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Three girls are sent by their NGO for a visit to a relief organization in Africa. As the girls find out, it's quite a different type of aid is expected of them, one that leads the teenage girls into degrading and brutal slavery. First is the turn of the submissive blonde Emily.....


(this is the first of three parts,each part will concentrate with one girl, though the second and third will include the preceding characters as well)

The girls were excited. Their NGO had just tied up with an aid organization working in Africa for victims of human trafficking and drug addiction, and they had been selected by their head Mr Samuels for going there. It would be the first time Mandy, Emily and Trish went out of their country. They weren’t sure what exactly they were supposed to do, but nevertheless the idea itself was exciting, plus they could always show it on their extra curricular activities.

Two weeks before they were to leave with their team leader Mr Smith, the girls first met the head of the African organization, a man named Mgwabe who seemed more like a drug lord himself than one working for social welfare. He had taken particular interest in 19 year old Emily, a natural blonde, and this almost made the poor girl pull out of the trip. However, given that the other members were either too busy or too disinterested in Africa, it was left to the three to represent their organization on African soil. However, as the ever practical Mandy pointed out, Mr Smith would be going there with them if the blacks tried any voodoo he would handle it.

The girls spent the weeks before their departure going through their wardrobes more than their travel brochures. They didn‘t expect to understand a word of Swahili or whatever they spoke there, and didn’t really expect to be asked to do much work. The stay would be for two weeks and it was more a formality than anything else. On the other hand the girls wondered what clothes they had for their temperate climate could be suitable for a country where the average temperature was 40 degrees Celsius. Smith had warned them that people there were known to be conservative and they should pack their bags accordingly. Mandy and Emily had no problem with this, but Trish flatly refused to obey. Being the rebel of the group she had decided that it would be too hot to wear anything other than bikinis and hot pants she took only what she intended to wear. As the other two heard time and again from the muscular girl, if any tried to get fresh with her, she had the kicks ready for it.

The day of departure arrived with a frenzy of last minute checks, repacking and phone calls. Their boss Samuels wished them the best for the journey and told them that Smith would arrive at Emily’s door for picking them up. The girls had spent the night before at her house so that wasn’t a problem. Smith arrived on schedule, his 6’2” frame glistening with sweat in spite of being in the car. It took him and the girls half an hour to pack the stuff into the car as all three girls had exceeded the allowed weight limit for the flight. Once packed, they sped off to the airport, their faces aglow with expectation of the unknown.
However it was at the airport that their problems began. Smith seemed to have made some mistake with his ticket although he had all four tickets and had given the girls theirs at the airport itself. They called up Samuels, who told them that the girls should proceed as the NGO really couldn’t afford to rebook them again so late. He assured them that Smith’s problem would surely be sorted out and he’d join them at the lounge soon. The girls had little option but to proceed and their processing went quite smoothly; within 30 minutes they were waiting at the lounge for the craft, which was due in about an hour.

Yet 45 minutes later there was still no sign of Smith. The girls were starting to get worried. What if he didn’t turn up ? How could they go alone ? They called Samuels again but the tower wasn’t catching and the girls realized they’d have to take the call themselves. This was easier said than done, and an argument ensued.

Trish : If the moron screws his ticket, why should we cancel our trip ? Plus didn’t Mgwabe say he would personally be at the airport ?

Mandy: It’s not a question of our not being able to. But what if Smith finds we’ve left without him ? We haven’t obtained permission for that have we?

Trish: Fuck Samuels. I signed up to enjoy the visit and I’m not letting go because some gorilla fart forgot how to book a ticket.

Mandy: Problem is gorilla fart is our leader here.

Trish: I can manage myself without any farty leaders thank you.

And so it went on, with the quiet Emily looking from one to another, just wishing the argument would end and someone would tell her what to do. She wasn’t used to taking decisions alone and didn’t want to either.

