Summer School for Sheila

Possibly the best thing about being a teacher is the vacations. Please, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job; I teach high school English in a suburban school where the kids want to get good grades – even when they’re not that interested in the subject. I find, because I treat them with respect, I don’t get many discipline problems. I even get trusted with confidences that their parents don’t get. I have also had a few veiled offers from some students but have always managed to keep a professional distance while remaining friends. I’d like to say that I was too mature to be tempted but it isn’t true. I’ve felt myself getting aroused. There are a lot of very attractive girls in my classes. However the complications of an affair with a student seem too many to be worth it.

So, when the vacations roll around, my wife (who also teaches) and I head to our beach house for rest and recreation. I love windsurfing and, even in winter, put on my wetsuit and get out when the wind and waves allow it. Even though I’m approaching forty I keep fit, strong and pretty free of fat, from all the exercise. Another benefit of working in a high school is that there’s a weight room and running track for the times I can’t get out on the water.

Every summer our nephews, Phil and Pete, and niece, Sheila, come to spend three or four weeks with us at the beach. We weren’t able to take them last year so they were determined that we had to have them for four weeks this year. The two boys just live on the beach; swimming and skim boarding mostly. The first two weeks this year had been spent teaching them and their sister to start wind surfing. At nine and eleven the boys were just able to keep upright and I decided to buy them some boards that were more suited to them. They loved the challenge and it had the additional benefit of making sure they were exhausted every evening and made no complaints about an early bedtime.

Their sister, Sheila, was now nearly fifteen and I was astonished at how much she’d grown up in the two years since they were last with us. She could use an adult sized board. I had to be honest with myself and admit that, when I saw her come out of the house in her skin-tight wetsuit for our first lesson, I started having other thoughts than an uncle and teacher should have.

Two years before, she’d been a thin, rather awkward child with legs that seemed too long. Now she was a beautiful young woman, those legs were still long and slim but full enough in the thighs to attract the eye. I noticed that the rest of her attracted the eyes of all the youths, and most of the men, on the beach. She had gorgeous blonde hair, wonderfully smooth skin, a narrow waist, well-shaped hips and full, well-formed breasts that filled her clothes in an enticing way.

Teaching her to wind surf gave me plenty of opportunity to put my hands on her; but I managed to keep myself under control, even when she leaned back against me and I could feel her firm, round ass against my groin. Maybe I held her a bit longer than necessary and, from time to time, let my hands slip down from her waist onto her hips but she didn’t seem to notice. Pretty soon she could handle an adult board and I enjoyed watching her. I kept my board close to her, claiming that it was to give her advice, but, in truth, it was to see her in that wet-suit!

Like most girls her age, Sheila was sometimes a playful child, sometimes very mature, and sometimes a bit withdrawn and moody, but I felt that I had a good relationship with her. My wife said that Sheila should be finding other young people along the beach, rather than just staying with the family. She’d gone, a few times, with some of the teenagers in the other houses and hung out with them for an evening or two. After that she said she wasn’t too interested and resented her aunt’s pushing.

She started getting good at wind surfing. I’d known, from her mother’s phone calls to my wife, that Sheila enjoyed sports. She’d been playing basketball for some years and running track in the summer. As a result she had an athlete’s confidence in, and knowledge of, her body. She quickly sensed how to place her weight on the board but also had the ability to catch the wind at the right angle to control her speed and distance. Even though being close to her was, sexually, painful I was able to enjoy teaching her and seeing her progress.

Every evening, when my wife was putting the boys to bed, I’d take the opportunity to go for a quiet walk along the beach, past the dunes, towards the lighthouse. It gave me a chance to relax and think. I found that my thoughts were more and more about Sheila; about how she looked and how her body felt when I touched her. My wife and I had settled into a comfortable relationship but there wasn’t any excitement there anymore. For her, sex had primarily been to have children. When she’d found out that she couldn’t have a baby she didn’t want to adopt and she lost herself in work and volunteer activities. I was finding that thinking about Sheila brought back a sexual excitement that I had thought gone forever. Whenever Sheila was close I could feel my body responding. I was looking at finishing out four painful weeks of restrained lust.

It was halfway through the third week that things changed. I was just leaving for my evening walk when Sheila came downstairs; her hair, still damp from the shower, tied in a ponytail. She was barefoot, wearing blue jeans that clung to her hips and thighs and a baggy sweatshirt that hid the shape of her breasts. I knew that, after her evening shower, she never put a bra on. I was used now, to the way my body responded to her, but still felt myself take a deep breath as I saw her. My hands itched to find her breasts under that sweatshirt and to trace her contours through those tight jeans. I took another breath and kept my hands by my sides.

She gave me a rather timid smile and asked if she could join me on my walk. Of course, I was happy to let her. It would be painful to have her close and not touch her, but at least I would be able to look at her as we walked.

For the first few minutes we walked without talking, enjoying the quiet away from the constant chatter of the boys with my wife. I always took my walk barefoot as I loved the feel of the sand beneath my feet as it lost its heat when the sun went down. As Sheila was barefoot too I mentioned the pleasure that I got from feeling my feet on the sand. At that moment a breeze came and Sheila said how she liked the feel of it on her face and how it made her hair tickle the back of her neck. I told her that if she stayed aware of the wind when she was sail boarding it would help her know when to adjust her sail to get the best of the wind.

I went on to say it was good to notice things like that; too many people didn’t and it was sad because our senses could give us so much pleasure – especially touch, the feel of a breeze on your skin, or the warmth of the sun, the rub of a silk shirt, hair running through your fingers. I was in fine flow. I’m a sensualist and even the listing of these things gives me pleasure.

