troubles wrapping my small hands around it.

He let out a sigh when I took him into my mouth. Giving oral was something I always liked doing, even if it was sometimes hard with my small mouth. I licked and sucked his head, then bobbed my head up and down a few times before going back to liking and sucking his head. I did this while also stroking the bottom of his shaft with my right hand. I went faster and slower, switching my pace hoping to keep him on edge. It must have worked because very soon he pulled me up to a kiss on the lips.

He reached his hand between my legs and started teasing my hole. I slumped a bit as I tried moving my hips to get the point across. His fingers slid inside me so slowly I thought I would die from too much desire. He barely twitched his fingers and I came all over his hand. I let out a loud moan then bit my lip to try to be quieter as my orgasm hit me. As I started coming down he pressed his mouth to my ear to say “I hope you’re ready, this will feel amazing, and I will take care of your body like no other man.”

With that, he slid me down to the bed again and positioned himself at my entrance. He pushed himself in really fast, and then sat there letting me adjust to his size. I grabbed fistfuls of sheets in my hands as he starting thrusting in and out of me. It felt amazingly good, even better when he leaned down and kissed up and down my neck and jaw. I wrapped my arms around his back and moaned louder and louder as I came closer and closer to my second orgasm of the evening.

His thrusts grew more frantic and I assumed he was getting close. One more thrust and he set me off. I yelled out as pleasure took over my body, which must have set him off as well. He grunted and moaned as he came inside me, still thrusting a little. Both of our bodies collapsed, exhausted and spent. He laid down beside me, breathing heavily, but with a smile on his face. I turned over shakily, and looked at him. “I don’t even know your name,” I said “and I just slept with you.” “There’s nothing to be ashamed off. I’ll tell you in the morning. Now come here, I’m not done with your body yet.” Was his reply.

So I crawled up the bed a bit so we were lying at his pillows. His hands and fingers trailed along my skin as my eyes grew heavy from the adrenaline rush of the night. I tried mumbling something about sleep, but it didn’t really come out right, or at all really. I laid my head against the pillow and curled up a little bit, feeling the after effects of the evening’s events. I felt refreshed and relieved. To finish the night off, I fell asleep in a really comfortable bed with a sexy man who could make my body feels things I couldn’t imagine existed.

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