The Auction begins with the winner of a night with a Genie
Chapter Three –Jeannie in a Bottle

Brittney couldn't believe what she had done. After the auction is over, she walks up to the cashier in a daze. She hands over her card and a small part of her wishes that it will be declined. But that is a very small part. And the tingles racing up her spine demand her payment go through. She has a guilty little smile as she signs the scrip. She wonders what her father will think when he sees the charge. Maybe he'll think she is finally coming around to his political views.

She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw it. Sure her dad blew money on political fundraisers all the time. But usually for these shindigs he would have a second ticket for his new wife of the moment. She wouldn't even have come home from for the weekend if she hadn't received word that she pouted her way into a flight to Paris. Running into the new Missus is not her idea of a good time. Though at least she is older than Brittney. She's not sure how much longer that trend will last.

By this point she's used to taking a backseat to her father's latest fling. As far as she's concerned that fact comes naturally with being the daughter of an Alaskan oil baron. A giant trust fund, a platinum credit card, and a bushel of daddy issues. But he is paying for her college tuition and a small house off-campus so she can live on her own. Even with his requirement that she must go to his alma mater the University of Alaska, she's grateful for the opportunity. She'd be happier if she could go somewhere a little farther from home or at the very least a little warmer. At least she's out of the house and away from the gold digger.

But when her daddy left a message telling her that the jet was leaving the runway and they'd be back in a couple days, she decided to take advantage of the empty house. She came hunting for a little extra cash to start off the night without showing up on the credit card statement, but when she started rummaging through his desk the first thing she found in his usual hiding spot was a ticket.

There was nothing special about it except for how simple it was. All it listed was the date, time, location, and $500 price tag. The rest was nothing but white space. She almost thought it was a fake, but then why would he put it in the hidden pocket under his desk drawer? For a while she stared at the ticket wondering what it could be for. She figured it must be some kind of political meet and greet dinner thing to be worth that much.Or at least for her father to justify paying that much for an evening alone. For a man that has no qualms about paying for her trivial expenses and his wife's whims, he is amazingly sparse when it comes to treating himself.

She was halfway to her room before she realized her mind was made up. If he wasn't going to even be in the country to use the ticket, there's no sense in letting the $500 be spent in vain. She threw on a slinky strapless dress and made herself up. She let her auburn hair hang loose to make her look a little older than her twenty-one years. It would be embarrassing to be turned away at the door for being too young despite having a ticket. She told herself that she was only going to make good use of the open bar to start her night off right. And maybe hobnob with the rich and famous for a bit. But she was honestly curious. Why wouldn't her father buy a ticket for his wife? Was he already looking for a newer model?

No matter, she was going to enjoy herself. And when she was directed to the tenth floor of the hotel she found she was a little nervous about taking her dad's place. Everyone else exited the elevator before her floor and it opened to spew her out alone and even more nervous in front of a very large waiter. He held out his hand and she handed him the ticket. His other massive fist pulled a small penlight out of his pocket. It flashed over the blank portion of the ticket and what looked like a stylized wolf glowed ultraviolet under the purple light.

He waved her inside and she found a place right on time for the appetizers. She enjoyed herself more than she thought she would. Unlike her father, the people at her table actually had a sense of humor. Or maybe it was just that she could be herself in a way she isn't used to being around her dad. And the drinks were to die for. But she still didn't see why he had just the one ticket. At least not until the sun set. Once the Hostess came out in her stunning outfit and explained the purpose of the night, she understood very quickly why it was a secret. She can read between the lines. She may not have had much experience in her twenty-one years, or any at all for that matter. But she could see that the girls as they came out were more than just actresses.

She smiled to herself thinking maybe she was right after all and that her dad was in the market for a trade-in. Though the itch must not be so great since his current bimbo distracted him from his quest so easily. No matter, she can simply sit back and enjoy the sound of men drooling before she heads out to enjoy Halloween night.

That all changed when she saw him. She was so busy watching the men around her gawk like schoolboys with a fresh crush that she completely missed the first two girls. But something about Jeannie drew her eye. She seemed so carefree and happy that it was infectious. She suddenly wanted to watch her spin and twirl across the floor more than people watch the crowd. And for some reason the subtle glimpses of her bare crotch excited her. She did not even know why she was looking there in the first place, but she could not look away. Never before had she been aroused at the sight of a woman, but something about the scantily clad harem girl revved her engine.

And when she calls to her master, Brittney almost came in her chair. She had no idea why the huge dog affected her so strongly. Maybe the beautiful woman primed her towards thinking that way. But seeing him run out of the darkened storage room sent a bolt of lightning through her spine and straight to her clitoris. Her stomach tied itself in knots and she suddenly wanted him more than anyone she'd ever wanted before. When he turned to lope over to Jeannie, his ponderous testicles bounced between his legs and drew her gaze like a lightning rod. She watched him lick her face and her mind was off at a gallop imagining him licking her too while she hugged his enormous head.

She knew in that instant that she would bid whatever it took to get in the same room with that loveable beast. She needed to run her fingers through his hair. She needed to feel his warmth. She needed to fondle his balls when his owner wasn't looking. But first she needed to win the auction. And after a heated bidding war she got exactly what she wanted.

After paying, she is directed over to the Hostess. The young woman has a small list of instructions for her along with the key to her dreams. Literally, she has to receive the hotel key before she can have a private meeting with the Mastiff. She's a little distracted while the Hostess asks her the standard list of situation defining questions. She answers automatically with her eyes on the key in the other woman's hand. She only listens to the questions with half an ear. She just nods and says yes to everything.

The Hostess recognizes the look in the older yet naïve co-ed. She knows that she wasn't fully listening and she probably doesn't fully understand how far she will have the chance to take her fledgling desires. But sometimes you have to push the baby bird out of the nest and see what happens. She hands over the key and makes sure Brittney listens to her when she says to wait twenty minutes for Jeannie to prepare before sending her off. She quick-fires a text to Jeannie that she has a single woman incoming who is up for anything and turns to the next winner.

Brittney listens to the instructions. She waits the twenty minutes. But the Hostess never said where she had to wait. Heedless of how it looks, she couldn't help but go directly to the room. She almost puts the key in immediately, but manages to hold herself in check. Instead she paces back and forth in front of the door looking at her watch every thirty seconds. She focuses her mind on the tiny face willing it to move faster.

The insulation in the hotel is too good for her to hear anything going on inside the room. No matter how hard she listens at the door. Her mind races along anyway imagining what Jeannie and her magnificent beast are doing to prepare for her arrival. Her pussy drips with desire. Every step rubs her silk panties between her lips. And every thought is of the Mastiff. Seeing the dog in her mind's eye makes her lubricant stream freely in her crevice.

For the last minute she doesn't let her watch out of her sight. The instant the second hand hits twelve; she drops the keycard into the door. Her hand is shaking from nerves and yearning. And the little light turns bright red. For a second she's filled with dread that something went wrong. Maybe she got the wrong key. Or the whole thing is a scam. But another attempt brightens the green light and a click informs her that the door is unlocked.

She knocks gently as she pushes the door open. She calls out, "Hello?" as she crosses the threshold. It looks like a fairly typical hotel room from where she stands. A short hallway with the bathroom and closet opens out to the actual room ahead. She can see the foot of what looks to be a fairly wide bed sticking out into her line of sight. Soft light fills the room with a warm glow even though she cannot see the source. A cabinet with a flat screen television sits against the opposite wall. And a few chairs and a small table are visible beneath the closed shades of the window. She drinks everything in and briefly contemplates running back through the open door out of fear of the unknown, but her urges will not let her.

She doesn't receive an answer to her call, but a girlish giggle emanates from somewhere beyond the corner and out of sight. She also hears a wet slurping noise she can't quite place. Confirming her decision to stay, she turns to shut the door and click the lock into place. When she faces the room again, Jeannie is right in front of her in the little hallway.

The young woman's outfit is looking decidedly worse for wear since she saw her about half an hour ago. The fluttery leg pieces have several rips in their length. The pink waistband is nowhere to be seen. And the gauzy panties are completely ripped open in front. The only thing holding the thin material on her body is the thin band of fabric around her waist. Her shaved crotch is completely exposed and glistens like the morning grass covered in dew.

