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It started off as a normal night at a normal celebration. Little did I know my deep down desire would be satisfied at the after party
If you aren't into guy on guy stories than this isn't for you.

It began at the end of our last exams. It was a common tradition for everyone to get a little crazy on
the last night to celebrate the summer. A friend of mine, Susan, told me that she would be having another
of her famous parties. Susan's house was huge and had gained a reputation for hosting popular raves.
Needless to say, we were all excited to hear that another one was coming.

When Saturday night came, me and my best friend, Evan, set out on the long walk to Susan's house. We
discussed about general things along the way. Different exams, new movies, plans for the summer, girl
opportunities we would now face. This was important to me as I had been on a 7 month dry streak. I began
to think about who might be at the party who would be worth making a move on. We joked around, making
predictions of who the other would hook up with.

"What about Jenna?", Evan asked, "You and her always get along"

"Nah", I replied, "she can kick my ass and that to me is a bad sign".

Evan laughed. "Fair enough, but I know you and once you've had a few drinks, you'll think differently.
Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you make a move on me".

I hesitated for a second. To Evan, this was a harmless joke but to me it was a secret desire. There had
been times before when I imagined what it would like to be with another guy. I wouldn't have considered
myself gay as I had been with plenty of girls and had been in two happy relationships. But a few years
ago I had begun thinking about Evan in a different way at times. Fantasizing, but never acting on it,
thinking it was just the curious thoughts of a teenager. There were often times when I would be with Evan
and would find myself eyeing him up a bit. This would only last a few seconds and then I'd forget about
Evan is good looking guy. He's slightly taller than me and has a nice build. He's not extremely muscled
(only a little more than me) but is toned and very strong looking. He has light brown hair and blue eyes.

Following this comment, I found myself picturing us together. Tonight, he was wearing a black shirt with
stripes and a pair of dark jeans. I admired the way the shirt complimented his shape and the jeans clung
to his ass.

We eventually reached Susan's and it was no surprise that the place was packed. It was good seeing
everyone together again and I was remembering what it was like to actually go out and have fun instead of
being stuck inside studying. A lot of drinks were had by all and as the night came to an end, people were
stumbling out and giggling at stupid things around them. Me, Rachel and Evan decided it was really late
and headed for home. I can't remember what we were talking about but we all couldn't stop laughing.
Eventually we passed Rachel’s house and said goodbye.

Now that it was just the two of us again, Evan asked me if I had gotten any action. I told him I hadn't
and he admitted the same. It didn't bother us too much. It had still been a really fun night hanging with
our friends. Evan told me how he felt like he had nearly sealed the deal with Aly, a girl from school,
but her friend had thrown up and she had to take her home. We couldn't help but laugh at this. The walk
was taking twice as long as it should have and it didn't help that it began to rain.

"Crash at mine tonight. Save yourself the walk", Evan said once we reached his house. I happily accepted
seeing as it was starting to come down harder, and we were both getting pretty wet. We stumbled into his
house, the effect of the alcohol now more obvious as I felt my head spin a little bit upon entering.
Evan's family was away so we weren't worried about being noisy as we stomped through the house to the
living room. I dropped onto his sofa and sprawled out across it. He walked in, saw me and gave me a
little kick, signalling for me to move over. I grunted in protest and turned my head away. I suddenly
felt his warm hands grab my waist and he pushed me over a bit and sat down. I straightened up as he
turned on the TV, and suddenly I was conscious of how close together we were. I could feel his warm body
through his soaking wet shirt and I felt myself begin to get hard through my jeans as I sat there,
enjoying the feeling of him against me. Luckily, it was dark and he wouldn't be able to see.

We talked about the party while an old movie played. My mind was only half on the conversation though. I
couldn't stop thinking about Evans body next to mine, and I had the urge to just turn and pounce on him,
though I knew it was a ridiculous thought.

Eventually, he sat up a bit and said: "I'm getting out of these wet clothes. Do you want to borrow some
as well?"

"Probably a good idea", I replied, and followed him to his room.

As I got to the top of the stairs I saw Evan walking into his room while peeling off his soaking wet
shirt. My heart began to race as I saw the outline of his abs. I quickly followed him in and just gazed
at his back as he rooted through his closet for clothes.

"Here we are", Evan passed me a bundle.

"Thanks", I replied. We both stood there for some time. I didn't know why he was just staring at me.

"Well are you going to leave and let me change?" he asked. I felt really stupid as I turned and stepped
back out into the landing. I pulled off my wet shirt, jeans and underwear and threw them aside. I slipped
on the boxer shorts he had given me. They were snug around me and it pleased me to know that they
complimented my body the same way as they did for Evan. The outline of my member on was quite visible if
looked directly at. I slipped on the T-shirt and started towards his room again. It suddenly occurred to
me he might not be finished changing. I hesitated but felt a strong urge to open the door. Instead, I
pushed it open a creak and peered in. To my disappointment, he had already put on a dry pair of boxers.
His ass looked amazing in them. He came out to the landing soon enough, still only in boxers. He told me
he never wears a T to bed. I wish I had said the same. He led the way back down the stairs and the whole
way down my eyes were glued to the material of his boxers clinging to his ass. I felt myself getting
semi-hard and realised it had to stop. My member was already visible through the tight material and any
hard-on would be too obvious. We walked back into the sitting room.

