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If you haven't read chapter one, well, don;t worry, you could still get off on this chapter. it might make more sense if you read chapter one 9plus, its really hot!) This chapter doesn't have such a long introduction, its pretty much just another round of sex. Daphne and Gabe still have a lot of fucking left inside them, so enjoy!
“So tell me more about your career,” Daphne said as she snuggled closer to Gabe on the couch in his living room. “I guess people ask you this all the time, but what was it like?”
Gabe could think of a million other things Daphne could be doing with her mouth than talking, but he loved the feeling of her body snug against his enough to have some patience.
“It was great,” he said simply. “I played pro for about three years. It was such a wild ride most of the time. There were always parties, always women. Scores and scores of women who wanted me in their pants. It went to my head a bit, to be honest.”
“Do you miss it?” she asked, and he could hear she was trying not to let him hear the wistful note in her voice. But he was nothing of not honest.
“Not with you,” he said. “Not with you here with me. But sometimes, yeah. It gets lonely, living on my own after Beth and the girls. But the coaching helps me to stay connected to the game. I would have felt like an outsider to life without it. Football is all I know.”

She smiled a lazy, feline smile that heated his blood. “I can vouch that that is not true,” she purred. “You seemed quite the expert at love-making last night.”
Her eyes were all do-me, and her body was definitely speaking the same language. She turned so that her legs were lying across his lap and pressed back against the armrest of the couch.
“I can’t believe you gave me three thousand dollars like that,” she said. “how does a coach make that kind of money?”
He smiled at her, amused. “I coach a pro team,” he said. “You might have seen them win the NFL last year?”
She blushed. “Oh, my goodness,” she said. “That’s you? Aren’t you too young for that kind of coaching job?”
“I got lucky,” he admitted. “Put it this way. It’s true what they say – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I had a contact that got me the job on a temporary basis, but I proved myself and they made it permanent. Plus, I dabble in investments and stocks. I have quite the portfolio.”
She grinned again. ‘Yeah, you do,” she said and stroked the portfolio in question with her calves. “You feel like checking out my assets?”

How could he not want her? She was perfect. From her dark curls to her perfectly lush young body, she was just absolutely perfect. He trailed a finger over her leg, tracing a line from her ankle to her knee. Her skin was soft and smooth and he knew what it would taste like if he put his mouth just there, on that sensitive little spot just under her knee. He rubbed her knee, enjoying the look of bliss on her face when he started to massage her calves.
“Oh, yeah,” she moaned, and he shifted his hand higher, up and over her thigh. He was rubbing and massaging her muscles, his hands burning where he touched her skin. She was shifting around slightly uncomfortably, and he knew she was aroused. Her legs parted on their own when he pressed his hand between them and started rubbing her inner-thigh close to her hidden valley. His fingers felt the heat she was emanating, but he was careful not to get too close. He just her rubbing her leg up and down, until he noticed her nipples poking through the material of the shirt he’d given her to wear after her shower. It had been a few hours since the first time he’d made love to her, and he was more than ready for round two. Or three, depending on your definition of a round.

“I happen to have in-depth knowledge of your assets,” he said and she gave a low, sexy chuckle that sounded like black satin over a slick pussy. “As a matter of fact,” he said, taking both her ankles in one hand and pushing her legs up to her chest, “I’m crazy about your assets. I just can’t get enough of them.”
“I like the sound of that,” she said, slightly breathless.
“Hold your legs like this,” he said suddenly. “I’ll be right back. Or wait, better yet, come with me.”
“I plan to do that,” she said and let him pick her up like a bridegroom who wanted to carry his wife over the threshold. His strength was making her feel small and feminine and it was so romantic – this intimacy that neither of them had expected to share. She was wearing one of his shirts; a white button-up that reached her knees, the cuffs rolled up to free her hands. He was dressed in a pair of boxers, the sort of underwear that made women glad for the genius of Calvin Klein, and he was clearly far more comfortable with his naked body than she was. And he could afford to be. The man was a walking advertisement for sex and depravity.

He took her up to his room again and lay her down gently on the bed that was still rumpled from their earlier love-making.
“Assume the position,” he ordered and she frowned, uncertain.
“Like you were on the couch,’ he explained, taking her feet and bringing the closer to her shoulders. She hooked her arms behind her knee and managed to scoot herself backward until she was lying comfortably on the pillows.