Brittney stares at her engorged lips and suddenly the beast isn't the only thing turning her on. For some inexplicable reason, Jeannie's pussy becomes the center of her world. As soon as she realizes that thought, she wrenches her gaze up and away. Her eyes lock onto the younger woman's chest instead. What's left of her vest hangs loosely over her uncovered breasts. She can't tell if the clasp broke from the immense pressure behind it or if someone broke it for her, but the large melons become her new obsession. They appear to be just as wet as the vee between her legs. And Brittney has a yearning to wrap her lips around one of the hardened nipples and suck and bite until she's screaming for more.

"Major Healy! I'm so glad you came." The voice pulls her attention up to Jeannie's face and she sees that Jeannie is once again grinning from ear to ear. The infectious smile gives Brittney no choice but to return it. Suddenly, she pulls Brittney into a hug. Her damp breasts squish against Britt's more modest set and do nothing to alleviate the desire to grope her. But with her goods squashed between them and Brittney unsure how to proceed anyway, she merely hugs Jeannie back.

The younger woman nestles her head in the crook of Brittney's neck and whispers into her ear, "I was worried you wouldn't come after I accidentally turned you into a woman last week and refused to change you back. But I promise if you help me I'll put you back in your own body."

The warm breath blowing against her earlobe makes listening harder than it should be. And Jeannie maintains the contact gently rocking back and forth rubbing her nipples against Brittney's dress. All in all it's a miracle that she manages to register everything she hears much less respond with, "Of course I'll help. What do you need?"

Jeannie separates their bodies, but keeps gently holding the other girl's arms. Her dazzling smile flashes again exposing her perfect white teeth. "I don't want you to be alarmed, but I had a bit of an accident. I heard Master saying he wished he was bigger and stronger. I tried to help him like I always do. But instead of giving him muscles, my magic turned him into a dog. Now, I think he has lost his mind. He is acting like an brutish animal."

Her smile becomes a look of concern. "He even attacked me. He tore my clothes, among other things, and now I'm not sure I can turn him back. In fact I think I might have broken him. Maybe if you take a look you can help advise me on what to do. Do you want to see him?"

"Sure, take me to him," is all Brittney can think of. It appears to be the right answer, because Jeannie turns on her heel and leads her by the hand deeper into the room. As they round the corner the Master is hard to miss. He is sitting up on a king sized bed panting like he just ran a marathon. His weight depresses the expensive mattress to the point that anyone sharing the bed with him would have to fight not to roll towards his bulk. He is every bit as gorgeous as Brittney remembers, but the sexual thrill is even stronger with him being so close. He smiles a big doggy grin at the two women but stays exactly where he is.

"See?" she asks pointing at the dog. "After he wrestled with me something came out of him. I'm sure I broke him and I don't want to change him back until he's fixed."

Brittney follows her finger and does indeed see what the fretful genie is talking about. A thick red rod points triumphantly up at the ceiling from the dog's crotch. It looks more like a weapon of ass destruction than a tool for procreation. A subtle sheen of bodily fluid coats the prodigious member. Her knees go weak just looking at his meat. She has the sudden urge to know what it tastes like. The idea comes complete with a phantom feeling of it filling her mouth. Although she's never allowed a penis inside her vagina, she has sucked a few guys off after one too many beers. Somehow she knows that gobbling that huge protuberance will be infinitely more enjoyable.

"Here," Jeannie continues as she jumps onto the bed. Her voice brings Brittney back to the present. "Let me show you what happened and then you can help me decide what needs to be done."

She crawls into the crater of Master's body weight. When she reaches his side, she whispers something in his ear. Without warning he moves for the first time since Brittney came around the corner. He knocks into her with his massive head and she falls flat on her back. Her legs splay open as she lands revealing the pink tenderness at their apex. With her down, he walks around her prone form until his wagging tail thumps against the headboard. His head lowers to her chest and releases his tongue to lick her soft breasts.

The staging is perfect. The Mastiff is at just the right angle that his hanging vein-lined cudgel is readily seen by the awestruck Brittney. But it is also close enough to the action that her line of sight takes in the wet and open pussy, the repetitively licked breasts, and the mouth-watering penis; all without shifting her head in the slightest. His huge pink tongue makes her boobies bounce with every lick. The weight of his stroke pushes her into the bed. After several licks, he covers her entire breast in one gulp. From Jeannie's squeals, whatever is happening inside his maw must feel amazing. But, he doesn't keep up the attention for long. He clearly has other things on his mind.

Following several more licks he clamps down on her unchewed breast. She reaches up to scratch his head and moans, "Good boy, Master."

He slobbers over her flesh a bit longer before raising his head. Jeannie squirms on the bedspread and watches as he steps over her body. The giant paws shake the bed making Jeannie's breasts jiggle back and forth. She giggles confirming Britt's prior conclusion that she was the source of that particular noise when she entered. But that only raises the question of what the other sound came from. The sound of Master sucking her tits sounded similar, but it didn't have quite the same ring to it. She would try harder to puzzle it out and probably succeed, but the waggling penis consumes her mind. She's so absorbed in his rocket that she only snaps out of the spell it has on her when the slurping sound starts again.

Startled, she looks towards the sound and is hit by a burst of lust rolling through her. The Mastiff has his head buried in Jeannie's crotch and from the sounds of it is licking her crazy. His large head blocks Brittney's view, but she can see the other woman stroke his massive head. She scratches him between his ears and grips him tightly. Even without seeing his thick tongue slather her crotch in saliva, Brittney's body burns with desire. Her knees go weak again and she falls to the floor.

Her grip on the bed is the only thing that prevents her from collapsing completely. And that is only because she knows that if she releases the mattress she will not be able to keep her hands from her gushing pussy. She looks up and discovers that the new angle makes her view stupendously better. With her eyes level to the bed, she can see the curves of Jeannie's ass sinking into the bedspread. She is also low enough to see underneath Master's head. Flashes of Jeannie snatch appear before her eyes as he assaults her. The tongue flicks out and spreads her lips open exposing the delicate insides to Brittney as it retreats into his muzzle. Every few licks it buries itself in her hole revealing the deeper reaches of her snatch when it retreats.

She can feel her self-control failing and in a last ditch effort to save her modesty she pulls her eyes from the tantalizing sight. Instead of being assaulted with the inviting view of Jeannie's pussy, her eyes fall on Jeannie running her fingers along her Master's length. It hangs above her head and every touch of her nails makes it jump. Brittney's jaw drops. She cannot believe that Jeannie is doing everything she secretly wanted to do to the large canine. Not to mention the unspeakable pleasure his tongue is giving her. Her body trembles when Jeannie pulls the penis down to her lips and gives it a kiss. She sucks the tip inside moaning appreciatively. Then she tilts her eyes to look directly at Brittney, sticks out her tongue, and gives it a loving lick.

Brittney starts to lose the last tenuous hold she has on her control. She whimpers softly with the overwhelming need to do something with either her body or one of the lovers on the bed. Jeannie looks into her eyes and knows she has her wound as tight as a spring. And with that knowledge, she turns to the woman clinging to her bed and says casually, "It's okay Major. I completely understand if you need to masturbate."

Her words break the dam society built around Brittney's needs. Even in a private hotel room. Even with a gorgeous woman writhing mere feet from her on a bed.Even with a Mastiff happily eating that woman out. Even with the lust burning through her body. She still has a wall of inhibitions preventing her from sinking her manicured fingers into her boiling crevice. She fights tooth and nail not to bow to her hunger. With one matter of fact sentence, Jeannie turns all of the years of learned restraint to rubble.

Her grip relaxes dropping her to the floor. The foot of the bed blocks her vision, but she still has the sounds to guide her lust. The wet slap of tongue against pussy resonates through her body. She tries to squirm out of her panties, but she doesn't have enough leverage. Desperate to feel her naked fingers inside her dripping cave, she flings her legs up against the bed giving herself a straight plane to pull them up her legs. The soaked undergarments peel off of her steaming gash and drip her fluids back down to her crotch as they hang between her thighs.