The situation may have led to a nasty fight between the two had the arrival of the plane not caused each to make their own decisions. As soon as the announcement for boarding was made Trish stomped off to the boarding desk leaving Mandy furious and Emily baffled. Mandy looked at Emily, saw the hopelessly confused look and sighed. If Trish went alone either she would be kicked out or they would be. On the other hand knowing what a hothead Trish could be it wasn’t safe to leave her alone. And if they went back now they would be wasting two tickets. She tried Samuels one last time but got no response. Wondering if she’d regret her decision later she headed to the boarding ignoring Emily from habit. Emily was left alone and followed Mandy like the docile lamb she was.

During the flight neither Mandy nor Trish spoke to each other. Emily sat in between in uncomfortable silence, her sweet face turning from one to the other in a vain hope that she could become a conduit for restoration of dialogue. But her attempts were stonewalled until the plane landed when the necessity of coordination made them speak again. Samuels had given them a SIM given by Mgwabe on his last visit for use by the girls. Trish now took it and stuffed it into her Iphone 4S, only to find that her top of the range phone didn’t support it. Finally it went into Emily’s older phone, which was promptly appropriated by Mandy in order to prevent Trish taking it. Hence Emily landed in a foreign land with no phone and two friends who had decided that speech beyond the barest necessity wasn’t required of them for the time being.

The airport in spite of being the main one in the country was small by western standards and they had little trouble finding the exit. Collecting their goods, the three headed out, keenly scanning the men standing outside for any sign of Mgwabe. They had almost given up when a tall thin man came up and introduced himself as Abdul. He said Mr. Mgwabe had some urgent work and had sent him instead. This made the girls uneasy – one they were alone, and second the man who was supposed to pick them up wasn’t there. Should they trust him?

Before they could decide the man was taking Emily’s bag from her hands. Emily, having a natural tendency to give in, began to let go of the bag. But Trish gave her a strong kick out of Abdul’s range of vision. This made Emily’s grip firmer. Abdul responded by squeezing and pinching the poor girl’s thin wrist. Emily would have still held on, but something in the action told her she wasn’t in control. The bag slipped out of her hand, with neither of her friends having noticed the show of authority on the part of Abdul and the effect it had had on Emily. Trish shot Emily a dirty look before following the man to the car. To their relief the journey was short and uneventful. They would be staying at the Hotel Desert Pearl (the name made the three laughs) and in the evening Mgwabe would personally meet them there. All expenses were paid and all the ladies had to do was grace Mgwabe with their esteemed presence. Again the three laughed.

Once they had reached their rooms, Trish and Mandy resumed their bickering over rights to the only bathroom, leaving Emily alone with a tired body and nothing to do. She undressed and landed on the soft bed, instantly dozing off. When she awoke, neither of the two were there and it was nearing eight by her time zone adjusted mobile. Fearing that she had missed the appointment with their host, she hurriedly dressed in a pleated skirt and top and headed out; the room had three keys and the two had consented to leave her with one. She locked the door and sped off to the elevator, her lack of mobile making it impossible to communicate with the others.

Emily assumed that the man would meet them at the large room where guests lounged and enjoyed the cool air of a summer evening from huge French windows opening onto the gardens. She wasn’t too keen on meeting him, to tell the truth, but felt it would be quite rude not to meet him at least once. And who knows, the man may actually turn out to be nice. She searched the room for any sign of the two girls or Mgwabe but found only Abdul lazing in a corner with a cigarette and a glass of wine. She remembered the brutal assault on her wrist at the airport, and how it had seemed almost as if she could do nothing to stop him. It made her feel uneasy but she was out of options and so headed towards him.

Abdul noticed the most timid of the three girls approaching him, and smiled. He would need to play his part well, though as a chieftain’s son he was seldom asked to play the role of a servant. So when she reached him, he stood up reverently and asked her what he could do for the lovely lady? Emily was taken aback by this courtesy and managed to ask rather bluntly if he’d seen Mr Mgwabe or her friends? The three were supposed to meet him in the evening but she’d overslept out of fatigue and a slight fever.

