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My first story. Let me know what you think.

This is based on guys i had to shower with in middle school. everything else is fantasy.

It was the summer I turned 14. I was about half way through puberty, and thought there was no cure for the crazy rush of hormones pulsing through my body. I would jack off a few times a day and it only seemed to take the edge off. But in retrospect jerking off at that age was even better then the first few times I got laid. I guess because it was new, it felt wrong in some way and it was like nothing else I had ever experienced, it just felt great.

I lived in rural Missouri in the middle of nowhere. Me and my family had just moved to the country the summer before. I was starting to get used to rural living. It was weird and lonely not having a lot of kids my age hanging around, like I had when we lived in town. I did have a neighbor that lived about three miles away. He was a year younger then me and his name was Matt. He was pretty country, but also the only person close to my age to hang out with.

Matt and I did everything together. Most days we would just ride our bikes around on the dirt roads. Hike through the woods and fish at one of the ponds or creeks that were everywhere.

On one particularly hot day we had been riding our bikes all morning and the afternoon heat was starting to set in.

“Hey man you wanna go over to cutter creek and go for a swim”? I asked.

“Ya, I’m sick of riding bikes anyway”. Matt replied.

On the bike ride over to the creek I started wondering about Matt’s dick. I’m not gay. But for some reason ever since I was in the 6th grade when all the boys had to start showering with each other after gym class I liked to size other guys up.

It’s just one of those things. Most of the boys in my class had grown up together. And now all of a sudden you’re seeing each other naked for the first time. You can’t help but check each other out and size everybody up. How big is it? Does it have hair around it, is it circumcised? But I guess everybody is circumcised where I come from. It wasn’t gay, well at least it didn’t start out that way.

We rode our bikes up to a part of the creek that nobody ever used. We took off our shirts and sat down to take off our shoes.

“Do you think anybody will come out here”? I asked.

“I never see anybody out this far”. Matt said.

I got up and put my foot in the water. ‘Good’, I said. ‘Cause I’m swimming naked’. And with that I pulled down my shorts and underwear at the same time. I did it like that for shock value, to see how Matt would react. I knew he had to have been showering with the boys in his class for the last two years, so he should be used to seeing other boys naked. But again he was consertive, so I didn’t know how he would react.

So my three inch flaccid cock plops out, it has a good amount of hair around it. Back in 6th grade when we first started showering in the locker room it was a different story. I didn’t have any hair but was still in the middle when it came to size. There were a few guys I felt sorry for because their cocks were so small. Then on the other hand some of the guys had four inch cocks with thick hair around it. I was pretty fascinated with the guys that had bigger cocks, I wasn’t sure why.

Matt looked at my cock just hanging there for a split second, and then put his hand out in front of his eyes like he was trying to keep the sun out. He turned his head to the side.

‘Jesus Christ man’, Matt said. ‘Warning Me next time you do that’.

I laughed and jumped in the cold water. Mainly because I was starting to get aroused. I guess it was different then the locker room where everybody was naked. We were outside and alone and he was looking at my naked body, it didn’t take much in those early days.

Matt stood up and pulled his shorts down but left his whitey tightes on. Bummer. I could see a small bulge in the front of his underwear, but not enough of one to make anything out. Matt jumped in the water.
The water felt great on my naked body, and with it being so hot outside it wasn’t too cold. It just felt good. Matt and I splashed around for a while and talked about school next year and girls.

Then Matt did something interesting. Without saying anything he took off his underwear and threw them up on the shore. I did my best to act nonchalant about him being naked in the water with me. But inside I was pretty excited to get to see him naked.

We swam around a little bit longer and talked about nothing in particular.

After a while I said that I was going to get out and dry myself in the sun. I got out and shook the water off my body like a dog might. My cock flapped back and forth hitting my thighs. Me and Matt both laughed. It was good to see Him lighten up a little.

I sat down in the grass and laid back on my elbows and let the sun hit my naked body. It was a new thing to be naked outside in the sun and it felt great.

Matt seemed a little heasent to get out of the water. But eventually he walked out of the creek. I got my first look at my friends cock. It was average for our age. About two to two and a half inches with about half as much hair around it then I had.

Matt sat in the grass a few feet away from me and laid back like I was. We didn’t say much just laid there naked in the sun. We caught each other checking the other one out a few times. But didn’t say anything.

Then Matt looked at me and asked ‘Do you ever jerk off’?

‘Only about five times a day’. I said. We both laughed. I noticed His cock was getting a little chubby.

A loud rustling noise came from the bushes from behind us. We looked at each other with fear in our eyes. We got up and looked behind us. We couldn’t see who it was but somebody was coming through the woods. We looked at each other again panicked. We jumped back into the creek to hide our naked bodies from the coming stranger.

A boy with short brown hair walked into the clearing. My cock almost got hard right there in the creek when I recognized who it was. His name was Bob he was a 6th grader. The only reason I even recognized the kid was because last year in gym class the 6th and 8th grade boys got lumped together in the same class. This meant we also showered together.