Her fingers fly to her aperture like it is a magnet. She's so hot she needs both hands to stroke and penetrate her hole. Her legs start to shake and her knees bend dropping her feet onto the bed. Her toes brush against the inside of Jeannie's thighs. Luckily she doesn't accidentally kick the young woman, but she doesn't have the muscle control to prevent the fall. Her fingers rub her clitoris like mad and plunge into her crevice. She closes her eyes. She focuses on the sound of tongue against flesh. She imagines that his tongue is between her legs rather than Jeannie's. She fantasizes about what it would feel like to have that wonderful tongue separating her lips. Sliding inside.Making her scream.And her simple fantasy brings her orgasm rushing towards the surface.

Out of the blue she feels his rough tongue lick along her foot. The touch gives her mind a tactile sensation to aid her mental image of being licked to orgasm. In the back of her mind she knows that it should tickle when he licks her feet. But as it moves up to her toes and slides between them, all she can think of is that his saliva is mixed with Jeannie's nectar. Somehow, feeling that warm mixture of bodily fluids and knowing exactly where his mouth has been triggers her building orgasm.

Her moans ring through her ears drowning out the slurping tongue. Her fingers dig into her spasm wracked pussy. The squeezing muscles of her channel compressing her fingers send a shiver through her from head to toe. Her juices splatter against her hands as she cums harder than ever before. She's spent enough time on porn sites to know that her natural ability to ejaculate almost every time she has an orgasm is rare. But right now she happily takes the burst of lubricant in hand to aid her flying fingers.

She loses herself in la petite mort. Gradually her shivers subside and her hearing returns with her lips silence. Cool air on her feet helps guide her back to reality. She listens for the auditor porn hat is Master and Jeannie. The room is silent but for the rustling of the bed sheets. The sound of Master's tongue is gone. In its place comes Jeannie's voice.

"There you go Master. Just a little higher. I'm all yours. I need everything you can grant me. Give it to me."

Out of nowhere, the foot of the bed knocks into Brittney's thighs. The random hit startles her into sliding completely to the floor. Another solid hit rumbles the bed and makes the headboard hit the wall.

"That's amazing, Master. This is what I've wanted ever since you popped my bottle and freed me."

Brittney's curiosity grows with every thump of the bed. She crawls up onto the bed to find out what's going on. At first she's not sure what she is seeing. Her own mind is not prepared to process what her eyes tell it. She kneels at the foot and tries to work it out in her mind. To her it looks like Jeannie disappeared. All she sees is Master standing about where he was, but she finds no trace of Jeannie. Puzzled, she focuses her attention and on closer inspection she sees that Master grew a blonde beard since she fell to the floor. She finally breaks through the barrier erected by her naivety. She sees the woman's hands behind his paws and hints of her curves under his fur.

And with another bed shaking thrust, he lifts his head exposing Jeannie's underneath. He is so massive he completely dwarfs the slim teenager. But she is on her knees directly beneath him and her body shudders with every move he makes. In spite of the evidence, she still can't wrap her head around what Jeannie is doing. But she sees her fellow co-ed and her grin returns to wipe away the gush of moans from her lips.

"There you are Major! I'm so happy that I finally got what I always deserved from my Master. And you cannot imagine how amazing it feels to have his immense cock filling my pussy. Then again, maybe you won't have to imagine it for long."

Brittney cannot believe her ears. The height of her fantasies before entering this room was maybe having the chance to fondle his massive balls when Jeannie wasn't paying attention. Now Jeannie's offering to let him take her virginity. And even more amazing, she wants it badly. So badly she can practically feel that prick sinking into her. And it is fueling the fire in her belly like gasoline.

Jeannie can see the fire lighting her eyes and knows she found someone who shares her urges. She decides to go for broke if her implication of letting Master hump her silly made her hotter. "As long as you are in that female body, you may as well take advantage of the perks," she purrs with a devilish smile. "Namely, multiple orgasms. Of course if your hands are too tired you could always scoot over here and let me lick you off. I'd be happy to lick you until you feel as great as Master made me feel."

A surge of heat burns through Brittney's loins. She cannot believe how marvelous that sounds to her mind and her libido. She pauses for a second to imagine how Jeannie's tongue would feel inside her. The thought causes a pulse of heat to run through her skin. She's just about to jump at the chance; however, the genie misreads her hesitation and adds to the lure to entice over.

"I may not be as skilled as Master, but he can always have his chance later. Besides, you smell so heavenly from this far away; I don't think I'd be able to contain myself if Master wasn't busily humping my ass."

As if to underscore her point, Master pounds her a few times bouncing her forward on his shaft. Jeannie's tone of voice may be coy, but she is not playing the game with these words. When she first got the message that a woman was coming she thought that she'd just be sharing Master with her. That all changed when Jeannie saw her. Right away she started to alter the scenario to incorporate Brittney into their love-play. But the realities of the situation made her wary. This woman paid to be with her or maybe even only paid to be with her dog. For all she knows Brittney has a husband and life to go back to. So, even if she can indulge herself with the gorgeous woman for this night, Jeannie cannot be sure what will happen when the game ends.

All of these thoughts, uncertainties, and desires war in her head against the pleasure Master is giving her. However, Brittney can no longer hold herself back. She lifts her dress up and over her lithe body and tosses it aside before crawling towards the pair. Jeannie expects her to turn and plant the deliciously aromatic crotch underneath her hungry mouth, but the young woman has other ideas. She dives under the both of them bumping Jeannie's breasts with her ass.

She twists between the tangle of legs and doesn't stop until she hears the squishy sounds of their mating. She turns face up and marvels at the thick staff sliding into Jeannie's hole. He isn't very fast. At least she doesn't think so. But the power behind that cock is awe inspiring. Every thrust shakes Jeannie's entire being. Her aroused lips cling to the rod as it pulls out of her. It's almost as if her body is fighting to keep him inside and screwing her. But he effortlessly removes his foot-long missile from her clutches until it tapers down to a point still hidden inside. She can hear Jeannie hold her breath in anticipation when he pauses. And every time her breath comes rushing out as he plunges in full tilt.

With her crotch directly under Jeannie's lips, the burst of air flows through the short pubes surrounding her lips and fans the smoldering flames of need. The breaths come closer and closer to her sex until her breasts settle against Brittney's belly. A half second later she feels a tongue knife into her cave digging for gold. She moans and instinctively bucks her body as a river of bliss flows along her skin.

Her back crashes back to the soft bed and her fingers splay out in search of flesh to stroke. Her fingers graze the short fur of Master and lock on. She grips his flanks and strokes his muscular frame. She can feel the strength surging through his flesh as he plugs Jeannie completely. And it makes her hungry. A splash of fluids drips from the joining of woman and beast and lands on her cheek. She slides her hands further up the Mastiff's body towards his back. She has to raise her shoulders off the bed, but that's the idea.

Eventually she locks her fingers together over the huge dog holding her in place. She had to rise so far that her lips are scant centimeters from the powerful thrusts. His testicles bounce against her head with every rough hump. And the pauses dwindle to the point that his balls are constantly touching her inflamed skin. She sticks out her tongue and lets the canine push his rod along her taste buds. It feels like she's licking the side of a speeding locomotive. Rather than the tang of metallic skin though, the taste of the hastening cock is indescribable. The flavor of pussy covered penis fills her mind and takes over.

The next few minutes blur together. Her tongue licks around his girth, along his length, and follows it into Jeannie to lick them both while trapped between their flesh. She sucks on his furry ball sack vaulting the sensitive orbs off of her tongue. When his knot grows, much to Britt's surprise, she takes to the bulge like a duck to water. She licks, nips, and kisses it again and again urging him to greater heights of ecstasy. All the while, Jeannie is eating her out in between her gasps, moans, and screams brought out by her Master's cock and Brittney's tongue. His pace increases as the trio enjoy each other. Eventually he begins to shoot his load. Brittney has his balls in her mouth when she feels his coin purse tighten. Jeannie's voice caresses her ears.

