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Yeah fuck me, pound my hole... I was so close to cumming I could tell. My body tensed up and I could feel the cum rush to my cock. Son im gonna bust in your ass get ready! Give it to me dad. I released and I shot my cum inside my son. He said thanks dad.
I woke up sweating. I couldnt believe what I just dreamt. It was so realistic. I looked down at my cock and it was rock solid, coated with pre-cum. It was 6:30. I needed to shower and get ready for work.
I normally slept naked with no sheets. My wife had died 5 years ago. It was just me and my 16 year old son, Jake. We got comfortable around eachother. So what we wore didnt matter.
I was taking a cold shower to calm down my cock, when my son knocked on the door. Dad, do you mind if we shower together. Im really late. It was a very big shower so I did not mind. Sure son come on in. He walked in wearing nothing and carrying a towel. He was in such good shape my son. Abs, pecs. He was hot. I wasnt so bad myself. I had a flat defined stomach and big arms.
I asked how he slept and what not. The usual and I got the usual back. He told me he would be late tonight because of football. I thought it would give me some private time. I said ok have fun. I got out, and got dressed for work.
A little while later I arrived at work and sat down at my desk. I checked my emails and got all my inbox stuff done. Before I knew it, it was 12 oclock. I went to the lunch room and grabbed my lunch. I went back to my office and ate. I suddenly felt my cock get hard. I ate rather quickly today having still and hour left. I thought what the hell.
I kicked off my shoes, took off my belt but before I took off my pants, I had to shut the door and blinds. Didnt want anyone seeing what was going on. I made sure to lock the door. Than I went to my desk and took off my pants socks, and shirt. I had briefs on and boy did I love feeling my rock hard cock through my briefs. I slipped them off and threw them with my socks. My balls were nice and low today. My cock was 7 inches and very thick. I started rubbing my cock and than started jerking off. My balls bounced against my fist and I made a fapping noise. It was turning me on so much. I almost went into a trance when I heard a knock on the door. I froze and quickly slipped on my pants and shirt and shoes. I went to answer the door but I forgot my underwear and socks were in the middle of the floor. I ran and threw them under the desk.
My assistant was at the door telling me my son wasnt feeling and good and was gonna be at the office soon. Alright I told her.
I went back to my desk and folded my underwear and socks and put them on my desk. It turned me on to see them their.
I continued with my work and before I knew it I heard my son and he was coming in. he said hey dad. I told him to lay down on the couch and rest.
He said dad whats up with your socks and underwear on the desk. I completely forgot and my heart stopped. Well your dad was tryna have a little fun during his lunch break. I laughed and so did he.
The next thing I knew he said im with ya dad. He started kicking off his shoes and started to take off his shirt when I said, Woah woah, what are you doing.
Dad I know, I saw how hard you got this morning when I got in. I said alright and I got undressed faster than he did.
Damn dad, your really hung. I looked at his and said well you know where you get it from. He laughed. He was getting started on the couch when he said dad, throw on some porn. I said ok, and I sa next to him. Here I was wanking with my son. Ive always dreamed of fucking him. He took my cock in his hand and I did the same. He said god its so thick. We continued beating each others meat for awhile when he said, dad I wanna have sex. I agree when we get home. No I want you to fuck my brains out right here on your desk. I want you to destroy me. He stood up and moved stuff on my desk. He put his legs up and said lets go. I got up and went over. His ass was nice , pink and hairy. I spit in his ass and spit on my cock. Get it nice and wet. I started to penetrate his hole it was his first time so I wanted to be gentle. I spit more and slowly slid it in. I could feel his ass contract around my cock. It was so tight I needed to bust. I got my whole cock in and he was sweating. I said its ok deep breaths. I let him get used to it. I told him the first couple thrusts are gonna hurt but it will turn into pure pleasure after. I started fucking slowly and I could hear him grunt. It was painful. But soon I could hear him moan. He started almost screaming fuck me dad. I was ramming him and my desk was shaking. My balls slapped agianst his ass. He was jerking off as I fucked his tight hairy hole. This was the first fuck ive had since my wife passed away. She could take my cock and apparently so can my son. I picked him up and brought him down on my cock. He held onto me as I pounded his hole. We landed on the couch and he bounced up and down on my cock. I was so close . I told him to lay down I want to be on top. He did and I re inserted my cock. He was loose now but still tight. I was gonna cum. I stopped and told him to get ready. I was jerking off near his face and soon I said fuck yeah uh uh. You making me bust. Open for daddy and on that I shot my load all over his face.
I got dressed and gave him my briefs to clean his face. He loved it. I told my assistant I had to leave early because of my son and even my boss was okay with it. We went home and my son had a tough time walking. I killed his ass. We got home showered and went to bed nude together. Tomorrow was saturday and my birthday.
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