“That’s a sight I can look at every day and not get tired of,” Gabe said, his voice dark and desirous. “Your pussy, framed as it is, and your little butt-hole all puckered up. You’re already so wet, aren’t you?”

“Only for you,’ she whispered .
“I like that,” he said. “The thought that I make you wet. Now, don’t move.”
He disappeared for a few seconds into his closet and came back with a few of his classy business ties draped over his arm.
“Keep still,” he ordered, and she obeyed. He tied her arms above her head, attaching the tie to the bed frame. He spread her legs open as wide as they could go, her knees bent towards her body, and tied both ankles to the same frame her hands were tied to. She was laying there, splayed open for his enjoyment. She heard him open a drawer, and then there was a clean white handkerchief being tied over her eyes, so that she couldn’t see anything.

She waited for more, but there was nothing. Only the silence of the room. She tried to listen, but she couldn’t hear him breathing over the beat of lust in her ears.
“Gabe?” she asked, slightly uncertain. There was no answer, but she imagined she could feel his eyes burning on her skin. She felt exposed, spread out like a piece of art at an exhibition. The bedroom door opened and closed again, and this time she could sense the fact that she was well and truly alone in the room. She strained her ears, heard him go downstairs. Was he leaving the house, leaving her like this? Surely not!

She didn’t have long to wait; Gabe was back in less than two minutes. He closed the door behind him as he came in, and she wondered where he’d been.

She felt the mattress dip in next to her as he sat down.
“Gabe?” she asked again when he didn’t touch her. “What are you doing?”
He didn’t say anything, but the next second she gasped and bowed her body up against the ties in shock as he pressed something almost metallic in its icy cold temperature against her exposed nipples. He held the ice cubes over both of her peaks, rubbing them until her tits were painful and sensitive. He rubbed all over her breasts, going in clockwise little circles and making her break out in gooseflesh over her entire body. She was gasping; short little breaths hitching over her lips as he teased her mercilessly. The next second he swooped down and took his nipple into his mouths, suckling it hard and liquidly into the heated cavern. She felt his tongue folding around it lovingly as he sucked, tugging at her skin. He nipped lightly with his teeth, and the unexpected heat was in such contrast to the ice he’d had on her seconds before that she let out a mewling sound. He sucked on her until her breast was warm, and then moved on to the other side, repeating the process and heating up more than just her skin. He cupped her breasts in his hands, knead them and pushed them together to deepen her cleavage. He kissed the dark line, sliding his tongue into the fold made there. She sighed in delight. He weighed her breasts in his hands, cupping and stretching and playing with them for almost ten minutes before sliding his hands down over her body. He spent some time on her ribcage, strumming his fingers over her as if she was an instrument. She bowed into his hands again as he pressed a kiss over the spot where her heart was beating.

Gabe felt the rapid rise and fall of her chest, and knew that being bound was turning her on even more than he’d hoped it would. He was heading south, but her tits felt too good in his hands to let them go just yet, so he kept plucking her nipples until the position became too uncomfortable. When he reached her lower belly, he felt her inner muscles jumping reflexively at his touch.

“Oh, please,” she gasped. “I’m so sensitive there. Gabe… Oh, please… Oh…”
He was delighted when he realised she had no control over the jerking. He estimated the spot to be somewhere over her ovaries, a little more to the side, and flittered butterfly kisses over her until she was bowed back like a taut string; an arrow poised for release. He cupped her sex in one hand and moaned when he felt how wet and ready and soft and warm she was. Her folds were already slick with her juices, her inner petals swollen and sensitive. He slid a finger inside her, holding her lips open with one hand so that her musky feminine scent wafted over to him. He breathed in deeply, loving the smell. It was already familiar to him, already dear.