Suddenly my niece stopped walking and turned to look at me. There was a very serious expression on her face and I wondered what was coming. “Uncle John, if I ask you something, promise you won’t get angry or laugh at me.” Intrigued, I promised I would do neither.

“Do you like kissing?” she asked. I would never have guessed that was coming. I gave a little thought as to how to answer and decided to be honest. “Yes, it can be very pleasant, and even exciting. Why do you want to know?”

Sheila explained that, one evening, when she’d been with the other teenagers along the beach some of the boys had started a kissing game and she hadn’t found anything she liked about having her lips smashed against her teeth.

“Sweetheart it’s just that they didn’t know how to do it properly. You have to learn how to do it properly before you can enjoy it.”

She looked at me out of the corner of her eyes and, timidly, asked me if I’d tell her how to kiss properly. In a flash I realized that here was an opportunity I’d be a fool not to take. I explained that it was very difficult to tell someone how to kiss; you really had to experience it. I paused a moment and then asked her if she’d like me to give her a lesson.

“Oh would you Uncle John? I’m so glad I asked you.”

I told her that I was doing it because I was fond of her but she must realize that it had to be a secret, as her parents would be upset if they thought I was helping her to grow up too fast. She had to promise me that she wouldn’t tell anyone, ever, that I was the person who taught her to kiss because grown-ups would get upset and her friends would laugh at her. She promised eagerly and turned her face up so I could kiss her there and then.

“Let’s find somewhere a bit secluded where we won’t be disturbed” I suggested and looked around. The dunes were not far away and, with the night falling, there weren’t people about. I led her into the dunes and found a hollow where some beach plum bushes sheltered us both from the wind and from prying eyes. Here was a place I could start her lesson in safety.

I told her that we would start first with kissing while standing up, and after that I’d teach her about kissing when sitting down. The first thing she should do is come close to me and put her arms round my waist. Without a hesitation she did just that. Next I told her to lean against my chest and look up at my face. Her breasts pressed against me as she leaned forward. I could feel her nipples through the cloth of her sweatshirt. I asked her if she remembered telling me how she liked feeling the breeze on her skin and she nodded. “Well the first think to realize about kissing is that it starts with the skin of your lips and the feeling of being touched by someone you like.” I softly traced the outline of her lips with my fingertips. I could sense the electricity run up my arm as I touched her skin.

“Oh, I like that; you’re so gentle” she said. “It feels good.”

I told her next that a kiss was better if her lips were moist and I’d do that for her. I bent my head down and retraced the contours of her mouth; but this time, with the tip of my tongue. I had a hard time stopping myself from mashing down on her like those teenage boys who’d annoyed her; but I wasn’t going to spoil my chances with any rough moves. She gave a little gasp and said she liked that too. Then I told her she should try that with her tongue on my lips. I felt her warm breath as the moist tip of her tongue slipped around my lips. I didn’t gasp, but I liked it too!

For the first kiss I said we’d just touch lips to lips, with our mouths slightly open and, when our lips were together, we’d gently suck in one another’s breath. The right angle was important, I said, and put my hands on her cheeks to hold her. The kiss was good, in a gentle sort of way. When we pulled our mouths apart Sheila said “Wow, that was a lot nicer than with the boys.”

“That’s just the start.” I said. “Now we move to the next step. Are you ready?”

She nodded and I explained about exploring the other person’s mouth with your tongue. A sign of trust; Sheila nodded again. I decided to go a step further and told her that kissing focused on the mouth but included the whole body and that was why we were starting kissing while standing. I told her to slip her arms around my waist and I slipped one arm around her shoulders and the other around her waist.

We kissed and I heard Sheila give a little start of surprise when she felt my tongue slide between her lips and touch her tongue. After a moment I felt her tongue curl around mine and I tasted the sweetness of her mouth. I tightened my arm around her shoulder pulling her against me, so that I could feel her breasts against my chest, again. Her lips pressed tighter against mine and her hands crept up my back. I felt my blood heating up as the excitement of her kiss spread through my body. As I felt her responding I let my hand slip down from her waist onto the curve of her ass and I pulled her closer, feeling her firm, flat stomach against my groin.

After a couple of minutes we pulled apart. “Wow” she said. “I never realized kissing could be as good as that.” She giggled and held onto me. “I feel a little weak in the knees.” Her cheek came to rest against my chest. I was aware of a rush of feelings; there was sexual arousal – my mind conjured up a picture of Sheila naked on the sand, inviting me to take her; there was guilt at taking advantage of her innocence; there was a strong feeling that I wanted to hold her and protect her.

I controlled my breathing and told her that she wasn’t doing badly for a first time. I said that our bodies are rather like instruments; as we learn how to play them we get them to perform better. All she needed to do was to practice a bit. Then I suggested that maybe we should head back home now as we’d been away a while. I said that, if she wanted to learn to kiss sitting down – even when lying down – maybe we could do that another day. She said that she’d like that. Then she asked if we could practice one more time before we headed back home. I agreed immediately. The second kiss was even more successful than the first; her hands crept up my back and she pressed the length of her body against me.

When we got back home it seemed that we hadn’t been missed. All we got from my wife was a casual question about whether we’d enjoyed the walk. The rest of the evening passed in a blur and I had trouble getting to sleep. I kept remembering the taste of Sheila’s mouth and the pressure of her hands moving up my back. Next morning I woke up wondering if it had all been a dream. The day passed as usual with wind surfing lessons but I got more smiles from Sheila than usual and I felt her leaning against me more than before as I helped her onto the board. I found it hard to concentrate on much as my mind kept slipping back to the evening before and to wondering about the evening to come.

