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A beautiful womans nameless encounter with a barista
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It had been an agonisingly long day. My high heels were cutting into my feet as I stepped out of the taxi. My husband was waiting at home. Even though it was barely 7pm I knew he’d be snoring on the couch. Waiting for me to step through the door. His beer cans would be on the floor around him, his balding head would be lolled to the side, waiting for me to come in and cook dinner.

His career had been promising. He’d been a clever post grad student when I’d met him in my first year of law. Now he was a lazy overweight man who enjoyed riding on my hard work. He’d been kicked out of his post graduate program for plagiarism, and things had deteriorated since.

I’d married him anyway, hoping for him to get back to who he used to be, but now… he just lay on the couch. His dick was untouched. He couldn’t even be bothered to fuck me any more. I’d wondered for sometime if there was a little slut somewhere who swallowed his come for him. I hoped so. Saved me the trouble. I just spent nights while he passed out with my vibrators, pleasing myself on my bed.

I had the taxi drop me off a little way from my house. I wanted a quick cup of coffee and a sandwich. This little coffee shop should be open another minute or two if I hustled.

I clicked my heels against the pavement, making the best time I could. I swung the heavy door open, letting myself into this beautiful little coffee shop. The redwood counter had no staff behind it, and all the little tables were empty. The chairs had been flipped and were placed on the wiped counter. The “wet floor” sign had been extended over the mopped floor and the lights in the food cabinet had been switched off. A young masculine voice called “We’re closed.”

I sighed. Another failure to my day. “Please?” I called “I’ll pay double if you make me a flat white!” He stood up from behind the counter and looked at me. I was older, maybe by twelve years. He looked about 18 or 19. He was young, but masculine. Chest hair peeked over the button of his shirt. He had a short trimmed beard, and slightly styled hair rich brown. He was wearing casual jeans. His greyish eyes surveyed me standing forlornly by the door.
“Ok ok Bambi, swish your ass in here and I’ll make you a cuppa.” He said laughingly. I sighed and smiled a grateful smile.
“Bambi?” I asked.
“Well, Bambi, you’re standing there looking all lost, like you can’t quite find your Mumma.”
I laughed and walked towards the counter. I slid one of the barstools out and sat down. I fished for my purse in my bag.
“No no Bambi, no charge. I closed the tills down. Do me a favour though before you get too comfy, can you please close the blinds and flip the catch on the door? We’re closed and you’re all the customers I can handle.”
I obliged. I flipped the catch on the door, then I walked over to the first window and reached up to reach the bottom of the pull down blinds. As I stretched up I could feel my skirt ride up, the slit in the back of my pencil skirt exposing a little bit of the lace on my thigh high stockings. I could smell the coffee and hear the steamer of the milk. I still had three more blinds to go. As I turned around I could see the sexy barista staring at me.

For thirty two, I still looked pretty good, my hair was a red-brown, and long. I let the curls sit in it, resting most of the way down my back. My eyes were a hazel colour. I was about 5’5”, and weighed in at 140lbs (65kg). I had a slim waist, but an ample ass. My C cup bra was full. I wasn’t ‘model’ sexy, I was more like curvy ass sexy.

I smiled, blushing a little. I walked to the second blind, this time I made a point to stretch a little higher than I needed to, poking my ass out a little too. The lace of my stockings clearly visible. I glanced over my shoulder as I pulled the blinds down. The coffee was sitting on the counter and the barista was standing back a little admiring the view of my round ass.

I walked over to the third window, keeping perfect eye contact with him as I walked. The silence of the room hung like sexual tension. You could have cut it with a knife. I reached up for the third set of blinds. As I did, I heard gentle foot steps behind me.
“Here” he whispered “Allow me”
He stepped in behind me, reaching up to close the blinds, pressing in behind me. I could feel his growing erection pressed firmly against the tight fabric of my skirt. He kept pulling the blind down, and as he did he kissed me gently on the neck, sliding his hands down my thighs.

“I’m married.” I sputtered out.
“I don’t want to date you.” he laughed lightly as he gently turned me around and pressed me against the wall
“But I can’t, I can’t…” I trailed off as he reached his beautiful lips towards mine. I gently flicked my tongue over my painted pink lips. He paused just a centimeter from my lips, the tension between us like electricity. He gently caressed my face with his hand. We hung in this magnetic moment of appealing attraction. Each of us stuck with static electricity, neither prepared to move. He brushed his thumb over my bottom lip. I flicked it with my pink tongue. That was all the invitation he needed.

He kissed me with an intense fiery fervor. As though he wanted to consume me. The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee, the emptiness of the public place and the guilt of my husband all were consumed in that moment.

I kissed him back. Deeply. More deeply than I’d kissed in nearly ten years. I dug my fingertips into his strong shoulders, massaging his tongue with mine. The taste of coffee lingered on my lips. The feeling of his firm hands on my ass made me breathe in, the perfection of the moment was intoxicating. As he kissed my neck, his slight beard brushed against the tender skin on my neck.

He slipped his hands up my back over the delicate fabric of my satin lilac blouse. He leaned back to look at me, brushing my curls off my shoulders, admiring my looks. I looked up at his eyes. With out a word he let go, and with a deafening crash, he pushed two chairs off a table.

He turned back around, sliding his hands over my ass, he gently unzipped my skirt and pulled it down. As he pulled on the fabric, he knelt down in front of me. He kissed the tops of the lace on my stockings as the fabric reached them. He continued pulling, and gently hooked his fingers under the arch of my high heel, lifting my left foot, then my right, freeing me from my skirt with exquisite precision. He was unwrapping me how a girl might pull the string on a Tiffany’s box.