"Oh yes Master. Fill me up. Let me bear your fruit."

Jeannie loses any capability to please Brittney as her orgasm takes over. Jeannie crumples into her crotch and burbles out a stream of moans. Seeing a chance to taste the Master, Brittney drops to the bed and grabs Jeannie's hips. She pulls the limp woman off the spurting cock. Thankfully she has gravity on her side, because the angle certainly isn't. Once released, the rod sprays over the women like a fire hose. Cum splashes against Jeannie's ass and thighs. It sprays into Brittney's face and against what parts of her chest are exposed as opposed to being covered by Jeannie. The spurts that made it into Jeannie start to dribble out onto Brittney's stomach. She fights the jerking penis into her mouth and savors the new taste. She drinks her fill of the bubbling liquid before releasing the source to surge out the last bits onto their writhing bodies.


Chapter Four – A Little Privacy

The Mastiff flops off the bed and curls up in the corner leaving the women to their own devices. For several minutes they just lay there regaining their breath. Jeannie recovers first and starts to stir. Her skin pulls when she tries to move off of Brittney though. Her crotch feels sticky where the two girls' skin meets. Brittney tries to help by licking up the drying cum that she can reach, but the other woman's weight on her chest limits her movement.

Moving carefully, Jeannie separates their flesh with a modicum of pulling their flesh apart. Once free, she turns so the two are facing the same direction before nestling herself in the crook of Brittney's arm. With her head in the right position, she takes her turn gently cleaning drips of semen with her tongue. Having lost her source of cum, Brittney runs her hand along her back affectionately. The lack of clothing surprises her, but she figures Jeannie must have stripped before getting into position with Master. She probably should have noticed before when she was licking the woman's clitoris, but she had other things on her mind. Now she simply enjoys the feel of another woman's tongue against her breast and supple skin beneath her fingers.

She lays there staring at the ceiling and marveling at how good she feels holding another woman. More than the general pleasure of having her nipple sucked, having Jeannie curled up against her side simply makes her happy. She does not have the time to think too hard about what this might mean for her or them. Jeannie rolls onto her body straddling her hips. Brittney admires the gleam in Jeannie's eye. Somehow she knows that Jeannie has something interesting percolating in her brain. She bends down nice and close and whispers, "How about we both go get cleaned up."

Looking into those startling purple eyes, she can only manage a small nod. Jeannie rewards her with a smile and a quick nip on her breast before rolling away. She makes it to her feet and holds out her hand to help the still prone student. They join hands and Jeannie hauls her up. She leads Brittney by the hand back to the short hallway and through the door to the bathroom. Jeannie has an ulterior motive for the change in scenery. She knows, of course, about the cameras installed in the bedroom itself. And she also knows that no surveillance exists in the bathrooms. Her uncertainties about what Brittney feels for her and where tonight may lead are starting to get to her without the sexual fervor permeating her mind to dampen it. She needs a little privacy to either sort things out or become lost in Brittney's body again.

Jeannie pulls her into the dark room. Without turning on the lights, she waits for Brittney to clear the door. She closes them in complete darkness then pushes Brittney against the closed door. Her fingers twine through Britt's pinning her arms to the door. The robes hanging on the inside of the door cradle her back. She stumbles into the door unable to fight against Jeannie's leverage. Before she can regain her footing, Jeannie's lips find hers in a crushing kiss. The loss of control no longer matters and actually adds a bit of thrill to the foreign lips moving against hers.

A tongue eases its way between her lips seeking the taste of dog spunk still on her breath. The world falls away aided by the darkness around them and the magic of a first kiss between lovers. Jeannie's probe is gentle in her mouth. So gentle it is almost hesitant. Like a nervous ghost reviewing new tenants. She is so used to men that take charge of her mouth like a battering ram that the touch of a woman is seductively sweet.

What feels like hours pass by until their connection and the spell it holds over them is broken. Jeannie breaths heavily into her neck. Her cheek rubs against Brittney's flesh and the soft cotton robe behind. Brittney wants to stroke her hair, but she also doesn't want to let go of the hands holding her to the door. Instead she kisses the side of her head and whispers, "That was so amazing. I could be lost in your lips forever, Jeannie."

A wave of guilt rolls over the actress. She extracts her hands from their embrace and flicks on the light. Taking a few steps away she mumbles, "Emily."


She has to take a deep breath to steady her voice. She didn't want it to come to this so soon. Especially after such a hot kiss. But the nature of the start of their relationship has an effect on both of their perceptions on what's happening. How much of Brittney's reactions are guided by the knowledge that she paid for this evening together? Would Brittney even be interested if she dropped the act completely and acted like herself? All she knows for sure is that she just cannot play the game anymore. It helps to cloak her real desires, but every touch, every caress, makes it harder to keep up the charade without the niggling doubts eating away at her enjoyment.

"Emily," she states a little more clearly this time. "My name.My real name.Is Emily.Jeannie was just my name for the auction to sell the costume and the back story."

Brittney looks at her slightly puzzled not sure where this is going. She has fallen hard for the bubbly blonde and the sudden change in mood comes out of left field. She never paid for someone's company before, and before she never thought twice about it. She's perfectly willing to mentally classify that payment as a matchmaking fee. Now that Jeannie . . . Emily withdraws from her, she starts to doubt what she read into their exchange. Maybe the other woman only sees this as a monetary exchange, and the emotions she was sensing were all part of the act.

"And that's not all," she continues sadly. She already imagines rejection in the other girl's eyes where there is only uncertainty as of yet. She puts her fingers to her eyes one by one removes the pair of contacts coloring her eyes purple. Once exposed, her natural brown eyes shine through, but Brittney only gets a quick look before Emily turns aside in shame.

"The truth is I didn't know what to expect when I got the message that a single woman bid for me. The story only took a little tweaking to fit you in. The message said you were willing to participate. To be honest I was expecting a second cock tonight and the prospect of another woman threw me off a bit. I've had some experience in that arena, but for some reason I was hesitant about being with a woman tonight. But once I saw you I knew that I would have tried to entice you into my bed regardless of your prior consent.

"You are so beautiful I couldn't believe my luck that you chose me above all the other girls. Once I succeeded in having you come to my bed and I tasted you I was hooked. Your lips, your skin, your pussy; they are all overwhelmingly intoxicating. But I can't continue the pretense. Not without letting you know how my body sings with every touch of your fingers. I don't know if you knew you were buying me for the night, or if you just wanted to watch a young woman ravaged by a giant mutt. Hell, I don't even know if you're married and this is just you getting freaky for a night, but I'd take it. I'll be yours just for this night if that's what you want. Besides, what kind of relationship forms on the basis of instant feral sexual attraction?"

Warm arms wrap around Emily easing the whirling thoughts in her head. Brittney turns her around and holds her tight. She looks into those beautiful naturally brown eyes and gives her a nice long kiss.

"I'd say a spectacular one. At the very least it is a great place to start. Especially when I feel the same way."

Her response brings back the striking smile Brittney loves.

"That, right there is what first caught my eye. Your smile is so genuine, so infectious, that I can't help but feel happy myself when I see it. That smile is what caught my eye not the color of yours. Besides, what's in a name? Mine is Brittney by the way."

The admission brings a short laugh bubbling out of Emily's throat. Here she is fussing over giving a fake name when she didn't even realize she never asked for Brittney's. The chagrin brings a rush of blood to her face, but Britt is quick to plant another kiss on her sending the blood to rush southward to her crotch.

"No, I'm not married, and I honestly have no idea what I expected when I bid on you. To be perfectly honest I didn't even realize you were going to be having sex with your dog. But your obvious joy in doing nothing more than dancing through the room grabbed my attention when I didn't look twice at any other human in that room male or female. If we're going to continue being brutally honest, I wasn't bidding on you per se. The moment that Mastiff came lumbering out after you; I knew I would pay whatever was necessary to be in a hotel room with him."

Emily cannot fault her for that. She remembers all too well the gut wrenching pull the Mastiff had on her the moment she laid eyes on him. If anything, the pull grew stronger over the months of training. But her next question needs to be asked. "What about now?"