Sheila wore the same tight jeans and baggy sweatshirt that she wore the evening before. She told my wife that she’d liked getting away from the noise of her brothers as she joined me on the front porch, where I was waiting. We were both quiet as we walked along the beach towards the dunes. I asked her if she was ready and she said “Oh, yes!” in an excited sort of way. I took her hand and led her back into the dunes where we’d been before.

I told her that we should start with a review of last evening’s lesson and slid my arms around her waist, pulling her towards me. She tilted her face up and we kissed. She had moistened her parted lips and slipped her warm tongue into my mouth from the very start. My body responded without any conscious thought. My hands slid down to her ass and started gently pushing her groin towards my crotch. Our kiss got stronger the longer it lasted and we both gasped when we pulled apart. I hoped she wasn’t aware of how aroused I’d become. I congratulated her on how well she’d learned to kiss. I then said I’d been thinking and that we’d postpone learning to kiss when sitting down until some time when we had a couple of chairs or a couch, as it would be more comfortable that way. Sheila made a disappointed sound but cheered up when I said I’d teach her how to kiss when lying down, as we could do that on the sand.

Before we started to lie down I told her that I didn’t want her to get her hair all sandy. I took of my shirt to put it down under her head. The cool evening air and the warm sand both felt good on my bare skin. Sheila smiled sweetly “Uncle John you’re so thoughtful. I hope you don’t get cold.” She came over, put her hands on my shoulders, and kissed me. She slid her hands down onto my biceps and then back round my shoulders. “You must be strong. Your muscles are so big and hard.” I laughed, put my hands on her waist, lifted her up off the ground, and swung her over my head. “Oh, wow” she said as I put her down.

She went down onto her knees and asked if I was going to lie on top of her. I laughed and told her that I didn’t think that it wouldn’t be too comfortable for her. She lay down on her back with my shirt under her head. I lay down beside her, propped myself on one elbow, and looked at her for a moment before bending to kiss her parted lips. I stroked her soft hair and ran my fingers around her ear. At my touch she made soft, moaning sounds of pleasure. I took a breath and let my fingers slide over her smooth cheek and under her chin.

“Please kiss me again.” she said, and I did. As my lips covered hers I slipped my hand down her body feeling the swell of her breast before reaching her waist and exploring the outline of her hip and thigh. I felt her body shifting in response to my touch whiles she made gentle sounds of pleasure.

After a minute of two I raised my head. Sheila’s eyes were wide with wonder and sparkling with pleasure. I suggested that now she should practice kissing me and I lay back on the sand. My niece raised herself on her elbow and bent over to kiss me. Strands of her hair brushed my face and shoulders. I felt myself filled with desire at that delicious, teasing touch. Her hand was on my chest and she stroked me. Her fingers found my nipples and, it must have been instinctive, started to tease them.

I lost track of time as we lay there on the cooling sand while the twilight darkened. Lost in the pleasure of her willing lips and my first caresses of her ripe young body. Only with great difficulty did I break away to sit up and insist that we head back home before my wife sent out a search party. We stood up and I brushed the sand off her body, rejoicing in every moment that I could spend stroking her back; her hips; her thighs. Sheila giggled as she brushed me off and helped me put my shirt back on. Her fingers scraped my chest as she pulled the shirt down; I shivered, but not with cold.

Finally we started back out of the cover of the dunes. It seemed natural that Sheila’s hand was in mine and her hip brushed me as we walked. She turned to look at me while we strolled home. In the dark I wasn’t sure of the look in her eyes but her voice sounded a little strange. “Uncle John; when you kissed me and touched me it felt so exciting. I’ve never felt like that before. I know about sex and that, we’ve had lessons at school and Mom’s talked to me but no one’s said anything about what we just did. It feels so good. Would you do more? Like you said yesterday about touch, I felt it through all my body. I want you to touch me other places. Will you, please?”

I was almost overwhelmed by a rush of different emotions. Surprise, hope, guilt, desire all sped through my mind but the feeling that won out was the one that stirred my prick and started it swelling. I taught English Literature and knew that Juliet, in Romeo and Juliet, was fourteen years old and her mother nagged her because she wasn’t married yet. In other centuries people realized that fourteen was old enough to have sex.

“Well; if you’re really sure you’re ready and you want that.” I tried to sound doubtful “We could do some more tomorrow evening, I guess. But the best feeling of being touched is when it’s skin to skin so there’s a limit to what we can do in these clothes.”

“Oh, I think we can probably do something about that can’t we?” she answered and giggled. I didn’t ask any questions, but my heart beat faster.

I was amazed, when we got back home, to find that we hadn’t been gone as long as I’d thought. Again there were no questions from my wife, who had been fully occupied with the boys. That night my sleep was filled with erotic dreams of Sheila.

The next day was a painful exercise in self-control. Every time I saw my niece I wanted to pull her into my arms and kiss her and her flirting was obvious, at least to me. That afternoon, as I lay on the beach resting, she threw sand at me until I chased her screaming into the sea. I waited until we were up to our chests in water to catch her then I grabbed and dunked her. As she came spluttering to the surface I held her to me, squeezed her backside through the thin material of her bikini. She looked at me, laughed, and said that we ought to wait until our evening walk. She splashed me and ran back onto the beach to lie on her towel next to my wife. I thought I’d never seen as gorgeous a body. I was sure she was teasing me as she stretched slowly and rolled over onto her back to show her breasts and her flat tanned tummy.