From his knees he looked up at me, smiling reassuringly. I stood there, out of my ordinary life. My little black panties, my black lace topped stockings, my stilettos, my beautiful lilac blouse. I looked down at him, his grey eyes bright and shining, his strong smile told me that he wanted nothing more than to devour me. He kissed my thighs, working up towards my pussy. I started to unbutton my lilac blouse, as he undid his shirt, slipping it off. He reached my black lace panties with his lips just as I had reached the last button on my blouse. My freed breasts exposed through my opened shirt. I was braless, I didn’t need one, my C cups were firm. My. He kissed me through my panties. The wetness of my sex had wet my panties. He ran his hand over the smooth skin of my stomach. He gently traced a finger down the side of my panties, pulling them aside to expose my soft shaved pussy.

Slowly the handsome stranger took a moment to admire my exposed pussy. I was so wet that it was easily visible. My pussy was wet and aching for a single caress. The thought of his lips touching me where my underwear had previously been sent shivers up my spine. These moments of pause were paralysing, almost painful with desire. He licked his fingers and touched my carefully ran them down my glistening wet pussy. His fingertips grazing my clit gently. He reached my opening and slid his wet fingers into my pussy. I gasped deeply, leaning my head back.

The feeling of his two strong fingers gliding slowly into my pussy, spreading it open a fraction. The feeling of sudden fullness, the pressure deep inside me was making my heart race. He slid his fingers out a little and slid them in slowly. His eyes staring up at mine. Slowly he leaned forward, licking my pussy. He pressed with his tongue against my pussy lips, spreading them using his tongue. He pressed his tongue against my clit. I shifted my ankles apart, giving him better access to my soaking wet pussy.

He pulled his fingers out of my wet pussy, and put his hands on my ass as he stood. He lifted me slightly onto the table he’d cleared behind me. With my ass resting on the edge, he knelt back down and grabbed my thighs hard, pushing them apart. He spread my pussy lips and licked my clit hard. He slipped his fingers back in and started working my pussy hard. I was dripping wet. I dragged my fingers through his hair, scratching my nails against his scalp in desperation. I could feel my orgasm building and building. I pulled his head into my pussy. He used his tongue, grinding it against my clit, his fingers probing deep against my g spot, sliding in and out, massaging every millimeter of me. I was desperately moaning and screaming. “OH FUCK” I called as I came, my pussy leaking all over his face.

He stood up quickly, undoing his pants as fast as he could. Desperation had kicked in. He leaned forward and kissed me passionately as he dropped his pants to around his ankles, using his toes to push his shoes off from the heels, stepping quickly out of his pants.

He hooked his fingers through my panties and pulled them off altogether, sliding them down over my ass, while I pulled my blouse off. He hungrily kissed my neck and I kissed his shoulder, as he guided the head of his cock towards my hungry pussy.

I felt him at the entrance of my pussy, his breath on my neck, his hand in my hair, my nails in his back. That heartbeat was perfect desperation. All I wanted was him inside me. That pause couldn’t have been more than a split second, but the desire was so intense and so strong I was exploding. My rock hard nipples ached to be touched. I ached to be touched everywhere. My curls were brushing my shoulders, waiting for him to gather them together and pull my hair back. I wanted to run my tongue over every inch of him. The moment was desperate.

Without any more hesitation, he forced his cock into my pussy, guiding it in with his hand. He wrapped my curls up, just like I’d been hoping, pulling my head back exposing my soft sensitive neck to his lips. I came within seconds of feeling his cock inside me. He pushed in, hard, moaning, lips against my neck. He was desperate too.

As he thrust in and out of my aching desperate wet pussy, I dug my fingers into his back. I was so desperate. My breathing was ragged I pulled him closer with my legs hooked around his ass. His muscular body felt like heaven pressed against mine. I came again, moaning and sweating. His firm hands on my body, hand hands dug into his back. I was breathless.

He grabbed me by the hips and slid me forward. I groaned unhappily as he pulled his ample cock from between my thighs. He slipped his hands underneath me and flipped me over, resting one hand on my ass, using the other on his cock, he pushed his cock against my ready waiting cunt, letting him slide deep inside me. He grabbed my ass with both hands, sliding inside my pussy deep.

He started to fuck me hard, groaning and moaning, both of us sweating happily. His hands felt like heaven, running firmly over my back, tangling occasionally in my hair. My breasts swung happily, with each firm thrust. I looked over my shoulder into his eyes, watching his eyes with mine until I jerked my head forward, lowering it slightly as the orgasms wracked my body with an intensity I hadn’t felt in so long.

I started to come again, screaming louder.
“Not yet Bambi” he growled softly.
I held my orgasm, my lips pressed together, little moans escaping. He reached and squeezed my breasts, leaning forward a little. The angle was heaven. I was screaming and shaking ready to explode with perfect bliss. My wetness was leaking down my thighs, the denial making my hands supporting my body tremble.
“Now Bambi” he moaned.

As I started to shake with a flood of orgasms, he started to pump his load deep inside my waiting pussy. I was shaking and coming and he was in bliss.

I leaned forward towards the table, exhausted, perfectly satisfied.

I pulled my clothes together, as he pulled on some pants. He passed me the coffee that was on the counter waiting for me.

I smiled at him, smoothing my beautiful curls. He kissed me gently.
“Here’s your coffee miss, have a nice night” he whispered softly, lips brushing my ear. I walked towards the door, ass swinging like a perfect pendulum suspended above my elegant heels as they clicked against the tiles toward the door. I shut it behind me, sipping my perfect latte, making the walk home.

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