Brittney doesn't even hesitate. "Now? Fuck the dog. I want you."

"Well, I'm sure that will come later, but right this moment you are all mine."

Brittney can't help herself. The thought of being taken by both woman and beast collide in her making her belly flutter. Emily pulls her closer into another tremendous kiss making her lust rise. Their fears and confusion dissipate under the heat of their embrace. When they break for breath again, Brittney turns to the shower and pulls the curtain. She reveals a gorgeous whirlpool tub that reminds her of the one she has at home. Although hers is a little bit bigger.

Naturally she assumed that since Emily brought her in here to clean up they would take a shower together. But a bite on her buttock distracts her. She turns to see Emily on her knees. The sight is more than a little appealing. Then, she pops up and resumes licking Brittney's sperm coated breasts. Her tongue moves with an intensity not felt by Brittney from any of her prior lovers.

Gone are the tender licks she received on the bed and in her mouth. This Emily is on a mission. Her lapper hunts down every last stray molecule of semen and sucks it into her insatiable mouth. The tongue flicks her nipples rapidly flicking them between her teeth. It curves along her collarbone and up along her neck. Finally it cleans off her cheeks and face before stopping with a not so gentle bite of her earlobe just to make sure Emily has her complete attention.

But then she ruins that attention by running her finger up Brittney's thigh and pressing against the love button hidden at the apex of her crevice. She moves her finger back and forth slowly, listening to Brittney's heavy breathing. She turns her lips to Britt's ear and whispers ever so softly, "I believe I promised you another orgasm that I didn't deliver. Would you like me to make good on my promise?"

Brittney whimpers with need and she takes that as a yes. She drops her hand and returns to her knees. Moving forward, she plants a kiss on Brittney's thigh. The touch brings a shiver through the co-ed that vibrates through Emily's lips. She weaves a trail of kisses all the way up the soft skin of her inner thigh. But when she kisses the junction of leg to hip, Brittney's knees go weak.

Sensing her coming issue, Emily climbs to her feet and guides the shaking woman safely down to sit on the lip of the tub. With her lover in a more secure position, she revisits the supple bend of Britt's legs with her mouth. This time she starts off on the opposite side sending a string of kisses and accompanying shivers up Britt's right leg. When Emily reaches the edge of Brittney's scrumptious pelvis, she hooks her arms around the woman's thighs and supports her back with strong hands. She doesn't want another balance issue to interrupt their playtime.

She draws out the tension kissing and nuzzling the hollow of Brittney's joints. She licks small vertical stripes inching ever closer to the source of pleasure. And when her tongue is one lick away from tasting Britt's lips, she skips over to the other thigh and starts over. The teasing is almost unbearable to the keyed up woman. When the tongue finally runs along the edge of her opening she nearly cums on the spot. But the one rush of almost consummation is all she gets before it retreats to her hips again.

The constant give and take of tongue to flesh is maddening. However, the sensations surging through her begin to take on a life of their own. The buildup of each agonizingly slow path towards her center rises through her like the inexorable tide covering the sand of her nerves with liquid pleasure only to recede once more. But each time it rises, the water crawls a few more inches inside her. She can virtually see the orgasm dancing just beyond the water line in her mind's eye. And just when it seems like it will be covered in the rising wave, the water fades back into a still pool.

She begins to expect the tide to lap dangerously close but never actually touch her deep enough to set her off. And with that expectation, the anticipation becomes something exquisite all on its own. The rhythm of tongue against flesh swells and fades like a marching band building up a crowd at the Super Bowl. Even though the crowd is not spurred enough to cheer wildly, they can still enjoy the pulse of the music. She becomes accustomed to the undulation of her titillation. And when she no longer begs internally for her release, when she expects Emily to maintain the cycle of slow burning, when she grows familiarized to the cadence of Emily's tongue; Emily makes her move.

After what is usually her last lick, she pauses just long enough to give the impression of repeating her pattern and then dives tongue first into Brittney's pussy. Her tongue darts into the cavity. It twists against the walls lapping up the nectar. Her nose grinds against Brittney's clitoris sending arcs of electricity through the swelling waters of her rising orgasm. And the instant that tongue sinks into her flesh, Brittney comes like a tsunami.

The tidal wave of hormones spawned by the final expert lick swamps the shore of her lust. Her body quivers like a leaf in a hurricane and she floods Emily's face with squirts of liquid joy. The doused woman regretfully extracts her tongue from Brittney's cave so she can take a breath without inhaling Brittney's sap. Instead Emily locks her lips around her clitoris and breathes through her nose. The added stimulation drains Brittney of any volition. Her body turns to putty with the only thing keeping her upright being Emily's hands. One last flail of her arm hits the tap and with a spurt, steaming water starts to pour into the tub.

Emily keeps up the licking. She enjoys the feel of Brittney's aftershocks running down her hands. And every time she runs her tongue against the limp woman's clit a pulse shakes her body. Eventually, Brittney recovers enough to slide as gracefully as she can into the bottom of the damp tub. She manages not to knock her head against anything on the way down which she sees as a plus.

She immediately regrets moving away from Emily's fantastic tongue, but the tub is plenty large enough for the both of them. Besides, now that she hears the rush of water, a relaxing bath sounds ideal. She adjusts the temperature with her toes until it cools down to a reasonable level. Once there, she hits the drain allowing the water to start filling up. Emily sits at the edge of the tub and admires the beautiful woman fighting her post-orgasmic stupor in order to draw a bath. But she doesn't stay motionless for long.

Brittney turns to her and drawls, "Come on in, the water's fine."

Emily smiles back at her and crawls over the edge to splash into the mounting waters. She curls up next to Brittney again and lets her catch her breath. When the water reaches the appropriate level, Brittney shuts off the water. The two float serenely for a bit enjoying the closeness of each others' bodies.

Emily breaks the silence by asking, "Did I live up to my promise?"

"Not quite," she responds with a smile.

"Oh? You're telling me that wasn't an orgasm? I suppose I could give it another go."

"No, that was the best orgasm I've ever had. But you promised that your Mastiff is even better than you and if so he might just make me cum so hard I have a heart attack. So clearly you were not telling the truth."

Her answer nets her a playful splash and not so playful kiss before the girls settle down again. Brittney slowly regains control over her muscles and starts to swirl the water about. The tub is almost the size of a hot tub just not as deep. So, they splash back and forth separating and coming together. But they always have their hands on each other. Either from simply touching their fingertips to each other's skin or massaging out a sore muscle, they maintain contact.

Brittney remembers that although Emily cleaned her chest pretty thoroughly, Emily never had the chance to clean up. She grabs the ex-genie's hand and pulls her through the water to dock against Brittney's body. They come together in a kiss, and with that distraction, Brittney reaches over and flips the timer on the water jets. Emily jumps at the sudden machine sounds as the water starts churning. Her reaction makes Brittney laugh which earns her another playful splash.

"What's wrong? Never been in a hot tub before?"

"Actually no, I haven't."

Brittney's face lights up. Emily can almost see the light bulb pop into being over her head. But all that comes from her mouth is, "Then I have a surprise for you, later. But now I'm the only one who got clean of our prior activities. Why don't you come back over here so I can return the favor?"

Emily has no objections. She slides her wet body against Brittney again and resumes their tongue entanglement. Brittney slides her hands down the blonde's back. She touches every inch of her skin making sure to rub any lingering traces of semen off of her. Her movements unsettle the bubbling water and make it splash up along their bodies. She gradually works her way down to Emily's ass and begins to clean it as well. Brittney pulls her cheeks apart and gently wipes away any evidence of her horny dog.

She eventually works her way down to Emily's thighs, but she doesn't quite have the reach to finish the job. She wraps her arms around Emily's slippery body and shifts the other girl higher. She has to break their kiss, but it is a necessary evil. Her fingertips touching Emily's legs bring a familiar giggle out of the woman, but it quickly becomes a moan when Brittney locks her lips around the nipple floating near her lips.

