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Introduction; this is a follow up to my budding relationship with a beautiful girl I met while at university. I have appreciated the good responses to the original story, and hope this doesn’t disappoint. And to the two anonymous people who read and said it was not possible for us to each have our member inside the other, do some research while in the video section of this website and you will see that it is in fact not only possible but pleasurable for both parties.

It had been a strange weekend to say the absolute least, I am a young guy who is in a college with hundreds upon hundreds of fine 8s, 9s and 10s, but was I falling for this person who had for lack of a better term extra parts. I should’ve chalked it up to a new and exciting experience with something I knew little of, yet found it surprisingly enjoyable. On one hand Naomi was gorgeous in almost everyway possible, smart, witty, enjoys the things I enjoy, yet the shear taboo factor weighed heavily upon my head. While in my dorm I phoned a very close friend as well as a future brother in a matter of speaking.

The call consisted of Alex, my friend, basically having to drag me away from studying to take a drive and go for a smoke. He picked me up at the west entrance of the campus, we preceeded to head out of down while I twisted up an L, or blunt to the lay person. Alex said to me, “so Dan my man, what is new and exciting in your life other than pledge week?” While taking another large drag, coughing loudly, “Alex, you’re a guy I feel I can be real with, right man?”
“Shit what do ya got I can handle this and give my best guess to the situation in question.” He said as he blew rings towards the glass on the windshield.
As I grabbed at my rolled masterpiece, “so your have walked to my poly/sci class with me before right?”
“Yeah, but what in the hell does that have to do with why you’re acting like someone killed your cat?” Alex said while taking a left on the dirt road in the hills.
“Dude you know damn well I loathe felines, but remember that short blonde I have pointed out saying I haven’t had the stones to talk to?”
Alex looking at me in both a puzzled and sly way, “yeah, yeah I think so the one with the large for her frame cans?”
I just laughed “ha, yeah man so I talked to her, we met up at the library, have shared a meal, been to her dorm after hours. I just need some advice of what I should do.”

Being that we lived in a conservative state yet in a very large widely open-minded and progressive city I felt with that fact Alex grew up here he might have some insight.
We still were on our drive through the country with a fair amount of blunt still rolled and on fire Alex asked, “well first what happened between the two of you?”
As cool as I could be I said “we ended up making out on her bed and then fooling around for a fair period of time. But there was some extra equiptment involved.”
“oh nice did you use a chin-do or something?” Alex laughingly said.
With a perplexed look on my face with a cigar of sorts in my mouth, “the fuck is a chin-do? And well ya see she well is not like all girls I suppose.”
Smiling Alex says, “sound it out chin do, a dildo on ur chin for cunnilingus dude. And what do you mean she is not like all girls?”
“Dude no bullshit you will keep this between us, you and I?” I said being utterly nervous and fearful that my friend will think I’m crazy.
Alex being his typical cool self, “yeah you me and this roach we have here, what is the deal dude?”
“She is well, she is special I guess, she has both male and female sex organs.” I said while looking out the window hoping to hit a guard rail.
Alex jerked his ride to the shoulder of a small dirt road not removing, but lowering his sunglasses on his nose said “like she is a hermaphrodite? You mean she had a hang down?”
All the while of this session of smoking cannabis filled swishers I felt a vibration in my pocket, looking at my phone I saw not only missed calls, texts but also a voicemail from none other than Naomi. I casually avoided my bothersome cellphone and said, “yes that is the case at hand man, but the thing is she really cool and I can totally feel comfortable with her but I still don’t know what to do about the whole her having extra items she contains.”

Alex looked at me again with an earnest look “Dano you don’t need my blessing but if she seems cool fuck it, give it a go. Its college and you only have it for a short period of time enjoy it.”
“Alex I appreciate the vote of confidence I really do, I need to get back to talk to her but I’m way too high but maybe that is a good thing to just lay it out there.” I said as I finally felt blood in my extremities after being in shock for a long period of time.
We headed back towards town while listening to the carter 3, I listened to and read the her messages, it seemed she to wanted to talk. At first I thought good maybe she felt similarly or that she didn’t want to see me again. Being stoned didn’t help my already racing mind about what I would say when I met up with her.

