This realy happened, this woman became like a second mom to me. But also a lover.
When I was about 12 I spent a lot of time at the water park. Typically I would wear a pair of blue jeans shorts and tank top top. Swimland was always very crowded, which I loved. It was so noisy and crazy that you could do almost anything and no one would notice, which this experience proves.

Swimland was a lot more fun than the public pool my cousin fucked me in the washroom. The women’s and girls change room was huge and I loved catching flashes of tities and asses as I slowly changed, hoping a hot girl or mom would notice my body.

I liked wearing the bikini from the previous year. After a few weekends I had Coppertone tan and the bikini was tight, in all the right places to make people look at me. It looked like my tities had maybe gotten a little bigger since last summer, and my hips and butt were all curvy and hot. I noticed a few of the lifeguards seemed to be impressed, I noticed even a few of the hot girls.

I jumped in the pool, and the water was freezing, but it felt very refreshing. There were kids running around everywhere. Every time I climbed up the ladder to use the water slide, my bikini bottom would slip down on me, and I had to pull it up over my small firm boobs. Her tities were small, but it the tight top had them pressing out all over so I was showing a little cleavage.

I would go over and sit on my towel and dry off with another. Each time I did this I noticed the woman, a mom with a small infant looked over at me as in my tight bikini but trying not to let on. The cold water was causing my nipples to poke through the fabric. Because I had been wearing the same bikini for two summers now it was a faded sky blue and was warn and sun faded. I knew the woman could see the round shapes of my smooth, young breasts. My bikini was wet and really gripped to my body so that my young slit was clearly visible in the crotch.

The bikini may have fit fine at the beginning of last year, but Mother Nature was having her way with me. I felt that definitely had the mom’s attention now. I made sure that where ever I went I was in her line of sight. Walking around the pool, I tugged at the bikini that clung to my firm round ass but not to pull the fabric over the cheek, I pulled at it to reveal more of the white parts of my ass. Even at twelve I had decent looking ass, I loved the thought of show off my butt cheeks for this hot young mom, letting my ass hangout of the bikini like.

The bikini was cut pretty high on the thighs, which gave everyone, particularly the mom who had her eyes on me a good look at my legs. When I stood in line at the water slide, I would put my hands on my hips and jut out my little boobs to give my secret admirer a good look. I noticed that the woman wasn’t the only one looking I was attracting quite a few glances.

I didn't exactly have a woman’s hard body at twelve but I did have the sexy curves for a young girl. I sat next to the young mom, and noticed that she was sitting cross-legged on her blanket and was nursing her little girl. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. She was pretty with light brown hair and nice big boobs. As I was watching she moved the nursing blanket that she had draped over her shoulder. This allowed me a perfect view of her little girl’s face and mouth working away at her nipple. It was so hot I couldn’t take my eyes away, and I could feel my nipples growing stiffer.

“She’s very hungry now,” I heard the mother whisper, “but I have milk to spare in these tities.” She smiled at me, and I smiled back and returned to the sight of her baby nursing.

“How does it feel,” I asked hesitantly.

“Oooh it feels so, so, well lovely. Soothing and exciting at the same time. I have very sensitive nipples, so well when she is hungry like this it well, makes me wet.”

My mouth dropped open when I heard this. “Really,” was all I could get out in reply.

“Yes, would you like to see,” and without waiting for a response I saw her hand move down to her crotch, partially hidden by a towel and pulled her bikini bottom to one side and then parted her cunt lips with two fingers.

“Of course checking out your hot little body got me started,” her whole body shivered as she pinched her stiff clit.

“Do you like my shaved pussy baby,” the mother sighed and I nodded vigorously.

“Listen I’m going to lay down and pull this blanket over me and Lily and you are going to crawl under this way okay with your head down at my pussy. I will look out for anyone who notices. Do you know how to lick a pussy baby.”

“Yeah, my cousin taught me.” I said softly with a smile.

The mom laid down and I did too. She pulled the large blanket over the three of us. I burrowed between her legs. Her lovely shaved pussy was still exposed and I ran three fingers through the slick slit. Mom gave out a muffled groan as my fingers exposed her large stiff clit. I let my fingers circle it before pinching it the way I had seen her do.

The mom’s body jerked and she moaned slightly. Then I felt the moms hand grabbing at my ass and then her fingers moving over my bare tummy. In an instant she had pulled my bikini aside and was flicking her long fingers over my sensitive clit. All the time I could still hear the little baby nursing on her mother’s tit.

I leaned forward so my tongue could slide inside the parted pussy lips tasting the mom’s wet cunt for the first time. It was so good and hot. I licked my way to her clit and covered it with my lapping tongue then sucked it into my mouth.

The mom groaned softly and slipped her middle finger into my tight young cunt. It was my turn to grit my teeth and groan softly. I was so wet she was able to finger fuck me with ease as her thumb pressed hard against my clit. It was almost too much. I felt I would come any second and then she eased off.

“Fuck me” she hissed, “with all your fingers, oh fuck me.”

I started with three fingers sliding them in all the way immediately, this cunt was so wet and I could feel her cunt walls drawing in all of the fingers. Then a forth was inside her and she said “Push your whole hand in…aaah.”

So I did folding the thumb inside the others and to my amazement I soon had my whole hand inside her cunt. Her breathing was heavy and she stopped grinding her finger into me for a second. It felt amazing as I began moving my hand in and out of her.

Immediately her finger and thumb continued their delicious work on my little cunt and humped my hips into her with each stroke.

I couldn’t get over how her cunt walls controlled the depth and rhythm of my and as she was huffing and puffing lightly. Her pussy was tightening around my small hand and I could feel hr climax building as I thrust my hand in deeper than before.

At that instant I felt her finger twist inside me pounding deeper as her thumb nail gouged into my tender clit. I could hold back no longer, I buried my moan in her pussy sucking wildly on her clit as her whole body quaked and her cunt erupted pushing my hand out and dousing me with a wave of cum that shot from her cunt with the force of a fire hose. I opened my mouth and took it a lot of the next wave as her body was twisting and writhing against me. I was convulsing too my young cunt twitching and dripping cum all over the blanket.

It took forever for our bodies and breathing to come back to normal. When it did I turned under the blanket and popped my head out where the baby had fallen to sleep on her breast. The mom set the sleeping baby down and covering my face with the towel, she lifted her nipple to my lips.

I let my tongue trace the long stiff nipple gathering the droplets of milk the baby had left behind. Then I sucked hard messaging the nipple with my tongue. I moaned as the milk spurted hot and sweet into my mouth. The mom threw back her head and sighed as I milked her lovely boob with my mouth and tongue She let me nurse for a number of minutes until she pulled her breast away and I smiled kissing the end of the nipple with my soft lips.

“Thank you mommy,” I whispered.

After that I became a baby sitter for the mom. But that is another story or two for next time.

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2013-05-14 09:41:59
enjoying the story, very hot. there were a LOT of typos and/or words that were used wrong in this story though. takes away from it a bit

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2012-10-24 05:19:40
Ah, well.. What can I say I like you:) Am a huge shower fan (as my sirtoes will tell you) a lot of fantasia and real life drama revolves around my shower:) Loved, loved the way you wrote this!


2012-09-18 22:47:19
I do so love these exhibitionists stories! You certainly were a hot little slut.

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2012-05-31 16:19:06
Wow I'm only 14 and that was amazing to read. Well done

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i've read a few of your stories and found them enteraining. that said i do think an editor or proof reader would improve your stories.but please don't stop posting i can put up with the mistakes.

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