She slowly sucks and massages the young woman until she is completely clean and unmarred by ejaculate. At least from the back. She releases the trapped nipple from between her teeth and slides a little deeper into the water. With her body separated from Emily's, she has a little more control over the lady since she floats in the water. She spins Emily carefully on the surface. Once her back is pressed against Brittney's chest, she stops. One hand replaces her oral attention, kneading and teasing Emily's breast. But the other one moves slowly downward across the flat expanse of Emily's belly. She excises the dried and now soggy bits of jizz from Emily's stomach. It tickles, but the hand on her breast and the teeth on her neck keep Emily in check.

Finally, Brittney's fingers reach their objective. She cups her hand over Emily's vagina careful not to let her fingers grace the lips. Brittney cleans the area around her crevice, kissing her neck all the while. After her brief earlier lesson in teasing, she picked up a few things. Soon, Emily is moaning softly and shifting her hips to try and catch the fingers that are always just a little too fast in escaping. Brittney smiles into her skin secure in knowing how much Emily wants her to proceed.

Brittney kisses up her neck and presses warm lips to Emily's ear. "What are we going to do about this?" she asks circling her lover's pussy. "I know you have some of him inside you. I felt his seed drip out of you and cover my chest earlier. I should make sure you are completely unsoiled before I continue."

Her words have the desired effect. They take hold of Emily's mind and intensify the desire her fingers are creating. Emily starts moving more urgently against her body. "I suppose I could try this," she punctuates her point by slipping her middle finger into Emily's hole. The exploration is short lived and only lasts for the single word before she finishes her statement. "But that might not do the trick." She waits for Emily's breathing to ease back to normal. Her sudden thrust made waves through Emily's body after the slow burn her teasing generated. When she calms enough that her breathing only hitches with each squeeze of her teat, Brittney continues. "I think I know just what you need."

She floats the two of them towards the water's edge. Temporarily releasing Emily's mound, she pulls the young woman's legs thighs together so she can lift Emily's lithe legs out of the water. She slides the legs along the chilly lip of the tub to dangle off the side. They drip water softly onto the tile below. Brittney has to curl her legs underneath Emily in a slightly awkward position, but this is a small sacrifice to repay Emily in kind for all she has done. Besides her legs form a better cushion for Emily's ass as they are. Her finger slips back between Emily's thighs to keep her complacent. And with her knees and slow movements, she searches the wall for what she needs.

Once found, she shields Emily's opening with her hand and moves them both into position. Slowly she moves her hand up along Emily's belly until the jet has nothing to hit but Emily's already primed channel. The constant stream of water flows over her crotch. The muscles in her legs tighten with the sudden pleasure, drawing her tight against the wall of the tub. The proximity intensifies the sensations driving her head back into the pillow of Brittney's breasts.

"That's it," she coos brushing her fingers through Emily's damp tresses. "Feel it pour through you. Over you. Feel it caress you everywhere you have ever wanted to be touched. Enjoy its power until it makes you scream."

Her words fall on mostly deaf ears. The moment the water starts to pulse against Emily she is beyond coherence. The constant rush of water flows into her crevice and never seems to retreat. It feels like someone is thrusting a watery penis into her repeatedly without ever withdrawing. The water forces its way into her body. It fills every last crevice of her cave. Her encumbered nerves cannot even register the water flowing back out of her because of the constant pressure. She has the constant sensation of being filled without end. And the bubbles swirl around her clitoris making her orgasm so intense her brain is incapable of even registering the words coming from Brittney's mouth.

Thankfully the other woman is there to hold Emily above water or she might have drowned. Her constant shaking and orgasm make her too weak to stay afloat. Without Brittney to help her in this position she may have simply sank under the surface and been unable to break free of her own earthly pleasure long enough to fight for breath. Or even worse, she might have broken the connection the water has with her pussy. Brittney caresses the senseless woman's breasts to increase her sensation. It adds a subtle undercurrent of tingling under the raging orgasm, but the magnitude is comparing the force of wind generated by a desk fan to an F-5 tornado. The constant throb of water inside her turns her to jelly. Her orgasm seems to build on itself creating a larger ecstasy out of a million exploding points of pure bliss.

Every wanton thrash of her body changes the aspect of the connection. The force of the water concentrates against different areas of her pussy. Bubbles swarm against her clitoris and trail up her ass cheeks. But every angle is better than the moment before. When the big one hits her whole body tenses. She grips Brittney's hands so tight she leaves fingernail marks in the flesh. Brittney doesn't even register the pain. She looks down on Emily's orgasm contorted face with nothing but love. And if it isn't love than she doesn't care to know the difference. She kisses the rigid woman's forehead and waits for her to come down from cloud nine. She risks a quick glance to the control knob and checks the time. There is only two minutes left, but she cannot reach it considering how tightly Emily is holding her.

She rains kisses on the woman's face and lets the timer slowly run out. The sudden silence is deafening, but Emily is blissfully unaware of it. When the stimulation ends her body finally relaxes. Her legs loosen and drop her deeper into the tub. Brittney cradles her limp body against her bosom as she pulls them back into deeper water. Finally able to stretch her legs again, she pushes them over to a molded seat. Brittney keeps Emily's head above water, because she no longer has the strength to do much more than moan quietly. She plays with Emily's hair as it floats along the surface and lets the aftershocks ripple through them both.

Chapter Five – Moth's Big Entrance

The first words out of Emily's lips are, "I have got to get me one of these."

"Well you could always come to my house and use mine." The words were out of her lips before she could even think about them. Despite all they have already shared physically she knows virtually nothing about the woman in her arms. And yet, she does not regret the offer. It does make her a little self-conscious though. Even after their earlier clearing of the air, their relationship is new and she worries about overstepping any boundaries real or imagined.

"That sounds like a great idea," Emily says, her eyes shine dispelling any angst Brittney felt from making the offer.

She twists around and tackles Brittney into the water. They share another breath-stealing kiss before fighting their way to the surface for air. Laughing and coughing, the two women crawl out of the tub and dry each other off with the fluffy towels the hotel provides. Emily bends over to drain the tub. The bare ass is too tempting for the still horny Brittney. She slides her hand up Emily's inner thigh. Emily slides her feet apart freeing Brittney to bore into her moist fissure. Emily moans and grinds her body into Brittney's probing fingers. Brittney shocks her with a quick slap on her bare ass with nectar soaked fingers. Before Emily can react, she's off and running.

Brittney escapes into the room, but Emily is hot on her heels. The slapper gets tossed onto the bed and held down for the appropriate punishment of twenty long kisses. The two women are so engrossed with each other's bodies that they don't notice the large head watching them writhe together. However, it is impossible to miss the shift in weight when the Mastiff jumps onto the bed. He weighs slightly less than the two women combined and has no qualms about showing it off. He walks over to the pair and licks Emily's leg before sitting next to them.

"Moth," Emily admonishes. "Can't you see I'm a little occupied here?"


"Oh yeah. You haven't been properly introduced. I named him Moth, short for Behemoth. Moth, meet Brittney. Brittney, Moth."

Brittney fights the gravity of the giant mutt to rise off the bed. "Pleasure to meet you," she says extending her hand. Moth puts out his giant paw to her completely dwarfing her small hand. She coos happily and shakes his hand.

Emily sighs and pouts melodramatically, "I can see I'm not needed anymore."

She rolls off the bed and onto her feet. Brittney whips around to object, but the smile on Emily's face stops her words in her throat.

"Mothie," Emily calls out. "Mama pie aid."

The odd choice in words puzzles Brittney. But, she soon has other things to occupy her thoughts. A massive weight thumps into her chest flattening her to the bed. Her head turns back to the Mastiff automatically as it bounces off the comforter. Before she can react, his long tongue swipes across her breast. Looking down she sees Moth's giant face licking her like a steak dinner. His tongue is rough and pulls at the sensitive skin of her globes.

The tongue is so wide it only takes him two licks to cover her whole breast in warm saliva. He works his way along her chest licking every bit of her. And once she's soaked, he focuses on her nipples. The long muscle rolls in waves over her hardened tips. Every touch surges through her being at the speed of light. His coarse tongue makes her beg for more. And just when she thinks it can't get any better he covers her whole breast in his massive jaws and works it over.