It seemed an eternity to wait for our third evening but finally dinner was finished and I got ready for my walk. I decided to wear a pair of shorts and a short-sleeved shirt that I could take off easily. I waited impatiently for Sheila to come down but she didn’t appear. Finally my wife asked if I was going to walk or not. Gloomily, I assumed Sheila had decided not to go any further and I opened the porch door, wondering how I would survive the last few days of the kids’ vacation.

Just at that moment, Sheila came clattering down the stairs. She was wearing her favorite sweatshirt but a yellow wraparound mini skirt that showed her beautiful legs to their full advantage. I shouted to my wife that we were off for our walk, and left.

As soon as we were some distance from the house Sheila slipped her hand into mine and squeezed my fingers. “Remember what you promised to show me today?” she asked. I didn’t tell her that it had been the main thought on my mind all day but just asked if she was sure she wanted to go on with the lessons. She said “Oh yes!” and we moved into the privacy of the dunes.

When we reached our spot Sheila looked at me and said “Skin on skin; right?” Without waiting for an answer she pulled her sweatshirt over her head and dropped it on the sand. I stood a moment looking at my beautiful niece. Her breasts were full, firm and perfectly formed with brown nipples that were swelling and stiffening as I looked at them. The pale skin that had always been covered by her bikini glowed in the sunset. My hands started to ache with desire. “How do I look?” she asked nervously. I assured her that she was a gorgeous and desirable young woman. She looked at me coyly from under her long eyelashes and asked if I desired her. This was moving a bit too fast for me. I ignored her question, saying that it was time to teach her about having her body touched by a man. She asked if she should take off her skirt too. I gulped and told her that could wait a while. I took my shirt off to get a little time to get control of myself. The last thing I wanted to do was to come on so strong that I frightened her.

Getting back into teaching mode, I told her that the skin all over the body is sensitive but some areas are more sensitive than others and it was useful to know them. We’d already explored the lips and now we’d try some others. I stood behind her, I could see her tense up in anticipation. I placed my hands softly on the sides of her neck and then stroked gently down over her shoulders and arms, circling on the inside of the elbows and wrists. I stood really close so that the hairs of my chest were brushing her back and I nibbled the lobe of her ear.

Sheila leaned back against me and I could hear her breathe in short bursts. “Oh Uncle John, you’re wonderful” she gasped and turned to kiss me hard on the lips. “I feel as if I want you to touch me for ever and ever. Do it again.”

But as she was kissing me her breasts were moving against my chest and I wanted to explore more! “I’ll do it again later” I promised “but let’s move on.” I asked her to lie on her back on the sand and she grabbed my shirt to put under her head. She lay down with a sigh of pleasure asking what was next.

I didn’t answer as I lay down beside her but I began to rub one of her breasts, bringing the nipple erect against the palm of my hand before moving my hand over to the other breast and doing the same thing for the same effect. Sheila started moaning and gasping. Her hips moved in response, as the feeling spread through her whole body. I thought it was time to risk going further. I leaned down and kissed her nipples and sucked them, wrapping my tongue around them. She started whispering “yes, yes” and that she loved me and I could do whatever I wanted to her.

I knew I didn’t need to play act any more. As I continued to kiss and suck on her breasts I slipped one hand down over her flat belly and onto the thin cloth that covered her groin. Her moans got louder as the feelings grew more intense. I let my hand come up under her skirt to rub on her already damp panties where they covered her clitoris and vagina. As my fingers finally reached their goal, Sheila gave a series of little screams of overwhelming pleasure as her hips bucked with the intensity of her first orgasm.

Her body went limp under me and I pulled back to look at her. “Oh my God” she gasped “I never realized you could do something like that, make me feel like that, just with your fingers. Oh, Uncle John I love you, I love you.” She reached her arms up and slid them behind my head to pull my mouth back down to hers.

We stayed out later than we had the other nights as I explored Sheila’s body with my hands, my lips and my tongue. She was so sensitive and aroused that I got a little worried that someone on the beach might hear her sounds of pleasure. Finally I exerted all my self-control and stood up. My wonderful Sheila lay there trying to get me to keep on but at last she realized I wouldn’t give in and stood up pretending to sulk. She put her sweatshirt back on and shook out her hair. I brushed myself down and put my shirt on too. I took her hand and dragged her out of the dunes and back towards the house.

My wife was on the steps when we got there. “You’ve been gone an awfully long time,” she said. I mumbled something about watching the sunset and then chatting about wind surfing. She hardly listened, and interrupted to say that she’d had a phone call from her father saying that her mother had fallen down and was in hospital. My wife said she’d told him that she’d come to help. I could drive her into town early tomorrow and she could catch the train and be there by late that evening. She went on to say that she’d phoned her sister but she couldn’t come to collect the kids for another couple of days so I’d have to stay and look after them until she came.

My mind was in a whirl as I wondered how this would affect my time with Sheila. With the sort of stuff the boys had been known to get into I couldn’t continue with my evening walks. The kids were disappointed that their vacation was being cut short by a few days but I would guess that the boys were not as disappointed as I was at the thought of Sheila leaving early. But, on the other hand, I had a queen-sized bed available for two nights that we could use, once the boys were asleep. I practically drooled as a picture of Sheila naked in my bed filled my mind.

I decided that I’d work the boys so hard during the day that they’d fall asleep even earlier than usual so that we’d have a longer night and less chance that they’d wake up if their sister made as much noise as she had this evening.