Abdul’s smile broadened. So she was alone for all practical purposes. He replied that he’d seen the two leave with him about an hour ago and presumed that they would be back in another. Why not spend the time in humble Abdul’s company? Emily was about to refuse when she noticed that he was holding her hand. The grip was strong and it’d take her quite a fight to get off. A fight would be rude, and the last thing she wanted was to aggravate her lack of punctuality with rudeness. Unwillingly she sat down beside him and attempted to start a conversation.

The man seemed interested in her and her friends alone, and the conversation soon veered to their habits and traits. Emily wondered if she should be telling so much to an absolute stranger, but Abdul was surprisingly easy to talk to and she found herself answering questions like she was talking to a friend. Abdul was also humorous and knew how to complement a girl like Emily who was obviously never the leader of the group. He found her to be quite docile as well, a trait he knew would come in useful later on. As of now, he needed to acquire as much information of the trio as possible.

Emily never noticed how Abdul steadily lost interest in the conversation and became more interested in her. His compliments about her beauty increased and became less subtle. He had ordered a glass of red wine for her and as she drank the liquid, she found herself increasingly pleased with his comments. In fact, when he put his arm round her slender shoulder, she didn’t even bother to protest. It all seemed to be going right, though Emily had no idea to where.

About half an hour into their conversation she found her feminine instincts alerted by his large palm being uncomfortably close to her left breast. He’d pushed his hand between her arm and her torso and hence had a clear access to her chest area. Being thin but well endowed, it was easy for Abdul to press his palm against her breast while pretending to be interested in other things. She was also halfway through her fourth glass without realizing it, and Abdul knew her normally feeble protests would be almost inaudible now.

Getting bolder, he gradually pushed his palm further and further till about half her tit was covered in his black hand. Emily’s mind decided that something must be done if she was to stop herself from being molested. Her speech for some reason was no longer coherent or loud enough, so she tried to wriggle out of it. Strangely, the hand in spite of being stretched held firm and actually pressed down upon her tit to prevent her from escaping. Abdul saw her vain attempt and concluded that the time was right.

Emily suddenly found the hand pull away and saw Abdul rise. Hope rose in her inebriated mind that maybe she’d succeeded in getting the message across and like a true gentleman he’d realized he’d gone too far and was now leaving. Such hopes were dashed when she was made to rise and follow him to the elevator, Abdul having to support the drunk girl. Emily had no idea to which floor they went or what number room they entered, but vaguely registered falling upon the bed as Abdul locked the door and approached her with quite a different sort of smile on his face.

Pulling her up to a sitting position, he sat down beside her and looked deep into her unfocused eyes. He could tell she was too far gone to protest, but he wanted to be sure. Still looking, he reached out and squeezed her right breast. He saw a flicker of alarm pass through her eyes but her body refused to respond. The alcohol and the drug he’d mixed in the last glass was taking effect and he was safe. Grabbing her soft blonde hair, he pulled her lips into his.

Emily felt herself kissing Abdul, but for some reason this inexplicable behavior brought about pleasure instead of surprise. She’d always wanted to be with a black man, her mind told her, she’d even tried to date the basketball stars. But though her 34C tits, slender waist and a bubble butt got her the boys, her strict refusal to have sex made her rather unpopular and her last boyfriend had almost raped her before dumping her unceremoniously for being a prude. It had hurt but she’d stayed firm in her commitment to her family values.

Yet she had her share of hormones and fantasies to match them. She always fantasized about big black cocks and had even fingered herself a few times thinking how great it would be to have one of those big poles in her tight cunt. She’d even seen one of those when one of her basketball boyfriends had tried to persuade her by pushing her to her knees and unzipping his fly. Her submissive nature had almost made her give in, but she’d saved herself.

Now with her mind in a state of stupor and Abdul kissing her passionately on the lips, ears and neck, her body began to take over. She felt her normally strong reactions to such situations give way to a pleasant submission to the skilful foreplay that was making her increasingly wish that the strong African would make love to her. Flickers of protest and alarm from her mind were doused in the rising wave of passion as he began to push his tongue into her lips, parting those pink petals to play with its female counterpart. To her surprise, her tongue eagerly embraced the intruder, allowing it to taste her facial orifice as it danced around, giving her sensations to which she was entirely foreign.