In a way I bet that sucked to have to shower with upper classmen especially when your just first starting puberty, and all the older boys had already developed a bit.

Most of the 6th graders had small cocks with little to no hair on them. Just like me back then. But this kid Bob put most of the 8th graders to shame. His cock was about five to five and a half inches flaccid. He didn’t have any hair on it but that only made it look even bigger. Bob was one of the smallest guys in his class that also made his cock look huge. He always walked around the locker room with a half chub, it seemed to me anyway.

I never had any trouble showering with the other boys. Never even though about getting a hard on. But for some reason when I saw this kid naked for the first time in the locker room I had to start worrying about popping a boner. I never did luckily, but that’s not to say I didn’t start jerking off every day in the bathroom after gym class.

Bob walks into the clearing and sees our clothes lying on the ground and sees us in the creek. ‘Oh I’m sorry I didn’t think anybody came out here’. Bob said.

I looked at him. ‘Ya. Neither did we’. I said.

He looks at me. ‘Your names Jeff isn’t it? We had gym class together last year, right’?
‘Ya, I think so’. I said. ‘This is my friend Matt’.

Bob looked at Matt. ‘Ya we ride the same bus’.

‘Ya, I know your brother, your Bob right’? Matt asked.

‘That’s me’. Bob said ‘Do you guys mind if I swim to? It’s so hot today’.

‘No, hop in’. I said.

‘Cool’. Bob took off his shirt and sat down on the grass to take off his shoes.

I was at ground level and got a glimpse of his cock up the leg of his shorts. I got an instant hard on. At that point I was not worried about it since I was in the water. And I guess when your that age and the hormones take over not much matters, you almost want everybody to see your hard on.

Bob stood up and looked at Matt’s underwear lying on the ground. He pulled down his shorts and underwear at the same time. I guess knowing that we were naked he felt he could be also. His five and a half inch cock flops out of his underwear and just bobs around (no pun intended). Again his cock looked like it was half hard.

‘Jesus Christ’ I thought I don’t know what it is about that boys cock. My own cock was so hard I knew that I was in much need of a good jerk.

I looked at Matt and he seemed uncomfortable, but at the same time he kept looking at Bobs cock.
Bob jumped in the water and yelled ‘That feels great’

We swam around for a while and talked again about school and girls. My cock softened a bit.
Then we started splashing around and Bob jumped on my back to wrestle me. I could feel his cock on my back that got me hard again.

‘The little guy wants to pick on the big guy. Aye’. I said. And laughed. Bob grabbed me in a head lock and said ‘I don’t know about little’. Then he rubbed his now hard cock on my back. I laughed again. Then bucked him over my head and threw him about five feet.

His naked body came out of the water Matt and I got a glimpse of his hard cock that was about six and a half or seven inches now. I had never seen anything like it. Matt looked even more confused and uncomfortable.

Bobs head popped out of the water with a laugh. And came at me again in a playful way. I guess he wasn’t too concerned about flashing us his massive hard on. I dunked him into the water, his head popped back up again. I held my hand out to Matt.

‘Let’s tag team this underclassmen’. I said.

Bob looked at Matt. ‘Ya, you’re not afraid of an underclassman are you’? Bob asked.

‘No. I’m just board’. Matt said. ‘I think I’m gonna go fishing’. With that Matt started swimming to the shore.

Bob jumped on my back again. And we were wrestling around. I noticed when Matt got to the shore he looked back to make sure we weren’t looking when he got out of the water. He walked out of the creek with his round white ass pointed at us.

Matt turned around a little when he was putting on his underwear and I could see he had a hard on. It looked to be about four inches long. ‘Maybe that’s why he was looking so uncomfortable’ I thought. Bob noticed Matts hard on also and yelled ‘looks like you could run a flag up that thing’. And laughed out loud.

Matts face turned red and he yelled ‘fuck you guys’. He grabbed his clothes and ran into the woods. I yelled ‘don’t worry about it dude. It’s no big deal’ but I guess it fell on deaf ears.

Bob looked at me. ‘I’m sorry dude, I was just joking’.

‘I know’, I said ‘I just think he’s a little insecure’

I swam toward the shore and splashed some water back at Bob. ‘I’m going to get out and dry off in the sun’. I said. ‘Cool’, said Bob ‘I will to’.

My cock was only a little chubby when I got out of the water. The cold water was helping keep it down a bit. I laid out on the grass with my cock resting on my stomach.

Bob steps out of the water and he still has a hard on. He sits down in the grass close to me. I look at his hard cock.

‘You on the other hand don’t seem to be insecure about anything’. I said.

‘I’ve got a lot of brothers. We pop boners around each other all the time’. He said. Then he looked at my Harding cock.

‘Looks like you’re getting one too’. He said.

‘I guess I am’. I said. Not quite sure why I was so comfortable with it.

‘When did you start growing hair’? Bob asked.

‘When I was about your age’, I said. ‘But don’t worry about it. With a cock that big you don’t have much to worry about’.