I waited as Evan left the room and reappeared again with blankets. He handed me one and in that brief
moment that he lent forward, holding it out at waist level, I had an excuse to look at his prize. I could
see the outline of his shaft through the thin material. It looked amazing. I quickly grabbed the blanket
and lay down placing it over me, to hide my hard-on. Evan lay down beside me and we began to watch a

The movie seemed to go quickly, but all I could focus on was the image of Evans member in his underwear.
I was fully hard and seeing as I was lying on my front, I almost had the urge to grind against the floor.
I couldn't do it though. It would be too obvious. I pretended I was too warm and removed my T-shirt. I
looked at Evans arms and watched as the blue light danced on his muscle. His blanket ended at the middle
of his back and as I let my eyes run down his smooth back I wondered if his body would be exposed to me

After a while, I got out from my blanket to go to the bathroom, covering my crotch area so to not give
anything away. When I came back, Evan had turned over and was lying in full view with his blanket off.
Still focused on the movie, his hand was down his boxers, slowly moving. I wasn't sure if he was just
adjusting himself or just keeping his hand there as guys tend to do at times. He eventually removed it
and to my pleasure, he seemed to be semi erect through his underwear. The light from the TV shone
straight down on his bulge. It looked huge. I stood there for some time, scanning his near naked body,
sporting my own raging boner. Eventually, when I felt that Evan would be wondering where I was, I walked
back in and quickly attempted to lay down on my front again to cover myself.

"This movie kind of sucks" Evan said shortly
"Yea, lets watch something else", I suggested

We flicked through some channels, or more accurately, Evan flicked through while I stared at his junk.
We watched segments of a couple of comedies, another movie and left it on one of those 24 hours workout
channels. Like typical guys, we started gloating about how many pushups we could do and started
challenging each other. I felt so horny watching Evan doing these short workouts. When it came to my
turn, I suddenly realized I was still hard as hell.

"What are you waiting for?" Evan asked.

I convinced myself it probably wasn't as obvious as I thought it was, rolled over and began lifting my
body into the first pushup. Evan remained silent as I lowered myself again.


I could feel my hard cock pushing against the thin material of my underwear and knew deep down that you'd
have to be blind not to notice


Evan was very quiet. I couldn't get myself to look at him


I tried to break any possible tension from building up: "See? This is easy"


Evan gave a half-hearted laugh at my comment and said nothing more


Eventually I began to get tired and stopped just as I reached Evan's limit.

"I guess we are evenly matched", he laughed and turned back to the TV.

He looked kind of awkward in his movements and upon glancing down I saw why. Evan was sporting the
biggest hard on I had ever seen. He lay down on his front and covered himself with the blanket again. I
felt that that was the last look at it I would get. We both lay there watching for some time and soon I
heard soft snoring coming from right beside me. He was asleep. I still felt so damn hot and started
searching the channels for porn. I came across some low budget film with two college girls servicing a
middle aged man.

After a couple of minutes of watching I found myself staring at Evan once again. I rolled over closer to
him, arousal overcoming nerves, and began to slide the covers off of him. I lightly brushed my hand over
his toned ass, my dick now hurting it was so hard. I was jerked back to reality when van suddenly
twitched and rolled over. I lay there inches from him, frozen in terror. All he needed to do was open his
eyes and I'd be caught. This sort of excited me and after 5 minutes of being completely still, I focused
my attention on his cock. Even in his sleep he was still erect, and now I had front row seats. There had
to be a way to get rid of the thin material in between me and what I had been longing to see all night. I
moved my hand close and with one finger, I lightly grazed his shaft. Evan didn't budge. I ran two fingers
along it. Still no reaction. I let my hand rest on it, taking in the sensation of this rock hard wonder.

I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled down my boxers just enough to let my own cock breath. I wondered if
I could get away with doing the same to Evan. I turned my body around and delicately slipped 3 fingers
under the waistband of his underwear. I felt them brush off his shaft as I did this. Slowly, while
glancing at Evan regularly, I began to slip down the front of his boxers. To my shock and pleasure, his
dick sprang out and slapped against the side of my face. I stifled a laugh and looked back at Evan. He
was still asleep. Now his cock stood there in all its glory. It looked more amazing than I could have
imagined. 9 inches if I had to guess. Two inches more than me. Standing at full attention right in front
of my face. I didn't know what to do now. I wanted it so bad but I knew I had already gone too far and
Evan could wake up. After what seemed like a lifetime of just staring at it while I stroked my own, I
decided I had to give it a taste before I put it away again. I gave one last glance at Evan and then
moved in. I stuck out my tongue and carefully tipped the side of it.