Brittney's body goes completely rigid. Oddly, she is not afraid of being bit or hurt in any way, but the pleasure is indescribable. Soft moans break free from her throat and are all she can manage to utter as he gnaws on her titflesh. The overwhelming heat reminds her of the time she brought cookies out of the oven without a top on. But unlike the oven, his temperature is not a dry oppressive desert heat. It is a loving warmth that infuses her skin with excitement and moisture. She slips her fingers into her pussy without even realizing she is doing it. The need to cum is so overwhelming her body reacts without her direction.

Her breast feels like it has become one giant nipple. All of the sensitivity normally confined to those two small points has spread to wherever Moth touches her. The sexual gratification, rather than diffuse with the growing numbers of stimuli, amplifies with every nerve added to the bundle. When he moves his lumbering head to her other breast, the sudden heat combines with the cool air on her freed flesh to make her squirm. Her fingers dig deeply into her dripping snatch. She misses the feel of teeth and lips on her body, but Moth gives the other breast the same treatment.

Brittney thrashes back and forth beneath the monster. Her free hand grips his head pulling it hard against her body. And her busy hand finally frees itself from her grasping cave long enough to stroke her clitoris. That single touch sets off a fuse along her skin. It trails up her belly until it reaches her saliva coated knockers. When the duel sensations of clitoral and mammary pleasure collide she succumbs to an earth-shaking orgasm.

Gradually her voice and muscle control return. Her breast is still being assaulted, but the shocks of joy don't incapacitate her completely. She extracts her liquid soaked hand from her nether region and uses it to scratch the Mastiff's head. She scratches behind his ear and murmurs, "Good boy, Mothie."

Emily isn't sure if Brittney remembered his cue from earlier or is just acting instinctively, but either way she can't wait to see what happens next. Moth stops licking Brittney's breasts and slowly backs away. His tongue dangles from his mouth dragging against her skin. He keeps moving until his feet almost slip off the foot of the bed. Sensing the coming problem, he turns his whole body. He pivots on his front paws and carefully steps over Brittney's writhing body. Once he hovers over her completely, he stops moving.

His tongue hangs loosely out of his mouth. It moves with his momentum, gently slapping her crotch. His balls hang swinging right above her head. The sight makes her pussy seep even more. And his furry sheath hangs from his belly making her squirm. But his penis is still in hiding. His head drops in slow motion towards her legs. His moist breath tickles her pubes and she reaches up to scratch his sides in appreciation.

Suddenly the air bursts from her lungs, because over half a foot of slobbery tongue fills her fissure inside half a second. It plunges in again and again spreading her walls before it. She spares a thought of thanks for the vibrator that burst her hymen years ago. Otherwise the pulsing organ would have surely ripped through it. Instead of the bite of pain, no matter how brief, all she feels is the glorious pleasure of being eaten by a dog.

Emily was both right and wrong when she compared Moth favorably to her skill. They are both amazingly capable lovers. But their styles are completely different. At least what she'd sampled so far. Emily's touch was all gentle loving caresses. She teased Brittney silly until she was so worked up the clumsiest of lickers would have made her scream. Not that she is. Her follow-through was every bit as incredible as the wind-up.

Moth does not tease. He plays no gentle games of seduction. He goes from zero to five hundred in a blink of the proverbial eye. His powerful jaws latch onto her crotch covering her with heat and moisture. His head spreads her legs wide with no effort. His jowls lock on with the same tightness they used to attack her chest. The copious saliva mixes with the nectar of her prior orgasms and helps his tongue slither into her hole. And slither it does. It runs through her pubes. The ridge underneath strokes her clitoris. The tip flicks her lips open and burrows deep inside. Her pleasure has no time to gradually build. The buzz of an orgasm right below the surface is a constant companion.

Her hands move over his bulky body trying to convey some of her pleasure through her touch. And whether her hands do the trick or her pussy turns him on, she sees the tip of his cock ease out of its home. His tongue keeps slurping endlessly into her hole. She thinks she'll have the constant sub-orgasm pressure until a particularly deep stab makes her eyes cross and her hips grind up against the slurping mouth. She comes on his tongue filling his mouth with her nectar. When she turns her gaze back to the hanging balls, she spots delicate fingers wrapping around his sheath.

She tilts her head back to see the long curve of Emily's leg all the way up to her slit. Her arms come down around Moth's side to grasp his semi-hidden rod. She starts to stroke him and more of his dick slips out. Brittney moves one of her hands to Emily's leg so she can caress them both. Emily's expert hands quickly work him to a full erection. Brittney drools over the amazing sight. Last time it was either pounding Emily or spurting over them both. She finally gets her first close up view of dog cock in all its glory and it gives her an added thrill making her spurt again as her orgasm retakes her.

He laps up the burst of nectar without pause. And she watches his knot grow under Emily's ministrations. He's gradually humping her hands like they're an artificial pussy. Her hands move away and Brittney feels her weight shift on the bed. Her head sneaks between Moth's legs to appear above Britt. She gives her a smile and a deep kiss. Then she says, "Get ready for your present," before disappearing again.

The hand floats into view again and wraps around Moth's shaft. He resumes his steady rhythm helping her work his length. Her second hand wraps around the knot. It kneads the bulb and pulls on it in conjunction with the hand pumping the shaft. His humps start to jerk forward faster with more time between each thrust. Emily reads the signs well and tilts the jerking cock straight down. Brittney stares right into the hole on the tip of his dick. She has a split-second warning to close her eyes and open her mouth and she takes advantage of it.

Emily kneels down so she can see where she's aiming. The first shot splatters against Brittney's cheek. The next one coats her closed right eye. The third hits her target. It discharges right into Brittney's mouth. She gulps it down and opens up for more, though in the process of swallowing, several blobs of semen land on her lips. At this point the spunk comes in a constant stream. Emily tries to keep the shots confined to Brittney's mouth, but she has to swallow some time. Rather than waste the precious liquid on the bed sheets again, Emily tilts it towards Brittney's face and chest to give the co-ed a chance to breathe.

Eventually, his orgasm is complete and the flood of semen stops. Brittney wonders if this is what it feels like to have a plaster bust made of her head. Emily was very through in covering every exposed inch of skin on her face and upper chest. Brittney can feel the seed coating her eyelids and wisely chooses to keep them closed. Emily bends down next to her head and purrs, "Don't worry, I'll help. This load is all for you cutie."

She hovers over her lover and licks up the sperm covering her lips first. Once clean she plants her lips over Brittney's and levers her tongue inside. With the makeshift slide in place, she lets the accumulated jizz drip into Brittney's mouth. The moment it passes her lips, Brittney starts sucking on Emily's tongue like she just made her way clear of the desert and was offered her first taste of clean water. When her mouth is empty, Emily reclaims her tongue with a little effort and fills up with the plentiful cum sprayed across Brittney's skin. Slowly but surely, she guides every last drop to Brittney's gullet. All the while, Moth never stops licking up the constant flood of vaginal fluid from Brittney's quaking pussy.

With her eyes clear, she opens them to stare into Emily's. The fire in her eyes tells Emily just how much she is appreciated, but just in case she didn't get the memo Brittney pulls her head down and smooches her within an inch of her life. They break contact and Emily catches her breath before calling out, "Grandma's tits."

Moth finally stops eating pussy and stands where he is. Brittney shivers out the remainder of her orgasms. She takes a bit longer to calm herself down from the kiss since she had the added stimulation in her crotch. But as she does, she watches the red cock start to poke out again. She absently pets the growing shaft with weak fingers still hungry for more.

"It's time baby. He's ready for you."

A surge of adrenaline wipes the lethargy from her bones. She knows exactly what Emily is planning for her. She twists on the bed and hauls herself up until her back rubs against the soft fur of Moth's belly. She feels Emily's fingers between her lips poking at the saliva and nectar soaked cave. Then they are replaced with something decidedly thicker than her digits. Emily lodges the tip of Moth's penis firmly in the mouth of Brittney's opening. She even pulls the horny woman's hips back a bit to secure the tool.