So lost was she in it that she almost didn’t notice when the hands of her lover had snaked down to her chest and engulfed the soft cleavage in its strong grasp. Emily felt a pressure on her chest which she recognized as that of a man’s hands on her tits. She had allowed one or two of her bf s to move this far, so it was nothing surprising that Abdul would head there as well. In fact Emily wanted him to feel her, enjoy her soft curves to the fullest so he would fall in love with her and shower more of his arousing foreplay on her.

The pressure steadily grew, till Emily’s mind began to tell her to do something. But it failed to tell her what to do, with the result that her slim fair arms hung weakly beside her as the tits were crushed under his strong fingers. Her eyes closed to feel the pleasure of the kiss better; she didn’t see how his fingers mashed into her tits, her top bunching up as he did so. Abdul noticed this, and squeezed those fat bags with wild abandon. He took special care to dig his nails in, knowing it would cause her pain as well as pleasure, a combination a woman could seldom resist. Releasing his grip, he felt for her nipple through the layers of cloth and found it easily – the cunt was getting excited by all this. He pulled away from her face and in that instant pinched her nipple cruelly, enjoying how her eyes finally focused on him.

Emily felt a jolt run through her body and her crotch become even wetter as it became clear that he’d just squeezed the most sensitive part of her gland. This momentarily allowed her mind to focus on the man, and she was surprised to find that his friendly features had changed into something more feral; something which told her she now had no chance of escaping whatever fate he’d kept in store for her. She was trapped and the eyes made it clear.

She was now pushed roughly down onto the bed, and Abdul climbed onto her. He bypassed her lips this time and parted the hair around her ears. Bringing his lips to the opening, he whispered with bursts of hot air, into her unusually alert ears.

“Do you like it slut? Do you like being squeezed?”

Emily’s mind seemed to register the words after a long delay. Abdul saw how her nipples remained hard long after he’d left them, and knew what the answer was. As for Emily, she just lay there, her body now out of control of her mind and shamelessly evincing feelings she never thought she would exhibit so blatantly. She also knew that her mouth was now incapable of eliciting anything other than moans and that was what came out instead of the refusal her mind had somehow patched together for her tongue. She knew what the feeble response meant, what message it sent out, and how it advertised her arousal along with the erect nipples and yet to become evident wetness of her pussy. She wasn’t surprised at all when an even more degrading question was forwarded from her ears to her via a pinch of her erect nipples and hot breath on her earlobes: “You like being used don’t you slut? You’d make a great sex slave”

This time her mind struggled to comprehend what a sex slave was. Would she exist only to serve his sexual needs? Would she service him round the clock for the rest of her life while he barely acknowledged her presence? Would her make love to her or merely use her? These questions revolved in her head and collided even as her body steadily became more and more desperate for his touch.
Abdul saw that the cunt was confused, and decided to make the next move. Emily was surprised when she felt the bed get lighter and her body began to protest the removal of the dominating presence that had aroused her so. It demanded that she find him and submit to his desires, to ensure that it got the pleasure she had denied it for so long. As Emily was to learn, her body cared nothing for her modesty or dignity- she’d been born into the body of a dirty slut and it was taking her along the inevitable path to sexual slavery.

Presently she felt Abdul’s hands go over her body and the cold touch of something metallic on her wrist. Her limbs had by now stopped obeying her mind and Abdul had to lift it to place the metal circlet on it and attach its twin to the bedpost. He did the same to her other hand and Emily belatedly realized that she was handcuffed. Not that it was necessary given the disoriented state of her mind and the desperation of her body to have its darkest sexual fantasies fulfilled. But it only increased her sense of helplessness in the moments when her mind could pull itself together to think, and she realized that she’d just moved one step further in her progress to full sex slavery.