His finger went in easily, his passage eased by her lubed-up canal. He felt her core muscles pulsing hotly and greedily around his finger, and shifted his hand so that he could curl his finger around to her g-spot. He found the tender, spongy area quickly and rubbed on it with expert fingers, pressing lightly against her.
She gasped. “I need to go to the toilet,” she said urgently.
He chuckled. “No, you don’t,” he said, pressing his mouth to her pussy mound. “It’s your g-spot, sweetheart. You’re going to cum so good. Just hold on, ok?’
He slicked his tongue over her clitoral hood and flicked it. She was moaning and thrashing around on his bed, straining against her ties desperately.
“Gabe,” she sobbed. “Gabe, please!”
“Beg me,” he whispered, sucking lightly on her clitoris. He tugged on it, pulling it into his mouth and suckling.
“Please,” she moaned again. “Gabe, I need it! Please let me cum!”
“Not good enough,’ he said.
“Fuck me!” she gasped. “Suck my clit and finger my cunt! Fuck my pussy, Gabe, just do something! I’m begging you!”
“Better,” he said, and pressed his tongue flat against her clit, pushing her and moving it up and down.
He drew it between his teeth and nibbled lightly, stroking his finger in hard and fast, adding two more fingers. He pumped hard and fast, and she was squirming on the bed, pleas falling across her lips shamelessly. He knew when to ease off, when to speed up, just how to touch her to get her juices flowing.

Finally, he relented.

She felt the orgasm rising inside her; an unstoppable force that took her over like a current during high-tide. She felt the rising; that slow, strong mounting of pressure and the inevitable crest. It was as if rockets were bursting in her spine, spiralling lights exploding behind her eyelids. The pinnacle lifted her in its merciless palm and flung her up, high, into the air. Her body was free and falling despite the bindings holding her in place. He was sobbing with the strength of her orgasm, her hands clutching at air, desperate to find something to hold onto. Eventually the orgasm released her and she drifted down from that exquisite high, that glorious peak. She lay back, gasping, her body shuddering involuntarily. He didn’t give her time to catch her breath, just dove right in to drink and lap up the delicious torrents of cum leaking from her cunt in copious amounts.
“No,” she gasped weakly when his tongue rasped over her sensitive folds. She flinched when it stroked over her clit, the sensations almost painful.

Eventually he let her go, and she heard the rustling of clothes being removed under the roar in her ears.
“I’ve never came that hard,” Daphne said. “That was… I don’t have words.”
He chuckled. “My pleasure,” he said and undid the ties holding her feet down. “I’m going to spank you now,” he said. “There’s still the little matter of you lying to me earlier.”
“No,” she moaned. “Just give me a minute, Gabe, please!”
“Nope,” he said, grinning. His cock was so hard it was painful, but he was so far from done with this eighteen-year-old little minx that he could wait a little while longer, especially since he’d came inside her a few hours ago.
He pulled her around so that she was lying across his lap, a few drops of juice still running down her leg and into his lap. He stroked her luscious round ass with his palm. Her skin was so soft, so smooth. He stroked a finger down her cleft, teasing her butthole with the tip of his finger while his other hand kept rubbing her cheeks, testing her reactions, finding the sensitive spots. Her hands were still tied above her head, and she was clearly in that languorous post-coital phase where she wanted, more than anything, to go to sleep. Too bad, he thought.

He brought his hand down fast and unexpectedly, the resounding smack causing her to jerk in surprise. He rubbed the spot, grinning a little.
He kept his slaps unexpected and irregular, giving her long minutes to anticipate, and when he felt her body relax slightly, bringing his palm down smartly again. He spanked all over her butt, going down to her pussy and feeling the fresh juice that was gathering there.
When her cheeks were red and he could see his hand imprints on her skin, he grabbed the bucket he’d filled with ice earlier. Most of the cubes had melted, but there were still a few smaller little cubes floating around. He tipped it and doused her flaming backside.
She screamed and came again. He plunged three fingers into her just as she did, feeling her core contract against his fingers. He shifted them both so that he was kneeling between her legs. He cupped her hips and pulled her up, lifting one leg, hooking it around his middle.

He held it up with ease as she leaned forward to rest on her elbows, clearly so tired she couldn’t keep her weight propped up. He stroked the ridges of her spine an leaned forward to press a kiss to the back of her neck.
“I want to fuck your pussy,’ he said. “And then I want to fuck your ass.”
She knew he was asking her permission, and that he would stop if she asked him.
“Then what’s stopping you?” she asked weakly. “Mind if I fall asleep, though?”
“Oh, yes,” he said. “I mind very much. I know you’re all tuckered out, but honey, I need you to stay with me for a few minutes more, ok?”
“Ok,” she sighed. He leaned around her, cupping and holding her tits. They hang heavy in his hands, and he lifted them to test their weight again. Her nipples were still hard little pebbles, and he tweaked them a little before straightening up. He aimed his cock for her pussy, lining it up to the entrance. He slid forward a little, pressing between her outer lips to tease her clit before pulling back and with one smooth glide, sliding into her, sliding home.
He moaned when he settled as deep inside her as he could. She was so wet, so tight, so hot. She was soft and perfect and he never wanted to be anywhere else again than with his dick shoved up inside her cunt.
This, he thought, as he pulled out slightly, was what the good life entailed. He compared her to the other women he’d been with, and they didn’t come close to her. She was perfect.