As we pulled into the lot Alex gave me another sign of good faith as I saw her walking from class I went over to see what she wanted to speak to me about. We greeted each other as we decided to go to her dorm as she lived alone to talk. Naomi on this day was looking as beautiful as I ever saw her in class she was wearing short shorts with a turquoise paisley top with a pony tailed braid in her flaxon locks. I decided to jump for some semebelance of affection as I grabbed her hand and held it firmly as we walked into her hall and into the elevator. She entered her room first as I quickly shut the door behind me I could only look into her eyes and see that she was a truly fine creation in this utterly flawed world.

Naomi spoke first and said “Dan I think we should talk about what happened and how it escalated so quickly, I think you’re a great guy and want to get to know you better.”
“okay good that is exactly what I was thinking. You are so fucking hot and I really want to know all about you, would you be my girlfriend?” I blurted out almost in a panic.
“Are you serious Dan, we just met recently?”
“I don’t care I felt a real connection with you and if I don’t do this I could miss out on something aweso…” I was cut off as Naomi literally jumped from her chair to mine and jammed her tongue into my still talking mouth.

She seemingly ripped off my shirt as well as her blouse, I edged my way down from her mouth to her neck and then onto those breasts. As I nuzzled at her supple tanned mounds I started letting my hands do some exploring as I rubbed her thighs and to her d and p. I slipped off my board shorts and briefs being totally nude, as Naomi took off her demin shorts and her panties. We held each other as our parts intertwined and touched and began to become warmer and harder. As we kissed each other deeply she made her way down to my member with her right hand and began a slow up and down to increase blood flow for our upcoming endeavor.

All while of us making out heavy and being jacked I followed suit and used both hands one on her vagina which already seemed as well as a swamp and the other onto her member and did as I did when touching myself and steadily jerked her as she grew in my hand. She guided me off of her bed and stood me up as she took my swollen dick pushing maximum density of 8 and a half inches halfway into her warm and wet mouth. As I inched closer and closer to the base of my pelvis into her throat I felt a twitch in my balls, I thought I was gonna shoot but it wasn’t that, it was Naomi with part of my scrotum as well as the full length of my unit.

This kept up for sometime until I felt as though I needed to repay to oral favor in some capacity. I decided to first attack her pussy while still paid attention to her girl cock with my hands. As I lapped up at her dripping cunt she started to shutter and shake as I was engulfed in her fluids which tasted sweet and smelled amazing. After giving her pussy an orgasm I felt up to a bit of penis play as I licked at her head, then from the base of her cock which attached directly to her sloppy puss. As I took her whole head in she bucked and started to face fucking me. I started to slobber and gag as she used me like a sex doll with a pulse, she willfully slowed down with fucking my mouth like I was a paid dick taker. I was so insatiated with her that I picked her up and threw her onto the bed grabbing both of her ankles I lifter her ass into the air and began to devour on her asshole with more enthuiasim than I paid to her pussy.

After two hours of orally pleasing each other I decided I needed to make my way to a hole which would encompass my cock. Naomi got on her back with her knees up in the air I lined up my rock hard cock for her pussy when I threw her a curveball I entered her butt slowly as she took a deep breathe and held it in. I pushed in ever so slightly as she finally exhaled I was halfway in as she urged me to press on with my exploration. OH FUCK, FUCK ME IN THE ASS she screamed in my ear as I finally bottomed out in her. I was on top of her with my cock in her ass our chests pressed together as I felt a wetness of my stomach. It was her penis leaking out from her pleasure from me working hard on her back door. I was getting very close after the whole oral session and getting in a perfect girl’s butt. I started pumping furiously as I blurted out, NAOMI I’M GONNA BLOW BABY, AHHHHH WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT?!?!?!?!
She said to just let it flow as I was in her au natural about to burst, it hit me like a prize fighter as the first spurt felt like a pint of milk the few following decreased in size as I finished after 6 hard ropes into her beautiful ass.