Abdul now focused on her torso. He noted the western shirt with odd shaped letters on it. To his refined eye it looked crass and cheap, he’d make sure his slave always wore the finest that was available and the shirt would have to go. Taking a knife from the bedside table he proceeded to hook it under her top at the base. It scraped on the navel causing the bound girl to wonder what new plan he had for her. This cold touch was followed by a ripping sound as the warmth of her shirt was steadily removed from her abdomen and then her chest, finally ending at her collar.

The shirt now ruined and lying uselessly by her side, he began to unzip his fly. Though he’d planned to remove her bra as well, he had just got an excellent idea seeing the bulge of her tits under the cotton cloth. Abdul discarded his clothes in rapid succession, exposing his strong black body to the young girl before him. Kneeling with his legs on either side of her thin torso, he began to push his dick against her tits. He enjoyed the way her nipples seemed to stand out against his dick, the way it seemed to push into his dick as he poked her titty with it. In fact the nipples seemed to harden even more at the touch of his rather large 10” dick. This made him raise the cloth over the nipple and snip it off, exposing the nipple to the open air, which made it stand out like a small pencil. He did the same to the other bra cup, before pulling up both tits by the nipple while making sure his body weight kept the torso down. This caused the breasts to rise out and Emily to let out a scream of pain.

In fact Emily had become steadily more apprehensive of Abdul’s intentions. What had started out as pleasurable foreplay had rapidly changed with the focus moving from her face to her body? Though this should have technically fulfilled her body’s desire to be used, the lack of emphasis on her feelings worried her. Plus the bondage made her wonder if he would shift to inflicting pain rather than pleasure at some later moment. Though her body had accepted it, her mind was yet to come to terms with the fact that she was rapidly transforming from a free girl to a sex slave.

Abdul abruptly stopped pulling on her nips and raised the base of her bra. Using one hand to hold it up, he pushed in the prick until it was nestled between her big tits. He now let the band drop the pressure from all sides causing his dick to twitch in pleasure. Emily however, was taken aback by this action as she’d never suspected that this could be a form of sex. Now she had the big black cock between her mammaries and the sensation was entirely new to her. Abdul now grabbed both the nipples and pulled the tits together using them as he began to push in and out of the cotton. As he had expected, the sheer size of her tits and the tightness of the bra almost created a sensation of a vagina round his dick, while the look of surprise and fear mixed with a drug induced dreaminess made for an excellent backdrop to his dick pushing in and out of her tits. Every time he pulled her puffy nipples, she let out a half moan half scream that opened her sexy mouth for him, and once he even spit into it before it closed, causing the girl to look at him in utter shock.

He gradually quickened his pace, pressing the mams further against his throbbing member as he did so .this caused increased friction with the twin walls of the tits, making the experience increasingly painful for the girl. Added to the pain on her nipples, it made her want to reach out and push his hands and dick away, the first time pain had triumphed over pleasure in their sex session. As her mind dimly acknowledged, the pleasure was there, but it was increasingly confined to him, her lot being to suffer for him and his sexual needs.

Abdul was by now nearing climax, his dick unable to hold back in the tight orifice created by the bra and the breasts. He pushed deep into her bra, seeing his dick disappear into her jugs completely, as he began to cum into her tits, chest and chin. Emily felt the pressure building in his dick, and suddenly found herself awash in sperm from his dick. Abdul closed his eyes and allowed the tight improvised cunt to milk his dick dry, pressing her nipples with such force that the screams erupted again, almost in tune with the waves of jizz that spread all over her. Finally, when it was spent, he withdrew his dick and wiped it clean on her bra, leaving a sticky wet trail over her nipples.

Abdul now shifted and rested for a while beside the scared girl. This allowed Emily, whose intoxication had almost passed and only the drug held her down, to think of what her position was. Here she was, cuffed with her clothes ruined and her upper torso covered in slime, while her lover relaxed beside her, recharging for another round at abusing her fair young body. She had no idea where Mandy and Trish were – had they returned? Were they looking for her? She hoped they were, as things were rapidly going out of hand, and her fantasies aside, the situation, to her normalizing mind, appeared very precarious.