Sheila was almost in tears when she came to stand with me on the front porch while my wife was busy upstairs packing a couple of suitcases. “Uncle John I don’t want to go home early. I want to stay with you.” I could hear her voice trembling and slipped my arm around her shoulders, pulling her towards me. She leaned her head against me and slipped one hand under my shirt to rub my chest.

“Perhaps you could tell her you want to stay for another week to improve your wind surfing technique” I suggested hopefully “You are getting good and could be competitive if you kept on.” She shook her head sadly. “No, I bugged her about going to basketball camp for the next two weeks so I’d have a better chance of making JV next year. She’ll really start to wonder if I change my mind.”

“Don’t be sad, sweetheart.” I said quietly “We’ll have to make the most of the next two nights.” I reminded her that I had a queen-sized bed. They obviously pleased her as she reached up to kiss me hard on the lips. To my surprise I also felt a hand rubbing my groin gently through the material of my pants. At that moment my wife called out to me and I had to leave. I wasn’t sure if that touch had been an innocent accident, curiosity or a promise. But I had a very pleasurable feeling, that stayed with me for hours.

The train my wife was catching left quite early so we were up and ready to leave before the kids were awake. Sheila knew that she’d be in charge until I got back and she’d make breakfast for her brothers. I drove my wife into town waited ‘til the train came; waved her a fond farewell as it pulled out of the station and then went to a pharmacy to buy a packet of condoms.

I didn’t know how far things would go with Sheila but I reckoned it was best to be prepared. After buying the rubbers I went into a diner to have a second breakfast and some coffee. As I sat back over my second cup I reviewed where I was and where I might be going. I had kissed her and fondled her body and I knew that, up to now, she’d been both willing to do it and excited by how she felt. She had started telling me that she loved me and I could do anything I wanted. I felt pretty sure I could go the whole way. But should I? A nagging voice in the back of my head started telling me that prison was where I could be going. Against that was the image of Sheila lying naked in my bed. I hadn’t seen her totally naked yet and I wanted to. I wanted to explore every part of her body. I wanted to feel her hands on me. I wanted to feel her hands on my penis. I wanted to feel myself slipping inside that gorgeous virgin and slowly coming to a climax. I knew that if I did it would be better than any sensation I’d had in years; maybe ever.

I finished my cup of coffee and told that voice in my head to go to hell. I was just getting into the car when I saw a rack of kimonos being wheeled out of a beach shop. The bright colors caught my eye and I wandered over. They were short and lightweight cotton, just the thing for a warm evening or to wear on the beach. They were embroidered with gold and silver dragons. I bought a blue one for me and a red one for Sheila. I had Sheila’s gift wrapped, got into the car and drove back to the beach house. When I got there the boys were just finishing their breakfast. Sheila was wearing a short silky nightdress, which left her long legs bare. She was also wearing an apron. That somehow made the picture more erotic. She gave me a smile that brightened the kitchen.

I told the boys to get into their wetsuits, take their boards down to the water and get them set up. They clattered out of the room and I went over to stand behind Sheila as she washed dishes in the sink. I slid my arms around her, under the apron and caressed her breasts through the silky material of her nightdress. She moaned with pleasure and leaned back against me as I nuzzled her ear. I smelled her scent as I buried my nose in her hair.

Finally I stood back and told her I’d brought her a present. She clapped her hands with excitement as I picked the packet up from the counter where I’d dropped it. She tore the wrapping off and gave a little scream of pleasure, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. As I tasted her lips I realized that there wasn’t anything more I could teach her in that department. Finally I broke the kiss and said I’d got the kimono for her to wear in the evening, after her shower. She looked at me and said, dreamily, “Ah, I don’t know how I’m going to manage to wait.” I was having the same thought myself.

The rest of the day passed in a bit of a haze. I kept myself busy trying to tire the boys out. I not only put them through their paces with the boards but we also ran races, played soccer and chased one another about. Sheila joined in and I noticed that it was easier for me to catch her than either of her brothers. Otherwise, she and I worked side by side in the kitchen preparing our meals while the boys played video games. We kept touching one another as we worked, our hands would reach for the bowls or knives as the same time, our hips would brush as we moved. To me every touch seemed like a promise of what would come later.

Soon after we finished the evening meal, I could see the boys beginning to drag. I told them to put on their pajamas and brush their teeth. So that they wouldn’t moan, I said them they could play computer games as soon as they were ready. I saw them into their bathroom and went to mine to take a shower. I hurried through it and just put on the blue robe that I’d bought that morning. My body was literally quivering as I thought about the coming night with Sheila.

By the time I got back to the boys they were both slumped down in front of the computer. The younger one was already fast asleep and the older having trouble keeping his eyes open. One after the other, I picked them up, carried them to their beds and tucked them in. I turned off the light and closed the door behind me. If I was any judge, they were both away for a long, restful night.

I got back upstairs and found Sheila coming out of her room. She was wearing her kimono. The way it touched her showed that she was naked underneath. She’d washed and dried her hair which floated like a blonde halo around her head. She seemed so precious, so special that I took her hand and kissed it before I led her into my room.

Once we were there we stood for a moment looking at one another. I reached out and undid the belt of her kimono, letting it hang open for a moment, before pushing the material off her shoulders. She let the robe slip to the floor. She stood there looking a little nervous. It was the first time I’d seen her fully naked and she was flawless. I told her how wonderful she was.

Coming to me, she reached for the belt of my robe. “Skin to skin” she murmured as she undid it. She put her hands under the material onto my bare chest and slid her soft fingers through my hair as she moved close. Her hands crept up to push my kimono off my shoulders. I let it drop to the bedroom floor.

