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A Wonderful Girl I met
I met Kimber by chance down on the beaches of Pensacola, Florida. I was living there doing work as a artist and doing a sunrise scene by the bay.

This day was different from most others, as when I was about half-way done with the painting, I heard someone giggling behind me. When I turned around, I met the eyes of a young beauty. She was watching me work on the picture, and was delighted to see it being done. She stayed for the next hour watching me paint, and we got to talking. Her name was Kimber, she was 19, and she was fascinated by my work. Nothing is more flattering to an artist than having a beautiful girl who admires your work at hand...I really liked her looks, and her personality. She is one of these rare girls with a special sparkle in her eyes.

Every day for the next two weeks she would come by the beach to see what I was working on, and admire my work. I finally asked her if she would like to come to my apartment and see some of my other works. I dont know if this surprised her or what, but she took a few minutes to come to a decision, and agreed to stay for dinner as well. I told my friends about her, and was kidded by them about my "HOT DATE" for the evening. To me, Kimber was among the most attractive of ladies I have been with for some time, there was just a special magic about her to me.

Kimber showed up at dinner time as planned, she had walked over to my place, as she lived near the complex. When I invited her in, she was looking gorgeous to me. She was wearing a black t-shirt, and a knee lenght black skirt. I told her dinner was ready, and I would show her my work once we had dined. The dinner was good, and considering my lack of cooking skills, this was a major acheivment for me.

I started to show her the place, but when we got back to the living room, she came around to my front, and asked me to kiss her. Now, as I was 6' to her 5', I bent over and kissed her on the lips. A very soft, light kiss. Before you know it, we were on the couch kissing, with her sitting in front of me. I ran my hands over her back and along her sides, getting a shudder from her. She had her hands roaming all over me, until they came down to my pants, where I was getting a hard on. I think this suprised her, as she stopped and just looked at me. I decided to take a chance, and see just how far she was willing to go.

"Do you want to see it?" I asked her.

She said she did. I could tell she was getting very nervous, and I suspected why. I told her we wlll do nothing she is not comfortable with. "I got an Idea Kimber, lets undress each other, and we will be able to see what each of us looks like." She liked this idea, then I asked her how many articles of clothing she had on, and she replied shyly she had four on. "Why do you ask?"

"You see, I have only three articles of clothing on me at this time. If we undress each other you will still have one peice left. So I think you need to take off one peice, and make it equal for the both of us."

She hesitated for so long I thought she was going to back out, but then she agreed and dropped her skirt to the floor. I smiled as she seductively put her hands behind her head, walked over toward me, and asked me "Do you like them?" It took me a moment to realise she was talking about her panties, a pair of beautiful black ones, they hugged her like a second skin. "You look good enough to eat." She backed up a bit, giggling and blushing a deep red to her cheeks. This was very cute to me and told her so.

I walked up to her, and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Now, lets get a good look at you young lady."

With that I lifted up her shirt, and pulled it off of her. She had a black, strappless bra on, and her breasts were bigger than I had assumed they would be. She reached over to me, and pulled off my own shirt. Her hands ran over my chest and my stomach, and she kidded me about not having a "perfect six-pack" of muscles there. "You go next."

She undid my belt, and then my pants. She slid them down my legs, and helped me step out of them. I had a pair of briefs on, and she touched me in the croch, god I got so much of a hard on over this. I held her hands over it, as it got larger and harder. Her eyes got bigger at this, and her cheeks went flush again, this time a rose hued red as I have ever seen on a lady. When she was again in front of me I pulled her close, right against me and held her there, rubbing her on the back and her sides.

I felt her starting to relax, so I reached up and undid her bra. She looked up at me as it slowly slid away from her. Her arms went up over her breasts, but I gently pulled them away. Her breasts hung there, she was at least a 38D!!! I started to rub my hands over her nipples, and felt them get hard. I took one nipple into my mouth, and the other in my hand, and started sucking on it. I went very slowly over it, caressing it with my tounge, and felt Kimber shiver with delight. She wrapped her arms around my head and almost cut off my breathing by pushing my face into her breast!!!

When I got free, I asked her "Well, did you like that Kimber?"

She was blushing again, but not as much this time as before. I told her it was her turn, and she got on her knees in front of me, and pulled down my underwear. She stayed there for a moment, just looking at my penis. Now I am not some giant of a man with a thick 10-inch penis like you see in the movies, mine is just a little over about 7-inches, but it was standing at full attention, ready for action. Her eyes widened again, and her hands came up to her mouth as she looked at it. It hit me then why this reaction from her. "You've never seen one before have you Kimber?"

"No, I never have...I mean...I just....uh..." Just as I suspected.

I guided her hands over to my penis, and put them on it. She started to run her hands over its full length, rubbing my shaft and the head. This went on for a couple of minutes, I just loved the feel of her hands, and then felt her mouth slide over it. She tried to take me in all the way, but when she gagged, she pulled off, and I told her to just work her mouth around the head of my penis.
Her lips went back onto it, slowly working the head, while her hands continued to work on my shaft. God she was getting me turned on!!! I stopped her before she could make me cum.

She stood up, and I bent down before her, looking at her panties. I put my hands on them, and asked her "You know whats going to happen when these come off dont you" She just nodded, and I slipped them down her legs. Her pussy looked beautiful. She had shaved off all of her pubic hair, leaving her slit exposed. I started blowing on it, and she giggled. I told her to sit back on the couch, and open her legs as wide apart as she can.

One look at her little pussy cofirmed my hunch, she was still a virgin. I crawled over to her and started eating out her pussy, rubbing it with my hands and my tounge. She was soon moaning softly, and put her hands again on my head, keeping me down there. Within a couple of minutes she came in one massive rush. I kept licking her pussy, lapping up her juices, until she had her second orgasm. "I'm ready." This was all I wanted to hear.

My penis was as hard as ever, and I slid the head into her pussy, slowly working it in until i felt it push against her cherry. I looked at her, took her hands into my own, and slowly pushed into it. I felt it pop, and she cried out, her face scrunched up in pain. "OH GOD!!!!" I slowly worked my way deeper into her, until I was all the way in. Her pussy was as tight as anything, and I slowly went in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me onto herself. I spent the next few minutes pumping in her pussy, as I kissed her on the neck and her lips. She kept her eyes closed, and her face was intense in expression, until I came inside of her. It was like one big rush and I came. I kept kissing her, and pulled my penis out of her pussy.

Her eyes opened and she started kissing me back. We just laid there for a time, and I smiled at her.

Kimber would come over every day to the beach to see me paint, and a couple times a week, we would come to my place and make love to each other. We have been doing this for over a year now, and I love her all the more for it. She is indeed a wonderful girl I met.
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