Having relaxed enough, Abdul got up and took a swig of vodka from a bedside bar. His dick was hard again and he could see that the incoherent look in her eyes was passing – they were looking with fear at him now. He knew she would start screaming the moment he began to enter the home stretch of the road to enslavement, and felt that remedial measures were necessary. He untied her and before she could struggle, had her on her knees with his big cock facing her. Emily recognized the situation from her close shave at one time, and began to beg him to let her go. Her words were still slurred but at least she could speak now; maybe this would have an effect upon him.

However all she got was a hard slap from him and the next moment his prick was staring at her. She turned her face away, but strangely her fantasies seemed to have been awakened by the sight of the huge black cock. Almost as if drawn to it, she looked back at the huge knob at its head and the thickness of the shaft that was to go down her throat. So when he grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and yanked it roughly, she opened her mouth without much resistance and watched mesmerized as the dick approached her face and then began to push past her lips into her warm mouth. It began to force its way, pushing her tongue away as it moved towards the back of her mouth, her cavity insufficient to accommodate all of it.

Abdul enjoyed the view of the cunt taking in his prick as she steadily looked on till it passed her range of vision. Another yank and Emily relaxed the throat sphincter to allow him to enter her throat. This caused a gag reflex to kick in and Abdul enjoyed the constriction it caused. He also loved the way she squirmed her on his dick as it caused her discomfiture, pushing away her hands with a flick whenever they came near her face.

Once the dick was safely in and he could feel his balls slap against her chin, he grabbed another handful of her hair with his other hand and used them as handlebars to push in and out of her face. He occasionally twisted the handlebars to make the cunt tongue him and so increase the pleasure. He liked the way she responded to his training, she’d be easy to train as his personal puppy, a puppy with big tits sweet face and blonde mane. The thought made him moan in pleasure and he began to increase the pace, watching as the girl begged with her eyes not to increase the already considerable problems she was facing.

Emily’s primary problem was breathing with the huge thing in her throat. She had realized that she was meant to breathe through the nose but timing them to his thrusts was becoming difficult as he increased his pace. This made her mouth long for resuming its normal duties, and led her to squirm on his cock. However this seemed to be having little effect on the man as he kept up the painful hold on her hair and used it to push in and out, caring little if she managed to breathe or not. Together it made the hapless girl wish the ordeal would end as soon as possible – somehow her fantasies had never counted the problems of breathing.

Luckily for her Abdul was nearing the second orgasm of the evening. He found the soft insides of her mouth perfect for his dick and planned in his head to obtain one such blowjob every morning when he woke up. For now he grabbed her hair roughly and pressed her down on his dick, not allowing her nose to inhale anything but the smell of his crotch as his pubic hairs pressed against her face. This had the effect of pushing his dick as far down her throat as possible, and when he came it erupted directly into her bowels, involuntarily making her swallow his cum.

He now pulled out, watching as the girl heaved for air through the cum covered throat and mouth. She was still on her knees and made no attempt to escape. Abdul guessed she was still recovering from the shock and decided it was a perfect time to complete what had begun with a glass of wine earlier in the night. He raised his foot till it was inches from her face. With it he pushed her face up until she was looking directly into his eyes.

Abdul: Lick, slut

Emily looked in utter surprise at him. She had never expected that he’d make her do something degrading like licking his foot. She now felt his toe push against her lips and felt the pressure start to open her mouth. She looked up again at the haughty man standing before her. Was she going to give in to him? To this brute that would steadily degrade her for sure beginning with this moment? Her mind was revolting but her body’s response was surprisingly timid. Always prone to obeying, this powerful person seemed to have a debilitating effect on her free will, almost as if he’d taken control of her mind. Shocked at her own action, she began to open her mouth and took in the toe, then the other toes, sucking and licking like a dog did to its master.

Abdul smiled. She was responding well. He now asked her to place her face on his foot and beg him to use her as he pleased. Again her mind was defeated and she began to do as told. “ Please use me. I’m a worthless slut who exists for pleasing men alone. “Emily was surprised she could fall so low, say things which were so abhorrent to her, but then she was not in control any longer. Other men had given her at least some amount of autonomy but this man was bent on wresting from her every bit of freedom and dignity she had, and somewhere in her mind she wanted to surrender it, become the mindless cunt that he wanted her to be. Her thoughts were in utter confusion, but it was clear that her self control was slipping rapidly in the face of his strong demands and overbearing manner. She was going headlong down the road to slavery.