This was the first dick I had ever tasted. It was a new sensation. A nice one. I wanted to go further. I
ran my tongue upwards a few centimetres before moving my head back. I was sad that I had to stop but I
couldn't risk it. With one hand I gently gripped his waistband again and with the other I wrapped my
fingers delicately around his cock so I could slip it back in. I started pulling up the material when I
heard a sound. Sort of like a gasp. I turned my head slowly around and saw Evan looking straight back at
me. I was busted.

My mouth went dry. I had no idea what to do. My best friend of many years had just woken up to find me
bent over him with my manhood out and his in my hand. My heart was beating rapidly. I was looking for
anything to say. He didn't look angry. He just looked surprised. He lifted his arm slowly and I closed my
eyes, waiting for it to strike me hard. I deserved it. Suddenly, I felt something brush against my ass. I
opened my eyes again to see Evan staring at my ass, his hand now firmly on it, rubbing it through the
boxers. I sat completely still, watching in awe, not knowing what was going on. Evan pulled down my
boxers and began rubbing my bare ass. It only occurred to me that I still had his cock in my hand when I
suddenly felt it becoming even more stiff if that even was possible. I squeezed it lightly and Evan smiled
a little bit, massaging my ass cheeks harder now.

This was incredible. My hot best friend was fondling my ass!

My shock drained away and I was suddenly overcome by lust. I turned my attention back to his cock and
without hesitation, I stuck out my tongue and ran it up the length of the shaft. It felt unbelievable.
Upon reaching the top, I engulfed the tip and began to slide my mouth down over it until half of his cock was
inside my mouth. Evan let out a moan and his hand moved from my ass around to my ball sack. He caressed
them gently and then gripped my hard on. I nearly came then and there. I slid his cock further into my
mouth, deepthroating the full 9 inches before sliding it back out again. Evan began to Jack me off,
starting slow and then quickly building up speed.

"mmm suck on it Max", Evan whispered. Hearing him say this drove me crazy. I bobbed my head up and down
on his cock furiously, feeling it throbbing against my tongue. Evan began to move his hips up in rhythm
with my sucking. I massaged his balls, feeling them tighten up as I rubbed them. I was in a state of pure
heaven. I wanted to shout out in pleasure but my mouth was full of Evans delicious meat, pounding away at
my throat, my tongue dancing around every bit of his cock. I never wanted this to end. I suddenly felt
Evans hands grip my hips and he lifted my waist towards him. We were now in the 69 position. I felt his
abs against my own, tightening and relaxing in the heat of the moment. I despite my mouth being full, I
moaned out in ecstasy as Evan suddenly sealed his lips around my own cock, and began to engorge it. I
quickly thrust my hips forward into his mouth. His hands gripped my ass hard as I began to throat fuck
him. I could feel my ball sack slapping against his nose with each pound, all the while I continued to
deep throat his own shaft. We continued this for several minutes, ferociously picking up speed the whole
time, like animals.

I could feel Evan reaching his climax in my throat and his hips began to buck violently. His cock spazmed
in my mouth and I suddenly felt hot cum fire out into the back of my throat and my tongue, quickly
filling my mouth. I withdrew him from my mouth and happily swallowed before I took him back in again and
began cleaning his shaft. Evan pulled out again and rolled me onto my back. Now on all fours, he
continued to deep throat me with all his determination. I quickly felt my balls tighten and as I reached
my orgasm, erupting into Evans mouth. It was the best feeling of my life. I groaned in pleasure as I
fully released. Evan took it all before collapsing on me. We both lay there for some time, fully naked.

Eventually Evan rolled off and lay down beside me, pulling his covers over the two of us. Neither of us
spoke. I reached out and gave his hand a squeeze. He turned his head and looked at me. I gave him a warm
smile. Without hesitation he moved close to me and kissed me. I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth, and
returned the kiss passionately.

We fell asleep butt naked in each other’s arms.

I awoke the next morning. The alcohol had fully worn off now. I recalled the whole scenario and was
content yet terrified. What now? Evan was still asleep beside me. Would he regret this? I hoped not. I
got dressed and was ready to leave when I heard Evan stirring. I kneeled down beside him as he looked up
into my eyes. I felt too awkward to say anything. Without thinking I leant in and gave him another long
kiss. He smiled at me and then closed his eyes again as I stood up and walked to the door. I took one
last look at him lying there naked. His toned arms, abs, ass. His body truly did look amazing. His cock
now flaccid, it still looked huge. I took it all in one last time before walking out the door. I walked
home with my stomach fluttering with excitement as I held the last mental image of Evan in my head.
Hopefully it wouldn't be the last.

To be continued....

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Another 9 in dick story get real... It was probably 5 or 6 in the real world

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wonderful story with excellent built up. Please write a sequel!

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