‘I guess’? He said. ‘Do you jerk off much’?

‘All the time’. I said.

‘Do you want to right now’? He asked. My whole body flushed with blood and I felt hot, but it was not because of the sun. My cock came to its full five inches of hardness.

‘Why not’. I said. With that we grabbed our cocks and started jerking them slowly. We kept looking at each other jerking our cocks, and then we would look away.

‘Do you care if I watch you’? Bob asked.
‘Sure’. I said.
‘You can watch me too if you want’. He said.

So it went on like that for a while. Two naked boys lying in the grass watching each other jerk off. It was great. The grass felt nice on my naked ass. And the hormones were building up in me like never before; at that point I was up for anything as long as if felt good.

Bob stops jerking his cock and looks at me. ‘Have you ever jerked somebody else off before’? He asked me.

‘No’, I said. ‘I’ve never even done it with somebody else around. Have you ever’.

‘Ya, once my older brother made me jerk him off’, Bob said. ‘It was O.K. but for some reason I really want to jerk you off. Can I’?

‘Uh, Ya, Sure’. I said.

We scooted closer together to where our legs were touching. That in its self-felt great.
Bob reached over and grabbed my cock and started pumping it up and down. It was the first time anybody had ever touched my cock and it sent shivers through my body.

‘Wow’, I said. ‘It feels ten times better when somebody else does it for you’.

‘Your pubes feel cool on my hand’. He said. Then gave me a look.

I looked at his big cock and was so excited to touch it. I reached over with my left hand and traced the length of his cock with the tips of my fingers and grabbed his ball sack. Bob moaned out loud. ‘Your right’. He said. I took his shaft in my hand it was so big compared to mine, and felt strange because I never use my left hand. I started pumping his dick up and down. We sat there and moaned as we jerked each other off. After a few minutes I asked.

‘You want to know a trick that makes it feel even better’?

‘Ya, what’? He asked.

I took my hand off of his shaft and spit on my hand a few times. Then I grabbed his cock again and slid my lubricated hand up and down his shaft. ‘Holly shit’. Was his only response. He stopped jerking me off and laid back in the grass and twitched and moaned. I could tell he was close to coming so I quickened my pace and leaned my head over his cock and spit on it. Being that close to his dick made me want to put it in my mouth. But I didn’t. Bob grabbed the grass with both hands and started bucking his hips. His balls constricted a little and his dick twitched in my hand. Bob yell out and a small rope of cum shot out of his cock head and landed on his stomach. I slowed my pace and jerked him until his dick was soft and his body stopped twitching. He looked like he might of passed out. Then he smiled and sat up.

‘Told you it felt better with spit’. I said.

He touched the jizz on his stomach and looked at it.

‘That was the first time I ever came’. He said.
‘How was it’? I asked.

‘Great’. He said. ‘I’m going to be jerking off all the time now. I laughed.

Bob looked at my still hard cock and spit in his jizz covered hand. ‘Lay back’. He said.

I laid back and he grabbed my cock and started stroking it up and down. It felt so great to just lay there and let somebody else take over. He started playing with my balls with his left hand. I moaned so loud when he did that. Nothing could top this feeling I though as I laid there in the grass. I was wrong.

I looked down to see Bob lean over my cock and spit on it just like I had done with him. He looked up at me with a questioning look on his face, and then he looked at my cock. He stuck his tongue out and licked the head of my cock. I almost came right then. I grabbed the grass with both hands and bucked my hips; this moved my cock closer to his face. He stuck the tip of my dick into his mouth and moved it about half way down my shaft. I thought I might pass out from the intense pleasure I was feeling. I moaned ‘Oh Fuck’. And bucked my hips even more. Bob seemed to like this. We got into a rhythm together and he started taking more of my cock in his mouth.

‘Dude, teeth’. I said. He looked up at me. ‘What’?

‘Watch the teeth’. I said. ‘Oh, Sorry. This is the first time I’ve done this.’ He said.

‘No its great,’ I said. ‘Just watch the teeth.’ I said.

He stuck my cock back in his mouth and took it all the way in this time and kept deep throating me for about a minute. That’s all it took my head snapped back and I yelled that I’m going to cum. I think Bob caught the first shot in his mouth. He pulled his head away and started sliding his hand up in down my slick cock. I shot about five big ropes of cum all over my chest; I had never cum that hard in my life. I just laid there for a minute. ‘Jesus Christ’ was all I could say.

I sat up all covered in cum and looked down to see that Bobs dick was rock hard again. Then I smiled…………………..

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2017-09-21 14:50:41
Nice story

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2016-11-14 21:21:03
I wanted to suck both boys off and swallow their hoy load of CUM

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2016-10-18 02:24:00
It's a nice story shame there's no part 2 lol

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2016-08-30 22:59:44
good eoritic

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2016-08-18 11:38:31
I always loved at that age having wank sessions with mates , and your right we all measured each other .. and a few (not me) had pretty big cocks , even at age 13/14 and could shoot cum before the rest of us.Excellent sstory and got me horny

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