I finally began to lose so mass and steam as I slipped out of her bottom, she still seemed very game for more interaction. Naomi was still very hard as I was softening by the second she grabbed me and slammed me onto her bed first with my chest down. She decided to eat out my ass just as I did to her before I gave her the whole enchilada so to speak, she lapped up at my asshole until I could feel like I was wet and like a geyser, ready to explode. She entered as I did, very slowly and soft I could feel the tip pass the ring of my hole. Naomi then slammed into me violently for several minutes I was in pain until I felt a slower pace from her. She had to have been somewhat close as she grabbed my waist and pulled me up into doggie I got a mean western grip handjob from her as I felt a liquid substance being injected into me. Her streams weren’t nearly as long lasting or thick as mine but I felt a considerable amount of spunk deep in me.

After each of us thouroughly had our bums fully service and hydrated we held each other face to face as we slowly drifted off into a log-like slumber. I woke up after a few hours of sleep as I gazed down at my girlfriend, oh fuck me wait she never answered she broke the conversation by inserting her tongue into my larynx. Did Naomi slyly blow off the question simply to not answer it or was it excitement and no need for talking? Why my mind goes racing wild after a crazy night of sex with a beautiful creature is beyond me, it could be seen as a good thing to act as a second opinion to my primal urges I get in my manhood. It felt like I was getting the rub, and not like a cock rub but like she was playing me, yet I thought it was my subconcisous getting the better of me. As quietly as possible I got up and made my way to her bathroom for some much needed release in a different way, then I climbed back into bed with Naomi.

While I crept close to her to spoon she flipped around and faced me and said, “to answer your question yes, I would love to be in a relationship with you. I want to apologize for not answering right away but I had to think about it and was elated by you asking.”
“Well I am happy to hear that and I thought you maybe weren’t interested and you felt bad haha,” I said with a smirk as I kissed her on the forehead.
Naomi kissed me back on the nose and said, “no I was interested from when I started to sit by you in class little did I know you want to be my boyfriend.”
“When I first noticed you I knew there was something there, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I felt there had to be a chance at a cool thing. Also I think that you are very interesting on so many deep levels and want to get into your subconscious I dig you”
“Dan I want you to know I feel the same way as you and I want the same things, but I think we should get a little fun out of the way before we have class.”

As soon as she finished her sentence she lept onto me with the ferocity of a jungle cat, kissing me as she dry humped me. Naomi moved so quickly she got my morning wood into her vagina which still seemed moist to the point of full hilt insertion on the first in stroke. Naomi kissed me hard as I laid into her thoroughly. I got up and while lifting her around her knees while interlocking my fingers on the small of her back. We made our way to a wall as my raging boner found its way back to her waiting pussy. After about twenty minutes of a standing bang I felt a rumble in my stones, being that Naomi was my girl friend I felt cumming in her was fine I let it go and finishing the fourth spurt I was spent and stayed inside her, feeling that something was going right.

Naomi said, “well we better get ready for the day and unless you want to smell of sex you better hurry into the shower with me so we can make it to our class on time.”
“Sounds like a plan to me Naomi I’ll follow you.” As we showered and lathered each other up so we could be prim and proper for class shortly after our morning interlude. I made my way into her room and got dressed while she was still getting ready I snuck in and gave Naomi a kiss in the bathroom and asked, “so next week is thanksgiving have any plans?”
“Nope nothing really staying here as my family is a ways away, what did you have in mind?” she said.
“Well why don’t you come home with me seeing how we’re dating, its new but might as well see where it can go,” I said as I kissed her and held her hand on the way to class.


2012-05-31 05:59:13
That's real cool of you, i would like to have a girlfriend like you have, not just the physical part but just letting here know how i felt. May you both hae a lasting relationship.

Juaneeda DickReport

2012-05-19 03:52:10
very good story, it made me moist as a cupcake! and long as a eclair!

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-19 02:58:08
Is this story really true ?

anonymous readerReport

2012-05-19 02:56:55
Wow that actually wasn't bad needs a little more work on grammar but other then that 7/10,hope to hear more stories from you in the future.

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