“You’d better hurry up and teach me all the rest.” she said as she pressed herself against me. “Otherwise I won’t have time to practice.” I found that I’d come to a decision without realizing it. “Let’s save your virginity until tomorrow and then only if you’re really sure.” I answered. “I don’t want to hurry or what we’re doing is no longer making love but just becomes having sex.” The look in her eyes would melt anyone and I felt my knees go weak.

“You’re the most wonderful man in the world.” she whispered, as she puts her arms around me and rubbed my back. My heart leaped. I knew that I’d made the right decision. We would continue as teacher and student for one more night.

I picked her up and laid her gently on the bed. She rolled onto her back and lay there with her legs slightly apart. I climbed onto the bed with her and was aware of her eyes on my penis. It had become almost fully erect at the sight of her naked. She didn’t say anything and moved her eyes to look me in the face.

I told her that I’d start with having her feel my touch on all the parts of her that I hadn’t already touched. I moved my hands down the front of her legs and the soles of her feet. Then, slowly, softly, up the inside of her thighs until my fingers touched those folded lips of flesh that protected the entrance to her vagina. The closer I got the more she gasped and moaned with the intensity of the feeling. I took my time so that the sensations built in her. When, finally, my fingers reached their goal Sheila’s hips rose and fell in an uncontrolled orgasm and her scream of pleasure was loud enough to make me worry about the boys being woken up.

We took a pause to kiss and hold one another while I kept one ear open to listen for movement from the boys. Fortunately they seemed to sleep through it and I turned a very relaxed girl over to lie on her front while I introduced her to the sensations that came from having her bottom and anus stroked, touched and teased. I found Sheila’s back as sexually powerful as her front and found myself brushing my aroused penis between the cheeks of her backside.

After half an hour of intimate touch she raised her head from the mattress and asked me when it was her turn to play with my body. I didn’t need much urging to take her place flat on my back on the bed while she knelt beside me.

“I can play with your legs and your bottom the same way you played with mine” she said “but what do I do with your penis and testicles?” I smiled. It always gave me a kick when she talked with the vocabulary of her sex education classes. I answered in the same language and seriousness. I explained about their sensitivity and how they’d respond. I also warned her that if she stroked my penis to climax there’d be a large spurt of semen that would be pumped out.

She looked at me with her wide blue eyes and asked if that was why girls kept their mouths over the tip of the penis if they were masturbating a boy. Was it so they could swallow the semen and stop it from spurting? This time it was my eyes that were wide. My beautiful girl wasn’t as innocent as I’d thought. As ever, I replied honestly and explained about the pleasure a man got from having his penis sucked and that some women seemed to get pleasure from it too. I told her about rousing the penis to its fully erect length, rolling back the foreskin and sucking and licking. Listening to myself I felt astonished at what I was telling her but also felt perfectly comfortable sharing the knowledge.

Sheila looked at me thoughtfully and said that, as I’d given her a climax she wanted to give me one. Once again I said that she should only do it if she was sure. She said she was. I lay back and waited. Then she switched back to be the young innocent and asked me if she should face me when doing it or have her back to me.

I told her I found both ends of her beautiful and she laughed. Then I suggested that she get on the bed and spread her legs to have a knee either side of my chest so she could bend down to get to my penis. As soon as she got into position I put my hands on her smooth round, beckoning bottom and started to fondle her. She didn’t let herself be distracted. Bending down she reached between my legs and started to stroke my testicles. My whole body jolted as if I’d had an electric shock.

Then she moved her finger to my penis, which had gotten a bit limp by then. It didn’t stay that way, as she stroked it underneath and began gently rubbing it. When it had swollen, she pulled back the foreskin and ran her tongue around the bulb, licking it all, before she closed her lips on it and started to suck. She started to move her head so that her lips went lower and lower down the shaft before moving back and then starting the whole exquisite routine over again.

As the sensations rolled over me like giant waves I forgot all about teasing her bottom. I let my hands fall limply onto the bed and abandoned myself to the feeling as she moved me to ejaculation. I just had time to warn her as my body surged to an orgasm that was like nothing I’d experienced before. I could hear myself making noises every bit as loud as those Sheila had made earlier.

I wasn’t sure how she’d react when I spurted in her mouth but she kept her lips closed on my shaft and swallowed as I kept pumping. She turned around and asked me if she’d done it right. I held out my arms to her and told her she was fantastic. She smiled happily and lay down cuddled up to me, cradled in my arms.

A minute later, as we lay there peacefully, I heard somebody try the door handle and then knock. I thanked God that I’d remembered to lock the door and called out to ask what was the matter. It was Pete; he said that he’d heard me yell and wanted to know what the matter was. I told him that even grownups called out in their dreams sometimes. I said I’d woken myself up too, that I was sorry to have made his worry. He should go back to bed and I’d be along in a moment.

I kissed Sheila and got out of bed. I put on my robe, covered her with a sheet and went to the door. I turned off the light before opening it, in case Pete was still there. I was glad I had as he was waiting for me. I asked if he was hungry, and he nodded; it was really an unnecessary question, he was always hungry. I took him into the kitchen, made him a sandwich and found him a couple of cookies that he ate while talking about some nightmares he’d had. I made interested sounds but my mind was back in the bedroom with Sheila.

When I finally got back she was sleeping peacefully with a slight smile on her lips. I pulled a chair over and sat there just looking at her. Once I’d left the room she’d thrown the sheet back and lay there naked. I let my eyes wander over her body. I’d never had a chance to take my time like this. I made the most of it. There is a quality about a girl’s body when she has just reached sexual maturity. I don’t know quite how to describe it. There’s the wonderful smoothness of her curves without any wrinkles. There’s the firmness of her thighs and breasts. Maybe it’s the softness of her looks before she’s suffered disappointment. There was the pleasure of knowing that I’m the first to explore this body that any man would desire.

