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Mistress Alexa phoned and ordered me to
Mistress Alexa phoned and ordered me to see her immediately. I was in the midst of an important project for work, but disobeying the mistress was never an option. The punishment I had received for disobeying her one time previously was burned into my memory. She had strapped me to the rack and put on a show for me which involved 3 other slaves.

She explained that I was to watch her be slowly fucked, but that I was strictly forbidden to get an erection. If I were to defy orders and show any indication of arousal-a swift and harsh punishment would follow. Although of course I didn't say it, I knew that I was being ordered to do the impossible.

She had ordered me to do something that ANY straight man in the world would fail at, that is not to become aroused in her presence. My punishment for not following her command involved the placement of a nylon zip tie around the top of my scrotum. Every minute that my penis remained erect, (Or twitched for that matter) she commanded a slave to pull it tighter one notch at a time. I had no idea how many notches remained before the pressure of the device would cut off the blood supply to my balls-but I'd resigned myself to finding out.

I generally have pretty good staying power but this-this was something altogether different. I'd always gotten a raging hard-on just thinking about my mistress. It took every bit of concentration that I could muster to keep from shooting my snatch-seeking seed deep inside her love nest on the rare occasions that she allowed me to penetrate her. (Our relationship was generally one of humiliation.)

I tried desperately to think thoughts that wouldn't excite me. I went through the gammit-from grossly obese women to grisly scenes of death. It was pointless. Nothing could prevent the cause and effect reaction of her sexual powers over my dumbstick.

To begin, she bent over right in front of me, exposing her glistening slit. She then spread her pussy folds with the middle and index finger on her right hand. Immediately the flood gates opened and the blood supply to my manhood began to hoist up my cock one heart beat at a time. Each beat of my pulse lifted my penis slightly higher, like the clicking of a car jack-despite my objections. A minute must have passed because she said to teh slave, "Tighter!"
He did as ordered and I felt the slight constriction of the click-due in part to the swelling of my balls and sack.

Her next action immediately raised my pole to a rigid 10 O'clock position. She inserted her index finger into her slippery pussy with a soft moan and then turned around and told me to sniff her wetness. I did as ordered and felt my cock noose tighten again at her next command. She then glanced at my package and whispered, "We've barely begun and your balls already look red and ready to explode. You've got to take control of that thing, rather than letting it control you!"
Easy for her to say.

Now that preventing my erection was a hopeless endeavor, I realized that I must for the life of me keep from shooting my milky load or who knows what my fate might be?

Her next words terrified me with ecstasy, "Lick my finger clean!" As I did so, she said, "Tighten slave!" That next click caused slight discomfort and my cock continued to pulsate with each beat of my heart, rising and falling a couple centimeters each time.

Alexa saw my situation and said, "You sorry excuse for a man! No wonder women have all the power. Your cock's got more control over you than your own brain has!" Then she laughed disgustedly. "Tighten!" She ordered.

She ordered her slave on his knees, walked up to him and and told him to lick her clit while she tweaked her nipples. His manhood was erect and heavily veined as he obediently followed orders. Mistress turned and said, Tighten!" My balls felt ready to explode. They'd turned from red to crimson.

She then ordered her servant over near me and had him place his cock in close proximity to mine. I was an average 6 inches or so. This one was at least 8 inches and probably one third thicker than mine. Mistress said, "Now that is what I call manhood. You are just a puny, undisciplined little boy! Tighten!"

The slave smiled coyly, Clearly enjoying the comparison and taking pride in his own superior length and girth.

Alexa bent over again in the prone position presenting me with a clear side view. At her command, her well-endowed servant entered her from behind. She moaned a quiet, yet gutteral sound that seemed more animal than human. I watched helplessly as his manhood hungrily buried itself as deep as her region would allow. His size was an inch or so long for complete penetration. "Tighten!" She commanded in a hoarse whisper.

Each minute that passed, found my balls getting more and more purple. The mixture of pain and ecstasy was about to come to a head (So to speak.)

Watching her slave thrust his huge slippery tool slowly in and out of her accomodating slit was more than I could endure. Just as torturous as the visual scene unfolding before me, were the primal sounds that were emmitting from man and woman as they moaned, groaned and grunted from the sexual satisfaction that each was providing the other...



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2005-10-27 15:58:16
This has greater possibilties if writer stirs his imaginaton more; Seems he leans to a willing slave rather than a unwilling who is opened to so much humiliation


2005-06-23 12:13:05
Very Hot. Balls tied tight. Men behave when balls are tied tight. Hey boys, contact me. I will show you what can be done to a straight man when I have his nut sac in my hand. Mr. Straight will take my load.


2005-02-26 22:49:04
-[jesus the lyrical assassin]

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