Abdul: It’s SIR, understand?

Emily: Sorry sir. This slut needs to be used and abused for your pleasure.

Abdul: Good. Now offer your goods to me, like a puppy whore.

Emily: Sir, please use my body. It’s all yours to use.

Abdul smiled. : Are you a virgin slave?

Emily: Y…yes sir.

She had been proud of her virginity, having decided to lose it to the man she truly loved. In the circumstances however, she realized what the man wanted

Emily: Please sir, deflower your slave so she may realize her true nature. She needs to be a slut whore for your pleasure.

Abdul: Then offer your master your maidenhead slut.

Almost in a trance, Emily sat down; spread her legs and pussy lips, exposing her hymen to him. He saw that she was dripping down there, and decided to fuck her right away.

In a swift move that surprised the confused girl, Abdul spread her legs wider and dragged her slim frame closer before aiming for her virgin pussy. Emily watched in awe as the huge black cock, the type she’d fantasized about in at night lying in bed, steadily approached her maidenhead. Wasn’t she supposed to be struggling to get away? She’d never allowed anyone to enter her. Then again. This was different. Abdul seemed to wield a different sort of power over twat like her. Was that all she was now? A cunt to be used? Her mind reminded her that she had very little time if she was to avoid being raped and deflowered brutally. But her body refused to respond. Having come in contact with the first truly dominating male in her life, she felt her resistance melt. Almost as if she was destined to undergo this, she spread herself wider and her twat became steadily wetter as her mind receded from her consciousness to be replaced by a primal hunger to be used, abused and dominated in every way possible.

Abdul, if he noticed these changes in his slave to be, showed no sign. He held onto her thighs with his hands and began to push his dick into her virgin orifice. Emily felt the intruder attack the thin membrane with remorseless force, knew that her innocence was moments from being torn asunder. Her self respect briefly came back, aided by the increasing pain of the pressure maybe, but the moment her maidenhead vanished with his dick into her young orifice, her body gave in completely. She embraced her coming of age, the brutal manner notwithstanding, her female instincts now telling her how to pleasure a man, how to be of use to the one she’d given herself to.

As the member steadily pushed into her womb, Emily began to feel a sense of fulfillment, like a dog longing for a leash had finally been tamed. She’d been claimed, her virginity taken and her future decided in a matter of minutes; in a matter of minutes she’d changed from a sweet innocent 19 year old to a brutally raped woman destined to be used for the rest of her life in every sadistic manner possible. Emily closed her eyes and enjoyed herself; she’d discovered her true calling.

Abdul pushed deeper and deeper into her velvety hole till he ran out of dick and his balls banged against her crotch. He looked at the peaceful look in the girl’s eyes and knew she’d willingly given herself, though it was true that he’d left her with little choice. The simple fact was that he’d claimed her, made her his, stamped her with his indelible authority. Her mind and body had given in, caved into what they knew they could not fight.

With this knowledge he began to push in and out, the cunt making no effort to stop him, her body an active participant in her own rape while her mind slowly accepted the fact that it no longer belonged to a free woman. Both rapist and victim seemed to enjoy the sensations, Abdul taking adequate care to ensure that she enjoyed her first sex, even if she would be thoroughly degraded later. After all she’d given herself, even if partially, to him, and should be rewarded for that. As for him, fresh cunt was one of the most intoxicating things he’d come across, and right now he was enjoying one. It was nothing new, but then every cunt was a fresh experience, one that added another feather in his cap. Plus she was exceptionally tight and Abdul knew that had her body not cooperated, the cunt would have had considerable trouble accommodating him. In the event, the massive lubrication which had greeted his dick made the task easier and he picked up pace to enjoy the sensations better.