Sheila was perfect. I was filled with amazement as I realized fully, for the first time, that she was mine. Mine to touch, to hold, to love. For the first time I admitted to myself that I loved her. I’d been serious when I’d told her I didn’t want our relationship to just be having sex. I wanted it to be making love; to be based in caring and respect. Yes, I realized that I loved her. What had started out as an excuse to have sex with a beautiful girl had changed. Now I needed to make love to her, because making love was a way of being together as completely as possible; that was what I wanted and what I needed.

As I looked at her, bathed in the moonlight that came in the bedroom window, that voice in the back of my head made itself heard loud and clear. “Jesus Christ, John” said the voice “Fuck a fourteen-year-old if you want and can get away with it but, to fall in love with her; that’s stupid – and dangerous. She may have the body and responses of a grown woman but think of the complications.”

The voice may have been right but was outmatched. I had beautiful, wonderful Sheila right in front of me. I had the memory of her fingers on my penis and of her head resting on my shoulder. I had a room that was filled with her scent. I had too much on my mind for me to listen to any voice however much sense it might be making.

I ignored the voice and concentrated on the problems at hand. First was to make sure that, for our final night together, there’d be no danger of us waking the boys up. I thought I could solve that problem quite easily. My wife had some mild sleeping pills. I could safely give them each a half in their drink at supper. I’d also try to get them as tired as possible with an active last day on the beach.

The second problem was harder. How to make sure that this wasn’t the final night together. At least not the final for ever. I knew that I needed to be with Sheila as often as I could. I thought she’d agree to do a lot of wind surfing. I’d tell her parents that she was really good (and that was true) and that she should train to be competitive. I’d offer to train her, if she wanted. If that worked out, we could spend time together during all the school vacations. Weekends probably wouldn’t be possible, as we lived in different States. I’d talk with Sheila about it in the morning and then with her mother when she came the following day.

With my plans settled I got onto the bed and lay next to her. Without fully waking, she cuddled up to me. I put my arm over her to hold her tight and curled my fingers around her breast. I soon drifted into a deep sleep filled with wonderful dreams.

Despite the fact that I hadn’t slept much, I woke up quite early feeling refreshed and happy. Through the window, I could see blue sky with small clouds moving briskly. Our last day at the beach together would be good. I got up quietly leaving Sheila still asleep. I grabbed my clothes and went to take a shower in her bathroom. I’d leave shaving until later. I went down to the kitchen and made coffee. After my first cup I went back to my bedroom and kissed her awake. I sent her, reluctantly, back to her room before the boys started wandering and wondering.

She was showered and back downstairs wearing her new robe and only panties underneath. Before the boys arrived we spent a few minutes kissing as I ran my hands over her willing body. As soon as I could control myself I stepped back. I quickly explained my plans, both for the coming night but also for the kite surf coaching. She thought the coaching was a wonderful idea and that we could get her parents to agree.

There was a good wind and I kept busy with the boys and Sheila on the boards but, all the same, the day seemed to pass very slowly. At last it was dinnertime. I dissolved the sleeping pills in the boys’ drinks and watched them get more and more drowsy as they ate their dessert.

After that it was the same as the night before. I took my shower, made sure that the boys were soundly asleep and then found Sheila in her red robe waiting in the hall for me. This time she undid the belt and slipped the robe off her shoulders, no longer embarrassed to be naked. I dropped my robe on top of hers and led her into the bedroom.

My hands went round her waist and pulled her to me. She came willingly. I could feel her pubic hair brushing my thigh as she stepped close; her toes coming on top of my feet. I kissed her and moved my hands up and down her back, feeling her warm nakedness. I started to sway gently, moving her body with mine and she melted into me.
With our lips still glued together, I picked her up and put her, gently, on the bed. I lay with her, one leg between her’s. As I moved, I felt her groin rub against my thigh. Sheila put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me up, breaking the kiss. I looked into her blue eyes and felt my desire spill over.

“I don’t want you to explain things tonight.” she said “I just want you to make love to me. If I want things explained later I’ll ask. Now I just want us to be two lovers doing everything that lovers do. You know I’ve been to sex ed. classes. I want you to enter me. I want to feel your semen squirt into me. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want that. Please, Uncle John, will you go all the way?”

“It’s what I want too my love. You’re the most precious thing in the world. But are you sure that you’re ready?”

She rolled her eyes and made me laugh. We kissed again and I began fondling her body moving my hands over her breasts, feeling the stirring of her nipples, down onto her smooth belly then into the curls of her pubic hair. My pleasure was intense. I was making love to a beautiful girl who loved me.

That annoying voice in the back of my head started talking as my fingers began to tickle her clitoris. The voice might have been right but the sounds that Sheila made as I played with her, sounds that grew more intense as I slipped my fingers into the opening of her vagina, drowned it out. She started saying that she couldn’t stand it much longer, but she wanted me to put my penis in before she came to a climax.

I wanted that too, more than anything else in the world so I didn’t hesitate. I started to get up to get the condoms. She asked what I was doing and I explained. “No don’t” she said “I want to feel you this time I don’t want there to be anything between us. I won’t get pregnant. They didn’t teach us about kissing but I know all about the menstrual cycle. There’s no danger of me getting pregnant for another week at least.”