Ready, she weaves her way between the double pair of legs and looks up into Brittney's face. "I have something important to tell you, so listen close. Are you listening?"

Brittney is busy worming the insertion deeper into her body, but she manages to nod.

"Good. I'm not sure how much action you have seen, but my Behemoth is particularly well endowed. If you ever need him to leave you be just yell out 'Parliament' and he'll stop immediately. He may not pull out, but he'll let you free yourself from him. Are you ready?"

Brittney nods again still shifting her ass slowly back towards his balls.

Emily grips her shoulders firmly and smiles, "She's all yours Big Boy. Give it to me."

Moth's style does not change when he switches from tongue to using his cock to penetrate Brittney's snatch. The only difference is size and frequency. Brittney's grateful for the strong hands on her shoulders, because without them she might have been knocked off the bed entirely. She simply did not understand how much force a two hundred and twenty odd pounds of canine muscle is capable of. Especially when that force is directed at a woman half his size. She was so busy easing his erection deeper into her crevice that his first lunge catches her completely by surprise.

Before the last words roll off Emily's tongue he buries the full length of his bone into her. The power of his haunches is so great that even with Emily bracing her; she scoots forward a couple inches. He is far too large to grip her waist as he mates with her, so Emily acts as the balance holding her in place. Brittney breathes through her teeth and digs her arms into the bedding to help buttress herself for the next hit. The thick pole pulls slowly out of her and it feels like her walls are almost too tight to release his truncheon. He manages to pull himself free only dragging her back the few inches she gained from his thrust. Once clear, he pauses briefly and then slams home again shaking her body. With both women locked in place she manages to stay put and take the full impact into her channel.

She lets out a slow hiss of pain as her body accommodates the intrusion. Emily knows how brutal his instrument can be and she is a little worried for her. "Are you okay?"

"Oh God yes," she drawls. "Just getting used to the pressure. He's spreading me so wide. I've never had a vibrator this long or with a girth so great before. But the pleasure is infinitely better than the pain."

"All right, just remember the safe word. He's still growing into his full erection." She gives Brittney a kiss for good luck and watches the woman's face carefully. If Brittney becomes incapable of calling him off she wants to be ready to help her.

Brittney can only nod as Moth pounds her again. He isn't a jackhammer style of a lover. He takes his time between thrusts. But each one happens in the blink of an eye. Between one breath and the next she suddenly has a foot of meat in her pussy before it slowly draws out. Her body rapidly adjusts to his girth, which is lucky since his speed increases apace with her pleasure. The pauses between stabs dissipate and he begins humping her slim frame the instant he withdraws. The deep pounding brings her orgasm raging back to the surface. His punctuated method is a seduction all its own and it brings her screaming over the edge of ecstasy.

Her pulsing snatch grips his rod and squeezes it tight. Moth takes notice immediately. He sinks balls deep into her and holds his position. The rippling flesh almost makes him cum with her, but the frequency of his recent ejaculations has eased the need in his balls. Instead, his huge paws wrap around her shoulders replacing Emily's grip with his immovable strength. After that, he stops pulling out as far. He is reluctant to remove himself fully from her amazing grip. He withdraws slightly until he still has a few inches still inside before butting up against her womb. His thick forelegs foreshadow his thrusts now. They tighten against her before he plows her furrow.

Emily, no longer needed for balance, wriggles her way down towards Brittney's bottom. Brittney wonders if Emily is going to take up her old position and add her lips to the fray. The driving pole subverts these thoughts and brings her back under his control. With his paws holding her tight, his pace increases again eliminating the temporary pause between thrusts. Pushing against his iron grip, she manages to match his rhythm by driving her ass into his balls. Her movements help to dampen his momentum and also deepen his penetration. The awareness of his member rubbing against the deepest parts of her makes her drool. But suddenly his cock loses a few inches of penetration. Emily grips the base, keeping it free of her embrace so the knot doesn't inflate inside Brittney.

She looks between her legs to see Emily's arm sticking up towards her snatch. "Stop," she calls out to the young woman. Thinking she forgot the safe word, Emily starts to say it for her. But she only manages the P sound before Brittney cuts her off. She can see Emily's lips forming the word and speaks over her.

"Not him, you!"

The response startles her and she worms her way back to Brittney's face. As soon as she releases the shaft it burrows back inside regaining the lost inches.

"Are you sure about this? You saw how large that knot can get. If you take it and it gets lodged inside you he won't be able to stop until he's done. And you'll be tied together for another twenty minutes or so afterwards. Trust me I know."

Brittney shivers in desire from some combination of anticipating the knot inside her and imagining it inside Emily. She caresses Emily's cheek to reassure her. She bends down to her lover. Moth's legs restrain her only so much and she is able to drop her body down to lay against Emily. After a brief gasp to punctuate the change in the angle of penetration she whispers, "Trust me. This is what I need."

She seals her desire with a kiss before the growing ball inside her snaps her head back up. He manages to remove the growing bulge from her pussy a few times before, just as Emily predicted, it expands too much to allow an escape. Every time he completes a thrust, he pulls hard at her entrance; but it does not budge. His drill only buries deeper into her making her moan with every movement. His now fully erect member fills her so wonderfully it makes her entire being shake. Emily cannot tell if it is too much for the other woman. She has no idea that this is Brittney's first warm-blooded vaginal infiltration. She feels helpless and unsure if the knot is too much of a good thing and crossing the boundary between pain and pleasure. So she does the only thing she can think of to help turn the tide towards pleasure.

Using her elbow to help lever her up, she uses her free hand to grasp Brittney's face and kiss her. With her lips on target, she slips her fingers along Brittney's body to press her clit against the knot bulging inside her. She goes off like a rocket. Her mouth breaks free of Emily's as it contorts and a stream of moans bellow out from inside. Moth is incapable of holding back with his cock nursed by Brittney's warm undulating channel. A few last powerhouse slams are all the warning Brittney has before he explodes inside her. He unloads his seed on her for the third time this night, but only the first time inside her pussy. Emily drops to the bed and spins around. She's suddenly desperate to return Brittney's earlier favor. She rises up on her elbows and licks the joining of woman and beast.

Brittney collapses against Emily's thighs. Her arms can no longer able to support her weight. Especially with the steady thrum of pleasure running through her with every lick of Emily's tongue. Moth continues to spray-paint her insides cum white. But even after he finishes, he follows his training to the letter. He waits patiently for her body to release him rather than yank out and possibly cause her injury. Emily is content to softly lick up what small amounts of sperm make their way around the knot. When it ultimately deflates enough to allow separation, she cradles the exhausted woman against her body and gently eases them down to the bed.

The Mastiff lumbers off the bed and into the corner to lick himself clean. And Emily takes advantage of their opportune positioning to suck the ejaculate held inside Brittney's pussy. Soft mewls of delight whenever Emily's tongue slips inside her pussy are the only indication that she even recognizes what's happening beyond of her orgasm-addled brain. When Emily finishes her cleaning job, her head falls back to the bed and she squeezes Brittney tightly.

Brittney in due course stirs and manages to turn herself around so the two women can cuddle up together. Emily's able tongue made sure that they did not have the stickiness issue that arose before. She's still physically exhausted, but her mind is going a million miles a minute. She can't stop talking about how amazing he was and how stupendous Emily was as well. Her sexual fervor calms down over time and they begin to talk about less illicit topics. They are both stunned to find out that they go to the same college. And Brittney is quite intrigued when Emily confirms that Moth is her pet. They end up talking long into the night until they are both too exhausted to stay awake. They finally fall asleep in each other's arms with a big furry blanket to keep their feet warm.

The next morning, Emily skips the front door meeting to take the limo back to campus. The others know that their benefactor is watching to make sure nothing untoward happened, so none of them will worry if she doesn't show. Besides she has someplace better to be. Brittney escorts the younger woman and her pet to the convertible her daddy bought. She drives them to the house her daddy pays for. But as they walk across the threshold together, for the first time in a while her mind isn't worrying over her father or his new wife. She only has thoughts for her two new roommates and lovers and what the future might hold for them all.

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