Emily felt him building up inside her. Again her mind returned with the warning that she might get pregnant. Yet this warning, which she’d taken seriously all her life, seemed childish to her now. What difference did it make if she got pregnant or not? She no longer owned her body, if he wanted her to be a breeding slut, so be it. She’d bear big black babies for him. The very thought of getting knocked up with seed made her wetter than before, and she began to gently rock her hips in tune with the swift thrusts of the pole that was to fill her womb.

All of a sudden, Emily felt the Abdul tense inside her, his massive prick bulge in anticipation. She too stopped, waiting eagerly to be filled, to be marked with cum of her master in her womb, for her womb, the most private of her body parts, to be claimed by him. For a second time seemed to stop, and then he erupted, washing her walls with jizz in waves strong enough to have a physical impact. Emily reveled in the sensation of being filled, knowing the conquering sperm were eagerly swimming up her canal towards her defenseless egg, ready to turn her flat stomach into a baby bulge. Emily moaned in pleasure, pleasure and anticipation of things to come.

Abdul saw his cunt’s eyes closed as he withdrew after creaming her second hole of the day. He watched as her blood and his sperm mixed to form a creamy liquid that gushed out after he pulled out, forming a pool around her ass, as if marking her defloration. He saw his own cock too, covered in blood and jizz, and smiled. Who knows what dreams the cunt may have had? Maybe she’d wanted to be treated like a princess while she obliged some lover with her virginity? Maybe on her marital bed? Abdul had heard all this, but never obliged a girl with it, even when he was in the west. And now he was here, in his own country, in his own hotel. Here he’d treat a girl for what she really was, and this particular one was a slut slave pure and simple. He gave her heaving form a slight kick as he got up and cleaned off.

He grabbed the cunt’s long blonde mane and dragged her body by it to a place near the wall with a ring attached to it. He now went to a nearby drawer and got a collar, chain and handcuffs. A hard kick on the cunt’s back got her attention, and she was soon on her knees again, this time staring up at him and a collar. The drug’s effect having completely worn off by now, she knew what it meant, and wondered what exactly he planned to do with her. She didn’t have to wonder long. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her close and gently closed the band around her throat. Abdul liked the way she looked on at him as he collared her, her eyes expressing surprise and desire at the same time.

Emily’s mind dimly wonder how things had gone like this. She’d begun with a desire to love him, to have a perfect black gentleman after her heart. True, she’d been drugged, but her desire was natural. Yet it had changed to a dislike as he hurt her, and then a strange longing to be abused by the same man, to become his slave. This had culminated in the collar that was now encircling her neck. But could it have been avoided? Or was it her destiny to be used and owned? Her mind, finally racing now that its decisions were of no consequence, became increasingly confused.

Emily almost jumped as the collar was pulled tight round her neck and the chain attached to it. This went to the ring in the wall and Emily saw herself chained like a pet in her lover-turned-master’s bedroom. A second later a pair of handcuffs secured her wrists together behind her back, meaning she would have limited freedom to maneuver. This done he gently pushed her face up to make her look back at him.

Abdul: That’s done. From now on I own you, get it slut? I own every inch of your pathetic white body.

Emily: Yes sir. I am your slave….

Abdul: No not slave alone…you’re my pet bitch.

Emily: Yes sir, your pet bitch…

Abdul: Do bitches talk?

Emily felt confused, then opened her mouth and said: “Woof!”

(To be continued)

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2013-10-11 09:06:00
a sick mind with a great story the story has to go on to show emily giving into everyone inculding other women

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2013-08-27 07:38:06
my wife's name is emily i found it very stimulating wish i could find a black man to conrtol her that way


2013-06-09 02:09:22
I think I like you Pandorius999. *Eyes twinkle*

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2012-05-30 20:16:19
to the other anonymous reader: dont like it, dont read it. duh. this actually got me really really wet xD though, I dont really like the way bdsm people talk with the whole "sir" this and "master" that. still got me quite riled up anyway. ;P and you write really good and it had a great build up.

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2012-05-18 21:14:49
this all points to a sick mind that has yet to grasp reality. grow up little boy.

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