I didn’t know if it was true or not but I wanted this first time to be as intimate as it could be so I laid back down. I told her to spread her legs and, with a contented sigh, she did. I spent a few minutes more enjoying her, tasting her virginal vagina and probing with my tongue. She was moaning and gasping, writhing on the bed. Her hands grabbed my hair and pulled me up, guiding me up her body until she felt my penis slipping into her.

Sheila was moaning: “Yes, yes, yes” as I started to gently thrust. She gave a little, startled cry as I burst her hymen but was soon back to her sounds of pleasure. As I felt myself coming, I picked up the rhythm and her cries and her responsive downward thrusts of her pelvis came into perfect rhythm with me. We climaxed together and I was really glad that I’d given the boys the sleeping pills because Sheila’s cries at the culmination must have rocked the house!

We made love four more times but more gently than that first, amazing, time. In between, filled with passion and love, I explored her body; a body that responded to my every touch. As a musical instrument she was as finely tuned as she could be. When I lay back to enjoy the warmth that flooded my body, she rolled over and started her own exploration of my body.

Her hands were soft and gentle but curious. They explored every inch of my skin; touching, caressing, probing and my body responded. We were no longer teacher and student but lovers, giving and receiving equally.

I don’t know how late it was that we finally fell asleep in one another’s arms. I woke with a start around eight o’clock when I heard the television blaring. It had become the way the boys had woken us up this vacation if they thought we were sleeping too late.

I slapped Sheila on the rump and jumped out of bed. I recovered my robe from the hallway and tossed Sheila’s into the room for her. Hopefully, the boys hadn’t been upstairs yet or, if they had, hadn’t thought why the two robes were there.

I found that I was hungry after a night of making love and so I used the kids’ last morning as an excuse to make a big breakfast of pancakes, sausages and an omelet. Luckily my wife had left the refrigerator well stocked. I found the maple syrup and the three of us were well into our second helpings of pancakes when Sheila came downstairs. She had a sleepy, contented look about her, her hair still ruffled from bed. She brushed against me as I got up to fix her a plate.

In one way it was lucky that she was leaving today. If we were together one more day it was more than likely that even these two boys would begin to notice what was going on.

The plans were that my sister-in-law would arrive about eleven, certainly before noon, so there was no time for the water this morning. I would drive into town and we’d eat there before they headed off.

Breakfast finished I sent the boys to start packing their stuff while Sheila and I went upstairs to take our showers. It was a risk we shouldn’t have taken with the boys running around looking for their belongings but we took our shower together. It was a last chance to enjoy one another’s naked bodies, to be intimate and we couldn’t miss it.

With lovers’ luck we got away with it and Sheila was back in her room, dressed and packing her bag before either of the boys came upstairs looking for lost shirts and sandals. I helped them as much as I could. As it had been my wife who’d unpacked them and knew what they had brought we had to wait for their mother to come to make a final sweep of the house and zip the bags shut. Sheila came downstairs with her bag. She was rather quiet. I don’t know if I’d ever seen her looking more beautiful wearing the jeans and sweatshirt that she’d worn the first evening we’d kissed. It was so hard not to touch her, kiss her or hold her.

To escape temptation I hurried everyone out of the house and locked up. We drove the twenty minutes into town in our two cars. Sheila said she’d keep me company on the drive and sat beside me with her hand on my thigh all the way. We didn’t say anything; we didn’t need to. We both knew what we were feeling and words weren’t necessary

During the meal my sister-in-law kept thanking me for putting up with her three children for so long. She thought I deserved a medal for handling them alone for the last three days. I told her that I’d enjoyed it. Setting my plan in motion I mentioned how much progress Sheila had made it her wind surfing and that she should consider taking it up seriously. I said I knew she was into basketball but that needn’t conflict much. If she did become competitive there were some good opportunities to travel and see the world. Wind surfing was good too as a life sport.

Sheila’s mother seemed to be listening. I didn’t want to be too pushy but mentioned that I’d be happy to coach her daughter during vacations if she was interested. My mention of basketball reminded her of something. Turning to Sheila she said “Oh I forgot to tell you. Basketball camp has been postponed by a week. There was some problem with double booking the gym. It won’t start until after next weekend. I’m afraid you’ll have to find something to occupy yourself with for next week.”

“There’s nothing to do” Sheila protested “I’ll be bored stiff hanging around the house all day.” Her mother said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. I realized that there was something I could do, however.

“Look” I interrupted what was rapidly becoming an argument “Why doesn’t Sheila stay here until next weekend? Without the boys I can really focus on improving her technique” (at this point I felt Sheila’s hand on me and had to use all my effort to continue). “She can decide if she likes it and wants to keep on doing it.” That hand started to rub along my thigh and I had a hard time keeping my voice sounding normal! As her mother started to say that it would be too much to ask, I assured her that I had no other plans for the coming week. I added that I was closing the beach house that next weekend, anyway. and would be driving to pick my wife up at their mother’s. It wouldn’t be too far out of my way to drop Sheila off so they wouldn’t need to come and collect her.

I could see my sister-in-law weakening. At this point Sheila joined in. She said I was a really good teacher and she’d learned a lot from me already and she was sure that an extra week would be great. It was clear that Sheila’s mother was grateful at the thought that she wouldn’t have a moody daughter around the house for a week so she agreed.

When the meal was finished we shifted Sheila’s bag from her mother’s car into mine. Her mother asked me, one last time, if I was sure I wanted Sheila for another week. When I assured her I did, she thanked me again. The boys gave me a last hug, and we waved goodbye as they drove out of the restaurant parking lot. Before the car was out of sight.

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