He slid in and out a few times to get himself well-lubed up, and then started pumping in earnest. He stroked in and out of her, a wild, sure pace that had the headboard banging against the wall and her tits swinging wildly underneath her. He leaned forward and grabbed them as he thrust inside her again and again, over and over sliding in and out of that hot, wet, sheath. Her body grabbed him, her inner muscles milking his dick, pulling at him liquidly. He gritted his teeth to avoid cumming. He could feel her tense up and then she came again, her walls pulsating around him as her body tried to suck his seed out of his balls. He could feel himself getting close, so let her ride out the orgasm, helped her over the crest. He slid out with a wet pop and turned her over again so she could lie on her back.
“I thought you wanted to fuck my ass?” she said, her eyes closed.
“Not yet, love,” he said, straddling her body and moving his hips higher. “I’ll get there, but you’re already too tired tonight. I want to screw your tits now.”
She held them together and he gasped as he slid into her warm, tight heat. It was so good, so hot watching the tip of his cock disappearing through her cleavage and reappearing on the other side. She moved her head a little as he humped her boobs hard and fast, and opened her mouth a little in invitation. He moved forward and then the tip and a bit of his shaft went into her mouth with each stroke. She closed her lips around him and sucked, holding him there and rubbing her boobs around him.

He was growing desperate, so after a few minutes of fucking her tits he slid down her body and slipped back inside her pussy. He fucked her hard now, and with a wild abandonment. She held her breasts together still and they looked like an offering, so he bent down and took both her nipples into his mouths, holding them between his teeth and sucking.

It surprised him when he felt her push up against him after a few minutes. She was getting ready to cum again, and he was so with her on that. Their bodies slapped against each other and he was grunting as he rutted inside her. She made animal-like sounds as she fucked him right back, her tiredness clearly forgotten under the possibility of another orgasm.
‘yes, yes, yes!” she screamed after a while when he shoved deep inside her, his cock touching her cervix slightly. His balls were slapping against her, the sensation driving them both to go faster.
“Oh, yeah, baby,’ he moaned. “That’s it. Let me fuck you like that. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s good. Fuck, you look hot like that, now get ready to come for me.”
“I’m almost there,” she promised as he pressed deeper, rhythmically taking her. The contrast of his hard dick in her soft pussy had both of them groan when his cock twitched inside her.

It was coming; the tide churning up inside them both. He could feel his balls drawing up tight against his body, and the familiar tingle that started at the base of his spine before it rushed to his balls and through his body.
He roared and lunged forward as she opened up to him. Her slick walls were holding on to him, milking his dick hard and wetly, trying to get his sperm out of him. He bent his head down and slid his tongue into her mouth, too desperate to linger over the kiss. His hips were pumping against hers before he took her as deep as he could go. She cried out in triumph as she came, the orgasm roaring through her body like a raging fire. Gabe could feel her pussy muscles tug at him, milking the sperm right out of his cocks. The salty, milky ropes drew out through his balls, up this shaft and out of his head. He felt the spurts leave his dick and shoot up inside her cunt, coating her with the heat and wetnesss of his cum. Another spurt shot out and he trembled, pushing against her as he came again. Yet another spurt had his body jerking.
He grunted as he came, his hips pulsing against her as he grinded his pelvis against her clit to draw out her own orgasm.

Finally it was over, and they collapsed next to each other, exhausted and so ready to just sleep.
Gabe pulled Daphne close to him, spooning her body with his, and cupped a hand over her breast before they both drifted off.
Tomorrow would come soon enough, Gabe thought as he stroked her tit once, a reflex action that had her murmuring something. He pressed his lips to her shoulder. Tomorrow would come soon enough, and with it, new ways of tying Daphne to him – heart, body and soul.

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This describes passionate love so perfectly it almost makes this old man weep for what might have been, had I not let my first and greatest love get away because I was too you, naive, and ignorant of even my own feelings. I put my name and my love's in the story, and felt better by imagining. Thank you for this lovely story. I hope you have had an experience like this.

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